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一年级英语作文:My English friend --1 01:1:31 来源: My English friend name is jim.He is ten, his family in london,he and his family member comes our china to play.he has a cosin,he name is qianyu hi is oniy four years old,but he has a lot of questio.look he is pointing at the choticks to ask that my this is anything.I and jim has become the good friend .several days later jim said that he wanted, he said that i love china .i will get that you zhou lei, will have free time london to look at me .ok see you jim.see you.表的婚礼 My Cousin’s Wedding -- :3: 来源: Last week,I attended my cousin’s wedding with my mother. Our relationship is very close. Shealways looked after me, treated me well when I was a wimpy kid. So, seeing she gotmarried, I was very happy her. When we reached, the first thing I saw fromher was her happy smile. She was the most beautiful girl in the world at thattime. Wearing wedding white dress made her look more delicate and attractive. Ihoped she would be happy ever. I would like to give my best wishes to her,my dearest sister. 我上周和我妈妈一起去参加了我表的婚礼我们关系很好在我还是个小屁孩的时候她总是照顾我所以,看到她结婚了,我真的为她感到高兴我们到达那儿时,我第一眼看到的是她幸福的笑容当时她是世界上最漂亮的女孩穿着白色的婚纱使她看起来更加地楚楚动人我觉得她会永远幸福的我想把最好的祝福给她,我最亲爱的dolls 小学英语作文范文 -- :: 来源: dolls  hello,boys and girls! i’m susie. i have many dolls.their names are mimi,rose and mike. what lovely dolls they are!look!mimi is in red skirt.  she looks very nice. rose is a student. there are some books in her hands.she is ing. oh,where is mike? “hi, i’m here!”mike is a lovely boy. he likes playing football. look, his shoes are broken.today he is in a blue sweater. i like them very much.  do you have dolls,too?please tell me,ok?最受欢迎大中国城市英文介绍 --7 :00:7 来源: 最受欢迎大中国城市英文介绍到中国旅游,去哪个城市呢?一项年度调查Amazing China可以给你最佳的Expatriates have an abundance of choices when choosing where to live in China, but which city is the most eigner friendly? Zhang Yue reports from Shenzhen.Visit China? Sure, but which city? China is such a big country and offers so many options. An annual survey among expatriates to find the most attractive cities in China might offer some advice.The annual survey, Amazing China - The Most Attractive Chinese Cities eigners, started in . It is a joint project by the International Talent Monthly and the China Society Research on International Personnel Exchange and Development.This year's survey, conducted in July and August, gathered 1,663 signed votes from eign experts, and more than 70, 000 online votes from eign netizens. The top cities were released recently in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.The survey is based on four major indexes, namely policy environment, political environment, working environment and living environment. Shanghai tops the list the second time, with Beijing in second spot.While Beijing is widely acknowledged by eign experts its international atmosphere and culture, education and medical treatment, it lags behind in terms of living environment, especially air quality."China has changed in scale and in speed in a way that no country has never done bee in human history. I don't think we would have been talking about air concerns years ago. But you can't have millions of people out of poverty and avoid nasty pollution at the same time. And if you look at the industrialization process in the UK, in Europe, in the US, these countries have gone through this pollution and they have found a way around it," says Alistair Michie, a member of the eign Experts Advisory and Consultation Committee of the State Administration of eign Experts Affairs."It is not something that can change overnight. The pressure is huge. But I believe that steps are being taken, and there is aly awareness that we should not create polluted cities. You will also find a way to deal with that."Some second-tier cities, such as Xiamen, Nanjing and Shenzhen, won big votes their residential environment, policy and working environment, health and medical environment.China Daily takes a closer look at the listed cities. 中国城市英文介绍

关于环境保护Environmental Protection -- :3: 来源: Recently,the problem of environmental pollution is getting more and more serious. The airpollution, noise pollution and water pollution are found on the newspapereverywhere. It is obvious that we should do something to protect our earth. Becausewe have only one home. We should try our best not to pollute the environmentand appeal the people around us make their eft to protect our unique home.近年来,环境污染问题越来越严重空气污染,噪音污染,水污染是在报纸上随处可见很明显,我们应该做些什么来保护我们的地球因为我们只有一个家我们要尽量不污染环境,还要呼吁我们周围的人努力来保护我们唯一的家园

My Grandfather-我的祖父 -- 3:: 来源: My Grandfather-我的祖父  My grandfather is a famous professor. He is over sixty now, but he is in good health, and his hair is still black. He is tall and hand some, and looks like a gentleman. Believe it or not, he began to learn to drive last year, and now he drives his white Nissan every day.  My grand father has taught English about 35 years, and he has been to many countries, such as America, France and Canada. Now he is on holiday in Europe with my grandmother.  He is very kind to me. When I was only five years old, he began to teach me English. Now, I an good at it.  I am proud of such a grandfather.  我爷爷是一位著名的教授他已年过花甲,可是身体健康,头发还是黑的他个子高高的,很潇洒,看起来像一位绅士信不信由你,他去年开始学开车,现在每天开着他的白色尼桑  我爷爷教英语约35年了,他还去过许多国家,如美国、法国和加拿大现在他正和奶奶在欧洲度假  爷爷对我很好我年仅5岁,他便开始教我英语现在我的英语不错了  我为有这样的爷爷感到骄傲

