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黑龙江省中医大附属第二医院贵不贵哈尔滨九州医院网上预约Back in the 1990s when I was in my early teens, I was sent to the school office at Hoda Girls Middle School for being found in possession of a Michael Jackson tape.早在90年代当我还处在少年时,我被送到HODA女中的校办因为我被发现持有迈克尔杰克逊的录像带。The school counselor forced to deal with me pulled her headscarf forward and glanced warily at the tape on her desk. ;Do you know this singer? Does anybody know whether he is a man or a woman?; she asked, not waiting for an answer before continuing, ;they live like animals. They only want to satisfy their sexual urges. It makes no difference whether they sleep next to a man or a woman. They don#39;t care if they have babies from dogs or…;辅导员被迫向前扯下她的头巾来对付我,且谨慎地扫视了她桌上的录像带。“你知道这个歌手吗?有人知道他是男还是女吗?”她问道。没有等待再继续,“他们活的像个动物。他们只想满足他们的性冲动。他们是否睡在男人或女人旁都没有差别。如果他们的孩子来自于或是什么…他们也不会关心”She lowered her voice and asked me: ;Did you know that this very same singer or dancer or whatever you want to call him has relations with animals?; She pronounced the sentence as though she knew every detail of Michael Jackson#39;s relations with animals. It was the first time that I had ever heard about bestiality, something that according to my counselor was very common in the West.她降低了她的嗓音问我:“你知道这个歌手或舞者或无论什么你想称呼他的人与动物有交往吗?”她断然的宣判好像她知道迈克尔杰克逊和动物有交往的每个细节一样。这是我第一次听说兽交,在我辅导员看来某事在西方特别的寻常。I thought back to that moment in the school office when I statements this week by Mehdi Bayati, the cleric who directs Iran#39;s Strategic Center for Chastity and Modesty. Back when I was in middle school, both my religion teacher and that school counsellor dedicated long hours to how Western men and women have lost their taste for one another, how they are emotionally broken and have turned to animals to satisfy their desires. All this was meant to encourage young students to observe the Islamic hejab, instilling fears in what would become of a society in which women were not sufficiently chaste.当我读到这周Mehdi Bayati,一个指导伊朗的贞洁和谦逊的战略中心的牧师的报告时我回想起了在校办的那个时刻。在我念中学时,我的宗教老师和辅导员都长时间的专注于西方的男女是怎么失去对彼此的审美的,情感是怎么破裂的和怎么满足自己的欲望转向于动物的。所有的这一切是为了鼓励年轻的学生去观察穆斯林的面纱,逐渐灌输去恐惧一个女人不够纯洁的社会。Without hejab, deviance creeps in没有着装规定,越轨行为便蔓延开来(hejab:1.伊朗的着装规范,伊朗法律规定,女性在公共场合必须戴头巾(头发与脖颈不能外露),穿过臀的衣,如果穿裙子,则需至脚背。男性在公共场合则不能穿无袖衣或短裤2.也可指女性佩戴的头巾,面纱)Mehdi Bayati has been putting forward the same argument as my middle school teachers. ;The growth of feminism in the West and the fact the 60 percent of Western women prefer to sleep with dogs rather than men is the result of the absence of hejab and the diminished threshold of women#39;s sexual arousal,; he told the Resa News Agency, run by the Qom seminary.Mehdi Bayati一直在谈的的论点和我的初中老师们不谋而合。“西方女权运动的发展以及西方有60%的女性更愿意和动物睡觉而不是男人这个事实,正是西方着装规定的缺失和女性的性意识觉醒的门槛降低的后果。”他告诉库姆(伊朗西北部城市)神学院旗下的新闻通讯社。He did not specify the source of this figure, but referred to the provocative nature of women#39;s hair. ;It is said that the Prophet Mohammad stated that women#39;s hair sexually arouses men,; he said, conceded that ;perhaps modern science has not proven this; but ;it was said by somebody who only speaks the truth.;他没有具体说明数据的来源,然后他又提到了女性头发的撩拨人的天性。他说:“据说先知穆罕默德曾说过,女人头发性感地撩拨着男人”,尽管他承认“现代的科技可能无法明这种说法”,但(他同时又说道)“这是一位只说真理的人说的。”