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重庆附二院就诊怎么样重庆星辰医学美容医院专家预约高SPF值的防晒霜并不会真的保护皮肤 --9 :3: 来源: 不同SPF值的防晒霜都有什么作用,你应该选择哪种防晒霜,这些问题比你想得要复杂SPF值高的防晒霜会给你营造一种虚假的安全感 It makes sense in theory: If you’re super pale and you burn easily, you should use the highest SPF you can find when you go out in the sun, right? Not necessarily. The reality of what various SPFs offer in the way of protection — and which ones you should be using — is a bit more complicated than that.理论上是这样的:如果你皮肤很白,但又容易晒伤,出门时就应该涂抹高防晒系数(SPF)的防晒霜,对吗?其实不然,不同SPF值的防晒霜都有什么作用,你应该选择哪种防晒霜,这些问题比你想得要复杂Sunscreens can offer protection from two types of ultraviolet (UV) rays: UVB, which according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, are the chief cause of sunburn and play a key role in the development of skin cancer, and UVA, which penetrate the skin more deeply and are largely responsible skin aging and wrinkling, as well as skin cancer risk.The SPF measurement on sunscreens refers specifically to the UVB protection level — and the number may not mean what you think it does. SPF doesn’t protect you from % of UVB rays, just as SPF 0 doesn’t protect you from 0% of the rays. In fact, as you get into the higher numbered SPF sunscreens (think: 50 and above), the difference in UVB protection is actually pretty minimal. “The relationship is not a linear thing,” dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara, MD tells Teen Vogue. “ example, [SPF] isn’t blocking out half of 30.” Rather, as Dr. Gohara explains, SPF blocks about 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks about 95%, SPF 50 blocks about 97%, and SPF 0 blocks about 99%.防晒霜可以隔离两种紫外线(UV):第一种是紫外线B光谱(UVB)皮肤癌基金会的研究表明,这种紫外线是导致晒伤的主要原因,并且是皮肤癌的主要诱因另一种是长波紫外线(UVA),这种紫外线会穿透皮肤,导致皮肤老化并出现皱纹,当然也有诱发皮肤癌的风险防晒指数SPF的测量主要是依据该防晒霜隔离UVB的能力,SPF数值的意义可能和你想的不同SPF数值为并不意味着这个该防晒霜可以隔绝%的UVB,正如SPF为0的防晒霜并不是能够完全隔绝UVB一样事实上,SPF值比较高(大于等于50)的防晒霜,它们隔绝UVB的能力是大同小异的马里兰州的皮肤病士Mona Gohara告诉《Teen Vogue时尚杂志说:“二者并不呈现线性关系比如,SPF值为的防晒霜并不是隔绝%的紫外线,反之,它可以隔绝93%的UVBSPF值为30的防晒霜可以隔绝95%的UVB,SPF值为50的可以隔绝97%的UVB,而SPF值为0的可以隔绝99%的UVB”That said, though the UVA protection isn’t technically represented by the SPF number on a sunscreen bottle. Steven Q. Wang, MD, a dermatologist and spokesperson the Skin Cancer Foundation, tells Teen Vogue that the difference in UVA protection between a broad-spectrum (which represents both UVB and UVA protection) SPF 50 and an SPF 0 sunscreen, example, may be significant enough to make the increase worthwhile. “If you’re looking at SPF 50 versus 0, the...incremental benefit [of the higher one] is small, but the UVA protection may be much higher,” he says.