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英国小学推广“中式教育” --18 :: 来源:chinadaily 英国教育部上周宣布,根据改革计划,将在全英8000所小学推广采用中国传统数学教学方法这一数字占到英国小学总数的一半Hannah's sweetsThere are n sweets in a bag.6 of the sweets are orange.The rest of the sweets are yellow.Hannah takes at random a sweet from the bag.She eats the sweet.Hannah then takes at random a sweet from the bag.She eats the sweet.The probability that Hannah eats two orange sweets is (a) Show that n^ - n - 90 0汉娜的糖包里有n个糖其中有6个是橙色的其余的是黄色的汉娜随机从包里拿了一个糖吃了汉娜又随机从包里拿了一个糖吃了汉娜吃到两个橙色糖的可能性为三分之一求:n^ - n - 90 0Solution:Take the words from the question, and write it down as an equation - 6n x 5(n-1) Multiply the 6 by the 5 and the n by the n-1. That gives you: 30(n^ - n) Multiply the top-left by bottom-right and top-right by bottom-leftSubtract 90 from both sides, leading to your answer n^ - n - 90 0解:将题目中的表述列成等式:6n x 5(n-1) 左边两项相乘的结果为:30(n^ - n) 等式两边的分子与分母分别相乘得出:n^ - n 90两边各减去90得出:n^ - n - 90 0Use the repeated addition strategy to solve 5X35X3?用重复加法来计算5X3错误:5+5+5正确:3+3+3+3+3(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)专家解密如何解酒 起床再喝一杯? --9 :57:56 来源: as long as people have been drinking too much, they have been searching a cure that ded morning after hangover.   只要一个人有过酩酊大醉的时候,他们就一定曾寻找过解决宿醉之后可怕的第二天清晨   Raw eggs with or without Worcestershire sauce is apparently one cure; others eat chocolate or a bacon sandwich - but the answer could be as simple as to carry on doing what you were doing that caused the hangover – have a drink.   淋上辣酱油的生鸡蛋——也可以不加——无疑是办法之一;还有人选择吃巧克力或者培根三明治然而真正的解决方法非常简单:是什么导致了你的宿醉——饮酒——而它也是解决你宿醉困扰的办法   Adam Rogers, the author of Proof: the Science of Booze, is of the opinion that the 'hair of the dog' makes you feel better, but the question is why it does this, and importantly whether it's really a good idea.   《论:畅饮的学问的作者亚当·罗杰斯认为醒酒液会让人感到更舒一些,然而问题在于为什么它会如此起作用,而且喝醒酒液到底是不是个好主意   Every alcoholic drink contains, as well as ethanol, small traces of the poisonous methanol. In high doses methanol can make people go blind or even die because the body converts it to maldehyde, a poison used as a preservative in some laboratories. Doctors treat methanol poisoning by giving patients ethanol to prevent its change into maldehyde.   每种酒精饮料除了包含乙醇,都会有微量的有毒甲醇甲醇摄入量过高会致盲或致死,因为人的身体会把它转化成甲醛——在实验室里作为防腐剂使用的有毒物质针对甲醇中毒,医生们通常会开出含有乙醇的处方,以防它转化为甲醛   'If methanol poisoning is at least in part responsible a hangover, having a drink the next morning may alleviate symptoms,' said Mr Rogers although he was at pains to point out that the theory was 'hypothetical' at best.   “如果甲醇中毒是宿醉的原因之一,那么第二天早上再喝一杯有可能缓解症状”罗杰先生如此说道,尽管他仍需要承认该理论尚处于假设阶段   Lauren Owen, a psychopharmacologist at Keele University and a member of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, agreed that there was some scientific support the idea. 'Alcohol acts on a number of chemicals in the brain to increase feelings of pleasure. Reduction of hangover symptoms by "hair of the dog" may also be due to the activity of alcohol on neurotransmitter systems.'   劳伦·欧文是基尔大学的精神药理学家,同时也是宿醉研究小组的成员之一她认为喝酒解宿醉的方法是有科学依据的,“酒精会使大脑产生化学反应,从而增加愉悦的感觉通过饮用醒酒液的方法减轻宿醉很可能同样基于酒精对脑神经元的刺激”   One thing that appears to have no scientific basis is rehydration. Mr Rogers said: 'You can get rid of the dehydration and you are still hungover.'   然而目前并没有科学据明喝水可以解酒罗杰先生说道:“你可能会摆脱脱水症状,不过宿醉却不会得到缓解”

“三体”真实存在:科学家发现拥有三颗太阳的行星 -- :3: 来源:chinadaily “Star Wars” fans love Tatooine and its twin suns, but astronomers working with one of the world’s biggest telescopes have done Luke Skywalker’s home planet one better.《星球大战中的塔图因星球(Tatooine,天行者家族的故乡行星)以及它所绕行的双子太阳深受粉丝的喜爱,然而日前天文学家们利用世界上最大的天文望远镜之一发现了一个比卢克·天行者的故乡所在的星球更胜一筹的行星They’ve discovered a bizarre world with not two but three suns ― and seasons that last longer than a human lifetime.他们发现了一个奇妙的新世界,在这里,你能看到不止两个太阳,而是三个,同时,每一个季节都比人类的一生还要漫长Known as HD 99Ab, the unusual exoplanet is located 3 light-years from Earth in the large southern constellation Centaurus. It’s a gas giant like Jupiter but about four times as massive.这颗不同寻常的地外行星被命名为HD 99Ab, 它位于南方巨大的人马星座上,距地球3光年它是类似于木星的气体巨星,但它的体积是木星的四倍And while it’s one of the coldest exoplanets ever to be directly imaged by a telescope (rather than detected as a result of the dimming of starlight as it passes in front of its host star), HD 99Ab is very hot by human standards. The average temperature exceeds 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.虽然它是温度最冷的地外行星中被天文望远镜直接捕捉到影像的一个(而不是在从其宿星前经过时被检测到一抹暗淡的星光),HD 99Ab星球上的平均温度超过华氏00度,远超人类耐热标准In short, HD 99Ab isn’t the kind of place you’d like to call home. (And there’s no hint that it harbors alien life.) But if you could live there, you’d find its sky a most peculiar place: You’d see either constant daylight or triple sunsets, depending on the season.