Invoking one of the less frequently discussed rationales for imposed dress codes, Bayati also said that ;the absence of hejab lowers the libido of men and this would not benefit women.;引用了一个争论较少的强制着装规范的根本原因(先知穆罕默德的话)之后,Bayati又说:“不戴头巾降低了男人的性欲而这对女性是不利的”Iranian clerics have long promoted Islamic hejab by arguing about sexual corruption or deviance in the West, but one of the strangest comments came earlier this year from the cleric Mohammad-Mehdi Mandegary, a member of ultra-conservative Endurance Front and the head of an organization called Foundation for Promoting the Way of the Martyrs.伊朗的教士长期以来一直通过对西方的性堕落或者说性越轨行为的抨击进而来提倡伊斯兰教的着装规范,其中最奇怪的说法之一是今年早些时候由Mohammad-Mehdi Mandegary提出的,他是极端保守忍耐阵线的一员,同时也是“发扬殉道者之路基金会”的领导者。Western satellite television can even pollute an embryo卫星电视甚至可以污染胎儿He declared that relations between Western women are sexually promiscuous in a manner not even found in the natural world. ;In the West when one woman has relations with several men, they take pride in it,” he said. “But animals are different and a female of the species does not have relations with several males at the same time.;他宣称西方女性的性生活的淫乱程度在动物界中甚至都找不到。“在西方,如果一个女人跟几个男性保持性关系,她们会引以为傲”他说到,“但是动物却不一样,雌性动物不会同时跟几个雄性保持性关系。”Mandegary, like many hardliners, believes Iranian culture has become too Westernized and distant from true Islamic culture. In a speech he asked Iranian men and women to abstain from sex after watching satellite TV so that the embryo would not be polluted by the banality. “Unfortunately some people are not careful about the moment of conception,” he said in warning. ;They do it after watching satellite TV and listening to inappropriate music. But all this affects the embryo.;跟许多强硬派一样, Mandegary认为伊朗文化已经被过分西化并且远离了真正的伊斯兰文化。在一次演讲中,他呼吁伊朗的男女在看完卫星电视之后不要发生关系,这样就可以使胎儿免于腐朽事物的污染。“不幸的是有一些人并不重视受的那一刻,”他警告说,“他们在看完卫星电视之后做爱并且听一些不合适的音乐。但是这些都会影响胎儿。”Even leggings have been pulled into the fray. Recently tight leg apparel has become the focus of controversy among Islamic Republic officials, and were even brought to the floor of parliament by the Tehran MP Ali Motahari. In an open session he displayed pictures of women in leggings and argued in remarks broadcast on television that ;sexual deviations, homosexuality and bestiality are results of unbridled behavior and the trampling of morality, which hejab would prevent.;甚至连打底裤都被牵连进了这场争论。最近紧身装已经成为伊朗官员们争论的焦点,并且还被德黑兰议员Ali Motahari展示给了伊朗议会的所有与会者,在一次公开的会议中,他展示了一些穿打底裤的女性的照片,并且在电视直播中争辩道:“性变态,同性恋以及人兽性交都是放纵行为以及践踏道德的后果,而头巾可以防止这些”Americans even kiss differently美国人甚至连亲吻都很奇特Another bizarre comment comes from Mohsen Gharaati, a cleric who is the representative of the Supreme Leader at the Literacy Campaign and a frequent TV personality. In a speech he declared that ;Westerners have been cheated when it comes to sex.; He then compared a kiss between an American boy and girl with the kisses that he used to get from his grandmother.另一种奇怪的言论来自Mohsen Gharaati,文化运动中最高领袖的代表同时也是一位经常上电视的电视名人。再一次演讲中他说道:“在涉及到性的方面时,西方人被愚弄了。”他接着把美国男孩女孩之间的接吻同他的祖母经常对他的亲吻做了比较。;When I was in America, I saw boys and girls who were kissing each other but it was as though they were kissing a brick wall,; he said. ;The kisses were not solid because perhaps this was the 96th person they were kissing that day. But when our grandmother kissed us it felt like she was sucking us in.; When the audience laughed he added that ;they think freedom would benefit them but they were cheated.;“当我在美国时,我发现男孩女孩在接吻的时候像是在亲吻墙壁一样,”他说,“这种接吻并不固定,因为很有可能对方是自己今天接吻的第九十六个人。