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萧山妇科三甲医院杭州比较好的流产多少钱萧山哪家体检好 This is Florida, a taste of the tropical, one of the worlds most popular holiday destinations. Here mankinds unquenchable desire to explore and colonise reaches astronomical proportions. 这里是弗罗里达,一个充满热带风情的地方,同时也是世界上最著名的度假胜地之一。这里带给人们无法克制的探索和无穷的征欲望。Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Ignition. Lift off.八、七、六、五、四、三、二、一。点火,发射。And yet we are relative newcomers here. While other creatures roamed this part of North America for hundreds of millennia, we only arrived at the end of the last great ice age, 13,000 years ago. For most of its existence, North America remained untouched by humans, its dramatic landscapes and wild life undisturbed. Then some time around 13,000 years ago, just as the ice started to relax its grip, hunters from the north set foot in Florida for the first time. Imagine if we could go back and join them as they explore this unknown land, encountering strange animals not seen before by human eyes.然而在这里,我们还只能算是初来乍到。其他生物已经在北美的这块土地徘徊了数十万年,而我们在13000年前的大冰河时期末期来到这里。对大多数存在的生物,北美仍是人类未及之地。这里风景优美,野生动物未受打扰的生活着。约在13000年以前,冰川开始渐渐化去,猎人从北而来,第一次涉足弗洛里达。想象一下,如果时间倒退,我们将追随者猎人的足迹,探寻这未知之地,遇见人类从未见过的奇异的生物。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属.201307/247621Books and Arts; Book Review;The young and the restless;文艺;书评;年轻与焦躁;British and American fiction gets off to a promising start in 2010;2010年英美小说闪亮开篇;The Unnamed. By Joshua Ferris.《莫名》,作者约书亚·费里斯。VLADIMIR NABOKOV, who liked to observe other people, once declared that “professional book reviewers are veritable bookmakers”. They gleefully declare whos in, whos out, and ask: “Where are the snows of yesteryear?” Hot young novelists, many believe, are meant to follow a predictable script. First, burst onto the scene with some bold, voice-of-the-generation debut—preferably with a comely author photo. Then, years later, deliver to the expectant public a sophomore effort that is, alas, disappointing. Critics favour lamenting squandered promise to praising yet another fine book from someone with unlined skin.喜欢他人的费拉迪米尔·纳科夫曾经宣称“专业书评家是名副其实的庄家”,他们兴致勃勃地宣布谁是入时的,谁是落伍的,并问出“去年的雪在哪里?”这样的问题。许多走红的青年小说家都被认为是循着老套的模子走出来的。首先,在文艺界以大胆表露情感,代表时代之声的形象如惊雷般亮相出场——最好再有着英俊的长相。接着,在数年之后向期待中的大众呈上他一个黄毛小子呕心沥血的成果,然而,却只不过是令人失望的作品。批评家们倒也热衷于哀叹对于某位青年才俊又一部好作品尽溢美之词的许诺又无法兑现了。Not all writers oblige. Occasionally, a well-known name, such as Peter Carey, an Australian, will go through a fallow period only to enjoy a return to form (see article); a rare few, having written a debut of note, then go on to pen an even better second book.并非所有作家都是被迫写作的。间或也有像澳大利亚著名作家皮特·凯里这样的人,他将休笔一段时间,而这仅仅是为了调整自己的状态;极少有作家在完成一部佳作后还会继续创作另一部超越性的作品。Joshua Ferris became an international success in 2007 with “Then We Came to the End”, a smart and breezy satire of office life in an advertising firm. Told in the collective first person, it was a stylish rendering of workplace ambivalence in the wake of the dotcom bust. (“We were delighted to have jobs. We bitched about them constantly.”) It wasnt perfect, but it was fresh, with pages that turned freely and unpretentiously. At 32, Mr Ferris—gracious, photogenic, based in Brooklyn—was anointed a writer to watch.