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  • Don#39;t feel you measure up when it comes to leggy ladies? It#39;s just a matter of sizing up the competition.面对双腿修长身材高挑的女性,觉得自己配不上?看一下以下建议,你完全没必要担心。Step 1 Overcome your own prejudice1.克偏见Overcome your own prejudice. If _you_ feel that being short is something to be ashamed of, women will pick up on that – and low self-esteem is a bigger turnoff than anything else.克自身的偏见。如果你自己都觉得身材矮小是让人羞耻的事情,女性们也会这么认为——相对其他因素,自卑是更大的障碍。Don#39;t bother wearing lifts. At some point, they have to come off, and the jig is up!不要使用增高鞋垫。在某些时候,鞋垫降下来,你才能看上去更高。Step 2 Ignore height2.忽略身高When you meet a woman, make no references to height – yours _or_ hers. Tall women find cracks about their size just as irritating as you find comments about yours.当你和一位女子会面的时候,不要提到身高的问题,无论是你的还是她的。就像你认为自己身材矮小是缺陷,高个女子也为自己太高而烦恼。Step 3 Reach for the sky3.挑战极限Go for the _really_ tall gals. They#39;re used to dating men that are shorter than them, so they may be more receptive to your advances than a woman who is only tall in relation to you.约会那些非常高的女孩子。她们已经习惯了和比自己矮的男孩约会,所以,相对于那些只是比你稍微高一点的女孩,她们更容易接受你的身高。Step 4 Look successful4.看上去成功Look prosperous when you#39;re on the prowl. It#39;s no secret that wealth tends to trump height, so invest in the successful man#39;s uniform: a well-cut suit, good shoes, and a status watch.当你徘徊不前的时候,让自己看上去像成功人士一样。财富通常会胜过身高,这已经不是秘密。所以,购买一套成功人士的行头:剪裁精良的套装,质量上乘的鞋子,一块名表。_Look_ successful, but _be_ unassuming. Otherwise, you#39;ll look like you#39;re trying too hard to impress.看上去成功,但是不要装腔作势。否则,你会看上去穿凿附会。Step 5 Be friendly, not forward5.友好而不鲁莽When approaching a woman, be friendly, not forward. Assume you have to overcome her resistance to dating a shorter man by showing her what a smart, funny, generous person you are before you ask her for her phone number.接近一位女士的时候,要友好而不鲁莽。在索要她的电话号码的时候,假定一下自己应该怎样向她展示自己多么聪明,风趣,慷慨,克她的拒绝。Step 6 Give the short gals a chance!6.给矮女孩一个机会If things don#39;t work out with the statuesque gals, set your sights a little lower. There are plenty of shorter women out there who#39;d love to look up to a guy like you.如果实在追不上身材高挑的女孩,可以把眼光放低一点。较矮一点的女孩到处都是,他们或许乐意找你这样的男孩。 Article/201301/223034。
  • 化妆品警察宝拉.培冈破解美容误区:根据年龄选择护肤品?Myth: You should choose skin-care products based on your age. Fact: Many products on the market are supposedly designed for a specific age group, especially for “mature” women, mature usually refers to women over 50--but does that mean if you are under 50 you’re immature? Nonetheless, before you buy into any of these arbitrary age divisions, ask yourself why the over-50 group is always lumped together. According to this logic, someone who is 40 shouldn’t be using the same products as someone who is 50, but someone who is 80 should be using the same products as someone who is 50. To clear up the confusion what you need to know is that skin has different needs based on skin type, not age. Not everyone in the same age group has the same skin type. Your skin-care routine depends on how dry, sun-damaged, oily, sensitive, thin, blemished, or normal it is, all of which have nothing to do with age. Then there are issues of rosacea, psoriasis, allergies, and other skin disorders, which again, have nothing to do with age. Plenty of young women have dry skin, and plenty of older women have oily skin and breakouts (particularly those women experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal hormone fluctuation). Turning 50 does not mean a woman should assume that her skin is drying up and that she must begin using ‘mature skin’ moisturizers which are almost always just products designed for dry skin. Plus, there is no research showing that “older” skin needs something different then younger skin. And for many women over 50 (including me) it definitely does not mean that the battle with blemishes is over, and there are no products designed for older women that address any special needs other then dry skin! Article/201105/138105。
  • 【视频欣赏】How To Clear Up Office Clutter on Howcast【视频文本】If that clutter-clogged office or cubicle has you frazzled, these tips will give you peace of mind and a more organized space.You Will NeedWire paper trays 3-ring binders File folders Shredder Recycle bin Closet or dress screen Multi-surface cleaner Paper towels Step 1: Make a plan(做好计划,将要用到的文件进行归类)Make a plan to best use the wire paper trays, three-ring notebooks, and file folders and decide what documents should go where.Documents that you reference daily should be easily accessible while everything else should be filed away for longer-term storage.Step 2: Take your time(一天收拾一些,不要急于一时)Take your time clearing the clutter and don’t try to tackle everything at once. Break up your office or cubicle into small sections.Step 3: Transfer loose notes(将零散的记录放在一个本子上,或者是电脑上)Transfer loose notes, such as contact information or dates and times of meetings, to one document on your computer or bulletin board.Step 4: Remove personal items(将私人物品挪开)Remove personal items, such as food containers, knick knacks, magazines, books, and electronic devices, that are not work-related.Step 5: Shred or recycle documents(将没有用的文件全部处理掉)Shred or recycle paper documents that you no longer need or that are out-of-date. File everything else in a notebook, folder, or in a tray.Open and file the day’s mail as soon as you receive it so it doesn’t get lost or create more desk clutter.Step 6: Hide everything else(将一些平时很少用到的文件放在陈列柜子里)Use a closet or dress screen to hide messy bookshelves, file cabinets, and reference materials that are used only occasionally.Step 7: Wipe away dust(清楚桌子上的灰尘)Clean and wipe away dust and crumbs with a simple multi-surface cleaner and paper towels.The President’s Oval Office was not constructed until the Taft administration in 1909 and today’s Oval Office was added by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934.The modern day Oval Office was not constructed until the Roosevelt administration in 1934. Article/201006/106185。
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