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今天的每日一句是:The shortest word I know is “I”.The sweetest word I know is “Love”.And the person I never forget is “You”.我知道的最短的词是“I”,最甜蜜的词是“Love”,永远都不会忘记的人是“You”。Notes:1.shortadj. 短的,短暂的;矮的;短缺的;短期的adv. 突然;唐突地;简短地;横贯地n. 短裤;短路;缺乏vt. 故意少给…的零头,骗取vi. 短路常见搭配:be taken short突然想解手[大小便];毫无准备, 大感意外break short off中断, 突然停止bring [pull] up short使突然中断come [drop, fall] short (of)有缺陷; 达不到目的; 变得短缺的cover short(交易所)买回卖空出去的股票cut short中断, 中止; 缩减; 截短drop short[口]死for short[口]简称; 简略地go short(马受伤后)短步前进go short of缺少, 短缺in short简单地说, 总之in the short run在短时期里little short of几乎, 简直, 近乎nothing short of除...外; 别无...; 完全是; 简直可以说run short (of)缺乏squeeze the shorts(交易所)轧空头, 迫使卖空者用高价补进take sb. up short唐突地打断(某人)的话;突然袭击某人, 使大吃一惊short and sweet[口]直截了当; 简短扼要short of缺少; 达不到; 除了the short and the long of it这事的概略2.sweetadj. 甜的;愉快的,快乐的;温柔的,亲切的;芳香的n. 糖果,甜食;餐后的甜点心;甜味;宝贝常见搭配:a sweet one[俚]重重的一拳; 狠命的一击be sweet on [upon][口]迷恋, 爱上be sweet to sb.对某人和蔼可亲No sweet without sweat.[谚]不流汗就没有幸福。too sweet[美]马上, 立刻, 巴不得sweet and sour酸甜; 苦乐sweet and twenty二十岁的美人, 妙龄美女sweet one可爱的人儿(指妇女); 亲爱的(称呼) /201307/247339这一集的内容收录的都是在美国一些比较幽默的说法,也许在日常生活中不是那么常见,但如果在适当的时机使用,必可收画龙点睛之效。1. Is she big-boned?她是不是很魁梧啊?Big-bone 看字面解释就知道是指骨架很粗大。这对美女(美国的女人) 来说是见怪不怪的。 在电影 Something about Mary 中就有这一句,Is she big-boned?那娇小的女子怎么说?娇小就是 petite. 很多从亚洲来女生来美国都抱怨买不到合适的衣,其实很多店都有一区 petite. 去那里找找,保你会有意想不到的收获。若是真的找不到,就试试 teenager 那儿也有许多合适的衣。2. We have a female shortage here.我们这里闹女人荒。由于我的学校是理工学院,所以男女比例自然是不均匀, 有一次连老美也不禁感叹道,We have a female shortage here. 这样的说法是不是听来很特别?其实我看根本就不只是 female shortage 而是 female drought. 或是更夸张一点的讲法,We have a female extinction here.3. You are a freaking Yankee.你是怪怪的北方佬。老美彼此之间很喜欢拿对方的出生地作文章。因为南北的差异,所以或多或少北方人看不起南方人,南方人也看不起北方人。 Yankee 是南北战争时北军的士兵叫 Yankee, 现在一般指北方佬。 而 freaking 是说这人很怪,或者解释成怪胎也可以。刚来美国时 Yankee 这个字发音老发得不对,别人都听不懂我在讲什么。主要是因为受到国内把 Yankee 翻译成 ;洋基;的关系吧!其实这个字应该是读成 ;盐鸡; 还比较接近一点。 (一不小心去想到台湾最有名的;盐酥鸡;, 害我肚子饿的要命!)4. I am laying low.我ㄠ起来了。有一次我问一个老美, How are you doing? 结果他回我 I am laying low. 结果在场的老美都在笑,但是只有我听不懂. 其实 laying low 就是说躲的低低的,怕被别人看到,就是想办法混就对了。事后老美跟我解释说这句话其实没那么好笑,主要是因为我听不懂,大家才又觉得更好笑。5. I cut the cheese.我放屁了。一般人说放屁这个字都会用 fart 这个字,但是 cut the cheese 也有放屁的意思在里面。为什么呢? 因为大家想想切 cheese 时会发出什么声音?是不是和放屁很像呢?但是这样的用法似乎并不常用,我只在某部很烂的片子:Mysterious Man 里听过一次。 /201203/174032

