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如果人生没有爱情,就好像一颗没有花朵和果实的树一样。找到一个让自己深爱人,就好像一场艰难的战斗。Dreary feelings like confusion, frustration, tension, and sadness are some of the feelings we experience when we are out of balance. Love is an essential part of life, especially on Valentine’s Day. Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit, wrote Khalil Gibran.Finding the one big love has always been an uphill battle. Think of this: there are approximately three billion men and women on the planet. Eliminating the old, the young and the aly committed, this still leaves a substantial potential pool of perfectly precious people.Love is the most beautiful feeling. It thrills the heart including other organs. So, do not bite your nails worrying, with the appropriate behavior, here are some tips on how to find love before Valentine’s Day.Be fresh. Be clean and neat, inside and out. The feeling of cleanliness makes you comfortable to huddle up or to get close with anyone.Do not put your image down. The first ingredient to dating success is self-confidence. In short, if you cannot convince yourself that you are such a charming, and appealing person, how can you convince others? Get rid of negative subconscious messages inside of you. Forget thoughts like “I am fat,” “I stammer,” or “I am short in height.” However, do not over do it, you might end up conceited or arrogant. Just be kind to yourself.Be interesting and interested. You may not be very interested in computer games and you may want to hear more tips on cross-stitching, however, if you are open to the potentials in someone else’s world, you can find new and interesting surprises. Ask questions—this is the best cure for the anxiety of wondering what to talk about--or you can prepare a few in advance. Likewise, be a good listener. A great conversation is a good blend of talking and listening.Make first contact short. Lunch date is brilliant. If it ends great, it means both of you want more. If it ends otherwise, the next thing to do is to wave goodbye. Remember, dating is gaining experience. Dating is a gracious activity.Be yourself. Most people try to be someone else—usually a smarter, more likeable, more compelling version of themselves. Do not impart your darkest secrets or provide a detailed list of your worst fears. Be yourself means being you, without fretting about your perfection percentage. Things that make a first date truly memorable are the mental more than the physical connections.Breathe. Relax. Do feel desperate if your date is not a contender for the Big Time. Appreciate the fact that your date took the time to meet you. If your date is not interesting enough, then it is time to move on.When will love come? Some find love late. Some find love soon. Some find love with the rose in May and some with the nightingale in June, wrote Pakenham Beatty.Dating is the look-see encounter. If the person wins your heart, or vice-versa, then your Valentine's Day will be special. If not, look back at the experience with appreciation and respect. For some love sings, for some love sighs, for some love's lips are dumb, added Pakenham Beatty. /200902/62004

