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青岛盆腔积液治疗需要多少钱青岛市立医院好吗Amazon was forced to take action on Saturday after it was found to be selling T-shirts with slogans promoting rape and violence on its website.在被发现其网站上出售带有推广强奸和暴力口号的T恤之后,亚马逊在星期六被迫采取了行动。The American clothing company Solid Gold Bomb blamed an automated computer dictionary for its series of the items emblazoned with offensive phrases such as ;Keep Calm and Rape a Lot; and ;Keep Calm and Hit Her;, based on the much reproduced ;Keep Calm and Carry On; second world war poster.美国装公司Solid Gold Bomb责怪一台自动化的电脑词典将其一系列产品印上攻击性短语,例如“保持冷静,尽情XX”和“保持冷静,打她”,基于二战海报“保持冷静,坚持到底”的多次复制。Both companies were bombarded with complaints and Solid Gold Bomb later closed its Twitter account. The T-shirts were still on sale in Germany on Saturday.这两家公司被投诉炮轰,Solid Gold Bomb之后关闭了它的Twitter账户。T恤周六仍在德国销售。One of the slogans was taken down but others, including ;Keep Calm and Knife Her; and ;Keep Calm and Punch Her; remained on Solid Gold Bomb#39;s website on Saturday afternoon; the company said they were all in a ;deletion queue;.有一个口号被撤了下来,但其他包括“保持冷静,捅她”和“保持冷静,揍她” 周六下午仍在Solid Gold Bomb的网站上,该公司表示他们都在一个“删除队列”中。Amazon deleted most of the offensive ;Keep Calm; range but continued to promote the company#39;s shop.亚马逊删除了大部分“保持冷静”的攻击性系列产品,但继续为该公司促销。Solid Gold Bomb, based in Massachusetts, said the graphics for the T-shirts were the result of ;a scripted computer process;, which used an algorithm to generate hundreds of slogans.Solid Gold Bomb,总部位于马萨诸塞州,表示T恤上的图形是“脚本化计算机过程”的结果,它使用一种算法生成成百上千的口号。The shirts, which appeared on Amazon on Friday, prompted an online furore. Amazon did not respond to the Observer#39;s call but a spokesman for Amazon UK told Sky News: ;I can confirm that those items are not available for sale.;这些衬衫周五出现在亚马逊上,在网上引起轰动。亚马逊没有回应《观察家》的电话但亚马逊英国发言人告诉天空新闻:“我可以实,这些物品并没有可供出售。”The company said it had received death threats and its Twitter account was bombarded with scores of angry messages, many of which said: ;Rape is not a joke.;该公司表示它已收到了死亡威胁,其Twitter账户被许多愤怒消息炮轰,其中许多说:“强奸不是一个笑话。”Amazon is no stranger to controversy. The site#39;s US operation faced criticism for briefly selling a book described as a paedophile#39;s guide. In 2008 it had to pull from sale T-shirts lauding Nazi leaders.亚马逊对争议并不陌生。该网站的美国业务因为简单地将销售书籍描述为恋童癖指南而遭受批评。2008年它不得不取消出售赞扬纳粹领导人的T恤。 /201303/227952青岛市做无痛人流哪里好 山东省青岛市中医院护理

莱西市人流贵不贵One slips on so-so earnings – only bn in quarterly profits. The other jumps 3 per cent on a deal that will hurt its bottom line. It isn’t hard to see that the latter, Lenovo, has more market momentum than Samsung Electronics. Both make consumer electronics and tech hardware, from Lenovo’s new server business to Samsung’s chips. Might Lenovo become the next Samsung?一只股票因企业盈利表现一般而下滑——季度利润只有70亿美元。另一只股票则因一笔将会损害公司利润的交易而上涨3%。不难看出,后者——联想(Lenovo)比三星电子(Samsung Electronics)的市场势头更强劲。从联想的新务器业务,到三星的芯片业务,两家公司都生产消费者电子产品和科技硬件。联想会成为下一个三星吗?On a size basis, the comparison is still a bit ridiculous. Samsung’s market capitalisation is 0bn; Lenovo’s, bn. Samsung’s profits last quarter were 10 times Lenovo’s for the past year. Still, Lenovo’s deal this week to buy IBM’s X86 server business demonstrates that it still has the ambition it showed when it bought Big Blue’s PC business in 2004.