今天的每日一句是: Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head,and remind yourself of who you are and where you wanna be.有时候你需要退开一点,放空一下,然后提醒自己,我是谁,要去哪里。Notes:1.stepn. 步,脚步;步骤,手段;步调;级别vt.amp; vi. 举步,行走;踩,踏上;跨入;轻快地走vi. 踏,踩;走vt. 跳舞;迈步;使成阶梯状常见搭配: at every step每走一步 be one step ahead of the sheriff身负重债; 陷入财政困难 bring into step使步调一致; 使同时发生 condunct [guide] sb.#39;s steps引导某人fall in step顺着...的步调走fall in step顺着...的步调走2.clearadj. 清楚的,明白的;清晰的,明亮的;清澈的;明确的adv. 完全地;清晰地;整整vi. 变明朗;变清澈vt. 扫除,除去;消除(嫌疑);使清楚;使干净n. 空隙,空间常见搭配: clear-headedadj. 头脑清楚的, 聪明的clear-sightedadj. 英明的, 精明的, 目光锐利的 clear-cutadj. 轮廓清楚的; 鲜明的 本节目为可可原创节目,。 /201305/237767

A: Can you help me write a newspaper ad?你能帮我写一个报纸广告吗?B: Sure, what are you looking to buy or sell?当然,我想买什么或者卖什么吗?A: Actually, I want to hire someone to help me around the house.当然了,我想雇个人帮我照看房子。B: Oh, you want to get a maid?哦,你想找个帮手吗?A: Well, I think it#39;s better if you call her a cleaning lady or domestic help.嗯,我想你最好称呼她为一个清洁女工或者家政助理。B: OK, so what do you want her to do?好的,你想让她做什么呢?A: Well, let#39;s see. I want her to come in three times a week for a couple of hours to clean the kitchen, bathroom and maybe do some cooking.嗯,让我想想。我想让她一周三次,每次三个小时帮我打扫厨房,卫生间,或者做些做些吃的。B: Got it. And how much do you offer per month?知道了。你一个月出多少钱呢?A: I would pay her hourly, I don#39;t know what the going rate is though.我会按小时给他报酬的,我不知道该给多少合适。B: I know for sure it#39;s more than minimum wage but maybe you should just negotiate with the person that answers the ad.我确切知道比最低工资要多,但是可能你需要和回应广告的人谈判。A: Great! Thanks for your help!太棒了,谢谢你的帮助! /201202/171335听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Did MJ ever had a bad break up?a) Never.b) Yes, she did.2) Why did Mike decide to break up with his girlfriend?a) Because he was about to join the army.b) Because they quarreled a lot.3) Mike says we was _______ by his girlfriend.a) dumpedb) duped本期话题Topic:Have you ever had a bad break up?Mike: Hello, this is Mike, from Singapore and this is for elllo.org.MJ: Hello, this is MJ, from Korea.Mike: Ok, MJ. We are gonna talk about break up. So, have you ever had a bad break up?MJ: Actually I didn#39;t have any bad break up.Mike: Lucky you.MJ: Yeah, lucky me. Have you ever had one?Mike: Yeah, actually. It#39;s kind of funny, kind of funny story. Well, I was dating this girl for two, it was only two months. And during those two months, you know, we were like, we just quarreled a lot. It#39;s a lot. But...so there was a day that I was about to enlist in the army and I told myself that I can#39;t put up with this stuff any more, right? So, I just broke it off with her. And the best part of it was that, that night, I kind of thought like, oh, man, you know, I think like I made a mistake. So I called her, and I was like, ;you know what, I#39;sorry for breaking up with you.; And then she said, ?; OK, but now is my turn to break up with you;MJ: She said that?!Mike: Yeah, so from being...from dumping someone, I turned to be dumped within 24 hours.MJ: Oh!Mike: So that was actually fantastic. Yeah, and it kind of affected me for maybe just a few days.MJ: So, after she said she don#39;t want to meet you anymore, you didn#39;t say anything to her?Mike: Well, I kind of said like, you know I#39;m sorry and stuff but it didn#39;t work, so it#39;s cool.So that#39;s about it. All right.听力a b a /201301/218046今天的每日一句是It#39;s your birthday. We can go to the theatre or have a meal in a posh restaurant. Whatever floats your boat.这是你的生日,我们可以去看电影或者去豪华餐厅吃饭,你爱做什么做什么。讲解:短语 whatever floats your boat 的含义是爱做什么就做什么,随意。 /201310/259498

