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Debating seems common in our daily lives – you discuss social issues with friends, argue about an NBA game, and haggle to get a good deal on your new laptop. But when it comes to English debating, things are different.日常生活中争论似乎每天都在上演。和朋友们探讨社会热点、争论NBA球赛、为买到优惠的笔记本电脑讨价还价。可要说到英语辩论,情况则完全不同。The Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press launched the 16th national English debating competition this year, attracting over 10,000 students.今年,外语教学与研究出版社举办了第十六届全国大学生英语辩论赛,吸引了逾万学生。Experts say that debating is good for developing logical thinking。有关专家表示,辩论有助于培养逻辑思维。;In an era of entertainment culture, we need debating competitions to help more students pay attention to social issues,; said Du Huiliang, deputy director of the college department in the Central Committee of the Young Communist League.共青团中央学校部副部长杜汇良表示:;在这个文化时代,我们需要这样一项辩论赛,来帮助更多学生去关注社会热点问题。;;By debating, students learn the truth about society and the right social and personal values.;;通过辩论,学生们能够认清真实的社会,树立起正确的社会观和价值观。;Logical thinking and presenting arguments are more important than a beautiful accent when speaking English. So students have created ways to practice their powers of analysis and logical thinking.英语辩论中,逻辑清楚、论点鲜明比优美的发音更为重要。因此,同学们便可以创造多种方式来锻炼自己的分析能力和逻辑思维。Fang Shuqiong, 22, a senior majoring in English at Xiamen University, likes role playing while practicing her debating skills with teammates.22岁的方舒琼是厦门大学英语专业三年级学生,她喜欢和队友们通过角色扮演的方式来练习自己的辩论技能。;We play different roles including Prime Minister and Deputy PM every night. We select subjects for debate from past competitions and TOEFL compositions,; said Fang.方舒琼说:;每天晚上我们都会扮演不同的角色,包括总理和副总理。我们从以往的辩论赛还有作文题目中挑选辩题。;Apart from inviting a foreign tutor, the team enjoys brainstorming various issues from loser culture to dating shows. Everyone tries to make impromptu speeches about these topics, which Fang says is helpful and fun.除了邀请外教指导之外,方舒琼的团队还喜欢就各类议题展开头脑风暴,题目从;失败者文化;到相亲节目各异。每个人都试着就这些话题展开即兴演讲,方舒琼认为这样做可以即有效又很好玩。;It really improved my logical thinking,; said Fang.她还说:;这种方式真的使我的逻辑思维能力得到了提升。;To expand your mind it is good to communicate with more people. Rao Qionglei, 20, set up a QQ group named ;central China debating elites club;, which has attracted over 50 debaters in different universities.要拓展思维,就要多跟人去交流。20岁的饶琼蕾创建了一个名叫;华中地区辩论精英俱乐部;的QQ群,吸引了来自多所高校的50多名辩手。;In the past three months preparing for the debating competition, we have discussed topics and shared experiencs,; said Rao.饶琼蕾说:;过去的三个月,我们一边准备辩论赛,一边讨论辩题、分享经验。;Teachers also like to organize face-to-face discussion. The English debating club holds a competition every week, attracting nearly 100 students.老师们也喜欢组织面对面的讨论。华中地区辩论精英俱乐部每周都会举行一场辩论赛,吸引了近百名学生。;The impromptu discussion and speeches inspire people to view a subject from a different angle,; said Yang Rui, leader of the English debating team at China Foreign Affairs University.外交学院英语辩论队领队杨锐表示:;即兴讨论和即兴演讲可以启发人们从不同角度来看待相同议题。;Someone might think debating is like quarreling but in Zheng Bo#39;s eyes, debating seeks a compromise.