简而言之,HD 99Ab行星绝不是一个宜居的地方(并且这里也没有发现外星生命迹象)但是如果你有机会住在那儿,你会看到最光怪陆离的天空:根据季节的不同,你可能看到永昼,也有可能同时欣赏三个落日And each season on HD 99Ab lasts about 300 years.HD 99Ab行星的每一个季节都持续三百年左右HD 99Ab orbits the system’s brightest star, HD 99A, at a distance of about 7.6 billion miles. That’s roughly 8 times the average distance from the Earth to the sun ― and, according to the astronomers behind the discovery, the widest orbit ever seen a planet in a triple-star system.HD 99Ab绕行的星球是其星系中最亮的一颗——HD 99A行星,两者之间的距离大概是76亿英里这一距离大约是地日平均距离的8倍,并且,发现该行星的天文学家称,HD 99Ab星球的绕行轨道在三星星系中是最宽的The other two stars in the system, HD 99B and HD 99C, twirl around each other as they orbit HD 99A at a distance that’s 300 to 00 times greater than the distance from the Earth to the sun.这一星系中另外两颗行星,HD 99B行星 和 HD 99C行星在绕行HD 99A行星的同时互绕旋转,它们绕行的距离则是地日距离的300至00倍The newfound planet was discovered using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in northern Chile. The ESO is supported by Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Chile and the ed Kingdom. Researchers published a paper on their findings Thursday in the journal Science.发现HD 99Ab行星的天文望远镜是位于智利北部的欧南台巨大望远镜阵列欧南台是由澳大利亚、比利时、巴西、捷克共和国、丹麦、法国、芬兰、德国、意大利、荷兰、波兰、葡萄牙、西班牙、瑞典、瑞士、智利和英国这些国家联合创办的研究人员周四在《科学杂志上发表文章阐述他们的新发现Kevin Wagner, a University of Arizona Ph.D. student and the paper’s lead author, told The Huffington Post in an email that the system’s configuration is “surprising and extreme.”凯文·瓦格纳是亚利桑那州一所大学的士研究生,他是这篇文章的第一作者,他在电邮中告诉《赫芬顿邮报的记者,新行星所在的星系结构令人叹为观止It’s also a bit precarious.但这颗行星同时也潜伏着危机“If the planet was further away from the most massive star in the system, it would be kicked out of the system,” Dr. Daniel Apai, assistant professor of astronomy and planetary sciences at the university and co-author of the paper, said in a news release.丹尼尔·阿派士是这所大学天文与行星专业的助理教授,同时也是这篇文章的联合作者,他在报道中称:“如果HD 99Ab行星离星系中最大的行星再远一点的话,它就会被踢出这一星系”“Our computer simulations have shown that this type of orbit can be stable, but if you change things around just a little bit, it can become unstable very quickly.”“我们做出的电脑模拟效果图显示,这一星系的运行轨道一般来说是稳定的,但是一旦其周围的物体发生变动,它就会瞬间变得不稳定”Stable or not, HD 99A is fascinating to astronomers in part because it helps fill in gaps in our knowledge of how planets m and change orbit.无论稳定与否,HD 99A星系对天文学家们有着巨大的吸引力,一部分是因为它的发现填补了我们现有知识的一处空白,即行星如何形成以及如何变动轨道英文来源:赫芬顿邮报翻译:朱安琪(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

中国留学生告诉你?美国寄宿家庭生活是怎样的! --9 :6:5 来源: 很多留学生喜欢住在寄宿家庭里,他们认为“寄宿家庭可以提供英语氛围,能够体会到家的温暖与当地的文化”然而,事情并非如此简单 Chloe Cai, , will never get the great despair she felt on the night she got trapped in the snow in the US. She could not get a taxi and was hoping that her host family would make the 30-minute drive to pick her up. But they didn’t. She ended up waiting a bus to come. "I did not feel the warmth from my host family at all," said Cai.岁的克洛伊·蔡永远也不会忘记在美国那个夜晚的极度绝望,当时她被困在了雪中,打不到出租车的她希望寄宿家庭能开30分钟的车来接自己但是,他们没有最后,她只能等公交车回家“从我的寄宿家庭那里,我没有感觉到一丝的温暖”蔡说道One of the growing numbers of Chinese students who resort to staying with a host family to study abroad, Cai moved to the US at in and lived with three different host families in as many years.越来越多的中国留学生选择与寄宿家庭住在一起年,岁的蔡来到美国几年期间,她前后住在3个不同的寄宿家庭According to a report from ftchinese.com on June , statistics from the Institute of International Education, a non-profit that focuses on international student exchange, Chinese students are now entering schools abroad at a younger age. From to , the number of Chinese students with F-1 international student visas studying in American high schools increased a hundredfold, rising from 33 to 3,000.《金融时报中文网6月日报道,关注国际留学生的非盈利机构国际教育协会统计的数据表明,中国学生在国外留学的年龄越来越小从年到年,拥有美国高中F-1签的中国留学生数量从33增长到3000,增加了0倍According to Wang Meng, a senior consultant at Meten English, a training center learning English and studying abroad, as the overall numbers grew, so too did the number of host family programs.美联英语是一个学习英语和出国的培训中心,其高级顾问王蒙表示,随着留学生数量的增加,寄宿家庭的数量也大大增多"More Chinese parents now send their kids abroad at an earlier age," said Wang. "Since most of them are under 18, they need a legal guardian overseas, which means host families are a must."“现在,越来越多的中国父母在孩子很小的时候就送他们出国,”王蒙说“这些孩子大多数不满18岁,所以在国外需要一个合法的监护人,这意味着他们必须住在寄宿家庭里”He said staying with a host family is also preferred by many students over 18 because they offer an "English language atmosphere, homey warmth, and native culture."王蒙表示,很多18岁以上的学生也很喜欢住在寄宿家庭里,他们认为“寄宿家庭可以提供英语氛围,能够体会到家的温暖与当地的文化”,However, the reality is far from easy. Cultural and lifestyle differences between the Chinese students and their host families have caused many conflicts with problems ranging from different dining habits and relationship expectations to the usage of electronic devices and household duties.然而,事情并非如此简单中国留学生和寄宿家庭在文化和生活方式方面的差异导致了很多冲突,比如他们之间的饮食习惯不同,在使用电子设备以及家务活的分配方面也存在诸多差异

