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Cinderella#39;s plight has given mopping a bad name—but don#39;t let poor PR keep you from a bright, shiny floor.灰姑娘的困境给擦地板蒙上了污名,但是不要让这一点阻止你拥有明亮清洁的地板。You Will Need你需要A broom, or a vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment一把扫把,有地板配件的吸尘器A bucket of water一桶水Some wood cleaner or dishwashing liquid一些木制品清洁剂或洗洁精And a mop拖把Steps步骤STEP 1 Check floor1.检查地板Make sure your floor is sealed. If it#39;s not, it#39;s probably waxed and shouldn#39;t be mopped. Check by rubbing a finger across it. If you don#39;t leave a smudge, the floor is probably sealed.确保地板是密封好的。如果没有的话,可能是上了蜡,不能擦洗。可以用一根手指擦过地板。如果没有留下污渍,说明地板是密封好的。STEP 2 Vacuum floor2.吸尘Vacuum or sweep the floor free of dust and particles.用吸尘器吸尘或清扫地板,清除灰尘和颗粒。STEP 3 Consult directions3.了解说明Consult the directions for your wood cleaning product and add the appropriate amount to the bucket of water.了解木制品清洁产品的说明书,向一桶水中加入适量产品。If you don#39;t have a wood cleaning product, add a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid to your bucket instead.如果你没有木制品清洁产品,向桶里加入四分之一杯洗洁精。STEP 4 Dampen mop4.浸湿拖把Dampen the mop head in the bucket, then wring it out completely—the less water on your wood floor, the better.在桶里把拖把浸湿,然后完全拧干——留在木地板上的水越少越好。STEP 5 Mop floor5.拖地板Push and pull the mop back and forth across the floor in the direction of the wood grain.按照木地板的纹理前后来回擦拭地板。STEP 6 Wring out amp; mop6.拧干,擦拭Continue dampening the mop, wringing it out, and dragging it across the floor with the grain.继续浸湿拖把,拧干,按照纹路拖地板。STEP 7 Change water7.换水Change the water and cleaning solution whenever it gets too dirty to be effective.如果水变脏了,换掉水和洗涤溶液。STEP 8 Rinse floor8.清洗地板When the entire floor has been mopped, refill the bucket with just water and mop the floor again in the same way to rinse off any soap residue.当整个地板都拖完之后,重新向桶里装满清水,再按照同样的方法清洗掉任何洗涤剂残余物。STEP 9 Stay off floors9.离开地板Stay off your floors until they#39;ve completely dried. Your Fairy Godmother would be so proud.离开地板,直到完全变干。你的仙女婆婆将会感到非常自豪。Cinderella stories appear in the folklore of many cultures—there are as many as 1,500 different versions of the tale.灰姑娘的故事出现在许多文化的传说中,这个童话共有多达1,500个不同的版本。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/292145哈尔滨市第五医院四维彩超预约Typing speed is calculated by the number of words typed per minute. Increase your speed without allowing your accuracy to suffer.打字速度是按照每分钟打字的数量来计算的。提高打字速度,同时不要影响准确性。You Will Need你需要Dexterity灵活Internet access上网Goal目标Steps步骤Step 1 Learn the basics1.学习基础Learn how to type the proper way. Memorize the home row where the fingers rest, and how each key relates to them.学习正确的打字方式。记住手指放置的位置,以及每一个键的位置。Say the name of the key when you type it to help you memorize it.打字的时候念出这个键的字母,帮助记忆。Step 2 Use good posture2.正确的姿势Use proper posture and positioning, also known as ergonomics. Sit upright with your wrists, elbows, and the keyboard aligned on the same plane, and keep your hands lower than your elbows.使用正确的姿势和位置,也叫做工作学。手腕,肘部和键盘在一条直线上,双手比肘部的位置较低。Step 3 Type3.打字Type by hitting each key in the center firmly, but not with too much force.用力敲每一个键的中心,但是不要用力过大。Step 4 Follow a pace4.注意速度Go as quickly as you can without mistakes. The more confidence you get, the faster you will type.