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Small Business Report: Safe toys There will be tougher toy safety standards, as Headline News' Jennifer Westhoven reports.Every year they have the annual toy fair, it's happening right now in New York City and safety is the big issue this year, Jennifer Westhoven, Toys R Us says that it's making the toys safer, what else do we know?Well, we know, Robin, that they want stricter standards right, so they are talking about lower amounts of lead in any of the toys, they are talking about phasing out some dangerous chemicals including phthalate, that's a vinyl additive, it's been linked to solve problems in rats. They, obviously, all these companies that sell toys, they do not want any more of these awful headlines about recalls of millions of dangerous toys that are kids' favorite, and that of course frightens parents right out of the toy aisle. Now, Toys R Us is actually, uh, you know, Walmart did this last week, and what's happening is, most of these companies are trying to get out ahead of, they know what's coming next week, next week the Federal Government is going to announce some national standards and all the toy companies, right, they don't wanna look like they're, they don't meet federal standards, they wanna get out ahead of that.All right, here's a sign when it comes to the housing market, and some of the conditions that led up to the mortgage meltdown that we have, that they may be going the way of the dodo. I'm talking about the things like the Ninja loan, when you could get a mortgage with no income, no job, and no assets. A company called MGIC, a major mortgage company, according to San Francisco Chronicle says from now on, no more reduced paper work loans, no mortgages with less than a 5% down payment and no loans for flippers, the owner has to live in that house, and this is at, in major cities across the country. Robin.That's gonna be interesting because a lot of people on that business are flipping houses but now they are saying no loans for the flippers, interesting. (Yeah) Hey, thank you.03/63577Global Fears Force Shares Down in Europe担忧全球经济导致欧洲股市大跌Worries about the health of the global economy are again taking their toll on the world markets. Following earlier drops in Asia, European indexes are down across the board. 对全球经济健康的担忧再次冲击着世界市场。在稍早亚洲股市下跌之后,欧洲各大股指全面下滑。The reason for the global gloom rests with recession fears in the ed States. Electronics retailer Circuit City is the latest high-profile casualty. It has filed for bankruptcy protection. 全球经济一片黯淡,其主要原因是担心美国出现衰退。美国电子产品零售商“电路城”是最新一个引人关注的牺牲品。电路城已经申请破产保护。Also, worries about the big-three U.S. automotive giants continue to focus nervous investor attention. After posting a .5 billion loss in the third quarter, General Motors said it could run out of operating cash next year. Shares in GM plunged 23 percent overnight to levels not seen since the end of World War II. 此外,人们对美国三大汽车巨头前景的担忧,仍是紧张不安投资者关注的话题。通用汽车在第三季度出现25亿美元的亏损后表示,运营资金明年将告罄。昨天通用汽车的股价狂跌23%,为二战结束以来的最低点。In Europe, oil prices are down. Financial sector stocks like UBS and Deutsche Bank are also taking a hit. 在欧洲,石油价格下跌。而诸如瑞士联合和德意志的金融业类股也蒙受损失。In London, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he wants to see coordinated action on the stimulus front when world leaders gather later this week in Washington to talk economics.  在伦敦,英国首相布朗说,世界领导人本星期晚些时候在华盛顿举行经济问题会谈时,他希望各国领导人在刺激计划方面能采取协调行动。"We are in a position to take the action," Mr. Brown said. "Other countries including Germany and France and others I have mentioned like China are taking action. We have taken some action aly and we are prepared to look at further action. That is the way to get the economy through this difficult time. And one initiative here and there is not going to make the difference. What you need is a coordinated strategy and preferably a coordinated strategy across the world and not just in one country."  布朗说:“我们准备好采取行动。其它国家包括德国、法国,以及我提到的中国等国家正在采取行动。我们也已经采取一些措施,并着手出台进一步的措施。这是使经济摆脱这个困难时期的途径。但是,各国单独采取的措施解决不了大问题。我们需要的是协调战略,最好是全球统一协调行动,而不是某一个国家的行动。”Mr. Brown says nations have only one effective option and that is to work together.布朗说,世界各国只有一个有效的抉择,那就是共同合作。"This is, I repeat, a global problem that you can see sping across every part of the world so it does need these global solutions," Mr. Brown said. "And that is why I pressed hard for this Washington meeting, it is also why I hope out of the Washington meeting, people will get a sense that all countries are prepared to take the action that is necessary."  他说:“我重申,那就是,这是个全球问题,正在向世界的每一个地区蔓延,因此需要拿出一个全球性的解决办法来。我极力敦促召开这次华盛顿会议的原因正在于此。同时,我希望通过这次华盛顿会议,人们能认识到所有国家都准备好采取必要的行动。”The economic slowdown is becoming more evident by the day in Europe. In Britain, housing sales are at their lowest level in more than 30 years and retail sales figures for October show the largest falls in three years. 欧洲经济放缓的迹象与日俱增。在英国,房屋销售数量为30多年来的最低水平,10月份的零售数字显示出三年来最大的跌幅。Many analysts feel that stimulus plans among those countries attending the Washington gathering will help to boost domestic consumption in places like Britain. They also warn against the urge to place protectionist barriers up. 许多分析人士认为,出席华盛顿会议的那些国家出台的刺激计划将能帮助在英国等国扩大内需。他们同时警告说,要提防设立贸易保护主义壁垒。200811/55874

Unable to leave his harem to feed its seed, hes losing 50 pounds of blabber a day.由于无法离开他的后宫养育后代,他一天失去50磅。Aly the albatross checks a hatching in staggering numbers downy and demanding with unending patience. The new mother waits for her mate to return for his far origin until near starvation if she must.数目惊人信天翁用永无止境的要求和耐心检查孵化情况。新妈妈等待她的伴侣回巢,她知道饥饿临近时他才会回来,而这些对她来说是必须的。He, meanwhile, may be covering thousands of miles on the way, simply to find food for his brood. He returns having the seafood. After a brief greeting, they transfer parental responsibilities. He fails the chicks belly and the familys content.与此同时的他也许正在数千英里外的路上,只为了给幼仔找些食物回来。他回来的时候会带着海中美食。经过短暂的问候后,他们互相转换家庭责任。他对抚育幼仔和家庭责任一窍不通。The Johny looks hungry too. Sometimes the parent never returns from the sea.但是乔尼看起来也是饥饿难耐。有时候父母永远不会从大海中回来。词语解释:1. harem n. 后宫2. albatross n. 信天翁163598