  白金汉宫表态 英女王对公投保持中立 -- :5:55 来源:   Any suggestion that the Queen would wish to influence the Scottish referendum campaign is "categorically wrong", Buckingham Palace has said.白金汉宫指出,认为女王想要影响苏格兰公投的想法是“完全错误的”The comments follow press reports that Her Majesty was concerned about the prospect of Scottish independence.声明发布前,媒体曾报道女王陛下对苏格兰独立后的前景感到担忧It also follows a statement from First Minister Alex Salmond, who said the Queen "will be proud" to be the monarch of an independent Scotland.苏格兰首席部长亚历克斯·萨蒙德也曾在此前说过女王会为成为独立后的苏格兰君主感到自豪The Palace insisted the referendum was "a matter the people of Scotland".白金汉宫强调公投是“苏格兰人民自己的事”A spokesman said: "The sovereign"s constitutional impartiality is an established principle of our democracy and one which the Queen has demonstrated throughout her reign.白金汉宫发言人说:“宪法规定君主必须保持公平,这是我国民主的既定原则女王陛下登基以来一直恪守这一原则”"As such the monarch is above politics and those in political office have a duty to ensure that this remains the case.“君主本身高于政治政府官员有责任确保这一点”"Any suggestion that the Queen would wish to influence the outcome of the current referendum campaign is categorically wrong.“任何认为女王想要影响公投结果的想法都是完全错误的”"Her Majesty is firmly of the view that this is a matter the people of Scotland."“女王陛下坚信这是苏格兰人民自己的事情”The B's royal correspondent Peter Hunt said he understands that the comments were made in response to calls the Queen to speak out in favour of the union and not in response to Mr Salmond's remarks.有声音呼吁女王发表讲话反对苏格兰独立,B皇室特派记者彼得?亨特认为这次声明是对此的回应,并非针对萨德蒙的发言

  中美将构建“新型大国关系” --1 :5:56 来源: 日,国家主席习近平在会见出席第七轮中美工商领袖和前高官对话的美方代表时,就中美关系发表意见 Chinese President Xi Jinping (front row, center) meets witha group of US business leaders and mer US officials in Beijing, Sept., .[PhotoXinhua] 请看相关报道:President Xi Jinping on Thursday said that China is committed to working with the ed States to build anew type of major-power relationship.日,国家主席习近平表示,中国将致力于同美方共同构建中美新型大国关系新型大国关系(new modeltype of major power relationship)是以相互尊重(mutual respect)、互利共赢(mutual benefit and win-win)的合作伙伴关系为核心特征的大国关系,是崛起国(developing country)和既成大国(developed country)之间处理冲突和矛盾的新方式年5月3日,在北京召开的中美战略与经济对话(US–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue)期间,双方将构建中美“新型大国关系”作为主题,这一概念被高调推出习近平表示,能够实现这一目标,将是中美两国人民之幸(be good the people of China and the US),也是世界和平与发展(world peace and development)之幸他指出,中美两国拥有许多重要共同利益(common interests),也存在一些分歧(differences)只要双方从大处着眼,尊重和照顾彼此核心利益(core interests),避免战略误解误判(strategic miscalculation),坚持以建设性方式妥善处理(properly manage),分歧就可以得到管控(control differences),共同利益就可以得到维护中美作为世界上最大的两个经济体(economic powers),有责任加强对国际经济合作(economic Cooperation)的引领,维护国际金融稳定(financial stability),推动全球经济治理改革,增强世界经济长期增长潜力(potential growth)我们要积极推动双边贸易和投资便利化中国将坚持改革开放(rem and opening up)的国策习近平表示,应奥巴马总统邀请,再过几天我将对美国进行国事访问,我愿意同奥巴马总统就共同关心的重大问题(major issues of common concern)深入交换意见,并同美国社会各界广泛接触,共商两国关系发展大计我希望,在中美双方共同努力下,这次访问将加深两国人民友谊(deepen friendship between the two peoples),拓展两国各领域务实合作(pragmatic cooperation),推动两国关系得到新的更大发展(push ward the development of China-US ties)。

  双语:世界首个蝙蝠侠主题D过山车 -- :53: 来源: Six Flags is building what it says is the world's first first 'four-dimensional free fly' roller coaster at its park in San Antonio, Texas.  六旗(世界上最大的主题公园连锁品牌)正在美国德州的圣路易斯六旗乐园打造据称是世界上首个“D自由飞翔”过山车  Batman: The Ride is set to open in July next year and will spin riders upside down on rotating seats that flip independently of the coaster's direction of travel.  蝙蝠侠飞车将于明年7月开放,其翻转式座位可随轨道方向独立翻转,让乘客整个倒置过来  It will reach speeds of up to 5mph and drop from 1 feet in the air.  过山车的最高时速将达到5英里每小时,可带乘客从1英尺的高空垂直俯冲而下  Riders will first be taken up a 1 feet vertical climb bee the coaster begins its twisted path down wards.  在进入高低起伏的下行轨道前,过山车将首先垂直爬升至1英尺  The seats will flip riders upside down six times throughout the ride, as the cars also plunge over beyond vertical drops on a one minute, ty second ride that is sure to require a strong stomach.  1分0秒的乘坐过程中,座位会把乘客翻转6次,车厢还会多次超过90度垂直俯冲,乘客必须得做好充分的心理准备  Riders will experience G as they are thrown around the coaster's twists and turns in five cars that accommodate eight passengers each.  过山车共有5节车厢,每节车厢能够容纳8名乘客迂回曲折的轨道将带给乘客惊险刺激的D乘坐体验  The 'free fly' system that flips the seats upside down is designed to give riders the feeling of weightlessness as they are thrown around the track independently of their direction of movement.  “自由飞翔”系统可将座位倒转,并让其跟随轨道方向独立翻转,为乘客营造出一种失重的感觉  It is an attraction with similarities to the Green Lantern: First Flight ride at Six Flags: Magic Mountain in Calinia.  这一设施与六旗魔术山主题公园的《绿灯侠:首次飞行过山车有异曲同工之妙  Park president Martin Bozer told KHOU: 'Every year we continue to provide more and more innovative technology and excitement our park guests and season pass holders.  园长马丁?兹告诉Khou网:“每年我们都会为乐园游客和购买季票的游客提供更加惊险刺激、更具创新技术的游乐设施”  BATMAN: The Ride is an entirely new concept in ride engineering and will provide a sensory experience like no other coaster.  蝙蝠侠飞车采用了全新的设计概念,将为游客带来别具一格的惊险体验

