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吉林第三人民医院在线QQ吉林省长春二院可以做引产吗"We advanced in silence, saving our battle cries to the last. When the enemy came within reach, my archers released a storm of arrows, and my cavalry attacked without mercy."According to the Secret History(蒙古秘史), each tactic was meticulously planned and ingenious. Temujin(铁木真) held squadrons and weapons in reserve. Then with the enemy in disarray, they regrouped and charged. One of Temujin's cavalry squadrons suddenly fled the battlefield. Jemuqa's(扎木和) men chased them down. But they were being lured into a trap. In the heart of the battle, Jemuqa saw his army destroyed and he ran. squadron: any of a variety of military units containing both personnel and vehiclesmeticulously: very carefully and precisely200809/49719梅河口妇幼保健院贵吗 Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are attacking each other on their foreign policy and national security credentials, as both candidates brace for a long and grueling battle for their party's presidential nomination. Senator Clinton met Thursday in Washington with a group of military leaders who are supporting her campaign to discuss Afghanistan and other national security challenges. 竞争美国民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克.奥巴马参议员和希拉里.克林顿参议员为打一场难分难解的耗时选战已经进入战备状态。现在他们相互攻击对方处理外交政策与国家安全事务的能力。克林顿参议员星期四在华盛顿和持她的一些军方领导人会面,讨论阿富汗和其他有关国家安全议题。Senator Barack Obama says his rival, Senator Clinton's "very negative attacks" played a role in Clinton's election wins earlier this week, wins which have pumped new life into her faltering campaign. 奥巴马参议员说,他的对手希拉里.克林顿对他发动的“非常负面的攻击”在克林顿本周初取得的初选胜利中起到了作用。克林顿参议员本周二取得的胜利使她的竞选转危为安,得以继续。The 46-year-old senator from Illinois stressed that he still leads in the all-important overall delegate count, and targeted Senator Clinton's claim that she is more experienced on foreign policy because of her eight years in the White House as the wife of former President Bill Clinton.  46岁的奥巴马参议员来自伊利诺伊州。他强调说,他仍然拥有更多的重要的代表名额。克林顿称,作为前总统比尔.克林顿的夫人她在白宫8年的岁月令她更富有外交政策经验,但奥巴马针对这一言论说:"Was she handling crises during this period of time? My sense was 'No'," said Barack Obama. “难道她在这段时间里处理过任何危机吗?我认为没有。”On Thursday, Senator Clinton held a meeting with retired generals, admirals and other military officers in Washington, who said they are supporting her because of her foreign policy and national security experience. Clinton had words of praise for her Republican opponent, Senator John McCain for his national security and foreign policy credentials, but took a hard swing at Obama. 克林顿参议员星期四跟退休将领、海军将军和其他军方指挥官在华盛顿举行会议。这些军官说,他们持克林顿是因为她有处理外交政策与国家安全事务的能力。克林顿参议员赞扬了她的共和党对手约翰·麦凯恩参议员具有处理国家安全和外交政策的能力,但对奥巴马却言辞强硬。"Look I have said Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, I will bring a lifetime of experience, and Senator Obama will bring a speech he made in 2002," said Hillary Clinton. 克林顿参议员说:“我说过,麦凯恩参议员将以他终身获得的经验参与竞选,我也将以我终身获得的经验参与竞选,而奥巴马参议员是以他在2002年所发表的演说参与竞选。”Clinton referred to a speech Obama made in 2002 opposing any U.S. invasion of Iraq. He often cites his opposition to the Iraq war as proof that his judgment on life and death security matters is better than Clinton's, who voted for a resolution authorizing military action against Iraq. 希拉里.克林顿指的是奥巴马在2002年发表的一篇反对美国攻打伊拉克的演说。奥巴马经常说,他反对伊拉克战争就是一个据,明他比克林顿参议员对生死攸关的国家安全事务有着更好的判断能力。克林顿参议员曾经投票赞成批准美国攻打伊拉克的决议案。Clinton told the military leaders if she is elected president, she would pay a lot more attention to Afghanistan, calling it the "forgotten frontline" in the war on terror.  希拉里.克林顿星期四向美军指挥官表示,如果她当选美国总统,她将更多关注阿富汗。希拉里把阿富汗称作是反恐战争中“被遗忘的前沿战线”:"Today I am announcing a new strategy, one that is both smart and tough, that uses all of the tools in our arsenal to win the war in Afghanistan," she said. "We can no longer relegate Afghanistan to the bottom of our priority list." “我今天宣布一项新战略,一项既明智又强硬的战略,那就是我们将不遗余力地打赢阿富汗战争。