Short breaks make people happier than one long holiday, psychologists claimTaking frequent short breaks is better for you than one long holiday, research has found.Psychologists believe that people who use their holiday allowance in bursts rather than all in one go are happier.People who take so-called mini-breaks have more happy memories than those who holiday for an extended period of time, they claimed.Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist who wrote The Upside of Irrationality, suggested that holidaymakers break up extended time away by doing some work in the middle of their break saying this would make them more appreciative of their time away from the office.The explanation is that people's enjoyment wanes as they become accustomed to their holiday lifestyle.Prof Ariely, who teaches at Duke University in North Carolina, said: "On a long vacation, day seven is less good than day one because it's not as exciting. That's why in general, going away four times [a year] provides more benefit than you would expect, and going away for one week provides less benefit than you would expect."However other experts disagree. Tim Harford, the author of Dear Undercover Economist, said that taking an increased number of trips would only increase the stress associated with travelling to and from a holiday destination.He said: "If you pack three times as many holidays into the same amount of leave, you can expect three times as much trouble. It's not obvious to me that it's worth it."Vocabulary:all in one go:一次性地背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111572

  Carlo and Luss like fish too, so they decide to visit the famous fish market. Monkfish on ice, both are astounded at the weird and wonderful selection of seafood not available in their country. They are surprised to see whale meat, a local delicacy. Norway still hunts whales. This marker offers a 1 in seafood that can't be found anywhere else in the country. Luxuries like crab meat are relatively cheap here,a good opportunity for seafood lovers to gorge themselves. The historic area of Burgen is a small area of the town with typical wooden houses from the 18th and 19th century. This is how the city would have looked years ago when the village was originally built in the 19th century. Several catastrophic fires have destroyed large parts of the town. This quarter has been protected as a monument. Carlo and Luss leave Burgen and continue their journey further north. Their route takes them past gorgeous lakes formed by glacier. Thousands of streams and rivers 2 the land. Here, the country is even more sparsely populated. It's hard to find anywhere else in Europe so close to nature. In the region around Stryn, they stop for a break. You are allowed to camp wherever you like in Norway. No need to book a place, you can just stop wherever the view takes your fancy. Lake Loen is ideal for Kayaking. It's part of the Northfjord region and one of the most beautiful in Norway.注释:① astound vt. 使惊骇;使震惊例句:1. His practical grasp of affairs and his energy still astound me.他对事物的实际掌握和他充沛的精力实在使我惊异。2. Does not my heat astound you.我的热度没有吓坏你吗?② quarter n. 四分之一;地区;季度;一刻钟;两角五分vi. 住宿;驻扎 vt. 将…四等分;供某人住宿 num. 四分之一例句:1. The rent is due at the end of each quarter. 缴纳租金以每季度末为期限. 2. A quarter of the area is covered with virgin forest. 四分之一的地区都是原始森林。③gorgeous adj. 华丽的,灿烂的;极好的例句:1. The sunset is gorgeous tonight. 今天晚上日落的景色美极了。 2. In the evening the rosy clouds were gorgeous. 傍晚的云霞绚丽多。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157115

  China's economy中国的经济Even splits匀速前进China does its bit to calm worries about the world economy 中国为平息人们对世界经济的担忧尽了自己的一份力A RUNNER cannot sprint all the time, noted Sheng Laiyun of China’s National Bureau of Statistics, after the release of China’s new growth figures on July 13th; he must pace himself so that he can run better later. Over the past four quarters China’s economy has recorded what runners call “even splits”, keeping a steady pace, lap after lap. It grew by 9.5% in the second quarter (year on year), having grown at a similar rate in the previous three. 7月13日,在发布中国最近的增长数据之后,中国国家统计局的盛来运指出,跑步运动员无法一直快速前进,他必须放慢步伐,这样随后才能跑出更好的成绩。在过去4个季度,中国经济创造出了跑步运动员所谓的“匀速前进”的记录,一次次保持了稳定的速度。中国经济第二季度(同比)增长了9.5%,前三个季度的增长速度与此如出一辙。The figures helped allay fears of a hard landing for China’s economy. But they raised some doubts about whether the economy is landing at all. Consumer prices rose by 6.4%. in the year to June. The economy’s pace may be steady. But is it too fast to sustain? 这些数据减少了人们对中国经济硬着陆的担忧。但是它们引发了人们对中国经济是否会着陆的疑虑。截至今年6月,消费价格上涨了6.4%。中国经济的增速可能是稳定的。但是是否过快难以为继了呢?201107/144852。

