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哈尔滨做人流最好的医院双城区妇女儿童医院有微创手术吗Love Marathon 爱情马拉松 break up with sb 与某人分手 Physically and mentally 身心同时地 rom-com 轻松的爱情喜剧 Get over a breakup 走出失恋阴影 Time heals all wounds 时间会抚平所有伤痕主播:十七 373方正县妇女儿童医院怎么样 Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻81.billA White House assistant asked the President this question. She said, ;What are we gonna do about the new abortion bill, sir?; He replied, ;Shhhhh, keep it down. Justpay it!;Notes:1. A White House assistant asked the President this question.一个白宫助理问总统这榉一个问题. She said, ;What are we gonna do about the new abortion bill, sir?;她说:“总统先生,关于新的堕胎议案(账单)我们该怎么做?”“bill”可以指“账单”,如:electric bill(电费账单);也可以指“议案 如果议案通过,则成为法令(act)sir是对男子的尊称,通常用于称呼不认识的人、顾客、老师、长辈,上司等1973年美国的最高法院对“罗诉韦德;(Roev. Wade)一案做出判决,使堕胎合法化,但是各州可以自行决定,所以现在美国50个州中,有一半可以合法堕胎虽然如此,30 多年来有关堕胎的争论在美国国内从未平息3.He replied ;Shhhhh, keep it down. Just pay it!;他回答:“嘘……,小声一点,付钱就是了!”本节目可可原创节目, 93Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 But the teacher cried可是老师哭了The six-year-old John was terribly spoiled .六岁的约翰娇生惯养His father knew it, but his grandma doted on him.他的父亲知道这一点,可他的祖母仍然宠着他He hardly left her side.这孩子几乎寸步不离他的祖母And when he wanted anything, he either cried or threw a temper tantrum.他想要什么不是哭,就是闹Then came his first day of school, his first day away from his grandmother loving arms.他第一天上学才离开祖母的怀抱When he came home from school his grandma met him at the door.约翰放学了,他奶奶在门口接他并问道:;Was school all right?; she asked, ;Did you get along all right? did you cry?;“学校怎么样?你过的好吗?哭了没有?”;Cry?; John asked. ;No, I didnt cry, but the teacher did!;“哭?”约翰问,“不,我没哭,可老师哭了”Notes:1.terriblyadv.很;非常;极;非常糟糕地eg.After her husband death she felt terribly alone.丈夫死后,她感到非常地孤独.spoiledadj.被宠坏的v.变质( spoil的过去式和过去分词 );损坏;毁掉;破坏spoilvi.变质;掠夺;腐败vt.损坏,糟蹋;把(酒,肉等)放坏;溺爱坏,宠坏(孩子等);抢劫,掠夺n.抢劫,掠夺;废品,次品;成功所带来的好处;(开掘等时挖出的)弃土常见搭配:be spoiling [口]极想, 切望spoil itself(天气)变坏3.dote on溺爱,宠爱eg.Grandpa dotes on his grandson.爷爷疼孙子.tantrumn.突然发怒;〈口〉发脾气常见搭配: be in one tantrums在发脾气 fly [get, go] into one tantrum(s)发脾气, 动怒, 大动肝火5.get along相处;进展;前进;离去eg.Ability to get along with people is an asset in business.在商业界善跟别人相处是可贵的优点Although he is getting along in years, he can work hard as usual.虽然他年岁已大,但他还能像往常一样努力工作 本节目可可原创节目, 99哈尔滨市第八医院门诊怎么走

