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初中生早现象严重Thousands of teenage girls in Beijing have abortions each year, according to teenage sex clinics.Sources with Beijing Tian'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine , the first in the capital to open a hotline for pregnant teenagers, said more than 100 teenage girls received abortions during the first three months of the year.Of nearly 5,000 phone calls from teenagers, seven to eight percent are from unmarried girls asking about abortion. The proportion was only about five percent last year, said Deng Jun, a doctor with the teenager counseling service of Beijing No.2 Hospital.The total number of teenage abortions in the capital is not known."Girls who have abortions are considerably younger. Most of them are junior middle school students aged 14 to 15," said Deng, adding the youngest patient to come for an abortion was a 13-year-old and some girls had abortions many times."Two years ago, teenage pregnancy mainly happened to college and senior high school students," he said.The number of abortions peaks during the Spring Festival, May Day or National Day holidays and in the final term of the academic year, Deng said, adding that sex education at school and in the family is wholly inadequate with young people nowadays having their first sexual experiences at a much earlier age.Sex education has always been a low priority in schools, and parents are often reluctant to talk about the still-taboo issue.A survey conducted by Professor Huo Jinzhi from the medical school of Suzhou University showed 4.6 percent of junior middle school students had had sex compared with 4.2 percent in senior high schools.In September 2004, the country for the first time included sex and reproduction knowledge in the formal school curriculum. 据青少年性生理门诊介绍,北京每年有数千名少女堕胎。据首家开通早青少年热线的北京天安中医院的有关人士介绍,今年第一个季度有100多名未成年少女来医院堕胎。在近5000个青少年打来的热线电话中,7%至8%是未婚女孩咨询堕胎事宜的。北京市第二医院青少年咨询中心的医生邓俊说,去年的这一比例仅为5%。但目前北京市青少年堕胎的总数还未统计出来。邓医生说:“如今堕胎的女孩年纪比以往要小得多。其中大多数还是十四五岁的中学生。”他说最小的只有13岁,还有一些女孩已经多次堕胎。“两年前,早主要集中在大学生和高中生这两大人群。”邓医生说,每年的春节,五一、国庆长假和每学年的下半学期是堕胎的高峰期。他说,学校和家庭的性教育严重不足,现在的年轻人发生第一次性行为的年龄提前了很多。性教育一直是学校的一个薄弱环节,家长们也常常羞于与孩子们讨论这个仍被视为禁忌的话题。苏州大学医学院的霍金之教授开展的一项调查显示,4.6%的初中生有过性行为,而高中生的这一比例为4.2%。2004年9月,我国首次将性常识和生殖知识纳入学校课程范围。 /200803/32580。

From the Sydney Opera House to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, iconic structures went dark as people switched off lights in their homes and skylines dimmed around the world on Saturday to show concern with global warming.Up to 30 million people were expected to have turned off their lights for 60 minutes by the time "Earth Hour" - which started in Suva in Fiji and Christchurch in New Zealand - completed its cycle westward.More than 380 towns and cities and 3,500 businesses in 35 countries signed up for the campaign that is in its second year after it began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia's largest city."Earth Hour shows that everyday people are prepared to pull together to find a solution to climate change. It can be done," said James Leape of WWF International, which was running the campaign.Lights at Sydney's Opera House and Harbor Bridge were dimmed as Australians held candle-lit beach parties, played poker by candlelight and floated candles down rivers.In Bangkok, some of the city's business districts, shopping malls and billboards went dark, although street lights stayed on. One major hotel invited guests to dine by candle light and reported brisk business.In Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens and the Royal Palace and the opera darkened for an hour, along with many street lights."In the central square a lot of people were standing looking at the stars," said Ida Thuesen, spokeswoman for WWF Denmark. "It's not often you can see the stars in a city."In a tip of its virtual hat to the event, the background of Google's home page turned to black from white on more than a dozen country sites including Google.com. Floodlights went out at landmarks in Budapest, including its castle, cathedral and parliament.In Britain, 26 town and city councils signed up to switch off nonessential lights as did several historic buildings, including Prince Charles' private residence Highgrove House, London City Hall, Winchester Cathedral and the Government Communication Headquarters radio monitoring station. The south coast town of Brighton turned off the lights on its pier.The movement crossed the Atlantic to the ed States and Canada, where the 553-metre CN Tower in Toronto and the surrounding skyline were plunged into temporary darkness.