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A twenty year old immigrant, Levi Strauss, came to the ed States in 1850 to seek his tune in the gold fields. But strangely enough, this man made his tune on heavy canvas that he found suitable working clothes. Strauss' jeans were particularly good prospectors and cowboys.In the early days of jeans, this man couldn't have guessed that his pants, made only rough work, would become so popular at all levels of society. Yes, this is a fact jeans have become fashionable in our society. Furthermore, these pants have come to symbolize changes in social attitude.In the last decade or two we have seen movements toward equality as well as defiance of authority. Jeans, now worn by everybody, can be said to symbolize these changes the better. In the past, only men wore jeans, and these men were at the bottom-socially and economically. Jeans were worn by truck drivers, farm and factory workers.Today, jeans no longer are looked down upon. They are worn by both men and women, by both skilled and unskilled workers, by both employees and employers. This common way of dressing symbolizes respect individuality, no matter what your occupation or sex. In the fight against authority, young people have been the leaders.So it is natural that the teenagers would defy parents and school administrators over the right to wear jeans to class—and win. Jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers, fans at rock concerts, “hippies” returning to nature, and serious college students. Because everyone can be comtable in them, the blue-jeans invented the use of workers are now accepted almost anywhere, anytime.This is true not only in the ed States, but in many other countries in the world. I strongly agree with the following statement “Old or new, glorified or plain, jeans are likely to be around a long time to come. Aly they have succeeded where statesmanship has failed. Although unable to speak the same language, the inhabitants of this embattled planet have at least agreed to wear the same pants.” 39638个月后, 邦妮再一次从俄怀明来到我们医院这回, 与她同行的是头新养的健康小克莱德-一条9个月、充满活力与爱心的、与谍犬混种的猎邦妮的生活又掀开了新的一页Soul to SoulI worked at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a counselor1) in the Changes Program. We help people deal with the experience of losing a pet, whether through illness, accident or euthanasia). One time, I had a client named Bonnie, a woman in her mid-fifties. Bonnie had driven an hour and a half to see if the doctors at the hospital could do anything to help her fourteen-year-old black standard poodle, Cassandra, affectionately called Cassie. The dog had been lethargic3) a week or so and seemed to be confused at times. She had been told earlier that morning by neurologist Dr. Jane Bush that Cassie had a brain tumor) that could take Cassie’s life at any time. Bonnie was devastated5) to learn that her companion animal was so ill. That was when Bonnie was introduced to me. The Changes Program often helps people while they wrestled with the difficult decision of whether to euthanize a pet or let nature take its course. Bonnie had graying, light-brown wavy hair that she pulled back into a large barrette. She had sparkling light blue eyes that immediately drew my attention, and there was a calmness about her that told me she was a person who thought things through, a woman who did not make hasty decisions. twenty years, Bonnie had been married to a man who mistreated her. Bonnie had tried many, many times to leave him, but she just couldn’t do it. Finally, when she turned ty-five years old, she found the courage to walk away. She and Cassie, who was four years old at the time, moved to Laramie, Wyoming, to heal the old hurts and begin a new life. Cassie loved her and needed her and, Bonnie, the feeling was mutual. There were many rough times ahead, but Bonnie and Cassie got through them together. Six years later, Bonnie met Hank, a man who loved her in a way that she had never been loved. They were married one year later. Their marriage was ripe with discussion, affection, simple routines and happiness. Bonnie was living the life which she had always hoped. One morning, Hank was preparing to leave work at his tree-trimming6) service. As always, he and Bonnie embraced one another in the doorway of their home and acknowledged out loud how blessed they were to have each other. Bonnie worked at home that day rather than going into her office, where she held a position as an office assistant. Late in the afternoon, her phone rang. When she picked it up, she heard the voice of the team leader who headed the search-and-rescue service which Bonnie was a