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浙江萧山医院做人流萧山哪里做阴道紧缩手术效果比较好萧山割包皮哪家最好 First dates are always nerve-wracking -- that#39;s a given. So many questions! Where will we go? What if I#39;m gassy? Should I let him pay or should I offer to split the tab? What will we talk about? Will he like me? More importantly, will I like him?第一次约会总是很紧张的,这是肯定的。你会有很多问题:我们去哪?他觉得我没内涵咋办?我是让他请还是各付各的?跟他说点啥?他会喜欢我吗?更重要的是,我会喜欢他吗?All valid queries, but possibly the most pressing question any of us worry about is, what in the hell am I going to wear?在我们担心的所有问题里,最正常但可能也是最有压力的一个是,我到底应该穿啥? /201402/277654With so many books and so little time, re-ing seems an indulgence. So why is it so popular? Hephzibah Anderson reveals why we do it – and why it’s such a joy.在这个快节奏的时代,大量图书被印刷出来,我们忙得没时间去看新书,而重读旧书似乎更是在浪费时间。但是为什么有越来越多的人翻开了旧书?英国广播公司(B)网站的海瑟堡·安德森向我们揭示了原因,并深入探讨了重读旧书的乐趣。How many times have you your favourite book?你一定有最喜欢的书吧,你一共读过几遍?As parents learn with frustration, as small children we love immersing ourselves in the same story over and over. But in adulthood that joy tends to become a forgotten pleasure. We have so little time to and there are so many great books that we’ve yet to get around to (War and Peace looms large on my literary guilt list#8722; never mind the ceaseless tide of new releases). You could a book a day for the rest of your life and still not make it through even a quarter of the titles published in 2013 in the UK alone. With the shelves thus groaning, pulling down a well-thumbed favourite feels an unconscionable indulgence.好比父母重复犯错后会吸取教训,小孩子则会沉浸在同一个故事的情节里。但成年后,我们逐渐忘却了读旧书的乐趣。我们忙得没时间去看书,但仍有许多经典书籍我们尚未翻阅(我为未读的文学作品专门列了一张清单,其中包括《战争与和平》这样的经典,其他那些不断出版的新书就更别提了。)。英国2013年一年就出版了许多新书,假设你每天看一本书,直到去世,你可能都看不完其中四分之一。如今书店里到处都是新书,你若选择翻阅旧书那几乎可以说是在浪费时间。Yet if my admittedly unscientific research on Facebook is anything to go by, furtive re-ers are everywhere in our midst. For certain fans, re-ing The Lord of the Rings is an annual ritual. Devotees of The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice and Tess of the D’Urbervilles also return regularly to the book they prize above all others. One friend told me that Jane Austen’s Emma can still surprise him, despite his having ing it over 50 times.但如果我在脸书(Facebook)上做的非科学调查有那么一丁点参考价值的话,我想我们之中仍然有许多人在重拾旧书。那些魔戒(Lord of the Rings)迷每年必回看原著,对他们来说,这是一个仪式。许多人对《了不起的盖茨比》(The Great Gatsby),《傲慢与偏见》(Pride and Prejudice)或是《苔丝》(Tess of the D’Urbervilles)称赞有加,他们也会定期重读经典。我的朋友告诉我他已把简·奥斯丁(Jane Austen )的《艾玛》(Emma)翻了起码五十遍,但每次读都会有新发现。Now, two new bibliomemoirs have arrived to showcase the insights – both literary and personal – that are to be gained from that ultimate guilty pleasure: re-ing. Journalist Rebecca Mead, a long-time Englishwoman in New York, first encountered George Eliot’s Middlemarch at 17. Since then, she has it again every five years. With each re-ing, it has opened up further; in each chapter of her life – as she itched to leave home, as she moved to America, had love affairs and become a mother – it has resonated differently.