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嘉兴市鼻翼整形多少钱嘉兴毛发种植专家嘉兴全身吸脂减肥医院 Finance and Economics财经Economic Development: Shrink wrap经济发展:收缩包装Why the history of economic growth should be all about recessions?为什么经济增长的历史应该都是与经济衰退相关?“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man,” wrote Robert Heinlein, a science-fiction writer.一个名为罗伯特·海因莱因( Robert Heinlein )的科幻作家写到,“纵观历史,贫穷是人们的常态”。Until the 18th century, global GDP per person was stuck between 5 and ,100, around the same income level as the World Banks current poverty line of .90 a day.直到18世纪,全球GDP每人都卡在725美元和1100美元之间,大约和世界目前每天1.90美元贫困线一样。But global income levels per person have since accelerated, from around ,100 in 1800 to ,600 in 1950, and over ,000 today.但是全球收入水平每人已经增长了,从1800年1100美元到1950年3600美元,到今天超过了10万美元。Economists have long tried to explain this sudden surge in output.经济学家长久以来一直试图解释这种收入上的突然增长。Most theories have focused on the factors driving long-term economic growth such as the quantity and productivity of labour and capital.大部分理论都集中在促进经济长期增长的因素如劳动和资本的质量和生产力。But a new paper takes a different tack: faster growth is not due to bigger booms, but to less shrinking in recessions.但是一项新的研究有了不同的看法:更快的增长并不是由于大繁荣,而是由于萧条中更少的衰退。Stephen Broadberry of Oxford University and John Wallis of the University of Maryland have taken data for 18 countries in Europe and the New World, some from as far back as the 13th century.牛津大学的斯蒂芬·布劳德伯利(Stephen Broadberry)和马里兰大学的约翰·沃利斯(John Wallis)把18世纪欧洲和新世界,还有一些早至13世纪的数据收取了。考研英语时事阅读 /201706/515822特别声明:改节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可原创。迷你对话:A: She has contributed to a new school.她捐助了一所新学校。B: Oh, I know. She is a famous woman and a focus of the newspaper now because of this thing. 我知道,她很有名气,因为这件事情又成了报纸的焦点报道。A: I hear the school is very modern. It has the best equipments.听说学校十分现代化,配备了最好的设备。B: Yes. Do you know its name.是的,你知道它的名字吗?A: She said she would name it after her father.她说她将以其父亲的名字命名。B: Oh, I think she wants to do this thing in memory of her father. 我想她做这件事情是为了纪念她的父亲。地道表达:in memory of:纪念持范例:Eg. He wrote the poem in memory of his friend. 他为怀念他的朋友而写了那首诗。 Eg. They will build a monument in memory of the national hero. 他们将建造一座纪念碑来纪念这位民族英雄。 Eg. The Korean people set up a monument in memory of Comrade Luo Shengjiao. 朝鲜人民立了一个纪念碑纪念罗盛教同志。Eg. I went to the exhibition in memory of Lei Feng. 我参观了纪念雷锋展览会。词海拾贝:1. contribute to:为......做贡献,为......捐款,对......有帮助Eg. He offered to contribute to the Red Cross. 他主动提出向红十字会捐款。 Eg. Many specialistic techniques contribute to archaeology.许多专业技术对考古学作出贡献。 Eg. This new discovery will contribute to all humanity. 这个新发现将对全人类作出贡献。Eg. How do you think listening English songs will contribute to English study? 你认为听英文歌曲对学英语有何帮助?2. because of:因为Eg. He is feeling wretched today because of the rain. 因为下雨,他今天情绪很不好。Eg. Because of the heavy rain, the public meeting has been declared off. 由于大雨,群众大会已宣布取消。Eg. He skipped the fourth grade because of his aptitude. 他因天资聪颖从三年级跳到了五年级。 Eg. I shall have to refuse your invitation because of a prior engagement. 我因有约在先, 所以只好谢绝你的邀请. 3. name after:以......命名Eg. Tasmania was named after its discoverer, A. J. Tasman. 塔斯曼尼亚岛是以其发现者塔斯曼的名字命名的。Eg. The child was named after its father, given its fathers first name. 这个小孩以他父亲的名字而命名。 /201211/207368嘉兴哪家医院去疤痕好

