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四川去眼角纹多少钱重庆星宸做去眼袋手术多少钱重庆星宸整形医院祛斑效果好 Huaping specialty—Panzhihua- legend of kapok (the first version)华坪特色菜—攀枝花-木棉传说(版本一) In ancient times, a legend has it that a hero named Ji Bei led people of Li people to resist foreign aggression and distinguished himself many times at the risk of his life for which he won the heartfelt support of the general public. Later on, he was betrayed by a traitor and trapped in the mountains. Although hit by a few arrows, he stood erect on the peak and became a kapok tree. The arrows and blood turned into branches and blackish red flowers respectively. In memory of him, the later generation called kapok tree “Ji Bei” and tree of hero respectfully. To further express their love for the ethnic hero, people of Li will plant a kapok tree with much care on every wedding day.相传古时有位英雄叫吉贝,他多次率领黎族人民抗御外敌,屡建战功,得到人民的爱戴。后因叛徒出卖,被敌人围困在大山上,身中数箭,仍屹立山巅,身躯化为一株木棉树,身上的箭变为树枝,鲜血化成殷红的花朵。后人为纪念他将木棉换做“吉贝”也尊称木棉英雄树。黎族人民为了表示对民族英雄的爱戴,每逢男女结婚之日,都要精心种植一株木棉树。 /201505/374438Katie Holmes (Square)For someone with an angular jaw like Katie Holmes, Softness is key. A rounder brow arch is needed to soften the corners of the face and create less sharp angles. The end of the brow shouldn’t be too pointed, either, which would add another sharp line to this face shape。凯蒂·霍尔姆斯( 方形脸)像凯蒂·霍尔姆斯一样下颌有棱角的人,眉型柔和是关键。眉毛弧度较圆能柔和面部轮廓,使面部棱角不那么锋利。眉尾也不能画得太尖,如果画得太尖,会让这种脸型看上去轮廓更明显。 /201507/384738四川去除川字纹手术多少钱

重庆哪家美容医院好四川哪家医院开眼角技术好 MEN’S WEAR DESIGNERS of America: Uncle Sam wants you — for New York Men’s Week this summer.美国的男装设计师们:山姆大叔需要你们——为了明年夏天的纽约男装周。Though the calendar is strafed with sequential and ever-lengthening international fashion weeks, American designers are agitating for a men’s week of their own. Though the idea has been percolating for some time, it has gained momentum in recent weeks as sponsors have signed on. Men’s designers received emails from representatives of the Council of Fashion Designers of America in October gauging interest.如今日程表上已挤满各种国际时装周,它们接连不断、时间越来越长,但美国设计师们正在鼓动设立自己的男装周。这个想法已经慢慢散播了一段时间,但是最近几周,随着赞助商们开始签约,它的势头又开始高涨。10月份,男装设计师们收到美国时装设计师协会的代表们发来的电子邮件,意在评估大家的兴趣。To hear its supporters tell it, creating a midsummer presentation of men’s shows is nothing less than a point of national pride.持者们认为,在夏季中段(译注:7月4日为美国国庆日)举办男装展示会无疑能够增强民族自豪感。“Everybody has a connection to it,” said Steven Kolb, the chief executive of the C.F.D.A., who is spearheading the effort, “because of the patriotism of it all, as American designers.”“每个人都与此有关,”引领这一倡议的美国时装设计师协会首席执行官史蒂文·科尔布(Steven Kolb)说。“因为这完全体现了美国设计师们的爱国精神。”The proposed week would fall, patriotically enough though not expressly for that reason, not long after the Fourth of July.提议举办的时间是7月4日之后不久,这足以体现爱国主义,虽然没有明确说明。At New York Fashion Week, held in February and September, the men’s collections tend to languish in the shadow of the women’s. Many established men’s designers have decamped to fashion weeks abroad.在每年2月和9月举办的纽约时装周上,男装似乎被笼罩在女装的阴影下。很多老牌男装设计师都选择在国外的时装周上发布新装。“New York has such strong men’s wear designers at this point, but I think what happens in New York is that your business gets to a certain point and then you feel compelled to show in Europe,” said Daniel Silver, the co-designer of Duckie Brown.“纽约拥有强大的男装设计师群体,但我觉得纽约现在的情况是,生意壮大到一定程度,你就觉得要被迫去欧洲展示,”达基·布朗(Duckie Brown)的联合设计师丹尼尔·西尔弗(Daniel Silver)说。