两位藏书爱好者发表了他们的看法,即花时间重看旧书也许是种奢侈,但却能收获文学和精神上的感悟,新闻记者丽贝卡·米德出生于英国却在美国呆了很久,她在十七岁时第一次接触到了乔治·艾略特(Middlemarch)的小说《米德镇的春天》(Middlemarch)。自那以后,她每五年就重读一遍该书。每当她的人生到达新的阶段,米德都会翻看书重读,而每次阅读都能给她带来新的感悟——从渴望外出闯荡的少年时期,到最后移民美国,再到经历了多段感情,最后成为一名母亲,该书始终与她的心灵契合。Reaching her 40s, Mead decided on a fresh approach: she would apply the tools of her day job to this private passion. Her aim was to discover what writing the novel meant to Eliot, and how ing it has shaped her own life. She chronicles her relationship in The Road to Middlemarch (published in the US as My Life in Middlemarch), a delightful book filled with sharp observations and told in a voice poised between chatty confidant and brilliant teacher.米德在四十岁时做了一个新的决定:她决定拾起笔杆,书写自己心中的情感。米德打算深入研究《米德镇的春天》这本书对艾略特来说是否有重大意义,并结合自身经历,谈谈这本书如何塑造了自己。米德成功撰写了《通往米德镇之路》(The Road to Middlemarch)一书,并融入了自己的经历(美版名为《我在米德镇的日子》),该书销路甚广,见解独到,作者像一位睿智的师长,又像一位健谈的知己,向你讲述米德镇和她的故事。Playwright Samantha Ellis has clocked up even more time with Wuthering Heights. She was 12 when she first Emily Bront#235;’s gothic romance, and without fail, she’s returned to it annually in the run-up to her birthday. This year when she will turn 39 might just be the first time that she skips it, but only because all those re-ings have now inspired a book, How to Be a Heroine.萨曼莎·埃利斯是一位剧作家,她花了许多时间研究《呼啸山庄》(Wuthering Height)。十二岁时埃利斯第一次读艾米莉·勃朗特(Emily Bront#235;)的这本哥特式浪漫小说,她立刻身陷其中,欲罢不能,从此每当生日前夕,埃利斯就要重读这本书。今年是埃利斯的第三十九个生日,但她不得不打破这一传统,因为她要完成新书《如何成为一个女主人公》(How to Be a Heroine),该书是埃利斯在反复阅读《呼啸山庄》后的有感而发之作。It begins with a heated conversation Ellis had with her best friend while on a pilgrimage to Yorkshire in the north of England, where the novel is set. Which heroine was best, Jane Eyre or Cathy Earnshaw? As they quarrelled, Ellis realised she’d spent her life trying to be Cathy when Jane was a far savvier role model. This sets her off on another journey, back to the books that shaped her ideas about how to move through the world as a woman. It’s a risky enterprise because, just as Mead knows, though the words on the page stay the same, our ings of them change.埃利斯曾与好友结伴前往英格兰北部的约克郡(Yorkshire),途中两人曾就《呼啸山庄》有过一次激烈讨论,由此定下该书的写作事宜。简·爱(Jane Eyre)和凯瑟琳·恩肖(Cathy Earnshaw)谁更伟大?讨论过后,埃利斯才意识到她将简·爱视为偶像,渴望像她一样独立,实际上却一直在向凯瑟琳看齐。为此,她又重回书中,开启一趟心灵之旅,终于了解如何像一个真正的女人那样生活。写自己的感悟其实很难,就像米德所说的,经典还是经典,我们在不同年龄阶段的感悟却不同。Both Mead and Ellis testify to the myriad ways in which really good books not only stand the test of repeat s, but also bestow fresh gifts each time we crack their spines. These kinds of books grow with us. The writers also explore the motivations behind re-ing.米德和埃利斯无数次的阅读经历都表明,好书经得起反复推敲,每一次阅读都能带给我们新的体验。这样的书足够我们读一辈子。此外,这两位作者也探究了重复阅读背后的动机。For children, it’s a comfort. As we become accustomed to a world in which change is the only real constant, the familiarity of the book at bedtime is something to cling to. Adults aren’t immune to those feelings, either. To e the septuagenarian writer Larry McMurtry: “If I once for adventure, I now for security. How nice to be able to return to what won’t change.”对于孩子来说,读书是一种享受。现实世界瞬息万变,而读书可以使我们放松。孩子一旦养成了睡前阅读的习惯便会一直保持。对成年人来说也一样。 