  Obama Remains Committed to Troop Withdrawal From Iraq奥巴马重申从伊撤出作战部队意向  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has reaffirmed his intention to withdraw American combat forces from Iraq after taking office. Mr. Obama spoke as a top member of the Bush administration admitted that U.S. efforts to stabilize Iraq after the 2003 invasion were lacking. 美国当选总统奥巴马重申了他就职后将从伊拉克撤出美国作战部队的意向。与此同时,布什政府的一名高级官员承认,美国2003年入侵伊拉克以后,没有足够的力量来稳定伊拉克。While campaigning for the presidency, Barack Obama's most often repeated pledge was to bring home American combat forces from Iraq within 16 months of entering the White House. 在总统竞选期间,奥巴马重复最多的保就是在入主白宫后的16个月内,把美国作战部队撤出伊拉克,返回美国。Since the election, the ed States and Iraq have finalized an accord that stipulates a 2011 deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops. 选举结束后,美国和伊拉克达成了一项协议,规定2011年是美军撤离伊拉克的截止期。Speaking on N television's Meet The Press program, Mr. Obama said he remains committed to ending the Iraq War, although he gave no specific dates for doing so. 星期天在接受美国全国广播公司“与媒体会面”电视节目采访的时候,奥巴马说,他仍然致力于结束伊拉克战争,但是他并没有说出一个具体的日期。"One of my first acts as president will be to bring in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to bring in my national security team, and design a plan for a responsible drawdown," said Barack Obama. "When I began the campaign, there was a lot of controversy about the idea of starting to draw down troops. Now, we have seen this administration sign an agreement with the Iraqi government, creating a timeframe for removing U.S. troops." 奥巴马说:“作为总统,我首先要做的事情之一就是召集参谋长联席会议和我的国家安全团队,来为撤军制定一个负责任的计划。当我开始竞选总统的时候,人们对开始减少驻军存在很大争议。现在,我们看到现任政府和伊拉克政府签署了一项协议,从而为撤军制定出一个时间表。”The president-elect, who opposed the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq while serving as an Illinois state senator, said he wants to act quickly but also to preserve stability in Iraq. He said there must be a mechanism for Iraq to assume more responsibility for its security without allowing a resurgence of terrorism in the country. 作为来自伊利诺伊州参议员,当选总统奥巴马2003年曾反对美国领导的对伊拉克的入侵。奥巴马表示,他希望尽快从伊拉克撤军,同时也要维护伊拉克的稳定。他说,必须为伊拉克承担维护本国安全的责任制定一项机制,防止恐怖主义在伊拉克卷土重来。In a recent interview, President Bush said the greatest regret of his presidency was the intelligence failure that led the ed States to believe that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. In the past, Mr. Bush has admitted that mistakes were made in attempting to secure the country after the Iraqi ruler's ouster. 在最近的一次采访中,布什总统表示,他任期内最大的遗憾是,情报工作的失误导致美国认为萨达姆.侯赛因拥有大规模杀伤性武器。过去,布什曾经承认,在推翻萨达姆之后试图稳定伊拉克的过程中犯了错误。Speaking on the Fox News Sunday television program, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the structure of America's presence in Iraq was not up to the task of helping to forge a democracy while maintaining security in the face of a violent insurgency.Rice was asked whether former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who played a key role in deciding U.S. troop levels in Iraq after the invasion, bore the blame. 在节目中,赖斯被询问在决定美军驻伊部队水平问题上发挥关键作用的前国防部长拉姆斯菲尔德是否应当对此负责。"Look, I take responsibility for that, too," said Condoleezza Rice. "We just did not have the right structure." 赖斯回答说:“我也要对此负责。我们当时并没有制定出正确的结构。”At the same time, Rice said she believes that, in the long run, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein will prove to be what she termed "a strategic achievement" for America. She said Iraq will be at the core of what she described as "a different kind of Middle East". 赖斯同时表示,从长远来看,推翻萨达姆政权对美国来说是一项“战略成就”。她说,伊拉克将成为“一个截然不同的中东”的核心。200812/58358

  India's Technology Industry Fears Cuts in Outsourcing from US印技术行业担心美企减少外包业务  Many in India cheered Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election. But India's technology and outsourcing sector is watching cautiously to see if a new U.S. administration will implement policies that will cut down outsourcing from American companies. 印度是世界上接受美国公司外包业务最多的国家。随着美国民主党的奥巴马当选为总统,印度的技术和外包产业都在谨慎地观察下一届美国政府是否会为了保护美国的就业市场而限制美国公司的业务外包。Over the last decade, Indian companies have flourished as overseas companies outsource work such as sales calls, technical help desks, accounting and software development to India. The country's huge pool of English-speaking graduates and software engineers work at a fraction of the wages paid in the West, helping to cut down the cost of doing business.  在过去的10年里,印度公司由于境外企业向这里外包电话营销、技术持、会计和软件开发等业务而蓬勃发展。对于这些海外企业来说,印度拥有庞大的英语人口以及数量众多的信息产业人才,而这里的工资只是西方国家的几分之一。向这里外包业务无疑有利于削减成本。But there is some uncertainty if work will continue to flow from American companies at the same pace under a new U.S. administration. During his campaign, Senator Barack Obama said he will give incentives to companies that create jobs at home, and stop giving tax breaks to those that ship jobs overseas.  不过,美国新政府上台后,美国公司是否还会像现在这样向印度输送业务还是个未知数。奥巴马在竞选期间曾经多次表示,作为总统,他将奖励那些在美国本土创造就业机会的公司,同时停止给那些外包业务的公司提供税收优惠。Indian finance minister, P. Chidambaram, remains optimistic that India's outsourcing sector will not be impacted.  然而印度财长奇丹巴兰姆对于这个问题似乎并不怎么担心。他认为印度承包美国公司业务的部门不会受到影响。"A comment here or a comment there about outsourcing etc. should not bother us," he said. "Once he is in office, he will realize that in an interconnected world, countries have to work together." 奇丹巴兰姆说:“东一句、西一句的各种并不会让我们担心。奥巴马就任后,他会意识到这是个紧密相连的世界。各国必须合作。”However, some industry analysts fear that U.S. businesses, aly battling an economic crisis, will reduce work sent to countries like India. Much of the work is farmed out by clients in the banking, financial services and insurance sector - many of which are hit hard by the financial meltdown. 但是,一些行业分析人士担心,已经陷于危机的美国企业可能会减少向印度的业务输出。目前,印度公司承包的很多业务是在和金融以及保险领域。这些领域在目前的金融危机中遭受打击最重。Others are optimistic that any slowdown in outsourcing will be short lived. The president of Business Process Industries Association of India, Samir Chopra, says eventually economic pragmatism will prevail, ensuring that outsourcing continues to flourish.  其他人则更为乐观一些。他们认为,外包减慢是个暂时现象。电话务中心的行业组织印度商业业务流程协会主席萨米尔.乔普拉说,经济实用主义最终会占上风,这将确保印度承包业的持续繁荣。"There is a little bit of uneasy wariness in this entire process, but it going to be very short term. Eventually what would take over is the economics of the business ... they would have to necessarily outsource to reduce the absolute cost of doing business. So outsourcing definitely would bounce back," said Chopra.  乔普拉说:“整个行业现在都有点不安。但这将是短期的。最终,这种情绪将被商业的基本经济原理取代。这些企业必须将自己的业务外包,这样才能减少绝对成本。所以,外包一定会反弹。”