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LONDON — The Finnish telecommunications company Nokia said on Wednesday that it had agreed to an all-share takeover of Alcatel-Lucent that valued its French rival at 15.6 billion euros, or about .6 billion.伦敦——芬兰电信公司诺基亚(Nokia)周三表示,已同意以全股票方式收购法国竞争对手阿尔卡特朗讯(Alcatel-Lucent),对后者估值为156亿欧元(约合1027亿元人民币)。The combined company is expected to become the world’s second-largest telecom equipment manufacturer behind Ericsson of Sweden, with global revenues totaling billion and operations sp across Asia, Europe and North America.合并后的公司将成为世界第二大电信设备制造商,仅次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson),公司全球总营收将达到270亿美元(约合1670亿元人民币),业务遍布亚洲、欧洲和北美。The companies are betting that, by joining forces, they can better compete against Chinese and European rivals bidding to provide telecom hardware and software to the world’s largest carriers, including ATamp;T and Verizon in the ed States, Vodafone and Orange in Europe, and SoftBank in Japan.两家公司确信,合并后它们可以更好地与中国和欧洲的对手竞争,竞相为世界上最大的一些电信运营商提供硬件和软件。这些运营商包括美国的ATamp;T和威瑞森(Verizon),欧洲的沃达丰(Vodafone)和Orange,以及日本的软银(SoftBank)。The announcement came after the companies had said they were in advanced talks over a deal, which would represent the latest in a string of mergers in the fast-consolidating telecom sector.声明发出前,两家公司曾表示正在为一项交易进行最后阶段的谈判。这项交易将会是电信行业急剧整合的大潮中最新的一次合并。Nokia said that it had offered 0.55 of a new share for each Alcatel-Lucent share, roughly a one-third premium to the company’s stock price before the news of a potential deal was first announced.诺基亚表示,其已提出以新发行股的每0.55股兑换一股阿尔卡特朗讯股,约高出关于潜在合并的消息公布之前朗讯股价达三分之一。Nokia’s chief executive, Rajeev Suri, would take over the combined company, which expects the restructuring to save about billion a year starting in 2019.诺基亚首席执行官拉吉夫·苏瑞(Rajeev Suri)将执掌合并后的公司。预计从2019年开始,重组将为公司每年节省约10亿美元。“Together, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia intend to lead in next-generation network technology and services,” Mr. Suri said. “We will have a strong presence in every part of the world, including leading positions in the ed States and China.”“阿尔卡特朗讯和诺基亚一起,意在引领下一代网络科技与务,”苏瑞说。“我们将在世界上每一个地方都拥有可观的市场占有率,包括在美国和中国也拥有领先地位。”In early trading in Europe, shares of Nokia rose 3.1 percent while shares of Alcatel-Lucent fell 10.9 percent.欧洲早盘,诺基亚股价上涨了3.1%,阿尔卡特朗讯下跌了10.9%。The deal is expected to be completed in the first half of next year, with Nokia shareholders owning 66.5 percent of the telecom giant and Alcatel-Lucent investors holding the rest.合并预计将于明年上半年完成,诺基亚的股东将拥有新电信巨头66.5%的股份,其余股份归阿尔卡特朗讯的投资人所有。 /201504/370540The European Space Agency says a British-built space probe that disappeared more than a decade ago on Mars has been found.欧洲宇航局说,在火星上找到了十多年前失踪的英国建造的太空探测器。The British space agency said Friday the Beagle 2 spacecraft ;has been found partially deployed on the surface of the planet, ending the mystery of what happened to the mission.;英国宇航局星期五说,小猎犬2号探测器一部分被部署在火星表面,从而揭开了探测器失踪之谜。The agency said the partial deployment ;would explain why no signal or data was received; from the Beagle because ;full deployment of all the solar panels was needed; to transmit data and receive commands from Earth.英国宇航局说,探测器只有一部分被部署在火星上,这就是为什么小猎犬2号之前音信全无。探测器的所有太阳能板必须都到位,才能发出数据,并从地球接受指令。The agency said there was ;clear evidence; of the lost lander in satellite images taken by the U.S. space agency NASA#39;s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.英国宇航局说,美国航天局发射的火星勘测轨道飞行器拍摄的卫星图像提供了确凿据。