正如老年作家拉里·麦克默特里(Larry McMurtry)所说,“从前我读书是为了寻求新奇感,现在我读书是为了寻求安全感,书中世界平稳安逸,读书能使我放松。”Except that often, that’s not quite the case. We notice fresh details. Our interpretations change as we evolve – cheerleading for the strivers, for instance, gives way to admiration for characters who are slow and steady.只是很多时候,事情往往不是这样,每次重读旧书我们都能发现新细节。随着我们思想的成熟,我们的见解也在发生改变——比如,我们会为书中努力拼搏的人喝,又敬佩那些脚踏实地,慢慢前进的人。Vladimir Nabokov had a theory about this. He believed that the process of moving our eyes from left to right, line after line, page after page, stood between us and artistic interpretation the first time round. By the fourth ing, the experience has apparently assumed more of the directness of looking at a painting. “One cannot a book: one can only re- it, ” he said.对此,弗拉基米尔·纳科夫(Vladimir Nabokov)就有相应的看法。他认为,人在第一次读一本书时眼睛需要从左向右逐行逐页的移动,这会干扰人们对文字的艺术性解读。当读到第四遍时,出于对文本的熟悉,人们再看书就像看一幅画那样直接。“读书这个说法并不恰当,一本书是不能被一次性读懂的,只能去重读。”Scientists have weighed in, too, citing the mental health benefits of re-ing. Research conducted with ers in the US and New Zealand found that on our first ing, we are preoccupied by the ‘what?’ and the ‘why?’. Second time round, we’re able to better savour the emotions that the plot continues to ignite. As researcher Cristel Russell of the American University explained of re-ers in an article published in the Journal of Consumer Research, returning to a book “brings new or renewed appreciation of both the object of consumption and their self”.经过反复验,科学家也表示,阅读旧书有益于我们的身心健康。通过对美国和新西兰的读者进行调查,发现我们读完第一遍书时,心中难免会存疑。当我们再次拿起书本,才能品味细节,才能随着情节发展,体会心潮起伏的感觉。美国一所大学的研究员克里斯特·罗素曾在《消费者研究》(Consumer Research)杂志就重读旧书这一问题发表了一篇文章,文章指出,重读旧书不仅能加深对书的理解,也能增进读者的自我认识。Heart of the matter本文重点It’s true that we often find former selves on the pages of old books (literally, if we’re fond of scribbling in the margins). But even without the aid of marginalia, these texts can carry us back to a time and place, and remind us of the kind of person that we were then.我们通过重读旧书,还可以发现我们上次的阅读思路(如果你有在书页上涂鸦的习惯的话)。其实,即使你未做任何笔记,读到熟悉的文字,你也会想起旧时旧景,以及那时的自己。We’re changed not only by lived experience but also by experience – by the books that we’ve discovered since last ing the one in our hand.多读书,多经历,都能帮助我们成长——读旧书更是如此。More so than the movie director or the musician, the writer calls upon our imaginations, using words to bid us picture this declaration of love or that betrayal. It’s not surprising that in my social media poll, of the many and varied titles that people returned to, only one was non-fiction (Enemies of Promise, Cyril Connolly’s hybrid of literary criticism and memoir). A book is a joint project between writer and er, and for its alchemy to work, we must pour so much of ourselves into ing that our own life story can become braided with the story that’s bound between the book’s covers.比起导演和音乐家,作家更能激发我们的想象力,那些爱,誓言以及背叛,种种情感都由作者寥寥数语勾勒而出,具象化地浮现在我们眼前。我在各个社交网站上发布调查,询问别人正在重读的书籍,回复中只有西里尔·康诺利(Cyril Connolly)的《希望的敌人》(Enemies of Promise)一书不是虚构故事而是文学及回忆录合集。书籍将作者与读者联结起来,而为了达到这种效果,我们必须在阅读时将书的内容与自己的生活经历相关联,以便与之产生共鸣。