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青岛市妇幼保健医院打胎证明青岛最好的医院Apple has held talks with a number of leading television groups to offer an Internet-based TV service for its iPhone, iPad and Apple TV set-top box, according to people briefed on the company’s plans.了解苹果(Apple)公司计划的人表示,公司与一些重要的电视集团进行了谈话,打算为其iPhone、iPad和Apple TV机顶盒提供基于互联网的电视务。The service, which could be announced later this year, would offer a bundle of channels that is smaller and cheaper than the bloated catalog of offerings in a typical cable subscription, said these people, who discussed the incomplete plans on the condition of anonymity.这些人要求在文中匿名,在谈及这些尚未完成的计划时,他们称该务可能会在今年晚些时候宣布,它将提供一个比传统有线电视订阅的繁杂目录更简洁、更廉价的频道套餐。The plan would potentially offer networks owned by the television groups Disney, Fox, CBS and Discovery, the people said Tuesday. That could include the broadcast networks A, CBS and Fox, along with a lineup of other cable networks, such as ESPN and Discovery Channel.他们在周二表示,该计划可能会提供迪士尼(Disney)、福克斯(Fox)、CBS和探索电视集团(Discovery)所有的电视网。其中可能包括广播电视网A、CBS和福克斯,以及ESPN和探索频道(Discovery Channel)等其他一系列电视网。The total number of networks to be offered is yet to be determined. Apple is not including all of the networks owned by each of the TV groups, signaling yet another fraying of the traditional cable bundle. No deal has been reached yet, the people said.公司最终提供的电视网数目目前还有待确定。苹果不会把每家电视集团拥有的所有网络都纳入其中,表明传统有线电视捆绑计划将面临又一次的剥离。前述知情人士称,目前尚未达成任何协议。Pricing details remain unclear. One person pegged the rate for a monthly subscription at to , while another said that it would be in the range. The final price point will probably depend on which networks are offered and negotiations with television groups, the people said.具体定价仍不清楚。一人认为,每月的订阅费大概在20到25美元,另一人则表示,价格可能会达到30多美元。知情人士表示,最终的价格点可能还要取决于公司会提供哪些电视网,以及他们与电视集团的协商情况。News of Apple’s plans for a web-TV service follows an announcement last week that it had formed an exclusive partnership with HBO to offer the premium cable network’s new digital TV service, called HBO Now.上周,在苹果计划提供网络电视务的消息传来前,苹果刚宣布已与HBO达成独家合作伙伴关系,届时将提供这家付费有线电视网新推出的数码电视务“HBO Now”。A flood of media, telecom and tech companies are introducing digital TV services this year, trying to appeal to a generation of viewers willing to pay for Internet access but not traditional TV cable subscriptions.面对更愿意为互联网而非传统电视网络订阅务付费的新一代观众,众多媒体、通讯和科技公司都纷纷在今年开始引入数码电视务。Dish Network, the satellite provider, recently started a web-based service called Sling TV that includes ESPN and other popular cable networks for a month. On Tuesday, the company announced a series of updates, including availability of the service on the Xbox One console and the addition of Aamp;E Network channels by the end of March. Sling TV also offers extra packages, priced at a month, for a mini-bundle of lifestyle or news networks, for instance.卫星电视供应商迪什网络公司(Dish Network),最近开始提供基于网络的电视务Sling TV,用户可以每月花20美元观看ESPN和其他热门有线电视网络的节目。周二,该公司宣布了一系列的更新,比如Xbox One游戏机可以使用这项务,以及会在3月底前添加Aamp;E电视网频道。Sling TV还会提供每月收费5美元的附加务包,例如关于时尚生活或新闻电视网的迷你捆绑套餐。CBS and Sony also are starting Internet-only subscription plans.CBS和索尼也启动了仅供网络订阅的务计划。Apple will heavily market its new streaming service, which the company has pitched to networks as “better than the best-of-class cable products,” one person said. Potential features would include on-demand functionality and the ability to stream live and on-demand television to an array of devices, another person said.