The reason for this is partly logistical. The selling season for spring men’s wear, when buyers see collections and place orders, occurs over the summer, just after the European men’s wear shows in London, Milan and Paris. New York designers and labels including Calvin Klein Collection, John Varvatos, Thom Browne and Phillip Lim have moved their shows to Europe to close the gap between showing and selling.这其中有物流方面的因素。春季男装的销售时间(也就是买家们观看装系列、下订单的时间)是在夏季,既伦敦、米兰和巴黎的男装秀之后。CK高级时装(Calvin Klein Collection)、约翰·瓦维托斯(John Varvatos)、桑姆·布郎尼(Thom Browne)和林能平(Phillip Lim)等纽约设计师和装品牌把时装秀搬到欧洲,以弥补展示和销售之间的时间差。“One of the biggest puzzles in the industry is why we’re showing men’s wear on the runway three months after we’ve bought it,” said Kevin Harter, the vice president of fashion direction for men at Bloomingdale’s.“这个行业最大的一个谜题是,为什么男装在销售三个月后才在秀台上展示,”布卢明代尔百货公司的男装副总裁凯文·哈特(Kevin Harter)说。The burden falls disproportionately on emerging designers, who may not have the resources to sell their collection early.这种压力主要落在新秀设计师身上,他们可能没有足够的资源,无法提早销售自己的系列。“We have a great pool of young talent in America,” said Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ. “That’s something you don’t have in a lot of places. It seems to be the land of opportunity.”“美国有很多有年轻人才,”《GQ》的创意总监吉姆·穆尔(Jim Moore)说,“这是很多地方没有的。这里似乎是机遇之地。”But by September, Mr. Harter said, the New York collections have “almost become an afterthought, because your budgets have aly been spent by then.”但是哈特说,到9月份,纽约的时装发布会“几乎是马后炮,因为到那时你的预算已经花完了。”Between the megabrands that head to Europe and the smaller ones that stay in New York are midcareer designers like Michael Bastian, who holds sales appointments with buyers in June in Milan but stages a runway show in New York in September.除了去欧洲举办发布会的大品牌和留在纽约的小品牌,还有一些中间层设计师,比如迈克尔·巴斯蒂安(Michael Bastian),他6月份就在米兰和买家们签署销售约定,9月份才在纽约举办时装秀。“Theoretically we could be showing in Milan,” he said. “I just never felt comfortable showing anywhere but America. We’re an American brand.”“理论上我们能在米兰举办时装秀,”他说,“但是在美国之外的地方举办时装秀就是让我觉得不舒。因为我们是美国品牌。”Stumbling blocks persist. One is creating a strong enough lineup to draw international press and buyers to New York. The possibility of a New York event is testing the American spirit of the brands born and bred in the ed States that have migrated elsewhere to show, or elected not to show at all.有些障碍一直存在。其中一个是需要强大的阵容,把国际媒体和买家吸引到纽约。能否在纽约举办男装周,关键在于考验这些土生土长的美国品牌是否具有美国精神,之前它们有的去其他地方展示,有的干脆不展示。Large labels, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren (which has not produced a men’s wear show in recent years) and Tommy Hilfiger (which has shown intermittently) declined to comment on whether they would join a New York men’s week. A representative for John Varvatos did not respond to requests for comment.CK、拉夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren,该品牌近些年没有举办男装秀)和汤米·希尔费格(Tommy Hilfiger,它偶尔举办)等大品牌拒绝就是否参加纽约男装周发表。约翰·瓦维托斯的一位代表没有回应要求的请求。Another hurdle is sponsorship dollars, to defray costs of sites and production. Three sponsors have committed thus far, but at least one more is needed to meet a proposed budget of million.另一个障碍是付场地和制作费用所需的赞助。到目前为止,已有三位赞助商,但是至少还需要一位赞助商,才足以付200万美元的预算。Mr. Kolb said that creating a stand-alone men’s showcase would have historic significance.科尔布说,创设单独的男装周将具有历史意义。“When I look at the things that C.F.D.A. has been able to accomplish over the last number of years, we’ve changed the organization in a big way,” he said, citing the acquisition of the 65-year-old Fashion Calendar in July as a highlight. “If we were able to pull off men’s and do it right, it would have that same kind of stature.”