Perhaps what’s really strange is that we don’t re- more often. After all, we watch our favourite films again and we wouldn’t think of listening to an album only once. We treasure tatty old paperbacks as objects, yet of all art forms, literature alone is a largely one-time delight. A book, of course, takes up more time, but as Mead and Ellis confirm, the rewards make it amply worthwhile. They needn’t be anointed classics, either. Sabbath’s Theatre by Philip Roth, EL Doctorow’s Ragtime and Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch are all on my re-ing list – just as soon as I’ve finished War and Peace, that is.也许,更多时候我们应该问问自己为什么不经常翻翻旧书。毕竟,我们会挑出自己喜欢的电影反复看,也会把一张唱片听上好几遍。我们把破旧的平装书当做宝贝,却鲜少重读它们。不可否认的是,读一本书就会占据我们很多时间,但正如米德和埃利斯所说,重读旧书会是我们收获颇丰。我们不一定要读那些文学经典,我的清单上列出的重读书目有:菲利普·罗斯(Philip Roth)的《安息日剧院》(Sabbath’s Theatre),EL·多克托罗(EL Doctorow)的《拉格泰姆》(Ragtime),唐娜·塔特(Donna Tartt)的《金翅雀》(The Goldfinch),——等我看完《战争与和平》(War and Peace)就去重翻这些旧书。 /201406/302881临安市妇幼保健院治疗龟头炎多少钱

绍兴市看乳腺检查多少钱Every day will be hard, but they#39;re supposed to be, aren#39;t they? And most days will be amazing. They should be, too.每一天都是辛苦的一天,但本该如此,不是吗?当然,每一天都充满惊喜。正如我期待的那样。Day 1: Buckle up! The day of your child#39;s birth is a wild ride that features a bit of everything: tension, anticipation, sleep deprivation, delirious joy, friends, family, in-laws and sketchy hospital food. There is no moment that compares to holding your baby for the first time. You are relieved and overjoyed, yet feel the arrival of massive responsibility. You truly feel like an adult now. Try to be cool, calm and supportive throughout.第1天:绷紧神经!孩子的降临意味着一切:紧张,期待,失眠,狂喜,朋友,家人以及粗糙的医院餐。世上再没有一个瞬间比起第一次怀抱你的宝贝更令人激动。你欣喜若狂,慰藉不已,但随之而来的是初为人父的责任。现在你才真正意识到自己是个大人了。学会保持冷静,帮助照顾孩子。Day 2: Unless you#39;re a firefighter, you might never get used to interrupted sleep. Agree to take the early-morning stretch: You#39;re awake well before work, alone with your baby, watching the sunrise -- and watching him watch the sunrise. Getting him to fall asleep in your arms is the dad skill sine qua non.第2天:除非你是消防员,否则你不可能习惯睡眠被打搅。清晨需要舒展运动开始新的一天:你要早早地起床,带上你的孩子,一起看日出,他在看日出,你却在看他。新手爸爸的必备技能就是抱孩子在臂弯间,哄他酣然入睡。Day 3: Your meals are now eaten in shifts, amid the plaintive, desperate screams of a newborn. You will understand the importance of the little rituals in your relationship like dinner-table chitchat (sharing moments of your day, the latest gossip, laughter), and now need to create new ones.第3天:用餐要分几次,因为孩子凄厉的尖叫让你不得不放下碗筷。你终于明白了生活中那些维系关系的小仪式的重要性,比如餐桌闲谈,彼此交换每天的趣闻,但你却必须放弃,另寻适合的新方式。Day 7: You agree to buy anything -- swings, bassinets, rockers -- that might make your baby sleep easier. Most of them won#39;t. The fine folks at the Babies #39;R#39; Us return counter seem to be understanding.第7天:为了孩子舒适的睡眠,你会把一切都买回家——秋千、摇篮、摇椅等等。但大部分都不管用。还好“宝妈超市”退货柜台的工作人员足够通情达理。Day 10: Outside of work, everything you do will now be subject to interruption. Finishing a meal, seeing a movie all the way through or even making it out the door is an unexpected triumph.第10天:除去工作时间,你所做的每件事都会被打断。顺利地吃一顿饭,看一场电影,甚至是出门一次都是不小的胜利啊。