有一个人称,苹果将大力推销新的流媒体务,该公司标榜这一务“比最好的有线电视产品还要好”。另一个人表示,该务可能包括以下功能——点播功能,以及向各种设备传送直播和点播电视节目的功能The Wall Street Journal reported news of the Apple TV service on Monday, after an initial report in Recode last month.继Recode在上个月最先曝出有关Apple 互联网电视务的新闻后,《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)在本周一做出了相关报道。Apple declined to comment on the potential new service.苹果公司拒绝就这项可能推出的新务置评。One major entertainment company not involved in the latest round of discussions is Comcast and its NUniversal entertainment group, the people said. If Apple and Comcast do not come to terms on a deal, the new service will not include the broadcaster N or the cable networks it owns, such as Bravo and Syfy.上述知情人士表示,大型公司康卡斯特(Comcast)及旗下的N环球公司(NUniversal)没有参加最新一轮协商。如果苹果和康卡斯特无法就交易达成一致,新务不会涉及美国全国广播公司(N)或它所拥有的有线电视网,比如精电视台(Bravo)和科幻频道(Syfy)。Comcast could be forced to come to a deal with Apple because of the conditions that it agreed to with regulators when it acquired NUniversal in 2011. Under those agreements, an online provider like Apple could demand that NUniversal make its programming available if Apple has signed deals with other television groups.康卡斯特可能会被迫与苹果公司达成协议,因为它在2011年收购N环球公司时接受了监管机构提出的条件。这些协议规定,苹果等网络视频供应商可以要求N环球公司提供节目,前提是苹果与其他电视集团签订了协议。Apple has been rumored to be planning an online TV service for more than five years. But the company’s approach so far has been to work with distributors like Time Warner Cable and Walt Disney Company on offering apps with access to their content for the Apple TV set-top box.五年多来,一直有关于苹果计划提供网络电视务的传言。但公司到目前为止只是与时代华纳有线电视公司(Time Warner Cable)、沃尔特·迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Company)等经销商开展合作,提供应用程序,让顾客可以通过Apple TV机顶盒观看它们的节目。Offering a slimmer bundle of television channels over an Internet connection would help Apple distinguish its service from a traditional cable subscription. However, it would not be nearly as disruptive as the deals that Apple cut with record labels for the iTunes Store, when it negotiated to sell songs one track at a time, as opposed to forcing consumers to buy complete albums.基于互联网的电视台组成的一种精简的捆绑套餐,将会让苹果的务显得与传统有线电视订阅有所不同。然而,这不会像苹果就iTunes Store与唱片公司达成的协议一样具有破坏性,当时苹果进行谈判时希望可以一次只卖一首歌,与迫使顾客购买整张专辑的做法完全不同。 /201503/365329青岛哪个医院治疗子宫腺肌症好 Search-engine giant Google launched a new service Wednesday that it hopes will reverse the trend of people gravitating away from the World Wide Web in favor of Facebook and other apps on their mobile phones.搜索引擎巨头谷歌在周三发布了一项新的务,谷歌希望通过这项务扭转人们迷恋用万维网的Facebook 和在手机上使用各种APP的趋势。The new service, called Amp, works by partnering with news publishers and other content providers to help them create Web content that downloads to mobile phones and tablets up to 85 times faster.这项新的务被称为Amp, 和新闻发布者及其他内容提供者一起来帮助创造万维网内容,以此将下载到手机和平板上的速度提高了85倍。It#39;s a seemingly simple concept and one that consumers may not even notice. But the stakes are high for Google, which competes with apps such as Facebook for eyeballs and ad dollars.这似乎看起来是个简单的想法,但是却没有被消费者注意到。这个尝试对谷歌来说也是风险很高,因为这个和像Facebook 这样的APP 竞争吸引力和广告收入。