Nearly 400 of the world's 500 largest companies outsource some work to India - and a large chunk of this comes from U.S. clients. Rapid expansion in recent years has helped the technology and outsourcing sector's earnings to grow to billion annually. But in recent months, growth has begun to slow, and many IT and outsourcing companies expect lower profits this year. 全球最大的500家企业当中,将近400家企业向印度外包某种业务。这些公司大部分来自美国。最近几年,技术和外包业务的迅速扩大使得印度相关企业的年收入增长到500亿美元。不过最近几个月来,增长速度开始减缓。印度很多信息技术产业和承包公司预计今年的利润将会下降。200811/55629Less a bid to measure up against other movies at the box office, Star Trek may actually be more in competition with itself, and its many incarnations preceding this latest voyage of the USS Enterprise into theaters everywhere. But what does distinguish Star Trek from the cookie cutter crop of futuristic fantasies, and what led to its legendary status, is its humor and the personality of its characters, who can knock off the self-serious posturing from time to time, to laugh at themselves and each other. Focusing on an intricate web of enduring family feuds, Star Trek traces James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) back to his birth, during which his dad met his demise at the hands of Romulan leader Captain Nero (Eric Bana). And Nero has long harbored his own festering grudge against the Enterprise, after the death of his wife. The occasional surprises materialize when all the noisy sci-fi machinery takes a break and allows the characters some quiet time to breathe through, especially comic relief provided by Anton Yelchin as the Russian accented know-it-all teen pilot Chekov, and Tyler Perry doing an admiral cameo in judicial punitive mode, as he cuts the cocky Kirk down to size. "Star Trek" was fashioned with obvious affection for the source material, but still offers something new. 07/79486The Fukushima crisis will slow the growth of nuclear power. Might it reverse it? 福岛危机将减缓核能的增长,但它是否会扭转其发展势头?FEAR and uncertainty sp faster and farther than any nuclear fallout. To date the crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan, laid low by the tsunami of March 11th, seems to have done little if any long-term damage to the environment beyond the plant’s immediate vicinity or to public health. In fits and starts, and with various reverses, the situation at the plant has come closer to being under control. 与任何核辐射相比,恐惧与惶惑的传播速度更快,范围更远。迄今为止,因311海啸而陷入瘫痪的日本福岛第一核电站,看起来并没有对除电厂毗邻区域以外的环境和公众健康造成(甚至没有造成)多大的长期伤害。伴随着事态的种种反复,福岛核电站的状况已在曲折中更加趋于受控。But the immediate crisis is far from over. The temperature of the three reactors with damaged central cores still fluctuates and water systems for the spent-fuel pools are jury-rigged at best. Contaminated food has been found a disconcertingly long way away, although it seems to be being kept out of the food chain. There are worries about tap water in distant Tokyo. 不过,眼下的危机远未结束。三座堆芯中心受损的反应堆的温度仍起伏不定,而乏燃料池供水系统也顶多只是被应急修复而已。人们在远方发现了受污染的食物,其与核电站相距之远令人不安,不过这些食物看起来被排除在了食物链以外。而遥远的东京也出现了对自来水的担忧。There will certainly be more durable effects too. Years of clean-up will drag into decades. A permanent exclusion zone could end up stretching beyond the plant’s perimeter. Seriously exposed workers may be at increased risk of cancers for the rest of their lives (which may nevertheless be long). A concern for the long term, like uncertainty and fear, is one of the things that nuclear power invariably brings to discussions of future energy.更加持久的影响也必将出现。数年的清理工作将会延长为数十年;永久无人区的范围可能最终将超出核电站厂区之外;受到严重辐射的工人们在其(或许仍然漫长的)余生中罹患癌症的几率可能会更高。在关于未来能源的讨论中,诸如惶惑以及恐惧等长期顾虑也是核能必然引入的事项之一。To a lot of environmentalists, the priority is to get nuclear power out of those discussions once and for all. Simply put, you can’t trust the stuff. Somewhere, eventually, reactors will get out of control. One did at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania in 1979. One did at Chernobyl in 1986. Now three have done so again, and an argument that had seemed to be running short of puff (Chernobyl’s 25th anniversary comes up in April) is revived. Though this disaster has been nothing like as bad as Chernobyl, it is in some ways a lot worse than Three Mile Island—a bit like three Three Mile Islands in a row, with added damage in the spent-fuel stores.对于众多环保主义者而言,其首要考虑是将核能一劳永逸地排除在这些讨论之外。简而言之,人们不能相信核能。总归会有某处的反应堆将要失控。1979年,宾夕法尼亚州三里岛有一座反应堆失控;1986年,切尔诺贝利有一座反应堆失控;如今,又有三座重蹈覆辙,而且一种曾经似已偃旗息鼓的说法(到4月份,切尔诺贝利事故便已发生25周年了),如今又重获生机。尽管此次灾难迄今为止,还根本不像切尔诺贝利事故那样恶劣,但从某些意义上说,它却远远糟于三里岛核事故——它有些类似于连续发生三次的三里岛事故,外加乏燃料贮存池所受的损害。 Fukushima Dai-ichi, it is true, was swamped by a natural catastrophe of biblical proportions. But this argument cuts both ways. Nuclear planners clearly did not appreciate how bad things could get on a low-lying coast in a seismic zone; and poor planning is part of the problem. One reason why Japanese confidence in nuclear power had been growing in recent years was that past scandals led to resignations and the prospect of reform among planners, power companies and regulators. Whereas in 2005 only a quarter of people felt nuclear energy was safe, by last year more than 40% did, according to a survey by Japan’s Cabinet Office. Finding sites for new reactors was not proving easy—and old reactors stayed online as a result—but it did not seem impossible.的确,福岛第一核电站灭顶之灾的元凶是一场规模极为宏大的自然灾难。不过这种说法却是双刃剑。核能规划者们显然未能认识到在震区地势低洼的海岸边,情况能够变得多糟;而拙劣的设计正是问题的一部分。近年来,日本人对核能的信心之所以越发高涨,其原因之一在于往日的丑闻以辞职收场,并带来了规划者、电力公司和监管者进行改革的前景。根据日本内阁府的调查,2005年时仅有四分之一的民众认为核能是安全的,而去年持此观点者已超过四成。为新反应堆选址虽并不容易(这导致旧反应堆仍在入网发电),但看起来也并非毫无可能。201104/132225