Day 11: On his bad days your baby will cry nonstop, for no discernable reason (he#39;s fed; his diaper is clean; he appears comfortable). You each put hours into calming him, without result. You feel awful losing your temper on a 10-pound little human. You vow to do better next time.第11天:碰上坏日子,你的宝贝会不知出于什么原因,不停歇地一直哭。你已经喂饱他,换好尿布,一切都很舒适,但他就是不停地哭。你们轮流安抚他,但毫无作用。你对10磅重的小人发脾气,这真是太槽糕了。你发誓下次会做得更好。Day 13: There is a song out there, whichever one it is for you, that will calm your screaming baby. Search every stop on the FM dial, the Internet, and your iTunes library until you find it.第13天:总有一首歌能帮你平息婴儿的尖叫。快去收音机,网络和iTunes音乐库好好找一找吧。Day 15: You will think dark thoughts. Remind yourself your baby won#39;t be this helpless and irascible for long. Everything shall pass. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.第15天:你会产生消极的想法。要记得提醒自己,你的宝贝很快就会长大,不再无法自助,暴躁易怒。一切都会好起来。别再暗自神伤。Day 17: After months of harboring quiet resentment for your childless friends, for the first time, you suddenly -- and most unexpectedly -- feel pity for them.第17天:几个月来,你内心中对无子女的朋友们累积了许多不满,但你却第一次为他们感到遗憾。这感觉来得突然,出人意料。Day 19: The first text from your partner that involves adult conversation instead of baby photos, s, updates or a shopping list will take you back, Proust-like, to your once-glamorous, carefree, kid-free relationship days.第19天:妻子终于传来第一封短信,谈论了大人的话题,而不再是婴儿照片,视频,近况以及购物单,这才将你拽回从前,那曾辉煌灿烂,无忧无虑,没有困扰的日子。Day 21: Cards. Flowers. Effusive flattery. Find the right moment. Cross your fingers the baby stays asleep.第21天:卡片,鲜花,溢美之词。你要找个恰当的时机送给你的妻子。上帝保佑那时你的宝贝正在沉睡。Day 30: Going anywhere with your baby is an event. A table of pretty girls will turn in unison through the window of a restaurant as you walk by. Old ladies at the market will ask how old he is. Gay men will unfailingly compliment him. He controls a room wherever he goes. You will enjoy the attention.第30天:走到哪,就把孩子带到哪。这样,你经过餐馆的时候,一桌子的漂亮女孩都会转头,透过玻璃朝你看。超市里的妇女们会问宝贝多大了。男同志们则总是赞美之词不断。他在哪,哪儿就是焦点。你会享受到大家的关注。Day 32: Small disagreements with your partner metastasize into ugly ones as you each become a conduit for all the stress of raising a baby that you can#39;t take out on the baby himself. Be aware of it. Apologize when you#39;re in the wrong.第32天:养育孩子带来压力,当然不能朝孩子发泄,夫妻就是彼此的垃圾桶,这容易将小问题催化成大矛盾。注意到这点,这样你错了的话就要及时道歉。Day 38: A thousand new photos on your phone since birth. You#39;ll be glad you took every single one. Back #39;em up before you run out of memory!第38天:自孩子出生,手机里满满地全是他的照片。每一张你都很喜欢。记得在手机内存用完之前,做好备份。Day 52: Now finally seems like a good time to connect with old friends you haven#39;t seen since they had kids.第52天:是时候见见老朋友了。之前他们有了孩子,你们就不怎么联系了。Day 61: You discover that introducing your baby to your grandfather and getting that multi-generation photo is one of the more underrated moments in a man#39;s life.第61天:带着孩子去拜访你的祖父,再拍一张四世同堂的家庭合照。这绝对是一个人一生中不可忽略的大事。Day 67: It#39;s difficult to walk out the door to work some mornings. You envy your partner getting to spend all day with your baby, and you daydream about all the things you#39;ll do with your family in the coming weekend.第67天:总有那么几天,早晨出门时牵挂不已。你羡慕妻子能在家陪着孩子一整天,你做着白日梦,筹谋着下周的家庭计划。