海盐保妥适多少钱These kicked in automatically after Congress failed to pass a more palatable plan to bring down deficits.这些自动踢回的问题未能在国会之后通过一个更好的计划来降低赤字。The sequester was supposed to be so severe that lawmakers would have to strike a deal to avoid it.这种缩减如此严重以至于立法者不得不立刻达成协议来避免它。Cutting budgets by a further 10% would be painful.进一步削减预算的百分之十将是痛苦的。The White House wants the State Department and foreign-aid budgets to bear much of the burden.白宫希望国务院和对外援助的预算能够承担起大部分负担。But these make up only a small proportion of the federal budget: about bn in total.但是这些只占联邦预算的一小部分:约570亿美元。The sequester also cut defence spending deeply, which is why hawks like Senator John McCain have been questioning Americas military preparedness.这项自动减也会更深的缩减国防出,这也是Senator John McCain 等鹰派人对军队准备提出质疑的原因所在。Barack Obamas last budget proposed a boost to defence spending about two-thirds as big as Mr Trumps.巴拉克·奥巴马的最终预算计划加大国防出,其数额大约有川普的三分之二。A recent paper by Mr McCain argues that an additional bn is needed on top of Mr Obamas figure—for a total boost of bn, compared with the sequester.Mr McCain的最近的研究表明,在奥巴马所表示的数额之上,一项附加的540亿美元的开是有必要的-总计要增加910亿美元,与缩减数目相比。Congress can usually write budgets with a simple majority in both houses.国会通常会用两院的一种简单的多数同意方式来撰写预算。But amending the sequester may require 60 votes in the Senate, and hence bipartisan co-operation. (This happened in 2013 and 2015. )但修订自动预算削减方案可能需要参议院60票绝对多数,进而可能需要两党合作。(这类事件在2013年和2015年发生过。)Democrats will never support cuts on the scale Mr Trump seems to want.民主党永远不会持特朗普先生想要的那种规模的开缩减。Plenty of Republicans, too, worry about cuts to the State Department.许多共和党人也担心政府部门的开削减。Mick Mulvaney, Mr Trumps budget chief, says that he is under no illusions about the budgets prospects in Congress, recalling that Republicans paid little attention to Mr Obamas proposals.特朗普先生的预算办公室主任Mick Mulvaney回想起共和党人不在意奥巴马先生的建议,于是他说对国会预算的前景没抱有任何幻想。The budget, he says, was not written for Congress, but for the people.他说预算不是为国会撰写的,而是为人民撰写的。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201706/512249嘉兴曙光整形医院绣眉手术多少钱 平湖市去痣多少钱一颗

嘉善去除眼袋多少钱网罗天下,新鲜,好玩,有趣,时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。中国的;春运;被誉为人类历史上规模最大的、周期性的人类大迁徙。2012年春运从1月8日开始,至2月16日结束,共计40天。英文报道As the Chinese Lunar New Year draws closer, the worlds largest annual human migration is expected to begin on Jan 8, with at least 3.2 billion journeys expected over a 40-day period.随着中国农历新年的临近,每年一次的世界最大规模的人类迁徙将于1月8日开始,在之后的40天里旅客运量预计将达32亿人次。Spring Festival starts on Jan 23 in 2012, with the public holiday running from Jan 22 to 28. Chinese people tend to return home for family unions during this period.2012年的春节从1月23日开始,22号到28号是公休假期,中国人在这期间会回家团聚。This travel peak is expected to put the countrys transport system through a harsh test, as total traffic between Jan 8 and Feb 16 is set to grow by 9.1 percent on the 2.9 billion trips taken in 2011.2011年春运期间全国旅客运量为29亿人次,预计2012年1月8日到2月16日春运期间全国旅客运量将同比增长9.1%,这将对中国的交通运输部门提出严峻的考验。