That battle has gotten tougher on smartphones and tablets, where apps generate three times as much attention as the Web, according to research firm eMarketer. The trend toward in-app browsing is only expected to worsen over time. By 2017, the gap is expected to widen to three hours and 23 minutes on mobile apps vs. just 52 minutes on the mobile Web, eMarketer predicts.这项务在智能手机和平板电脑 方面将愈发艰难,因为其吸引力将是万维网的三倍,搜索引擎公司eMarketer 说道。在应用程序浏览的趋势是随着时间的推移,预计将会恶化。2017年,差距将扩大,在移动应用程序需要三小时23分钟,而在移动网络上只需要52分 钟,eMarketer预测。;We love the World Wide Web. To some degree, on mobile, it has not fully satisfied users#39; expectations,; said Google#39;s head of news, Richard Gingras. ;We are hoping to change that,; Gingras said at a launch event Wednesday in Manhattan.“我们爱万维网。在某种程度上,移动,它已经不能完全满足用户的期望,”谷歌的新闻领导,李察金格拉斯说。“我们希望改变,”金格拉斯星期三在曼哈顿的活动启动仪式上说。One reason for the gap is speed. When users click on a news link and it#39;s slow to respond, they will exit and go elsewhere. ;That#39;s not good for us,; Gingras said.这个差距的一个原因就是速度。当用户点击新闻链接时,她反应很慢,用户就会退出然后浏览其他地方。“这对我们来说是不好的” 金格拉斯说。Early results show download speeds up to 85 times faster when content is created using Amp, said David Besbris, vice president of engineering at Google.老用户说,当内容由Amp 创造时,其下载速度就提高85倍,谷歌搜索引擎的副董事长说道。Google launched the new Amp service, which is being co-sponsored by Twitter, to a room full of news publishers at a cafe in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday. Twitter is a stand-alone app but it also relies on Web-generated links to drive traffic.谷歌推出了新的务,这是星期三,新闻出版商在曼哈顿市中心的一家咖啡馆和推特共同发起的。推特是一个独立的应用程序,但它也依赖于网络生成的链接,以推动流量。The Amp service is free for content providers, Google#39;s executives said. They expect to eventually expand the service beyond news content to other mobile content providers.Amp 务对内容提供者是完全免费的,谷歌的领导说。他们希望能超越新闻内容最终扩展其业务到其他移动内容提供者那里。;This is about making sure the World Wide Web is not the World Wide Wait. And to make sure that platform evolves,; Gingras said.“这就是在让万维网不在是万等网转变。并在确保这项平台在扩展演变,” 金格拉斯说道。 /201510/402557青岛四院做产检价格

青岛人流手术的具体费用While the year 2015 has witnessed fingerprint recognition scanner becoming a must-have feature in top of the line handsets, iris scanning technology is expected to be the center of attraction in high-end smartphones in the next few years.2015年,指纹识别成为高端手机端设备不可或缺的功能,而在未来几年,虹膜扫描技术预计将是高端智能手机的开发核心。Iris recognition, an automated method of biometric identification, enables you to unlock the phone as well as secure mobile payment by scanning your eyes instead of the tip of your fingers.虹膜识别,与指纹识别一样,是一种自动生物特征的识别方法,通过扫描眼睛中的虹膜来解锁手机、实现安全移动付。The new recognition method, which analysts said is widely regarded as becoming the next security standard, has found its way to mobile devices.分析人士表示,这一新识别方法被普遍认为是下一代安全标准,将应用到移动设备中。South Korean tech giant Samsung is rumored to be working on its next generation of Galaxy S7 smartphones, which will come with the iris scanning technology in 2016.据传,韩国科技巨头三星公司于2016年推出的下一代智能手机Galaxy S7将配置虹膜扫描技术。Another South Korean smartphone manufacturer, LG, which hadn#39;t originally even intended to integrate fingerprint scanner on its LG G4, is reportedly very likely to become a front-runner in smartphone technological breakthroughs. According to tech news portal techradar.com#39;s report in November, LG#39;s next generation LG G5, which is expected to be released early 2016, could sport an iris scanner.韩国另一智能手机制造商LG公司,据说也极有可能成为虹膜识别技术的领跑者,而最初该公司甚至并未打算在其G4手机配置指纹扫描仪。