在没有错误的前提下加快速度打字。信心越强,打的越快。Step 5 Use online aids5.在线辅助Use online typing software and sites with typing lessons to help you practice and improve your skills. Many exercises have you copy paragraphs or type along with audio clips.使用在线打字软件和打字教程网站帮助你练习和提升技能。许多练习让你根据图片或声音来打字。Step 6 Set a goal6.设立目标Set a goal with a timeline that you can reasonably achieve. Take steps to meet your goal and improve your typing.根据时间设立一定的目标,你可以逐渐达到这个目标。循序渐进,逐渐提升打字速度。The layout of the Qwerty keyboard was designed to prevent jams in typewriters by sping the most frequently used keys far apart from each other.柯蒂键盘的布局把最常用的键分散排列,防止了打字者的困境。视频听力由。 Article/201311/262941巴彦县中医医院能做人流吗Learn expert tricks to hide cellulite and you#39;ll take a newfound self-confidence along with you on your next visit to the beach or pool.学习掩盖大腿脂肪的专业技巧,你会带着新的自信去沙滩或泳池。You Will Need你需要Suitable clothes适合的衣物Loofah or exfoliating lotion scrub丝瓜或磨砂乳液Self-tanner or professional treatment防晒用品或专业治疗Anti-cellulite cream or lotion瘦身霜或乳液Exercise运动Water水Caffeinated beverages含咖啡因的饮料Coffee and coffee grounds咖啡和咖啡渣Plastic wrap保鲜膜Sun exposure reduction (optional)减少日照(可选)Bicycle (optional)自行车(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Check your closet1.查看衣柜Check your closet for dark tights to pair with short skirts, and calf-length or longer skirts and dresses.Reanonable clothes is your best friend when it comes to tricks to hide cellulite.查看你的衣柜,挑选深色紧身裤,搭配短裙,七分裙,长裙或连衣裙。当你想要隐藏大腿脂肪的时候,理性化的装是你最好的工具。Tip: Get rid of restrictive clothes which may contribute to cellulite issues.小贴士:淘汰那些显露你脂肪的衣物吧。Step 2 Wear a boy cut2.浴巾遮盖Wear bathing suit bottoms in a boy-short style, or wrap a sarong around your suit to hide cellulite when at the beach or pool.在海边或泳池时,穿着四角泳衣,或在泳衣上浴巾来遮盖大粗腿。Tip: Protect cellulite-prone areas of the body from the sun#39;s UV rays, which make the cellulite more visible and harder to hide.小贴士:防止紫外线照射脂肪含量比较高的部位,否则大腿脂肪会更加明显,更难以掩盖。Step 3 Head to the tub3.浴缸泡澡Head to the tub or shower and scrub cellulite areas with a loofah or exfoliating lotion scrub. This buffs your skin and minimizes cellulite#39;s appearance.盆浴或淋浴时使用丝瓜或是磨砂膏。这样你的皮肤会更亮泽,大腿脂肪也会减少。Step 4 Apply self-tanner4.晒后修复Apply a self-tanner to thighs, legs, and other trouble spots to camouflage cellulite. You can also visit a salon for professional tanning treatment.对大腿,小腿和其他脂肪堆积部位使用晒后修复产品。也可以去沙龙做专业护理。Step 5 Tighten skin5.紧致肌肤Tighten skin troubled by cellulite with the use of an anti-cellulite cream or lotion. These products can temporarily improve the look of problem areas.使用瘦身霜或乳液紧致肌肤。这些产品能短时间解决你皮肤松弛问题。Step 6 Exercise6.运动Exercise to tighten skin and minimize cellulite#39;s dimpled appearance. Focus on squats, lunges, leg lifts, and leg extensions。运动能紧致肌肤,使脂肪累积最小化。重点做马步,弓箭步,抬腿和腿部伸展等运动。Tip: Take up bicycling as a hobby to keep legs and thighs toned.小贴士:培养对自行车运动的喜爱,骑自行车可以调整腿部肌肉。Step 7 Drink7.饮水Drink water to plump your skin and give it a more uniform look. You can also enjoy the diuretic effect of caffeinated beverages to reduce swelling around your fat deposits. Just don#39;t drink too many diuretics — you want to stay hydrated!注意饮水以保持肌肤水嫩健康。含咖啡因饮料有利尿作用,还有消除脂肪累积部位肿胀的作用。只要别喝太多利尿饮品就好,你也需要保持身体水分!Step 8 Apply coffee grounds8.巧用咖啡渣Apply a paste made of coffee grounds and water to your trouble spots, keeping the area wrapped in plastic wrap for 15 minutes before removing the paste in the shower.将咖啡渣和水搅拌敷在脂肪堆积的地方,用保鲜膜敷15分钟,然后用水清洗。Fact: In 2008, Americans spent million on cellulite-reduction devices.2008年,美国人总共消费4700万专门购买大腿部脂肪的减肥产品。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/306948巴彦县人工受孕