Day 77: Before he was born you promised yourself that you#39;d keep baby paraphernalia to a minimum. His stuff is now everywhere. Your home feels smaller than ever.第77天:孩子出生前,你暗暗发誓,婴儿用品不再多,够用就行。你看现在,到处堆满他的东西,挤得房间都像是变小了。Day 78: Ask for that raise.第78天:要求加薪。Day 80: You swear your partner has never looked this good. And her nascent maternal skills have added a whole other dimension to your affection for her. Let her know -- she needs to hear it more than you realize.第80天:你赞美妻子,她从未如此美丽。新生的母性光辉另一种程度上更加吸引你,加深你的爱。说给她听—— 她比你认为地更需要这些赞美。Day 85: A hotly anticipated new restaurant will open, and chances are you won#39;t notice or won#39;t care. If you do go, you#39;ll dine there at 5:45. The hostess will seat you near other young families.第85天:备受瞩目的新餐馆就要开张了,但你大概不会注意或是不太关心。就算你独自去了,你会被安排坐在年轻夫妻旁边,5点45就开餐。Day 90: There comes a day when you can palpably feel the change -- suddenly your baby is crying less and sleeping more. After 12 manic months of pregnancy and new parenthood, you too have come a long way, and without turning into a hapless TV dad. You realize that more than anything else, babies make you appreciate the present and look forward to the future.第90天:终于,你明显感觉到了不同 ,突然之间,你的宝贝哭的少了,睡的多了。在经历了初为人父以来混乱疯狂的12周后,你还有很长的路要走,别不幸变成了电视里的倒霉爸爸。你会意识到,是孩子让你懂得感恩现在,展望未来。And isn#39;t that ultimately what we all want most in life?这不就是最终我们最想要的生活吗? /201406/302884浙江杭州妇幼保健挂号网 Most teenagers groan when their parents fetch the family album.一看到父母拿出家庭影集,大多数的青少年都会不耐烦的哼哼。But not Suman Bansal, whose dad has given her an unusual 18th birthday present - a photo taken on each day of her life.然而苏曼·班赛尔绝不会这样。她的爸爸给了她一份特殊的18岁生日礼物——一张张每天为她拍下的照片。Bookkeeper Munish, from Gillingham, has uploaded every photo in the 5,845-shot collection to the web - and made it into a 12-minute Youtube .班赛尔一家住在英国肯特郡吉林厄姆市,爸爸慕尼克是一名会计,他将这本包括5845张相片的影集上传到了网络上,并且制作了一个12分钟的Youtube视频。The shots show his daughter happy, sad, asleep, at the swimming pool, in a washing basket and even wearing a witch’s hat.在这些照片里有女儿开心的表情、难过的表情,睡着的样子、在游泳池里的样子、在洗涤篮里的样子,还有带着巫婆帽的样子。The dad took his first photo of Suman on May 16, 1996 - the day she was born.爸爸为苏曼拍摄第一张照片是在1996年5月16日——她出生的那一天。Since then, his daily portraits have captured every moment of her life - from her first steps to her changing hairstyles - and he has used them to keep an online diary.从那天起,他的“每日一照”就开始记录女儿生活中的每一个片段——从她开始蹒跚学步的样子到她发型的变换——他用这些照片在网上制作了一本在线日记。Suman says: #39;Being photographed every day just feels like any normal day as I have grown up with it my whole life.苏曼这样说道爸爸的“每日一照”:“每天拍照对于我来说真的是非常平常,因为我成长的过程中每天都是如此。”#39;At times it can become irritating as I don#39;t always feel my best especially when I am running late. I do not have a favourite picture because all are special. I cannot compare.#39;不过有的时候这件事会让我生气,因为我觉得自己没有到最佳状态,特别是我要迟到的时候。我没办法挑出最爱的一张,因为每张照片都很特别,我无法作比较。” /201405/301292萧山做包茎手术要多少钱