也就是说,SPF系数并不能代表隔绝UVA的能力马里兰州皮肤专家及皮肤癌基金会的发言人Steven Q. Wang向《Teen Vogue杂志透漏,在广谱(代表UVB和UVA的隔绝能力)中,SPF50和SPF0的UVA隔绝能力是差别巨大的也就是说,如果你在比较这两种防晒霜,SPF值高的可能在UVB防护上没有什么大差别,但是UVA的隔绝能力会高很多So, theoretically, though the increase in UVB protection with a super-high SPF sunscreen may be negligible, it may help, and certainly can’t hurt, to use it — that is, as long as you do so correctly. “The only downside [of using a higher SPF] is if you’re lulling yourself into a sense of false security,” Dr. Gohara says.,理论上说,防晒霜的SPF数值增高并不会在其UVB的隔绝能力上增加多少,但是使用一个SPF值高的防晒霜还是有帮助的只要学会正确使用,就不会有害处Gohara 指出:“SPF值高的防晒霜唯一的缺点就是会给你营造一种虚假的安全感”Indeed, as Dr. Wang also pointed out, when people opt increased SPFs, they may actually feel so protected by the product that they ultimately neglect proper sun protection. “When people use really high SPF products, they tend not to reapply, they tend to stay out in the sun much longer, and they don’t use other protective modalities such as clothing and hats,” he says. Regardless of any increase in protection that a high SPF may or may not offer, one thing is certain: It doesn’t give your body a free pass from sunburns, aging, or cancers, and it doesn’t protect you from those things any greater length of time than the lower SPF options. Both Dr. Wang and Dr. Gohara emphasized that, no matter what the SPF, it’s crucial to reapply your sunscreen every two hours.事实上,Wang士也指出,当人们选择高SPF值的防晒霜时,他们就觉得很有安全感,从而忽略了必要的防晒措施“当使用高SPF防晒产品时,人们一般就不会补擦,而且经常在太阳底下待很长时间,也不采取其他的防晒措施,诸如穿防晒,戴防晒帽等”不论高SPF的防晒霜是否在隔绝紫外线能力上有所加强,有一件事是肯定的,即它们无法完全避免晒伤,皮肤老化或者皮肤癌而且它们也不会比其他低SPF值得防晒霜防晒效果更持久Wang士和Gohara士都强调,无论防晒霜的SPF值是多少,一定要每隔两小时补擦Which brings us to what is potentially the most important factor of the SPF conversation: Human error. True, an SPF 30 sunscreen technically blocks about 95% of UVB rays, but that’s only when it’s used correctly — and it’s usually not. “Most people don’t use enough sunscreen, so the real SPF protection they’re getting is about one third of the labeled SPF,” Dr. Wang says. “So, if you have a product that says [SPF] 60, you’re really getting an SPF of maybe or 30.” Though there’s plenty of available inmation on how to properly apply sunscreen — including instructions on the bottles themselves — most of us simply don’t lather on as much product as is used in testing and labeling SPFs. On top of that, we miss spots, we get to reapply, we go in the water too soon, and we don’t compensate these errors with supplemental protection.这就引申出使用防晒霜一个最关键的方面:人为失误的确,SPF值为30的防晒霜可以隔绝93%的紫外线,但前提是人们的使用方法必须正确可是通常人不会正确使用防晒霜Wang士指出:“大多数人防晒霜的用量不够,导致使用的防晒霜防晒效果只有实际SPF值得三分之一左右当使用SPF值为60的防晒霜时,真正有用的SPF值仅仅为或30”虽然有很多教大家如何正确使用防晒霜的教程,包括防晒霜瓶子上也有,大多数人的涂抹量还是达不到SPF贴标检测过程的用量除此之外,我们总是会漏涂,忘记补涂,游泳时很快跳下水,而且不知道使用别的防护措施来弥补这些过失So what does this all mean your next trip down the sunscreen aisle? It boils down to this: The most important thing is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 — and to use it often and properly. But, given the fact that none of us is perfect (and certainly not when it comes to applying sunscreen), it just may be worth it to bump that SPF up a notch or two to help make up that inevitable human error. Just remember that when you do, you should put higher SPF product in your shopping cart. From there on out, it’s (vigilant and careful sunscreen) business as usual.所以这些对你下次涂抹防晒霜有什么启示呢?