  Millions of Americans enjoy playing golf. But golf courses are not known to be environmentally friendly. They demand a lot of fresh water, fertilizers and herbicides to keep them looking green. That’s true of most golf courses. But let’s look at one that is trying something different. This is the Miami Beach Golf Club. The grass used here is called “seashore paspalum”. “It’s the most environmentally friendly grass in the world.” Dr. Ron Duncan is a turf researcher at the University of Georgia and a leading expert on seashore paspalum. “And environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you can save the potable water use from the human side and utilize all other alternative water sources like brackish water or water out of sewage plants to irrigate this grass. Also you have a reduced management budget because it requires about half the fertilizers that you normally use on the other grasses. Also you can save on pesticide use.” What makes seashore paspalum so special is that it can survive and thrive in high-salt environments. So brackish water or partially salty water can be used to irrigate this grass. This translates into big savings for the golf course. “We estimate at this point we are gonna reduce our dependency on fresh water by about 65-75%, that'll save us somewhere, in a range of 175-200 thousand dollars annually on fresh water.” Steve Forrest is the architect who designed this golf course. He says seashore paspalum has other advantages besides being environmentally friendly. “This grass is able to provide a striping pattern and the black you would see on a football field or if you are vacuuming your carpet. This grass is also greener or darker green in texture, so you can again have different contrast in color throughout the golf course which is desirable from the architectural standpoint of view.” So do golfers rate seashore paspalum as a birdie or a bogie? “I will definitely come back and I was very impressed to it." "We've come down the play three rounds and we've played at three different courses and this is by far the best.” “The end use is here, it’s not in my research plot, it’s not at the University of Georgia. It’s where it's gonna be used. And the acceptance of the golfers now, and various people trying this grass in a lot of different areas, that’s the pleasure that I’m getting.”Seashore paspalum appears to be a green solution that's par for the course.参考中文翻译:许多美国人喜欢打高尔夫球。但是高尔夫球场对环境不是那么好,因为需要许多淡水,肥料和除草剂使球场保持绿色。对许多高尔夫球场来说却是需要这样。但是看一下这个高尔夫球场,他们正在尝试一些不同的方法。这就是迈阿密沙滩高尔夫俱乐部。这里用的草叫做海滨雀稗(“seashore paspalum”)。“这是世界上最环保的草。”Dr. Ron Duncan是佐治亚大学的草地研究者,也是海滨雀稗方面的领先专家。“这种草比较环保是从以下角度来讲的,可以为人类节约可饮用水,可以利用其它水源,比如咸水或者污水厂的水来灌溉这种草。同时可以减少预算管理,因为这种草只需要相当于其他草一半的肥料,还可以减少杀虫剂的用量。”海滨雀稗如此特别是因为它可以在高盐度的环境中生存繁荣,所以咸水可以用来灌溉。这可以为高尔夫球场节约很多费用。“从这一点来看,我们估计可以减少淡水用量65%到75%,在淡水方面每年可以为我们节约17.5到20万美元。”Steve Forrest是设计高尔夫球场的建筑师。他说海滨雀稗除了对环境比较好之外还有其他方面的优势。“这种草可以提供一种条形图案,在足球场上或者对地毯进行真空处理的时候可以看到。在质地方面,这种草颜色更绿,或者说颜色更深,所以从建筑的角度来讲,也可以从颜色方面和其他高尔夫球场进行对比。”那么打高尔夫球的人对海滨雀稗评价如何呢?“我以后一定还会再来,我对这种球场印象非常深刻。”“我们在三个不同的球场打了三场球,这绝对是最好的一次。”“使用终端是在这里,而不是在我的研究点佐治亚大学。这是应该利用的地方。被打高尔夫球队人接受,并且很多人尝试在其他不同的场所使用这种草是我最高兴的地方。”海滨雀稗似乎是高尔夫球场的绿色解决方案。 200812/57787Gmail under attackGmail遭到袭击Something phishy网络袭击事件A Chinese cyber-attack on a jumpy America一起中国对颤颤巍巍的美国网络安全的网络袭击Jun 2nd 2011 | from the print editionTHE more onerous internet security in the office becomes, the more attractive easy-to-use services such as Google’s Gmail. This paradox is at the heart of what looks like a big cyber-attack by China (or Chinese hackers) against the private e-mail accounts of hundreds of senior officials, military types and journalists from America and Asian countries, chiefly South Korea.在工作中网络安全的保护越来越棘手,而诸如谷歌旗下的Gmail之类的易用网络务反而越发受欢迎——正是抓住了这个要害,一起疑似由中国(或者中国黑客)发起的盗用数百位资深政府官员、军方人员和记者(受害者在美洲和亚洲国家,尤其是韩国)私人邮箱账号的网络袭击事件发生了,该事件产生了颇大影响。Google says it has “detected and disrupted” this campaign, first noted in February by a blogger, Mila Parkour. Unlike previous Chinese attacks on Google, which involved heavyweight cryptographic attacks on its software, this one was clever but simple. Targets received plausible-seeming “phishing” e-mails, often sent from faked State Department addresses, with a subject line such as “Fw: Draft US-China joint statement” and an attachment. Clicking on that produced a bogus Gmail screen. Anyone unwise enough to give their login and password would make their past and future e-mails, and contacts, available to the snooper.谷歌引用米拉帕库尔(Mila Parkour)于二月发表的文,帕库尔撰文称“检测出用户受到袭击”。此前中国对谷歌的袭击包括了对谷歌软件的关键密码的袭击,不同的是,此次事件即巧妙又简易。受害者收到的邮件看似正常,其实不然,通常发件人是(伪)国务院,主题类似“转自:中美联合声明”,附有附件一份,点击邮件就会弹出一个假的Gmail网页。但凡不够警惕的人就会输入账号和密码,这样攻击者就获得了这些人过去及将来的邮件和合同。Google has tense relations with the Chinese authorities. In 2010 it stopped co-operating with their censorship efforts, moving its servers to Hong Kong; it is struggling to renew licences it needs for its other operations (it still employs 500 people in China, many of them selling advertising). Now it is talking to the FBI.谷歌和中国政府的关系如履薄冰。在2010年,谷歌将搜索引擎务器移至香港,不再遵守中国政府审查搜索结果的合作规定,同时谷歌正竭力延长执照期限,公司需要执照为其他业务运行务(谷歌在中国仍雇有500名员工,大多从事广告营销)。现在,FBI正介入调查。But the target of the attack is Google’s customers. The Chinese government denies having any part in the scam, but the e-mails seem to have come from the eastern city of Jinan, home to a Chinese military cyberwarfare unit and a college blamed for other attacks on America. This one comes at a time when people there are aly jumpy about electronic security. Lockheed Martin, the government’s main information-technology provider, said last week that it had experienced a “significant and tenacious attack”. A forthcoming Pentagon report says that cyber-attacks could in future prompt a military response. Shooting careless officials would be a start.该事件受害者可是谷歌的用户群。中国政府拒绝承认与该事件有任何关联,但是攻击邮件似乎是来自中国东部城市济南——中国军事网络战部队基地,此前美国遭受的其他袭击归咎到济南一所学校之上。人们对电子网络问题惊魂未定时又发生了此次袭击事件。美国政府主要的信息技术供应商洛克希德马丁公司(Lockheed Martin)称,上周该公司遭到过一次“极其严重的持久攻击”。即将出版的五角大楼报告表示,在未来,网络攻击可能会引发军事行动。攻击目标将首先指向悠哉的官员们。201106/139641