有的人觉得辩论就好比是吵架,但在郑看来,辩论寻求的是和解。Zheng, 26, China Representative to World University Debating Council, is the judge for the national debating competition.26岁的郑是世界大学辩论协会中国代表,担任本届全国辩论赛的评委。Zheng says that in most debating competitions, it is hard to decide who is right and who is wrong, but you can find what both sides agree on.郑表示,大多数辩论赛中,很难决定谁对谁错,但你能够找到双方达成一致的点。;Debating isn#39;t a quarrel. Students should know that the criteria for deciding the winner is reasoned argument,; said Zheng.郑说:;辩论不同于争吵。学生应该知道——合乎逻辑的论才是决定胜负的标准。;;The great thing about debating is not reaching a conclusion, but understanding that certain compromises are valid; that stories always have two sides; and that we need to learn and tolerate both of them.;;辩论的重要一点不在于得出结论,而是要明白可以进行一定的妥协;凡事都有两面,我们应该去了解并包容它们。; /201208/194481一场大雪让很多北方城市都提前进入冬季。因为天气寒冷,很多人都愿意宅在家里,还有人会因为昼短夜长而有些情绪波动。这个冬季,你忧郁了吗?Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that sets in or starts in the winter months. Unlike other types of depression, it may improve as spring comes on. It is often a cyclical, recurring disorder--you#39;ll feel depression every winter and begin to feel better each spring.季节性情绪紊乱(seasonal affective disorder,SAD)指多发于冬季的一种抑郁症,也称“冬季抑郁症”。与其它类型的抑郁症不同的是,这种季节性抑郁症会在春天到来时有所好转。这是一种循环的、反复发生的情绪紊乱,每年冬天时觉得抑郁,春天到来时又好转了。A study by Alfred Lewy at the Oregon Health and Science University found that most of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are caused by body rhythms that are not in sync with the sun. Often the body gets out of sync with the sun because of winter#39;s shortened days. The pineal gland, which regulates body rhythms, secretes a hormone called melatonin during the night. This can affect your sleep wake cycle and other rhythms. When it gets dark too early in the day, the pineal gland and the body#39;s sleep wake cycle get out of sync.俄勒冈健康与科学大学的阿尔弗雷德?洛威所做的一项研究发现,季节性情绪紊乱的大部分症状是由身体节律与太阳不同步导致的。通常来说,身体会因为冬季白天变短而无法与太阳同步。控制身体节律的松果体会在夜间分泌一种叫做褪黑素的激素。这种激素会影响你的作息周期和其它节律。天黑得太早时,松果体和身体的作息周期就无法同步。Seasonal affective disorder is far more common in northern climates, where days can be very short in winter. SAD affects more women than men and is likelier to occur in people under age 40 than those older than that.季节性情绪紊乱在北方气候地区更常见,北方冬季的白天都很短。该症状的女性患者多于男性,而且更易发生在40岁以下人群中。 /201211/208046You may be one yourself, or you may live or work with one... the grumps who cannot bear to talk to anyone first thing in the morning.你可能就是个有起床气的人,又或许正跟一个这样臭脾气的人生活或共事:他们是一大早对谁都不爱搭理的坏脾气家伙们。Now a survey of 2,000 Britons has found that after waking up at an average time of 6.49 am, it’s another hour and 15 minutes before the grumps feel up to having a conversation. So, it’s not until around 8am that anyone should dare say a word to them.一份2000名英国人参加的调查发现,若按照早上的平均起床时间6点49分来计算,有起床气的人要在醒来后过75分钟才愿意开口讲话。所以在早上8点之前,没人敢跟有起床气的家伙讲话。More than half of the adults in the survey said they are grumpy in the morning, with 43 per cent of people saying they even avoid talking to their partner until they feel up to it.