volunteer. Bonnie was often one of the first volunteers called when someone was in trouble. That day, Margie told her a man had been electrocuted7) on a power line just two blocks from Bonnie’s house. Bonnie dropped everything, flew out of her house and jumped into her truck. When Bonnie arrived at the house, she saw an image that would be engraved in her mind the rest of her life. Her beloved Hank hung lifelessly from the branches of a tall cottonwood tree. All of the training that Bonnie had received about safely helping someone who has been electrocuted left her. She wasn’t concerned about her own safety. She had to do everything she could to save Hank. She just had to get him down. She grabbed the ladder stowed in her truck, threw it up against the house and began climbing. Bonnie crawled onto the top of the roof and pulled Hank’s body out of the tree toward her. Miraculously, even though she touched his body, which was touching the power line, she was not electrocuted herself. She pulled Hank onto the brown shingles of the roof and cradled his head in the crook of her arm. She wailed as she looked at his ashen8) face. His eyes stared out into the bright blue Wyoming sky. He was dead. Gone. He could not be brought back to life. She knew to the core of her being that the life they shared was over. In the four years that followed Hank’s death, Bonnie tried to put her life back together. She was up-and-down, but mostly down. She lived with the frustration of not having said good-bye, of not having the opporty to said all of the things she wanted to say, of not being able to comt him, soothe him, help him leave his life and move into the next. She wasn’t prepared this kind of ending. It was not the way she wanted her best friend, her lover, her partner to die. When Bonnie finished talking, we both sat in silence a while. Finally said, “Would you like Cassie’s death to be different from Hank’s?I’m talking now, Bonnie, about euthanasia. With euthanasia, you won’t have to worry about coming home from work and finding Cassie dead, and you can ensure that she won’t die in pain. If we help Cassie die by euthanasia, you can be with her, hold her, talk to her and comt her. You can peacefully send her on to the next life. The choice is up to you. Bonnie’s eyes opened wide. Her shoulders relaxed and her face softened in relief. “I just need control this time, ”she said. “I want this death to be different from Hank’s- my girl. ”The decision was made to euthanize Cassie that afternoon. I left the two of them alone, and Bonnie and Cassie spend the next few hours lying outside under the maple tree. When it was time, Bonnie brought Cassie into the client comt room, an area that those of us associated with The Changes Program had adapted to be more conducive9) to humane animal death and client grief. The dog was lying down by Bonnie, who was on the floor on a soft pad. Bonnie began to pet and talk to her. “There you are, girl. You’re right here by Mom. Everything is okay. ”The time euthanasia arrived and Cassie was sleeping peacefully, her head resting on Bonnie’s stomach. She looked comtable, very much at ease. Dr. Bush whispered, “May we begin the procedure?”And Bonnie nodded in affirmation. “But first,”she said softly, “I would like to say a prayer. ”She reached out to take our hands and we all reached out our hands to one another. Within this sacred circle, Bonnie softly prayed, “Dear Lord, thank you giving me this beautiful dog the past fourteen years. I know she was a gift from you. Today, as painful as it is, I know it is time to give her back. And, dear Lord, thank you bringing these women to me. They have helped me beyond measure. I attribute their presence to you. Amen. ”Through our tears, we whispered our own “amens”, all squeezing one another’s hands in support of the rightfulness of the moment. And then, while Cassie continued to sleep peacefully on her caretaker’s belly, the doctor gave the dog the final injection. Cassie did not wake up. Through it all, she did not move. She just slipped out of this life into the next. It was quick, peaceful and painless, just as we had predicted. Immediately following Cassie’s passing, I made a clay impression of her front paw. I handed the paw print to Bonnie and she held it tenderly against her cheek. We all sat quietly until Bonnie broke the silence, saying, “If my husband had to die, I wish he could have died this way. ”Six weeks later, I received a letter from Bonnie. She had scattered Cassie’s remains on the same mountain where Hank’s were scattered. Now her two best friends were together again. She said somehow Cassie’s death, and especially