Officials said the find showed that ;the entry, descent and landing sequence for Beagle 2 worked and the lander did successfully touch down on Mars on Christmas Day 2003.;这一发现显示, 小猎犬2号探测器2003年圣诞节成功在火星着陆,下降和着陆程序没有问题。Britain#39;s Beagle 2 was carried to the red planet on ESA#39;s Mars Express. The Beagle was to report back from Mars using instruments designed to help search for signs of life, but nothing was heard after it was dropped off to make its landing.小猎犬2号探测器当年是由欧洲航天局的火星快车送去火星的,任务是利用寻找生命迹象的仪器,向地球发回信息。 但是探测器降落后信息全无。British planetary scientist Colin Pillinger who was the driving force behind the mission died last year at the age of 70.推动建造这一探测器的英国行星科学家科林#8226;皮林格去年去世,享年70岁。 /201501/355504

Falling fuel prices and an accelerating economy provided a powerful boost to US car sales in December, helping to make 2014 one of the strongest years on record for an industry that five years ago appeared to be facing collapse.燃油价格不断下跌以及美国经济增速加快,有力提振了美国去年12月的汽车销量,这让2014年成为有记录以来美国汽车行业表现最为强劲的年份之一,而在5年前,该行业似乎将面临破产。Sales across the industry jumped a seasonally-adjusted 13 per cent over December 2013, according to preliminary estimates from Chrysler, the US arm of Italy’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.根据意大利菲亚特克莱斯勒汽车(Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)美国分公司克莱斯勒(Chrysler)的初步估算,去年12月美国汽车销量同比增长13%(经季节调整)。Low interest rates, coupled with news in December that the US economy recorded its fastest growth in a decade at 5 per cent in the third quarter, also made consumers more willing to spend on new cars, analysts said.此外,分析人士表示,低利率以及12月美国经济录得10年来最快增速的消息,令消费者更愿意花钱购置新车。去年第三季度,美国经济增长5%。The importance of falling petrol prices was underscored by the fact that the biggest beneficiaries were carmakers with the strongest line-ups of more fuel-hungry pick-up trucks and sports utility vehicles.油价下跌的重要性突出反映在这个事实上:最大的受益者是那些拥有最多皮卡和SUV系列的汽车制造商,这类车型往往耗油更多。Sales in December for General Motors, the US’s largest carmaker by sales, were 19 per cent up year-on-year. Sales for Chrysler, which manufactures the fashionable Jeep SUV and Ram pick-up truck brands, were 20 per cent ahead of December 2013.美国销量最大的汽车制造商通用汽车(GM)12月销量同比增长19%。生产时尚的Jeep SUV和Ram皮卡品牌的克莱斯勒销量同比增长20%。December’s strong figures partly reflected the US economy’s general strength, but the fuel price fall was the “icing on the cake”, she said: “If you’re spending less on gas, you have more money in your household budget and you can put that towards a new vehicle.”12月的强劲数据部分反映出美国经济的整体强势,但汽车信息网站autotrader.com分析师米歇尔#8226;克雷布斯(Michelle Krebs)表示,燃料价格下跌是“锦上添花”,“如果天然气出下降,家庭预算就会增加,可以用来购置新车。”The average price for a US gallon of fuel fell to .30 in the week starting December 29, according to Washington’s Energy Information Administration, 31 per cent down from a year earlier and 37 per cent down from June’s .64 peak.根据华盛顿美国能源情报署(Energy Information Administration)的数据,自12月29日开始的一周,美国燃料价格平均跌至每加仑2.30美元,同比下跌31%,较去年6月的3.64美元峰值水平下跌37%。 /201501/352633

Google has launched its competitor to Apple Pay - turning Android phones into a credit card.谷歌推出苹果付的竞争产品安卓付,安卓付可以使安卓手机实现信用卡的功能。The firm says it will give millions of people a new way to buy goods and services using their phones.谷歌称,安卓付将向数百万人提供使用手机购买商品和务的一种新方式。It was thought the payment system would launch alongside Google#39;s Marshmallow operating system, expected in October, but Google launched it on Thursday.外界本以为该付系统将于10月份和谷歌的“棉花糖”操作系统(即安卓6.0)一同发布,没想到谷歌在9月10日就将它推出市场了。It is a direct competitor to Apple Pay, and does almost exactly the same thing - except on Android phones.