我们再也不能把阿富汗推到我们首要日程表的底下。”Clinton said she would ask the ed States' NATO allies to take greater responsibility for training the Afghan National Army, and hold a summit level meeting to revitalize international support for Afghanistan's long-term reconstruction. She said she would also end what she termed President Bush's "one dimensional" Pakistan policy.  克林顿参议员说,她将要求美国的北约盟国为训练阿富汗的国家军队担负起更多的责任,还要召开一个高峰会议,重新推动国际社会持阿富汗的长期重建工作。她说,她还将结束她所称的布什总统不具多面化的巴基斯坦政策。200803/29100…cold conditions that earth has to offer. Professor Freeman believes these rugged microorganisms are probably capable of surviving on Mars. Mars is certainly our best bet for finding life in the inner solar system. But the chances of life existing in the outer solar system have never been more promising than at present. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the gas planets of the outer solar system.In Massachusetts at MIT, Heidi Hammel has investigated the unforgiving environments of the gas giants. She is not optimistic about finding life on the planets themselves. "Even though those planets do get somewhat warm deep inside them, at the pressures and temperatures of the outermost clouds, they are just too cold ,they are too cold and it's too dark .There is just not enough sunlight there , there is no liquid water, and that's what we need to sustain life. So it's not likely."Artists and science fiction writers may image that there are weird jellyfish floating around Jupiter, but it's most unlikely.Freezing Pluto on the other hand is a world of rock and ice, not a ball of gas like the 4 giant planets. The outermost planet Pluto is certainly too cold and dark to be a serious candidate for finding life. There are nearly 60 moons in the outer solar system. Research so far shows that most of them are inhospitable to life as we know it, but there are 2 exceptions. One is Titan, Saturn's largest moon. In November 2004, the Hoygan's probe will parachute though the clouds of Titan. It could splash down in a bitterly cold ocean or a lake of liquid hydrocarbons or even on a solid surface. Titan is like a frozen early earth.It has many substances that were around on earth before life began. The Hoygans probe will explore whether Titan has the potential to spring to life. "Well, the organic chemistry in the atmosphere of Titan is particularly interesting and may provide us some real interesting insights into the nature of prebiotic chemistry. It may have also produced life ,we just don't know.In the future, Titan could look like this. When our sun expands to 50 times its present size,5 billion years from now, Titan will receive as much energy as earth does today. For a short time it might well become a blue ocean world, where life thrives. In the meantime, Jupiter's rocky moon Europa is the most exciting candidate for finding life in the outer solar system. In 1996 the Galileo Space Craft returned the most exciting evidence yet, that Europa has oceans, oceans that could teem with life. Galileo's images revealed areas where ice fragments have broken and moved apart like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The cracks suggest that the ice is shifting on a dynamic surface.words in this passagebest bet:Your best bet is the action which is most likely to be successful.最好的办法例句:If you want to get to the station before 10 o'clock, your best bet would be to take a taxi.Uranus:the planet seventh in order of distance from the Sun, after Saturn and before Neptune天王星hydrocarbon:a chemical combination of hydrogen and carbon, such as in oil or petrol烃, 碳氢化合物jigsaw puzzle:a picture stuck onto wood or cardboard and cut into irregular pieces which must be joined together correctly to form the picture again七巧板, 智力拼图玩具 200808/46469辽源人民医院收费高吗

