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Being rich in China isn’t as easy as it once was. A recent stock market crash wiped billions off the balance sheets of the nation’s top tycoons. And then there’s the anti-corruption campaign . For the estimated 360 billionaires in China today these are tough times。在中国,富人不再如之前那么好当了。最近股市崩盘,中国顶级大亨的资产负债表损失数十亿。此外,中国进行了反腐斗争。对于中国360个亿万富翁来说,当下是艰难时期。How the stock market affect China’s top rich?股市如何影响了中国的顶级大亨?;They are scared,; says Shanghai-based economic trend watcher, and founder of the China Market Research Group, Shaun Rein. ;The anti-corruption crackdown is definitely real, and it’s going through all levels of the country,; he told CNN。经济形势观察家兼中国市场研究集团创始人雷小山说道:“他们都很害怕。”接受CNN采访时,雷小山表示:“反腐败行动是真的,全国各级都在进行反腐行动。”;It’s having a much greater impact on the economy than people realize because government officials don’t want to approve a new initiative because they are worried about getting arrested。”“对经济的影响超出了人们的预想,因为政府官员害怕被捕,因此不愿推出新的举措。”And while some may be extending their holidays abroad, a number of China’s ultra-rich have gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal their wealth。党一些人计划国外出游时,中国有一批超级富豪正尽力隐藏自己的财富。Hurun China Rich List founder Rupert Hoogewerf says for every one Chinese billionaire that has been publicly identified, there are at least two who choose to lurk in the shadows -- the so-called ;vampire billionaires.;《胡润中国财富榜》创始人胡润表示,中国所有得到大众认可的亿万富翁中,至少有2人选择了隐蔽锋芒,被称作“吸血鬼亿万富翁”。;’Vampire wealth’ is wealth owned by ’vampires,’ people who are terrified of daylight,; says Hoogewerf. ;If they see the daylight, or in their case, if their wealth is put into the public eye, these people shrivel up and die. They get arrested immediately.;胡润表示:“吸血鬼财富”是指吸血鬼拥有的财富,他们害怕见光。见光之后或者说公众了解其财富之后,这些人就会枯萎或者死亡。他们就会立即被捕。;They want to travel,; says Rein. But it seems much more difficult for China’s tycoons to convince their kids to curb their conspicuous shopping habits. Known as the ;Fu’erdai; or ;second generation rich,; many have little combat iness in either politics or business, and are known for their outrageous displays of wealth。“他们想去旅行”,雷小山说道。但是这些中国大亨要想控制子女惹人注意的消费习惯,似乎没那么容易。无论在政治上还是在商业上,富二代都没有任何准备,他们因挥霍财富出名。One Fu’erdai son recently made headlines for sharing photos online of his dog sporting two Apple Watches. ;That dog belonged to the son of the richest person in China, Wang Jianlin,; says New York Times reporter Mike Forsythe。最近,一名富二代将佩戴两块苹果手表的一只的照片分享到网络上,因此登上了大字标题。《纽约时报》记者傅才德表示:“的主人是中国首富王健林的儿子。”After images of the Apple Watch-wearing dog went viral, Wang promptly blamed youth and a Western education for his son’s behavior. No matter who is actually to blame, disciplining the Fu’erdai remains a key concern for China’s tycoons 。为爱犬佩戴苹果手表的图片在网上疯传之后,王健林将儿子的行为归咎于年少无知和西式的教育。不管究竟该责备谁,规范富二代的行为依旧是中国大亨亟待解决的问题。 /201507/387934