Recession harms fertilityMen's testosterone levels could be harmed by stress caused by the global economic downturn, according to a British doctor.Chronic stress caused by redundancy, financial worries or working longer hours could make levels of the hormone drop, says Richard Petty, the medical director of a top London men's health clinic.Testosterone, the hormone produced by the testicles, triggers the development of male sexual characteristics. It is linked to sexual function, circulation and muscle mass, as well as concentration, mood and memory."When a man becomes grumpy or irritable, it's easy to blame work or simply the effects of aging," says Petty."In the short-term, stress can increase levels of testosterone and this is useful in helping people respond quickly to pressures and new situations."But chronic stress, which is ongoing, is a major factor in the decline of testosterone."Chronic stress occurs all too frequently due to our modern lifestyles, when everything from high-pressured jobs to unemployment keeps the body in a state of perceived threat."Petty advises men to reduce their stress levels as much as possible by resting, eating healthily and exercising. /200902/63331

  Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods, a study has suggested.一项调查显示,三分之二的女性更愿意为男上司工作,因为他们是更好的管理者,而且比较不会情绪化。Many female employees also like having a man in charge because they are "more authoritative" and "more straight-talking" than their female counterparts.许多女雇员也喜欢有一个男主管,因为他们“更权威”,而且比女主管“说话更坦诚”。Women rated men "tougher", "better at delegation" and also more likely to regularly dish out praise.女人对男上司的评价是“更坚强”、“更善于委派”,而且更能够经常性地给予称赞。And men were also hailed as being better decision-makers and having more grasp of the business overall than women do.另外,男人们还被认为是更好的决策者,相对于女人能更好地从整体把握行业情况。It also emerged four out of ten women who have female bosses believe they could do a better job than their immediate superior.那些有女上司的女职员中,百分之四十认为她们能比她们的直接上司干得更好。The study of 2,000 women in full or part-time employment asked whether they would prefer to have a man or woman as their immediate line manager.这项研究调查了2000名全职或兼职女雇员,问题就是她们更愿意自己的部门主管是男性还是女性。Some 63 per cent expressed a male preference, while only 37 per cent opted for a woman.63%的女雇员更希望自己的直接上司是男性,而37%的女雇员选择了女上司。The results also revealed one in six women who currently work under a woman is experiencing "underlying tension" between themselves and their boss.调查结果还显示,目前在为女上司工作的女雇员中,每六个人中有一个人跟上司之间存在“潜在的紧张关系”。A host of reasons emerged for the male preference including a feeling female managers felt threatened by other women at work.男性上司被青睐的众多原因包括女性管理者在工作当中会感觉到来自其他女同事的威胁。A failure to leave personal problems at home was also cited.女上司把个人问题带到工作中也是原因之一。Other issues included a lack of flexibility over leaving early or starting late.其他原因还包括女上司在早退或晚到的问题上缺乏灵活性。But despite the worries, female bosses did score highly on the more personal side of the manager/employee relationship.但是尽管有以上的忧虑,女性上司在管理者和雇员之间的关系中更人性化的方面得分很高。They were revealed as being approachable, more trustworthy and more compassionate in a member of staff's time of need.调查发现她们更加平易近人,更值得信任,而且在员工需要的时候更有同情心。 /200908/81471

