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重庆整容医院哪家最好大坪医院隆胸多少钱The consumer tech marketplace offers a range of pad-based charging systems that require contact between smartphone and charging mechanism. The dream, however, is to create a wireless in-room network, much like Wi-Fi, that instantly charges devices when you#39;re in range.消费者技术市场提供了一系列以衬垫为基础的充电系统,这些系统要求手机和充电器相连。然而,人们一直梦想着创造一个像Wi-Fi一样的室内无线系统,可以在有限范围内不断为设备充电。A San Jose-based company called Energous is busy creating WattUp, a wire-free charging system that can power gadgets up to 15 feet away using a combination of RF (radio frequency), Bluetooth and other imperceptible tech. The company is aiming to have WattUp embedded in devices ranging from smartphones to toys as early as next year.一个名为Energous的圣荷西本土公司正忙于研发WaitUp,这是一款能够和无线电配率、蓝牙和隐形技术一起使用,在15英尺外给小配件充电的无线充电系统。公司希望最早在明年,WaltUp可以嵌入从智能手机到玩具的各类装置。Arriving even sooner is the XE from TechNovator, a company out of Poland and Ukraine. The XE is a tower that communicates via electromagnetic resonance with a smartphone case that then safely translates those energy waves into electricity. TechNovator plans to launch with a Kickstarter campaign in November focusing on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases.波兰和乌克兰的TechNovator公司的XE出现的更早。XE是一个通过电磁感应和智能手机交流的塔楼,他可以安全地把那些能量波转化为电流。TechNovator计划在十一月推出针对Iphone 6和Iphone 6But while the XE tower is impossible to ignore, uBeam is aiming for a base station that is all but invisible and takes the form of a wafer-thin ceiling tile. And while initially uBeam may use smartphone covers to transfer power, eventually one option could be to embed small chips directly into handsets, according to uBeam founder Meredith Perry, 26.尽管XE无线塔不容忽视,但是uBeam正致力于搭建一个无形的基站,它看起来像是一层薄薄的天花板瓷砖。首先,uBeam可能会用智能手机来传递能量,但是据uBeam创始人Meredith Perry解释,最终可能会直接在手机中嵌入芯片。The Santa Monica-based start-up has raised .2 million from the likes of Mark Cuban, Marissa Mayer and super-agent Ari Emanuel. While still very secretive about her tech, Perry is doggedly focused on a vision for wireless charging that aims to do away with power cords.圣莫妮卡初创企业已经从向Mark Cuban,Marissa Mayer和超级经纪人Ari Emanuel这样的粉丝中筹集了2320万美金。虽然她的技术仍然很神秘,Perry仍然固执地致力于去除充电线的无线充电幻想中。Perry is one of four guests at USA TODAY#39;s Change Agents Live event Sept. 29 in San Francisco.Perry是将于9月29日在圣弗朗西斯哥举行的今日美国变革代理商直播活动的四位嘉宾之一。 /201510/402063重庆市星宸医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 LET me hazard a guess that you think a real person has written what you’re ing. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not. Perhaps you should ask me to confirm it the way your computer does when it demands that you type those letters and numbers crammed like abstract art into that annoying little box.让我来猜猜看,你认为你所阅读的内容是由一个真实存在的人写的。你可能是对的,也可能是错的。或许你应该让我确认这种说法,就像你的电脑要求你将抽象艺术般的字母和数字输入那个令人厌烦的小盒子一样。Because, these days, a shocking amount of what we’re ing is created not by humans, but by computer algorithms. We probably should have suspected that the information assaulting us 24/7 couldn’t all have been created by people bent over their laptops.因为,目前有相当多的阅读内容不是由人类编写的,而是由计算机算法完成的。我们可能应该会猜想,每天24小时向我们袭来的信息可能不完全是由人类俯在笔记本电脑前编写的。It’s understandable. The multitude of digital avenues now available to us demand content with an appetite that human effort can no longer satisfy. This demand, paired with ever more sophisticated technology, is spawning an industry of “automated narrative generation.”