从规模上看,这样的比较仍有些可笑。三星的市值是1600亿美元;联想则是140亿美元。三星在最近一个季度的利润是联想过去一年利润的10倍。不过,联想近日收购IBM x86务器业务的交易表明,它仍具备其2004年收购“蓝色巨人”个人电脑业务时所展现的雄心壮志。The relatively low price paid – half of sales – reflects the IBM unit’s swing into loss last year. The business will knock about 5 per cent off Lenovo’s full-year earnings per share, including the slight dilution from the shares issued to IBM. The shares’ rise suggests that investors think it can use its lower cost structure to lift profits.相对低廉的收购价格(相当于销售额的一半),反映了IBM该项业务去年陷入亏损。该业务将令联想的全年每股盈利削减5%,包括向IBM发行股票后造成的轻微稀释。股价上涨表明,投资者认为联想能以相对较低的成本结构来提高利润。Investors like bold tech stories. Samsung’s success was not born of timidity either. It has never bought in growth as Lenovo has, but has taken risks to move up the value chain. One of the reasons for its unexpectedly poor earnings in the latest quarter was a Won800bn (8m) bonus paid to employees to mark the 20th anniversary of a strategy. Back then its chairman made a bonfire of 150,000 mobile phones – worth m – to make the point he wanted better. Now Samsung is trying to push into software – a challenge for a company staffed by hardware engineers.投资者喜欢大胆的科技企业故事。三星的成功也并非来自怯懦。它从没有像联想那样通过收购来实现增长,但它曾冒风险向价值链上游转移。三星在最近一个季度意料之外的利润下滑,其中一个原因是它向员工付了8000亿韩元(合7.38亿美元)的奖金,以庆祝其20年前实施的一项战略。当时三星主席将15万部手机(总值5000万美元)付之一炬,以此表达他期望打造更好产品的决心。现在三星正试图打入软件领域——对一家由硬件工程师组成的公司来说是个挑战。Samsung’s shares have risen 20 per cent a year, compounded, for the past two decades. Should Lenovo follow suit, it will take it a little over a decade to reach Samsung’s present size.过去20年里,三星股价年均复合上涨20%。联想若能实现同样的成就,它将需要10年多一点的时间达到三星目前的规模。Lenovo has momentum on its side. But can it sustain profit growth on a foundation of low-cost manufacture of commodity hardware? Samsung invested aggressively to acquire an enduring competitive advantage – scale – in chips, and from there built a hugely profitable premium phone business. Lenovo needs to find a similar edge.势头对联想有利,但它能否以低成本制造平价商品化的硬件为基础,维持利润增长?三星通过大举投资,获得了芯片领域的持久竞争优势——规模,在此基础上建立了一个利润丰厚的高端手机业务。联想需要找到类似的竞争优势。 /201401/274448青岛人流微创手术 It didn#39;t take long for Brad O#39;Neill to get back in the game.时隔不久,布莱德·奥尼尔又回来了。It was late 2007, and StumbleUpon -- the popular content discovery service and his highest-profile investment at the time -- had just a few months earlier been scooped up by eBay (EBAY) for million in cash. O#39;Neill, an angel investor for the company, could have easily sat back and enjoyed the return on what one reporter called ;your typical dot-com Cinderella story.; Instead, he started another company.那是在2007年末,几个月前StumbleUpon(热门的内容发现网站,也是当时他最受关注的一项投资)刚刚被eBay (EBAY)以7,500万美元现金收购。StumbleUpon的天使投资人奥尼尔本可就此收手,坐享这笔丰厚的投资回报,有位记者将此称为典型的互联网灰姑娘故事。但是,他转而创立了另一家公司。;I had just sold StumbleUpon to eBay with Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith and was starting to think about a new problem to go solve,; O#39;Neill says. ;My technical co-founder Steve Norall and I were talking. He was working as an industry analyst and overwhelmed with all the writing he had to do. And we were talking about how content automation was becoming increasingly possible. I was in the British Virgin Islands on vacation and ruining it by Skyping with Steve and brainstorming what would become TechValidate.;“我和盖瑞特o坎普、杰夫o史密斯将StumbleUpon卖给eBay不久,就开始考虑一个新的、要解决的问题,”奥尼尔说。