“我在回顾过去几年美国时装设计师协会取得的成就时,发现我们已经在很大程度上改变了这个组织,”他说。他认为今年7月该协会收购有65年历史的时尚日历(Fashion Calendar)是最大的亮点。“如果我们能成功创办男装周并良好运营,它将具有同样的高度。”But time is running out. Mr. Kolb said that if enough sponsorship to cover the budget is not confirmed by the beginning of the new year, the July shows, in discussion for over a year, would be scuttled and a men’s event once again postponed.但是时间快不够了。科尔布说,如果明年初筹集不到足够的赞助费,讨论了一年多的7月发布会就将流产,男装周将也将再次延迟。It is perhaps especially frustrating that London has managed to create exactly the sort of event the C.F.D.A. is attempting. In 2012, the British Fashion Council moved its men’s wear from a single day at the end of London Fashion Week to the four-day London Collections: Men and quickly found success, first in press, then in sales.特别令人沮丧的是,伦敦成功创办了美国时装设计师协会想要创办的那种活动。2012年,英国时装协会把伦敦时装周最后一天的男装秀改成为期四天的伦敦男装周(London Collections: Men),很快取得成功——先是在媒体上,而后在销售上。“What a huge deal this would be if he could pull this off,” Mr. Bastian said. “It would really validate all of American fashion, in a way, to figure this out.”“如果他能促成此事,那真是了不起,”巴斯蒂安说,“从某种程度上讲,它真的能明所有美国时装的价值。” /201412/348643四川重庆星宸医院打瘦腿针多少钱

重庆祛痘要多少钱 Close your eyes and imagine that you’re at your own funeral—a bit morbid I know, but there’s a reason for it. Now think about what you’d like people to say about you. What kind of a life do you want to lead? People die with all kinds of regrets. Don’t be one of them。闭上眼睛想象你是在自己的葬礼上,我知道这场景肯定是让人有些恐怖,但这其中是有原因的。现在想一想你想要和大家都说些什么。你想要过什么样的生活?人们总是带着各种遗憾后悔离开人世,不要成为带着遗憾离世的人。1. I wish I’d cared less about what other people think我希望我不那么在乎别人的想法It’s only when you realise how little other people are really thinking of you (in a negative sense) that you realise how much time you spent caring and wasting energy worrying about this。只有当你意识到别人真的很少对你有什么(消极)看法时,你才觉悟到自己浪费了太多的时间和精力在乎这件事。2. I wish I had accomplished more我希望我多取得一些成就You don’t have to have won an Oscar, built up a business or run a marathon, but having small personal accomplishments is important。并不是非获奥斯卡大奖不可,不是去干一番大事业也不是去跑马拉松,但小小的个人成就也很重要。3. I wish I had told __ how I truly felt我希望我说出对某事的真实感受Even if the “one” doesn’t exist, telling someone how you truly feel will always save you from that gut wrenching “but what if…” feeling that could linger for life if you stay quiet。即使这件事并不存在,对别人说出你的真实感受,总不至于那样揪心断肠想着“要是.。.” ,如果你总是保持缄默,这就等于浪费生命。4. I wish I had stood up for myself more我希望我多为自己发声Sometimes, it’s too easy to think that if you go all out to please everyone you’ll be liked more or your partner won’t run off with anyone else. I think age probably teaches us to be nice but not at the expense of our own happiness。有时候,我们会认为如果自己竭尽全力去讨好所有人,别人就会多喜欢你一点,你的爱人也不会跟别人跑了。这种想法太单纯了。我认为岁月很可能会教会我们:可以待人友好,但不要以以牺牲自己的幸福而作为代价。5. I wish I had followed my passion in life我希望我对生命抱以热忱的态度It’s so easy to be seduced by a stable salary, a solid routine and a comfortable life, but at what expense?往往容易被一份稳定的薪水诱惑,有规律的上下班工作,过着舒坦随心的日子,但代价是什么呢?6. I wish our last conversation hadn’t been an argument。我希望我们最后一次对话不是以一场争论结束的Life is short, and you never really know when the last time you speak to someone you love will be. It’s these moments that really stay clear in peoples’ minds。生命如此短暂,你真的不知道哪一刻就成了你和你深爱的人的临终对话。这样的时刻真的会给人留下清晰的印象。7. I wish I had let my children grow up to be who they wanted to be。