哈尔滨市九州医院妇科地址哈尔滨妇科人流在线咨询If you should weigh 12 stone and in fact weigh 16,若合理体重是12英石 但你却有16then your chances of death from a heart attack are 50% more.那你死于心脏病的几率会增加50%With overweight goes high blood pressure,超重还会导致高血压and that makes the heart work harder,使得心脏难以负荷and high fats in the blood itself,而血液中脂肪含量过高which makes it clot and cause thrombosis.会导致血液凝结 形成血栓But it#39;s not only how much we eat, but what we eat.除了关注吃多少 吃什么也很重要With the can and packet revolution随着罐头和独立包装的广泛运用has come an outstanding change in our fats.我们摄入的脂肪发生了质的改变What#39;s important are the问题的关键就是proportions of unsaturated and saturated fats.饱和与不饱和脂肪间的比例These farm animals are different from those of 50 years ago.这些家畜和50年前早已大相径庭Beef not only contains much more fat,牛肉里脂肪含量大大增加but it#39;s the saturated kind.而其属于饱和脂肪These huge quantities of hard大量此类脂肪酸酯fat are causing the epidemic of coronary disease.使冠心病盛行开来It would be another 20 years我们至少还需花上20年before the connection between heart disease才能准确明了地得出and the increased levels of saturated心脏病与日常饮食中fat in our diet could be graphically demonstrated.不断增长的饱和脂肪含量间的联系A lot of people think that obesity is a cosmetic issue,多数人觉得肥胖不过影响外表美观not fitting into a dress or something like that.顶多是穿不了漂亮的衣云云But it#39;s not.It lies at the heart其实这是一大批of a host of medical illnesses and diseases.医学疾病的核心问题This is serum from a healthy patient.这是从一名健康的患者身上提取的血清The blood has been spun to separate and take the red cells away.我们将红细胞从中分离出去A slightly yellow colour but quite clear.可以看到它呈浅黄色 但很清澈This is serum from a person who is clinically obese.这个则是临床诊断为肥胖症患者的血清样本It looks almost like milk, it#39;s so cloudy.看上去就像牛奶 很浑浊And what#39;s causing that is all the fat globules区别源自我们体内and the fat that is circulating in the blood around the body.在血液中循环往复的脂肪球与脂肪Not only does that cause a narrowing of the arteries,这不仅会导致动脉狭窄slowing the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen to the tissues.还会减缓血流量 阻碍其向组织供氧It actually causes damage and a secondary process这将会危害健康starts which leads to further damage to those blood vessels.进而对血管造成更大的危害 Article/201306/243997黑龙江省九院剖腹产需多少钱Filmed in near darkness using a night vision camera, the troop clambers along familiar ledges worn smooth by generations before them.夜视镜在近乎黑暗的坏境下记录下了叶猴一家爬上被数代猴族磨蚀光润的石壁的情景。During cold winter weather, the monkeys venture deeper underground where the air stays comparatively warm.当冬日寒冷来袭,猴子们则冒险潜入空气相对保持温暖的地下。At last, journey#39;s end. A cosy niche beyond the reach of even the most enterprising predator.最后,到达旅途的终点。高悬的庇护所使得最激进的捕食者都束手无策。But it#39;s not just monkeys that find shelter in caves. These children are off to school.并非只有猴子们在洞穴中寻找遮蔽。这些孩子们刚放学。In rural China that may mean a long trek each morning, passing through a cave or two on the way.在中国农村每天早上都意味着一段穿越一两个洞穴的艰苦跋涉。 /201406/307880南岗区做无痛人流哪家医院最好的

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