  1.Get an Early Start 1.早些洗脸 Make a habit of washing your face a few hours before bed. If you wait until you#39;re tired, you#39;re more likely to blow it off ; allowing ;toxins and dirt to stay on there all night,; says dermatologist Laurie Polis of N.Y.C. Another consequence? You miss the best time to treat your skin. At night there#39;s more blood flow to the skin#39;s surface, and there#39;s nothing else on your face to interfere with absorption. 养成睡觉前几小时就洗脸的好习惯。如果等到困了再洗,很可能将会搞砸了美容大计,会让;毒素和污垢将会残留一整晚;,纽约皮肤科专家劳瑞;波里斯提醒道。此外,你也错过了保养的最佳时间。夜晚的时候,皮肤表层供血充足,是皮肤吸收养分的大好时机。 2. Sleep on Your Back 2. 平躺入睡 Note to Audrey Hepburn fans: Lying on your stomach is bad for ;beauty sleep.; The average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds ; a lot of pressure to be putting on your face every night. In fact, many dermatologists say they can tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles there. 给赫本迷的小贴士: 趴着睡觉可是不会变漂亮的哦。人的头部一般重达7-8磅。趴着睡的话,将对脸部造成巨大的压力。事实上,很多皮肤科专家指出可以从一个人脸上的皱纹量看出其睡觉时脸部的朝向。 3. Get a Lift 3. 枕高来睡 Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows, or put the headrest area of your bed on 2- to 4-inch pieces of wood. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won#39;t accumulate. 睡觉的时候,用两个枕头或是2-4寸的木头将头靠处垫高。一定的重力可以促进淋巴及血液流动,不致阻塞。 4. Save Money, Not Wrinkles 4. 省得了钱却少不了皱纹 At night you don#39;t need to worry about eye treatments smearing your makeup, so slather on the richest formula you can. Polis swears by Aquaphor: ;It conditions lashes and hydrates the delicate eye skin really well.; 晚上的时候就不用担心眼霜把妆弄花了。所以尽可以把最昂贵的眼霜往眼周上抹。波里斯强烈推荐凡士林:;它可以有效滋润睫毛,为眼部肌肤补水。; 5. Sneak a Glow 5. 睡觉也可以拥有古铜肌 Mix a drop of self-tanner into your night cream or use a cream that contains a bit of tan-producing DHA. 在晚霜中加入一滴仿晒乳或者使用含有仿晒DHA 的乳液。 6. Avoid Carb Face 6. 不要包子脸 To wake with defined cheekbones, eat a high-protein, low-sugar dinner (try salmon and asparagus, a natural diuretic). Skip the rice, pasta and potatoes. ;When our diet#39;s high in glycemic carbohydrates, our features take on a soft, doughy appearance,; says Connecticut dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. 想要醒来的时候脸是瘦瘦的?那么晚餐时就要多吃高蛋白,低糖的食物(如鲑鱼和芦笋,芦笋是天然的利尿剂),少吃米饭,面食和土豆。;当饮食中的碳水化合物含量过高,我们就容易变成包子脸。;康涅狄格州皮肤科医生尼古拉斯;派瑞科恩说。 7. Wrap It Up 7. 把头发包起来 To minimize A.M. frizz, sleep on a satin pillowcase or put your hair in a silk scarf. Those fabrics are much softer than cotton, so there#39;s less friction. 早晨起来头发乱糟糟?不希望如此的话,睡觉的时候最好选用锻制的枕套,或是将头发用丝巾包起来。这些材料都要比棉质的来的更软,因此造成的擦比较小。 8. Find Your Inner Ballerina 8. 做芭蕾舞睡美人 Pile hair into a twist on the top of your head (use a scrunchie to avoid crimping). In the morning you#39;ll have major volume and beautiful waves. 睡觉时把头发盘至头顶(使用头花避免卷边)到了早上,你就可以拥有漂亮的大卷了。 9. Turn on the Hair Conditioning 9. 护发素很需要 Sleep with a moisturizing treatment in damp hair overnight. We like Philip B. Katira Hair Masque, but any rich conditioner will do. Rinse in the morning. 把头发弄湿,上好护发素后再上床睡觉。推荐使用Philip B 的中东修复发膜,但是其他滋润的护发素也是可以的。起床后记得洗干净。 /201203/175367。