  [电影]寒战连获榜首 文章新片位居第四(双语) -- 18:: 来源:sohu 上周的国内票房,国产电影表现不俗,占据了票房前十名中八个位置 In Chinese box offices last week, local films have retained dominance with eight of the top slots. 犯罪动作惊悚片《冷战 ,以上映第二周亿7500万人民币票房的成绩名列榜首《大鱼海棠上升到排行榜第二位,成为票房第二高的国产动画电影国产青春爱情片《致青春;原来你还在这里以1亿50万人民币保持其第三名的位置 The crime action-thriller Cold War stayed atop the Chinese box office last week with m in its second week. Big Fish amp; Begonia held onto the second spot ,making it the second-highest-grossing local animation film. Local youth romance Never Gone maintained the number three slot at m.、 本周,四部新上映国产影片进入榜单前十名包贝尔和宋佳主演,文章导演的浪漫喜剧《陆垚知马莉表现不俗,以周末三天 1亿850万人民币的票房收入位居第四中韩合拍的犯罪惊悚片《惊天大逆转以首映三天,530万人民币票房的成绩排名第五林更新和张静初主演到的动作喜剧《快手手快手以0万人民币票房排名第七的成绩上榜,而中俄动画《超能太阳鸭以开局0万人民币的成绩排第九名 Four new Chinese films entered the weekly chart. Romantic comedy When Larry Met Mary, starring Bao Beier and Song Jia, fared the best in fourth place with $m from its three-day opening weekend. Chinese-Korean crime-thriller Tik Tok debuted in fifth with .8m from its first three days. Action-comedy A Few Bullets, starring Lin Gengxin and Zhang Jingchu, opened in seventh with m, while Chinese-Russian animation Sun Duck launched in ninth with $.3m. 本地动画《摇滚藏獒上映天票房85万人民币唯一的两部好莱坞大片《忍者神龟:变种时代,本周排名下降到第六位《惊天魔盗团下降到第八名尽管暑期大片档正进行得如火如荼,但由于新电影尚未升温,上周国产票房还是下跌约% Local animation Rock Dog rounded up the chart with .7m after days. The only two Hollywood holdovers were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which dropped to sixth place and and Now You See Me , which fell to eighth. Despite the summer blockbuster season now being in full swing, last week's box office fell approximately % as new releases failed to heat up ticket sales.湖北抗洪前线“馒头连”成网红 -- ::38 来源:chinadaily 一排泥人般的子弟兵坐在大堤上,嚼着馒头,这是一顿抗洪抢险间隙的午餐日,这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上,人民日报等媒体的官方微纷纷转发,成千上万网友在微信、微转发、点赞,亲切地称这队最可爱的官兵为“馒头连”请看相关报道:Xie Yongfu, a PLA squad leader, has become an online celebrity after a photo of him eating steamed buns with other soldiers in wet and muddy clothes was posted online by a PLA Daily reporter.人民解放军战士、班长谢永富因为一张吃馒头的照片而成了网红,照片上他和其他战士穿着浸透了泥浆的衣,坐在地上吃馒头这张照片被《解放军报的一名记者传到了网上当时谢永富和其他战士们正在黄梅太白湖现场执行抢险救灾任务(perm flood relief work),当天,太白湖大堤上大雨倾盆,管涌(piping)、溃口(dyke breach)时时威胁大堤安全,形势十分严峻垒沙包(pile up sandbags)、运沙包,官兵们浑身满是泥浆,顿时成了一个个“泥人”附近一位村民一直守在现场,看到官兵们迟迟不肯吃饭,就从镇上买来一大袋馒头(steamed buns)和矿泉水(mineral water),劝官兵停下来吃口饭为不辜负群众的好意,该连官兵短暂地停下手中工作,接过馒头和矿泉水,顾不上泥浆和雨水,直接啃了起来这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上后,网友们纷纷给这个“馒头连”点赞受暴雨灾害影响,湖北江苏等地的快递业务也受到影响,一方面是方便面(instant noodles)等日常必需品(daily necessities)的在线订单(online orders)猛增,另一方面,快递员(deliverymencouriers)连出个门都很困难,有的快递员已经用上了托艇(motorboat)(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)香港兴起怪异“食日”减肥法 -- :38:19 来源: 香港兴起怪异“食日”减肥法Worrying new 'health' fad sees Chinese women replacing food with staring into the sun to lose weightA new 'health' trend in Hong Kong sees women staring straight at the sun in the belief that it will replace their need food and even improve their vision and sleep quality, reports Oriental Daily.据《东方日报报道,香港女性中兴起了直视太阳的“养生”新潮流,她们认为这样就不需要进食,甚至能改善视力、提高睡眠质量The women, between and 30 years old, reportedly head to the Sam Ka Village beach in Lei Yue Mun every evening and take off their shoes bee setting their phone timers and stand to stare at the sunset - some using an umbrella or a tissue to protect their skin.报道称,每晚都会有一批到30岁的女性前往鲤鱼门的三家村沙滩,脱掉鞋子,下手机计时器,凝视落日,也有人撑伞、用纸巾遮脸以防晒伤The concept of "sun gazing' or 'sun eating' revolves around consuming the sun's solar energy instead of food and that by doing so it can reduce the body's needs.“凝视太阳”论或“食日”论的要点是以太阳能代替食物能量,以此减少身体需要Photographs show the women lined up together in the blaring sun, seemingly unaware of the people around them as they engage in the bizarre practice.照片中,女士们在刺眼的阳光下一字排开,旁若无人地沉浸在这项怪异活动之中Some of the women choose to wear pinhole glasses to limit the UV rays getting to their eyes and causing permanent damage.有些女士会带针孔眼镜防止紫外线灼伤眼睛,造成永久伤害Some of the sun gazers stress they are doing it health reasons, not weight loss. 'We practice sun-gazing as a substitute eating. Some of us who have finished the therapy now eat less, and others don’t have to eat at all,' one woman told Oriental Daily. She said they start by looking at the sun up to seconds on the first day, adding seconds every day until they reach minutes by the ninth month of practice.她们中有人强调这样做是为了养生,而不是减肥一名女子接受《东方日报采访时说,“我们用凝视太阳代替进食我们中已经有人完成食日疗程后食量减少,有些人甚至无需进食”她说,“食日”者第一天凝视太阳秒钟,每天加秒钟,到第9个月增至分钟Dermatology specialist, Hou Xiang Jun, is concerned about the rising trend, saying the subtropical region, high ultraviolet degree and water reflection is leading to far too much ultraviolet light absorption. 