哈尔滨市道里区妇幼保健所妇科检查怎么样黑龙江十院院长是谁 本期主题:电影 If Only 《如果能再爱一次台词 录制地点:北京 垫乐:1. 我的钢琴很简单-雪诺儿. Memory-広桥真纪子3. 哪-魏如萱. Iris and Jasper-Hans Zimmer5. Take my heart back-If only电影歌曲6. If Only电影原声Ian很爱女友Samantha,只是不懂得如何去表白自己对她的一往情深两人虽然在一起很久,但是感觉却越来越单调,矛盾也开始激化一次争吵后,Samantha不幸遭遇车祸身亡,Ian对此悔恨不已没想到随后他重新获得了一次让往事重来的机会, Ian决心一定不让悲剧重演,要敞开心扉,告诉Samantha自己对她的爱恋…… 如果再来一次,他会用生命来爱她 今天的新主播-筱思, 为你带来她最挚爱的电影If Only《如果能再爱一次,希望你得到爱,学会爱,更珍惜爱 场景一:神秘司机在送Ian去参加音乐会时,和Ian那段对话:——Ian:I cant seem to make her happy.——Driver: How could that you love someone so much but not know...how?——Ian: How to love her?——Driver: So you Do love her?——Ian:Yes, I do, very much.——Driver:Yeah,I thought that what really matters.——Ian:She gonna away two weeks and she wanted me to go with her.——Driver: What if she never come back? Picture it. You two say goodbye at the airport, she gets her on the plane, you never see her again. Could you live with that?——Ivan: No...no...I couldnt.——driver:Now you know what to do. Appreciate her, appreciate what you have. Just love her. 正是这番话让Ian第一次意识到自己内心对Samantha的爱 Just love, 用心去爱,你会知道怎么做,你会知道TA感受得到场景二:忘不了Samantha日记中写给Ian的那段深情告白,字字句句可爱女人心;Ive been warming on this song about me amp; Ian. I want to sing it to him bee I go away, but Im afraid itll scare him, so I bought him a jacket instead. They say there is always someone in a relationship who loves more. Oh God, I wish it wasnt me.; 场景三:当Ian终于意识到无论他怎么努力,都改变不了命运最终相同的结局当他和Samantha一起待在山顶木屋中的时候,他终于意识到,他要失去她了他强忍着悲伤的泪水,站在窗前,甚至不敢直视Samantha的眼睛他对她说:; Past does not matter, what matters is now, only now.;——I: Samantha, some reason, you thought you didnt have much left, I mean in your life. You have only one day left, what would you do?——S: It an easy answer, and no brainier, Ill spend it with you. Just being together, kind like now, doing nothing.——I:Nothing else?——S:Closeness. Intense closeness. Really sharing things of each other, silly things, difficult things. That what I always wanted us, if we gonna have that, nothing could hurt us. ——I:I love you. 场景四:比起别的惊喜,没有什么比Ian为Samantha用心定制的手链更令人温暖了——I:Close your eyes. Happy graduation.——S: Oh my God.——I: Some of the charms are old and some are new. That a musical note, a violin. This one is a flower, what is no sense of matter at all, except it was exquisite much like yourself. Let see... the train that we took today. And... that the Eiffel Tower that youve always wanted to see. And... this frying pan, cause you are the only person that I know that can actually do the flipping thing. And... this one a heart... my heart... it yours now. 场景五:当Samantha最终在Ian的爱里克恐惧与不自信,在毕业典礼音乐会上唱出那首只属于她和Ian的歌曲时,当她因为他的宠爱而光芒四射时,恰如歌名一般,Love will show you everything.如果我们相依相偎的时间只剩一天,请让我带你了解我心最深处的孤寂和无措,请让我带你去看这世上最美的风景,请让我们一再拥有彼此,喋喋不休地倾诉,请让我来帮你实现你的梦想 Today, today I bet my life. You have no idea what I feel inside. Dont be afraid to let it show, you never know if you let it out. I love you, you love me. Take this gift and dont ask why, Cause if you will let me, Ill take what scares you, hold it deep inside. And if you ask me why, Im with you and why Ill never leave, Love will show you everything. 场景六:故事的最后,当Ian知道他要和Samantha迎来最终命运的时刻,他在雨中将自己内心一直以来想要告诉她的爱全部说给她听:;I have loved you since I met you, but I would not allow myself to truly feel it until today. Im always thinking ahead, making decisions out of fear. Today, because of what I learned from you... every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed. And Ive learned that if you do that, youre living your life fully. It doesnt matter if you have five minutes or fifty years. Samantha, if not today, if not you, I would never have known love at all. So thank you being the person who taught me to love. And to be loved. You dont have to say anything. I just wanted to tell you.; 3五常市中医医院门诊部预约

哈尔滨市七院门诊电话热线近日,印度北部一家游乐园推出了人力天轮.被雇佣的两名男子站在天轮中心的辐条上,当有游客坐进缆车时,他们就让天轮转动起来.Daily Mail: Most Ferris wheels rely on a motor to keep them turning - but not at an amusement park in India.The attraction in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in Northern India, is instead turned by human workers.Two men are employed to stand on the spokes at the centre of the wheel and keep it turning as visitors ride in cars to take in the view.A has emerged showing daredevil workers clambering over the wheel in an attempt to keep it spinning. 38376 Date约会When the young waitress in the cafe in Tom building started waving hello everyday. Tom was flattered, she was at least years younger than he. One day she waved and beckoned to Tom again. When Tom strolled over, she asked, ;Are you single?;汤姆住的大楼的咖啡馆女务员最近每天跟他扬手打招呼,这让汤姆有点受宠若惊,因为这位女孩看上去至少比他年轻岁这天,女务员又跟汤姆招手示意于是,汤姆从容不迫地走了过去她问道:“你是单身吗?”;Why, yes,; Tom replied, smiling at her broadly.“哎,是单身”汤姆回答,冲她咧嘴直乐;So is my mom,; she said. ;Would you like to meet her?;“我妈也是啊,”她说,“你愿不愿意见见她?” 39536哈尔滨211医院妇产科哈尔滨有不孕不育专科医院吗



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