  Graphic shows that China#39;s GDP change from 2006 to 2011, delivered at the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People#39;s Congress on March 5, 2012.3月5日,十一届全国人大五次会议于开幕,中国国务院总理温家宝作政府工作报告,回顾2011年各项工作进展情况,并提出2012年的主要任务:China#39;s economy expand by 9.2 percent in 2011China#39;s economy expanded by 9.2 percent in 2011 to 47.2 trillion yuan (about US.49 trillion) from a year earlier after it grew 10.4 percent in 2010. China lowered its GDP growth target to 7.5 percent this year after projecting it around 8 percent for seven consecutive years, in face of global turbulence and a pressing domestic demand for economic restructuring.2011年中国经济增速同比增长9.2%2011年中国国内生产总值47.2万亿元,比上年增长9.2%;2010年国内生产总值增长10.4%。为应对复杂多变的国际政治经济环境和艰巨繁重的国内改革发展任务,中国将2012年国内生产总值预期增速定为7.5%,这是国内生产总值预期增长目标八年来首次低于8%。 /201203/173760

  The girl found the go-between and said, "You cheated me! One of his eyes is not true. Why didn't you tell me this before ?"   "I have told you. " said the go-between with justice on his side,"When you met first, I told you that he settled on you with one eye."  姑娘找到媒人,说:“你欺骗了我。他的一只眼是假眼,你以前为什么不告诉我?”   怎么没告诉你?”媒人也不甘示弱,“你们第一回见面后,我就说,他一眼就看中你了。”"Taking all things together on a scale of one to 10, how happy would you say you are?"  “如果把一切因素考虑在内,从1到10划为十个等级,你会为自己的幸福程度打几分?”  With that question and global surveys, the folks at the World Database of Happiness have ranked the nations on a happiness scale.  世界国民幸福水平数据库的工作人员用这个问题在全世界范围进行调查,他们将各个国家根据其国民的幸福水平做出了排名。  The Netherlands is one of the world's rather happy countries, its industrial capital, Rotterdam, is home to the database, housed at Reassume University. Its director, Ruut Veenhoven, has made his life's work researching which nations are home to the happiest citizens.  荷兰就是世界上相当幸福的国家之一,世界国民幸福水平数据库就设在其工业中心鹿特丹的伊拉斯姆斯大学。数据库主管鲁特· 范荷文毕生都在研究哪个国家的人生活得最幸福。  Veenhoven's research shows that Scandinavian nations come out on top, making up five of the 13 happiest nations. Denmark tops the list as a whole——its citizens rank their average happiness as 8.2 on a 10-point scale. Switzerland's citizens closely trail the Danish, each reporting an average happiness level of 8.1, followed by Iceland (7.8).  范荷文的研究显示,北欧国家的人位居幸福前列,在13个最快乐的国家中,北欧就占了5个。丹麦的排名位居榜首——在10分制的评分中,丹麦人平均给自己的幸福水平打了8.2分。瑞士人紧随其后,给自己的幸福水平平均打到8.1分,接下来是冰岛(7.8分)。  Inspired by Veenhoven's rankings, former foreign correspondent for National Public Radio (and self-proclaimed grouch) Eric Weiner embarked on a quest to visit the happiest places on earth. In his book The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World, Weiner immerses himself in the cultural fabric of the world's happiest countries to pinpoint exactly why residents of some countries, like Iceland and Switzerland, are so downright satisfied with their lives.  受到范荷文这个排名的启发,前美国国家公共广播电台驻外通讯记者埃里克?韦纳(他自称是个爱发牢骚的人)决定出发去走访世界上那些最快乐的地方。在他的书《天佑之地:一个牢骚鬼寻找世界上最快乐的地方》中,韦纳每到一个最快乐的国家,都会把自己沉浸在当地的文化中,找出究竟为什么像冰岛和瑞士这类国家的居民会对自己的生活如此心满意足。  