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重庆星辰医学美容医院的权威医生重庆市星辰医学美容医院正规吗会不会乱收费重庆市星辰医院看病贵不贵 上期中英对照文本:Dialogue:Xiao Gao, lately there’s been some news coming out one right after another. It was totally shocking!京晶:小高,最近有些接二连三的新闻,看得我非常震惊! Oh? What kind of news was it?小高:哦?都有些什么新闻? A famous young singer died of cancer. The weird thing is, a few days bee she passed away, the news said that shehad aly died. What’s even more unbelievable is one of newspapers in an attempt to get an exclusive report, posedas a doctor’s assistant and went to the hospital to take a picture of her remains.京晶:有一位著名的青年歌手患癌症去世了,奇怪的是,在她去世前几天,就有新闻说她死了更令人不可思议的是,有一家报社为了抢独家报道,竟然假扮医生的助手去医院拍摄她的遗体 Oh my god! Are you serious? How could they do something like that?小高:OMG!这是真的吗?他们怎么能做出这样的事? I kid you not! After they were discovered, they were condemned by Chinese netizens and ced to apologize in the end.京晶:千真万确!他们被发现以后,遭到中国网民的强烈谴责,最后被迫道歉 Not only that, their actions hurt others and crossed the moral boundary of news reporting.小高:即使如此,他们的行为也伤害了他人,也违背了做新闻报道的道德底线 In an attempt to get exclusive news, taking secret and eavesdropping has become common practice somemedia outlets. They do that so they can get a shock from everyone.京晶:有些媒体为了获得独家消息,偷拍、窃听已成常用手段,就是为了迎合大众的猎奇心理 Actually, in the West, most media outlets also hire private investigators to get exclusive news. This has also been viewedas hurting the people’s privacy.小高:其实在西方,大多数媒体也会雇佣打听独家消息,这也被认为损害了公民的隐私权 Now the internet has let everyone become their “own news”. But the sad thing is that some people take advantage of thisand create rumors, illegally earn money, sp false inmation, and carelessly attack others.京晶:现在的互联网让每个人都成为了“自媒体”,可我们却遗憾的看到:有些人利用自媒体造谣、非法挣钱、散布虚假信息、随意攻击他人Yeah, when we all become our own news outlets, we really should protect the “media boundaries”. We shouldn’t just doas we please and carelessly hurt others.小高:是的,当我们每一个人都成为了“自媒体”,就更应该守住“媒体的底线”,不要随心所欲,随便伤害他人 I still feel sorry her. I hope she give those people who hurt her while she’s up there in heaven.京晶:我仍然为她感到抱歉,希望她在天上能原谅这些伤害她和她家人的人们 I hope something like this never happens again.小高:希望这类事件再也不要发生 New words dialogue:One right after another 接二连三Exclusive report 独家报道Pose as 假扮Remains 遗体I kid you not 千真万确Netizen 网民Do as you please 随心所欲 357589地点:莫妮卡公寓客厅人物:莫妮卡,菲比,钱德勒,罗斯,瑞秋事件:莫妮卡从施薇亚姑姑那里得到了梦寐以求的玩偶屋,邀请菲比来玩菲比带来了很多与玩偶屋风格不相符的东西,让莫妮卡无法接受Monica: Not one that can pee on the roof.Phoebe: Maybe it so big because the house was built on radioactive waste.Chandler: And is this in case the house sneezes?Phoebe: No, no, that the ghost the attic.Monica: I dont want a ghost.Phoebe: Well, nobody wants a ghost. But youve got one, because the house is sitting on an ancient Indian burial ground.Ross: Wait a minute, the house was built on radioactive waste, and an ancient Indian burial ground? That would never happen.Phoebe: Okay, obviously you dont know much about the U.S. government.Rachel: Hey!All: Hello.Rachel: I need to talk to you!Ross: Sure, what up?Rachel: Oh, sorry. I meant Chandler.Ross: I–I know. Well if something comes up...Chandler: Oh, Im glad you guys are past that little awkward phase. 397重庆市星辰整形多钱