“我在和懂技术的共同合伙人史蒂夫o诺埃尔谈。他是一位行业分析师,总是为必须要写的东西忙得晕头转向。我们讨论的是内容自动化正在如何变得越来越有可能。当时我在英属维尔京群岛度假,结果却变成了与诺埃尔在Skype上聊天并酝酿后来成为TechValidate的种种设想。”O#39;Neill describes TechValidate#39;s namesake product as a ;software-as-a-service content automation platform for B2B companies.; Custom content has become a popular approach to marketing, but corporate teams are too busy to create content targeted enough to be effective, O#39;Neill says. TechValidate#39;s tool imports content it deems relevant for verified customers of B2B companies from its library. Marketers then review it in private and publish it across platforms, whether in a marketing automation platform, in a customer relations management tool, on social media channels, or on the web.奥尼尔将TechValidate的同名产品描述为“B2B公司软件即务的内容自动化平台”。奥尼尔表示,自设内容已成为受欢迎的营销手段,但企业团队很忙,难以提供足够的定向内容来保有效性。TechValidate的工具可以从资料库中导入它认为对于B2B公司认用户重要的内容。营销人员审核后可在不同平台上发布,包括营销自动平台、客户关系管理工具、社交媒体渠道、网页等等。;We invented the space. Nobody was doing it before we showed up,; he says.;We built a content robot that is designed to make it simple for a marketing team that is aly overstretched to build targeted content -- so targeted that a human couldn#39;t do it.;“我们开创了这个市场空间。我们出现之前没有人做过这件事,”他说。“我们打造了一个内容机器人,简化了营销团队的工作,以前他们总是为打造定向内容而忙得晕头转向——工具实现的定向性是人类难以企及的。”TechValidate introduced its product in the middle of 2008 and now counts GE (GE), Hewlett Packard (HP), IBM (IBM), Dell, Hitachi, CA Technologies (CA), SAP (SAP), and Intel (INTC) as customers. O#39;Neill says the company -- which did not accept outside investment -- made million in revenue in 2013 and is on track to make million, profitably, this year.TechValidate于2008年年中推出了产品,如今通用电气(GE, GE)、惠普(Hewlett Packard, HP)、IBM、戴尔(Dell)、日立(Hitachi)、CA Technologies (CA)、SAP (SAP)和英特尔(Intel, INTC)都已经是它的客户。据奥尼尔称,这家不接受外部投资的公司2013年实现营收500万美元,今年有望达到1200万美元,实现盈利。;Steve and I had a very conscious decision that we weren#39;t going to seek venture money for this,; O#39;Neill says. ;We kept comparing ourselves to SurveyMonkey, which also has these very positive feedback loops. If we#39;re charging the right amount of money, we won#39;t need venture money. We turned profitable in our first year and we still are.;“诺埃尔和我做出了一个非常清醒的决定,这家公司我们不打算寻求风险投资,”奥尼尔说。“我们总是将自己与在线调查网站SurveyMonkey相比,后者也有这样的正反馈回路。如果我们收取的价格合理,我们不需要风险投资。我们第一年就实现了盈利,目前仍是如此。”Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital, which invested in StumbleUpon, says O#39;Neill and Norall have the right approach. ;I don#39;t believe many teams could have accomplished what Brad has without outside investment. We just don#39;t see too many bootstrapped businesses getting to scale in enterprise software. It#39;s a viable path, but uncommon.;First Round Capital的约什o考普曼曾经投资StumbleUpon。他说,奥尼尔和诺埃尔的做法是对的。“我认为,很少有团队能像奥尼尔那样不借助外部投资就取得这样的成就。我们很少看到创业公司能在企业软件领域达到规模化。这是一条可行的道路,但不常见。”