(China Daily /Agencies)Vocabulary:WWF:世界自然基金会 (World Wide Fund for Nature) /200804/34779。

Sex between married couples will increasingly be saved for special occasions as robots step in to satisfy everyday needs, experts have predicted.专家预言,随着机器人走入卧室满足人们的日常性需求,已婚夫妇之间的性行为将越来越多地留给特殊的场合。Use of artificial intelligence (AI) devices in the bedroom will be socially normal within 25 years, an international robotics conference has heard.从国际机器人大会上获悉,人工智能装置在卧室中的使用将在25年内成为一种社会常态。Comparing sex robots to the rise of the ebook, Dr Trudy Barber, a pioneer in the impact of technology on sexual intercourse, said the machines would enable people to greater appreciate “the real thing”.研究技术对两性影响的先驱特鲁迪巴伯士把机器人与电子书的出现相提并论。她说,这些机器人将使人们可以更大程度地珍视“真实的东西”。Devices such as Rocky or Roxxxy True Companion can currently be bought for around 7,000 pounds, but advances in the field are predicted to make sex robots increasingly lifelike and affordable.诸如名为“洛基”或“洛克西真实伴侣”的设备,目前花大约7000英镑就能买到,但是预料这一领域内的科技进步将使性爱机器人变得更逼真和廉价。Speaking yesterday at the International Congress of Love and Sex with Robotics, Dr Barber said people’s growing immersion in technology means it was only a matter of time before it takes a mainstream role in sex.巴伯士在昨天的“机器人爱情与性爱国际大会”上发言时说,人类越来越多地沉浸在科技中,意味着科技在性爱方面扮演主流角色只是一个时间问题。“It could be that we are so busy with our lives, we are so embedded in our technological narrative that the idea of engaging in long-distance sex and robot sex is actually a natural process in our evolutionary cycle,” she said.她说:“可能我们的生活十分忙碌,我们很大程度地沉浸于这样一种科技的叙事中,即从事远距离性爱和机器人性爱的设想实际上将是我们进化周期中的自然过程。”“I think what will happen is that they will make real-time relationships more valuable and exciting.”“我认为未来将发生的事情是它们将使实时的两性关系变得更加珍贵和令人兴奋。”However, AI experts have been warning that a generation of adolescents risk “losing their virginity” to humanoid devices and growing up with an unrealistic conception of sex.不过,人工智能专家一直警告说,整整一代的青少年有可能“失贞”于类人的机器装置,并在不真实的性爱概念中长大成人。In June leading scientist Dr Noel Sharkey, a former advisor to the UN, called on governments to prevent robotics being hijacked by the sex industry.今年6月,知名科学家、联合国前顾问尼尔.夏基呼吁各国政府防止机器人技术沦为色情行业的工具。But Dr Barber said,“The question is not “when will it become acceptable” but “when will we integrate”.”但是巴伯士表示,“问题不是它何时能够被人们接受,而是我们何时能够融入。”“We are able to have so many colours on our sexual pallet now; I think we’d be daft not explore them.”“我们现在的性爱调色板上可以有如此缤纷的色,我认为不对它们进行探索将是愚蠢的。”Questions that will face regulators involve how much data to allow robots to collect about their human partners and send back to their manufacturers.监管机构将面临的问题包括允许机器人收集多少有关其人类伴侣的数据并把这些数据反馈至制造商。Others include whether to legislate for purely passive robots, or to allow devices which entice humans to have sex, and whether robots would have to make clear that they are machines rather than humans.其他问题包括是否要以法律规定机器人的纯被动性,即是否允许机器人引诱人类与其发生性关系,以及机器人是否需要向对方表明自己是机器而非人类。Kate Devlin, computing expert at Goldsmiths, University of London, said it was probable future sex robots would be designed to learn their human partner’s sexual preferences to improve performance.伦敦大学戈德史密斯学院计算机技术专家凯特德夫林说,未来的性爱机器人很可能被设计成能够学习其人类伴侣的性爱偏好以改善性能。“Companion” devices such as the Pepper robot are being increasingly used to provide stimulation to elderly people, particularly in Asian countries such as Japan.诸如“胡椒”机器人之列的“伴侣”装置正在越来越多地被用于为老年人提供刺激,尤其是在日本等亚洲国家。Created two years ago, the humanoid robot is designed with the ability to certain emotions from analysing expressions and voice tones.两年前问世的“胡椒”人形机器人被设计成拥有通过分析表情和语调理解某些情绪的能力。