各位亲爱的可可网友们,欢迎您走进我们今天的《说话话茬》教室。今天我们继续来分析含有consent这个词的一个病句:I expressed my consent with the proposal. 这句话要表达的意思是:我表示赞同这个意见。在这个句子中,consent名词,意思是“同意(give permission)”,和动词express连用表示“表示赞同......”的意思,那么被赞同的对象紧跟consent这个名词的后面做定语,要用介词to来显示出介词短语作定语的功能。而我们的病句中使用的是介词with。因此,我们今天分析的病句是关于名词后的介词使用错误。那么,正确表述为:I expressed my consent to the proposal.我们再来看一个例句以加深印象:I have my teacher’s consent to go to the library. 我得到老师的同意去了图书馆。最后,我们可以从今天的例句中得到2个短语:express one’s consent to something(表示赞同......),have one’s consent to do something(得到某人的同意做某事)。Consent都是作为名词,后面用介词短语修饰它时,记住介词一定是“to”。我们今天的学习就到此结束了,希望您有所收获。I am Juliet. See you next time. /201305/239953go through the mill 经受磨难或痛苦【讲解】mill作名词,本义是“磨,碾磨机”,在此引申 为“磨难,磨砺”,因此through the mill指 “经受磨难”。【对话】A:I hear you are planning to go abroad?A:听说你打算出国?B:Yeah. I#39;m making preparations.B:是的。我正在准备。A:Have you thought it over? It#39;s not easy to live in a strange country.A:你考虑好了吗?在一个陌生的国家生活不是一件容易的事。B:I know. But I want to see more while I#39;m young.B:我知道。但我想在年轻的时候多见识见识。A:I agree. Going through the mill in one#39;s life is not a bad thing.A:我同意你的看法。一个人在生活中经受些磨难倒不是什么坏事。 /201503/362036

end in...all 以……平结束【讲解】end to这个短语的意思是“以…为结局”。数字+all中all专指“双方打平”如 a score of 30 all,指“三十平”。【对话】A:Which team has won?A:哪个队赢了?B:Neither. The game ended in 2 all.B:哪个队也没赢。比赛结果二比二平。A:But I think AC Milan#39;s defense seems better organized.A:但我认为AC米兰防守组织更好。B:But the Roman is tougher.B:但罗马队更顽强些。 /201501/3528919月1日在英国利兰市,5名11岁至15岁的熊孩子潜入教学楼,纵火烧掉了整栋楼。当天是开学前一天,当地媒体报道称,这5名在校学生因为不想回学校上课,就放火烧了学校。【新闻】我们来看一段相关的英文报道Five wild kids are suspected of starting a fire that wrecked their school on the eve of the new term.Police said yesterday that five boys – one aged 11, two 12-year-olds, one aged 13 and one 15 – arrested on suspicion of starting the fire had been released on bail until later this month. Parents said the suspects all attended St Mary’s.St Mary#39;s headmaster Kathy McNicholas fought back the tears as she watched her school go up in flames last night.She said: ‘This is so upsetting to watch. It#39;s heart-breaking. It#39;s very distressing for the staff and for the children. Everyone had been looking forward to coming back for the new school year.5名“熊孩子”涉嫌在新学期前一天,放火烧毁了他们自己的学校。警方昨天称这5名男孩——一名11岁,两名12岁,一名13岁以及一名15岁——因涉嫌放火被捕,他们将获保释至月末。家长称这5名嫌疑人都是圣玛丽的学生。圣玛丽的校长凯西#8226;麦克尼古拉斯昨晚见到学校在大火中的情景时强忍着眼泪。她说:“这看着让人太苦恼、太心碎了。对于员工和孩子们来说,这太痛苦了。每个人都相当期待着在新学期回到学校。”【讲解】文中的wild kids就是“熊孩子”的意思,“熊孩子”是指惹人讨厌的、没家教的孩子。wild kid也有昵称的意思,表示对调皮孩子的爱称。另外,文中的“be suspected of”是“被怀疑、受指控”的意思;类似的短语有“be charged with”和“be accused of”等。fight back原先是“反击、抵抗”的意思,文中第三段的fight back tears,字面意思是抵抗泪水,即可译作“强忍着眼泪不哭”。 /201309/255687

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