根据科技新闻门户网techradar.com11月的报告表示,LG公司的下一代产品G5智能机,即将于2016年发布,极有可能配置虹膜扫描技术。Smaller smartphone makers, Guangdong-based Vivo and Japan#39;s Fujitsu, have aly tried out this technology on their flagship smartphones, Vivo X5 Pro and Fujitsu ARROWS NX F-04G, respectively. Fujitsu promoted its gizmo that can unlock a screen with a 0.6-second glance, and Vivo X5 Pro claimed it can secure almost all mobile applications. The two devices created quite a sensation among tech enthusiasts when they were launched in May, but their sales were reportedly not particularly high, as iris recognition doesn#39;t seem to be a feature ordinary consumers are looking for in the next generation of smartphones.中小型智能手机制造商,如广东的Vivo和日本的富士通,已在其旗舰智能机Vivo X5 Pro和Fujitsu ARROWS NX F-04G尝试应用了这一技术。富士通改进了其手机设备,只需定视0.6秒,即可解锁手机屏幕;Vivo X5 Pro声称可以保护几乎所有的移动应用程序。这两家公司5月推出的手机设备在技术爱好者中引起了不小的轰动,但据说销量并不高,因为普通消费者似乎并没有期待下一代智能手机具有虹膜识别的功能。;I will not change or buy a smartphone only for the sake of enjoying the new technology, which is like a supplementary feature for passwords, not a necessary one,; Shang Xin, a 31-year-old Beijing resident said.“我不会为了体验新技术而换手机或重购,这只是密码保护的补充功能,又不是必要功能,”尚鑫,一位31岁的北京居民说道。He added that it is slightly inconvenient to constantly have to lift the phone to your eyes, and the infrared light will also make the technology annoying and invasive if done regularly. ;I think fingerprint scanning technology is enough for my daily use with respect to security and speed,; he said.他补充说,时不时地把手机拿到眼睛的高度有点麻烦,发出的红外光也有比较恼人,“我认为,指纹扫描技术足以满足我对日常使用中安全性和速度的需求”。Fingerprint recognition, another biometric identification method, was widely integrated into high-end smartphones this year.指纹识别,是另一种生物特征识别方法,今年被广泛应用于高端智能手机中。;Technologically speaking, iris scanning will be more secure than other identification methods,; Zhu Dalin, an industry analyst told the Global Times on Tuesday.“从技术上来说,虹膜扫描会比其他的识别方法更安全”,一位业内分析师周二告诉环球时报。Experts are concerned that the new technology may still carry some disadvantages for users who have eye-related disorders as well as those who are trying to unlock their phones without enough light present.专家担心,新技术也有一些劣势,虹膜扫描技术对于那些眼睛有疾病的用户,或者手机在使用环境光线不足的情况下难以实现。But consumers are likely to see the adoption of iris scanning technology in next year#39;s smart devices as a strong selling point as the global smartphone market continues to mature.随着全球智能手机市场的不断成熟,虹膜扫描技术的应用将是2016年智能设备的一大强有力卖点。 /201512/416154青岛人流手术安全 青岛新阳光妇科医院官网

青岛开发区妇科体检套餐The causes and consequences of the long-running inflation of profits by Toshiba reflect some uniquely Japanese cultural norms. So, inevitably, did the 2011 scandal at Olympus, where successive leaders covered up accounting manipulation.东芝(Toshiba)长期虚报利润的原因和后果,反映出日本一些独特的文化习俗。奥林巴斯(Olympus)2011年爆出的丑闻也必然如此。奥林巴斯曾有连续数位掌门人掩盖会计操纵的问题。But the genetic traces of those debacles are visible in plenty of other countries and companies. Self-satisfied boards of non-Japanese companies should examine the flaws that are common to all corporate cultures — almost certainly including their own.但是,这类溃败背后的基因痕迹在很多其他国家和企业都能看到。非日本企业洋洋自得的董事会应该对所有企业文化中常见的缺点进行检查——几乎肯定包括了它们自己的企业文化。