'Even if painted with sunscreen they can only withstand five to six per cent of the damage, an umbrella or cap can only take - per cent and long exposure, in addition to sunburn, will increase the risk of serious skin cancer,' Mr Xiang Jun told Oriental Daily.皮肤学专家侯钧翔则对这一新趋势表示担忧,他指出,香港位于亚热带地区,紫外线度数很高,加上海水反射,人体吸收过多紫外线即使涂上防晒用品只能抵挡五至六成的伤害,撑伞或者带帽也只能防晒%-%长期在太阳下暴晒,除了会导致晒伤,还会增加患皮肤癌的风险”Ophthalmology experts are also concerned, naming conjunctival disease, cataracts and macular degeneration as potential side effects.眼科学专家同样表示担忧,他们指出这项活动会导致结膜病变、白内障和黄斑点退化等潜在副作用VocabularyUV: 紫外线,ultraviolet的缩写dermatology: 皮肤病学ophthalmology: 眼科学conjunctival: 结膜的cataract: 白内障macular: 视网膜黄斑的英文来源:每日邮报译者:阿甘太达

  全球生活成本最贵城市TOP:月租万RMB! -- :5:01 来源: This map shows the top cities in the world.  这张地图展示了世界上(生活费用指数较高)的城市  The color of the markers corresponds with the Cost of Living in the city. Red markers show more expensive cities, green ones show cheaper cities.  这些色标记与各个城市的生活费用是相对应的,红色的标记表示了生活费用较高的城市,而绿色的则表示了生活费用较低的城市  The size of the markers correspond with the population of each city.  这些标记的大小则是与各城市的人口数量相对应  What is the Cost of Living Index? To calculate each cities' Cost of Living Index value, we start by assigning a value of 0 to a central reference city (that happens to be Prague). Once the reference point has been established, the Price Index value of every other city in the database is calculated by comparing their cost of living to the cost of living in Prague.  什么是生活费用指数?为了统计出各城市的生活费用指数值,我们在一开始给一个中心参照城市设定了0的值(这个城市刚好是布拉格)在定下参照值之后,数据库里每个城市的物价指数值就能通过比较它们与布拉格的生活成本来统计了  Theree, if a city has a Price Index of 1, that means that living there is % more expensive than living in Prague.  ,如果一座城市的物价指数是1,那就意味着住在那里的生活成本要比布拉格高出%  小编导读:那么我们就来看看生活指数排行前十的城市吧!  1. Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands) Price Index:300  第一名:大开曼岛(开曼群岛) 物价指数:300  真是令人想不到,生活费用指数最高的居然是位于加勒比海的一个岛!别看大开曼岛主要以捕龟业和旅游业为主,物价却高得惊人:一条Levis 501的牛仔裤1美元,一条Zara或HM的夏季连衣裙要0美元,一公斤的苹果要6美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要75美元,8公里的打的费是3美元天哪,一个月房租居然快万人民币!想想就觉得住不起呢······  . Zurich (Switzerland) Price Index:95  第二名:苏黎世(瑞士) 物价指数:95  苏黎世是瑞士最大城市,全欧洲最富裕的城市,世界金融中心之一,很多的总部所在地,拥有这么多头衔,不难理解苏黎世是物价指数最高的城市之一了,有些物价比大开曼岛还要高出许多呢一公斤的苹果要3.99美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要353美元,8公里的打的费是31美元一个月的房租已经超万人民币了呢,住什么的完全不敢想了呢······  3. London (ed Kingdom) Price Index:8  第三名:伦敦(英国) 物价指数:8  伦敦是英国首都,欧洲最大的城市,与纽约并列为世界上最大的金融中心,这样的城市物价想想也知道不便宜呢,某些物价已经超过了前两名的城市了一公斤的苹果要.96美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要375美元,8公里的打的费是美元哇哦,一个月的房租接近万000人民币了,好吧,我就静静地看着不说话······  . Geneva (Switzerland) Price Index:5  第四名:日内瓦(瑞士) 物价指数:5  还没数完前五名瑞士已经双杀了呢,看来瑞士的物价确实有点高日内瓦是瑞士的第二大城市,风光秀丽,人文气息浓厚,同时还是许多国际组织的总部或办事处的所在地,钟表业和业是日内瓦的两大经济柱一公斤的苹果要3.6美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要9美元,8公里的打的费是36美元就算总体物价指数比前三名稍低,总要有些指标超过前三名呢,8公里的打的费超过0人民币了耶,我还是老老实实走路吧······  5. New York City (ed States) Price Index:70  第五名:纽约市(美国) 物价指数:70  生活指数排行榜上第五名的是著名的大苹果——纽约市!纽约市美国最大城市,世界最大城市之一,而纽约的金融区被称为世界的金融中心在这样的城市生活就要做好高消费的准备呢一公斤的苹果要3.9美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要3878美元,8公里的打的费是5美元纽约的房租已经碾压了前几名的城市了,就快突破万5000人民币了,生活真是很不容易呢······  6. San Francisco, Calinia (ed States) Price Index:6  第六名:旧金山,加利福尼亚州(美国) 物价指数:6  在淘金热中迅速发展起来的旧金山,是美国西部最大的金融中心和重要的高新技术研发和制造基地,也是西半球华人人口密度最高的聚居地,在这里生活着很多华人同胞一公斤的苹果要3.35美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要571美元,8公里的打的费是7美元天了噜!一个月房租快要3万人民币!在房租这方面,真是一城更比一城高呢······  7. Washington D.C. (ed States) Price Index:6  第七名:华盛顿哥伦比亚特区(美国) 物价指数:6  华盛顿哥伦比亚特区,简称华盛顿,是美国的首都,虽然作为美国的政治中心,经济色不浓,但是物价指数也是不容小觑一公斤的苹果要.39美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要7美元,8公里的打的费是1美元华盛顿的物价和前几名的城市比起来,好像不是特别高呢,然并卵,和世界上大部分城市比起来,还是要高出许多······  8. Hong Kong Price Index:57  第八名:香港 物价指数:57  香港是仅次于伦敦和纽约的世界第三大金融中心,是全球最富裕、经济最发达和生活水准最高的地区之一一公斤的苹果要3.18美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要5美元,8公里的打的费是8美元虽然香港因为免税的缘故被称为“购物天堂”,但是在当地生活的成本可一点也不低,比如房租,一个月的房租已经超过3万人民币了呢,比前面几名的城市都要高呢······  9. Oslo (Norway) Price Index:35  第九名:奥斯陆(挪威) 物价指数:35  奥斯陆是挪威的首都和最大城市,诺贝尔和平奖的颁奖地,挪威王室和政府的所在地,山光水色交相辉映,是座美丽的城市一公斤的苹果要.60美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要197美元,8公里的打的费是5美元到奥斯陆这里,物价指数一下子降了二十几了呢,和前面几名相比,真的低很多了呢······  . Chicago, Illinois (ed States) Price Index:9  第十名:芝加哥,伊利诺伊州(美国) 物价指数:9  到此为止美利坚已经完成四杀了!芝加哥是美国第二大商业中心区,美国最大的期货市场,著名国际金融中心之一一公斤的苹果要3.60美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要35美元,8公里的打的费是1美元从第一名看到这里,这样的物价真的已经不算高了呢······8岁俄罗斯演员与年仅岁的女友喜结良缘,两人相差60岁 -- 18::18 来源: 俄罗斯著名演员上演爷孙恋:在8高龄与比自己小60岁的女友组建家庭,之前已有3任妻子,6个孩子,已是3个孩子的祖父 An 8-year-old Russian actor famous more than 0 roles in Soviet and Russian films has announced he plans to start a family with his new wife who is 60 years his junior.