超过半数参加调查的人员表示自己早上会有起床气;而43%的人表示,在伴侣气消之前,自己会尽可能避免跟他们讲话。Almost a third dodge conversation with their colleagues first thing, while 21 per cent even ignore their children.将近三分之一的人会避免早上与同事谈话,而21%的人甚至直接不去理睬自己的小孩。Fourteen per cent have even broken up with someone, or had someone break up with them, because of their zombie-like state in the morning.早上这种呆头闷脑的状态也成了分手诱因:14%的人因此跟人分手或被人给甩了。And around 70 per cent of those who commute on public transport say they d strangers talking to them because they can’t bear to face anyone that early in the day, according to the survey commissioned by the makers of a new game app, Zombie Underground.据新款苹果游戏“地下僵尸” 开发人调查显示,约有70%乘坐公共交通上班的人表示很讨厌陌生人上来攀谈,因为自己无法忍受一大早上有人在眼前晃荡。Instead, 37 per cent bury themselves in a book to avoid making eye-contact with anyone, while another 34 per cent listen to music. And 16 per cent admitted to pretending to talk on their phone to dodge any unwanted chat.因此37%的人选择看书以免跟人眼神接触,而34%的人则选择听音乐。16%的人承认在遇到讨厌的攀谈时,自己会假装打电话借以躲避。Researchers found a bad night’s sleep is most likely to put Brits in a bad mood in the mornings, followed by the dark winter mornings.研究人员发现,睡眠不佳最可能导致英国人大早上有起床气,另一个原因就是阴沉沉的冬天清晨。More than a third say they just simply take a little while to get going in the mornings while one in five get a grey cloud over their head when they look out their window at wind and rain. Another 19 per cent get down in the dumps worrying about their day ahead at work.三分之一的人表示自己早上总要磨蹭一会儿才起得来;五分之一的人则表示,每次看到窗外风雨交加就会觉得心情超级郁闷。 另有19%的人上班前纠结郁闷,闹得一肚子怨气。Jon Lucas, spokesman for Zombie Underground, which commissioned the study to mark the launch of a new app, said: “Mornings are a struggle for most people, especially in the winter.琼-卢卡斯是这款苹果新游戏“地下僵尸”的发言人,他为这款新游戏应用的发布而组织了此次的调查。他说:“对很多人来说,早上起床都挺痛苦的,冬天的早上尤其如此。”‘Waking up after a bad night’s sleep, or knowing you have a long and stressful day ahead of you can put you in a bad mood before you have even stepped out of bed. Coupled with the dark mornings, bad weather and the thought of the commute to work, it’s no wonder that many people want to crawl back under the covers instead.“如果睡得不好,醒来后发现还要面对漫长的、压力重重的一天,你可能还没起床就满腹牢骚了。再加上阴沉沉的早晨、糟糕的天气,想到还得挤车去上班,难怪很多人宁愿缩回被窝里。”For 54 per cent of grumpy Brits, a simple cup of tea or coffee is all it takes to brighten their mood and help them to wake up.对于54%有起床气的英国人来说,一杯热茶或咖啡就足以点亮心情,让他们赶快清醒过来。Thirty-six per cent feel more with it after eating breakfast while 22 per cent resort to splashing cold water in their face. Listening to loud music or having a cold shower were named as other popular ways to get going after getting out of bed.36%的人吃完早餐后心情会好得多,而22%的人选择往脸上拍点冷水来清醒清醒。放大音乐或冲凉也是受欢迎的消除起床气的方法。 /201212/211677