归根结底:最重要的是使用广谱防晒霜(SPF值大于等于30),并且要学会合理且频繁的使用但是,人无完人(尤其是谈到使用防晒霜时),我们不妨每次多用一点点来弥补那些人为失误记住尽可能购买高SPF值的防晒霜,这以后就是正常的防晒工作了重庆市妇保医院院长是谁 中国汽车销量增长达五个月高点 -- :59: 来源: 随着汽车制造商推出新车型,销售商继续推行大折扣,中国汽车销量在五月份达到五个月的高点 Growth in car sales in China reached a five-month high in May as auto makers launched new models and dealers continued to offer significant discounts.随着汽车制造商推出新车型,销售商继续推行大折扣,中国汽车销量在五月份达到五个月的高点Car makers delivered a total of 1.79 million passenger vehicles—sedans, sport-utility vehicles and minivans—to dealers in the world’s largest auto market last month, up % from a year earlier, the government-backed China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said on Monday.上月,汽车制造商向这个世界上最大的汽车市场的销售商输入了总共9万辆乘用车——轿车,运动型多功能车和小型货车,较去年年初增长了%,据有政府背景的中国汽车制造商协会周一的数据显示May is traditionally one of the year’s big sales months as new car models start to arrive at dealerships following the country’s biggest motor show, which this year took place in Beijing in April.紧随着四月份北京的国内最大型车展,新车型纷纷抵达销售市场,五月成为一年中的传统大销售月份之一According to Ways Consulting Co., a Chinese consulting firm focused on the automotive industry, dealers offered an average % discount on cars in May, which was largely unchanged from April.据中国专注汽车行业的咨询公司威尔森咨询介绍,经销商在五月份推出的平均折扣是九折,与四月无大变化Some of the macroeconomic factors that had been a drag on sales also seem to be fading, said analysts.分析师表示,一些拖累销售的宏观因素也似乎有退减的迹象Property sales growth has started to moderate after a spurt in the first quarter and trade volumes on stocks fell a second month in May.房地产销售在第一季度的迅猛过后开始缓和,而五月份也成为了股市交易量下跌的第二个月Rising stock and housing markets had diverted cash from car purchases. Meanwhile, gasoline prices remain relatively low, helping demand.上涨的股票和房地产市场使金钱转向购车与此同时,汽油价格仍然相对较低,助长了需求While the sales uptick is a positive sign the global auto makers that depend on China growth, companies remain cautious about a prolonged economic slowdown.销售上扬是全球汽车厂商依赖于中国经济增长的积极迹象,厂商们仍然对长期经济增长放缓持谨慎态度While shipments to dealers gained % last month, auto makers produced 5.5% more cars in China compared with the year-earlier period.虽然对经销商的出货量比上月上涨了%,汽车厂商生产了比去年年初多出5.5%的汽车The trends are reflected in dealer inventories.这些趋势反应在经销商的库存里The latest survey of China’s more than ,000 dealers by the China Automobile Dealers Association, a government-backed trade group, showed that at the end of April dealers on average had inventories equal to 1.5 months of sales, down slightly from 1.55 months in March.据有政府背景的中国汽车经销商协会对中国超过万个经销商的调查数据显示,在四月底,经销商的库存拥有相当于1.5个月的销量,比三月份的1.55个月有所下降In China, analysts say 1.5 months of sales on lots is the level at which dealers should begin to be concerned about high inventory.在中国,分析师称库存1.5个月的销量已经是经销商需要把这视为高库存的水平The overall pace of sales has been slowing after a decade of extraordinary gains auto makers.销售的总体速度在汽车制造商过去十年的巨大收益后有所放缓In a bid to support the industry, Beijing has introduced a series of support measures.为了扶持该行业,北京出台了一系列措施A halving of the % purchase tax on small-engine cars, coupled with favorable credit policies, helped boost sales since the fourth quarter of last year.