On Tuesday, the company announced a partnership with Oracle (ORCL) to integrate its service into Eloqua, that company#39;s marketing automation software. O#39;Neill describes the deal as a way to make it easier for the 35% of his customers who use Eloqua and TechValidate together, but the arrangement also exposes his company to a larger audience through its presence in the EloquaAppCloud software hub.周二,这家公司宣布与甲骨文(Oracle, ORCL)合作,把自己的务与甲骨文的营销自动软件Eloqua相整合。奥尼尔表示,TechValidate有35%的客户同时使用Eloqua和TechValidate,整合能简化他们的工作,也能让TechValidate通过EloquaAppCloud软件枢纽到达更多受众。;The challenge they have is that they don#39;t have all this content to fill these pages,; O#39;Neill says. ;Companies have gone out and spent millions of dollars for marketing automation, and they realize that the deployment doesn#39;t achieve its objectives without content. Eloqua customers were asking for a more streamlined way to pull our assets into that environment. So now any of our joint customers have the ability to build and distribute and syndicate our content in Eloqua -- they don#39;t have to leave it.;“他们的挑战是没有这样的内容来填充页面,”奥尼尔表示。“企业已经做出了努力,花费了数百万美元实施营销自动化。他们意识到如果没有内容,这些努力并不能实现目标。Eloqua的客户要求以一种更简单的方式,将我们的内容提取至他们的工作环境。现在,我们的任何共同客户都能在Eloqua中建立、发布和集成我们的内容——无需离开Eloqua。”Just how big an opportunity is content automation? O#39;Neill would only say that his company sits in between the ;multibillion-dollar; marketing automation industry and the billion content marketing industry -- ;the single largest line item in the marketing budget.; It#39;s not a bad place to be.内容自动化蕴藏着多大的商机?奥尼尔只是说,他的公司处于“几十亿美元”的营销自动化行业与440亿美元内容营销行业之间——“营销预算中最大的单一出。”这个领域真不赖。;Because we#39;re one of a kind, it#39;s difficult to talk about a total addressable market,; he says. ;When you#39;re a unicorn it#39;s a self-serving thing. But we#39;re sitting between two wonderful trends that are both increasing.;“因为我们是其中一个,很难谈论总的可到达市场,”他说。“当你是独角兽时,这是一件不言自明的事。但目前我们处于两股令人激动的趋势之间,两股趋势都在快速增长。” /201405/301276青岛治疗白带花多少钱

青岛无痛人流手术的价格Though you’ve never met Susan Bennett, you are probably more familiar with her than you think. You may have asked her for directions, what the weather is like, the score to baseball games and even to remind you to pick up dog food.也许你和苏珊·班尼特素未谋面,但你很可能对她比你想象中要熟悉。你可能曾经向她询问驾驶方向,询问天气状况,棒球赛比分乃至需要她提醒你该买粮了。Bennett has revealed herself the voice of Apple’s original Siri, and in a recent interview with CNN, she dished on, among other things, how she came to be the one to give life to your favorite snarky personal assistant.在最近接受美国CNN采访时,班尼特坦言,自己就是苹果手机第一款语音助理的录制者,在采访中她絮絮叨叨的说出了自己成为语音助理的录制者——那个给你你最喜爱的、有点小脾气的个人助理赋予了生命的人——的始末过程。Bennett has done voice work for automated systems since the 1970s. Her first job in the biz was as the voice of Tilly the all-time teller, the first ATM machine. She’s also lent her vocals to GPS devices, automated telephone systems and even Delta airlines terminals.自上世纪70年代起,班尼特就开始从事自动系统声音录制方面的工作。她的第一份工作是为第一代自动取款机——“全天候柜员蒂莉” 配音。她也曾为全球定位导航GPS系统、自动电话系统,以及三角洲航空公司终端系统献声。“The Siri voices were recorded in 2005, in the month of July, four hours a day for the whole month,” Bennett told CNN. “When I recorded those voices, I had absolutely no idea where they would end up.”“苹果语音助理是我在2005年7月录制的,每天工作4个小时,干了整整一个月,” 班尼特告诉CNN的记者说,“当我录制那些声音的时候,我完全不知道它们是干什么用的。”