Scientists have said there is evidence the devices are being used by parents to keep their children company.科学家已经表示,有据表明这些装置正在被家长们用来为儿童提供陪伴。Professor Sharkey yesterday challenged the prediction that sex robots would become mainstream.昨天,夏基教授挑战了性爱机器人会成为主流的说法。“Sex robots will be used within the next decade but it is doubtful if they will become a societal norm although surveys show that around 10% would be prepared to use them.”“性爱机器人会在下个10年流行,尽管已经有10%的人准备好使用它们,但对于它会成为社会主流我表示怀疑。”;They are more likely to be viewed as tools for masturbation although having a humanoid body may make a difference to the fantasy.”“尽管有一个真实的像人一样的造型与单纯幻想相比很不同,但机器人大多仍只会是自慰的工具而已。”;Would you leave your sex robot out if your mum came to visit?“如果你妈妈来了,你会把你的性爱机器人扔掉吗?”;Prostitution has been around for thousands of years and yet has never been socially normalised. ;“卖淫也都已存在了几千年了,不是也从未能成为社会主流吗?”;The problem is the same for both. ;“二者情况相似。”;With sex robots and prostitution, you are having a one way relationship with an object or a person that does not return your love except by pretence.;“性爱机器人,或者卖淫,都是你和一个物体或是一个人之间单向的关系,你永远都不会得到爱的回应,除非伪装。” /201612/485887。

看白领压减新玩法White-collar workers going to great lengths for stress reliefWhite-collar workers going to great lengths for stress relief A soldier of the South Korean special attack corps paints his eyes during a friendly Taekwondo match at a South Korean Army Base in Pochon, north of Seoul. Stressed out white-collar workers are scaling skyscrapers, camping out on rooftops, smashing up restaurants, pretending to be children and even visiting cemeteries in a bid to relieve the pressure of modern life.As the country's economy continues to steam ahead, once popular forms of entertainment, such as karaoke, card games and even boxing bars, appear to be losing their appeal.Consider the members of Shanghai's Cat Rain club. By day, this group of young women works executive jobs, but by night they climb buildings so they can spend the night on the roof."It's a good way to release our pressure. You feel relaxed when you're sitting on the roof, looking up to the sky and chatting with intimate friends," said Gong Ying, 25.The stress of work is not just limited to people in Shanghai.A recently opened restaurant in Beijing encourages customers to smash plates - as long as they are willing to pay to replace them.Though there has been some debate about the extravagance of such services, some psychologists say the activity reflects the desire of some white-collar workers to vent their angst.Some workers even appear eager to return to their childhoods. This May, hundreds of people took part in a festival in which adults pretended to be children. It was an adults-only event, and participants could comics and eat sweets all day.Scenic places such as parks and rivers can also help people relax and put things in perspective. But a cemetery?Cemetery companies in Shanghai organized visits to local graveyards for stressed-out workers in March. The participants were taken to quiet spots in the cemetery where they could contemplate life and their futures.Roof-camper Chen Bin, an IT marketing professional, said she had camped out on a rooftop about 30 times. When she's not sleeping out under the stars, she also has several other adrenalin-fueled interests, such as downhill racing and paragliding."Pressure may bring us distress, but it doesn't mean we can't find ways out," Chen says. "Life should be imaginative."(China Daily) 压力过大的白领们正在用爬楼、露营屋顶、去发泄餐厅砸盘子、“扮嫩”、甚至游墓地的方式给自己减压。随着中国经济蒸蒸日上,卡拉OK、打牌以及拳击俱乐部等曾经流行的方式如今已失去吸引力。在上海的Cat Rain俱乐部,白天,一群年轻女孩做做行政工作;到了晚上,她们就爬到楼顶上去过夜。25岁的宫颖说:“这是释放压力的好方法。当你坐在楼顶上,看看天空,和好朋友聊聊天,你会感到很放松。”不仅仅是上海人工作压力大。近日在北京开业的一家餐厅为顾客提供“砸盘子”务,砸碎的盘子由顾客买单。尽管这种“奢侈”的务引发了一些争论,但一些心理学家分析说,这种做法反映出一些白领人士想要发泄心中郁闷的愿望。一些白领人士甚至想“还童”。今年五月,共有几百人参加了一个“成人儿童节”。这个活动只允许成年人参加。参加这一活动的人可以一整天都看漫画书、吃糖果。公园、河流这样的景点也有助于人们减压,理清头绪。但墓地呢?今年三月,上海陵园公司组织了一场白领减压墓地游活动。活动参与者被带到墓地中安静的地方,他们可以在那儿思考人生和未来。IT界营销人士陈斌就比较喜欢在楼顶上露营,她说,她已经在楼顶上露营了大约30次了。除此之外,她还有其它几个“刺激”的爱好,比如滑降和滑伞。她说:“压力会导致情绪低落,但这并不是说没有办法来减压。生活应该有点想象力。” /200803/30014。