这是可以理解的。人类的努力已经无法满足我们现在能够使用的各种数字渠道对内容的需求。这种需求,再加上更加成熟的技术,滋生了一个“文本自动生成”产业。Companies in this business aim to relieve humans from the burden of the writing process by using algorithms and natural language generators to create written content. Feed their platforms some data — financial earnings statistics, let’s say — and poof! In seconds, out comes a narrative that tells whatever story needs to be told.该领域中的公司旨在利用算法和自然语言生成器编写内容,使人类摆脱写作过程中的负担。将一些数据——比如金融收益数据——输入它们的平台,然后“嗖”的一声!几秒钟之内就会产生一些内容,提供人们需要的各种报道。These robo-writers don’t just regurgitate data, either; they create human-sounding stories in whatever voice — from staid to sassy — befits the intended audience. Or different audiences. They’re that smart. And when you the output, you’d never guess the writer doesn’t have a heartbeat.这些机器人写手并不只是重复数据;它们以适合目标受众的风格——从古板到活泼——写出看起来像是人类编写的报道。它们非常聪明。当你阅读这些报道时,你绝不会猜到这个作者没有心跳。Consider the opening sentences of these two sports pieces:看看这两篇体育报道的开篇语句。“Things looked bleak for the Angels when they trailed by two runs in the ninth inning, but Los Angeles recovered thanks to a key single from Vladimir Guerrero to pull out a 7-6 victory over the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sunday.”“周日,天使队(Angels)在第九局中落后两分时,情况看起来不妙,但凭借弗拉迪米尔·葛雷诺(Vladimir Guerrero)赢得的关键一分,洛杉矶天使队挽回败局,在芬威球场(Fenway Park)以七比六的比分击败波士顿红袜队(Boston Red Sox)。”“The University of Michigan baseball team used a four-run fifth inning to salvage the final game in its three-game weekend series with Iowa, winning 7-5 on Saturday afternoon (April 24) at the Wilpon Baseball Complex, home of historic Ray Fisher Stadium.”“周六下午(4月24日),密歇根大学(University of Michigan)棒球队在威尔彭棒球场(Wilpon Baseball Complex)——具有历史意义的雷·费舍尔体育场(Ray Fisher Stadium)的所在地,通过赢得四分的第五局比赛,扭转局势,最终以七比五的比分赢得了与爱荷华棒球队在周末举行的三场比赛中的最后一场。”If you can’t tell which was written by a human, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by Christer Clerwall of Karlstad University in Sweden and published in Journalism Practice, when presented with sports stories not unlike these, study respondents couldn’t tell the difference. (Machine first, human second, in our example, by the way.)如果你无法分辨哪一篇是由人类写的,那你不是唯一一个。瑞典卡尔斯塔得大学(Karlstad University)的克里斯特·克莱瓦尔(Christer Clerwall)开展了一项研究,并在《新闻实践》(Journalism Practice)上发表了相关论文。研究显示,当看到类似的体育报道时,调查对象无法辨别其中的区别。(顺便说一下,在我们提供的例子中,第一篇是机器写的,第二篇是人写的。)Algorithms and natural language generators have been around for a while, but they’re getting better and faster as the demand for them spurs investment and innovation. The sheer volume and complexity of the Big Data we generate, too much for mere mortals to tackle, calls for artificial rather than human intelligence to derive meaning from it all.算法和自然语言生成器已经存在了一段时间,但随着对它们的需求刺激了投资和创新,它们变得越来越好,越来越快。我们产生海量的大数据(Big Data),而且很复杂,凡人难以处理,需要人工智能,而不是人类智能,来从中获取有意的信息。Set loose on the mother lode — especially stats-rich domains like finance, sports and merchandising — the new software platforms apply advanced metrics to identify patterns, trends and data anomalies. They then rapidly craft the explanatory narrative, stepping in as robo-journalists to replace humans.将之应用于大量资源,特别是在金融、体育和销售规划等数据繁多的领域,这种新的软件平台就会应用先进的度量标准,去确认模式、趋势和反常数据。然后,它们会迅速产生解释性文本,成为代替人类的机器人记者。The Associated Press uses Automated Insights’ Wordsmith platform to create more than 3,000 financial reports per quarter. It published a story on Apple’s latest record-busting earnings within minutes of their release. Forbes uses Narrative Science’s Quill platform for similar efforts and refers to the firm as a partner.