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*Z3uT.E]R@QHIIq@pzk8L*1LKy1PWAZ(Bp;npm|z1bmt^sHis dad was ing one section of the newspaper. His mom was ing another section of the newspaper. His older sister was ing another section of the newspaper. He had the comics section of the newspaper. That was the best part of the newspaper. He didn’t understand the words. He wasn’t able to . But he liked the comics. He liked the drawings. They were all different. All the animals were different. All the people were different. All the drawings were black and white. He colored the drawings with his crayons. He showed the colored drawings to his mom. She liked them. “Those are beautiful colors,” his mom said. “Someday you will be a famous painter.”QtC-TQNKHe]~6%C_*fs@~oW!bxc9Il*]V+HO_g^[~mp)BBj)CwyUuyQ*, 396迈克尔#86;埃默森,欧美演员他凭借The Practice中William Hinks一角赢得艾美奖剧情类最佳客串演员奖年他因《迷失获卫星奖电视剧集最佳男配角提名,他还因为该剧再次获得年度艾美奖剧情类最佳男配角提名 You're like the thing on Lost.You didn't know that was going to be a big show.They hired Jame,what's happened?I have audition guest player,so I thought there was another and not a long like such parts ,I thought it was going be three episode so I packed,you know, a small bag, to go to Hawaii island in the winter time and I said:Honey, I'll be back shortly,and they never...Are you going to marry?Yes,I see.I've said that and there was no one in the room.Uh,so you're going over there,you do the what you think it't like one shot.Do you learn then what happens?Uh,it is a a character actor dream you made yourself evidently I've made myself evaluable and some way.I passed the audition and they capped me around another ces.And beyond just regular on the show you made quite impacted not only with the show be true to yourself too,didn't you?People think they response to character and not..Now, of course careful with what you wish because I'm not sure I can never leave it fully behind.You know, you're caring everything like that about..Is is Nevel genius kind of a guy ?Well,he has,that is one of the thing he was.But I'm not sure exactly how the character writes,I mean he's giving some funny situation respected to your character.I have people come up to me and the excited fans and they've introduce me to their children who they have named after my character.And you think, well,I supposed that was an honor but ..which parts of what my character was, are you inspiring to? Yup, I got kind of.A mocking * set survival skills?What do you tell the child late about the original of the name?Right, you don't know what to say to these people.I mean when someone is holding then sleeping in front of you,you don't know whether to bless it or touch it with your ehead or..What it is to be done in that situation?I have not sure,that never happens to me. 356

examination(身体)检查,cancer癌症,estimate估计,senile dementia老年痴呆症Bad News and Good NewsAn old man visits his doctor and after an examination the doctor tells him, “I have good news and bad news. What would you like to hear first?”Patient: “Well, give me the bad news first.”Doctor: “You have cancer. I estimate that you have about two years left.”Patient: “Oh no! That’s awful! In two years my life will be over! What kind of good news could you probably tell me, after this? ”Doctor: “You also have senile dementia. In about three months you are going to get everything I told you.”好消息和坏消息一个老人去拜访他的医生全面检查后医生告诉他:“好消息和坏消息,你想先听哪个?”病人:“那先告诉我坏消息吧”医生:“你得了癌症,我估计你只能再活两年了”病人:“噢,不!太可怕了!两年内我的生命就要结束了!都这样了你还能有什么好消息?”医生:“同时你还患有老年痴呆症三个月内你就会忘了我告诉你的每一件事”1. examination文中是“身体检查”的意思也有“考试”“审问”的意思The accused underwent examination by the Crown prosecutor.被告人受到检察官的审讯. cancer是“癌症”的意思而首字母大写的Cancer则指的是“北回归线”或者“巨蟹座”3. estimate,估计,评价 Peace and honor could not be estimated in dollars. 和平和荣誉不能用钱来计算. awful,可怕的英语中含有“可怕”之义的一些词汇有: terrific:多指外表、形状或力量等的可怕;frightful:指使人陷入短暂的惊恐或产生毛骨悚然的感觉;horrible:指因骇人听闻的丑恶而令人毛骨悚然,着重厌恶的成分多于害怕5. “my life will be over”表达的是即将死去的意思,而英语中,一般不直接说“die”,而是有很多委婉地表达“die”的短语,如:pass away, pass on, lose one’s life, expire, go to meet one’s Maker等6. senile dementia. Senile 是“衰老”的意思,dementia指“(医学上)痴呆”,和起来就是“老年痴呆症” 18

  Famous Americans: Langston Hughes; childcare options in the U.S.; to totally own(ed) (someone); bad newsWords:collectivelyto be offendedancientsoulhomemakerdual-incomechildcaremobilenannydaycarestimulationbabysittertotallyto own (someone)to owned (someone)bad news 136363

  【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Listen to the episode and answer the questions. Which characters are the questions referring to? Tony, Olivia, Bindyu, Sarah, Magda or Carlos? 用所给的名字填空Who ...... 1 ...... tells Tony to be optimistic? ...... is going to work the company which is building the flats? 3 ...... shares a flat with Magda? ...... wants to be a chef? 5 ...... is writing an the local newspaper? 6 ...... has a friend working at the museum? 7 ...... is pessimistic? 8 ...... has a roof problem?背单词 — 生活常用词汇 1。