The Swiss, Weiner discovered, are efficient and punctual, comparatively wealthy and face hardly any unemployment. Their streets, air and tap water are squeaky clean and chocolate is a national obsession. But Weiner saw no joy in their faces, and reasoned that perhaps it's better to live in this middle range than to vacillate between gleeful moments of elation and gut-wrenching spates of despair. Swiss happiness, he writes, is "more than mere contentment, but less than full-on joy".  韦纳发现,瑞士人做事很有效率、守时,比其他国家的人富裕,几乎不会遭遇失业。他们的街道、空气和自来水都干净得没话说,而且人人都酷爱巧克力。不过韦纳看不出瑞士人有任何喜形于色的表现,他觉得大概这种中庸平静的生活要比大喜大悲、起落无常要好。在他笔下,瑞士人的幸福是“满足却不满溢”。  Because the country is dark and cold, Weiner was initially skeptical about Iceland's ranking as one of the happiest nation in the world. He learned the small nation is quite literally a family; curiously, geneticists have found that all Icelandic citizens are related.  由于冰岛阴暗寒冷,韦纳先前对这个国家是世界上最快乐的国家之一感到很怀疑。他了解到这个小国家实际上是个大家族;奇怪的是,遗传学家们发现所有的冰岛人全都是亲戚。  Certain phrases in the Icelandic language, Weiner writes, are even more telling . When people greet each other, the phrase they use roughly translates to "come happy", and when people part, they utter the equivalent of "go happy". The country is a favorite stamping ground of artists and cultivates a creative spirit; the government supports writers with generous subsidies.  韦纳写道,冰岛语中的一些用语其实更能说明问题。冰岛人互相问候的话可以大致翻译成“高兴地来”,道别的时候他们也用与之相对庆的说法:“高兴地走”。艺术家们偏爱这个国家,也为这里培养出一种富于创造的精神,就连政府也为这里的作家提供丰厚的津贴。  Then just how does the ed States fit into this picture? "Happiness is there for the taking in America," Weiner writes. "You just need the willpower to find it, and enough cash." The surprising fact, though, is that America is not as happy——scoring 7.3 and ranking 17th in the database——as it is wealthy. U.S. residents are three times richer than they were in 1950, but the happiness ratings haven't shifted in the past decade. After Sept. 11, researchers found no significant decrease in measured levels of happiness.  那么美国的情形又是怎样的呢?“在美国,快乐唾手可得,”韦纳写道,“你只要有决心和足够多的钱就行了。”不过,让人惊讶的是,美国人虽然富有,实际上却并不那么快乐——他们给自己的幸福水平只打了7.3分,在数据库的排名中居第17位。美国人现在比1950年富裕了3倍,但在过去的十年中,他们的幸福指数却没有改变。在“9?11”事件以后,研究人员发现美国人的幸福水平也没有明显下降。  "Americans work longer hours and commute greater distances than virtually any other people in the world,“ Weiner writes, but "they remain profoundly optimistic." Two-thirds of Americans say they are hopeful about the future.  “美国人事实上比世界上任何其他国家的人都工作更长时间,花费在上下班途中的时间也更多,”韦纳写道,不过,“他们仍然由衷地感到乐观。”三分之二的美国人说他们对未来充满希望。  It's comforting, though, that most people in the world report being satisfied with their lives. "Virtually every country in the world scores somewhere between five and eight on a 10-point scale," Weiner writes. "There are a few exceptions ." So while, admittedly, those Scandinavians have it pretty good, the rest of us aren't too far behind. And that's something to be happy about.  而让人欣慰的是,世界上绝大多数的人都表示对自己的生活满意。“在10分制的评分系统中,世界上所有国家的人实际上打分都在5到8分之间,”韦纳写道,“只有很少数的例外。”所以,虽然无可否认的是那些北欧人生活得很好,但我们其他人过得也不错,光是这样就让人挺开心的。 /200812/58461