After all, there are only so many ways of cooking the books, however varied the details of each case. In the introduction to his indispensable anthology of creative accounting, Michael Jones, a professor of financial reporting, identifies just four main strategies — increasing income, decreasing expenses, increasing assets and decreasing liabilities. Toshiba was doing the first, according to an independent report — but so, for example, was WorldCom, one of the most notorious US cases of accounting fraud, back in the early 2000s.毕竟,作假账的方式太多了,不过每种情况的细节有所不同。财务申报方面的教授迈克尔琼斯(Michael Jones)在介绍伪造账目方面不可或缺的选集时,指明了4种主要策略——增加收入、减少出、增加资产以及减少负债。据一份独立报告称,东芝使用的是第一种手法——不过,举个例子,世通(WorldCom)也是这么做的,它是21世纪初最臭名昭著的美国假账案之一。Control failings are one common theme. The audit committee at Toshiba includes executive directors — a red flag to UK governance purists. But directors, auditors and risk managers can succumb to capture or groupthink anywhere. It took the financial crisis to enshrine the idea that UK banks’ chief risk officers should be more independent, for instance.控制失败是一种常见主题。东芝的审计委员会中包含执行董事——这对英国的公司治理纯粹主义者来说是一个危险信号。但是,在任何地方,董事、审计员和风险管理者都可能会屈于群体思维,或者被监督对象所俘虏。只有经历了金融危机才能铭记住这类观点——比如,英国的首席风险官应该更加独立。As for lack of objective supervision, the UK principle that chief executives should be overseen by an independent chairman is widely ignored in the US. When boards do split the roles, it is often to give the former chief executive a stepping stone to retirement, an echo of the way former Toshiba and Olympus executives clung on to influence over their companies after they left. Even in the UK, companies are only one emergency decision or succession crisis away from appointing an executive chairman.至于缺乏客观监督方面,英国对首席执行官应接受独立董事长监督的原则,在美国被广泛忽略。当董事会的确让不同的人担任这两个角色,这通常是给前任首席执行官一块通往退休的垫脚石——这与东芝和奥林巴斯前首席执行官在离任后不愿放弃对公司影响力的情况相呼应。即便在英国,如果企业需要做紧急决定或是遭遇继任危机,也会任命一位执行董事长。Unwillingness to challenge authority, a trait attributed to employees at Toshiba and Olympus — and often given an “only in Japan” spin — is a recurring problem everywhere, from Royal Bank of Scotland under Fred Goodwin to Fifa under Sepp Blatter.不愿挑战权威——这被认为是东芝和奥林巴斯的员工身上的特性,而且常被贴上“只出现在日本”的标签——是世界各地反复出现的问题,无论弗雷德古德温爵士(Sir Fred Goodwin)执掌时的苏格兰皇家(RBS)还是塞普布拉特(Sepp Blatter)领导的国际足联(Fifa)都不例外。The assumption that non-Japanese companies benefit from the protection of more advanced governance codes is broadly true. But such armour can be paper-thin if not reinforced in practice. Enron was technically in line with US boardroom practice. Toshiba was itself held up as a model of governance. It started appointing outside directors to its board long before the Olympus fiasco prompted wider corporate reform in Japan.非日本企业受益于更先进的治理法范的保护——这种设想基本是正确的。但是,这种保护性的盔甲可能会形同虚设,如果没能在实践中加固的话。在法律层面,安然(Enron)与美国董事会的做法一致。东芝本身被树立为公司治理的典范。该公司任命外部董事进入董事会的做法,远早于奥林巴斯惨剧在日本引发全面企业改革。The most important lesson from Toshiba is about the malign impact of top-down pressure to meet unrealistic targets. Toshiba’s ex-chief executive denies having given direct instructions to staff to inflate profits. But the investigating panel said he told executives to “use every possible measure to achieve profitability” and added that Toshiba’s corporate culture did “not allow employees to go against the will of their superiors”.从东芝得到的最重要教训是,为达到不切实际的目标而由上而下施加压力,会带来不利影响。东芝前首席执行官否认直接向员工作出虚报利润的指示。但是,调查委员会称,他曾向高管表示“利用一切可能的手段来实现盈利”,该委员会还补充称,东芝的企业文化“不允许员工违背上级意愿”。