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四川光子美白多少钱While an economic crisis results in untold misery for countries and their people, a new study of health in Cuba has suggested there could be a silver lining during lean times.尽管经济危机会给许多国家及其人民造成难以名状的苦难,但是古巴的一项新健康研究指出,经济困难时期的黑暗也有一线光明。Researchers appear to have implied that people can lose weight during a recession due to a reduction in eating and increasing physical activity.研究人员暗示说,由于摄入食物的减少和体力活动的增多,人们在经济萧条时期体重会下降。Their dramatic findings, published online in the British Medical Journal, were based on a study in Cuba, where the population suffered food and fuel shortages following the economic crisis of the early 1990s triggered by the collapse of the Soviet Union.这一发表在《英国医学杂志》网刊上的引人注目的发现基于古巴的一项研究。20世纪90年代早期古巴在苏联解体后陷入经济危机,古巴民众因此遭受食品和燃料的短缺。This resulted in an average of 4 to 5kg (8 to 11 lbs) being shed by the people and subsequent rapid declines in deaths from diabetes and coronary heart disease.这导致古巴人的平均体重下降了4到5千克(8到11磅),古巴因糖尿病和冠心病而导致的死亡人数随后也迅速下降。The scientists from the University of Alcalá, in Madrid, also discovered that when Cubans put the weight back on, cases of diabetes surged again.马德里的阿尔卡拉大学的科学家还发现,古巴人体重回升后,糖尿病的发病率又再度猛增。The researchers concluded that the Cuban crisis could have lessons Britain.研究人员得出结论说,英国可以从古巴危机中吸取教训。They suggested that an average weight loss of just eleven pounds across the UK could cut deaths from heart disease by a third while the mortality rate of type 2 diabetes, the form of the condition related to obesity, could also be halved.他们指出,英国人口平均体重只需减少11磅,死于心脏病的人数就能减少三分之一,与肥胖有关的Ⅱ型糖尿病造成的死亡率也可以减半。Whole population trends in food consumption and transport policies linked to physical activity could reduce the burden of two major illnesses, said the researchers.研究人员称,全体民众食物摄入量的减少以及和体力活动有关的交通政策可以降低这两大疾病的负担。;During the deepest period of the economic crisis in Cuba, from 1991 to 1995, food was scarce and access to gas was greatly reduced, virtually eliminating motorised transport and causing the industrial and agricultural sectors to shift to manual intensive labour,” said Prof Manuel Franco, who led the international team of researchers from Spain, Cuba and the ed States.这一国际研究团队的成员来自西班牙、古巴和美国,团队的领头人曼纽尔?弗朗科教授说:“在古巴经济危机最严重的时期,即1991年至1995年这段时间,食品和燃气的供给量大幅减少,实质上降低了机动车的使用量,并导致工业和农业部门改用高强度的体力劳动。”;We found a population-wide loss of 4-5 kg in weight in a relatively healthy population was accompanied by diabetes mortality falling by half and mortality from coronary heart disease falling by a third.“我们发现,如果一个相对健康的人口体重整体减少4到5千克,那么糖尿病导致的死亡率会随之减半,冠心病死亡率也会降低三分之一。;So far, no country or regional population has successfully reduced the distribution of body mass index or reduced the prevalence of obesity through public health campaigns or targeted treatment programmes.;“到目前为止,还没有哪个国家或地区能通过公共健康运动或有针对性的治疗项目成功地降低人口的身体质量指数或肥胖发生率。” /201304/237385重庆星辰整形中心 This year, resolve to drop your daily deal habit. Buying coupons can be extremely addictive, because sometimes the deals are just too tempting. But oftentimes, you#39;ll end up doing something that you never planned on doing in the first place and trying restaurants that you had no intention of trying to begin with. The problem is that you might forget about them if you#39;re not carefully keeping track of them, and you may end up losing money when the coupon expires.今年要下决心戒掉每天买东西的习惯。买抵用券会上瘾,因为有时候商品太诱惑人了。但结果是你经常会做本来不准备做的事,去本来不想去的餐馆。问题在于如果你不够细心能想起这些抵用券,你很可能会忘记它们,而且当抵用券快到期时,你的钱包可要遭罪了。Do yourself and your budget a favor this year, and unsubscribe from all the daily deals sites except your all-time favorite. I know there may be deals that seem too good to miss out on, so limit yourself to buying one or two online coupons this year. If you#39;re worried about missing out on an amazing deal, I#39;m sure you#39;ll catch wind of it through friends or social media. And if you miss one, either scout for it on sites that sell unused daily deals or patiently wait for it to show up again.今年让你自己和开预算都轻松些吧,除了你一直喜欢的东西,注销所有“每日购物精品”网站的账号。我明白有些商品很棒,错过了很可惜,所以今年可以限制自己买一到两张网购打折券。如果你担心错过好商品,我相信你从社交网络和朋友那里也会得到消息的。如果你真的错失了机会,你可以在卖二手货的网站上找找(类似的商品),或者耐心等待它再次出现。 /201302/223979重庆星宸整形整形中心

