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2019年07月23日 10:49:11来源:赶集晚报

  • Angela Merkel, German chancellor, yesterday delivered a sweeping criticism of President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine crisis, warning that Russia was “creating problemsin Moldova and Georgia, and trying to make some Balkan states “politically and economically dependent德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)昨日就乌克兰危机猛烈抨击了俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)。她警告称,俄罗斯正在尔多瓦和格鲁吉亚“制造麻烦”,并试图让一些巴尔干半岛国家“在政治上和经济上依赖俄罗斯”。Ms Merkel’s comments, in a German newspaper interview, were published just as France’s President Fran#231;ois Hollande was meeting Mr Putin in an effort to defuse tensions.在默克尔接受一家德国报纸采访,发表上述言论之际,法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)却与普京会晤,以期缓和紧张关系。Asked about the risk of war between Russia and the west over the Baltic states, where Moscow has in recent weeks unnerved residents with military flights and other aggressive acts, the chancellor struck a reassuring tone.在被问及俄罗斯与西方围绕波罗的海国家开战的风险时,默克尔的回答令人放心。莫斯科最近几周出动的军事飞机和其他激进举措让那里的居民们感到不安。“The question of war in the Baltic states does not arise,she told Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper. “Nevertheless, Article 5 of the Nato treaty, that is the obligation of mutual support, applies to all allies.”她向德囀?周日世界报Die Welt am Sonntag)表示:“波罗的海国家并未出现战争问题,然而,北约(Nato)协定条款适用于所有盟国,即各成员国负有相互持的义务。”The interview was published yesterday, a day after Mr Hollande made an unannounced stop in Moscow for a two-hour meeting with Mr Putin at Vnukovo airport. The two leaders emerged saying they believed they could help resolve the Ukraine crisis.上述采访文章是在昨日发表的,此前一天,法国总统奥朗德在外出访问期间出人意料地经停莫斯科,与普京在伏努科沃机场举行了两小时会谈。两位领导人结束会谈后表示,相信他们可以帮助解决乌克兰危机。Paris said yesterday that Mr Hollande later spoke on the telephone with Ms Merkel and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.法国政府昨日表示,奥朗德后来与默克尔和乌克兰总统彼得#8226;波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)分别通了电话。Few details of the France-Russian encounter were released but Mr Putin said afterwards: “The discussion we have [#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;] is producing some positive results.”法俄双方没有透露多少此次会晤的细节,但普京后来表示:“我们的讨论……正产生一些积极的结果。”The contrast between the French and German approaches reflects the competing impulses within Europe as member states struggle to deal with Mr Putin. Even within national governments, there is a debate about whether to take a softer or harder line against Moscow to persuade Mr Putin to curb his support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.法德两国截然不同的态度,反映了欧洲各国在与普京打交道方面彼此竞争的冲动。甚至在各国政府内部,就采取怀柔还是强硬手段以促使普京收敛对乌克兰东部分裂主义叛军的持也争论不休。Mr Hollande’s visit was also shadowed by the added drama surrounding two warships the French have so far refused to deliver to Moscow because of the crisis an awkward stance for Paris that could force the government to repay Moscow and also hurt its reputation as a military supplier.奥朗德的访问也因两艘军舰的事情而蒙上阴影。由于乌克兰危机,法国迄今拒绝向莫斯科交付这两艘军舰,这对巴黎来说有些尴尬,可能迫使法国政府向莫斯科偿还相关款项,也会损害其军事供应商的名誉。Both Moscow and Kiev made comments over the weekend about holding talks in Minsk tomorrow to try to achieve a definitive ceasefire after repeatedly violating a pact agreed in September.各方将于明日在明斯克举行谈判,以努力促成最终的停火,此前在9月达成的停火协定被屡次违背。莫斯科和基辅周末均就明日的谈判发表了。来 /201412/347261。