Workers who commute by car, bus or train to the office are more likely to suffer from stress and exhaustion, according to researchers from Lund University in Sweden.  Workers who commute by car, bus or train to the office are more likely to suffer from stress and exhaustion, according to a study.  Scientists assessed 12,000 employees aged between 18 and 65.  They found that those who travelled to work by car or public transport reported higher levels of stress and tiredness compared to active commuters who travelled by foot or bicycle.  It is now expected that the study, from Lund Unversity in Sweden, will encourage further investigation into the health impacts of commuting and the best forms of transportation.  Researcher Erik Hansson said: 'Generally car and public transport users suffered more everyday stress, poorer sleep quality, exhaustion and, on a seven point scale, felt that they struggled with their health compared to the active commuters.  'The negative health of public transport users increased with journey time.'  According to the Office for National Statistics, the average Briton commutes for 54 minutes every day.  But now the scientists claim that the advantages of daily travel, such as higher pay or housing conditions, need to be weighed againstthe adverse health effects.  It may also have a cost impact on industry.  According to a CBI and Pfizer Absence and Workplace Health Survey, the UK economy lost 190million working days to absence last year, with each employee taking an average of 6.5 days off sick, costing employers £17billion.  However researchers highlightthat the findings, published in the journal BMC Public Health, do not prove that commuting causes ill health and further research is needed.  Income, family background and environmental factors are other variablesthat need to be considered.  Hansson added that the findings would help to 'dressthe balance between economic needs, health, and the costs of working days lost'.  研究表明,乘汽车、公交车或列车上下班的人更容易感到压力大和精疲力竭。  科学家评估了1.2万名年龄在18岁到65岁之间的员工的状况。  结果发现,那些乘汽车或公共交通工具上下班的人相比那些采用步行或骑车这种动态出行方式的上班族压力更大、更疲劳。  据称,瑞典隆德大学的这一研究预计将促使人们进一步去调查通勤对健康的影响,以及最佳的出行方式。  研究人员埃里克 汉森说:“一般来说,乘汽车和公共交通工具上下班的人每天要承受更多压力,睡眠质量更差,感觉更疲劳。而且,根据他们在最高分为7分的健康评估表上的打分情况,和动态出行方式的上班族相比,他们觉得自己健康状况更差。”  “乘坐公共交通工具上下班的人的健康状况随着乘车时间的增长而下降。”  根据英国国家统计局的数据,英国人平均每天花在上下班路上的时间为54分钟。  不过现在科学家指出,每天乘车相伴而来的好处,例如更高的薪水或更好的住房条件,需要与乘车对健康的不利影响进行权衡。  乘车上下班可能还会影响企业的成本。  根据英国工业联盟和辉瑞制药公司联合进行的“缺席和工作场所健康调查”,英国经济去年因员工缺勤损失了1.9亿工作日,平均每个员工休病假6.5天,导致雇主损失170亿英镑。  但是,研究人员强调说,这一研究并未实乘车上下班会导致健康恶化,这方面还有待进一步研究。该研究发表在期刊《英国医学委员会公共健康》上。  收入、家庭背景和环境因素是其他需要考虑在内的变数。  汉森补充说,这些研究发现将有助于“重新平衡经济需要、健康和损失的工作日成本之间的关系。” /201111/159729

Virgo is probably top of the list for self sufficiency, especially the female of the species. They can be phenomenally picky about prospective partners, to a degree where they put off3 commitment for years and years. But they have to watch that they don#39;t get too out of touch with their earthy animal side4 and end up perpetually alone.处女座很可能是最独立的星座,尤其是这个星座的女性。他们可能会很明显地挑剔未来伴侣,而且能达到很多年一直不给对方承诺的程度。这个星座的人必须要警惕,他们不能不顾及自己最基本的生理需求而孤独终老。Aquarius is next since they are never happy about partnerships. Their motto is: “Sp your favors and friendliness around—the more the merrier.” They#39;ll only agree to a match if they#39;re sure there#39;s plenty of space to stay independent.水瓶座位居第二是因为他们从不觉得伴侣关系有什么让人开心之处,对他们来说,伴侣关系能导致幽闭恐怖症。他们的座右铭是:“四处撒播你的友爱,愈广泛愈快乐。”他们只有在确定一段关系中自己有大量的独立空间的时候,才赞成结合。Capricorn can be a touch like Virgo, defensive, workaholic and not inclined to disappear into swoons of rapture about a blissful mating. That is until they fall rapidly and inexplicably into a romance that astonishes them—and everyone around them!羯座也许和处女座有得一拼——戒备心强,是个工作狂,而且不那么容易沉迷于幸福婚姻如痴如醉的喜悦之中,直到他们毫无缘由地快速地陷入爱河—这段感情不仅会让他们自己很惊讶,也会让他们身边的人震惊!Pisces? Well they adore the thought of a soul mate, the search, the seduction, the whole dream factory But when push comes to shove7, they are never sure that what is being offered matches up to their “perfect” inner vision. That said, Pisces needs a practical helping hand through life, so will often settle for their second best just to get along.双鱼座? 呃,他们喜爱灵魂伴侣这种想法——寻找、引诱以及整个的梦幻过程。但是每当到了作出决定的时候,他们就不确定“倒贴上来的”人是否达到了他们“完美”的内心伴侣的标准。也就是说,双鱼座一生都需要一个理性的推手,他们也常常会和第二理想的人安定下来。 /201209/199662

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