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长春省中医院要预约吗双阳区引产哪家医院最好的长春市哪做人流好 August 1914 was a descent into hell. May 1945 was an escape from hell. July 2015, the month of a surreal Greek referendum that had no clear question and an answer whose meaning is disputable, will go down in history as a continuation of hell for Greece, and for Europe.1914月欧洲坠入地狱945月,欧洲逃离地狱015月将作为希腊乃至整个欧洲再次滑入地狱的日子载入史册——在这个月里,希腊举行了离奇公投,这次公投没有提出明确的问题,而给出的是否有何意义也颇具争议。Policy makers in some eurozone capitals will shed crocodile tears and explain the No vote as a regrettable, but voluntary act of Greek self-exclusion from Europe’s monetary union. They will unfold a prepared narrative according to which Greece’s European creditors a more accurate term than allies or partners bear no blame whatsoever for this debacle.欧元区一些国家的政策制定者将会流下鳄鱼的眼泪,并把希腊人对国际救助条款说“不”的投票结果解释为,希腊令人遗憾、但自愿地选择从欧洲货币联盟自我排除。他们将拿出已经事先准备好的说辞,而在这种说辞中,希腊的欧洲债权人——比盟友或伙伴更为精确的说法——对这场灾难不承担任何罪责。Secretly, or not so secretly, some will relish getting the head of Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s radical leftist premier, served to them on a platter. But the question to which they will have no convincing answer is what the Greek disaster implies for the cause of European unity or the stability of the Balkans.一些人将私下或公开地希望希腊激进的左翼总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)的头颅盛在盘子里呈到自己面前。但是,有一个问题他们将无法令人信地回答:希腊灾难对欧洲一体化的大业或巴尔干地区的稳定意味着什么。In Greece the No vote will widen political fissures in a society knocked senseless by an economic slump. Greeks who voted Yes will treat the outcome as a calamity comparable to the 1922 military defeat at Turkish hands that resulted in the annihilation of Greek civilisation in Asia Minor. Greeks who voted No will rapidly learn that there is no salvation, only misery, ahead.在希腊,否决结果将扩大社会中的政治裂缝,而经济低迷已经把社会打击得失去了理智。投持票的希腊人将会把这种结果视为堪比1922年军事失利于土耳其之手的灾难,当时的失利导致了小亚细亚地区希腊文明的毁灭。投反对票的希腊人将很快明白未来不会有什么救赎,只有痛苦。The question to which no Greeks will have a convincing answer is how, at long last, to put their country on a path of modernisation in which political parties, business oligarchs, trade unions and ordinary citizens act, at least some of the time, in the public interest. As in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, Greece is doomed to be a ward of Europe for many years to come, a condition that hardly encourages self-reliance and commitment to reform.而希腊人将无法确切回答的问题是,终究该如何让自己的国家走上现代化的正途,使各政党、商业寡头、工会和普通公民至少在某些时候采取符合公众利益的行动。就像波黑和科索沃一样,希腊注定将在未来很多年成为欧洲的一个病区,在这种情况下将很难鼓励其自力更生并下定决心推进改革。Mr Tsipras and his ruling Syriza party were too cunning to phrase the referendum question as “in or out of the euro a wording that would have permitted Greeks to understand that what was really at stake was their modern European identity. As a result, the outcome does not resolve the fundamental conundrum: that most Greeks want to stay in the eurozone but detest the austerity that has bled them dry since 2010.齐普拉斯及其领导的执政党激进左翼联盟党(Syriza)太过狡猾,没有将此次公投的问题描述为“留在还是退出欧元区”,而这种描述本可以让希腊人明白公投真正攸关的是他们的现代欧洲身什?结果,公投并未解决根本问题:多数希腊人希望留在欧元区,但痛恨自2010年以来逐渐榨干他们的紧缩政策。Mr Tsipras and his government will forever bear the responsibility for having thrown away the best cards he had, upon winning Greece’s parliamentary elections in January, for negotiating a new rescue deal with the creditors. Greece had, and still has, a strong case for debt relief. Greece had, and still has, a strong case for shifting the emphasis of a new rescue deal away from austerity and towards economic growth.