the way in which she had died, had helped her resolve the death of her husband. “Cassie’s death was a bridge to Hank me,”she wrote. “Through her death, I let him know that if I had had the choice when he died, I would have had the courage and the dedication necessary to be with him when he died, too. I needed him to know that and I hadn’t been able to find a way. Cassie provided the way. I think that is the reason and the meaning of her death. Somehow, she knew she could re connect us, soul to soul. ”Eight months later, Bonnie traveled again from Wyoming to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This time, she brought her new, healthy puppy Clyde---a nine-month-old Lab mix, full of life and love. Bonnie was beginning a gain. 53我认为人一生就应该尽全力做最好的自己------我想这就是我的信仰 ---埃莉诺.罗斯福Growth That Starts From ThinkingIt seems to me a very difficult thing to put into words the beliefs we hold and what they make you do in your life. I think I was tunate because I grew up in a family where there was a very deep religious feeling. I don’t think it was spoken of a great deal. It was more or less taken granted that everybody held certain beliefs and needed certain reincements of their own strength and that that came through your belief in God and your knowledge of prayer.But as I grew older I questioned a great many of the things that I knew very well my grandmother who had brought me up had taken granted. And I think I might have been a quite difficult person to live with if it hadn’t been the fact that my husband once said it didn’t do you any harm to learn those things, so why not let your children learn them? When they grow up they’ll think things out themselves.And that gave me a feeling that perhaps that’s what we all must do—think out ourselves what we could believe and how we could live by it. And so I came to the conclusion that you had to use this life to develop the very best that you could develop.I don’t know whether I believe in a future life. I believe that all that you go through here must have some value, theree there must be some reason. And there must be some “going on.” How exactly that happens I’ve never been able to decide. There is a future—that I’m sure of. But how, that I don’t know. And I came to feel that it didn’t really matter very much because whatever the future held you’d have to face it when you came to it, just as whatever life holds you have to face it exactly the same way. And the important thing was that you never let down doing the best that you were able to do—it might be poor because you might not have very much within you to give, or to help other people with, or to live your life with. But as long as you did the very best that you were able to do, then that was what you were put here to do and that was what you were accomplishing by being here.And so I have tried to follow that out—and not to worry about the future or what was going to happen. I think I am pretty much of a fatalist. You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give. 7579

口语动词短语:Put him through 我帮你转过去 -01-7 19:: 来源: Put it on my tab.tab为小纸片的意思,在过去没有签帐卡、信用卡的时代,外出购物可能会发生带不够钱的窘境,于是乎老板通常便把所赊的帐记录在一张小纸片上,put it on one's tab便是「记在某人的帐上」的意思,所以下次当你发现没带钱时,就可以帅气地说出Put it on my tab!,但是我们不保你能全身而退Put him through.这是一句相当标准的电话用语,「把他转∕接给我」在日常生活中,尤其是办公室,同事间可能常会接到找你的电话,这时候你就可以说Put him her through.请他们「把电话转接给你」;若你是帮同事接电话的那个人,你就可以跟对方说I'll put you through.「我帮你转过去」 过去 动词 短语 口语

地道口语:夸人的句子,帮你赢得好人缘 -- ::35 来源: You have a good sense of humor.你真幽默(别人讲笑话不管好笑不好笑,都用这句美国人极其喜欢的表扬!)Your Chinese is really surprising!你的中文令人惊讶!(用来鼓励说汉语的老外)Your English is incredible.我真不敢相信你的英语(用了六星级形容词!)You have a very successful business.你的事业很成功(现代人喜欢听!)Your are very professional.你非常专业(他会更认真!)Your are so smart.你非常聪明(谁都愿意听!)I envy you very much.我非常羡慕你(接下来你可以诉苦了)You two make a lovely couple.你们真是天生的一对(他们会为选择了彼此而自豪)Your sondaughter is so cute.你的孩子很可爱(外国人绝对喜欢听的表扬!)Your are really talented.你很有天赋(给他动力和勇气)You look nice in that color.你穿那种颜色很好看(搞不好,她会买一大堆那种颜色的衣)You have a good taste.你很有品位(高层次的赞美)You look like a million dollars. (You look outstanding. You look like a movie star.)你看上去帅呆了(多么昂贵的赞美!)You look great today.你今天看上去很棒(每天都可以用!)We are so proud of you.我们真为你骄傲(表扬孩子最有效)I'm very pleased with your work.我对你的工作非常满意(正式、真诚的赞扬)This is really a nice place.这真是个好地方!(随口就说且效果很好的赞美!)You are looking sharp.你看上去真精神真棒真漂亮!(可令他兴致盎然)Everything tastes great.每样东西都很美味(吃完了就说这句)I admirerespect your work.我对你的工作表示敬意(世界通用!)You've got a great personality.你的个性很好(非常安全的表扬)You always know the right thing to say. (You are very eloquent.)你总是说话得体(高层次的表扬!)Nice going! (You did a good job.)干得好!(极其地道的表扬!) 好人 赢得 句子 口语

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