曾出演前苏联以及俄罗斯电影,塑造超过0个角色的著名俄罗斯男演员,在今年8岁时宣布将与比自己小60岁的女友组建新家庭Legendary Russian actor Ivan Krasko married his -year-old fiancée Natalia Shevel, a mer student of his, in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family yesterday in St Petersburg.传奇的俄罗斯演员伊万·科拉斯科将迎娶岁的娇妻娜塔莉,她曾是伊万的学生他们昨日在圣彼得堡低调举行了婚礼,婚礼只邀请了家人及好友Despite criticism from many, the pair described their relationship in an interview with Russian media as a ’match made in heaven’.尽管两人的结合受到不少非议,但二人在一次俄罗斯媒体的采访中说到两人是天作之合They met while the father-of-six was teaching fine art at St Petersburg Institute of Liberal Education and Ms Shevel, one of his students, began writing him poetry which he said had made a ’huge impression’ on him.两人相识时伊万正在圣彼得堡自由教育学院教艺术,当时伊万已经是六个孩子的父亲而娜塔莉,作为他的学生,开始给他写一些诗歌,据伊万回忆,这让他印象深刻The actor, who has been married three times bee toy younger wives, said: ’As a result of her words, I started to feel like a man in a way that I thought had long since vanished. But it was like being rebooted, and something which was missing returned.’伊万之前已经有三任妻子,对于现在的娇妻,他说道:“在于她的相处过程中,我开始感觉到自己是一个男人,而这种感觉我已经很久都没有感受到了那种感觉就像重新启动了一样,就像消失的东西又重新回来了一样”In the interview shortly bee the ceremony the pair said they feel they cannot spend a single day apart and are living together in the actor’s apartment in central Moscow.婚礼不久前,这对新人接受了采访在采访中,他们说到他们现在一起住在伊万位于莫斯科中心的公寓,他们每天都在一起Mr Krasko, who will turn 85 in two weeks, added that the relationship prior to their marriage remained platonic, but he now hopes they will have a family together as they ’both wanted children’ and that there was a mutual attraction between them both.再过两周,伊万就85岁了,他说道随着婚礼的举行,他们之间柏拉图式的恋爱也就结束了,他们都喜欢孩子,他希望他们能一起组建家庭,这也可以加深他们之间的关系The grandfather-of-three said: ’Naturally she has some worries about the future, but me this is an exciting new time in my life.’伊万已经是三个孩子的祖父,他说:“娜塔莉对于未来仍有许多担忧,但对于我来说,这是人生的新起点,我很高兴”He said he had not yet met her family, although she had been introduced to his sons.他说现在他还没有见过娜塔莉的家人,娜塔莉已经见过自己的儿子们The actor proposed by getting down on one knee on the St Petersburg metro and presenting Ms Shevel with a diamond ring.他们的求婚是在圣彼得堡地铁里,伊万单膝跪地,手捧钻戒The very next day the couple then went to register an application to become married.就在第二天,这对新人注册结婚Mr Krasko added one of the first things his sons asked him was who was going to get the family’s country estate, but he had assured them that nothing in his will would be changed.伊万又说到他的儿子们问起的第一件事是谁将得到他的财产,他和他们保到将来他的遗嘱不会有任何变化When a journalist implied the marriage was simply a publicity stunt by the young woman to shortcut the usual career ladder by linking herself with a famous fiance, Mr Krasko rejected the idea.一位记者暗指这场婚姻只是年轻的娜塔莉想通过嫁个名人而出名的手段而已,但伊万否定了这种猜测He said that it was a fact that she was currently unemployed but added he would not be attempting to boost her career saying: ’An actor is always best off when they work on their name and by creating their brand on their own.’他解释道娜塔莉确实现在没有工作,但是自己并不准备帮助她的事业,他说:“只有以自己的名义努力工作,并且打造出自己的品牌,才能成功”The couple said they wanted a quiet wedding with and had only invited close relatives and friends.这对新人说到他们的婚礼希望低调,只邀请了一些好友

  荷兰发明防加班办公桌 一到下班点就升空 --1 :5:31 来源: 在荷兰阿姆斯特丹的设计工作室Heldergroen,员工将不会有太多机会加班就算加班,也不是在办公室加 Employees at Amsterdam design studio Heldergroen won’t be putting in much overtime. Not in the office, at any rate.在荷兰阿姆斯特丹的设计工作室Heldergroen,员工将不会有太多机会加班就算加班,也不是在办公室加That’s because every day at 6 pm, their desks, tables and other work surfaces, with their computers attached, are hauled up to the ceiling by steel cables normally used to move heavy props in theatrical productions. If you leave a half-eaten tuna sandwich on your desk, you’re out of luck.这是因为,一到每天下午6点,员工们的办公桌和其他的工作台,将连同电脑一起被剧院升降台用的钢缆吊起,向天花板升上去如果你的桌上还有一个吃了一半的金鱼三明治,那你可就不走运了Once the chairs and other workplace paraphernalia are cleared away, the space is free evening and weekend use as "a dance floor, yoga studio … or anything else you can think of—the floor is literally yours," creative director Sander Veenendaal said.一旦椅子和办公室的其他设备被清走,这里就变成了一个完全开放的空间,周末可以用作“舞池、瑜伽馆或者其他你能想到的活动室——你想怎么用就怎么用”,创意总监桑德.维恩达尔说In a way, the office space itself is working overtime Heldergroen, generating lots of publicity and carrying an enlightened message of career-life balance far and wide.在某种程度上,办公空间在业余时间还在为Heldergroen继续务,这么做不但让公司的知名度提高了不少,还让工作生活平衡的开明理念广为传播"We think that doing activities like this makes it easier people to work here," says Veenendaal. "You know when it is time to relax or do something else that inspires you."“我们认为这么做会让人们感觉在这里工作更轻松,”维恩达尔说道,“你知道什么时间该放松,或者去做一些给自己灵感的事情”That sounds awesome. There’s just one catch. In the morning, the desks reappear and everybody has to go back to work.这听上去很棒唯一让人不爽的是,到了早上,办公桌会再度出现,所有人都得回去工作