齐普拉斯及其政府将永远背负罪责——他们在1月一赢得希腊议会选举,就扔掉了与债权人就新的援助协议进行谈判的最好的牌。希腊过去曾经有、现在仍然拥有有力理由,要求债务减免;希腊过去曾经有、现在仍然拥有有力理由,要求新援助协议的重心由紧缩转向经济增长。But with what Loukas Tsoukalis, a Greek economics professor, calls “a lethal combination of arrogance and the diplomatic grace of an elephant the Syriza leadership alienated everyone else in the 19-nation eurozone. It is some feat to unite Europe’s squabbling political leaders just think of the continuing, acrimonious rows over how to handle the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean but Mr Tsipras and his colleagues managed it, bringing catastrophe to their nation.但是,凭借希腊经济学教授劳卡#8226;楚卡里斯(Loukas Tsoukalis)所称的“大象的傲慢和外交优雅的致命组合”,激进左翼联盟党的领导层疏远了由19国组成的欧元区中的所有其他国家。如果能把欧洲争吵不休的政治领导人团结起来,那可算是某种壮举——只需要想想围绕地中海难民危机如何解决的持续不断的激烈争吵便可以明白——但是齐普拉斯及其同僚做到了,只不过给他们自己的国家带来了灾难。Europe’s other leaders should take no comfort from this. Their anti-Greek unity is hollow. In theory, the Greek horror show ought to inspire them with the will to grasp the nettle of building the more cohesive banking, economic, fiscal and political union that is essential to the survival of the monetary union launched in 1999. There are, indeed, concrete policy proposals to this effect: the so-called Five PresidentsReport, published by Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission chief, last month.欧洲其他领导人不应该对此感到幸灾乐祸。他们的反希腊联盟是没有意义的。从理论上讲,希腊的恐怖秀应该激起他们迎难而上、打造更有凝聚力的、经济、财政和政治联盟的决心——这对这个于1999年建立的货币联盟的存续至关重要。现在的确有以此为目的的具体政策提议—欧盟委员European Commission)主席克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)于上个月公布的所谓的“五总管报告Five PresidentsReport)。But in reality each European government is pulled this way and that by the national public opinion from which each, ultimately, derives its legitimacy. This might have been less of a problem if, as Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, Germany’s finance minister, suggested in 1994, European monetary union had been limited to a “hard corecentred on Germany and a small group of advanced, neighbouring countries.但是事实上,每一个欧洲国家政府都被各自的国内公众意见拽向不同方向,因为它们最终都从后者获得合法性。如果如德国财长沃尔夫冈#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble) 1994年建议的,欧洲货币联盟被限制在以德国为中心的“中坚核心”以及少数邻近的发达国家内,上述情况可能问题没那么大。But the expansion of the eurozone into central, eastern and southern Europe changed the picture. Some of the governments that advocate the strictest possible line in the Greek debt crisis are former communist countries that joined the EU in 2004 and, remaining short of western European levels of prosperity, voice outrage at the notion of special treatment for Greece.但是欧元区扩大至欧洲中部、东部和南部,改变了这种局面。一些主张对希腊债务危机采取最严厉立场的政府,是在2004年加入欧EU)的前共产主义国家的政府,这些国家仍然没赶上西欧的繁荣水平,它们对给予希腊特殊待遇表达了愤怒。Too many eurozone policy makers are complacent about the risks of political and financial contagion from the Greek nightmare. Arguably, these risks will not emerge in the short term, with the European Stability Mechanism firewall in place and the European Central Bank committed to whatever emergency action is required to protect the eurozone.太多的欧元区政策制定者对希腊噩梦带来的政治和金融蔓延风险掉以轻心。或许,有欧洲稳定机European Stability Mechanism)防火墙,有欧洲央ECB)承诺采取任何必要的紧急行动来保护欧元区,这些风险短期内不会出现。But in years to come, the dangers will become all too evident. Unless a stronger union is built, on solid democratic foundations, Europe’s hell will persist.但是在未来数年,这种危险将变得十分明显。