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I wrote in because first of all I love you我写信首先因为我喜欢你I love watching the show it just brings life you know when you watch the show you just我喜欢看这个节目 给我活着的感觉No matter youre having a happy day or a sad day不管你今天是开心或不开心Youre sitting in the couch like I dont wanna do anything today你就坐在沙发上 感觉今天什么都不想做And you just sitting there you watch your show,and you just like I wanna get up坐在那里看你的节目 我就能坐正了 I wanna dancing while doing the dishes,Run for popcorn during the commercial一边跳舞一边洗洗盘子 在广告时间跑去做个爆米花If it takes longer just let it burn,its ok.如果花时间太长就让它糊吧Just come back and watch the Ellen show,theres more bags of popcorn,I just,you know赶紧回来看节目 反正爆米花还有 我只是 你知道I wrote in because I needed to share something with somebody that related to me我写信还因为我想和人 和我有联系的人分享I need to tell you,you know what is going on我想诉说发生的事情I knew youre listening and I knew youre understanding,you know youre really a good person我知道你在听 你理解 因为你真是个好人Im glad that you feel all those things,and its what I hope to do every single day我很高兴你有这样的想法 我的确每一天都希望I hope I make people feel better,I hope I take people out of there situation,a little bit and make them happier能让人更开心 我希望帮人解决困难 哪怕只是微薄之力 让他们开心Thats really why I do that I do,it makes me happy that I did that for you这正是我工作的目的 很高兴我也能帮助你I know that you have,let me start by saying I dont have a car for you我知道你 我先说我没有车子送给你Youre having a horrible time with your car你的车子很让你头疼It broke down and theres a lot of things它坏了 还有别的事情But I do have something for you,that I think will help,ok.我是有东西送给你 我觉得会有帮助Cause youre going through a hard time,I have ten thousand dollars.Oh My God.你的生活那么困难 这有一万美元 哦 天呐 /201607/456115

John Bellezza and Tsering Gyalpo have their own ideas, ideas that take them to the infamous cave of the dead, could the bodies of the Chinese army saw more than 50 years ago be the corpses of the last royals of Guge?约翰·贝勒查及和嘉波才让有他们的想法,他们前往恐怖的干尸洞五十多年前人民解放军所看见的尸骸是否是最后的古格王朝贵族。The only answer is the overwhelming stench of more recent decay.回应他们的只有洞内强烈的尸臭。The cave unfortunately has once again become a burial site, and in recent years it remains of Tibetans have once again been deposited there, and this is actually complicating the archaeology about determining what was really there originally, and whats come after.很不幸的 这座洞穴一度成为弃尸的地点,直到最近几年仍旧有藏民将尸首放在那里,这使得考古的工作更加的复杂,哪些是原有的,哪些又是后来放的呢。In Tibet the dead receive a sky burial, this means corpses are carried away by birds, skilled morticians cut up the dead body to encourage eagles and vultures to consume the flesh, local tales suggest that at one time the cave may have held as many as 400 skeletons,西藏采行天葬由鸟类吃食尸体,负责处理尸体的殡葬人员将尸体切块让老鹰及秃鹰吃食,传说干尸洞内的尸骸多达四百具。but over time, bandits, scholars and the curious have taken much, leaving but a few remains, Tibetan rituals of the dead forbid any possible DNA studies, but John Bellezza believes this could very well be the resting place of the last king of Guge.随着时间推移,盗匪,学者及好奇的民众拿走多数的尸骸,现在只剩下几具,西藏葬礼拒绝DNA检测,但约翰·贝勒查相信古格王朝的最后一位国王葬在干尸洞中。There are some evidence that lends credence to the idea that indeed the corpses in the cave are those of the royal family, most of them seemed to have been beheaded, to have undergone execution, so that probably would not have been the case with the common soldiers who had been, who had fallen on battlefield.那里有一些可采信的据能明,洞内的遗骸的确属于古格皇族,他们大多遭到斩首,全数判处死刑,所以应该不可能是,一般战死沙场的将士的遗骸。译文属201605/444015

According to a new study, drinking beer does make you friendlier, happier and less inhibited. 根据一项新的研究,饮用啤酒会使你更友好、快乐和自在。The studys lead researcher, Matthias Liechti, who is the head of psychopharmacology research at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, says, 这项研究的首席研究员,瑞士巴塞尔大学医院的精神药理学主管Matthias Liechti说,We found that drinking a glass of beer helps people see happy faces faster, and enhances concern for positive emotional situations.我们发现喝一杯啤酒有助于人们更快获得快乐,并增强积极的情绪状态。Researchers came to their conclusion after studying two groups of 30 men and 30 women. 研究人员在研究两组30名男性和30名女性后,得出了他们的结论。Before and after alcohol consumption, both groups performed various tasks, including facial recognition as well as tests of their empathy and even sexual arousal.在饮酒前和之后,这两组人员进行了各种任务,包括面部识别、同情心测试、甚至性兴奋试验。译文属。201609/467487

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