  第67届艾美奖完整获奖名单(双语) -- 3::35 来源: 第67届艾美奖颁奖典将于北京时间9月1日早上点(美国时间9月日晚点)在洛杉矶落幕以项提名领跑的《权力的游戏最终夺得剧情类最佳剧集奖,本次共拿下四个奖项《副总统成喜剧类最以下是双语获奖名单:剧情类奖项▌剧情类最佳剧集Outstanding Drama Series《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) - HBO▌剧情类最佳男主角Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series乔·哈姆(Jon Hamm) 《广告狂人(Mad Men)▌剧情类最佳女主角Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series维奥拉·戴维斯(Viola Davis) 《逍遥法外(How to Get Away with Murder)▌剧情类最佳男配角Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series彼特·丁拉基(Peter Dinklage) 《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones)▌剧情类最佳女配角Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series奥卓·阿杜巴(Uzo Aduba) 《女子监狱(Orange Is the New Black)▌剧情类最佳客串男演员Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series雷格·E·凯蒂(Reg E. Cathey)《纸牌屋(House of Cards)▌剧情类最佳客串女演员Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series玛格·马丁戴尔(Margo Martindale)《美国谍梦(The Americans)▌剧情类最佳编剧Outstanding Writing a Drama SeriesDavid Benioff, D.B. Weiss 《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones)▌剧情类最佳导演Outstanding Directing a Drama Series戴维·纳特(David Nutter) 《权力的游戏喜剧类奖项▌喜剧类最佳剧集Outstanding Comedy Series《副总统(Veep) - HBO▌喜剧类最佳男主角Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series杰弗里·塔伯(Jeffrey Tambor) 《透明家庭(Transparent)▌喜剧类最佳女主角Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series朱莉娅·路易斯·德利法斯(Julia Louis Dreyfuss) 《副总统(Veep)▌喜剧类最佳男配角Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series托尼·海尔(Tony Hale) 《副总统(Veep)▌喜剧类最佳女配角Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series马伊姆·拜力克(Mayim Bialik) 《生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory)▌喜剧类最佳客串男演员Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series布莱德利·惠特福德(Bradley Whitd)《透明家庭(Transparent)▌喜剧类最佳客串女演员Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series琼·库萨克(Joan Cusack)《无耻之徒(Shameless)▌喜剧类最佳编剧Outstanding Writing a Comdedy SeriesSimon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche 《副总统(Veep)▌喜剧类最佳导演Outstanding Directing a Comedy SeriesJill Soloway 《透明家庭(Transparent)限定剧、电视电影类奖项▌最佳限定剧Outstanding Miniseries《奥利芙·基特里奇(Olive Kitteridge) - HBO▌最佳电视电影Outstanding Television Movie《蓝调女王(Bessie) - HBO▌限定剧电视电影最佳男主角Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie理查德·詹金斯(Richard Jenkins) 《奥利芙·基特里奇▌限定剧电视电影最佳女主角Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie弗朗西丝·麦克道曼(Frances McDormand) 《奥利芙·基特里奇▌限定剧电视电影最佳男配角Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie比尔·默里(Bill Murray) 《奥利芙·基特里奇(Olive Kitteridge)▌限定剧电视电影最佳女配角Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie雷吉娜·金(Regina King) 《美国重案(American Crime)▌限定剧电视电影最佳最佳编剧Outstanding Writing A Limited Series, Movie Or A Dramatic SpecialJohn Ridley 《美国重案(American Crime)▌限定剧电视电影最佳最佳导演Outstanding Directing A Limited Series, Movie Or A Dramatic SpecialLisa Cholodenko 《奥利芙·基特里奇(Olive Kitteridge)综艺类奖项▌最佳综艺脱口秀节目Outstanding Variety Talk Series《司徒囧每日秀(The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)- Comedy Central▌最佳小品综艺节目Outstanding Variety Sketch Series《艾米-舒默的内心世界(Inside Amy Schumer)-Comedy Central▌最佳竞技类真人秀Outstanding Reality-Competition Program《美国好声音(The Voice) - N▌最佳虚拟现实类真人秀Outstanding Structured Reality Program《创智赢家(Shark Tank) - A▌最佳非虚拟现实类真人秀Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program《致命捕捞(Deadliest Catch) - Discovery▌最佳真人秀主持人Outstanding Host A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program简-林奇(Jane Lynch) 《好莱坞游戏之夜(Hollywood Game Night)。

  英国退欧将导致欧盟解体 -- 1:: 来源: 英国的脱欧公投将有可能导致欧盟解体,瑞典外长警告说 Britain’s EU referendum could lead to the break-up of the EU itself, Sweden’s eign minister has warned.英国的脱欧公投将有可能导致欧盟解体,瑞典外长警告说Margot Wallstrom told the B a domino effect of demands referendums and requests preferential terms by member states could follow.Margot Wallstrom告诉B说这将引发多米诺效应,其他国家也将选择公投或提出特别要求"The spill-over effect will be untunately felt, deeply felt," she said. "It would be bad either way," she added.“英国一旦脱离欧盟的不幸连锁效应将是深远和巨大的,”她说“无论如何都没有好处,”她补充道The referendum in the UK will take place on 3 June.公投将于6月3号在英国举行A poll the Independent newspaper, published on Friday evening, suggested that the Leave campaign had -point lead.《独立报周五晚公布的民调显示,持“脱欧”的民意已领先十个百分点Ms Wallstrom said if the UK voted to leave, other countries could follow.Wallstrom女士说如果英国要离开,其他国家也可能会跟随"That might affect other EU member states that will say: ’Well if they can leave, maybe we should also have referendums and maybe we should also leave,’" she told the B’s This Week’s World programme.“这可能引得其他欧盟成员说‘如果他们可以走,也许我们也该公投,我们也该走,’”她告诉B This Week’s World(这周世界)节目But other EU countries could also follow the UK example in the event of a vote to remain in the EU, she said.但其他国家还可以效仿英国继续留在欧盟的方法,她说"If they stay, it might also lead to other countries saying: ’Well, they negotiated, they asked and demanded to have a special treatment so why shouldn’t we?’" she said.