安卓付是苹果付的直接竞争对手,它和苹果付的功能几乎完全一致,只是它在安卓手机上运行。#39;Today, we#39;re beginning to roll out Android Pay - the simple and secure way to pay with your Android phone at over one million locations across the US,#39; Google said in a blog post.谷歌在客中宣布:“今天,我们开始推广安卓付——这种使用安卓手机付的方式简单而且安全,可在全美逾百万家商铺进行交易”。#39;Android Pay also stores your gift cards, loyalty cards and special offers right on your phone.“安卓付还能把礼品卡、积分卡和特别折扣直接存在你手机里。”#39;We#39;ll be rolling out gradually over the next few days, and this is just the beginning.“我们将在接下来几天内持续推出相关务,这只是一个开始。”#39;We will continue to add even more features, banks and store locations in the coming months, making it even easier to pay with your Android phone.#39;“接下来几个月,我们还会将继续增加更多功能,持安卓付的和商铺也会越来越多,用安卓手机付将变得更加便捷。”Google says the service will work at over one million locations across the US.谷歌称这项付务将入驻全美逾百万家商铺。Existing Google Wallet users can access Android Pay through an update to your Wallet app.已经在使用谷歌钱包的用户可以通过升级谷歌钱包应用实现安卓付的功能。For new users, Android Pay will be available for download on Google Play in the next few days, and will come preinstalled on new NFC-enabled Android phones from ATamp;T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.新用户接下来几天就可以在Google Play(Google为安卓设备开发的在线应用程序商店)中下载安卓付应用,运营商ATamp;T、T-Mobile和Verizon Wireless新上市的持近场通讯(NFC)技术的安卓手机也会预装安卓付。Google also emphasised the security of the system, which like Apple Pay, doesn#39;t reveal a user#39;s real card number.谷歌还强调了安卓付系统的安全性,同苹果付一样,它不会泄露用户真实的卡号。#39;We know how important it is to keep your personal and financial information secure, so Android Pay is supported by industry standard tokenization.“我们知道保护用户个人信息及财务信息安全的重要性,所以安卓付应用了工业级水准的标记化技术。”#39;This means your real credit or debit card number isn#39;t sent with your payment. Instead, we#39;ll use a virtual account number that provides an extra layer of security.“这意味着在交易时你的信用卡号或借记卡号不会被发送,我们会使用一个虚拟账号来提供额外的保护。”#39;As soon as you make a purchase, you#39;ll see a payment confirmation that shows where a given transaction happened, so it#39;s easy to catch any suspicious activity.#39;“一旦发生购物行为,用户就会看到付确认信息,显示这桩交易的发生地点,所以任何可疑的活动都很容易发现。”Users will simply have to unlock their phone like they normally do and place it near a merchant#39;s contactless terminal to make a payment.用户只需像平时一样解锁手机,将手机靠近商家的非接触式终端即可付。No app needs to be open and they will see a payment confirmation and get transaction details on their phone.不需打开任何应用程序,用户就可以在手机上收到付确认信息和交易详情。With select retailers, loyalty points and special offers will be automatically applied at checkout.在精选零售商处结账时,积分卡积分和特别折扣也会自动生效。Android Pay will store a user#39;s credit, debit and loyalty card details, so when they are in a shop, they will simply have to unlock their phone to authenticate a payment and tap their phone on an Android Pay terminal to buy goods.安卓付将储存用户信用卡、借记卡和积分卡的详情,当用户在商铺时,他们只需解锁手机验付,在安卓付终端上刷一下手机就能购买商品。Transaction details will be sent to the handset and some retailers will offer loyalty points for using it.交易详情将发送至手机,一些零售商还会给使用安卓付的顾客奖励积分。For online purchases, users will be able to hit a #39;Buy with Android Pay#39; button to avoid having to enter their bank details and shipping address each time.在线购物时,用户可以点击“使用安卓付”的按钮以避免每次交易都要输入卡信息和收货地址。When it does eventually launch, Android Pay will be accepted at more than 700,000 store locations across the US, and in over 1,000 Android apps, Google said. #39;And we#39;ll be adding more every day.#39;谷歌称,安卓付正式发行后,全美将有超过70万家商铺,还有逾千个安卓应用持这一付方式。“而且我们每天都将进一步扩大安卓付的应用范围。” /201509/399435

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