重庆美容整形 A new wave of Chinese migration is afoot, fuelled by ever-younger students for whom English is not a piece of knowledge to be learnt but a living language able to unlock the intricacies of the wider world.新一轮的华人移民潮正在进行时,而其背后的推动者则是一群越来越年轻的莘莘学子。英语对这一代人来说不再只是一门知识,而是解开大千世界纷繁奥秘的一门鲜活的语言。Shen Jiahui and Wang Taojun learnt English at school and speak it perfectly without having ever set foot outside China. So well did they learn the language, they ranked second and fourth among 10,000 entrants in a national English public speaking competition run by the English language newspaper China Daily.沈家慧和王陶钧都是在学校课堂上学习英语的,他们从未踏出国内,却说得一口流利的英语。他们的英文如此优异,在由《中国日报》举办的全国性英语演讲比赛中,二人从近万名选手中脱颖而出,分别取得亚军和第四名的好成绩。;Interest is the best teacher and also the first teacher,; Mr Wang said. ;For me, the second teacher would be the ambition to know the world outside of China.;王陶钧说:“兴趣是最好的老师,同时也是我的第一位老师。对我而言,第二位老师便是想要走出国门,了解外面世界的那份渴望。”The pair, hosted this week in Australia by the competition sponsor, Navitas English, addressed the subject of cultural clashes in their final talk.本周,他们二人受本届大赛赞助商——纳维英语的邀请,前往澳大利亚作最后一轮的有关文化冲突的主题演讲。Ms Shen, who hopes to undertake an MBA at an American university, said clashes were inevitable but not insurmountable.沈家慧表示文化冲突不可避免,但并非无法克。她希望能够前往美国攻读MBA学位。;I came across them with my American teacher,; she said. ;When we met him he said #39;Why are you so quiet?#39;沈家慧说:“我和我的美国老师就遇到过这种问题。当我们第一次见面时,他问我:‘你们为什么不说话呢?’”;From that day on we tried to communicate with him and he tried to understand Chinese students and become more patient.“从那天起,我们尝试和他沟通,他也试着去理解中国学生,变得更有耐心。”;We can overcome cultural clashes and pursue cultural co-existence, which is very important in the 21st century, because we are co-operating with each other in a global world.;“我们可以克文化冲突,寻求文化共存。在21世纪,这点十分重要,因为在一个全球化的世界之中,我们要互相合作。”This year 200,000 Chinese students chose not to sit the traditional university pathway, the national college entrance exam, setting their goals instead above and beyond a domestic university place.今年有20万的中国学生没有选择传统的大学之路——高考,而是将目标设定在海外大学。Most will head to the US, with European universities - now offering courses in English - and Australia and Canada also competing destinations.大多数人都选择美国,以及一些采用英文授课的欧洲大学,澳大利亚和加拿大也是热门选项。A deputy editor with China Daily, Shen Gang, said the competition grew from Beijing#39;s failure to win the battle with Sydney to host the 2000 Olympics, in part because so few citizens could speak English.中国日报社《二十一世纪英文》副总编辑申钢表示,本项赛事是从北京申办2000年奥运会时的失利之中得到启发。某种程度上这次失败的原因是因为北京市会说英语的市民人数太少了。;There#39;s no other language with the role English has had, and still does, in international communications as a working language,; Mr Shen said.申钢说:“在国际交流中,没有任何一门语言可以作为工作语言,同英语相提并论,之前是这样,现在亦是如此。”;English is, for most Chinese, the bridge or link between China and the outside world.“对于大部分中国人而言,英语也构架起中国与世界沟通的桥梁和纽带。”;This is why Chinese parents pay attention as well as money for the English education of their children.;“这正是中国父母愿意在孩子的英语学习上花费金钱和精力的真正原因。”Mr Shen said English had no rival as the external language for Chinese students.申钢称,作为中国学生学习的一门外语,英语可谓是无可匹敌。It is now compulsory for students from their third year of primary school and is the language of joint ventures for companies such as Nokia, Siemens and Volkswagen.英语是中国学生从小学三年级便开始学习的必修科目。同时也是像诺基亚、西门子、大众这样的合资企业的办公用语。Learning it is one thing, speaking it has been another, with Chinese students typically learning ;mute English;, Mr Shen said. Now they are speaking up and it is vital they continue to do so, he said.申钢表示,学是一回事,说又是另外一回事,通常中国学生学的都是“哑巴英语”。如今他们正大胆地开口说英文,重要的是他们要坚持下去。;Public speaking is a fundamental base for democracy. If you don#39;t speak publicly, ideas won#39;t be exchanged and people won#39;t know what others are thinking about,; Mr Shen said.此外申钢也表示:“演讲是民主的基石。如果你不能公开演讲的话,思想无法得以交流,人们也不会去了解他人的想法。”;That#39;s the basic purpose for us to promote the competition: it#39;s part of citizenship building.;“这才是我们推广该项赛事的宗旨:作为营建公民素质的一部分。” /201208/197249重庆星辰整形美容医院去痣多少钱重庆市上睑下垂矫正多少钱



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