美联社(The Associated Press)每季度利用自动化洞察力公司(Automated Insights)的Wordsmith平台撰写3000多篇金融报道。他们在苹果(Apple)公司公布最新创纪录收益几分钟之后,就发表了一篇报道。福布斯(Forbes)利用叙述科学公司(Narrative Science)的Quill平台撰写类似报道,并称该公司是他们的合作伙伴。Then we have Quakebot, the algorithm The Los Angeles Times uses to analyze geological data. It was the “author” of the first news report of the 4.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Southern California last year, published on the newspaper’s website just moments after the event. The newspaper also uses algorithms to enhance its homicide reporting.然后又出现了Quakebot,《洛杉矶时报》(The Los Angeles Times)利用这种算法分析地质数据。它是第一篇有关南加利福尼亚州去年发生的4.7级地震的新闻报道的“作者”。地震发生后,该报立即在其网站了发表了这篇报道。该报还利用算法加强命案报道。But we should be forgiven a sense of unease. These software processes, which are, after all, a black box to us, might skew to some predicated norm, or contain biases that we can’t possibly discern. Not to mention that we may be missing out on the insights a curious and fertile human mind could impart when considering the same information.如果我们对此感到一丝不安,这也是可以理解的。这些软件程序毕竟对我们来说是一个黑盒子,它们可能偏向于一些特定的基准,或包含我们可能无法辨别的倾向性。更不用说,我们可能会错失一个好奇的、具有创造力的人类在思考相同的信息时所能产生的那种洞见。The mantra around all of this carries the usual liberation theme: Robo-journalism will free humans to do more reporting and less data processing.这一切所表达的呼声,包含着常见的解放主题——机器新闻将会解放人类,使人类能够更多地进行报道,减少数据处理工作。That would be nice, but Kristian Hammond, Narrative Science’s co-founder, estimates that 90 percent of news could be algorithmically generated by the mid-2020s, much of it without human intervention. If this projection is anywhere near accurate, we’re on a slippery slope.这不失为一件美事。但是,据叙述科学联合创始人克里斯蒂安·哈蒙德(Kristian Hammond)估计,到本世纪20年代中期,将有90%的新闻由计算机算法生成,其中大多都无需人工干预。倘若这个预测接近事实,那么我们就会处在一个滑坡之上。It’s mainly robo-journalism now, but it doesn’t stop there. As software stealthily replaces us as communicators, algorithmic content is rapidly permeating the nooks and crannies of our culture, from government affairs to fantasy football to reviews of your next pair of shoes.目前,机器新闻已经占据主导,但它并未就此止步。随着软件悄悄取代我们成为传播者,从政府事务到梦幻足球,再到对你下一双鞋子的评价,算法生成的内容也在迅速向我们文化中的各个角落和缝隙渗透。Automated Insights states that its software created one billion stories last year, many with no human intervention; its home page, as well as Narrative Science’s, displays logos of customers all of us would recognize: Samsung, Comcast, The A.P., Edmunds.com and Yahoo. What are the chances that you haven’t consumed such content without realizing it?自动化洞察力公司指出,其软件去年一共创作了10亿个报道,许多都没有人工干预;它和叙述科学公司的主页上,展示着我们耳熟能详的客户标志:三星(Samsung)、康卡斯特(Comcast)、美联社、Edmunds.com和雅虎(Yahoo)。所以你极有可能在没有意识的情况下消费了这种内容。Books are robo-written, too. Consider the works of Philip M. Parker, a management science professor at the French business school Insead: His patented algorithmic system has generated more than a million books, more than 100,000 of which are available on Amazon. Give him a technical or arcane subject and his system will mine data and write a book or report, mimicking the thought process, he says, of a person who might write on the topic. Et voilà, “The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Acne Rosacea.”机器人还在写书。来看看法国的欧洲工商管理学院(Insead)管理科学教授菲利普·M·帕克(Philip M. Parker)的作品:他的专利算法系统已经生成了超过100万本图书,其中有10万多本在亚马逊上销售。他说,给他一个技术性或晦涩难懂的话题,他的系统就能模仿可能就此题目进行写作的人的思维过程,挖掘数据,撰写一本书或一篇报告。比如,《红斑痤疮患者官方资料》(The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Acne Rosacea)。