  读懂美国人的幽默(一) 有时候你听美国人讲笑话,你字字句句都听得懂,但是就是不知道为什么好笑。其原因是你并不了解笑话背后所蕴藏的文化背景及美国人对某些人、某些事的看法。就像如果你听到一个关于比尔盖茨或是克林顿的笑话,如果你不知道比尔盖茨是个富得流油的人,而克林顿是个特别喜欢沾花惹草的人,那么你就不可能真正听懂那些关于他们的笑话,或是觉得那些笑话好笑在哪里。 今天我想通过一些美国人的简短的小笑话来给大家讲讲大家平常听不到的美国文化。其实与其说是“美国文化”, 不如说是“美国人的偏见”。在英语里美国人管“戴着有色眼睛看人”中的那个“有色眼镜”叫做“stereotype (偏见、成见)”.在中国,我们也存在如此的成见。比如,我们通常会觉得上海人“精明”、北京人“能侃”、广东人“有生意头脑”,或是江南的女孩子长得水灵、等等。有的成见是好的,有的成见是存在歧视或是恶意的。有的成见有真实成分,而有的成见纯属子虚乌有。我今天要给大家讲的就是这个美国人的 “成见”。我的目的是让大家通过了解美国文化背景,能够理解美国人的幽默,自己懂就好了,不要再发明创造,也来编些笑话,搞不好,会很得罪人的,而且让别人觉得你这个人思想怎么这么狭隘,戴有色眼睛看人。 咱们先说这个:有关亚洲人和墨西哥人(在美华人喜欢称墨西哥人为 “老墨”)的笑话 问: How do you know when Asians are moving into your neighborhood? (你怎么知道亚洲人都搬到了你们的社区)答: When the Mexicans start getting car insurance.(当墨西哥人都开始上车辆保险)。你得知道两个文化点才能读懂这则笑话。1. 亚洲人在美国人眼中是 bad driver (驾驶技术很糟糕的司机)。2.墨西哥人比较穷,能不买保险就不买保险。所以这个笑话想表达的意思就是亚洲人开车技术差到连墨西哥人都要上汽车保险了。 为了改变美国人对亚洲人这个印象,我秧秧从自己做起,争取每次开车都给别人让道,在街上特别有礼貌。美国人除了觉得亚洲人开车糟糕,还觉得女人是bad driver,不知道在中国有没有这种讲法。因此作为一个亚洲女人,我就成了“worst of the worst (差中之差)了”。至于对这个墨西哥人的说法,就很有歧视和不友好意味了。在美国,的确有很多来自墨西哥的移民,而且有很大部分是非法移民。他们干的工作通常都是美国人自己不愿干的活,有脏又累,而且因为没有合法的身份而拿到很少的钱。所以,他们的生活水平不是很高。此外,由非法移民问题滋生出来的犯罪问题也是非常令美国政府头痛的。于是我们又有了下面这个算不上笑话的笑话: 问: Theres 3 mexicans in a car who's driving? (有三个墨西哥人在车里,谁在开车?)答: A COP。 (警察)大家不要再把这个笑话讲给别人听了,因为这样的笑话不仅没有那么好笑,而且非常伤人,尤其是如果听者是个拉丁美洲裔美国人。但是大家知道背后的含义,以后如果听到类似的讲法或是笑话,你就能明白了。 我还想给大家讲一些其他的关于美国人对亚洲人的印象。以下这个List所列的观点一般都是从美国主流媒体中提炼出来的。1.数学好。亚洲人数学好是出了名的。有些美国华裔在讲笑话时,就会自我取笑说,他上中学的时候,全年级就他一个亚洲人,但是他却是唯一数学不及格的。那种口气简直就像是太阳从西边出来了一样。 2.重视教育。在美国的亚裔家长和中国国内的没什么区别,也是把孩子的童年剥夺得一干二净。美国自从在某些大学实施起“affirmative action (反歧视行动,就是给出名额专门录取女性及少数民族等通常遭受不公待遇者)之后,亚洲人和白人一样就是首当其冲的受害者。你会想,亚洲人不是少数族裔吗?那么不是应该受到优待,被给予更多的名额上的关照吗? 错!因为大部分亚裔的在校成绩都特别好,所以在政策出台前,美国大学里,尤其是名校都已经充斥了亚裔,所以亚洲人与白人一样,不属于少数民族,不需要被保护。看来成绩太好也是祸啊!3.一般都会演奏某种或者不止一种乐器。 4.喜欢唱卡拉OK。5. 亚裔男生的形象比较nerdy。 (聪明绝顶--学业出色,人际交往能力不强,不太喜欢社交)。此外,在美国媒体眼中,亚裔男生喜欢与电脑相关的事物或是喜欢电脑游戏或是卡通漫画。 6. 在美国土生土长的亚裔女孩比较物质。来自亚洲国家的女孩子的风格都以可爱型为主。(所谓的日韩风,喜欢类似 Hello Kitty的小玩意儿)。7. 亚洲人对武术 (martial arts)都挺有研究。 亚洲人一直在美国被人称为是“model minority (模范少数族裔)。大部分关于亚裔美国人的stereotype都是积极、正面的。尽管如此,很多亚裔美国人仍然提出了“消除种族偏见”的说法。因为背上了那么重的荣誉,有时候在现实生活中是难以承受的。因为别人在了解你之前,先用那些偏见来定义了你,然后再去用stereotype去对你高标准、严要求。于是这种积极正面的“成见”就变成了一种负担,一种障碍。 /200909/83335Leather Jacket 皮夹克It's time to pull a Nicole Richie and fly the bomber into new territory: cocktail hour. Paired with a satin dress and heels, and accented with dark tights and mixed metals, it's the perfect hard-soft combo.是时候学一下Nicole Richie了,开上轰炸机去开拓新的领地,尽情地享受鸡尾酒时间。穿上短文裙子,踩上高跟鞋,当然必不可少一条黑色紧身裤,再加上一些金属配饰。这是完美的搭配,既温柔又不失钢硬。Faux leather jacket, DKNY Jeans, ; at dknyjeans.com. Faux的皮夹克加上唐可娜儿的牛仔裤,共98美元,dknyjeans.com /201008/112553


  When Jack bowed to someone, he always did it at lightening speed. You shouldn't wait any longer after he has had his head nod. So he was blamed for no manners. Then some warmhearted men taught him, "When you bow to somebody next time, you can count 'January, February, March. until December. Then you can lift your body up. Thus, the ceremony will be perfect.   The next day, he met his uncle, he did as the men told him. The bow was so long that it made his uncle feel surprised and escaped away soon . When Jack looked up, he found his uncle gone . So he asked the passer, "Which month did he go away?"  杰克给人鞠躬,飞快地一点头,就算完了。大家都怪他不懂礼貌。于是便有好心的人教他说,“下次鞠躬的时候,你就在心里数:正月、二月、……一直数到十二月为止,然后再直起身来。这样,礼节就周全了。”   第二天,杰克见到他的叔叔,他便如法炮制。这躬鞠得太久,叔叔吃了一惊,赶紧逃开了。杰克抬头一看,其叔早已不知去向,他便问过路人:“我叔叔是几月走的?” /201108/150268。