  • Germany owes Greece 279 billion euros in compensation for war damage. At least thats what the Greeks say. The Germans say the claim is nonsense.德国欠希790亿欧元的战争赔偿款。至少希腊是这样说的。而德国则表示,希腊的要求纯属胡说八道。The issue of German war debt towards Greece has been raised many times before most recently in 201C nd 2012, when Greece was negotiating the terms of its 240 billion euros (0 billion) international bail out package.有关德国对希腊战争赔款的问题已经被提过好多次尤其010012年间,当时,希腊正在进行有关2400亿欧2600亿美国际救助计划的谈判。But this is the first time Athens has put an official number roughly 0 billion on World War II reparations.但是,这是雅典第一次给出官方数据;大约3000亿美元的二战赔偿金。The German government has again dismissed the claims, saying the matter has long been closed. ;They wont get their debts paid by conjuring up German obligations from World War II,; German finance minist er Wolfgang Schaeuble told German media last month.德国政府再次无视了这个要表示这个问题早就结束了。德国财政部长沃尔夫冈上月告诉德国媒体,“他们无法接受这些凭空想象出来的二战债务。”Germany paid Greece 115 million marks in 1960, as required by reparation agreements. On top of that, it also paid compensation directly to individual victims of the Nazi regime in Greece -- forced laborers, for example.德国960年付希.15亿马克赔款。另外,还向纳粹在希腊制造的受害者个人进行了直接赔偿——比如,强征的劳工。Berlin says the issue of reparations was settled once and for all by the international treaties that cleared the way for German reunification in 1990.柏林说,赔款问题在德990年重新统一时已经一劳永逸的解决了。Greece did not lodge a protest against those agreements at the time.希腊没有理由对当时的协议提出抗议。But the Greek government now says the 1960 payments were not enough.但是,希腊政府现在表示,1960年的赔偿并不足够;The 1960 agreement provided reparations only for the victims of Nazism in Greece, not for the damage flicted on the country itself,; Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras said in March, when he launched a commissio n to establish the size of the claim and suggest ways of resolving the dispute.总理亚力希克斯在3月份说,;1960年协议提供的赔款仅仅针对在希腊的纳粹受害者,却不包括对这个国家本身的破坏;,当时他正在组织一个委员会,讨论赔偿金的数目和争议的解决方式。Athens also says those reparations did not cover an interest-free loan that occupied Greece was forced t o make to the Nazis in 1942. The loan was never repaid.雅典还说,这些赔偿不包括1942年被占领的希腊被迫为纳粹提供的无息贷款,这笔贷款还没有偿还。The estimate of damages comes as Germans are losing patience with Greece over its attempts to renegotiate the terms of its massive bailout.这些伤害评估是在德国失去了与希腊继续进行大规模救助计划谈判的耐心后,提出的。Germany itself has lent Greece 56 billion euros.德国单独借给了希60亿欧元贷款。The Greek government has not made any formal request for reparations but opinion polls show a claim would have widesp popular support in Greece, which is struggling to avoid another financial collapse.希腊政府并没有提出正式的赔款要求,但民意测验表明,这个要求在挣扎于金融崩溃的希腊得到了广泛的民间持。But Tspiras went as far as suggesting Greece could start confiscating German assets if Berlin refuses to pay.但是,亚力希克斯表示,如果柏林拒绝付赔款,他将建议希腊没收德国资产。That was described as ;bizarre and impertinent; by German media.这个行为被德国媒体描述为;匪夷所思和无礼;。来 /201504/368699。