除非在坚实的民主基础上建立更强大的联盟,否则欧洲将会持续在地狱中煎熬。来 /201507/384633This weekend America announced that it was sending more troops to Iraq, Russia allegedly sent more troops into Ukraine and President Barack Obama set off for Beijing.最近,美国宣布将向伊拉克增派士兵,俄罗斯据称已向乌克兰派出更多军队,而美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)前往北京。Ask policy makers in Washington which of these different parts of the world should be America’s top priority and the first response is usually a variant of “We’ve got to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time.Press on, and the replies get more interesting.如果你问问华盛顿的政策制定者,在全球这些不同地区中,哪一个应该是美国的首要优先任务,最初的回答通常类似于“我们现在能够一心多用了。”继续问下去,就变得更有趣了。Broadly speaking, the Washington consensus seems to be that, of the two immediate crises, the one in the Middle East is more urgent than the one in Ukraine. One US national security official, whose responsibilities include both Russia and the Middle East, looked incredulous when I asked him, last week, which was the more important: “The Middle East, by far,he replied.大体来讲,华盛顿的共识似乎是:在当下这两个危机中,中东危机要比乌克兰危机更为紧迫。当我问一位负责俄罗斯和中东事务的美国国家安全官员,哪一个更重要时,他似乎不信我会问这个问题,答道:“中东,这个紧迫多了。”The argument for prioritising the Middle East is threefold. First, there is an actual war going on, with the US involved in daily bombing raids landing “warheads on foreheads in the disconcertingly jaunty phrase used in the Pentagon. Second, if national security is defined as protecting civilian populations from harm, the Americans see a much more immediate threat from jihadist terrorism than from Russia. Third, the Americans believe an entire regional order is unravelling in the Middle East and that the reordering could take decades. By contrast, the order in Europe is only fraying at the edges.将中东列为优先任务的理由点。第一,中东确实在爆发真刀真的战争,美国每天都会参与轰炸任务,用五角大楼那句洋洋得意、令人不安的话来说,“朝着额头发射弹头warheads on foreheads)。第二,如果国家安全的定义是保护平民不受伤害,那么美国人认为来自圣战组织的恐怖主义威胁远比俄罗斯更为紧迫。第三,美国人认为中东的整个地区秩序正在瓦解,恢复秩序可能需要几十年。相比之下,欧洲的秩序只是在边缘出现紊乱。Some even worry that America’s preoccupation with Russia distracted its attention from Iraq and Syria, at a vital time. One official muses: “I do wonder whether historians will record that, in the spring of 2014, we were too focused on Ukraine, just as [Isis] was grabbing control of huge swaths of territory.”一些人甚至担心,美国对俄罗斯的关注在关键时刻分散了其对伊拉克和叙利亚的注意力。一位官员若有所思地说道:“我真的很想知道历史学家将如何记录这件事014年春,我们的注意力过多地放在了乌克兰身上,而当时,‘伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)正在抢夺大片地区的控制权。”The phenomenon of policy makers looking in the wrong direction is certainly not unknown in history. In the month before the outbreak of the first world war, 100 years ago, the British government spent far more time discussing the prospect of civil conflict in Ireland than the threat of war in Europe.政策制定者的关注方向出现错误的现象肯定并非前所未有。在100年前第一次世界大战爆发前的那一个月,英国政府讨论爱尔兰出现国内冲突可能性的时间,远远多于讨论欧洲战争威胁的时间。But for those who worry most about Vladimir Putin’s Russia, it is the Middle East that is the dangerous distraction. The “Russia firstcrowd is stronger in Warsaw and Berlin than in Washington. It worries that the US has been drawn back into the “war on terrorand the conflicts of the Middle East, just as the dangers in Europe are mounting.但对于那些最担心弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)领导下的俄罗斯的人而言,是中东危险地分散了政策制定者的注意力。在华沙和柏林,呼吁将俄罗斯问题排在首位的人群的声势要比在华盛顿更大。他们担心,美国已退回到“反恐战争”和中东冲突中去,而此时欧洲的危险正在加剧。