约书亚·费里斯在2007年因《当我们来到尽头》一书而享誉世界。在这本书中,他用富有智慧的语言及轻松愉快的笔调嘲讽了一个广告公司的办公室生活。全书用第一人称的口吻,生动的描述了在网络经济崩溃中觉醒的人们在工作场所的矛盾心理(我们为有一份工作而感到高兴,然而也时常抱怨)。这部作品并不完美,但体裁新颖,文风自在狂妄。在费里斯先生32岁的时候,他居住在布鲁克林,和蔼,上镜,就像上帝为我们挑选的作家。Readers have not had long to wait for “The Unnamed”, his second novel. Anyone keen on another comedy of manners will be disappointed. So too will those who hoped to write off Mr Ferris as a victim of literary hype.他的第二本书《莫名》并没有让读者们等太久。但那些期待着又一部风尚喜剧的人将会大失所望,同样会失望的还有那些希望费里斯先生被扼杀在文学炒作中的人。From the opening page, he makes it plain that this is a very different book. “It was the cruellest winter. The winds were rabid off the rivers. Ice came down like poisoned darts…They were waiting for him. They didnt know they were waiting for him.” The novel seizes ers by the lapels with a story that feels serious and mysterious. Tim Farnsworth, a successful Manhattan lawyer in his 40s, returns home one night and declares to his wife, Jane, “Its back.” Whats back? A strange, unknown disease—one that compels the hero to walk helplessly, incessantly, until he drops from exhaustion. After a reprieve, Tim is once again a victim of his wayward body, “the frightened soul inside the runaway train of mindless matter, peering out from the conductors car in horror.”在第一页作者就向我们展示了这本书的与众不同。“这是一个严酷的冬天。狂风卷过河面,冰屑像浸了毒的飞镖落下……他们正等着他。然而他们却并不知道。”小说开篇就用一种紧张神秘的气息抓住了读者。40多岁的缇姆·法恩斯沃思是曼哈顿有名的律师,一天晚上他回到家郑重地告诉妻子简说:“它又来了。”什么又来了?那是一种奇怪的不为人知的疾病——它让我们的主人公无助、不停地行走,直到精疲力竭。短暂的间歇之后,缇姆又会成为他失控身体的受害者,“他的躯体就像无缘由失控的列车,他的灵魂惊恐的向这车外望着。”Tim is otherwise “horse-healthy” and content, a self-assured workaholic, devoted husband and father to a teenage daughter. But in a flash he is uncontrollably off, leaving his wife to find him passed out in a municipal parking place, a hospital or behind some chemists shop in the middle of the night. “Was she up for this?” Jane asks herself. These spells last for months at a time, and caring for him is a full-time job. But Jane has no choice: he could die out there. So she s survivalist manuals, prepares his pack (a first-aid kit, snacks, GPS, a poncho—to carry at all times), and then waits for the call to pick him up. The only alternative is to tie him to the bed and ignore his screams.缇姆原本是一个健康,满足,自信的人,他醉心于工作,是一个衷心的丈夫,一个十几岁女孩的父亲。但是突然间他无法控制的想要走路,他的妻子三更半夜找到他时他出没在政府的停车场,医院,或者在一些药店的后面。“我要这么做吗?”简问自己。缇姆的病每次发作长达几个月,照顾他成了简的全职工作。但是简没有选择:他这样下去会死的。于是她阅读生存手册,为缇姆准备背包(一套急救装备,零食,全球定位系统,一件斗篷——时刻都带在缇姆身边),然后等电话去接他。除此之外就只能把他绑在床上,任由他叫喊了。Doctors around the world have no idea what the problem is. Tim, alone in his mutinous body, is left wondering whether the trouble is in his head. Readers wonder about this too. Here Mr Ferris achieves a clever balance: Tim behaves strangely, but isnt that natural for anyone who loses the life he understood? Isnt madness inevitable when suffering from something no one can explain? A subplot about a murder trial, which yields a haunting exchange between Tim and a possible suspect on a bridge at night, raises more questions about his mental stability. Yet Jane stops speculating that her husband might be crazy after she goes through the menopause. She could only imagine how infuriating it would be if a doctor insisted her hot flushes were “all in her head”.