  I recently came up with a to do list before going to heaven (or elsewhere if I am not so lucky) and that involves saying goodbye to certain people and getting rid of loose ends. No, I am not contemplating death or planning to die. You see it doesn't take planning in order to think ahead; I am just concerned about what if it were to happen and I had left things up in the air.1. If I were to go earlier than later, I would just as well make sure that any material belongings would be divided among family and friends. It sounds vain but I could not bear thinking of leaving an apartment full of odd pieces of furniture, computers, books and artwork without them being destined for someone else. I could wonder how those items would be appreciated but should that be my concern when we all have different tastes? The best thing is to donate these material goods to the best possible recipient.2. I could wonder too how long my spirit would linger around watching my material world dissipate after I had been stripped of any earthly attachment. I would also wonder if I would one of those confused souls unsure of where to go without a body to inhabit. How strange.3. I would probably open up to all my friends and family, not that it ever mattered while I was alive but at least let them admire me for being honest about myself even though it was at the last moment. Then again I don't think there are any secrets to mention from someone who has been a loner for a good part of his life and liked his own company.4. I would want to pay back any debts if there were some and apologize to anyone that I had forgotten along the way.5. An autobiography has not occurred to me yet but it might turn out as an interesting book. Even though others might also debunk it.6. How about a going away party. There are going away parties for people going into the service and never coming home. Wouldn't being at the end of my life be like going into some ethereal service? After all I must have been around for some reason7. I would visit places that I hadn't seen so far. Obviously I would have to be in good enough health to at least get to the foothills of the Himalayas!8. I would open up a death parlor, something that the dying would love to pamper themselves before taking off like a special comforter they might like to be draped in. Naturally my kin will have to be in on this since I would not be around to snicker at some purchase choices!9. I would do some outlandish things, nothing to risk my life of course but just something that may get some people to think.10. I would empty my bank account and spend whatever I could. There is no point in donating further funds to companies that have been deviously charging me my whole life. 最近,我想列出一个在去天堂(要是我没那么幸福的话或许是别的地方)之前的待办事项,包括跟某些人道别,还有要处理好那些没办好的事情。不,我不是想要去死,也不是在为死亡做计划。要知道想提前去死也用不着做计划。我只是考虑如果死亡真的发生而我还有事情悬而未决该怎么办。如果我要提前而不是延后去天堂,那么幸亏我确定好我所有的财产分配给我的家人和朋友了。听起来像是徒劳无功,但我实在不忍去想像一座公寓,里面摆放着各种新奇的家具、电脑、书籍还有艺术品,而所有这些东西都无人认领。