  Scientists from a South African university have found evidence of a population of what they say were small-bodied modern humans on an island of Palau, east of the Philippines. Lee Berger has spent his professional life searching for evidence of mankind's past. He is a paleo-anthropologist who with some help from National Geographic has been studying and searching for the fossil remains of our ancestors for nearly 20 years. He has done most of his work in Africa, but it was during a vacation stop in Palau, and a walk through one of the many caves in this area that he literally stumbled upon what could be a history-making find. ''You see that, this is just packed full of buff, I mean you can actually see there are still some naturally exposed here. But what was cool here is we had a whole skull here.''Berger thinks these bones may be the remains of some of the earliest humans ever to populate these islands. Previous estimates date the earliest human habitation to about 29 hundred years ago, but all these bones existed above something called a flowstone. A flowstone is a common occurrence in caves where mineral-rich water flowing over the ground hardens in the stone. All of Berger’s previous digging was another flowstone that dated back about 29 hundred years. Today he's returned and is going to break through the flowstone to see if there are bones underneath. ''We are hoping that flowstone and consolidated sandstone took at least a few hundred years to form maybe longer than that. Hope is that these dates are gonna come out over the three-thousand-year mark.''He finds no shortage of bone underneath the flowstone including a tooth and a piece of cranium. But what these bones begin to tell Berger has far-reaching implications beyond the dating. The bones that Berger has found has some very unusual characteristics, a reduced chin, large teeth and what might be a small brain-size, leading Berger to reconsider his notion of what humans can look like. ''That’s nice. We have found this small island population with all of these characters and that appears to be human that is pushing the published boundaries of human variation.'' It might also have some implications for another set of bones found in the region, those of the tiny human that researchers dubbed ''the hobbit''. Its scientific name is Homo Floresiensis. And the researchers including Dean Falk from the University of Florida say it is so unique, it should be a separate species of human. The controversy of the hobbit is ongoing, but Berger’s finding let him to believe that Flores might not be a separate species.''...and also making me personally consider my understanding of what is normal even variation. Berger’s published a paper suggesting the bones are amazing because they show the incredible range of humans, in regards to size and shape. This new understanding of the potential of human variation might make us reconsider just how different the hobbits really are. The controversies will continue, but in the meantime, Berger will return. ''What has struck me on this second scientific visit is how phenomenally little research has been done on these islands. ''But Berger hopes to personally change that in the coming years, as he makes his way back to Palau, to continue his search for answers to our past.paleo-anthropologist 古人类学家 paleo- relating to very ancient timesstumble upon stumble on/across/upon [stumble on/across/upon sth] phr vto find or discover something by chance and unexpectedlypopulate(a) [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] (a) live in (an area) and form its population居住於(某地区)(而构成其人口成分): deserts populated by nomadic tribesmen 游牧部落居住的沙漠地区 (b) move to (an area) and fill it with people 落户於, 移居於(某地区); 向(某地区)移民: The islands were gradually populated by settlers from Europe. 岛上逐渐迁入很多欧洲移民.flowstone[地]流石 cranium bony part of the head enclosing the brain; skull 头盖骨; 颅骨.hobbitAn imaginary creature resembling a diminutive human being, having some rabbitlike characteristics, and being naturally peace-loving, domestic, and sociable.小矮人:一种类似于矮人的想象中的动物,有一些兔子的特征,生性酷爱和平、驯及易于交往200810/52528

  Oscars Toned Down Amid RecessionThe Oscars may be the worlds most famous film awards, but even THEY cant escape the recession. This year, even the freebies handed out to the stars make a nod towards the economic downturn, as Skys Amanda Walker reports.The gleaming surface betrays the fact that like the rest of the world, Hollywood is experiencing an economic slump. In the build-up to the Oscars, Alley is putting on its bits of show of shimmering decadence. But beneath the surface, times are harder than theyve been in decades. But its only just beginning. Cateros ,a party organizer, say plans for Oscar’s celebrations have slowed and budgets for festivities have been cut, some by as much as 75 percent. This is what to know as a gifting switch, where anyone whos remotely famous gets freebies bestowed upon them. These vendors noted a photographer of Cate… with their product can have as much impact as an expensive ad campaign.“Looking around here, there is plenty being given away there is gadgets, like this blue tooth, enable sun glasses over here. Pieces of pop par, y to be given out, but there is also opportunity here to give something to charity and not to the fact that ...decatives… can been seen as a bit sensitive in this tough times. Over time the effect of the downturn on the movie industry could be dramatic.”“If you survive that recession, I think you will just beginning to start an act to, how it’s going to affect the real financing in those studios in Hollywood, how its really going to affect them in a number of films going to make. I imagine, significantly. I imagine that they will be seen major problems with certain studios that will be major, pulling back on the whole series of different productions levels. I think you will see a big effect in the next couple of years.”But there are few better places in the world, putting on the show; Hollywood has always been a depth of creating illusions. Its likely we will see more uplifting films like Slumdog Millionare, aimed at distracting us from the financial worlds. Asides from that, the audiences may not see the impact of the recessions, but the studios will be struggling, and there is no Hollywood ending in sight, I’m Amanda Walker, Sky news, Los Angeles03/64061。