所有的医生都束手无策。缇姆的灵魂独自留在他失控的身体里,思考着是否他的大脑真的出了问题;读者们也在思考。在这里作者费里斯先生很高明的设置了两个难以抉择的判断:缇姆的行为是怪异的,但当一个人失去了他所能理解的生活时这不又是正常的吗?小说中有一个关于一起谋杀案的审判的次要情节,在审判过程中,缇姆在一个晚上同本案的嫌疑犯在一座桥上进行了一场令他难忘的交易,这也使他的精神状况越发不稳定。而此时简在经过她的更年期后也不再猜测丈夫可能患上了精神病。她能想象的到如果医生坚持说她的潮红症状都是她想出来的那将会是一件多么令人恼怒的事情。Mr Ferris keeps his prose direct and uncluttered, with only occasional flourishes (Tims feet “were like two engorged and squishy hearts”; a diners “fluorescent brutality” is “the national colour of insomnia and transience”). His fondness for his characters sometimes veers towards the sentimental. Still, he exercises a mature writers restraint, content to leave questions unanswered. He also has a fine ear for speech, and a good sense of what feels real, even when chronicling the surreal.费里斯先生的散文依旧简洁明快,偶尔也会迸发出奇特的灵感(缇姆的双脚“就像两颗饱满、湿软的心脏”;一位用餐者的“野蛮行为散发的荧光”是“失眠症和暂时性的名族色”)。他热爱自己笔下的人物,但不见得完全受感情的配,他依旧会运用成熟作家的控制力,遗留一些未给出的问题。他还可以清醒地聆听演讲,对真实的事物有着良好的感受力,即使是在将超现实的事情载入编年史的时候。Mr Ferris insists that “The Unnamed” is not a work of magical realism, but of “realist magic”. By inventing an incurable disease, he can meditate on its impact—on a marriage, on a career, on a characters self-esteem—without dragging in the baggage of a familiar illness. This also amplifies the horror, leaving ers just as perplexed about what is afflicting Tim. Is this a physical or mental problem? Can a line be drawn between the two? In the last third of the book, Tim gives himself over to his need to walk. Raving and deteriorating, he lets his legs take him across the country, living a hobos life without possessions or attachments (“To own something was to keep it on his back or risk losing it forever”). Yet Tims dilemmas still feel real and his needs sympathetic. How does he go on? How does anyone?费里斯先生坚持《莫名》并不是一部“魔幻现实主义”的作品,而是一部“现实魔幻小说”。他能够通过创造一种难以治愈的疾病来思考它对于婚姻,事业或者主人公自尊心的影响——而不是通过某种司空见惯的疾病。也正是这样,小说又加深了它带来的恐惧感,使读者对缇姆痛苦的原因困惑不解,到底是生理的还是心理的问题呢?这两者之间能不能画出一条分界线?在小说后三分之一的部分,缇姆放弃了一切去满足自己行走的需要。他任由自己的双腿穿越整个国家,咆哮着,病情不断恶化,他过上了流浪者的生活,没有财产,没有携带任何附属装置(“拥有某物就是一直将他背在背上或者冒着永远失去它的危险”)。但缇姆的困境始终可以被真实的感知,并且他需要人们的同情。他会怎么样?其他人呢?This is a story about a man with a walking problem, but it is also a larger tale about struggling with uncertainty. Scattered throughout the novel are some odd events: blizzards, floods, fires, dying bees. Mr Ferris is reminding us of how little we know about the world we live in, and how little we know about ourselves within it, and yet we persist. This is not to say that Tims walking is some clunky metaphor. Mr Ferris is wise enough not to teach a lesson. Rather, he has teased ordinary circumstances into something extraordinary, which is exactly what we want our fiction writers to do.这是一个关于行走强迫症患者的故事,更是一部描述了于不确定中的挣扎的作品。小说中充斥着古怪的事件:暴风雪、洪水、大火、垂死的蜜蜂。费里斯先生让我们意识到我们对于我们生存之世界及我们自己是多么的不了解,然而我们仍旧存在。这并不是说缇姆的行路癖是一个拙劣的隐喻,菲尔斯先生有足够的智慧使他的作品不流于说教。相反地,他把一些平常的事件夸大并进行了嘲讽,而这也正是我们期待着作家做的。 /201305/238397萧山妇保医院属于专科医院吗