Narrative Science claims it can create “a narrative that is indistinguishable from a human-written one,” and Automated Insights says it specializes in writing “just like a human would,” but that’s precisely what gives me pause. The phrase is becoming a de facto parenthetical — not just for content creation, but where most technology is concerned.叙述科学声称它可以创作“与出自人类的作品分毫不差的文本”。自动化洞察力则称它的专长是“像一个人一样”写作,但这正是让我担忧的地方。这种说法事实上已经成为一段插入语——不只是对内容创作,而且对于大多数科技都是如此。Our phones can speak to us (just as a human would). Our home appliances can take commands (just as a human would). Our cars will be able to drive themselves (just as a human would). What does “human” even mean?我们的手机可以(像一个人一样)和我们说话。我们的家用电器能够(像一个人一样)接受指令。我们的汽车将能(像一个人一样)自行驾驶。那么,“人”究竟是什么意思?With technology, the next evolutionary step always seems logical. That’s the danger. As it seduces us again and again, we relinquish a little part of ourselves. We rarely step back to reflect on whether, ultimately, we’re giving up more than we’re getting.在科技的帮助下,下一个革命性的进展似乎总显得顺理成章。这就是危险所在。鉴于它反复引诱我们,我们就会放弃一小部分自己。我们很少会后退一步,反思我们最后放弃的东西是否比得到的更多。Then again, who has time to think about that when there’s so much information to absorb every day? After all, we’re only human.再者,当每天都有这么多信息需要吸收的时候,谁还有时间去思考这那个问题?毕竟,我们只是人类。Related: Interactive Quiz: Did a Human or a Computer Write This? A shocking amount of what we’re ing is created not by humans, but by computer algorithms. Can you tell the difference? Take the quiz.相关内容:互动问答:这是人还是计算机写的?现在我们读到的内容中,由计算机算法而非人类编写的比例相当之高。你能区分吗?来试试。 /201503/364601重庆西南医院治疗痘坑多少钱

四川省注射丰太阳穴多少钱重庆市第四人民医院祛疤手术多少钱 Drew Greenblatt surveys the shop floor of his small factory in a down-at-heel district of Baltimore, Maryland, where two workers are using a large steel-bending robot.德鲁#8226;格林布拉特(Drew Greenblatt)的小工厂位于美国马里兰州巴尔的一个破败的地区,他正在视察工厂车间,两名工人正在操作一个大型的钢铁弯轧机器人。“This part used to be made in China,” he says. “But because of the robotics we stole this [manufacturing] from China and now make it in America.”“过去这个零部件在中国制造,”他称,“但是由于机器人技术,我们将这项(制造业务)从中国偷走了,如今在美国制造它。”The introduction of automation at Marlin Steel Wire Products has helped boost employee productivity fourfold since 1998, estimates Mr Greenblatt, whose customers include carmaker General Motors . The gains in efficiency are impressive but they are not being replicated across America.格林布拉特估计,自1998年以来,马林钢丝产品公司(Marlin Steel Wire Products)引入自动化技术已经帮助将员工的生产率提高了3倍。他的客户包括汽车制造商通用汽车(General Motors)。该公司生产率的提升令人瞩目,但是这种模式并未在美国得到普遍推广。Even as US manufacturers adopt automation as part of their fightback against offshoring to Asia, productivity growth across the economy is at a near-standstill. A similar picture is being played out across the globe, exposing the most pressing problem in the world economy today. Only India and sub-Saharan Africa seem to be immune from slowing productivity growth.即便美国制造商采用自动化作为反击制造业岗位向亚洲外流的部分努力,但整个经济的生产率增长仍近乎处于停滞状态。类似的景象正在全球各地上演,这暴露了当今世界经济面临的最紧迫问题。只有印度和撒哈拉以南非洲地区看上去并未出现生产率增长放缓。Economists are increasingly alarmed because slower improvements in efficiency will lead to a fall-off in living standards and less-solid public finances. In the medium term, productivity growth is the most important driver of prosperity. Its weakness in recent years lies at the heart of why advanced nations have remained in a low-growth rut since the financial crisis even as unemployment has fallen.由于生产率提高放缓将导致生活水平下降以及公共财政稳定性降低,经济学家对此日益担心。从中期来看,生产率增长是繁荣最重要的推动因素。