Though Bennett’s thought was that those speech samples would be used in company telephone systems, according to CNN, she first heard her voice as Siri the same time many of us did - after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4s in 2011.根据CNN相关报道,当时班尼特以为她录制的声音样本是被用在公司电话系统上的,结果在2011年苹果公司推出iPhone 4s 时,她和其他人一样第一次听到了自己当时录制的声音。“The first time I actually heard my voice as Siri was when my friend emailed me and said, ‘Isn’t this you?’ Bennett said. “And because I didn’t have the newest version of the iPhone, I went to the Apple site and that’s where I heard the voice, and I just went, ‘Ohh, hmm. That is me.’”“我第一次听到自己在苹果语音助理上的声音是因为朋友发邮件给我,问‘那不是你的声音吗?’”,班尼特说,“由于当时我没有买最新款的苹果手机,我登陆了苹果官网,我就是在那里听到自己的声音的,当时我就说,‘噢,那是我的声音。’”Apple has yet to confirm that the Susan Bennett recordings were what was used to create the original Siri voice, but legal representation for Bennett has vouched for her and audio-forensics have told CNN that Bennett and the Siri voice are a “100%” match.对苏珊·班尼特是否就是为第一代语音献声的人,苹果公司尚未实。但苏珊的法律代理人已经为她做了保,并对苏珊的声音进行了音频取,明她的声音和苹果语音助理“100%匹配”。...for now, at least: With iOS 7, Apple has given users two options for Siri voices, a male and female now. And though Apple will neither confirm or deny, it sounds as though Bennett’s female voice has been replaced.至少目前为止是。随着苹果iOS 7问世,苹果公司已经为用户提供了男声和女声两种语音助理以供选择。尽管苹果公司尚未承认或否认此事,但听起来似乎班尼特录制的女声助理已经被另外的声音取代了。As for the sometimes “snippy” tone of our beloved original Siri, there may be an explanation for that.至于为什么替换掉我们最爱的、有时听上去“傲慢”的第一代语音助理,苹果公司也许应该给出解释。;There are some people that just can hour upon hour upon hour, and it#39;s not a problem,” Bennett explained to CNN. “For me, I get extremely bored ... So I just take breaks. That#39;s one of the reasons why Siri might sometimes sound like she has a bit of an attitude. ;“也许有的人可以数小时不断的录制声音,没有问题”,班尼特对CNN记者说,“但是我会感到特别厌倦……所以这时我需要休息。这就是为什么苹果语音助理有时听上去有些摆架子的原因之一。” /201310/259376 If Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Barry Diller and Jeff Bezos all got together for a closed-door meeting at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, people in the U.S. would take notice.如果Facebook创始人扎克伯克(Mark Zuckerberg)、谷歌CEO施密特(Eric Schmidt)、互联网巨头迪勒(Barry Diller)和亚马逊创始人贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)齐聚一堂,在西雅图的亚马逊总部开闭门会议,美国人一定会加以关注。So it’s no surprise that when the leaders of some of China’s biggest tech and media companies ─ including Baidu Tencent Holdings, Youku -Tudou, TCl and Dalian Wanda Group ─ gathered on Friday for a closed-door meeting with the leader of Alibaba Group at the company’s Hangzhou headquarters, speculation sp across the Chinese Internet.因此,上周五中国几家最大的科技和媒体公司的领袖与阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)掌门在杭州阿里巴巴总部召开闭门会议时,中国互联网上出现了各种猜测也就不足为奇了。这些公司包括百度(Baidu)、腾讯(Tencent Holdings)、优酷土豆(Youku-Tudou)、TCI和大连万达集团(Dalian Wanda Group)。The buzz began when one brave soul, claiming to be an employee at Alibaba, posted photos on Sina Corp. SINA +1.89%’s popular microblog Weibo of the executives and the room where they would meet.这场喧闹始于一位自称阿里巴巴员工的勇敢者在新浪(Sina Corp.)微上发布上述公司领袖的照片,以及他们开会的房间。A person at the offices confirmed with China Real Time that a number of executives arrived at the office on Friday afternoon, including Baidu Chief Executive Robin Li and Tencent Chief Executive Pony Ma.