“他们如果继续留在欧盟,会导致其他国家说:‘好吧,如果他们谈判——提出特别要求——那我们为什么不这么做?’”她说Ms Wallstrom said she hoped the UK would remain in the EU, saying Britain was an important trading partner Sweden and there were 90,000 Swedes living in the country.Wallstrom女士说她希望英国继续留在欧盟,英国是瑞典重要的贸易伙伴,更有9万瑞典人居住在英国"It will be just a matter of insecurity, and industries don’t like insecurity," she said.“这将引发风险,而企业不喜欢风险,”她说The Swedish eign minister also confirmed the introduction of strict regulations and laws on trading in weapons with countries that were not full democracies.瑞典外长还确认说,在与不充分民主的国家进行武器交易的问题上,将会有严格的法律法规引入Last year, Sweden scrapped a controversial arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The Gulf nation then recalled its Stockholm ambassador after Ms Wallstrom criticised the kingdom’s human rights record.去年,瑞典放弃了一项与沙特阿拉伯有争议的武器交易在Wallstrom谴责该王国的人权纪录后,这个海湾国家便找回了他们在斯德哥尔的大使

  你是什么性格?看你的网络头像就知道 --31 :: 来源:chinadaily Is your profile photo bright and cheery, or is it a brooding work of social media art?你的头像照片明亮愉快吗?抑或是社交媒体艺术育的成果?According to a new study, these distinctions contain key clues about your personality and can reveal whether you’re conscientious, extraverted, or even neurotic.根据一项新研究,这些差别隐藏着关于你性格的关键线索,可以透露出你是尽责型,外向型,还是神经质的人Using thousands of Twitter profile pictures, an international team of researchers found that personality traits can be accurately predicted based on differences in aesthetic and facial presentation.一个跨国研究团队观察了几千张推特个人资料里的头像照片,发现基于美学和面部展示方式的差异,可以准确推测性格特征In a recent paper, Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice, researchers analysed a data set of more than 66,000 Twitter users, and collected up to 3,0 of the most recent tweets each person.在最近发表的研究论文——《通过社交媒体头像选择分析用户性格中,研究者们分析了6.6万推特用户的数据,收集了每个用户最近写的30条推特(如果有这么多的话)Along with this, Twitter users were given a psychological survey to determine their scores among the Big Five personality traits.除此之外,名推特用户接受了心理测验,根据结果来确定他们是五大人格特质中的哪一个These include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.这些特质包括外向型、宜人型、尽责型、神经质型和开放型Profile pictures are likely an important indicator of personality, as they are chosen by the user to represent their online persona, the researchers explain.研究人员解释道,头像照片很可能是人格的重要指标,因为用户选择它们来代表自己在网上的形象So, they looked only at profile photos, and divided the features into two categories: general image features and stylistic facial features.,他们只看头像照片,并把照片特征分为两类:一类是一般的图像特征,一类是充满个人风格的脸部特征The researchers analysed the differences in colour, composition, general type (meaning number of faces included), demographics, facial presentation, and expression.研究人员分析了颜色、构图、大体形式(就是照片上有多少张脸)、人口学特征,脸部展示以及表情上的差异Then, they investigated the correlation between the personality analyses and the features of each image.然后他们探究了人格分析和每张图片的特征之间的相关性Twitter users that have a profile picture with higher aesthetic quality – increased contrast, sharpness, saturation, less blur – were associated with open personalities, the team found.研究团队发现,头像有更高审美价值的推特用户——图片对比度、清晰度、饱和度较高,模糊的较少,属于开放型人格This group was also most likely to have a profile picture that contained something other than a face, indicating ‘non-conmance,’ they explain.除了脸,这类人的头像更有可能包含其它事物,暗示他们“不随大流”,他们解释道But, they were also less colourful, and the facial expressions were higher in negative emotion, particularly anger.但是,他们的头像没那么绚丽多,而且脸部表情表现出更多的消极情绪,尤其是愤怒As conscientious users, the researchers found profile pictures were more colourful, natural, and bright.至于尽责型的用户,研究人员发现他们的头像照片更绚丽多、自然、明亮These users were highly correlated with positive mood expressions, like smiling, and expressed the most emotions out of all the five traits.这些用户与积极表情高度相关,比如微笑,而且是五大人格中情感表达最丰富的一类人Extraverts were found to have the most colourful images, and tended to have profile pictures that contain multiple people.研究发现,外向型的人头像色最丰富,而且头像照片上往往有好几个人Users associated with agreeableness were also found to have colourful photos, which were blurry and bright.宜人型的用户头像色也比较多,明亮但比较模糊Overall, these users express positive emotions.总而言之,这些用户表达的情感都比较积极Neurotic users, they found, tended to have simpler, uncolourful images.他们发现,神经质型的用户头像往往更简单,色更单调They were also more likely to opt not to present a face in their photos, and had an overall lack of positive emotions when a face was shown.他们也更倾向于选择没有正脸的照片,即使有,脸上也全然没有积极的表情Using this inmation, researchers say profile pictures can be harnessed to make predictions with ‘robust accuracy.’研究人员表示,了解这些信息,就可以利用头像对性格做出“靠谱的”预测Vocabularybrood: 冥思苦想;孵化conscientious: 认真的;尽责的demographics: 人口统计学英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮

  全球变暖导致美国鲨鱼袭击频发 --30 19::5 来源: 美国大学一教授声称全球变暖将导致今夏美国鲨鱼袭击事件激增

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