【讲解】;春运;用英语可以表达为transport during the Spring Festival period。文中的the worlds largest annual human migration和travel peak指的就是春运。Chinese Lunar New Year是;中国农历新年;,lunar意思是;与月亮有关的,阴历的,农历的;,lunar calendar即;阴历,农历;,Gregorian calendar是;阳历,公历;。 /166081 【特别声明】该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为。【迷你对话】A:I cannot ignore her suggestion. In fact I always value her suggestion.A:我没法对她的建议置之不理,实际上我总是很重视她的意见的。B:I know. Maybe you willget the airif you go against her.B:我知道你要是不听她的可能就会被甩掉的。A:Well, it takes two to to make a happy marriage.A:恩,婚姻幸福得两个人共同努力。B:And it takes two to make an agreement too. You have no guts, I am afraid.B: 达成一致意见也是两个人的事情,恐怕你太没勇气了。【地道表达】get the air【解词释义】get the air是美国俚语,它有三个意思,一个是“被解雇”,一个是对话中提到的“被情人抛弃”,另一个是“求爱被拒绝”。【拓展用法】get the air from sb:被某人解雇,被某人抛弃,求爱被某人拒绝【小编喇叭】这个短语本身就含有被动意味,所以表述以上意思时,不要用被动语态。【持范例】1. 被(情人,恋人,爱人)抛弃Eg.Joe is sad because he just got the air from his girlfriend.乔很伤心, 因为他失恋了。Eg.After he re- the love letter between the lines, he realized that he got the air form his sweetheart.重读情书之后,他终于明白他已经被情人抛弃了。2. 被解雇Eg.The servant got the air for being lazy and dishonest.这个仆人因懒惰和不诚实而被解雇。Eg.She got the air for spending too much time on the phone.她因打电话用的时间过多而被解雇了。3. 求爱被拒绝Eg.Mary make a proposal to John but she gets the air.玛丽想约翰求婚遭到拒绝。Eg.He could not pluck up enough courage to ask her to marry him because he has gotten the air at one time.他鼓不起足够的勇气向她求婚,因为他曾经向她求婚遭到拒绝。Eg.He got the air form Juliet just because he asked her to marry him on the spur of the moment.他想Juliet求婚遭到拒绝,是因为他是在一时冲动之下向她求婚的。【词海拾贝】1.in fact:实际上Eg.Our shop, in fact, was just beginning to dig into the problem.事实上,我们的工厂刚刚开始研究这个问题。Eg.He seems very serious, but in fact he has a delightful sense of humor.他看上去很严肃, 其实他十分诙谐.Eg.In fact, we have been expecting you for quite some time.事实上,我一直在等你等了好久了。3.go against:反对,违背,对.....不利Eg.This misbehavior will go against his chance of promotion .这一错误行为将不利于他提升的机会。Eg.The case might go against him.这个案子可能对他不利。Eg.I advise you not to go against your father.我劝你不要与你父亲作对。Eg.Everything seems to go against her.她事事似乎都不顺。3.make an agreement:达成协议Eg.If we want to make an agreement, we should make mutual concessions.如果我们想达成协议的话,必须双方让步。Eg.His suggestion is that an agreement should be made between two parties.他的建议是双方要达成个协议。Eg.Both sides make an agreement temporarily about the dispute.双方对于纠纷的解决达成暂时协议。4.have the guts:有勇气Eg.I dont think youd have the guts to pull a fast one.我谅你也不敢捣鬼。Eg.I am afraid I do not have the guts to go up to the boss and tell him what I ought to.我想我没有胆量去找老板并告诉他我该说的话。Eg.I want to call her to make an apologize, but I dont have the guts.我想给她打电话,但我没有勇气。Eg.Do you have the guts to tell your boss that his plan wont work at all?你敢于告诉你的上司他的计划根本行不通吗?【警言佳句】It takes two to to make a happy marriage.美满的婚姻需要两个个人的共同努力。It takes two to make an agreement to make a happy marriage.美满的婚姻需要两个个人达成共识。 /201209/199745海盐县妙桃隆胸假体多少钱嘉兴哪家医院去疤痕比较好



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