对小排量车%的购置税减半,再加上优惠的信贷政策,自去年第四季度开始帮助提升了销量Analysts have cautioned that the policy could have pulled demand ward, threatening a stall in growth after it expires at the end of this year.分析人士警告说,该政策可能向前拉动需求,而在其今年年末期满之后,可能带来增长停顿的威胁In total, China’s combined sales of passenger and commercial vehicles reached .1 million s in May, up 9.8% from a year earlier, the auto manufacturers’ group said.总体来说,中国民用车和商用车的销售在五月份总共达到了万辆,比去年年初增长了9.8%,汽车厂商组织称SUVs continued to be the brightest spot in the market, with a year-over-year sales increase of 36% with 67,000 s sold, according to the auto association.SUV继续成为市场热点,比去年同期增长了36%,销售了67000辆,据汽车协会数据General Motors Co. and its Chinese joint ventures delivered about 95,000 vehicles to Chinese consumers last month, up % from a year earlier, citing strong demand its SUVs.通用汽车和其中国合资公司上月向中国消费者输入了95000辆汽车,同比上年同期上涨了%,显示了市场对SUV的强劲需求Volkswagen hasn’t disclosed its May shipments.大众汽车没有公布其五月份的市场投放量Among others, Toyota Motor Corp. sold 1,900 cars, up % from a year earlier, Nissan Motor Co. posted a 3.% rise to 1,0 cars, and luxury car maker BMW said its China sales grew 7.1% to more than 0,000 vehicles.其中,丰田汽车销售了1900量,同比上年同期增长了%,日产汽车公布了3.%的增长,销售量10辆,豪华车制造商宝马公司表示,其在中国的销量同比增长7.1%,达到万多辆文明咖啡馆:用礼貌用语可打折 -- 18::3 来源:chinadaily A cafe in Virginia has come up with an ingenious new strategy to convince customers to be more polite.美国维吉尼亚州的一家咖啡馆提出了一个别出心裁的策略,来说顾客变得更加礼貌The business offers financial rewards to those who mind their p's and q's.店家会对那些注意个人行为举止的顾客予以现金奖励A sign outside the establishment advertises different costs a cup of coffee depending on how courteous the customer is when ordering.而店铺外的一个告示牌上写道,咖啡的价格会由顾客点单时的礼貌程度所决定The prices are listed with the typical phrases a patron might use when placing their order.商品价格旁还标示着顾客点单时所要使用的特定礼貌用语They include: 'Small coffee' at (£3.85), 'small coffee please' at (£.30) and 'hello, one small coffee please' at .75 (£1.35).包括:“小杯咖啡”,5美元(3.85英镑);“请给我小杯咖啡”,3美元(.3英镑)或是“你好,请给我小杯咖啡”,1.75美元(1.35英镑)A passer-by took a photo of the directive and posted the image on Reddit with the caption: 'Sign at a local coffee shop.'一位路人将这个告示牌拍下来,将图片发到红迪网上,并附上说明“这是本地一家咖啡馆里的告示牌”This isn't the first time that a coffee shop has attempted to teach customers a lesson.这并不是第一家尝试让顾客变得更有礼貌的咖啡馆A store in the south of France incentivised patrons a few years ago with a pricing scale.几年前,法国南部的一家商店同样试图通过变动价格的方式来激励顾客The Petite Syrah café in Nice, on the French Riviera, charged customers重庆星宸医学美容医院是正规的吗

广安妇幼保健院收费牛津在线词典新增千条俚语 mansping、Grexit等入选 -- :5:33 来源: 牛津在线词典新增千条俚语 mansping、Grexit等入选One thousand new slang words added to Oxd Dictionary - and they're awesomesauce!If you’re hangry and some mansping rando is riling you up, these snackable definitions should help, mkay?要是你正饿怒呢,一个奇葩又在地铁上大爷式占座把你惹毛了,这些快餐词说不定能帮上一点忙,你说似吧?The latest slang phrases added to OxdDictionaries.com have been revealed – reflecting evolving cultural, political and social norms.