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Ferdinand Magellan (Portuguese: Fernatilde;o de Magalhatilde;es; Spanish: Fernando de Magallanes) (Spring 1480 – 27 April 1521, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines). Ferdinand Magellan was born circa 1480 at Sabrosa, near Chaves, in the province of Tras-os-Montes, one of the wildest districts of Portugal. However, he subsequently obtained Spanish nationality in order to serve the Spanish Crown, so that he could try to find a westward route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. He thereby became the first person to lead an expedition across the Pacific Ocean. This was also the first successful attempt to circumnavigate the Earth. Although he did not complete the entire voyage (he was killed during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines), Magellan had earlier traveled eastward to the Spice Islands, so he became one of the first individuals to cross all of the meridians of the Globe.麦哲伦(葡萄牙语:费尔南日马加良斯;西班牙文:Fernando de Magallanes) (1480春季 - 1521年4月27日,死于菲律宾宿务麦克坦岛) 。麦哲伦大约1480年出生在葡萄牙一个荒凉的地区——萨布罗萨,临近查韦斯。不过,他后来获得西班牙国籍,以便为西班牙王室务,从而帮助他完成向西到达印度尼西亚香料群岛的旅行。他成为率领探险队穿越太平洋的第一人。这也是第一次尝试成功的环球旅行。尽管他没有完成整个航程(他在菲律宾麦克坦战役中被杀害) ,麦哲伦还是到达了到香料群岛的旅行,所以他成为穿越子午线的第一人。 /200908/80741Among every 1,300 mainland Chinese, one is a multimillionaire, says a new study - but it also shows not everybody is feeling positive vibes up in first class. 一项新的调查显示,中国内地每1,300人中就有一位的身家上千万。但调查也显示,这些富豪并非都有乐观的心态。 The latest survey of China#39;s rich from publisher Hurun Report and GroupM Knowledge, a Shanghai-based media investment company, shows mainland China had as many as 1.02 million millionaires and 63,500 superrich as of the end of last year. The figure for millionaires represents a 6.3% increase from 2010, the report said, and it marked the first time that the number in China surpassed one million. 胡润百富(Hurun Report)和上海传媒投资公司群邑智库(GroupM Knowledge)对中国富人的最新调查显示,截至去年底,中国内地千万富豪多达102万,亿万富豪达63,500人。报告说,千万富豪人数较2010年增加6.3%,这也是中国内地千万富豪人数首次突破百万。 The survey, released on Tuesday, defines millionaires as individuals with personal wealth of more than 10 million yuan (about US.6 million) and the superrich as individuals with at least 100 million yuan. 调查结果在周二公布。千万富豪是指个人财富超过人民币1,000万元(约合160万美元)的人,亿万富豪指拥有财富至少1亿元的人。 The report is calculated based on an individual#39;s fixed and liquid assets, and includes listed and unlisted stock, property, insurance and other items. 报告是基于个人的固定资产和流动资产来计算其财富的,这些资产包括上市与未上市股票、房产、保险和其他类财产。 Among the cities, Beijing boasted the mostly wealthy individuals with 179,000 millionaires, followed by southern metropolitan Guangdong with 9,500 and Shanghai with 8,200. 在各个城市当中,北京的富人最多,亿万富豪达10,500人,南方大都市广州位居第二,有亿万富豪9,500人,排名第三的上海有亿万富豪8,200人。 Traveling is still their favorite way to spend their money, while children#39;s education has outstripped luxury goods to become their second spending preference. 旅游仍是中国富豪们最喜欢的花钱方式,子女教育超过奢侈品成为第二大消费偏好。 The report says that half of the millionaires are business owners, and the rest are investors in stocks or real estate or are what are known in China as #39;golden collars,#39; or high-level executives. China#39;s superrich are mostly business owners, it said. 报告说,一半的千万富豪都是企业老板,其余是股市、楼市投资者或“金领”,也就是高层经理人。报告说,中国亿万富豪大都是企业老板。 But, as the Journal has noted before, wealthy individuals are eyeing foreign countries in which to buy houses and send off their kids to school. The report says that 90% of the superrich are considering sending their kids abroad for high school, and the U.S. is their preferred destination, followed by the U.K. and Canada. About 44% of them have plans to emigrate, and their favorite destination is Canada, followed by the U.S. and Singapore. 但正如《华尔街日报》以前提到的,中国很多富人都在考虑到其他国家买房,把孩子送去上学。报告说,90%的亿万富豪都在考虑把孩子送到国外上高中,美国是他们优先选择的目的地,其次是英国和加拿大。44%左右的富人有移民打算,他们最希望去的地方是加拿大,其次是美国和新加坡。 