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2019年08月25日 14:00:38 | 作者:同城指南 | 来源:新华社
The Philippines bachelor president, Benigno Aquino, confirmed Wednesday that he had put the fizz back into his love life by dating a South Korean media personality more than 20 years his junior.菲律宾单身汉总统贝尼格诺bull;阿基诺本周三实,正在与比自己小二十多岁的韩裔美女主播交往,自己的爱情生活中又加入;汽水;;Well, were seeing each other, OK?; the Filipino leader, who turns 52 next week, told reporters when asked about rumours swirling in the local press about him dating Grace Lee.在记者追问地方媒体有关他与格蕾丝bull;李正在交往的传闻时,这位菲律宾总统说:;是的,我们正在约会,好吧;他在下周将满52岁。Lee, 29, who moved to the Philippines as a child, co-hosts a popular music radio programme in Manila as well as several television shows. She has nearly 60,000 followers on Twitter.29岁的格蕾bull;李幼年时来到菲律宾,目前在马尼拉和他人共同主持一档电台流行音乐节目,另外还主持几档电视节目。她在推特上有近六万名粉丝。Lee was also featured by the local edition of mens magazine FHM as one of its ;100 Sexiest Women of the World; in 2010.她还入选当地版的男性杂志FHM评选的2010年度;全球百位性感女郎;。Confirmation that the balding, bespectacled president was dating again came after he said last year that the fizz had gone out of his love-life, describing it as going from ;Coke regular; to ;Coke zero;.阿基诺有些谢顶,还戴着眼镜,他实两人正在交往。去年,他曾表示;汽水;已经远离了他的爱情生活,感叹自己的感情生活像可口可乐,从;普通可;变成;零度可乐;。Aquino said then that he was resigned to the idea of staying single until his term as president ended in mid-2016 because the demands of his job were too great.阿基诺曾表示由于公务繁忙,在2016年中任期届满之间将保持单身,但他现在已经转变了想法。Nevertheless, one of his sisters told the local media in late 2010 that he had dated at least three other younger women, including his personal stylist, in the hectic period after he was elected to the presidency in May that year.但他的一位在2010年末曾告诉当地媒体,他至少曾与另外三位年轻女子交往过,包括他的个人设计师。阿基诺010月当选总统,当时正处于兴奋期。Aquino, who generally bristles at the intense media interest in his personal life, declined to provide further details of his romance with Lee.阿基诺常对媒体对他私生活的刨根问底感到恼怒。此次他也拒绝提供两人恋情的更多细节。来 /201202/169991Part Useful Expressions第四部分 习惯用语1.Im thinking of getting some perfume.1.我想买香水.Do you carry the latest Chanel perfume?.你们有没有香奈儿最新出的香水?3.Which perfume has a rose scent?3.哪一瓶香水有玫瑰的味道?.Id like a little lighter scent of perfume..我想要清淡一点的5.What is the base note on this perfume?5.这瓶香水的后味是什么?6.Do you have a sample of this?6.这个有没有试用品?7.Can I smell this bottle of perfume?7.可以试闻吗?8.Can I try this bottle of perfume?8.可以试喷吗?9.Which perfume is your best seller?9.哪一瓶香水卖得最好?.How many milliliters are there in this container?.这瓶香水是多少毫升?.What is your skin type?.请问你是什么肤质?. oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin?.请问是油性皮肤、干性皮肤还是敏感性皮肤要用的?. oily skin, please..油性皮肤用的.My skin is oily..我是油性皮肤.My skin is dry..我说干性皮肤.My skin is sensitive..我是敏感性皮肤.How does this product work?.这种产品有什么功效?18.How do I use this lotion?18.这种乳液怎么用?19.Id like two bottles of lotion.19.我要买两瓶乳液.I am looking a foundation with sun protection..