牛津在线词典公开新收入的俚语,文化、政治和社会规范的变迁从中可见一斑Hangry (angry due to hunger), mansping (encroaching on a neighbouring seat) and rando (a stranger acting oddly) are among the 1,000 new words.00个新词中,包括hangry(饿怒,指因为饥饿而发火)、mansping(大爷式占座,即一人占两个座位)和rando(怪咖,指举止怪异的陌生人)等Snackable (an easy ) and mkay (OK), joined the online dictionary after gaining widesp use, along with beer o’clock, bants, awesomesauce and bruh.Snackable(快餐化的,意为简单易懂的)和mkay(对吧、是吧)因为得到广泛使用,和beer o"clock(啤酒时间)、bants(玩笑话)、awesomesauce(棒呆了)、bruh(哥们)等词一起被收入了牛津在线词典Editor Fiona McPherson said: “It’s not about dumbing down, it’s more creative ways people are using language.”牛津在线词典编辑菲奥娜?麦克弗森(Fiona McPherson)表示,“这不是语言通俗化,而是人们更有创意的语言使用方式”New to the dictionary:新增俚语有:awesomesauce, adj:(US inmal) extremely good; excellent棒呆的(形容词,非正式美语):特别棒的,极好的bants (also bantz), pl. n:(Brit inmal) playfully teasing remarks exchanged; banter玩笑话(复数名词,非正式英语):逗弄、戏弄的话语beer o’clock, n:an appropriate time of day to start drinking beer (likewise wine o’clock)啤酒时间(名词):一天中适合开始喝啤酒的时间(类似的还有“红酒时间”)brain fart, n:(inmal) a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly大脑短路(名词,非正式):暂时的大脑当机,无法正确地推断bruh, n:(US inmal) a male friend (often used as a m of address)哥们(名词,非正式美语):男性友人(经常用作称呼语)fatberg, n:a very large mass of solid waste in a sewerage system, consisting of congealed fat and personal hygiene products flushed down loos油脂块(名词):下水道系统中的大块固体废物,由冲下厕所的油脂和个人卫生用品凝固而成fur baby, n:a person’s dog, cat or other furry pet毛茸宝宝(名词):一个人养的、猫或其他毛茸茸的宠物Grexit, n:the potential withdrawal of Greece from the eurozone希腊退欧(名词):希腊退出欧元区的可能mx, n:a title used by those who wish to avoid specifying their genderMx(名词):不愿具体说明自己性别的人士使用的称谓pocket dial, v:inadvertently call someone on a phone in one’s pocket口袋误拨(动词):手机放在口袋里时不小心拨出电话weak sauce, n:(US inmal) something of a poor or disappointing standard or quality劣等货(名词,非正式美语):水准、质量低劣或令人失望的东西Vocabularynorm:标准,规范encroach:蚕食,侵占dumbing down:肤浅,低能化banter:无恶意的玩笑lapse:(一时的) 走神,判断错误sewerage:下水道系统congealed:凝结的,凝固的inadvertently:非故意地,无心地英文来源:镜报译者:zsxfybs审校编辑:刘明重庆儿童医院做整形要多久 年轻人为什么越来越穷?(双语) -- 19:01:37 来源:chinadaily 你穷吗?每天拼了命的干活,却发现付宝里的钱越来越少?!放心,你不是一个人在穷 近英国卫报的一项调查说:全世界年轻人都一样越来越穷在美国,30岁以下的年轻人比退休人群要穷在英国,退休人群可配收入的增幅相当于年轻人收入增幅的3倍看到这里,是不是稍稍有点放心,毕竟全球那么多小伙伴跟我们一起穷!But 穷要穷的明白,我们为什么会越来越穷呢? 讲真,要找一个自己喜欢又能赚钱的工作真心不易啊那些年我们无人问津的简历啊,连起来可以绕地球800多圈了吧! 仅以欧盟去年的数据为例:The average unemployment rate among young people in EU countries in April was .7 percent, while the total unemployment rate stood at 9.7 percent. 好不容易有了工作,才发现,有一种穷叫穷忙(Working poor)!比如小编我,每天废寝忘食的写微信,一到月底依然是月光! 一位叫做何帆的经济学家说:;Generation born in 1960s and 1970s could earn a good living by working hard. However, generation born in 1980s and 90s are having a great pressure;. 社会上各种门槛越来越多,上升通道无比拥挤,职场竞争超级激烈,光靠努力工作很难迅速发家致富奔小康(但还是要努力工作哦,不然一点机会都没有啦) 努力工作一整月,好不容易熬到发工资那天,才发现:信用卡要还了!房租要交了!新电影上映了!女朋友的生日到了! In an of the National Business Daily, it states that, in China, people have to spend at least 0% of their salary to rent a flat in major cities. 要吃饭,要买房,要谈恋爱,要看电影,还要旅行,钱就这样随风而逝! 有时候,会忍不住扪心自问:真的是我不够优秀,不够努力吗?什么时候才能兑现当初的承诺,让爸爸妈妈过上好日子啊? 有时候,面对生活的苟且,听那些成功人士大谈“诗和远方”,还真是想呵呵他们一脸啊~ 好,重点来了!有没有年轻人省钱的方法和小窍门呢? I don't know!作为月光族和working poor的小编是无能为力了?大家有什么省钱tips快砸向爱吃鸡腿的小编吧!重庆市肿瘤医院整形价格