但是当我们祖母亲吻我门的时候,他好像要把我们吞下去似的。”当听众笑的时候他又补充说道“他们认为自由会使他们受益,但是他们被欺骗了。”I turned to Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari, a reformist cleric who spent three years in prison for his political positions, to help me understand the religious or social context for such views. ;These words astonish me as much as they amaze you,; he said. ;I ask myself whether these gentleman are delusional or have been given wrong information. But I cannot find a clear answer for such nonsense.;Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari,一位主张改革的教士并且曾因他的政治主张而入狱三年,我向他请教,帮我找到这种观点的宗教或者社会方面的背景。“这些话不仅使你,也同样使我十分惊讶,”他说,“我不知道他们是在欺骗大众或者是得到的消息有误。但是对于这些胡言乱语我(无论从社会方面还是宗教方面都)找不到一个合理的解释”A sensible cleric#39;s view一位理智的教士的观点Eshkevari noted that such views have a long history, and cited Abolhassan Banisadr, the first president of the Islamic Republic, who returned from Paris and justified imposed hejab by saying that #39;women#39;s hair radiates a spark that arouses men.#39;Eshkevari注意到,这类观点在很早以前就有了,并且举出一个例子——伊朗首任总统Abolhassan Banisadr,他从巴黎回国之后说:“女性的头发散发着一种刺激男性性欲的气质”通过这来明强制要求佩戴头巾是正确的。Banisadr, according to Eshkevari, also interpreted a Koranic verse to mean that some women aroused when beaten. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi interpreted the same verse in the same way about seven years ago, Eshkevari says, concluding that physical harm arouses some women. ;If an Islamic thinker and a Western-educated man such as Banisadr resorts to everything to justify himself, what do you expect from Ayatollah Shirazi?; Eshkevari said.据Eshkevari说,Banisadr还把《古兰经》中的一个章节诠释为“当女性被打时,她们的性欲会被激起”,“伊朗伊斯兰教什叶派领袖Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi在七年前也用相同的方法解释了同一章节,” Eshkevari说,“并且得出结论:人身伤害会激起一些女性的性欲。”“如果一个伊斯兰教的思想家,并且接受过西方的教育,像是Banisadr,都不择手段地来明自己是正确的,那么对于Ayatollah Shirazi还能有什么期待呢?”他说道。But it is not only clerics and Islamic ideologues who use offensive words and images to describe the sexual life of Westerners. Last winter the commander of the Basij paramilitary force General Naghdi used this theme to criticize nuclear negotiations with the Americans. “Thirty-five percent of babies who are born in America are bastards,” he said, without citing a source for his statistics.但是不只是教士和伊斯兰教理论家使用攻击性的语言或者比喻来描述西方人的性生活。去年冬天,准军事力量组织Basji(伊斯兰武装力量动员队)的指挥官Naghdi将军就曾就这个方面来批评伊朗与美国进行的核谈判。“在美国出生的婴儿有35%都是私生子,”他说道,但并没有指出数据的来源。All manner of Godlessness in the West西方的所有不敬神的行为A few months later Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a member of Iran#39;s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, went even further in a speech about human rights. ;In Western societies 75 percent of children do not know their fathers and are raised by their mothers,; he told his audience. Defending death by stoning he asked ;Why do Western countries consider this punishment against human rights?; He answered his own question by saying that ;there are no sexual complexes in Islam because in Islam marriage makes faith complete whereas in Christianity marriage is not a godly affair.;几个月之后,伊朗文化革命最高委员会成员之一Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi进行了一次更深层次的关于人权的演讲,他告诉听众:“在西方社会,有75%的孩子是完全由母亲抚养长大的,他们不知道自己的父亲是谁。”为了给石刑(注:一种钝击致死的死刑执行方式,即埋入沙土用乱石砸死)辩护,他问道:“为什么西方国家认为这种刑罚违背了人权?”他自问自答的说道:“伊朗没有混乱的性关系是因为在伊朗,婚姻给人以彻底的信念(生活下去),而基督教的婚姻却不是一件神圣的事情。”