我想找有防晒功能的粉底1.This color suits you.1.这个颜色适合你.Id like a brighter color..我想要亮一点的颜色?3.Do you have the latest lipstick from Christian Dior?3.你们有没有迪奥最新出的口红?.Can I try this nail polish?.我可以试擦这瓶指甲油吗?5.What the difference between these two mascaras?5.这两瓶睫毛膏有什么不同?6.This one makes your eyelashes look longer, and this one creates a curly effect.6.这款是加长型,这款式卷翘型 130#65279;This week, Ethiopians were closely following any news about the condition of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. A spokesman said in Addis Ababa on Thursday that the prime minister was taking sick leave on doctors orders. Spokesman Bereket Simon said Mr. Meles health was good, but he needed time to recover from an illness caused in part by an overload of work. 本周,埃塞俄比亚人密切关注着任何有关总理梅莱斯·泽纳维(Meles Zenawi)健康状况的新闻。发言人贝雷克特·西蒙(Bereket Simon)周四在亚的斯亚贝巴(该国首都)称,总理根据医嘱请了病假。贝雷克特表示,梅莱斯的健康状况良好,但他需要时间从部分由超负荷工作导致的疾病中恢复BEREKET SIMON: ;Regarding his illness, I think I have told you that he is in good condition. He has got very good treatment for the ailment, and definitely hes in good condition.; 贝雷克特:“关于梅莱斯的病情,我想我已经说过他很健康。他的小病得到了很好的治疗,毫无疑问他很健康。Mr. Bereket did not give any details of what the fifty-seven-year-old prime minister was being treated for or where. But he denied reports on Ethiopian dissident websites that Mr. Meles had brain cancer. 贝雷克特先生没有给出这位57岁总理治疗情况的任何细节。但他否认了埃塞尔比亚持不同意见的网站上称梅莱斯先生患有脑癌的报道The spokesman said the government was operating as normal and that Mr. Meles was still in power. 这位发言人表示,政府运作一如往常,梅莱斯先生仍然掌权BEREKET SIMON: ;The only thing that I can say is, although hes in charge, he has to take some rest - a week, ten days, five days, whatever. A leave of absence does not mean theres nobody in charge.; 贝雷克特:“唯一我可以说的是,虽然由他执政,他需要休息十天八天,但他休病假不意味着就没人负责了。His comments followed media reports that the Ethiopian leader was in critical condition at a hospital in Belgium. 在贝雷克特发表之前,媒体报道梅莱斯在比利时一家医院病危David Shinn, formerly American ambassador to Ethiopia, told VOA that he had no information about the prime ministers health. But he said the spokesmans comments suggested a serious health issue. 前美国驻埃塞尔比亚大使戴维·希恩(David Shinn)对美国之音表示,他对梅莱斯总理的健康状况一无所知。但他表示,发言人贝雷克特的说辞表明梅莱斯健康问题很严重DAVID SHINN: ;You wouldnt make a statement like that - that is so open-ended - unless the problem is significant.; 希恩:“你不会做这种模凌两可的声明,除非问题很明显。He also described Mr. Meles as the kind of leader who plans ahead. 他还称梅莱斯是一位会提前规划的领导人DAVID SHINN: ;Whatever his health problem is, he probably has known about it for some time. This was not some sort of a surprise issue, at least, that would be my guess. And if I am correct in that assumption then I would be willing to bet very good money that he has been planning for some way to deal with this issue in order to ensure some kind of reasonable succession of government in Ethiopia.; 希恩:“不管他的健康问题如何,他可能早就已经察觉。这不是某种意外的问题,至少我这么认为。