一名办公室人员向“中国实时报”记者实,上周五下午有多位高管抵达办公室,其中包括百度CEO李彦宏(Robin Li)和腾讯CEO马化腾(Pony Ma)。Alibaba spokesman John Spelich said the company does not comment on internal meeting schedules.阿里巴巴发言人斯比利奇(John Spelich)说,公司对内部会议安排不予置评。As in the U.S., it’s unclear just how common meetings like this are, but China’s tech executives do see each other publicly at conferences and there are a number of clubs and government meetings that bring executives together.与在美国一样,人们不清楚这样的会议有多常见,不过中国科技行业高管确实经常在各种会议上见面,同时也有众多俱乐部和政府会议让他们聚在一起。Last year, in a bid to add more Internet industry leaders to China’s annual national legislature, the government assembled a group of key Internet executives in a series of meetings to trade ideas about industry regulation and make recommendations about who among them should go to the congress, which wrapped up in Beijing last week.去年,为了让更多的互联网行业领袖进入中国的年度人大会议,政府组织互联网行业的一群重要人物召开了一系列会议,交流对于行业监管的看法,并就谁应当参加人大会议提出建议。人大会议不久前刚刚在北京闭幕。An interview last year with Alibaba Chief Executive Jack Ma took place in a Park Hyatt Hotel conference room reserved for the China Entrepreneur Club, a nonprofit organization of China’s 50 most influential business leaders. Other members include Wang Shi, chairman of China Vanke Co., a major property developer, and Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., which owns Volvo.去年,在中国企业家俱乐部于柏悦酒店(Park Hyatt Hotel)预定的会议室内,阿里巴巴CEO马云曾接受采访。这个俱乐部是中国50位最有影响力的商界领袖组成的非营利组织。俱乐部的其他成员包括大型地产开发商万科(China Vanke Co.)的董事长王石,还有浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.)的董事长李书福。吉利拥有沃尔沃(Volvo)。Nonetheless a big meeting between Chinese Internet leaders causes an even bigger stir than might a meeting of other business leaders, mostly because as with Facebook FB -0.04% and Google GOOG -0.12%, the products these businesses have created are used so constantly by the general populace.然而,相比其他商业领袖,中国互联网领袖的大规模会议引发的轰动更大。主要原因在于,跟Facebook和谷歌一样,这些企业创造的产品被大众使用的频率太高了。Though it’s unlikely much will get out about just what the leaders talked about, the prevailing opinion in Chinese media for now is that the meeting is nothing unusual. A number of outlets wrote that the meeting was a get-together of the “Huaxia Alumni Society,” a group of major business leaders who studied at either the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business or the Chinese Europe International Business School. According to media reports, the meetings rotate between the offices of each of the members, and this time it was Mr. Ma’s.虽然这些人商谈的内容不太可能会传出来,但中国媒体目前普遍认为,这次会议没什么特别的。几家媒体说,会议是“华夏同学会”组织的聚会,这个同学会的成员是曾在长江商学院(Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business)或中欧国际工商学院(Chinese Europe International Business School)学习的重要商界领袖。据媒体报道,聚会在同学会成员的办公地点轮流举行,这一次是由马云做东。Given that it’s a Friday night, perhaps more interesting than what was said at the meeting will be what spot they hit up afterwards. One thing is for sure, if the public is around, photos of where they go next will emerge.鉴于会议时间是上周五晚上,或许人们更感兴趣的不是会上说了些什么,而是他们在会后去了什么地方。有一点是肯定的,如果周围有公众的话,他们去了哪里肯定会有照片。 /201303/232278青岛市妇女医院的QQ是多少青岛新阳光医院四维彩超价格



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