小学生英语话剧:龟兔赛跑 -- :5:3 来源: 小学生英语话剧:龟兔赛跑Characters: storyteller, Hare, Tortoise, Monkey, Bird, Mouse剧中人: 讲述人,野兔,乌龟,猴子,小鸟,老鼠Storyteller: All the animals are playing under a big tree. They are singing and dancing together.(所有的动物都在一棵大树下玩耍,它们在一起唱歌,跳舞)Hare: Good morning, everyone.大家早上好Tortoise, Monkey, Mouse: Good morning, Mr. Hare.兔子先生,早上好Hare: What are you doing?你们在干什么?Tortoise, Monkey, Mouse: We are singing, dancing and playing.我们在唱歌,跳舞, 做游戏Hare: Who wants to race with me? I’m fast! How about you, Mr. Tortoise?谁向跟我赛跑?我跑的可快了!你怎么样,乌龟先生?Tortoise: I’m slow but I can run.我跑的慢但我能跑Hare: Then let’s race.那么让我们来赛一赛吧Tortoise: Ok, let’s race. I’ll try my best to win.好吧,让我们来比赛吧,我要尽全力来赢Hare: let’s run to the big tree over there. See who gets there first.让我们跑到那边那棵大树,看看谁先到那里Monkey: On your marks. Ready ----go!各就各位,预备----- 跑!Storyteller: The hare is fast. The tortoise tries to run fast, too.小兔跑的很快,乌龟也尽力在快跑Bird: Oh, Mr. Tortoise, what are you doing here?哎,乌龟先生,你在这干嘛呢Tortoise: I’m racing with Mr. Hare.我在和兔先生赛跑Bird: Good luck, Mr. Tortoise.祝你好运,乌龟先生Tortoise : Thank you very much.非常感谢Storyteller: The hare runs fast.兔子跑的很快Hare: How fast I run. Look! Here are some carrots. They look nice.I like them very much.. I’m going to eat some carrots…….I’m full. It’s so hot and I’m so sleepy. I’ll have a short rest. The tortoise won’t catch up with me.我跑的多快呀瞧,这里有些胡萝卜,它们看上去真诱人我很喜欢它们,我要吃点我饱了天太热了,我有点困了我要歇会儿,乌龟追不上的Storyteller: Here comes the tortoise. He sees the hare sleeping under a tree.乌龟跑来了,它看见兔子在树下睡觉Tortoise: Oh, there’s Mr. Hare. He is sleeping. I’ll keep running.哦,兔子在那里,它正在睡觉,我要继续往前跑Hare: What a nice sleep! Oh, where’s Mr. Tortoise? I must run quickly.睡的真香呀!哎呀,乌龟先生在哪儿?我必须快跑Storyteller: The hare is too full. He can’t run so quickly.小兔吃的太饱了,它跑不动了Hare: I’m so full. I’m going to lose.我吃的太饱了,我要输了Animals: Come on, tortoise! Come on, hare!Go, hare! Go, Tortoise!The tortoise is first! The tortoise won!乌龟加油!小兔加油!小兔快跑!乌龟快跑!乌龟第一啦!乌龟赢啦!Tortoise: Mr. Hare. You can run very fast, but I got here first.兔先生,你能跑的很快,可我是第一个到达的Hare: Oh, no! I lost. I lost.噢,不!我输了我输了!Mouse: Oh, Mr. Hare, don't lose heart. Try again!兔先生,别灰心,再来试一试!咱们来赛一赛!Hare: Good idea!好主意!Monkey: On your marks, y ---- go!各就各位,预备----- 跑 小学生英语话剧:龟兔赛跑

中国十大水镇英文介绍:西塘古镇 -- :19:1 来源: 中国十大水镇英文介绍:西塘古镇 Xitang [PhotoCFP] Located in Jiashan county, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, Xitang is about 0 km from Shanghai. The small cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou and can be reached either by train on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway or by bus along the 3 national highway. Known as an ancient town with a history spanning over 1,000 years, Xitang was a place shared by the Wu and Yue states as early as the Warring States period. Setting it apart from other water towns, it has roofed streets alongside rivers with a total length of 1,000 meters, much like the Summer Palace corridor. 英文介绍 西塘古镇

On Friends 谈谈朋友 -- ::3 来源: On Friends 谈谈朋友  We can hardly do anything without a friend. Making friends is very important in our life. If you are in trouble, you can ask your friends help, And you can share good things with them, and learn a lot from them.  In short, we all need friends. To make friends, we must be friendly to others. I would like to make more friends, including you.  离开朋友,我们几乎一事无成交友在我们生活中很重要如果你处于困境,你可以向朋友求助你还可以同他们分享好的事情,向他们学习好多东西  总之,我们都需要朋友想要朋友,我们就应该对别人友好我想交更多的朋友,包括您呦!

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