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Ann is orderingAnn: Barista, pull me a ristretto.Jess:What? Youre suddenly some kind of coffee snob now? What a ristretto anyway?Ann: It basically a very strong espresso. Half the water pulled through the same amount of beans. Pure coffee essence.Jess:Sounds like it must be just full of caffeine. I want one of those instead!Ann: You fiend. It about the flavor, not the fix. Why dont you just crush some caffeine pills and start doing lines?参考译文:小安在点咖啡小安:吧台,给我来杯芮思崔朵洁丝:怎么,你现在突然变成咖啡专家啦?芮思崔朵是啥东东?小安:基本上它是非常浓的浓缩咖啡相同份量的咖啡豆,只加入一半的水纯正咖啡精华洁丝:听起来一定充满咖啡因我要换喝这种!小安:你这个咖啡鬼这是为了香味,不是在追求快感你何不干脆把咖啡因片弄碎,开始用鼻子吸算了?重点词汇:ristretto (n.)(咖啡名)芮思崔朵,这种咖啡是浓缩咖啡的再浓缩hammerhead (n.)(咖啡名)榔头咖啡drip cofffe (n.)(口语)一般加滤纸的咖啡壶煮出来的咖啡而hammerhead是指「榔头用来敲打的那端」,所以文末James才会故意说他想拿「榔头」 hammer捶客户脑袋Can you tell the difference between ristretto and espresso?你能分辨出芮丝崔朵和义式浓缩的不同吗?caffeine (n.)咖啡因caffeine pills是将咖啡因制成的药锭,用后可提神I like caffeine in the morning.我喜欢早上的咖啡因滋味pull (v.)(从义式咖啡机中)汲取(咖啡)Can you pull me a double shot of espresso, please?可否麻烦你倒杯双份浓缩的义式浓缩咖啡给我?strong (a.)(味道)浓的weak (a.)(味道)淡的This coffee is really strong.这杯咖啡好浓fiend (n.)(口)嗜好成癖者,…迷John is such a chocolate fiend. He eats it all the time!约翰真是一个巧克力鬼他老是吃巧克力吃个不停!fix (n.)(俚)毒品注射I cant wait to get my fix.我等不急来个一针了do lines(把毒品的粉末)排列成线用鼻子吸入这里Ann是在开玩笑,说Jess对咖啡因上瘾的程度,就好象是在吸毒Doing lines of anything is bad your nose.不管是什么东西,只要排成线状吸进鼻子里,都对鼻子不好snob (n.)假内行的人,自以为了不起的人A: She never talks to anyone.她从不和任何人说话B: Yes, either she shy or a real snob!对啊,她不是害羞,就是装高贵!essence (n.)本质,精华A: How do you like the author, James Joyce?你喜欢这个作家,詹姆斯乔依斯吗?B: He amazing. He captured the essence of human thought.他太神奇了他抓住人类思维的本质 357887佛罗里达州《圣彼得斯堡时报收集了500多项奥巴马在竞选期间许下的承诺,将其列在网上,并为这一专栏取名为“奥巴马表”,追踪他实现承诺的进度网站将这些承诺分为“停滞中的Stalled ”、“进展中的In the Works ”、“没有行动的No Action ”、“无法兑现的 Broken ”、“折中解决的 Compromises ”和“已经解决的Kept ”六种情况迄今为止,奥巴马已经有7项承诺无法兑现 Promise Broken 它们分别是:No. : End income tax seniors making less than ,000 No. : Allow five days of public comment bee signing billsNo. 0: Tougher rules against revolving door lobbyists and mer officialsNo. 5: Create a ,000 tax credit companies that add jobsNo. 5: Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement s in and No. 5: Recognize the Armenian genocideNo. 5: Negotiate health care rem in public sessions televised on C-SPAN 689

Lily is sick in bedMom:Lily! Why arent you up and y school?Lily:I dont feel so good, Mom.Mom:Lily, if youre acting sick just because you want to play hooky...Lily:[Coughing] No, Mom. Im really sick.Mom:Oh, that a nasty cough. Let me feel your head. [feels her ehead] Youre on fire!参考译文:莉莉生病躺在床上妈妈:莉莉!怎么还不起床准备上学?莉莉:妈,我不舒妈妈:莉莉,如果你为了想逃课而装病……莉莉:(咳嗽)不是,妈我真的病了妈妈:喔,咳得蛮严重的我摸摸你的头(摸她的额头)你好烫!重点词汇:act sick装病I need to act sick so my mom lets me stay home from school.我得装病,我妈才让我待在家里不上学play hooky逃课I would play hooky every day if I could.要是可以,我会天天逃课cough (v.,n.)咳嗽A: What wrong with you now?你怎么了?B: I have a cough.我咳嗽了on fire着火,这是发烧的夸张说法,表示额头烫得像着火似的「发烧」是get a fever,「发冷」则是have the chillsOur house is on fire!我们家着火了! 359561

#6579;Part . Americans at work.Keywordswork in the ed States, where, manufacturing, service industries, work ethic, working women.Vocabularyreconcile, hypothetical, digression.A. Youre going to hear a lecture on work in the ed States. Listen carefully, focusing on the distributions of American workce. Complete the pie chart with sector names and percentage numbers.The topic of work in the ed States is an interesting one because the statistics do not always agree with popular general impressions about American workers and the American economy.I will try to reconcile these impressions with what we know from some recent statistics.To get you warmed