  Sniffing Out Mr. Right Birth-control pill masks women's discerning sense of smell.We've all heard people say chemistry a bit hard to define as a key ingredient in the successful relationships. So some scientists did some research on that topic, turns out a woman needs a good sense of smell to find a man who is just right for her. And a common contraceptive may interfere with that process. Mike Lee reports from London.Women of the world, are you smelling Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?Um, I wouldn’t really know. But I do like the way men smell, so they smell good, I kindda get more attracted to. People choose to be chosen, you know, love is love. So eventually you know maybe you can sniff the right man out.Maybe, if your sniffer is working properly and that is exactly the point of the New Liverpool University study, which concludes that birth-control pills can cause you to select the wrong man for you, because your brain sends a false signal that it smells like Mr. Right. (这儿which从句用作非限制性定语从句更好。) I spoke to the lead researcher in Liverpool by telephone and he told me that by nature a woman's sense of smell can attract her, often subconsciously to men whose genes will work well with her genes to produce healthy and strong children, that’s keeping the human species going. He said the study suggest that birth control pills can disrupt that instinctive selective process, an intriguing and provocative thought for the men and women we spoke to in America. I think that’s ridiculous and a little degrading towards women to suggest that they are blindly following their sense of smell rather than their other senses.I do believe that sense of smell can affect to you, might pick to go out on a date with, who your partner might be. But it’s also a lot about, you know, just your personal preference on what type of guy you like. The University’s study does not recommend against birth control pills only that women be aware that their scent may be altered. So the eternal question: what do women want?Clean, yeah, clean,clean will be really good.Maybe like he just came out of the shower, I don't wanna anybody who smells sweaty, like if he just came out of the gym. I like them to wear some sort of clothes, something like kinda of gown should be cared of when my clothes smell like him afterwards, something I like that.Woo, but do men know how to smell for suspicion?I bathe, I… regularly, I brush my teeth. I wear different clothes every day. Those are pretty good ones I think.I am so much like just trying a perfume pursuing to have a clean scent that is well, this guy really just care himself.So, gentlemen just smell like a man whatever that is. And ladies if you are concerned about sniffing out the wrong guy there may now be some truth in the punch line of an old joke between two ladies “Don’t worry darling, all women marry beneath themselves”. Mike Lee, A news. 参考中文翻译:我们常听人说,化学物质不能定义为影响成功的爱情关系的关键要素。一些科学家针对这个话题做了一项研究,结果显示,女性需要良好的嗅觉来找出合适的意中人。但是常用的避药会影响这个过程。以下是来自伦敦的Mike Lee 的报道。你是能顶半边天的女人,你能闻的出哪个男人适合你吗?哦,我不确定。但是我喜欢有些男人的味道,如果闻上去感觉比较好的话,我会更倾心于他。人们在选择,同时也被选择,你知道,爱情是双方面的。所以最终你知道或许你可以闻出你的意中人。或许,如果你的嗅觉机能正常的话,这正是新利物浦大学的一项研究得出的结论:避药会让你选到不适合你的人,因为大脑发出错误的信号,让你误认为那就是你的意中人。我跟利物浦的首席研究员通过电话,他告诉我,从本性上来讲,如果一个男人的基因能够和一个女人的基因有效结合,生出健康强壮的孩子,那么这个女人的嗅觉会下意识的被这个男人吸引,正是这样使得人类不断繁衍。他说,这项研究表明,避药会扰乱这个本能的选择过程,对我们的美国听众来说,这听上去很有趣,也很刺激。我想,如果暗示女性朋友们,她们在盲从她们的嗅觉而不利用其它感觉的话,这很可笑,也有点侮辱女性。我相信嗅觉可以影响你,可以为你选择出约会对象。但是也和你对男人的个人偏好有关。利物浦大学的研究并不是要反对避药,只是提醒女性,她们的嗅觉可能被改变了。所以仍然是那个永恒的问题:女人到底喜欢什么样的呢?干净,对,干净是最好的素质。或许就像他刚洗完澡,我想闻到任何人有汗臭味,比方说刚从健身房出来的时候。但是男人知道怎样使自己闻上去干净一点吗?我每天都洗澡,经常刷牙。我每天穿不同的衣。我想这应该是不错的。我想尝试洒些香水,这会让我有比较干净的味道,可以让人觉得,嗯,不错,这个小伙子很在意自己。绅士闻上去就有男人味。如果女士们担心嗅出错误的男人,那么你可以听一下下面两位女士之间的笑话:“亲爱的,别担心。所有女人都嫁给了配不上她的人。”单词注解:discerning 形容词 有识别力的;眼光敏锐的 ingredient名词 (混合物的)组成部分;(烹调的)原料 (构成)要素,因素contraceptive避药Birth-control pill 避药subconsciously 下意识地200811/56750

  Telecom networks电信网络Tworsquo;s company双巨头In an industry with a cost leader and a price leader, is there room for others?当一个行业里既有成本领导者又有价格领导者的时候,其它公司还有市场空间吗?REVOLUTIONS in technology bring benefits to millions, but the companies that make them happen do not always thrive. Even when demand is booming, competition to meet it can be brutal. Makers of telecommunications networks know this only too well. They perform the unseen miracles that allow ever more people to talk, work and play on ever smarter devices just about anywhere, but their rewards have been mostly meagre.技术上的革新总是给数百万人带来好处,但是那些实现技术革新的公司却不一定会因此而兴旺发达。即便是需求迅速膨胀,其市场竞争也会非常残酷。通信网络设备制造商非常清楚这一点。它们默默地创造着奇迹,让更多的人可以在任何地点通过更智能的终端聊天、工作和,但得到的回报却少的可怜。Merger and failure have thinned their ranks. In Nortel, a Canadian equipment-maker, went bankrupt. This year Motorolarsquo;s wireless-network division was bought by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), a Finnish-German joint venture created in 2007. Francersquo;s Alcatel and Americarsquo;s Lucent merged in 2006.频繁的并购和失败的经营导致这个行业的玩家不断减少。在年,北电(一家加拿大的通信设备制造商)破产。同年,托罗拉的无线网络部门被诺西(一家芬兰和德国的合资公司,创建于2007年)收购。法国阿尔卡特和美国朗讯也早在2006年合并。