According to this analysis, the US has still not recognised the radicalism of the challenge posed by Russia. The annexation of Crimea and incursions into eastern Ukraine are, it is feared, just the start. At some point, Russia is likely to threaten more of Ukraine, or even the Baltic states. The very fact that America has ruled out military action over Ukraine which makes the crisis seem less urgent in Washington has inadvertently raised the stakes. As one senior European diplomat puts it: “Putin knows that he can always escalate to places we won’t go.”根据这种分析,美国仍没有意识到,俄罗斯构成的挑战具有极端性。人们担心吞并克里米亚和入侵乌克兰东部只是开始。未来某一刻,俄罗斯可能会威胁乌克兰更多地区,甚至波罗的海国家。美国已排除了就乌克兰问题采取军事行动的可能性,这让这场危机在美国显得不那么紧迫,然而正是这一事实不经意间加大了风险。正如欧洲一位高级外交官所言:“普京知道他永远可以将事态升级到我们不愿意触碰的级别。”The darkest scenarios, being discussed behind closed doors, include Russian escalation up to and including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. If that were to happen it would, of course, be the biggest international security crisis in decades far more significant and dangerous than another round in the 25 years of fighting in Iraq.人们私下里讨论的最糟糕的情形,包括俄罗斯将事态升级到涉及使用战术核武器的地步。如果这变成事实,这肯定将是几十年来最为严重的国际安全危机,其重要性和危险性将远远超过另一轮持5年的伊拉克战争。Most experts still dismiss the nuclear scenarios as far-fetched. It is more common to worry that Mr Putin may launch an all-out conventional war in Ukraine or encourage uprisings by Russian-speakers in the Baltic states, which are members of Nato. If Russia then intervened in the Baltic states and Nato did not respond, the Kremlin would have achieved the huge prize of demonstrating that the western military alliance is a paper tiger.多数专家仍认为这种核战争假设很牵强。更普遍的担忧是,普京可能会在乌克兰发动全面常规战争,或者鼓动波罗的海国家说俄语的人群揭竿而起,这些国家是北约(Nato)成员囀?如果俄罗斯接下来在波罗的海国家实施干预,而北约没有做出回应,那么俄罗斯就取得了一项重大胜利——展示了西方军事联盟就是一只纸老虎。Some hope that the growing pressure on the Russian economy and the rouble might dissuade the Kremlin from escalation. But an economic crisis could also make Russian behaviour more unpredictable and reckless.一些人期待,对俄罗斯经济以及卢布施加更大压力,可能会说俄罗斯不去扩大冲突。但一场经济危机还可能会让俄罗斯的行为更不可预测和不计后果。Amid all this angst, President Obama has set off for a summit in China. For believers in America’s “pivot to Asiait remains true that over the longer term the biggest challenge to US power is still a rising China, rather than a declining Russia or a disintegrating Middle East. They worry that the more the US gets sucked into the crises, the easier it will be for China to achieve primacy in East Asia the region that is increasingly the core of the global economy.在所有这些担忧之中,奥巴马总统动身前往中国参加一次峰会。对于那些相信美国“重返亚洲”的人们而言,事实仍然是,较长期来说,美国实力的最大挑战者仍然是一个正在崛起的中国,而非实力日益下滑的俄罗斯或正在分崩离析的中东。他们担心,美国越卷入到危机之中,中国就越容易在东亚获得首要地位,而东亚正日益成为全球经济的核心。The Obama administration is determined that this will not happen, and is shifting US military resources so that in future, 60 per cent of the American navy will be based in the Pacific.奥巴马政府决心不让这种结果出现,因此正在转移美国军事资源,这样将来美0%的海军力量将部署在太平洋地区。It will be up to historians to decide whether the Obama administration got its strategic priorities right, or whether it charged off in the wrong direction at a crucial moment.奥巴马政府的战略优先任务是否正确,或者美国是否在关键时刻搞错了方向,这将由历史学家决定。My own instinct is that Russia is now the most important challenge. The rise of China is hugely significant but, for the moment, it feels like a long-term process without any immediate risk of conflict with the US.我自己的想法是,俄罗斯现在是最为重要的挑战。中国的崛起影响非常重大,但目前,这像是一个长期过程,眼下没有任何与美国产生冲突的风险。Failing states in the Middle East and the risk of terrorism are dangers that, sadly, now feel almost normal.遗憾的是,中东那些正在衰落的国家以及恐怖主义风险现在变成了近乎常规的危险。But an angry, nuclear-armed Russia, intent on challenging US power, poses risks that we are only beginning to understand. Peace in Europe may depend on Washington striking exactly the right balance between deterrence and diplomacy.然而,一个愤怒、核武装、有意挑战美国实力的俄罗斯所构成的风险,我们才刚刚开始意识到。欧洲的和平可能依赖于美国在威慑与外交斡旋之间达成合理的平衡。来 /201411/343228长春好的产科医院有哪些

