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泉州丰泽区哪里有口腔医院泉州永春县打美白针需要多少钱泉州惠安县整形哪家好 Thousands of children descended upon the White House Monday for the annual Easter Egg Roll. And if they have energy to spare after finding the wooden eggs, about 250 of them will join first lady Michelle Obama for a run.  为举办复活节“滚蛋”大赛,数千名儿童于周一聚集白宫。如果孩子们找到木蛋后还有精力,那么他们当中将有250人能够和第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马一起跑步。  The #39;fun run#39; is the latest addition to an event that began in 1878 and now includes storytelling, musical performances and tips from professional athletes on how to play basketball, tennis and other sports.  “滚蛋”活动开始于1878年,而“欢乐快跑”活动则是最新加入的项目,如今“欢乐快跑”活动还包括讲故事、音乐表演,以及由专业运动员讲述如何打篮球、棒球和其他运动。  Beyonce, Jay Z, their daughter Blue Ivy and relatives including Beyonce#39;s mother Tina Knowles also attended the event.  碧昂斯、Jay Z,他们的女儿布鲁·艾薇和碧昂斯母亲蒂娜·诺蕾丝也参加了该活动。 /201603/434579泉州冰点脱毛

在泉州地区双眼皮哪里做的好泉州欧非医疗美容优惠活动 There#39;s something about summer that makes us want to put citrus into every single drink. Beer? A slice of orange. Cuba libra? Lemon. Mojito? Bring on the limes.因为夏天的缘故,我们恨不得往喝的每一种饮料中都加点柑橘类的水果。比如,啤酒中加瓣橘子,自由古巴鸡尾酒中来点柠檬,莫吉托鸡尾酒中总要放上酸橙才行。We do it because it makes drinks taste fresh, but it#39;s an indulgence we should consider steering clear of.我们这么做是因为这些东西使饮料更新鲜,但是我们需要改掉这个嗜好。Why? Because the fruit used tends to be really dirty.为什么?因为往饮料中添加的水果真的很脏。In a 2007 study published in the Journal of Environmental Health, researchers swabbed lemon slices that were put into their drinks at 21 different restaurants.2007年《环境卫生》杂志刊登的一项调查中,研究人员对21家餐厅饮品中添加的柠檬片进行化验。They found that almost 70% of those samples produced some kind of microbial growth, and included 25 different microbial species.结果发现近70%的抽样样品中存在多达25种的微生物。The researchers wrote: ;The microbes found on the lemon samples in our investigation all have the potential to cause infectious diseases at various body sites, although the likelihood was not determined in this study.;研究人员在报告中写道:;本次调查中,所有柠檬样品中发现的微生物中均具有给某个身体部位带来传染性疾病的可能性,不过目前尚未研究这种可能性的大小。;;Restaurant patrons should be aware that lemon slices added to beverages may include potentially pathogenic microbes.;;常去饭店吃饭的顾客应该意识到,那些加到饮料中的柠檬片中可能携带病原菌。;Philip Tierno, PhD, clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University School of Medicine and author of The Secret Life of Germs told ELLE UK, ;People are touching the lemon in your glass, handling it, cutting it, placing it in a container or a cup, or a glass; and then picking up those slices at a later point in time and dropping them into a drink and putting them on the rim of a glass.;菲利普·瑅耶鲁诺士是纽约大学医学院临床微生物与病理学教授,也是《细菌的秘密生活》一书的作者。他接受英国版ELLE采访时表示:;你杯子里的柠檬片不停在和手打交道。被拿来,切开,放在容器、茶杯或是玻璃杯中;接着在某个特定的时间点被拿出来切成片,放进某种饮料中或是放在杯口做装饰用。;;You can easily see how those lemon slices can be contaminated.;;这些柠檬片是怎么被污染的一目了然。;But despite the risks, Tierno told Elle UK he does put a lemon in his drink, but he#39;ll return a drink if he sees a bartender put their fingers all over the rim of the glass or use a dirty rag to clean the glass.虽然存在着风险,但是瑅耶鲁诺教授表示,自己还是喜欢在饮品中加柠檬。但是如果让他看到酒保的手指接触到了杯子边缘或是用脏兮兮的抹布擦拭杯子,他就会把饮料退掉。 /201609/464349泉州双眼皮手术价钱

石狮市妇女医院激光祛痘手术多少钱Family members might decide to pick your brain about various subjects all at once. This is flattering, but it can distract you from other things which you need to be doing. Try referring them to books or web-sites! A rather bizarre phone call bringing unexpected news could have you reeling at one point, and you#39;ll need some time to digest what you#39;ve heard. The main challenge today is finding a way to hold it together!家庭成员可能会决定让你的大脑一次性想起各种话题。这可能有点奉承,但也让你分心,不能再做其它你需要做的事情。试着让他们看看书上上网!一个非常奇怪的电话可能会给你带来意想不到的消息,让你一度感到晕眩,你需要点时间消化你所听到的。今天最主要的挑战就是找到让自己振作的方法。Your well being horoscope幸福运势Emotional turmoil may overwhelm your usual objectivity and good sense today. Family problems may be weighing on your mind, as communication between you and family members may be lacking at the moment. You might not feel totally in touch with what#39;s going on. Try to encourage them to talk to you, and if they won#39;t, try to relax and move on. Sometimes people feel it#39;s best to deal with their troubles on their own, and it#39;s their choice.今天,情感的波动可能会吞没你以往的客观性和良好的判断力。你可能都在想着家庭的问题,因为目前你和你的家人可能缺少交流。你可能不是很明白发生了什么。试着鼓励他们和你对话,如果他们不要和你说话,那就试着放松继续过生活。有时候人们觉得自己解决自己的问题是最好的方法,这是他们的抉择。Your finance horoscope财务运势You have an analytical mind, and sometimes you like to think about the various people in your life who have had a powerful influence on you. It#39;s good to contemplate these relationships once in a while, because it helps you to better understand who you are now compared to the person you used to be. Today you might be remembering events and people from your childhood and reflecting on their effect on you.你分析性强,有时候你会想到生活中那些对你产生重大影响的一些人。时不时地想想这些关系是件好事儿,因为这能帮你更好的理解相比以前,现在的你更想成为什么样的人。今天,你可能回想起孩提时代的人,并回想他们对你的影响。Your love horoscope爱情运势You love meeting people who might be considered eccentric. You can#39;t help it, you are simply attracted to them. You will probably be able to cross the path of one of those persons. But a feeling of deja-vu might come to your mind. As strange as it may seem, its probable that this person will be no one but you!你喜欢与那些人们觉得古怪的人见面。你就是忍不住,你就是觉得他们很有吸引力。你可能会走过某个古怪的人走过的路。但你可能会有种似曾相识之感。 尽管看起来很奇怪,很可能这个人不是别人,正是你自己!Your career horoscope事业运势Your skills with computers and other forms of modern equipment should be growing by leaps and bounds, which will greatly increase your efficiency with these tools. Or it could also increase your marketability, should you be thinking of changing your career or simply be looking for a new position. This would be a good day to get your resume up to date so that you can act when you see an ad that seems right for you.今天你的电脑技能和其它形式现代设备的技能都突飞猛进,这将大大加快你使用这些工具的效率。或者这也能增强你的营销能力,你可能会想着改变自己的职业或者只是想要寻找新的职位。今天是更新简历的好日子,这样当你看到适合自己的职位时你就能行动了。译文属 /201609/464392 福建省医科大学一院的信誉石狮人民医院属于专科医院吗



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