重庆星宸专家咨询iPhone 6还没买 iPhone 6S就要来了! -- :53: 来源: It’s been less than three months since Apple unveiled its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but rumours suggest the firm is gearing up its next release aly.   两个多月前苹果公司才刚刚发布了新款手机iPhone 6 and 6 Plus,但是最近有传言称苹果已经在为下一代新品iPhone的发布做准备了   Reports say Apple may hold two iPhone launch events next year, to release its iPhone 6S in spring, and its iPhone 7 in September.   有报道称,苹果公司明年将会举行两次手机新品发布会,春天发布iPhone 6S,九月份发布iPhone 7   The iPhone 6S may even go on sale at the same time as Apple’s upcoming Watch.   发布iPhone 6S的同时可能还会同时发布新一代的Watch   Until , Apple released one handset each year around September time.   年以前,苹果公司一直都是在每年九月份左右发布一款手机新品的   Last year, however, it used its September launch event to announce two new devices-its flagship iPhone 5S and the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 5C.   但是去年,在九月份的新品发布会上,苹果公司推出了两款新品:旗舰版的iPhone 5S和价格相对便宜的iPhone 5C   This was followed by the launch of its iPhone 6 and larger iPhone 6 Plus this year.   今年九月份,又同时发布了iPhone 6和屏幕较大的iPhone 6 Plus   The new schedule is expected to stagger the releases of two devices in to capitalise on sales.   如果年连续发布两款新品,预计销售额会更大幅度的提高   Apple could release the iPhone 6S to people who want to upgrade to a slightly cheaper model, bee announcing its flagship iPhone 7 in the autumn.   苹果在发布7之前先发布6S,可能是针对那些想更新但又不想花太多钱的iPhone用户   ‘Our source says that Apple is hesitant about launching the iWatch in the spring of without a new iPhone to go along with it,’ explained Mr Miller.   米勒称:“我们得到的消息是,苹果公司正在犹豫明年春天发布新款iWatch是否要一起发布新款iPhone”   The news comes as manufacturers revealed Apple has plans to kill off its iPhone 5C as early as next summer.   与此同时,一些制造商透露苹果公司计划最早于明年夏天停产iPhone 5C   The report, by Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial times, did not reveal the reasons behind the plans, but Apple has previously been known to discontinue models as they are replaced by newer versions.   来自《台湾工商时报的这篇报道并没有透露的iPhone 5C可能停产原因,但是苹果公司历来都有发布新品以后就停产老款的惯例   Sales of the 5C were also poor, compared to the company's expectations, and in January, research firm CIRP reports the model ed just 7 per cent of iPhone sales at the end of .   而且5C的销售额比起苹果公司的预期要差很多今年1月份的CIRP调查公司的报告显示到年底5C只占iPhone系列销售总额的7%   Manufacturers will begin winding down production of the handset from January, and are expected to pull the plug completely by the 'middle of .'   制造商将会从明年一月份开始逐步减少5C的产量,预计到明年年中完全停产   Apple also recently killed off its iPod Classic.   此外苹果公司最近还停产了iPod Classic音乐播放器   When Apple’s online store came back online following its iPhone 6 event in September, this later model was missing from the iPod lineup.   自今年9月份发布iPhone 6之后,ipod classic就从苹果在线商店中消失了   Apple did not make any mal announcement about ceasing the line at the time.   对此苹果公司也并未作出任何正式声明   'We couldn't get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth,' explained Mr Cook.   但苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克在一次论坛上解释说:“因为没有零件了,iPod classic需要的零件已经在地球上任何地方都找不到了” 英女王:我要加薪啦! -- 18:55: 来源:chinadaily The Queen is in line a 6.5% payrise and could net a cool pound;5.6 million from the taxpayer next year if the way she is funded stays the same. 英国女王可能将加薪6.5%如果拨款方案不变,明年她将从纳税人手中获得560万英镑 Figures released show a total profit of pound;3.1 million the Crown Estate. 公布的数据显示,英国皇家财产局的总利润为3亿万英镑 If the Queen receives her Sovereign Grant calculated at the customary % of that she would be handed pound;5.6 million from the Treasury in April , an increase of pound;.8 million up from pound;.8 million this year. 皇家财产局利润的%通常作为君王拨款若以此计算,年月,女王将从财政部获得560万英镑,比今年的0万英镑高出0万英镑 However, the mula the Sovereign Grant is being reviewed this year by The Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Keeper of the Privy Purse who will potentially change the way it is calculated to less than % of Crown Estate profits. 但今年,君王拨款的方案正交由首相、财政大臣和王室司库负责人重新审议,计算方式可能被改变,拨款将少于皇家财产局利润的% This could mean her payrise is smaller, but she will still be in line a bumper sum as rules state she cannot get less than any previous year. 这或许意味着女王加薪的幅度会减小,但因为“女王的收入不得低于以往任何一年”的规定,其总收入依然将非常丰厚 But a source said about the negotiations lately in light of Brexit turmoil: “This is hardly the moment where we are going to finalise a review of the Sovereign Grant.” 然而鉴于英国退欧的混乱局势,有消息透露了日前的磋商情况:“当前不是我们敲定君王拨款的时候” News of the potential payrise came as Keeper of the Privy Purse Sir Alan Reid revealed how the royals have spent the pound;0.1 million they were given in April - amounting to 6p per person per year in Britain. 王室在年月获得0万英镑,相当于英国国民为此每年人均付出6便士女王可能加薪一事传来的同时,王室司库负责人艾伦?里德爵士透露了这笔收入的花销情况 He also stressed they have added to this by raising pound;.9 million of their own money including through renovating and renting out apartments. 爵士还强调,王室除此收入外,还有90万英镑的私人收入,包括整修和出租房屋的所得 Last year it was reported they were renting one in St James’s Palace thought to bring in nearly pound;50,000 per year. 报道称,王室去年出租了圣詹姆斯宫的一套房子,据认为带来了近5万英镑的年收入 Prince Charles also revealed that his income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate rose to more than pound; million the first time to pound;.67 million up from pound;19.85 million the previous year. 查尔斯王子也透露,他从康沃尔公爵领地获得的收入从前一年的198.5万英镑上升到6.7万英镑,首次超过了00万英镑 Expenditure on the area of his s that funds Prince William, Kate and Harry was also up 9.5% from pound;.965 million to pound;3.9 million, although officials would not say how much of the increase was down to the three young royals or itemise how that money was spent. 查尔斯王子账户上用于威廉夫妇和哈里王子的出也从96.5万英镑上升到3.9万英镑,上涨9.5%不过官方不会说明上涨的出有多少是因为这三位年轻的王室成员,也不会详细列明钱是怎么花出去的 The bill royal travel was down to pound; million from pound;5.1 million the previous year, but there were still some eye-watering travel costs billed to the taxpayer including a pound;9, charter plane Prince Charles and Camilla’s tour of the Balkans in March. 王室旅行开从前一年的5万英镑降至00万,但纳税人依然要承担一些巨额旅行开销,比如查尔斯王子和卡米拉三月访问巴尔干半岛时所花的9万英镑包机费重庆星辰医院早上几点开门重庆市中心医院是个怎样的医院



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