如果我的假设是正确的,那么我打赌,他一直计划着如何处理这个问题,以确保埃塞尔比亚政府的某种合理继承。Mr. Meles became president after he led rebels to power in nineteen ninety-one, overthrowing Ethiopias former military government. He was elected prime minister in nineteen ninety-five. 1991年,梅莱斯先生率领叛军推翻了埃塞尔比亚前军政府,随后就任总统995年他当选总理Mr. Meles has served as the African Unions spokesman on climate change. He has been praised for helping lift Ethiopia out of poverty after civil war. But he has been criticized for silencing all forms of dissent. 梅莱斯先生曾担任非盟关于气候变化的发言人。他因为帮助埃塞俄比亚在内战后摆脱贫困,一直备受称赞。但也因为压制异议而一直受到批评Ethiopia has been seen as a close American ally in its support of anti-terrorism efforts in Somalia and East Africa. But the State Department has been critical of the governments human rights record and use of new anti-terrorism laws to suppress free speech. American officials have also criticized the way in which the government held recent national elections. 埃塞尔比亚因为在索马里和东非反恐措施上的持被视为美国的亲密盟友。但美国国务院一直对埃塞尔比亚的人权记录以及使用新反恐法压制言论自由颇有微辞。美国官员还批评了埃塞俄比亚政府最近举行的全国大选Mr. Meles was last seen in public more than two weeks ago. He did not attend a meeting of AU leaders in the Ethiopian capital last Saturday and Sunday. At that meeting, South Africas home affairs minister became the first woman to lead the African Union Commission. 梅莱斯先生最后一次在公开场合露面是两个多星期以前。他没有出席上周六和周日在埃塞俄比亚首都举行的非盟领导人会议。在那次会议上,南非内政部长成为首位领导非盟委员会的女性NKOSOZANA DLAMINI-ZUMA: ;I, Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma, solemnly undertake to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience, the function and responsibility entrusted to me as chairperson of the Commission of the African Union.; 德拉米尼·祖马:“我,德拉米尼·祖马,庄严承诺,忠实履行非盟委员会主席的职责。”Ms. Dlamini-Zuma is the former wife of South African President Jacob Zuma. She was elected Sunday on the fourth ballot, defeating Chairman Jean Ping of Gabon. 德拉米尼·祖马是南非总统雅各布·祖马的前妻。她在周日的第四轮投票中,击败了来自加蓬的现任主席让·平(成为非盟委员会新任主席) /201207/191450第一句:Call the police, please.请叫警察来!A: There is a car accident in the Fenyang Street. Someone is lying on the street, unconscious and bleeding.汾洋路上发生了车祸,有人趟在路上不省人事了,还在流血B: Call the police, please.请叫警察来!第二句:Call 1, please.请打1报警!A: The burglar broke into my house and stole my diamond necklace. How should I do?小偷闯入了我的家,偷走了我的钻石项链我该怎么办呢?B: Call 1, please.请打1报警! 757

1.惯用口语句子:Can you develop digital pictures here?你们这儿能洗数码相片吗?develop v. 洗印,冲洗digital a. 数字的,数码的picture n. 照片,图画What kind of printing paper do you have?你们有什么相纸?printing paper“相纸,打印纸” (也可称为photo paper)How much is one picture?多少钱一张?How much is the deposit?押金多少钱?Should I pay now?现在就要付钱吗?deposit n. 押金Here the negative.这是底片negative n. 底片此句属倒装句副词here或there在句首可以引起句子的完全倒装本句的正常语序本应是:The negative is here.再如:Here comes the bus.公共汽车来了但是,当主语为代词时,here或there引导的句子就不能倒装,如:Here he comes.他来了Can you help me take out the film from the camera and put a new one into it?你能帮我把胶卷从相机里取出来并装上一卷新的吗?film n. 胶卷camera n. 