重庆市星宸美容的费用00:3:00—00::36地点:医院待产室人物:瑞秋,罗斯,珍妮丝,护士,锡德事件:瑞秋所在的待产室迎来第五个妇,而这个人竟然是钱德勒的前女友珍妮丝Nurse: This room available.护士:这里有空床Rachel: Okay! Okay wait! You listen to me! You listen to me! Since I have been waiting four women, that four, one higher than the number of centimeters that I am dilated, have come and gone with their babies! Im next! It my turn! It only fair! And if you bring in one woman and she has her baby bee me Im going to sue you! Not this hospital, Im going to sue you! And my husband he a lawyer!瑞秋:好,先等一下!你听我说!你听我说,我在这里等待的过程中,先后已经有个女人进来然后被推出去生孩子了——四个,比我张开的数字还多一个我是下一个!该轮到我了!那样才公平!如果你再带一个比我先生的女人进来,我就要告你!不是这家医院,而是要告你!我老公可是个律师!Ross: Uh Rach…罗斯:啊,瑞……Rachel: Go get back on that case honey!瑞秋:你别管这件事,亲爱的!Nurse: I dont think the next patient is very far along.护士:我觉得下一个妇不会很快的Rachel: Okay, well then bring her in.瑞秋:那好,让她进来吧Woman: Oh… my… God! I… cant… believe this!妇:哦……我的……天啊!我……真不敢……相信啊!Ross: And yet somehow it true!罗斯:但是事实就是如此!Janice: I mean this is so great! Were gonna be baby buddies!珍妮丝:我是说这真的太棒了!我们现在就可以指腹为婚哦!Ross: Squeeze your legs together and cover the baby ears!罗斯:快把腿合紧,把宝宝的耳朵堵上Sid: Hi sweetie!锡西德:嗨,亲爱的!Janice: Hi sweetheart! This is my husband Sid. I dont think youve met him. Ross, Rachel, this is Sid. I nabbed him a year ago at the dermatologist office. Thank God adult acne huh?珍妮丝:嗨,亲爱的!这是我老公锡德你们没见过他吧罗斯,瑞秋,这是锡德一年前我在皮肤科诊室遇到的他幸亏我长了那些成人痤疮呢! 681重庆市星辰医院价格表 人生这么多年,难免碰到几个奇葩的室友 磨牙,梦话,梦游,那都算是轻的! 我们搜罗了网上奇葩室友的趣事合集,结合多年被虐的人生污点,舍身为你带来这期的双人脱口秀今天,我们聊聊「奇葩舍友」 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 56重庆星辰医院整形美容价格

重庆星宸皮肤几点下班 Sand and Stone沙子与石头The story goes that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face.两个朋友结伴穿越沙漠,旅途中二人突然吵了起来,其中一个掴了对方一记耳光The one who got slapped felt hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand: ;Today my best friend slapped me in the face.;被打的人感到自己受了伤害,但什么也没有说,只是在沙地上写下了这样一句话:“今天我最好的朋友掴了我耳光”They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire and started drowning, but the friend saved him.他们继续前行,看见到处绿洲,他们正打算在那里洗澡时,刚才被打的人不小心陷入了泥潭,开始深陷,他的朋友救了他After he recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone: ;Today my best friend saved my life.;等他从几近淹死的边缘苏醒过来后,他在石头上刻下:“今天我最好的朋友救了我的命”The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, ;After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you write on a stone. Why?;他的朋友问:“为什么我伤你之后,你在沙子上写字,现在却把字刻在石头上?”The other friend replied: ;When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of giveness can erase it away. But when someone does something good us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.;他回答道:“当有人伤害了我们,我们应该把它写进沙里,宽恕的风会把仇恨抹去而当有人为我们做了好事,我们应当把它刻在石头上,没有风可以将它抹去”LEARN TO WRITE YOUR HURTS IN THE SAND AND TO CARVE YOUR BENEFITS IN STONE.学会将你所受到的伤害写在沙子上,把别人给你的帮助记在石头上They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but an entire life to get them.人们常说发掘一个特别的人需要一分钟,欣赏一个人需要一个小时,爱上一个人需要一整天,忘记一个人却需要你一生的时间Send this phrase to the people youll never get. It a short message to let them know that youll never get them.将这句话发给你永远不会忘怀的人吧,让他们知道你将永远把他们放在心上 366重庆市星宸整形在那重庆星宸美容医院是公办的吗




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