up, let me give you a few questions to think about bee I start the first point of our lecture today.Do you think most Americans work in factories that produce goods domestic use and exportation?Do you think most American women are housewives or do most of their work outside the home?Do you think people in the ed States work hard? If time permits, Ill deal with each of these points in today lecture.So then, where do most people in the ed States work? If you thought in the manufacturing sector, in other words, in factories, you were wrong.It is true that the ed States is and is seen as, a strong industrial power. But the statistics reveal that another branch of the economy is even stronger than manufactory.Instead of dealing with the large figures required when discussing a total US workce of 5 million people, let take a look at 0 hypothetical workers and see where they are employed.Of those 0 workers, work in manufacturing, that is, in producing goods, another work in construction, and 3 work in agriculture, estry and fishing, and 1 out of 0 workers is employed in mining.You might find the figures manufacturing and agriculture surprisingly low and in a sense they are. 5051Anyone can be a telemarketer?[00:.]Listen and Share[00:.8]Anyone can be a telemarketer? 任何人都可以当电话推销员? [00:1.70]词汇扫描[00:5.35]telemarketer 电话推销员[00:9.6]quality assurance 质量保[00:.]overhear 无意中听到[00:37.93]cube 办公室格子间[00:3.]英文原文[00:.]Successful telemarketers don't have to be brain surgeons,[00:7.68]just good on the phone.[00:8.90]Case in point: While serving in the quality assurance department[00:5.5]of one marketing firm,[00:53.95]I overheard the guy in the next cube ask the customer's e-mail address.[00:58.1]"That's great," he said. "Now, if you can tell me how you spell 'aol'?" [01:.]中文大意[01:1.6]逐句对照[01:5.98]Successful telemarketers don't have to be brain surgeons,[01:8.85]just good on the phone.[01:59.]Case in point: While serving in the quality assurance department[:.39]of one marketing firm,[:.55]I overheard the guy in the next cube ask the customer's e-mail address.[:.53]"That's great," he said. "Now, if you can tell me how you spell 'aol'?" [:.8]多学一点[:39.00]telemarketer 电话推销员[:.70]telephone 电话[:.6]market 市场[:57.]telemarketing[:59.60]quality assurance 质量保[:.1]quality 质量[:.90]assurance 保[:.3]overheard[:18.]overhear[:.55]无意中听到[:3.]I accidentally overheard what they were saying.[:9.93]cube 立方体[:.]cube 格子间[:.89]重新听一次故事原文[:.60]Successful telemarketers don't have to be brain surgeons,[:.38]just good on the phone.[:.]Case in point: While serving in the quality assurance department[:.18]of one marketing firm,[:.73]I overheard the guy in the next cube ask the customer's e-mail address.[:19.98]"That's great," he said. "Now, if you can tell me how you spell 'aol'?" [:39.89]谢谢收听任何人都可以当电话推销员? 成功的电话推销员用不着是脑外科医生,他们只需要打电话时会说话就行 例: 当我在一家市场营销公司的质保部工作时,我无意中听到隔壁格子间的一个家伙在问他的顾客的电子邮件地址“太棒了”,他说,“现在,你能不能告诉我,你是怎样拼写'aol'的”? 019395AdD79~Aw;cLXi3%_^9M8YEkpI~DB#CrWx7DZjeIu_cOMfIt was New Year’s Day. He lived in Las Vegas. He drove over to a casino. He walked over to a roulette table. He bought one chip . He flipped a coin. He caught the coin. It was heads. He put the alley小巷,predict预言Told You SoOn my way to deliver a computer to a customer, I saw a handwritten sign at the entrance of an alley. It , “Blocked! Can not pass! Difficult to turn back.” I continued anyway, only to discover that the alley was indeed blocked by a fallen tree. As predicted, it took a while to turn the trunk around. When I eventually got back to the entrance, I noticed a second sign. It , “Told you so!”告诉过你了在给顾客送电脑的途中,我看到一条小巷的入口贴了一个手写的招贴:“堵住了!不能通过!