我会想这些东西是多么有帮助啊,但如果我们的喜好不同时,还与我有关吗?最好的办法就是把这些东西都捐给最适合的人。我会想在我被脱去了对尘世的依附之后,注视着我的财产被分散出去,我的灵魂会徘徊多久。我也会想如果我就是那些迷失的灵魂中的一员,不知道该去哪,也找不到可以居住的躯体,多么不可思议啊!我可能会向我的朋友和家人们敞开心扉,并非是因为我还活着,而是至少让他们羡慕我对自己的诚实,尽管这是在生命的最后一刻。我不会一再地认为,一个曾经生命的大部分时间都感到孤独并喜欢独处的人会说出他的任何秘密。如果我有债务的话,我会想把它们还完,要是我无意间忘记了所欠的债,我还会道歉。我还没有写我的自传,这肯定会是一本很令人关注的书,尽管其他人或许会揭露真相。举办一个送别会怎么样?人们经常会为那些去役后就再没有回家的人举办送别会。在我生命的最后一刻不就像是去天堂役吗?毕竟我曾经在某些方面还是做出了很多成绩的。我会去参观目前为止我还没去过的地方。显然我必须得保持足够的健康,至少也要能登到喜马拉雅山的山峰上。我会开一家死之商店,那些垂死的人们在离开之前会希望尽力满足自己,他们也许非常想披上一件特别的羊毛围巾,或类似的东西。当然,我的同命人们会光顾这里,因为我决不会在他们选购时,偷偷地讥笑他们的选择。我会做一些古怪的事情,当然不是去拿我的性命来冒险,而仅仅是去做一些能引发人们思考的事情。我会把我帐户里的钱都取出来然后尽力把它们都花光。把未来的资金捐给那些在我整个人生中一直在间接地向我索取的公司,这么做是毫无意义的。 /200808/46212

  When I first started covering the very rich, a wealth manager gave me this piece of advice: ;The very rich are like the unemployed, except they don#39;t have the edifying focus of trying to find a job.; 在我刚开始报道超级富翁时,一名财富管理师给了我这样一条建议:除了不急着找工作外,那些超级富翁和失业者没什么两样。 In his new e-book, ;Rich Man Poor Man,; the right-leaning comedian Adam Carolla takes the idea even further, making a case that the rich and poor have many things in common. Everett Collection右翼人士 喜剧演员卡罗拉(Adam Carolla)在他的新电子书《富人与穷人》(Rich Man Poor Man)中将这一观点作了进一步阐述,认为富人和穷人在很多方面有着相似之处。 Of course, many will find Carolla#39;s analogies between rich and poor highly offensive. Some are also a stretch (both rich and poor ;use ladders with wheels,; ;wear eye patches,; ;keep liquor in a sack; and ;use shovels on construction sites.;) 当然,很多人会觉得卡罗拉对富人和穷人的类比非常无礼。其中一些还有点夸张,比如富人和穷人都“使用带滑轮的梯子” “戴眼罩” “把酒装入袋子里”以及“在建筑工地上使用铲子”。 And Carolla is perhaps best known for calling the Occupiers ;a bunch of (expletive) self-entitled monsters.; He has been a strong supporter of the wealthy in the current class divide. 卡罗拉最有名的一个举动可能是把占领运动的抗议者称作“一群恶魔”。在目前的阶层分化中,卡罗拉一直是富人的鼎力持者。 But he#39;s a comedian folks. So here are 7 amusing examples from the e-book: 但他也是一名喜剧演员,他的电子书写得还是蛮有趣的,接下来就是他电子书中的七个有趣例子: 1 Outdoor Showers. Rich Guys Ladies always rinse off in the outdoor shower so ;there#39;s no chance of his wife finding a rogue hair on the shower floor when she gets back from rehab.; Poor guys have no shower, so they use the neighbor#39;s hose. 1 户外淋浴。有钱人总在户外淋浴中把自己冲洗干净,这样,他从康复中心回来的妻子永远都没法在浴室地板上发现他胡作非为留下的发丝。穷人因为没有淋浴设施,所以只能使用邻居家的水管。 2 No Wallet. Rich guys carry money clips and the poor just carry around crinkled dollar bills. 2 不带钱包。有钱人用钱夹,穷人则揣着几张皱巴巴的纸币。 3 Spends the Day in Pajamas. 3 白天穿着睡衣。 4 They Row. Rich guys crew, poor guys row to find food. 4 他们都划船。有钱人参加赛艇运动,穷人划船则是为了填饱肚子。 5 Always With Their Dogs. Socialites carry their mini-breeds, while the poor have to keep their canine friends tied to a shopping cart. 5 和形影不离。社会精英抱着他们的袖珍小,穷人则把拴在购物车上。 6 Spend Evenings in Front of a Roaring Fire. 6 在熊熊炉火旁度过他们的傍晚时光。 7 Spend Thanksgiving in a Soup Kitchen. The rich serve and the poor eat. 7 在施粥所过感恩节。有钱人发放食物,穷人吃。 What are some other ways the rich are like the poor? 富人和穷人还有其他什么相似的地方吗? /201206/185407

  1.A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.每个女孩都该做到两点:有品位且光芒四射。 /201109/152722

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