浙江省人民医院浙江省立医院可以用医保卡吗Fifteenth-century Arabs were the first to cultivate coffee and a Frenchman was behind the 1843 debut of the world#39;s first commercial espresso machine.15世纪的阿拉伯人是最早栽培及食用咖啡的民族,而在1843年一名法国人首次制造出第一台商用咖啡机。There have been a few leaps forward since then.从那时起就有几次巨大的飞跃。;People are more and more interested in where the beans come from, and how they#39;re harvested and roasted, ; says New Zealand barista champion Nick Clark of Wellington#39;s Flight Coffee.“人们对咖啡豆的来源、如何收获、如何烘培越来越感兴趣,”新西兰惠灵顿咖啡比赛冠军咖啡大师Nick Clark说。;There are so many variables involved in producing a great cup of coffee these days, and the industry has had to evolve to meet growing consumer expectations.;“要想做出一杯好喝的咖啡,里面有太多的影响因素。咖啡业需要不断进步才能满足顾客日益高涨的期望。”The world#39;s best coffee cities are those where the coffee isn#39;t just good -- it#39;s great.在世界上咖啡最棒的城市里,那里的咖啡不仅仅是好——而是非常好。Aussies and Kiwis opened the city#39;s first espresso-focused coffee shops (such as Flat White and Kaffeine) a decade ago and they#39;ve been popping up across the city ever since.澳大利亚人和新西兰人十年前在该市开了首家以意式咖啡为主的咖啡馆(例如Flat White和 Kaffeine),从那时起,咖啡馆就不断出现。;London still has a long way to go with café service, but in the past five years there#39;s been so much growth; says Estelle Bright, head barista at London#39;s Caravan.“伦敦咖啡厅的务还有很长的路要走,但是在过去的五年里有很大的进步”, 伦敦Caravan的顶级咖啡师Estelle Bright说。Local order: Flat white or cappuccino.当地必点咖啡:白咖啡或卡布奇诺。;London is still in the grip of the flat white craze, but cappuccinos are similarly popular, ; says Bright.“伦敦人仍然热衷于白咖啡,但是卡布奇诺也同样受欢迎,”Bright说。;The coffee culture in Melbourne is just incredible, ; says reigning World Barista Champion Pete Licata, from the ed States.“墨尔本的咖啡文化简直不可思议,”来自美国的世界咖啡师大赛冠军Pete Licata说。Coffee is such an integral part of the Melbourne lifestyle that the city even hosts an annual coffee expo.对于墨尔本而言,咖啡是那里生活方式的不可分割的一部分,墨尔本甚至每年都要举行咖啡览会。Local order: Piccolo latte.当地必点咖啡:迷你拿铁。While lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites remain popular, piccolo lattes (made with less milk so the espresso tastes stronger) are the drink du jour.拿铁、卡布奇诺和白咖啡在那里仍然很流行,而迷你拿铁(使用了少量的牛奶,这样咖啡的味道更浓)最受欢迎。After the Dutch, Scandinavians have the highest coffee consumption per capita in the world.除了荷兰,北欧人是世界上人均咖啡消费量最多的国家。While Finns drink the most among Scandinavians, Icelanders are also coffee crazy.虽然在北欧人中,芬兰人是喝咖啡喝得最多的,但冰岛人也很热衷于咖啡。;You#39;d have coffee and cake and didn#39;t mind how the coffee was as long as the cake was good. ”“你会点咖啡和蛋糕,只要蛋糕口味不错,你就不会介意咖啡的味道。”;Then, about 25 years ago, people started to care about how their coffee was served.;“接着,大约在25年前,人们开始关心咖啡的务。“With Iceland#39;s lack of commercial coffee behemoths, smaller businesses have had a chance to flourish.冰岛缺乏咖啡巨头,小企业有机会蓬勃发展。Now you can hardly walk a city block without passing a coffee shop.现在你去每一个城市街区基本上都能看到咖啡店。Local order: Latte or cappuccino.当地必点咖啡:拿铁或卡布奇诺。;Drip coffee is popular in the home, but Icelanders tend go to coffeehouses for espresso-based drinks, ; says Thora.“过滤咖啡在家里很流行,但是冰岛人喜欢去咖啡馆喝浓缩咖啡,”Thora说。Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture that you#39;ll rarely encounter a local who doesn#39;t drink it.咖啡是罗马文化的一部分,你去罗马能难碰到不喝咖啡的当地人。But believe it or not, it#39;s not always that easy to find a decent espresso in Italy, with critics whispering that Italians have been resistant to adopt modern barista techniques.