长春协和医院在线咨询Iran said Sunday it has sentenced detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian to an unspecified prison term following his conviction last month on espionage charges.伊朗星期日说,已对被拘留的华盛顿邮报记者里萨伊安做出判决,但未说明刑期。上月,里萨伊安被判犯有间谍罪。Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi, a spokesman for Irans judiciary, announced the sentence on Iranian state televisions web site, but said it was ;not finalized.; He gave no indication on the length of the term.伊朗司法机构发言人埃杰希在伊朗国家电视台的网页上宣布了对里萨伊安做出判决的消息,但表示这并非最终判决。他没有对刑期做出具体说明。Rezaians lawyer, Leila Ahsan, said she had not been informed of the sentence.里萨伊安的律师阿桑说,她没有接获有关判决的通知。The U.S. State Department called on Iran ;to vacate this sentence and immediately free Jason so that he can be returned to his family.; It also said Tehran should free two other Americans it is holding, Saeed Abedini and Amir Hekmati, and work with American officials to a locate a fourth, Robert Levinson.美国国务院要求伊朗撤销这一判决并立即释放里萨伊安,让他与家人团聚。美国国务院还表示,德黑兰还应释放被拘留的另外两名美国人阿贝迪尼和赫克马蒂,并与美国官员合作寻找第四名美国人莱文森的下落。Washington Post foreign editor Douglas Jehl said the newspaper was aware of the Iranian announcement but had no further information. He said Rezaian has done nothing wrong, Iran has produced no evidence and should release him immediately.华盛顿邮报有关部门负责人说,里萨伊安没有任何不当行为,伊朗不曾提出任何据,应当立即将他释放。Rezaian, the newspapers Tehran bureau chief, has been detained since July 2014 and was convicted in mid-October, with his family and the Post denouncing the charges and calling repeatedly for his release.里萨伊安是华盛顿邮报驻德黑兰记者部主任,他014月被拘留,今0月被判有罪。来 /201511/411873长春市医大二院好么 中国人民解放军第208医院生孩子好吗

长春那家无痛人流手术好The late-October downing of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt was an act of terror, a statement on the Kremlin website said on Tuesday.俄罗斯政府网站周二的一份声明称0月底一架俄罗斯客机在埃及上空坠落是恐怖主义行为所致。Head of the safety service Alexandr Bortnikov told president Vladimir Putin that evidence gathered by the investigation showed that an explosive device had been on board.俄联邦安全局局长亚历山大娠尔特尼科Alexandr Bortnikov)告诉俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin),调查工作搜集的据显示,客机上安放了爆炸装置。According to the statement, Mr Putin said:这份声明显示,普京称:“这并非俄罗斯首次遭遇恐怖主义活动,这些活动往往没有明显的内部或外部原因,就013年底伏尔加格勒一火车站的爆炸一样。我们没有忘记。This is not the first time Russia has met with terrorist activity, most often without any obvious reason, internally or externally, as with the explosion in a station in Volgograd at the end of 2013. We have not forgotten.“在西奈半岛上空谋杀我们的人民属于最恶劣的恐怖主义行为。我们的心在流泪。此事将永远伴随我们。但它不会阻止我们找到并惩处凶手。The murder of our people over Sinai ranks among the severest of such acts. We are filled with tears from our souls and hearts. This will be with us always. But that will not stop us from finding and punishing the perpetrators.“我们将布下天罗地网。不管他们藏在何处,我们都会找到他们。We will search for them everywhere. We will find them wherever on the planet they are hiding.“我要求外交部就此事与我们所有的伙伴合作。”来 /201511/410972 长春小阴唇大手术大概需要多少钱长春检查妇科需要多少钱



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