  It's the biggest and most expensive party you're ever likely to host, the average UK wedding now costs around 3,000pounds. And while the credit crunch isn't stopping couples tying the knot. Many aren't prepared to get tied up in financial knots."So, have you got an idea what style you are looking ? No, I've found a few different ideas, I, quite like ruching."Something old and something nearly new. Bristol bride-to-be Catherine Balads comes to Bernardos in east London to find her dream dress, but it's no fantasy, this collection includes well-known labels at a third of the price. "As I'm walking around ,and I've got my ceremony, I don't think people are gonna say: "Oh, you know, I can tell that one you know it's not expensive', I think it's in your own head. And I'm, I'm quite happy with , er,you know, if it means I have a gown that costs half as much, it means we can spend money, you know, in the other places, we can go on a fancy honeymoon, maybe."And some don't even try bee they buy, eBay this year has so far seen a 60% increase in wedding dress listings, and a 0% increase in engagement ring sales, and recession--hit couples planning to say "I do", are increasingly deciding "no can't do" in other areas too, just 6% are prepared to slash their wedding photography budget, while % are choosing fewer flowers, though a staggering 9% are rethinking their honeymoon plans. In fact, so concerned that many of their venue or caterer falls victim to the credit crunch, wedding insurance is booming."It's a difficult time, and annoyance, some businesses are struggling, and theree wedding insurance gives you the peace of mind, if something does go wrong, actually you can go out and you can afd to a place that is supplied with someone else."Come and have a look, it's been going under metal barn roof about years now. Not only our couples becoming more savvy, the recession is turning them into hard-nosed bargain hunters, no need that here though. At Luxters Barna in Henley upon Thames, you can get 0% off the hire of the venue and apparently Thursday is the new Saturday."Predominately Saturday is always the key day to have the party or wedding or whatever, and then Fridays, and then Sundays will see a lot more midweek activity, because it's cheaper.""...caterer section"So how much can you really save? Recruitment consultant Lucy and James are footing at least half of their wedding costs. "Dress, insurance", so they are doing a little recruiting of their own, friends are taking care of their photography, flowers and the cars, and by cutting down on numbers, they've saved around ,000 pounds."Specially with the current climates at the moment with redundancy could be around the corner, and things like that, it's just we wouldn't want to have the debt really after our wedding as well. We have saved money on the honeymoon, and we have asked our gift list contributions from people. I think nowadays it is a lot more acceptable to do that."So it seems that trip down the isle hasn't lost its attraction after all. It's just couples want to do it richer, rather than poorer.词汇Tie the knot: 结婚其它常见的说法还有get married.When are you two going to tie the knot?你们俩打算什么时候结婚?tie yourself (up) in knots: to become very upset because you are confused, nervous, or worried 使难过,使不高兴,使困惑,使沮丧fall victim to: 成为…的受害者,成为…的牺牲品hard-nosed: not affected by feelings when trying to get what you want 顽强的,不屈不挠的,不讲情面的a hard-nosed journalist不屈不挠的记者 8

  Jupiter Stares Back at NASA木星“紧盯”美国航空航天局NASA has released an eerie photograph of Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, staring back at the Hubble telescope. The photograph was taken in April, as Hubble observed Jupiter’s massive storm, also known as the Great Red Spot. When the shadow of Ganymede, the largest moon in our solar system, passed over Jupiter’s storm, it looked just like a pupil inside a giant eye. NASA likened the image of Jupiter to an enormous Cyclops. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a massive storm that was discovered by humans in the 00s. NASA has had its eye more closely on the spot in recent years because studies have shown that the storm is slowly shrinking.美国国家航空和宇宙航行局公布了瘆人的木星照片,这颗太阳系中最大的行星正在“紧盯”着哈勃望远镜年月,哈勃望远镜监测到了发生在木星上的风暴,也叫作“大红斑”木卫三是太阳系中绕木行星中最大的一颗,当木卫三阴影掠过木星风暴时,形成了像眼睛瞳孔一样的画面NASA将这张木星图像与独眼巨人作比较木星风暴中的“大红斑”是人类在世纪发现的近几年,NASA还将重点放在了这些“大红斑”上,有研究表明风暴规模正在不断缩减译文属原创,,不得转载 3937【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension Choose the correct word in each sentence 选词1 Harry is going to have an inmal a mal interview Johnny thinks his company is a good bad place to work 3 Harry accuses Olivia of wanting to know nothing everything about other people Olivia is sure that Harry won’t will get the job 5 Sarah is very sad tired 6 Sarah has met some interesting strange people 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 19