信不信由你,在意大利找到一家体面的浓缩咖啡店不是那么容易的,有批评者认为意大利一直抵制使用现代咖啡技术。But with the best of the nation#39;s baristas calling it home, Rome is your best bet for a quality cup.但是最好的咖啡师都把罗马称为咖啡之都,要想喝一杯高品质的咖啡,罗马是你最好的选择。Local order: Espresso.当地必点咖啡:浓缩咖啡Custom dictates that milky coffees can only be consumed at breakfast.那里的习俗是乳白色的咖啡只能在早晨时享用。;Coffee has always been an integral part of Singaporean life, but we#39;ve only recently embraced modern espresso technology, ; says Jovena Loon of Café Hopping Singapore. ;Locals have become so obsessed with latte art that it has become a basic criteria for a good café.;“咖啡一直是新加坡人生活中不可或缺的一部分,但是我们只在最近才开始接受浓缩咖啡的技术,”新加坡Café Hopping的Jovena Loon说。“当地人对拿铁艺术特别痴迷,以至于它成了好的咖啡馆的基本准则。Local order: Latte, mocha or cappuccino.当地必点咖啡:拿铁、 卡或卡布奇诺。If there#39;s one American city that#39;s consistently ahead of the game, it#39;s Seattle.如果从美国的城市中挑选一个咖啡城市,那非西雅图莫属了。The green mermaid is only a small part of the hometown coffee scene.“绿色美人鱼”的故乡是西雅图,而星巴克只是西雅图咖啡文化的一小部分。;Coffee is our liquid sunshine in Seattle, ; says Joshua Boyt from Victrola Coffee Roasters, one of the city#39;s best cafes for coffee geeks.“在西雅图,咖啡是我们的液体阳光,”来自Victrola Coffee Roasters的Joshua Boyt说。Victrola Coffee Roasters对咖啡极客来说是该市最好的咖啡馆。;Passion for the product, coupled with the sheer number of coffee shops across the city, has created a culture of constant improvement through competition and camaraderie.;“对产品的,在加上该市中大量的咖啡店,这些都创造了通过竞争和友谊不断改进的文化。”Local order: Espresso, cappuccino or a single-origin pour.当地必点咖啡:浓缩咖啡、卡布奇诺或 单品咖啡。They#39;re such an important part of Viennese culture that the city#39;s coffee houses were listed by UNESCO in 2011 as an Intangible Heritage.咖啡是维也纳文化中如此重要的一部分,以至于2011年该市的咖啡馆被联合国教科文组织列入非物质文化遗产。But modern coffee connoisseurs such as Vienna coffee blogger Lameen Abdul-Malik of From Coffee With Love admit that the standard of coffee in these beloved institutions, which act as public living rooms where people come to chat, newspapers and eat strudel, are lagging in terms of coffee technology and service expectations.但现代的咖啡鉴赏家如在CoffeeWithLove网站上写客的维也纳咖啡主Lammen Abdul-Malik承认,人们都喜欢去咖啡店里聊天、看报、吃点心,但咖啡店的咖啡标准在咖啡技术和务期望方面都有些滞后。Perhaps not for long.也许不会太久。;Since Vienna hosted the World Barista Championships in 2012, and new-style independent coffee shops began to open up, the quality of espresso drinks is steadily improving, ; says Abdul-Malik.“由于维也纳2012年举办了世界咖啡师大赛,新型的独立咖啡店开始开张,浓缩咖啡的质量在稳定提升,”Abdul-Malik说。Local order: Espresso or cappuccino in a new style cafe.当地必点咖啡:在新型的咖啡馆里点浓缩咖啡或卡布奇诺。 /201405/300327 With so many perfectly shaped and beautifully colored buds blooming, the season of spring becomes a spectacular show of flowers. It is the perfect time to have a wonderful floral excursion.随着千姿百态、姹紫嫣红的花朵竞相绽放,春天俨然成为一幅百花争艳图。此时正是赏花远足的绝佳时机!Here we introduce some local flowers and the best places to appreciate them. So why not go out with your friends and indulge yourselves in the sea of flowers?这里我们为你介绍几种花卉以及赏花胜地。何不约上朋友一起出游赏花,沉浸在鲜花的海洋中? /201405/294384拱墅区中心医院预约杭州小阴唇整形




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