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萧山人流医院哪好Books and Arts; Book Review; Advice from Bill Clinton;Yes, we can;文艺;书评;比尔·克林顿的忠告;是的,我们能做到;Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy. By Bill Clinton.《重返工作:聪明的政府有糖吃》。比尔·克林顿著。Recently the American publics growing criticism of Barack Obama has been accompanied by warmer feelings for the Clintons. More and more Democrats now wonder if they should have chosen Hillary in his place, and it is increasingly common for the presidents lacklustre handling of the economy to be contrasted with the surer leadership and much happier economic times when Bill ruled the White House. Mr Clinton has now written a book full of ideas about how to revive the economy and get Americas unemployed millions back to work—advice that, by drawing further attention to their contrasting styles, Mr Obama may find less helpful than Mr Clinton intends.最近,一面是美国公众对巴拉克·奥巴马 (Barack Obama) 日渐增多的批评声不绝于耳;另一面是对克林顿夫妇更加温馨的情感绵绵于心。越来越多的民主党人现在怀疑是否他们当初应该选择希拉里 (Hillary) 取代奥巴马,而且奥巴马处理经济的乏善可陈与比尔入主白宫时更加自信的领导力以及更加幸福的经济时期之间的对比也愈发普遍。克林顿刚写完的一本书里满是关于如何复苏美国经济以及如何使得美国成百上千万失业人员重返工作岗位的点子。比起克林顿的主观意图而言,奥巴马可能觉得这些忠告起不了多大用处,因为它们促使人们进一步注意到两人对比鲜明的风格。Mr Clinton says he was prompted to write by the success in the 2010 mid-term elections of what he calls the “antigovernment” movement, which has prevented much of the action that is necessary to tackle joblessness. He bemoans the end of an era when Republicans and Democrats in Washington, DC, could disagree on policies but essentially share a common set of facts and the view that, one way or another, government was there to help.克林顿称促使他写作这本书的动机是他称之为“反政府”运动在 2010 年中期选举中获得成功,而“反政府”运动阻碍了许多解决失业问题的必要行动。他惋惜一个时代的终结。在这个时代里,华盛顿的共和党人和民主党人会在政策上有分歧,但在本质上对一系列事实以及无论如何政府都应出手相助的看法仍享有共通之处。Still, he cant resist mentioning his joke on the campaign trail that “my feelings were hurt because I wasnt the Tea Partys favourite politician”—a roundabout way of tooting his own horn, having left office with a budget surplus, higher employment, fewer people on welfare, lower taxes for much of the population and having scrapped lots of government red tape.然而,克林顿还是情不自禁地提及竞选活动时的笑话,“我的感情受到了伤害,因为我不是茶党所钟爱的政治家”——迂回曲折地炫耀下自己的政绩:离任时预算盈余、就业率高企、吃福利的人不多、多数人口税负较低、废除了很多政府繁文缛节。The book has two main strengths that Mr Obama would do well to emulate. First, while arguing, rightly, that in the short run the American economy urgently needs a boost from government spending, it spells out in simple terms why Uncle Sam also needs a credible strategy for sorting out the countrys long-term fiscal problems. Mr Clinton shows far more enthusiasm for the report of the Simpson-Bowles deficit-reduction commission than has so far been mustered by its creator, Mr Obama.这本书有两个优点奥巴马应该努力效仿。第一,在正确地论述短期内美国经济迫切需要政府出助推的同时,这本书也以简明扼要的词语阐释了为什么山姆大叔需要一个值得信赖的策略来解决美国长期的财政问题。辛普森·鲍勒斯赤字削减委员会由奥巴马组建。但比起那些到目前为止召集起来的委员们,克林顿对该委员会的报告表现出更为强烈的热情。