Staff at target-chasing western banks before the credit crunch or at WorldCom ahead of its collapse in 2002 may recognise that picture. Bernie Ebbers, the telecoms group’s chief executive, “created, and the [then] board permitted, a corporate environment in which the pressure to meet the numbers was high, the departments that served as controls were weak, and the word of senior management was final and not to be challenged”, a WorldCom board investigation found in 2003.信贷紧缩前在追逐目标的西方业工作的员工、或者世通2002年破产前的员工,也许会觉得这画面似曾相识。2003年对世通董事会所做的一份调查发现,时任该电信集团首席执行官的伯尼埃伯斯 (Bernie Ebbers)“创造了(董事会随后允许了)一种企业环境——完成业绩数字的压力很大、承担控制职能的部门很弱、高管层的指示毋庸置疑,不会受到挑战”。If the Toshiba report were just a snapshot of how some Japanese companies are fossilised relics of what corporate governance used to look like elsewhere, the rest of the world could rest easy. But the rest of the world should not be so smug. A new survey suggests that internationally, 37 per cent of management accountants, who help companies seek out investments and control risks, have felt under pressure from managers or peers to compromise corporate ethics. The percentage has risen over the past three years in most places polled, including the UK and the US.如果这份关于东芝的报告仅仅揭示出,有些日本企业正是其他地方以往公司治理面貌的“化石遗址”,那么世界其他地方便可高枕无忧。但是,世界其他地方不应该如此安然自得。一份新调查显示,全球37%的管理会计师(负责帮助企业寻找投资并控制风险)已经感觉到来自经理或同侪的、让其放弃企业伦理的压力。在绝大多数接受调查的地区——包括英国和美国——这一比例在过去三年均有所上升。When aggressive targets, irresistible management pressure and weak controls coincide, misconduct can sp quickly. Rival companies see the inflated numbers and strain to match them. To suggest such weaknesses are confined to one corporate or national culture is a first step into dangerous complacency.当激进的目标、不可抗拒的管理压力以及控制薄弱同时出现时,不端行为便会迅速蔓延。对手企业看到虚报的数字,就会想方设法报出差不多的数字。认为这种嗜好为某一家企业或某种民族文化所独有,就是步入危险自负的第一步。 /201507/389620 Didi Kuaidi, the Chinese ride-hailing app, has become an investor in its Indian counterpart Ola – raising the stakes as Uber tries to gain a greater toehold in Asia.中国叫车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)已成为印度叫车应用Ola的投资者,在优步(Uber)试图扩大在亚洲的影响力之际,此举将提高竞争赌注。The size of the investment was not disclosed but the funds will help Ola expand in India, Didi Kuaidi said in a statement on Monday. Ola is aly India#39;s biggest taxi-hailing business, with 750,000 journeys a day in taxis, leased cars and motorised rickshaws giving it an 80 per cent market share.滴滴并未透露投资规模,但该公司在周一的一份声明中称,这笔资金将帮助Ola在印度扩张。Ola已是印度最大叫车公司,每日通过出租车、租赁汽车和机动三轮车提供75万次的用车务,占据印度80%的市场份额。Despite this dominance, the move highlights the intensifying competition among ride-hailing companies in Asia as US firm Uber ramps up its efforts in the Chinese and Indian markets. Chief executive Travis Kalanick has described both as the company#39;s most important global growth markets.尽管Ola在印度市场占据主导地位,但滴滴投资Ola之举突显出亚洲叫车应用公司之间的竞争日益激烈,美国公司优步正在中国和印度市场加速扩张。优步首席执行官特拉维斯愠灓尼克(Travis Kalanick)把这两个市场都视为优步最重要的全球增长市场。The deal will also indirectly fuel greater competition between China#39;s biggest internet companies: investors in Uber#39;s China unit include Baidu, the Chinese search company, while Didi#39;s backers include Tencent and Alibaba. Ola is backed, among others, by Japanese telecoms group SoftBank.这笔交易还间接加剧了中国最大的几家互联网公司之间的竞争:优步中国公司的投资者包括中国搜索公司百度(Baidu),而滴滴的持者包括腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)。Ola的持者包括日本电信集团软银(SoftBank)。 /201510/401912青岛崂山区人流好不好青岛哪个医院做无痛人流手术比较好



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