Last month Hassan Abbasi, the head of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and a theoretician in the office of Supreme Leader, claimed that the ;Western human rights approves of incest. Incest is very rare in animals but the Western man has debased himself so much that he supports incest as a human right.;上个月,伊斯兰革命卫队的宗教战略所的带头人、最高领袖办公室的专家组成员之一Hassan Abbasi讲到:“西方所谓的人权提倡乱伦,而乱伦即使在动物界中也很少见,但西方人却自取其辱的把乱伦也认为是人的一种权利。”;In America 100 percent of men have free sexual relations after marriage,; he said in another speech, which was aired on TV. ;While in Iran perhaps two men out of ten thousand might marry a second wife. Listen to them shout about equality between men and women.;“在美国,每个男人在婚后都会依旧保持自由的性生活”他在另一个电视上公开的演讲上说到,“然而在伊朗,一万个男人中可能最多有两个人会娶第二个妻子。听听,(这就是)他们叫嚷着的男女平等!”Abbasi then referred to Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian-American astronaut and the first Iranian woman in space. ;The basis of the Shi#39;a thought is chastity and the West uses women to destroy Shi#39;ism. Why did they send this woman Anousheh Ansari into space with a few men? They want to kill chastity. This is the main plank of feminism and feminism is the foundation of American lifestyle.;Abbasi接下来又提到了Anousheh Ansari,一个伊朗裔美籍女宇航员并且是第一个进入太空的伊朗女性。“什叶派的基本思想就是(保持)贞洁,而西方却通过女人来破坏什叶派的教义。他们为什么会把Anousheh Ansari这个女人和几个男性宇航员一块送入太空?他们想消灭贞洁。这也是女权运动的基本纲领并且女权主义又是美国生活方式的基础”Reading and researching such statements, I wonder how widely held such attitudes still are today, among mainstream Iranians. On a whim I went on Facebook and searched for my old school counselor, who in her profile picture still wears hejab but not as strictly as in those days.阅读并且研究这些说法之后,我在想,当今伊朗人的主流社会中人有多大范围的人持有这种观点。由于一时的性质,我到脸谱网上搜索了一下以前我们学校的辅导员,在她的一张侧面的相片中她仍然戴着头巾,但并没有以前那么严格了。I noticed a picture of her daughter, who was our classmate, and out of curiosity visited her page. She was not wearing hejab but more surprising that that, is married to an Englishman. I was reminded of what her mother, the school counselor, told us so many years ago: ;Ninety percent of Westerners have sexual problems. They are not aroused and most of them have relations with animals.;我注意到她女儿的一张相片,我跟她女儿是同学,由于好奇我访问了她的主页。我发现她并没有戴头巾,并且更使人惊讶的是她跟一个英国男人结婚了。这是我想起了她的母亲,我们学校的辅导员,曾经告诉我们说:“90%的西方人都有性方面的问题。他们很难被激起性欲并且他们大多数都跟动物发生关系” /201501/354104哈尔滨211医院医院 1.Banter轻松说笑2.Blowing a kiss飞吻3.Casual touches; such as a woman gently touching a man#39;s arm during conversation不经意的身体接触;例如女士在交谈过程中轻轻碰下男士的胳膊4.Coyness, affectedly shy or modest, marked by cute, coquettish, or artful playfulness (e.g. pickup lines)。害羞,端庄而有节制,通常看起来很可爱,羞涩或巧妙的嬉戏玩耍(例如花言巧语)5.Eye contact, batting eyelashes, staring, winking, eyebrow raising etc。眉目传情,眨眼睛,盯着看,眨眼示意递眼色,挑眉毛6.Flattery (regarding beauty, sexual attractiveness)恭维(通常指恭维女性漂亮,性感有魅力)7.Footsie, a form of flirtation in which people use their feet to play with each other#39;s feet。碰脚调情,一种通过偷偷碰脚来挑逗,暗中勾搭的调情手段8.Giggling, or laughing encouragingly at any slight hint of intimacy in the other#39;s behavior发现对方轻微的亲密行为暗示后放声咯咯大笑9.Imitating of behaviors (e.g. taking a drink when the other person takes a drink, changing posture as the other does, etc。)模仿对方行为(例如:对方举杯自己也马上举杯,对方换姿势,自己马上模仿对方的动作换姿势)10.Singing specially selected love songs in presence of the person。在对象面前唱精选情歌11.Maintaining very short distance during casual talking。