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A 14-year-old Danish boy doing research for a history class found the wreckage of a German World War II plane with the remains of the pilot in the cockpit.一名14岁的丹麦男孩在为历史课做研究时,发现了一架第二次世界大战时德制飞机的残骸,机舱中还有驾驶员的遗体。Daniel Kristiansen and his father, Klaus, discovered what#39;s believed to be a Messerschmitt fighter plane buried in a field on their farm near Birkelse in northern Denmark.丹尼尔·克里斯蒂安森和他的爸爸克劳斯,在位于丹麦北部的他们家的比克尔瑟农场的一块地上发现了一架据称是梅塞施米特战斗机的残骸。;We went out to the field with a metal detector,; Klaus Kristiansen told CNN. ;I hoped we might find some old plates or something for Daniel to show in school.;爸爸克劳斯·克里斯蒂安森在接受CNN采访时表示:“我们带着一块金属探测器来到地里,希望可以找到一些旧盘子等物品让丹尼尔可以拿到学校展示。”Instead, they found bits of plane debris. So they borrowed an excavator from a neighbor and dug down seven or eight meters.没想到他们发现了一些飞机残骸。因此他们跟邻居借了挖土机,往下挖掘了7到8米。;At first we were digging up a lot of dirt with metal fragments in it. Then we suddenly came across bones and pieces of clothes,; Kristiansen said. ;It was like opening a book from yesterday.;克里斯蒂安森说道:“一开始我们挖出一堆混杂金属碎片的泥土,随后突然就找到一具骨骸和衣残骸,感觉就好像打开了一本历史书。”Kristiansen remembered being told by his grandfather, who lived on the farm during World War II, that a German plane had crashed there.克里斯蒂安森记得,在二战时期住在这座农场上的祖父曾告诉过他,有架德国飞机于二战时坠机在此。;We think it was around November or December 1944,; he said.他说:“我们认为坠机应该是发生在1944年的11月或12月。”But he also said his grandfather had told him the German occupying force had removed the plane. ;I mainly thought it was just a good story.;不过他也表示,他记得祖父后来告诉他,德军占领军已经移走了这架班机。“因此我觉得这只是个有趣的故事”。The curator at the Historical Museum of Northern Jutland, which now has the pilot#39;s possessions and the remains of the plane, believes his team will soon be able to confirm the man#39;s identity.北日德岛历史物馆的馆长表示,现在有了驾驶员的遗物和飞机上的残骸,相信很快就可以确认驾驶员的身份。;We found the pilot#39;s papers, and I think we have a name,; Torben, curator and head of archaeology at the museum, said.物馆馆长兼考古学负责人托本表示:“我们找到了驾驶员的明,我相信我们能确认他的名字。” /201703/498317

The dress worn by Marilyn Monroe as she sang ;Happy Birthday Mr President; to John F Kennedy has been sold at auction for .8m (3.9m pounds).玛丽莲·梦露为约翰·肯尼迪总统献唱“总统生日快乐”一曲时穿过的连衣裙,近日以480万美元(390万英镑)的天价拍卖。The figure-hugging Jean Louis gown, with 2,500 crystals, was bought by the Ripley#39;s Believe It or Not museum chain, exceeding the m guide price.这件镶满了2500颗水晶的让·路易紧身连衣裙,最终由雷普利连锁“信不信由你物馆”收入囊中,其收购价格远超过指导价格300万美元。The company#39;s vice president said it was ;most iconic piece of pop culture that there is;.该公司的副总裁表示,这件连衣裙是“当时流行文化最具标志性的物件”。Monroe died from a drug overdose just three months after the performance. The sultry rendition for President Kennedy#39;s 45th birthday at a 1962 Democratic fundraiser at New York#39;s Madison Square was one of her last public appearances.就在表演后的三个月,梦露死于药物过量。1962年,在纽约麦迪逊广场民主党资金筹集活动中,梦露登台进行了性感表演以庆祝肯尼迪总统45岁生日,而这也成为她的最后一次公众表演。President Kennedy was shot dead a year later.而就在一年后,肯尼迪总统遭杀身亡。The dress, which the auction house said was so tight she had to be sewn into it, had previously been bought at auction for .3m in 1999 by the late business mogul and collector Martin Zweig.拍卖行称,这件连衣裙非常紧身,当年梦露必须先钻进去然后再将裙子缝起来才行。在1999年的一次拍卖会上,它曾以130万美元的价格由近代商业大亨、收藏家马丁·茨威格购买。Marilyn Monroe#39;s billowing white dress from the Seven Year Itch sold for .6 million (plus m in commission) in 2011.此外,玛丽莲·梦露在电影《七年之痒》中那件蓬松飘逸的白色连衣裙在2011年时拍卖价达到了460万美元(再加上100万美元佣金)。The largest collection of the screen star#39;s possessions ever offered for auction is being sold by Julien#39;s auction house in Beverly Hills over three days.持有最多梦露私人物品的是比佛利山庄的朱利安拍卖行,他们在三天内售出了大量梦露的私人物品。 /201611/480730

Intravenous drug users in France can now shoot up in an officially designated drug injection room attached to the Lariboisière Hospital in northeast Paris, an area that has reportedly witnessed high levels of problematic drug use.法国的静脉注射吸毒者现在可在附属于拉里瓦西埃尔医院的官方指定毒品注射室内注射毒品,据报道,该医院所处的巴黎东北部地区存在大量有问题的毒品使用现象。Despite some opposition from local residents, it was inaugurated by Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Health Minister Marisol Touraine.尽管毒品注射室招致当地居民的一些反对意见,巴黎市长伊达尔戈与该国卫生部长图雷娜近日为其揭牌。Operated by the Gaia Association with an annual cost of EUR1.2m, it opens seven days a week from 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm and can accommodate 50 people at a time and serve up to 400 people in one day.毒品注射室由佳亚协会运营,年均运营成本为120万欧元,注射室全周开放,时间为13点30分至20点30分,可同时接待50人,一天最多接待400人。The facility is composed of three rooms: a waiting room, a consumption room and a room where people can sit before going back out on the street.该注射室由三个房间组成:一间等候室,一间吸毒室,还有一间人们在返回大街前可以坐下休息的房间。Though the site is located in a hospital, it has an entirely separate entrance and people can attend anonymously. No minors under the age of 18 are allowed.注射室虽然设在医院内,但有一个完全独立的入口,人们可以匿名进入。18岁以下未成年人禁止入内。Doctors interview first-time visitors about their basic medical history. Once these steps have been completed, visitors receive a number.医生会询问第一次前来的吸毒者的基本病史。当这些步骤完成之后,吸毒者会得到一个号码。When their number is called, they can go into the consumption room with 12 injection stations with clean needles.当他们的号码被叫到时,他们就可以进入拥有干净针头、共计12个注射隔间的吸毒室中了。 /201610/474957

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