照相机take out“取出,拿出”Id like to have this film developed. I want to have this film developed.我想把这个胶卷洗一下Id like to do sth.是I would like to do sth.的缩写形式,表示“我想要做某事”,比用I want to do sth.在语气上要委婉一些Id like to have these photos blown up.我想把这几张照片放大Im going to blow this one up.我打算把这张放大.blow up“放大(照片)”I want to get two blow-ups of this photo. I want to gethave two enlargements of this photo.我想把这张照片放大洗两张Im going to make several blow-ups of this picture.我要把这张照片放大洗几张photo n. 照片enlargement n. (这里指)放大的照片blow-up n. 放大的照片 355

According to the Times of India, on June 28, accident victim David Stuart's memory was regained 26 years later after wife Valerie re-created her wedding day to make her husband remember everything。  据《印度时报8日报道,英国妇女瓦莱丽通过与丈夫戴#8226;斯图尔特再次举办婚礼的方式,成功帮助患有失忆症的戴维找回了失6年之久的记忆。  Valerie was disturbed when David woke from a coma after an accident in 1984 with no idea who she or their two grown-up sons were. For the next 15 years she showed him their wedding pictures to try and recall his memory but nothing worked。  984年遭遇了一场车祸之后,戴维变得“六亲不认”,一起生活了15年的妻子和他们的两个儿子全都成了陌生人,他患上了罕见的失忆症,此后的 15年间,瓦莱丽不断给丈夫看他们当年的结婚照,试图以此唤醒丈夫的记忆,可这一切都徒劳无益。  Finally, in an attempt to give her now 65-year-old husband a day to remember she re-staged their wedding on their 40th anniversary. And after they renewed their vows, it all came back to Stuart。  为了唤醒5岁的丈夫的记忆,瓦莱丽决定在他们结婚40周年纪念日,与丈夫再结一次婚,重现当年婚礼的场面。就在他们重温结婚誓言时,戴维的记忆终于恢复如初。  "The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Standing at the altar saying 'I do', I looked at Valerie and memories of our first wedding day came rushing back as clear as day," David said。  戴维说:“当我站在圣坛上,说出‘我愿意!’的时候,我脖子后的头发都竖起来了。我看着瓦莱丽,我们第一次结婚时的场面立即浮现在我的眼前!”来 /201007/107850

Buying#0;Ties购买领带Can#0;I#0;help#0;you,madam?需要帮忙吗,夫人?Yes.#0;May#0;I#0;see#0;these#0;ties?是的,我想看看领带Certainly.#0;madam.#0;Here's#0;a#0;nice-looking#0;one.好的,夫人这条领带看着很不错的Yes.it's#0;nice.#0;But#0;my#0;husband#0;wants#0;a#0;silk#0;tie#0;with#0;a#0;Chinese#0;pattern.的确,看上去很好但是我先生想要条印有中国特色图案的丝织品Then#0;please#0;come#0;over#0;this#0;side,madam.#0;These#0;are#0;silk#0;ties#0;embroidered#0;with#0;dragons,pandas#0;or#0;goldfishes.夫人,那您就到这里来吧,这些都是丝质领带,而且带有龙、熊猫、金鱼等图案的镶边They#0;are#0;beautrful.#0;I'll#0;take#0;these#0;two.它太漂亮了我要买两条 387

18 Shopping in the Supermarket第十八章 购物(逛超市)Part 1 Vocabulary第一部分 词汇1.supermarket1.超市.grocery store.杂货店3.shopping basket3.购物篮.shopping cart.购物推车5.potato chips5.薯条6.instant noodles6.方便面7.chocolate7.巧克力8.shampoo8.洗发精9.hair conditioner9.护发乳.toothbrush.牙刷.toothpaste.牙膏.sanitary pads.卫生棉.tissue.面纸.deodorant.止汗剂.razor.刮胡刀.shaving cream.刮胡乳液.sun protection.防晒油18.mineral water18.矿泉水19.juice19.果汁.apple.苹果1.orange1.柳橙.grape.葡萄3.kiwi fruit3.猕猴桃.watermelon.西瓜5.pineapple5.菠萝6.banana6.香蕉7.strawberry7.草莓.lemon.柠檬9.cherry9.樱桃30.coconut30.椰子31.melon31.甜瓜3.peach3.桃子33.tangerine33.橘子.pear.梨子35.passion fruit35.百香果36.mango36.芒果37.avocado37.油梨,鳄梨 50

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