我希望我把我的孩子抚养成他们想要成为的人The realisation that love, compassion and empathy are so much more important than clashes in values or belief systems can hit home hard。爱心、同情心和共鸣要远比利益冲突或信仰价值重要得多,这样的意识会在某一刻狠狠击中你。8. I wish I had lived more in the moment。我希望此刻长久一些Watching children grow up makes you realise how short-lived and precious time really is, and as we age, many of us live less and less in the present。看到孩子们长大成人,你会意识到生命如此短暂如此宝贵,随着年龄的增长,我们很多人的余生越来越短暂。9. I wish I had worked less我希望我减少工作时间There’s always a desire to have loosened up a bit more with this one and the realisation that financial success or career accomplishment doesn’t necessarily equal a fulfilled life。总渴望多放松一下自己,意识到经济成功或职业成就并不一定等于你拥有幸福满足的生活。10. I wish I had travelled more我希望我多出去旅游It can be done at any age, with kids or not but many talk themselves out of it for all kinds of reasons such as lack of money, mortgage, children, etc. When there’s a regret, you know it could have been possible at some stage。无论哪个年龄段的人不管有没有孩子都可以多出去旅游,但许多人却找各种各样的理由打消去旅行的想法,例如,缺钱、按揭、带孩子等。以后你可能就会后悔。11. I wish I had trusted my gut rather than listening to everyone else我希望我相信我的直觉而不是听别人的Making your own decisions and feeling confident in the decisions you make gives us fulfilment and joy from life. Going against your gut only breeds resentment and bitterness。自己做决定才会对自己的决定有自信,感受生命中的成就和喜悦。违背自己的直觉只能留给自己怨恨和痛苦。12. I wish I’d taken better care of myself我希望我把自己照顾得好一些Premature health problems or ageing always makes you wonder if you’d eaten healthier, exercised more and been less stressed, would you be where you are today?提前衰老或遭遇这样那样的健康问题,你总想知道自己吃得是否健康?多运动锻炼身体了吗?给自己减压了吗?你是想成为今天这个身体状况的你吗?13. I wish I’d taken more risks我希望我多冒险Everyone has their own idea of what’s risky, but you know when you’re living too much in your comfort zone. In hindsight, some people feel they missed out on a lot of adventure life has to offer。每个人对何为风险都有着自己的看法,但是你会发现自己在舒适区里过得太久了。赫然回想,有些人会感觉到他们错过了许多眼前冒险刺激的生活。14. I wish I’d had more time我希望我有更多的时间Many people say time speeds up as we age. The six weeks of summer holidays we had as kids certainly seemed to last a lifetime. If time speeds up, then it’s even more important to make the most of every moment。许多人说,时间如逝岁月如梭,把我们给催老了。六周的暑假时光对于儿时的我们貌似是过了一生之久。若感觉时光飞速逝去的话,那么,把每个时刻都最大程度地得以利用才更重要。15. I wish I hadn’t worried so much我希望我不那么担心焦虑If you’ve ever kept a diary and looked back, you’ll probably wonder why you ever got so worked up over X。如果你曾记日记,回过头来看看,很可能你想知道为什么你要为X卖命般地工作。16. I wish I’d appreciated ___ more我希望我更加感激___The consequences of taking people for granted are always hard to deal with。把别人对你的好当做理所当然,后果总是让人很棘手。17. I wish I’d spent more time with my family我希望我陪伴家人的时间多一些Some people get caught up with work, move to other parts of the world, grow old with grudges against family members only to realise their priorities were in the wrong place。有些人忙于工作,有些人搬到世界上别的地方居住,有些人带着对家庭成员愤恨过到老,最后只会发现自己把重点放错了地方。18. I wish I hadn’t taken myself so seriously我希望我活得不那么较真Life is just more fun when you can laugh at yourself。当我们能坦然嘲笑自己时,生活似乎有更多乐趣。19. I wish I’d done more for other people。我希望我为别人多做一些事情Doing things for others just makes life more meaningful。为了自己的生活更加有意义多为别人做一些事情。20. I wish I could have felt more happy。我希望我能感受到更加幸福快乐。The realisation that happiness is a state of mind that you can control sometimes doesn’t occur to people until it’s too late。实现幸福是一种思想状态而已,有时,人们来不及去控制幸福的降临。 /201507/387940重庆星宸整形医院双眼皮手术要多少钱黄氏星辰整形中心



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