  The military helicopters are bringing in the last of the stranded villagers now some of their relatives and friends, who have been waiting here days, there is relief. others though, there is the anguish of not knowing."Help us, please save my children, I have been waiting four days aly." Says this woman.At her tent, anger, especially at local officials."They said it was safe and we didn't need to evacuate. Now there is not even a road to get back." He says.And the man, who is the focus of much of the national blame is President Ma Ying-jeou, often confronted by angry survivors as he toured the disaster zone."How do you respond to people who blame you and your government, and say listen this was just all too slow to begin with, and then, when it did get underway, it just wasn't enough.""Now, we certainly, I will take full responsibility, whatever the blame is, because, after all, I am the president of this country."But President Ma says the slow start was because of bad weather, heavy rain left helicopters grounded."Once the weather is good, in one day, that is the th of August, we were able to evacuate 518 people. It's a record."But there was outrage last week, when he blamed local officials."They were not fully prepared."So now he's seen comting the grieving, apologizing, promising to do better. But as he opened the weekend baseball game, he was booed and jeered. Protesters demanded his resignation."We'll find out, not only to correct the mistakes, but also may try to punish the people who are responsible."As the rescue operations slowly wind down, the focus will soon shift to rebuilding lives and commies. Taiwan's embattled president told me that simply repairing all the damage from Typhoon Morakot could take up to a year. John Vause, CNN, Cishan, Taiwan.Anguish: severe pain, mental suffering or unhappiness 剧痛,极度痛苦,苦恼Tears of anguish filled her eyes.她双眸噙满了伤心的泪水.Embattled: an embattled person, organization etc has many problems or difficulties 被困扰的,境艰难的,危机四伏的 81889


  过去,女人们喜欢三五成群,坐在一起打毛线,拉家常,说说笑笑如今,打毛线在时尚女生圈流行起来,与以往的女人不同,她们对这一手艺有新的认识... many people, the word "knitting," tends to conjure up visions of elderly ladies chuckling together and sipping lemonade on a porch while rocking themselves in the shade. From time to time, they pause to check their stitches imperfections and discuss recipes. Several generations later, those days are long gone. Nowadays, members of "Stitch n' Bitch" groups are keeping this old craft alive, but with a sassy new attitude."It's 'comt food' our hands, I think, and our minds."Dawn Dennis learned her crocheting skills from her grandmother, but growing up in the scorching heat of Las Vegas put a damper on her enthusiasm, since the idea of crocheting sweaters in the desert lacks an obvious appeal. She came to China in hopes of doing event planning during the Beijing Olympics, and she managed to land a job planning events McDonald's during the games. During last year's much colder Beijing winter, Dennis initiated a Stitch 'n Bitch group with another friend while knitting Christmas presents over bottomless cups of coffee. Globally, women can find Stitch 'n Bitch groups online, and modern women in the know might be familiar with cleverly named sites like "knithappens.com" or pattern books like "Happy Hooker Crochet Guide." Similarly, the "Son of a Stitch n' Bitch," book offers cool knitting alternatives to help women avoid what they refer to as the "curse of the boyfriend sweater." Since Stitch 'n Bitch is a great way to meet like-minded people, Dennis thought Beijing was y as well. 19。



  Marcel:What is this on your wall?马塞尔:你墙上这都是些什么?Fiona:It my tribute to Del Gordon, my favorite player.菲奥娜:都是我对德尔·戈登,我最喜欢球员的致敬Marcel:This isnt a tribute. It a shrine!马赛尔:这根本不是致敬你把屋子搞成了祠堂!Fiona:It not a shrine.菲奥娜:才不是祠堂I just have a few pictures of him taped on my wall.我只是将他的一些照片贴在墙上Marcel:You have poster-size pictures of him covering three walls of your room.马塞尔:你的房间三面墙都是海报大小他的照片This goes beyond being a fan.这已经超越粉丝的范畴Youre obsessed with him.你现在是对他痴迷Fiona:No, Im not obsessed.菲奥娜:不,我没有痴迷I admit that Im a little infatuated with him, but it a healthy kind of adulation.我承认是有点迷恋他,但这是健康的崇拜Marcel:Youve definitely gotten carried away.马塞尔:你完全丧失理智了Fiona:Just a little.菲奥娜:一点点啦Im devoted to watching him play in every game and I try to find out as much as I can about him, but it because I admire him.我全身心贯注观看他的每一场比赛,我试图找出尽可能多关于他的东西,这都是因为我崇拜他It not like Im stalking him or something.我才没跟踪他什么的Marcel:Then why do you have all of this equipment?马塞尔:那你为什么有所有这些装备?Fiona:That in case there a sighting of him in this city.菲奥娜:那是为了在这个城市一睹他的英姿Marcel:A sighting?马赛尔:一睹英姿?Fiona:Yes, there a network of fans that keeps tabs on him and if I learn that he in town, I can try to get a photo with him.菲奥娜:是的,网络上的粉丝一直关注他,如果我得知他在城里,我就可以尝试跟他合影Marcel:And what are those handcuffs ?马赛尔:那些手铐有何用途?Fiona:I only have those in case he doesnt cooperate.菲奥娜:只有他不配合时才会派上用场Marcel:Youre right. Your infatuation is completely healthy!马塞尔:你是对的你的迷恋是完全健康的! 5

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