自金融危机以来,即便失业率已经下滑,但发达国家仍未能摆脱低增长率趋势,这其中的核心问题就是近年来生产率增长疲软。Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chair, raised America’s “relatively weak” productivity in a speech last week and urged new measures to strengthen education, boost entrepreneurship and lift capital investment.上周,美联储主席珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)在发表演讲时提到了美国“相对疲软”的生产率,敦促推出新的措施以加强教育、促进创业以及提升资本投资。New data from the Conference Board think-tank show that average labour productivity growth in mature economies slowed to 0.6 per cent in 2014 from 0.8 per cent in 2013, as a result of ebbing performances in the US, Japan and Europe. Productivity, which tracks how efficiently inputs such as labour and capital are used, tends to evolve over long periods. But the Conference Board ings confirm a longer-term trend of sagging growth that is setting off alarm bells around the world.智库机构世界大型企业联合会(Conference Board)的新数据显示,由于美国、日本和欧洲的表现日益走下坡路,成熟经济体的平均劳动生产率增速由2013年的0.8%降至2014年的0.6%。追踪劳动力、资本等投入使用效率的生产率,往往经过长期演化形成。但是,世界大型企业联合会的数据实了生产率增长低迷的长期趋势,这一趋势正在全世界范围敲响警钟。“In the past decade the US has had terrible productivity growth and other countries have been slipping relative to the US,” says John Fernald, an economist at the San Francisco Fed.“过去10年,美国生产率增长表现糟糕,而其他国家相对于美国的差距持续加大,”旧金山联邦储备(San Francisco Fed)的经济学家约翰#8226;弗纳尔德(John Fernald)称。In the UK, productivity has not improved in eight years, breaking a trend of roughly 2 per cent annual growth stretching back over a century. George Osborne, the chancellor, last week committed the new Conservative government to boosting productivity.英国的生产率已经8年未出现改善,打破了一个世纪以来每年增长约两个百分点的趋势。上周,英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)向新的保守党(Conservative)政府承诺将提高生产率。Faced with rapidly ageing populations and slowing employment growth, mature economies need to boost productivity sharply if they are to escape stagnating living standards. To compensate fully for slower employment growth over the coming 50 years, productivity growth would need to be 80 per cent faster than over the past half-century, according to calculations from McKinsey, the consultancy.面对人口迅速老龄化以及就业增长放缓,成熟经济体如果想摆脱生活水平停滞不前的问题,就需要大幅提高生产率。据咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)估算,为了完全弥补未来50年就业增长放缓的影响,生产率增速将需要比过去半个世纪快80%。Whether such an acceleration can be achieved depends in part on identifying why growth is slowing. To optimists, the poor numbers are a transitory legacy of the recession. The downturn in global demand has temporarily depressed companies’ willingness to invest in new equipment and ideas, and that more cautious outlook dented productivity.这种加速能否实现,部分取决于能否确定生产率增速下降的原因。对于乐观主义者来说,糟糕的数据只是衰退的暂时性后遗症。全球需求下滑暂时性地打压了公司投资新设备和新想法的意愿,人们更加谨慎的观点拉低了生产率。But the slowdown predated the financial crisis; Conference Board data reveal a longstanding fall in growth across mature economies. In Europe and Japan it started in the 1990s, and is related to slower adoption of technology, it says.但是,生产率增长放缓先于金融危机;世界大型企业联合会的数据显示,成熟经济体长期以来普遍存在生产率增长放缓的情况。该机构表示,欧洲和日本生产率增长放缓始于上世纪90年代,与之相联系的是技术应用变慢。Marco Annunziata, the chief economist at General Electric, worries there is a structural problem in Europe due to a lack of risk-taking, low Ramp;D spending and inflexible labour markets.通用电气(General Electric)的首席经济学家马可#8226;安农齐亚塔(Marco Annunziata)担心,由于缺乏冒险活动、研发出较低以及劳动市场缺少灵活性,欧洲可能存在结构性问题。In the US, the most efficient of the major economies, productivity growth began to ebb in 2005. According to Mr Fernald, this was a result of the lapsing of temporary growth dividends from the 1990s IT revolution.