They appear to be increasingly concerned about China#39;s economic slowdown. The report shows that only 28% of wealthy Chinese say they are confident of China#39;s economy over the next two years. That compares to 54% who felt that way in 2010. 他们似乎越来越担心中国经济增速的放缓。报告显示只有28%的中国富人表示对未来两年的中国经济有信心。2010年时表示有信心的人达到54%的比例。 China rich are also spending less. The report says that China#39;s rich spent an average of 1.76 million yuan last year, 9% less than 2010. 中国富人的开也在减少。报告说,去年中国富人平均花费176万元,比2010年减少9%。 Other tidbits: 60% of the rich choose real estate as their No.1 investment choice, followed by stocks. Nearly two-thirds own an iPad, 86% shop online and 40% use weibo microblogs. 报告中还有其他一些有趣的数字:60%的富人把房地产作为第一投资选择,其次是股市。接近三分之二的人拥有iPad,86%的人在网上购物,40%的人使用微。 Some online challenged the tally of rich, saying a fuller accounting would include public officials who have enriched themselves on public funds. #39;The list only includes businessmen but leaves out officials,#39; said one Sina Corp#39;s Weibo user under the name of Hamburger Xuan. 一些网民对这份报告提出质疑,认为应该把利用公款致富的官员算进去才更加完整。新浪微用户“Hamburger瑄”说,这份报告“只统计了富商,没有统计官员”。 #39;The number has been severely underestimated. You should include the party officials and their kids,#39; said another. 另一位用户说,“县级干部就有60万左右吧,加上他们的子女,这个算法严重低估了”。 #39;Ten million is actually not a big sum of money is China,#39; comment a user under the name of Ban Jiesheng. #39;It#39;s not even enough to afford a house here.#39; 用户“半介生”说:“现在1,000万其实不多,还不够买一套房子。” /201208/193454

Australia#39;s iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge are set to be joined by a new landmark after a council approved a pound;330 million, 15-hectare Chinese-themed park including a full-sized replica of the gates to Beijing#39;s Forbidden City.继悉尼歌剧院和海港大桥之后,澳大利亚即将增添一个新的标志性建筑。当地委员会审批通过了一个耗资3.3亿英镑、占地15公顷的中国主题公园,其中包括一个仿紫禁城门建造的1比1大小的大门。The sprawling park, to be built in Wyong Shire, about 50 miles north of Sydney, will also feature a nine-story temple housing a giant Buddha and a mini-city modelled on Chinese water towns.这座占地面积庞大的公园将在悉尼以北50英里处的怀昂郡兴建,公园内还会有一座九层楼高的供有大佛的庙宇和仿照中国水乡建造的迷你小城。The local mayor, Doug Eaton, said the park, to be finished by 2020, is set to become one of the country#39;s main tourist attractions.当地郡长道格#8226;伊顿说,这座定于2020年前落成的公园将会成为澳大利亚的主要旅游景点之一。;Outside the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, this has the potential to be among the biggest tourist attractions in the state,; he said.他说:“除了悉尼歌剧院和海港大桥之外,这座主题公园有潜力成为澳大利亚最大的旅游胜地。”;What this proposal will do is turn the Wyong shire into a tourist mecca and bring millions of dollars worth of tourism into the area, which will have a flow-on effect to the entire region#39;s economy.;“这一提案将把怀昂郡变成旅游胜地,为该地区带来数百万美元的旅游收入,这会使整个区域的经济产生流动效应。”The council has agreed to sell the land to the Australian Chinese Theme Park Pty Ltd, the private company behind the project. Construction will begin with the building of the Forbidden City gates in 2015.委员会已经同意把土地卖给负责该项目的私人公司——澳大利亚中国主题公园私人有限公司。该项目将于2015年动工,最先兴建的是紫禁城大门。The park will also include a section in the architectural style of the Tang and Song dynasties and another in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties.这座公园还将包括唐宋时期的建筑区,以及明清风格的建筑区。It will feature a 1000-seat theatre, restaurants and function halls, a royal villa, and a children#39;s section devoted to pandas (which will not have any pandas).公园内还会有一个1000个座位的剧院、几个饭馆、几个多功能厅、一所皇家别墅,和一个以熊猫为主题的儿童区(不过里面一只熊猫也不会有)。;It is going to be a unique 0 million tourist attraction, employing more than a thousand people and bringing economic prosperity to Wyong Shire,; said Bruce Zhong, chairman of the ACTP.澳大利亚中国主题公园私人有限公司的董事长布鲁斯#8226;钟说:“这一耗资5亿美元的主题公园将会是一个独一无二的旅游胜地,公园将雇用1000多个工作人员,为怀昂郡带来经济繁荣。”The project is designed to help tap into the lucrative Chinese tourist market. More than 400,000 Chinese tourists visit the state of New South Wales each year.该项目旨在进一步挖掘有利可图的中国旅游市场。每年到新南威尔士州的中国游客超过40万人次。 /201212/212379

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