长春八一医院是公立医院么长春医大四院人流多少钱 to jerk someone around ------ 愚弄(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) To deceive, thwart, or take unfair advantage of someone例句When I arrived at my hotel, the dishonest hotel manager tried to jerk me around by saying that my reservation had been lost and I would have to purchase a more expensive room.当我到达酒店后,阴险的酒店经理想愚弄我,说丢失了我的预订信息,我必须买一间更贵的客房。 /201611/471242长春市吉林大学第二医院支持刷信用卡吗

长春市双阳区妇幼保健所周末有上班吗Israel's Olmert Resigns as Prime Minister以色列总理奥尔默特宣布辞职下台  Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert presented his resignation letter to President Shimon Peres at the president's official residence in Jerusalem Sunday. Olmert faces corruption allegations and is likely to be replaced by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who was elected the ruling party's new leader last Wednesday. 以色列总理奥尔默特告诉他的内阁,他将兑现七月做出的承诺,辞职下台。奥尔默特面临腐败指控,他的总理职位将由外长利夫尼取代。利夫尼上星期三被选为新的执政党领导人。Ehud Olmert has been mired in a corruption scandal that brought him to promise last July that he would step down as soon as his party picked a new leader. 奥尔默特身陷腐败丑闻的泥淖,不得不在七月做出承诺,一旦执政党选出新的领导人他就会下台。That happened last Wednesday, when moderate Tzipi Livni won a narrow victory in the Kadima party primaries.  上星期三,温和派的利夫尼以些微的差距赢得了前进党的初选。Olmert said he was informing his cabinet about his decision to step down from his post as Prime Minister of Israel.  奥尔默特说,他已经通知内阁,决定辞去以色列总理的职务。The outgoing Israeli leader said resigning was not an easy decision, but said it is the worthy, diplomatic, and responsible thing to do. 这位即将下台的以色列领导人说,辞职不是件容易的决定,但他表示,这样做值得、谨慎、负责任。Aides said his resignation would become formal late Sunday.  助手们说,他的辞职将在星期天晚间正式宣布。Olmert said he would stand by Livni.  奥尔默特说他会持利夫尼。She has just a few weeks to form a coalition government or Israel will be forced to hold early general elections - a year and a half ahead of schedule.  利夫尼只有几个星期的时间来组成联合政府,否则以色列将被迫提前一年半举行大选。Olmert's departure is seen by many here as an opportunity to move ahead with U.S.-mediated negotiations with the Palestinians, which have been stalled over longstanding issues. The corruption scandal was viewed by party members as a distraction that took attention away from the peace process, and other pressing issues.  耶路撒冷的很多人认为,奥尔默特的去职,被视为是推动美国斡旋的以色列和巴勒斯坦的谈判机会。以色列和巴勒斯坦的谈判因长期存在的问题而陷入僵局。前进党成员认为,奥尔默特的腐败丑闻分散了对和平进程和其它紧迫问题的注意。Olmert plans to stay on as caretaker of the negotiations while Livni works to set up a governing coalition.  在利夫尼设法组成联合政府的同时,奥尔默特将留下来看守联合政府的谈判。Kadima is anxious to avoid early elections, which could see it lose to right-wing parties supported by those in Israel who believe the centrists are giving too many concessions to the Palestinians. Right-wing sentiments have been fueled in recent months by security concerns including Iran's nuclear ambitions and the Islamist group Hamas' continued control of the Gaza strip.200809/49766 McCain Says He's a 'Realistic Idealist' on US Foreign Policy麦凯恩:现实理想主义的外交政策  The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, says he is a "realistic idealist" on U.S. foreign policy positions and goals. Experts say his military background and experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam keep him focused on protecting the ed States from its enemies. 即将获得美国共和党总统候选人提名的约翰.麦凯恩参议员说,在美国外交政策的立场和目标方面,他是个“现实的理想主义者”。有专家说,麦凯恩的军事背景以及他在越南当战俘的经历导致他把注意力集中在保护美国免遭敌人侵犯方面。John McCain says his military background, his five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and other experiences have made him a "realistic idealist" on U.S. foreign policy. His focus is on national security, as he made clear in a foreign policy speech in Los Angeles, California, in March.  