在美国这个生产率最高的主要经济体中,生产率增长从2005年开始放缓。弗纳尔德表示,这是上世纪90年代信息技术革命带来的暂时性增长红利消失所导致的。This raises the possibility that the recent, dreary productivity growth in the US is actually a return to an older and weaker trend. Even in emerging economies, where efficiency is catching up, the rate of growth has slowed.这带来了一种可能性,即美国近期生产率增长低迷实际上是对一种更老、更疲弱趋势的回归。即使在生产率正迎头赶上的新兴经济体,生产率增长也已经放缓。This has major implications in terms of a prolonged shortfall in tax revenues and increased public debt. It was just such a scenario — the fall in productivity growth between 2010 and 2015 — that stretched a planned four-year period of austerity in the UK into a decade of public-sector misery.这会造成重大影响——税收不足的状况延长、公共债务增加。正是这种情况,即2010年至2015年英国生产率增速下降,导致了英国规划的4年紧缩期延长为公共部门十年困难期。Optimists counter that it is just a matter of time before we see an upsurge in productivity, pointing to innovation in American IT hubs such as Silicon Valley.乐观主义者反驳称,生产率出现迅速提升只是时间的问题,并把希望寄托在硅谷(Silicon Valley)等美国IT中心的创新上。Researchers at Blue River Technology, a California-based agricultural robotics company, envisage farms of the future being surveyed by flocks of drones, and tended by fleets of robots and self-driving tractors. It is aly operating teams of “lettuce bots”, which are being dragged across fields in Arizona and California to identify 1.5m individual plants an hour and make decisions on how to fertilise them.位于加州的农业机器人公司Blue River Technology的研究员描绘了未来农场的样子——成群无人机在空中巡视,大批机器人以及无人驾驶拖拉机照料着生产。该公司的“生菜机器人”队伍已经在工作,它们分布在亚利桑那州和加州的田地间,每小时识别150万株植物并决定如何施肥。Some argue that the easiest targets for technological progress have aly been met. But others say the world is on the cusp of a machine-driven growth spurt, where driverless cars and robots will replace people, and cite companies such as Blue River as evidence.一些人认为,科技进步最容易的目标已经实现。其他人则认为,世界已步入机器驱动的增长井喷时代,无人驾驶汽车和机器人将取代人类,Blue River之类的公司就是明。Another more bullish outlook suggests that the concept of productivity as a measure of living standards is now outdated because quality is difficult to measure in public services such as education, and progress is hard to capture in many consumer technologies. Equivalents to Skype, for instance, were prohibitively expensive a decade ago but now are free, giving people higher standards of living without troubling the statisticians compiling gross domestic product data.另一种更加乐观的观点认为,将生产率作为生活水平衡量指标的看法如今已过时,因为在教育等公共务中,质量很难衡量,而在许多消费者技术中,进步也很难捕捉。例如,10年前与Skype发挥同样功效的产品贵得离谱,而如今却是免费的,这提高了人们的生活水平,而无须麻烦统计师编纂国内生产总值(GDP)数据。“This takes you into uncharted territory about what progress means in advanced economies,” says Professor Diane Coyle of Manchester university. “There has clearly been an increase in consumers’ welfare, probably extremely large, and we don’t know how it is linked to GDP.”“这将你带入一个关于进步在发达经济体中意味着什么的未知领域,”曼彻斯特大学(Manchester University)的教授黛安娜#8226;科伊尔(Diane Coyle)称,“消费者福利明显有所增加,增幅很可能还极大,而我们不知道这与GDP有何关联。”Mismeasurement might explain how many consumers are better off without appearing to have higher incomes in real terms. But statistical arguments cannot raise incomes or tax revenues, nor do they return sectors with previously high productivity growth back to former levels of success.许多消费者看上去实际收入并未提高,日子却更好过了,原因或许就在于统计失灵。但是,统计学解释无法提高收入或税收,也无法让之前生产率增速较高的行业获得之前那种水平的成功。 /201505/377423重庆哪家做双眼皮好