转回来有困难”但是我还是继续往前开,一直到发现这条小巷的确被一棵倒下的树堵住了正如所预言的,我费了好大劲才把卡车调过头来当我最后又回到小巷的入口处时,看到了另一个招贴:“告诉你,你不信!”1.entrance入口entrance也有很多其他含义,比如“进入/登场”:Entrance into college was great event in his life.进大学是他一生中的重大事件The actor’s entrance was greeted with applause.那位演员在掌声中登场.alley在文中指“小巷”也有“小径”、“球道”、“狭长地带”等意思3.turn back往回走turn back a ticket退票;The travelers were turned back at the frontier.游客在边境被挡了回来“翻回”:Turn back to page ten, please.请翻回到第十页“翻起”:Don’t turn back the corner of the page to mark your place.别折书角来作读到哪里的记号 .predict预言He predicted a brilliant future the child.他预言这孩子前程似锦The weather scientists predicted a cold winter.气象专家预计冬天会很冷5.trunk树干也可以指“主体”:a colony breaking away from the trunk of the British Empire脱离大英帝国主体的一块殖民地6.eventually终于He eventually retired from business.他终于退休了He eventually saw that he was mistaken.他终于认识到自己错了 9 chip on red. The dealer spun the roulette wheel. The wheel went round and round. The dealer pushed the silver ball. The ball went round and round. The wheel slowed down. The ball slowed down. The ball dropped into a red slot. He won! The dealer gave him a But there are new studies coming out that are just fascinating about how important, extremely important it is a child to be with his or her mother until they are close to four years old.Now, that doesnt mean constantly. Im not advocating that a mother stay home full time if she not so inclined.But there definite research that coming out saying that, you know, a mother role is more important in some regards than we had thought.And that the bonding process lasts quite a bit longer. In fact, children go into shock oftentimes if they are separated too early.And that why I think a lot of us are fighting parental leave and family leave, that allows both mother and father to have time with their children hopefully within the first two years, not just the first few months.People need concrete support, and especially nowadays, I did write another meditation about needing the support of commy.Because nowadays we oftentimes dont have our parents close by, or brothers and sisters live in another state or even another country.And so especially when you come home the first few months or the first few years, you may feel extremely isolated if you cant hoop up with a co-op, a babysitting co-up or a mother group.And this is just a wonderful way to remind mothers that we have what Mary Catherine Bateson calls peripheral vision: the ability to be attentive to multiple demands and to think about more than one thing at a time.And I think that a very valuable trait that mothers do have.And sometimes we think of ourselves as being scattered and airheads because of it, and that been oftentimes how weve been portrayed,but this is a wonderful, wonderful trait that mothers develop, especially in the first few years. Well, we have eyes in the backs of our heads, right? Exactly.But we also are able to keep lots of balloons in the air, which means that what we do is, you get up in the morning and you say ;I need to do this, this, this, this and I need to go to work and what dinner besides.;Exactly. So you get it all in order bee you leave the house in the morning.Right, and you can take your needs into as well as the needs of many other individuals, which is extremely important in this day and age.I mean we no longer can afd ecologically to have a one track mind. We can no longer afd it in the family in the workplace. And I think that something that women very much have to offer.I think the ;me; generation is over. 5059 chip. He gave the dealer a $ tip. He cashed in both his chips. He went home. He felt good. It was going to be a good year.PJWW[M9r];NxM8D-m9of9*.HoxDKR#VtDSG,oKZ[(S5l!eER9Q7j,D6]JWD 85


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