麦凯恩说,他的军事背景、他在越南当了五年的战俘以及其他方面的经历使他在美国外交政策方面成为一个“现实的理想主义者”。他的外交政策重点是国家安全。他3月份在加利福尼亚州洛杉矶就外交政策发表演讲时也明确指出了这一点。"I know we must work very hard and very creatively to build new foundations for a stable and enduring peace," he said. "We cannot wish the world to be a better place than it is. We have enemies for whom no attack is too cruel, and no innocent life safe and who would, if they could, strike us with the world's most terrible weapons."  麦凯恩说:“我知道,我们必须非常努力,在为实现稳定与持久和平打下新的基础方面,我们必须非常有创造性。我们不能只是希望这个世界变得比现在更好。我们的敌人进行袭击是不择手段、残酷无情的,没有一个无辜的生命是安全的。如果他们有能力,他们会使用世界上最可怕的武器来攻击我们。”McCain says winning the war in Iraq is central to the war on terror. He strongly disagrees with his Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama, who has promised to begin withdrawing US combat troops from Iraq if he is elected. McCain also says Iraq must be prevented from acquiring a nuclear weapon.  麦凯恩说,取得伊拉克战争的胜利对赢得反恐战争至关重要。在这一点上,他非常不赞同即将获得民主党提名的总统候选人巴拉克.奥巴马的立场。奥巴马保,一旦当选,他将开始从伊拉克撤出美国战斗部队。麦凯恩还说,一定要防止伊朗获得核武器。Peter Beinart, a U.S. foreign policy expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, says McCain's background leads him to rely on U.S military power.  美国外交关系委员会的外交政策专家彼德.贝纳特说,麦凯恩的背景促使他依靠美国的军事力量。I think that John McCain is within a tradition, the conservative tradition, that he fundamentally sees the world as a realm of conflict, not of cooperation, which leads him to naturally focus more on potential military threats and less on issues." 贝纳特说:“我认为麦凯恩属于传统的保守派。他从根本上认为世界是充满了冲突,而不是合作。这样的观点让他很自然地把注意力集中在潜在的军事威胁上,而不在一些具体问题上。”McCain, who has made frequent trips to Iraq, says he knows the horrors of war better than most, and that only a fool or a fraud sentimentalizes war.  麦凯恩多次到伊拉克访问。他说,他比大多数人都了解战争的恐怖。他说,只有傻子或是骗子才会认为战争很浪漫。On the campaign trail, Obama often asserts that McCain is, in effect, running for a third term of the Bush presidency. McCain dismisses the idea. 在竞选中,奥巴马经常说,麦凯恩实际上是在为布什竞选第三届总统任期。麦凯恩否认这种说法。"I am not running on the Bush presidency, I am running on my own service to the country," he says.  他说:“我不是在布什总统职位的基础上竞选的。我是在自己为国家务的基础上竞选的。”Helle Dale, a U.S. foreign policy expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, says while McCain does share some major priorities with President Bush, he is harder to pinpoint on the ideological spectrum. 赫勒.戴尔是美国保守的智囊机构传统基金会的外交政策专家。她说,虽然麦凯恩在一些重要问题上与布什总统的观点一致,但是,从意识形态上来说,很难确定他究竟属于哪个流派。"I think it is a little hard to put a label on him honestly because in some respects he is not a conservative at all," she says. "I think you almost have to look at it on an issue by issue basis. If you look at what he is advocating for Iraq, Afghanistan or the promotion of democracy worldwide, which he has spoken about, he falls probably closer to the neo-conservative thinkers. But when it comes to things like climate change and cooperation with the European Union and other multi-lateral bodies, that certainly is not particularly conservative positions at all."  戴尔说:“我想,老实说,给他贴标签是很难的。有些方面,他一点也不像保守派。我认为,你得按具体问题来看。如果你看他在伊拉克、阿富汗以及在全球推进民主等问题上所阐述的观点,他很可能更接近新保守派的思想。但是,在气候变化、与欧盟及其他多边组织合作方面,他的观点不见得是保守的立场。”Dale says McCain has stirred controversy within his own party for some of his positions, and enjoys the role of an independent "maverick." 戴尔说,麦凯恩因为某些立场而在自己的党内引起争议。他很乐意作为党内一个独立行动的人。Many in both parties say they respect John McCain for his military service, his physical and mental toughness, and his strong personality. In the battle for the White House, McCain is likely to stress these qualities and remind voters again and again of his decades of military and foreign policy experience. 民主党和共和党中许多人都说,他们很尊敬麦凯恩的从军经历,他顽强的体格和精神以及坚强的个性。在白宫争夺战中,麦凯恩很可能会强调他的这些品质,一再地提醒选民要注意他几十年的军事和外交经验。200806/42235长春专业的人流手术医院长春省一院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗



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