Second, Mr Clinton is at his famously wonkish best in scouring America and the world (Singapore and Germany, in particular) to find practical ideas for getting people back to work. Many of these require “smart government”, which more often than not means partnering with private businesses and non-profit organisations. Some ideas are even borrowed from the Republicans, including at least one from his old foe, Newt Gingrich. Mr Clinton is especially keen on the idea of modernising Americas infrastructure and creating environmentally friendly “green jobs”, but he also sees merit in more trade liberalisation, immigration and getting at the countrys huge reserves of cheap natural gas through fracking.其次,克林顿以其出了名的孜孜不倦的努力搜寻着美国和世界(尤其是新加坡和德国),以找到使得人们重返工作岗位的务实方法。其中的许多方法需要“聪明的政府”,这通常意味着与私人企业以及非盈利组织合作。某些点子甚至从共和党人那里借鉴而来,其中至少有一条来自他的老对手纽特·金里奇 (Newt Gingrich)。克林顿尤其热衷于促进美国基础设施现代化及创造环保“绿色工作”的思想,但是他也看到了加强贸易自由化、增加移民以及通过水力压裂法抽取美国巨大的廉价天然气储备的优点。Some of the former presidents suggestions are not as convincing as others. Yet, through the sheer number and range of his ideas, Mr Clinton manages to convey a badly needed sense of hope. With an optimism that is currently in short supply among his countrymen, he concludes by predicting that America will rise yet again; after all, “for more than 200 years, everyone whos bet against the ed States has lost.” In other words, as Mr Obama once put it, “Yes, we can.”这位前总统的建议,有的令人信,有的则不尽然。然而,透过主意数量之多、范围之广,克林顿成功地传达了一种急切需要的希望感。在当下美国乐观主义缺乏之际,克林顿以预测美国必将再次崛起收尾;毕竟,“过去两百多年里,所有赌美国衰落的人都输了”。换言之,正如奥巴马曾言,“是的,我们能够做到。” /201306/245114 Science and technology科学技术Deep-sea exploration深海探索The age of Aquarius 1宝瓶时代1Inner space is almost as hard to explore as outer space探太空难,察深海亦不易Have you seen Camerons latest?卡梅隆的新作你看了吗?JAMES CAMERON knows how to make a splash.詹姆斯·卡梅隆知道怎么制造轰动。Literally.确实是这样。On March 25th the director of The Terminator, Titanic and Avatar plunged into the Challenger Deep2 of the Mariana Trench, 500km from Guam.3月25日,这位执导过终结者、泰坦尼克和阿凡达的导演来到了距关岛500千米的马里亚纳海沟,一头扎进了挑战者深渊。When he reached the bottom, he sent a self-congratulatory tweet, and then tootled about for a couple of hours before taking Deepsea Challenger, his lime-green one-man submarine, back up the 11km to the surface.当他到达海底的时候,他发了一条庆祝自己的推特,接着又唠叨了大概两个小时,才上浮11千米将他石灰青色的单人潜艇-深海挑战者号带出海面。This venture certainly scores high in the jaw-dropping department.这次冒险在劲爆度这方面当然是拿下高分。The only other people to plumb the Challenger Deep—as its name suggests, the most profound point in the ocean—were Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, who did so in 1960, in a vessel called Trieste.此外只有雅克·皮卡和唐纳德·沃尔什探索过挑战者深渊—正如其名,它是海洋的最深点—他俩于1960年驾驶里雅斯特号深海潜艇下潜至此处。The latest dive, however, was not very successful on the scientific front.然而,这新近一潜在科学层面却并不那么成功,It brought back no specimens.因为它没有带回任何标本。This was in sharp contrast to a less publicised mission, to the paltry depth of 2.5km, where the pressure is a mere 250 times that of the atmosphere.这与一项不太为人所知的行动形成了鲜明对比,后者只下潜到区区2.5千米,承受了250个大气压。This was organised by Ifremer, Frances oceanographic institute.这次行动是由法国海洋开发研究院组织实施,Its three-man craft, Nautile, not only brought back samples, but brought them back alive.派出三人潜艇鹦鹉螺号,不仅带回了标本,而且个个活蹦乱跳。That is no mean feat. Because creatures of the deep ocean have evolved to tolerate so much pressure, their cell membranes tend to liquefy when that pressure is released.