随意交流时保持近距离12.Online chat, texting, and other one-on-one and direct messaging services while hinting affection暗示情感时:在线聊天,发短信或其它一对一的直接信息交流13.Protean signals, such as touching one#39;s hair各种暗示,如摸对方头发14.Sending notes, poems, or small gifts写情书,情诗示爱,送小礼物15.Smiling suggestively有暗示的微笑16.Staging of ;chance; encounters假装巧遇17.Teasing戏弄18.Tickling逗乐子 /201503/3632433.Newspapers3.报刊雏形The Romans were known to contribute to public discourse through the use of official texts detailing military, legal and civil issues. Known as Acta Diurna, or ;daily acts,; these early newspapers were written on metal or stone and then posted in heavily trafficked areas like the Roman Forum. Acta are believed to have first appeared around 131 B.C. and typically included details of Roman military victories, lists of games and gladiatorial bouts, birth and death notices and even human interest stories. There was also an Acta Senatus, which detailed the proceedings of the Roman senate. These were traditionally withheld from public view until 59 B.C., when Julius Caesar ordered their publication as part of the many populist reforms he instituted during his first consulship.古罗马会发布《罗马公报》(或称《每日纪闻》),里面会涉及到处理军事、法律和民事的问题,让民众通过文章了解这些事项的结果;这些内容,会写在金属或刻在石头上,放在诸如古罗马广场这样的闹市区,供民众浏览,这便是报纸雏形。据考,《罗马公报》最早出现于公元前131年,设及内容相当广泛,包括罗马军事捷报、比赛事项、格斗回合场次、出生喜讯和讣告等,甚至还会写些民众喜欢的故事。此外还有《元老院记事录》,用来记录罗马元老院会议的讨论和决议,虽然也算报纸雏形,但其内容保密,禁止公诸于众。直到公元前59年,古罗马执政官尤列乌斯·凯撒(Julius Caesar)在第一任期内实行民主改革,下令公布元老院及公民大会的议事记录,这些内容才得以流传开来。2.Concrete2.混凝土Many ancient Roman structures like the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum are still standing today thanks to the development of Roman cement and concrete. The Romans first began building with concrete over 2,100 years ago and used it throughout the Mediterranean basin in everything from aqueducts and buildings to bridges and monuments. Roman concrete was considerably weaker than its modern counterpart, but it has proved remarkably durable thanks to its unique recipe, which used slaked lime and a volcanic ash known as pozzolana to create a sticky paste. Combined with volcanic rocks called tuff, this ancient cement formed a concrete that could effectively endure chemical decay. Pozzolana helped Roman concrete set quickly even when submerged in seawater, enabling the construction of elaborate baths, piers and harbors.罗马混凝土的出现使得许多古罗马建筑,诸如万神庙、斗兽场、古罗马广场屹立至今。罗马人首次利用混凝土建造房屋大约源于2100年前,那时,混凝土被广泛应用于地中海地区所有的建筑中,包括引水渠、桥梁以及纪念碑等等。罗马混凝土在强度上远不如现代混凝土,但罗马混凝土独特的成分使其更加持久耐用。罗马混凝土是罗马人利用熟石灰和一种在维苏威火山地区发现的粉尘物(Pozzolana)与水混合制成的具有高粘性的糊状物。加入了火山凝灰岩的罗马混凝土具有超强的抗化学腐蚀性,而维苏威火山地区的粉尘物(Pozzolana)使得罗马混凝土即使在海水中也能够迅速凝结硬化,得益于此,罗马人精心建造了浴场、码头和港口。1.Aqueducts1.引水渠The Romans enjoyed many amenities for their day, including public toilets, underground sewage systems, fountains and ornate public baths. None of these aquatic innovations would have been possible without the Roman aqueduct. First developed around 312 B.C., these engineering marvels used gravity to transport water along stone, lead and concrete pipelines and into city centers. Aqueducts liberated Roman cities from a reliance on nearby water supplies and proved priceless in promoting public health and sanitation. While the Romans did not invent the aqueduct—primitive canals for irrigation and water transport existed earlier in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon—they used their mastery of civil engineering to perfect the process. Hundreds of aqueducts eventually sprang up throughout the empire, some of which transported water as far as 60 miles. Perhaps most impressive of all, Roman aqueducts were so well built that some are still in use to this day. Rome#39;s famous Trevi Fountain, for instance, is supplied by a restored version of the Aqua Virgo, one of ancient Rome#39;s 11 aqueducts.