史努比在1950年10月4日第一次在《花生漫画》中登场,依据漫画剧情的说法,史努比1950年于10月2日诞生“戴依兹·席尔”园(Daisy Hill Puppy Farm,又译“黛茜山小农庄),最初的饲主是名叫莱拉(Lila)的女孩,但由于搬家而将史努比送还戴依兹·席尔园。运动万能,兴趣是写小说。喜欢吃比萨、饼干及冰激凌,可说是只人性化的小猎犬。它总是端坐在屋的屋顶上,不断的幻想,变成各式各样的化身,有时变成律师、棒球选手、酷哥乔(Joe Cool),有时又变成第一次世界大战的飞行英雄,有的时候又变成名外科医师。 虽然会参与许多事情,但基本上还是陶醉在自我的世界里:化身为棒球选手时,其实是棒球队的包袱;化身为外科医生时,只是因为爱上外科医生做手术时所戴的那顶帽子,一见针筒便怕得要死。除此以外,史努比喜欢扮响尾蛇,因为它样子纯良,不像是会吃人的危险动物。 他最大的兴趣是写小说,不过他寄给出版社的稿每次都被退回。他老记不住他的主人查理·布朗名字,称主人是“圆头小子”(the Round-headed Kid)。他最讨厌的是隔壁的猫。还喜欢抢莱纳斯(Linus Van Pelt)的毛毯。常和“伍德斯托克”(Woodstock,又译“胡士托”“糊涂塌客”)及兔子们一起玩。 薄荷·派蒂:(对老师):为什么我知道时,你总不叫我回答,我不会答时,你却偏偏叫我答? Why do you never call on me when I know the answer, but you always call on me when I don't? 史努比:眼睛会欺骗人,双腿会累死人,但胃却专给人找麻烦! Eyes deceive and legs fail, but it's the stomach that gets you in trouble! 史努比:实在不值得 去听那种贬低我价值的话! It's not worth it to know you're not worth it! 史努比:别难过……世界上有许多人还不知道他们到底是谁或什么。 Don't feel bad...there are a lot of people in this world who don't know who they are or what they are. 史努比:有些玩笑的代价比较昂贵…… Some laughs are worth more than other... 史努比:当就是这点不好,别人什么事都不告诉你…… That's the only trouble with being a dog…they never tell you anything... 史努比:生命的秘密就在于远观最佳。 The secret of life is to look good at a distance. 史努比:在工作中追求乐趣是好事,但太快乐了会带来危险…… It's good to enjoy your work, but it's dangerous to enjoy it too much... 莱纳斯:预言家在自己的国家及家庭里总是不受尊重。 A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house. 查理·布朗:生活的秘密就是拥有一辆车子和一座湖……如果阳光普照,我就可以开车去兜风,如果天下雨,那也用不着伤心,我可以说“没关系,雨水会注满我的糊!”如果湖干了,我还可以说:“不要紧,这天气正适合开车兜风…” The secret of living is to own a convertible and a lake...If the sun is shining, you can ride around in your convertible and be happy……If it starts to rain, it won't spoil your day because you can just say,"Oh'well' the rain will fill up my lake!" If your lake dries up, you can say, "Oh, well, this is nice weather for riding in a convertible ." 薄荷·派蒂:人生好比手镯……手镯上面镶着珠宝,就仿佛不时发生在我们生活里的闪光时刻……” Life is like a bracelet...it has little jewels around it which are like the little bright moments that come along in our lives every now and then... 史努比:笑对人有益,只要不出人命就好。 Laughing is good for you if you don't kill yourself. 莱纳斯:人生的秘密就在于要走对房间! The secret of life is to be in the right room! 查理·布朗:伟大的真理比我想象的还简单。 Great truths are even simpler than I thought they were... 史努比:有时候当还真难…… Sometimes it's very difficult being a dog... 史努比:我大概永远也遇不到任何合理的问题。 I didn't think I will ever going to get a sensible question. 查理·布朗:我的身体和头脑都看对方不顺眼! My mind and my body hate each other! 露茜:如何过日子是一件非常重要的事…… How you spend your time is very important... 查理·布朗:(指史努比)这唯一会被称赞的时候就是它什么也不做的时候! The only time a dog gets complimented is when he doesn't do anything! /201109/154858

;Yes,you#39;ve done an excellent job of keeping our computer safe.But sooner or later you#39;ll have to plug it in.;是的,在保护电脑安全方面你做的非常出色, 但是迟早你必须插上插头. /201508/392848


A drunk phoned police to report that thieves had been in his car. ;They#39;ve stolen the dashboard, the steering wheel, even the brake pedal!; he cried out.一个醉汉打电话给警察局,报告小偷光顾了他的车,“他们偷走了仪表盘、方向盘,甚至连刹车脚板都偷走了。”However, before the police investigation could start, the phone rang a second time ;Never mind,; the drunk said with a hiccup, ;I got in the back seat by mistake.;然而在警察还没有开始调查时,电话又一次响了起来,“没事了”,醉汉打着嗝说,“我不小心坐到了后坐上。” /201301/219199

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