那可真不简单。因为深海生物已经进化得能够耐受如此高压,一旦压力消失,它们的细胞膜就会溶解。To stop this happening Nautiles samples were transported in a special chamber called PERISCOP.为了不让这种情况发生,鹦鹉螺号上的标本被置于一个叫做潜望镜的特殊腔体中进行运输。This chamber, designed by Bruce Shillito and Gerard Hamel, of Pierre and Marie Curie University, in Paris, is a tank with a capacity of 2.7 litres which is capable of containing a pressure of more than 200 atmospheres.这个腔体由巴黎居里大学的布鲁斯?希利托和杰拉德·哈默设计,就是一个容量2.7升的水罐,能够承受200个大气压的压强。In 2008 PERISCOP was used to reel in a live fish from a then-record depth of 2.3km.2008年,潜望镜曾被用来从深海打回一条活鱼,2.8千米的深度在当时创了记录。The fish had been living near an underwater hot spring, known as a hydrothermal vent, in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.那条鱼生活在中大西洋海脊的一个水下热泉附近,也就是所谓的深海热液喷口。This time, Nautiles mother ship, LAtalante, had spent three weeks trawling around a similar vent in the East Pacific Ridge as part of the MESCAL project, a collaboration between a dozen American and European oceanographic research institutions.这一次,鹦鹉螺号的母船亚特兰大号在东太平洋海脊一处相似的热泉附近网了三个星期鱼,这也是欧美十几个海洋研究所合作项目龙舌兰的一部分。On March 26th she sailed into Manzanillo, in Mexico, bearing a trove of specimens including a dozen or so Pompeii worms.3月26日,亚特兰大号满载着所获—包括大约十几只庞贝虫在内的众多标本,驶入了墨西哥的曼萨尼略港。These polychaetes are the most heat-tolerant animals known.这些多毛类环虫是已知最耐热的动物。They are able to live at 60C. Biologists would like to understand how they do it.它们能在60摄氏度的环境中生存。生物学家想要了解它们如何做到这点的。To help them find out LAtalante has been fitted with a second chamber, BALIST, into which PERISCOPs catch can be transferred.为了帮助生物学家找出所以然,亚特兰大号安装了一个附加的腔体十字弓,潜望镜捕获的生物可以转移进去。Researchers on board ship were thus able to study the worms alive for several weeks.这样,载驳船上的研究人员就能够在数周时间中研究活体虫子。For the unfortunate worms, however, Manzanillo was the end of the line.但是,对于这些不幸的虫儿来说,曼萨尼略就是它们生命的终点。They were killed, frozen and transported back to France.它们被杀死,冷冻后运回到法国。Future trophies may be luckier.以后的战利品也许不会这么倒霉。Ifremers researchers are searching for a way to keep deep-sea animals alive indefinitely, so that their entire life cycles can be studied.法国海洋开发研究院的研究人员们正在寻求一种能使深海动物无限期存活的方法,如果成功,动物的整个生命周期都可以加以研究。This means building high-pressure, onshore fish tanks.这意味着需要建造若干陆基的、能耐高压的养鱼水罐。On April 7th the Océanopolis, a big aquarium in Brest, will unveil two such chambers.4月7日,在法国布雷斯特的大型水族馆-海洋之都,两个这样的腔体就将揭幕。Each Abyss Box3 , as the contraptions are known, costs 100,000 and contains 16 litres of seawater held at 180 atmospheres.这些精巧的设计被叫做箱中深渊3,每个耗资10万欧元,能以180个大气压容纳16升海水。Crucially, each has a window: a glass visor 15cm across and 8cm thick.最为重要的是,每个箱子都有一个15厘米宽、8厘米厚的玻璃盔甲观察窗。At the moment, one of the boxes is inhabited by 43 deep-sea shrimps.此时此刻,一个箱子里面住了43只深海虾,另一个里面是3只螃蟹。The other houses three crabs. Both come from Atlantic vents located around 1.8km below the surface.这些住客都是来自大约1.8千米深处的大西洋海底泉口。It will be the first time members of the public who are not James Cameron have had a chance to behold such creatures alive.对于詹姆斯·卡梅隆之外的公众而言,将首次有机会目睹这些生物的活体。 /201307/248328萧山检查妇科病好一点医院萧山萧然妇科医院地址查询




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