  • As the first China-made large aircraft roll off the production line, plans for the larger C929 to rival the Boeing 777 are well under way.作为第一台中国本土制造的投入生产线的大型客机,C929抢占劲敌波音777地位的计划正在酝酿中。The China-made large passenger aircraft C919 that made its debut at an exhibition in November 2010 will begin to roll off the production line from Nov.2 this year. Its maiden flight is expected to be in the third quarter of next year, according to Wang Jian, chairman of the AVIC Electromechanical Company speaking at the International Forum of Civilian Aircraft Electromechanical Systems held in Nanjing on Oct. 23.2010年九月,中国制造的大型客机C919第一次在展览会亮相。今1日起,该客机将投入生产线制造。在103日于南京举行的民航飞机机电系统论坛上,中航机电系统有限公司董事长王建说,它的首次航行将于明年第三季度进行。The C919 has been developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which develops home-grown passenger aircraft, including the short range jet ARJ21. The single-aisle narrow-body passenger aircraft C919 has been marketed over the past years aimed at competing with the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.C919是中国商用飞机有限责任公司研发的,该公司研发包括短途引擎ARJ21在内的本土客机。单通道窄体的C919客机已经在过去的几年中被推入市场,目标就是和波音737以及空客320竞争。Wang said as of now, a total of 514 China-made C919 aircraft have been ordered by 21 customers around the world.王说,至今,共计514架国产C919客机已经被世1家客户预订。Wang said that according to the current plan, the C919 will make its maiden flight in the third quarter next year, or possibly in 2017.王说,依照现在的计划,C919将在明年第三季度首次航行,或者可能在2017年。The C919s ;successor; - the wide-body aircraft C929 has also entered the research stage in terms of key technologies. According to Wang, the C929 will use domestic engine and have a capacity of more than 300 passengers, aiming to replace the Boeing 777 in the future.C919的姊客机,宽体C929就关键技术而言已经进入研究阶段。王称,C929将使用国产发动机,载客量大于300人,目标是在未来取代波音777。来 /201510/406585。
  • Ski instructors are among the foreign workers who could find it easier to live in Japan after the government revealed an economic strategy that pledges a three-year dash for growth and no extra tightening of fiscal policy until 2018 or beyond.日本政府已公布一项经济战略,承诺将用3年时间促进经济增长,同时018年(或者更晚)之前不会提出更多财政紧缩政策。The draft plan, expected to be approved by Japan’s cabinet next week, shows Shinzo Abe, prime minister, is betting on higher growth rather than fiscal measures to tackle the world’s largest public debt of 246 per cent of gross domestic product.预计日本内阁将在下周批准该计划草案,这项计划表明日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)正押注于经济更快增长,而非财政举措,以应对该国高比例的公共债务,日本公共债务占国内生产总GDP)246%,为全球最高。It outlines several measures to add to the “third arrowof Mr Abe’s stimulus strategy, which is aimed at boosting growth including a revamp of national universities and allowing the tourist and IT industries to hire foreign workers and shows his determination not to choke the economy with a premature fiscal squeeze.该计划概述了加入安倍晋三刺激战略“第三只箭”的几项举措,其经济战略旨在促进增长(包括国内大学实行改革,以及允许旅游和IT行业聘用外国员工),同时体现了安倍晋三不用不成熟的财政紧缩遏制经济的决心。The fiscal strategy contains no big spending cuts or revenue rises beyond the 2 percentage point rise in consumption tax aly planned for 2017.除了原本计划的在2017年将消费税上个基点之外,这项财政战略不包括任何大规模出削减或增税措斀?While some analysts have criticised the government’s rosy economic assumptions including faster growth in Japan than the US the strategy suggests Mr Abe’s cabinet office has won a bureaucratic turf war against the finance ministry’s wish for rapid fiscal tightening.尽管一些分析人士批评日本政府的乐观经济设想(包括日本经济增速超过美国),但该战略表明,安倍晋三内阁在与日本财务省计划实行快速财政紧缩的交锋中已获胜。Rather than prescribing tax rises or spending cuts, the strategy describes 2016-2018 as the “period of intensive reformaimed at boosting growth, ending deflation and restraining social security spending. The government will revisit fiscal policy in 2018.该战略将2016年至2018年描述为旨在促进增长、结束通缩以及限制社会保障出的“集中改革期”。日本政府将018年评估财政政策。来 /201506/382737。
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