古罗马拥有大量的公共设施,诸如公厕、地下排污系统,喷泉和公共浴池等等,大大方便了罗马人的生活。但是如果没有罗马引水渠的发明,一切与水有关的创新设施都将无法实现。第一条引水渠建造于公元前312年,在重力作用下,以石管、铅管和陶管作为输水管道把水引入城区。引水渠解决了罗马城的用水问题,对城市公共健康和卫生设施的发展也发挥了极其重要的作用。在引水渠出现之前,埃及、巴比伦和亚述人用原始运河引水灌溉,而罗马人则利用土木工程技术对运河进行改进,从而发明了引水渠。罗马帝国时期,数百条引水渠遍布整个帝国,其中一些水渠甚至长达60英里。水渠的伟大之处在于其历经千年岿然不动,时至今日,部分水渠仍在发挥作用,令人叹为观止。罗马著名的特莱维喷泉(Trevi Fountain)正是位于古罗马十一条大型水渠之一的维戈水渠(Aqua Virgo)的水源所在地。审校:省略珺 橘子 /201507/387725哈尔滨最好的可视人流医院

黑龙江九洲妇科医院周末有上班吗阿城区儿童医院预约电话是多少 The reign of the silver fox has been long and glorious.银发盛行的时代由来已久且极受欢迎。George Clooney, Robbie Williams and even The Great British Bake Off#39;s Paul Hollywood have capitalised on their distinguished grey barnets, oozing style and sophistication with a hair colour that lesser men have sought to change.乔治#8226;克鲁尼、罗比#8226;威廉斯、甚至英国备受欢迎的B节目《英国家庭烘焙大赛》(The Great British Bake Off)的保罗都利用其特色的灰发、细缓的风格以及这种少有人愿意改变的发色具有的老练气质获益良多。But now the salt and pepper elite are facing competition from young pretenders who are paying to turn grey.但是现在,老一代精英正面临着来自年轻效仿者的竞争,他们自掏腰包把头发染成灰色。Online retail giant Amazon has reported an 80pc spike in the sale of grey hair dye.在线零售巨头亚马逊称,灰色染发剂销量剧增了80%。The two bestselling dyes, Renbow Hair Color Cream in Silver and Stargazer Silverlook Hair Dye are up over 200pc and 80pc respectively.两个最畅销的染发剂,Renbow染发剂的银色系列以及Stargazer银发系列染发剂,销量分别增长了200%和80%。“No longer something to hide, grey hair has emerged as the latest beauty trend,” said Amazon#39;s vice president of retail, Xavier Garambois.亚马逊零售副总裁泽维尔加拉姆伊斯说:“灰发不再需要被隐藏,而是作为最新的时尚潮流出现。”“Perhaps one of the most surprising style successes of the year so far, grey hair has been seen everywhere from catwalks to high streets up and down the country.”“这可能是今年到目前为止最令人惊讶的风尚潮流之一,从走秀台到繁华街道和乡村,灰发随处可见。”Amazon#39;s beauty store manager Charlotte Green said: “From the natural silver of Dame Judi Dench to the graduated green-to-grey look as seen on Lady Gaga, it#39;s a striking style choice for all ages.”亚马逊的美容店经理夏洛特#8226;格林说:“从朱迪#8226;丹奇女爵士的自然灰发到Lady Gaga的绿灰色系,这是所有年龄段都可选择的一种醒目潮流。”“Whether enhancing natural greys or experimenting with a bold transformation, semi-permanent home hair dye is a low-risk and inexpensive way to get this latest look.”“无论是加深自然灰还是尝试大胆风格转变,半永久性的家用染发剂都是一种低风险、低成本获得最新时尚风貌的最佳选择。” /201505/374403哈尔滨无痛人流哪里较好

通河县治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的 Of all the tales about the Loch Ness Monster, it must be one of the most unlikely – an English plot to kidnap the beast and display its carcass in London. But back in the 1930s the Scots feared that such a thing was all too possible, according to newly revealed papers, and fought to ensure she stayed north of the border. The Scottish Office opened a file on Nessie in December 1933 after being bombarded with inquiries following sightings that year.在所有关于尼斯湖水怪的故事中,这恐怕是最荒诞的一个了:英格兰计划劫持尼斯湖水怪并在伦敦展出它的遗骸。但据最新公布的资料显示,在20世纪30年代,苏格兰人对此深信不疑,并努力争取水怪继续留在苏格兰。苏格兰当局公布了一份1933年12月的尼斯湖水怪文件。