None of these mergers has brought much success. NSN has yet to make an annual profit. On November 23rd it said it would shed 17,000 of its 74,000 workers and concentrate on mobile-broadband networks, for which demand is set to grow explosively, and on services (eg, managing and maintaining networks), where it is relatively strong. It had aly sold a microwave-technology business; and on November 29th it announced the sale of another small unit. Alcatel-Lucent reported falling revenues and negative cashflow in the third quarter. Investors are said to be impatient with its boss, Ben Verwaayen.然而这些兼并案例并没有获得多少成功。诺西的年度收益至今还是负的。在11月23日,诺西宣布将裁员17000人(现有员工数74000人),将把经营聚焦于蓬勃发展的移动宽带网络业务和相对强劲的代维业务(如管理和维护网络)。诺西已经出售了自己的微波业务部门;并于11月29日宣布售出了另一个小业务单元。据报,阿朗在3季度销售额下跌,现金流为负。投资者也开始对阿朗的老板本. 韦华恩失去耐心。Must all struggle? All but two, it seems. ;Telecoms equipment is a scale game,; says Richard Windsor of Nomura, an investment bank. Network-builders need scale to support the hefty fixed costs of research and development. ;You can be either the cost leader or the technology leader. If yoursquo;re neither of those, yoursquo;re in a spot of bother.;难道都是在苦苦挣扎么?似乎有2家是例外。一位来自野村券(一家投行)的分析师理查德.温莎称:;通信设备制造业是一个规模游戏;。网络建造者需要规模效应来撑沉重的研发固定成本出。他说:;你可以是成本领先者或是技术领先者。但如果你两头都不搭,那你就有麻烦了。;The technological pace is set by Ericsson, a Swedish company that scoops more than a third of global mobile-infrastructure revenues, according to Gartner, a research firm. It boasts 27,000 patents and was part of a six-firm consortium that paid .5 billion for a load of Nortelrsquo;s patents in July. ;Anyone [designing] mobile phones or networks needs an agreement with us,; says Hans Vestberg, its boss.爱立信,这家技术研究型公司引领着技术的步伐; 据高德纳调查,这家来自瑞典的公司攫取了全球三分之一的移动基础网络建设收入。它声称拥有27000项专利,同时也是在7月份为收购北电专利付45亿美元的财团(由6家公司组成)成员之一。爱立信的老板汉斯. 卫翰思宣称:;任何一家设计手机或是网络的公司都需要和我们签订协议。;The cost leader is Huawei, a Chinese firm. Its global market share went up from 4.5% in 2006 to 15.6% in 2010, reckons Gartner, despite the political obstacles it faces in America. (Some American politicians fret about Huaweirsquo;s opaque ownership and possible military ties.)而成本领先者则是一家中国公司, 华为。尽管它在美国市场遭遇了政治障碍(一些美国政客担心华为不透明的所有权及可能的军方背景); 但据高德纳估算,它的全球市场份额依然从2006年的4.5%增长至2010年的15.6%.Even Ericsson feels the price pinch. Its revenues have risen this year after falling in and 2010, but its margins have been slimmer. Mr Vestberg explains that Ericsson has been building new networks for mobile operators and modernising old ones. That means winning open tenders and taking an initial hit to margins.即使是爱立信也在为价格头疼不已。虽然其收入在经历, 2010两个财年的下滑后,今年有所回升,但利润却变少了。卫翰思先生解释道,这是因为爱立信在为移动运营商建设新网络同时改造旧网络。这就意味着它每赢得一个公开招标就开始一次对利润的冲击。Mr Windsor says that the companies caught in the middle lack the margins either to invest on Ericssonrsquo;s scale in Ramp;D or to fight Huawei on price. NSN was loth to compete on prices before Rajeev Suri became its boss in , says Bengt Nordstrom of Northstream, a consulting firm. Its market share is down to around a sixth, even with Motorola; it inherited a quarter from its parents. Now Mr Suri is taking an axe to costs, though he has not said exactly what he will chop. He thinks others will also have to narrow their ambitions.温莎先生称:;这些公司都遭遇了利润瓶颈,既无法做到像爱立信对研发的投资规模,又不能和华为打价格战;。 据北流咨询公司的本格特bull;诺德斯特姆称,在年拉吉夫bull;苏瑞担任诺西的老板以前,诺西根本不愿意开打价格战。它以前从母公司继承了1/4的全球市场份额,而现在其市场份额连同托罗拉算在一起,已下降到了1/6。如今苏立先生大刀阔斧削减成本,尽管他并没有明确表示要砍掉哪一部分。他认为其它公司同样将会采取收缩战略。Life will get no easier for those squeezed between the Swedes and the Chinese. Ericssonrsquo;s scale and technical edge are handy when, say, talking to mobile operators wanting to handle lots of data faster and without interference. And for those for whom cheap kit is paramount, Huawei will still be hard to beat.那些被瑞典人和中国人夹在中间的公司日子会不好过。对于那些想要获得更快处理海量数据和抗干扰技术能力的运营商,爱立信凭借所拥有的规模和技术优势可以手到擒来。而对于那些以设备价格低廉为至上原则的运营商市场里,华为则难逢敌手。telecommunication n. 电传视讯,远距离通信impatient adj.不耐烦的consortium n. 协会, 国际资本家联合initial adj. 开始的, 最初的inherit v. 继承164231

  The sound coming from a small machine is the sound of green economy.这是一部小型机器所发出的绿色经济的声响。"This is the world's first commercially available pedal generator, allowing to convert your human power into usable electricity. It can currently recharge our own portable lights. It can also charge mobile phones," said Sameer Hajee, whose company, Nuru Design, has 10,000 clients in Rwanda, India and Kenya. It relies on a network of 80 peddlers who make a living out of pedaling to recharge the lights or cell-phones of their neighbors.努鲁设计(Nuru Design)公司的萨米尔·哈吉(Sameer Hajee)说:“这是世界上第一台供销售的脚踏式发电机,能将人力转化为可以使用的电力。它目前能为我们便携式照明灯再次充电,还能为手机充电。”努鲁公司在卢旺达、印度和肯尼亚有一万客户。脚踏式发电机需要80名脚踏工人轮换为所在社区的照明灯或手机充电。Nuru Design plans to increase its customer base tenfold by the end of the year. This activity is no charity but a viable business, servicing people who do not have access to electricity.今年年底,努鲁公司计划将客户数量增加9倍。这并不是慈善施舍,而是一项可行的商业活动,为使不上电的民众提供电力务。"Essentially the market is so huge," Hajee said. "There are two billion people affected by this problem. So, to the extend that you can get this technology to them, this could potentially be a very profitable business."哈吉说:“关键是市场是如此巨大。使不上电的人有20亿。所以说,如果你能向他们提供这项技术,利润潜力就非常巨大。”Economist Pahvan Sukdhev is a special advisor to the ed Nations environment program. He explains that businesses such as Nuru Design are examples of what a "green economy" would be like.联合国环境计划特别顾问、经济学家帕文·苏德赫夫(Pahvan Sukdhev)解释说,努鲁设计公司所从事的商业活动代表着“绿色经济”的未来。"It is actually a new paradigm that, in many ways, is beginning to be seen," he said. "And, what you see is a new economy breaking through what's breaking down: that heavy, industrialized, over-ambitious, over-productive, over-consumptive model, which is actually going to completely destroy our chances of survival in the future. And, what the green economy is, it's an alternative that doesn't do all that."苏德赫夫说:“这其实是一个新的范例,很多方面刚开始显现效力。你所看到的是从一个正发生严重问题的经济模式中蜕变出来的新形经济,那种以重型、工业化、雄心膨胀、生产过剩、消费过度为特色经济模式已经过时了,因为这种模式实际上会彻底摧毁我们未来的生存希望。绿色经济就是能避免这一切的替代经济。”201002/97300

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