重庆玻尿酸价格Windows 10, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, arrives on Wednesday, and it will have a familiar look and feel to the more than one billion people who have touched a Windows computer in the last two decades.微软的下一代操作系统Windows 10于本周三发布,对于在过去二十年里使用过Windows操作系统的十多亿人来说,它将带来熟悉的外观和使用体验。That is a stark change from the last time Microsoft made a big revision to its operating system, in 2012 with the release of Windows 8 — a release that didn’t go so well. Many customers were confused by the flurry of changes that were designed for so-called hybrid devices that doubled as PCs and tablets. Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said last year that the company “got a few places wrong in Windows 8.”这和微软上一次的操作系统全面升级有很大不同,也就是2012年发布的Windows 8——那一版的下场不太好。它是为一种既是PC又是平板电脑的所谓混合型设备设计的,一系列的变化让很多用户摸不着头脑。微软的首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)去年曾表示,微软“在Windows 8的设计上犯了些错误”。With Windows 10, Microsoft is offering something of a throwback to the earlier versions. The software also comes with an enticing price tag for users of Windows 7 and 8: free. But perhaps more than anything, there are a handful of new features that might make users consider making the switch.Windows10重新回归了早前几个版本的一些特性。而且对于Windows 7和Windows 8用户来说,它的价格也很诱人:免费。但最重要的可能在于,它还具备一些新特性,会促使用户考虑升级。The Trusty Start Button“开始”菜单回归Back is the classic Start button, the one-touch access to a main , including shortcuts to a user’s list of apps and documents. Like old times, it can be opened with the click of a mouse or by pressing the Windows shortcut on a keyboard. (The Start button was still available in Windows 8, but some users were confused because it was hidden from plain sight.)一键点开主菜单的开始按钮重返屏幕,菜单中包括一个用户的应用和文档快捷列表。和过去一样,点击一下鼠标,或者按一下键盘上的快捷键,就可以打开主菜单。(Windows 8中也有开始按钮,但有些用户搞不清怎么用,因为它不是那么一目了然。)Microsoft made efforts to modernize the Start with a fresh design. Clicking on the Start button brings up groups of tiles that can be tailored to your preferences. For example, I easily created a group of tiles labeled “Productivity” and pinned some of my most frequently used software for work, including apps for email, web browsing, Twitter, a calculator and Microsoft Word. Removing unwanted apps from the group is easy — you just choose to “unpin” the tile.微软试图用新颖的设计让开始菜单更具现代风格。点击开始按钮,可以看到一组磁贴,用户可以按自己的喜好随意组合。比如,我很容易就创建了一个组标签为“生产力”的磁贴,把工作中最常用的一些软件固定在了主菜单上,包括用来查邮件和浏览网页的应用、Twitter、计算器和微软的文档处理软件Word。删除不想要的应用也很简单,只需选择“取消固定”那个磁贴。For long time Windows users, the more intimidating part to get used to will be tablet mode. With hybrid tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface, you can detach the keyboard from the screen and switch into a different software interface optimized for tablets. In tablet mode, apps consume the entire screen; the tiles of the Start section are enlarged to be easier to see and touch.对Windows老用户来说,更让人生畏的一点是适应平板电脑模式。使用诸如微软Surface这样的混合型平板电脑,你可以把键盘和屏幕分离开,切换到一个不同的、更能发挥平板电脑性能的界面。在平板电脑模式下,应用占据整个屏幕,原先位于开始菜单上的磁贴被放大,更容易看见,也更容易点击。Fortunately, interacting with Windows 10 on a touch screen is generally the same as with most modern touch-enabled devices. Pinch outward to zoom in, swipe up to scroll down, swipe left to pan right. And even in tablet mode, the trusty Start remains there to remind you this is still Windows you’re dealing with.幸好,在触摸屏上使用Windows 10,和在大多数现代触摸屏设备上没什么两样。手指外拨以放大页面,向上拨动使页面向下滚动,向左拨动使页面向右平移。而且在平板电脑模式下,屏幕上也保留着让人安心的开始按钮,提醒你还是在使用Windows操作系统。 /201507/389686 四川省手臂激光脱毛多少钱重庆市星宸整形美容医院割双眼皮多少钱



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