同年发现水怪后,人们不断要求进行调查。And similar files have also been found at the Natural History Museum in London, with the contents describing Scotland’s fears that Nessie should not be allowed to find its last resting place in England after a bounty was placed on the monster’s head.在位于伦敦的国家历史物馆里也发现了类似的文献记载,描述了苏格兰人得知对水怪的悬赏后,担心它的尸体会被带到英格兰。The documents also reveal that many years later Prince Philip even suggested calling in the Royal Navy to search for the creature. By 1934 both the Natural History Museum in London and the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh wanted Nessie.文件还披露多年后有人建议菲利浦亲王召集皇家海军寻找水怪。截至1934年位于伦敦的国家历史物馆和位于爱丁堡的苏格兰皇家物馆都想得到尼斯湖水怪。But while Scotland hoped that the bounty hunters could be kept at bay long enough to get new laws passed to protect her, London preferred her shot on sight. In March 1934 an unnamed official at the National History Museum made no bones about how he thought bounty hunters should deal with the creature.虽然苏格兰方面希望在保护水怪的相关法律通过之前赏金猎人们不要找到水怪,但伦敦方面却想尽快亲眼看到水怪被射杀的场面。1934年3月一位不愿透露姓名的国家历史物馆官员大谈特谈了他对猎人们应该如何处置水怪的想法。The files show he said: ‘Should you ever come within range of the “monster” I hope you will not be deterred by any humanitarian considerations from shooting him on the spot and sending the carcass to us in cold storage, carriage forward. Short of this, a flipper, a jaw or a tooth would be very welcome.根据文献记载他当时说:“如果你发现了水怪,我希望你不要被任何人道主义思想影响而放弃射杀水怪,完成射杀后请把冷藏中的水怪尸体运给我们,运费将由我们付。如果没有水怪尸体,水怪的鳍、颌或牙齿我们也很感兴趣。According to more documents found in Edinburgh, pressure was aly growing for a special Act of Parliament to prevent Nessie being killed or captured. The campaign was led by Inverness MP Murdoch MacDonald, who assured the Scottish Secretary Sir Godfrey Collins the creature was no myth.随后人们在爱丁堡发现了大量的相关文献报道,文献显示当时越来越多的媒体开始呼吁议会推出特别法案保护水怪免于捉捕和射杀。该项倡议活动由因弗内斯议员默多克#8226;麦克唐纳领导,他曾向苏格兰事务大臣柯林斯爵士保水怪并非是传言中伤人的怪物。Evidence of its presence can be taken as undoubted. Far too many people have seen something abnormal to question its existence,’ he wrote. He demanded a Bill be put before Parliament to protect the creature, but Sir Godfrey advised there was ‘no law for the protection of monsters.水怪存在的据毋庸置疑,有太多的人目睹了明水怪存在的异常现象,默多克这样写道。默多克要求在议会明确保护水怪前应先推出相关法案,但柯林斯爵士却表示至今为止还没有为保护怪物制定过相关法律。The Royal Scottish Museum wrote to Sir Godfrey staking Edinburgh’s claim to the carcass. ‘The museum urges strongly that the RSM have the reversionary rights to the “monster” if and when its corpse should become available,’ the letter said.苏格兰皇家物馆还特地给柯林斯爵士写了信强调苏格兰对水怪遗骸的所有权。如果射杀成功苏格兰皇家物馆对水怪的尸体拥有保管权。Natural History Museum files from the 1960s also state that when approached by a Tory MP, David James, who was ‘obsessed’ with Nessie, Prince Philip encouraged him to contact the Royal Navy for assistance.国家历史物馆里记录于20世纪60年代的文献显示当接触沉迷于尼斯湖水怪的保守党大卫#8226;詹姆斯时,菲利浦亲王鼓励他要多接触皇家海军以获取皇家海军的帮助。The revelations are made by author David Clarke in his book Britain’s X-traordinary Files. He said: ‘During the 1930s … Nessie had become a Scottish icon, a symbol of national identity. There was genuine outrage at the possibility that the corpse of the monster might be taken for display in London.大卫#8226;克拉克在其新书《英国特别档案》中记录了苏格兰人对水怪所有权的重视。他说:“20世纪30年代尼斯湖水怪已经成为苏格兰的标志是国家身份的象征。人们对可能在伦敦展出水怪尸体表示极大的愤慨。 /201411/341972哈尔滨九洲图片五常市中医院官方网站




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