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Donald Trump#39;s ex-wife Ivana Trump is set to publish a book with Simon And Schuster. And it#39;s not about politics.美国总统特朗普的前妻伊万娜·特朗普将在西蒙·舒斯特出版社出版一本书,不过无关政治。Entitled, ;Raising Trump,; the ;non-partisan, non-political; book will detail Ivana#39;s experience raising her three children with Donald Trump -- Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. -- according to the publishing house.这本名为《培育特朗普》的书“无关党派,无关政治”,将讲述伊万娜如何养育她和特朗普的3个子女--伊万卡·特朗普、埃里克·特朗普和小唐纳德·特朗普。It#39;s set to be published in September under Simon And Schuster#39;s Gallery Books Group.这本书预计由西蒙·舒斯特图书出版社在今年9月出版。Ivana Trump said in a statement that the book will share ;unfiltered personal stories about Don, Eric, and Ivanka from their early childhood to becoming the #39;first sons and daughter.#39;;伊万娜·特朗普在一份声明中称,这本书将分享“关于唐纳德、埃里克和伊万卡从孩提时代到成为#39;第一子女#39;的过程中,未经过滤的个人故事”。The book will also discuss Ivana#39;s childhood growing up in communist Czechoslovakia and detail her journey to New York, marriage to Donald Trump and her business successes.同时,这本书还将分享伊万娜小时候在捷克的成长故事,以及她前往纽约的旅途、如何嫁给特朗普和她在事业上的成功等。Ivana, 68, made a name for herself in the business world when she took on large responsibilities within the Trump Organization while she was still married to Donald Trump.伊万娜今年68岁,在特朗普集团担任要职时,在商界赫赫有名。那时她还是特朗普的妻子。In his book, ;Trump: The Art of the Deal,; Trump referred to Ivana as a ;great manager; and described her as ;demanding and very competitive.; He also put her in charge of running Trump#39;s Castle in Atlantic City, rather than hiring an outside general manager.特朗普曾在《特朗普:交易的艺术》一书中称伊万娜为一位“很棒的管理者”,并说她“要求非常高,很有竞争力”,还让她负责大西洋城的特朗普城堡管理,而不是外聘经理。Ivana Trump became Donald Trump#39;s first wife in 1977, and the pair divorced in 1990. Trump#39;s fourth child, Tiffany, was born to his second wife Marla Maples. His ten-year-old son Barron was born to Trump#39;s current wife, Melania, in 2006.伊万娜1977年嫁给特朗普,成为她的第一任妻子,他们在1990年离婚。特朗普的第四个孩子蒂凡尼·特朗普是他和第二任妻子玛勒·梅普尔斯所生。他10岁的小儿子巴伦是和现任夫人梅拉尼娅于2006年所生。 /201703/500099

A Brief Introduction of the Painted Clay Crafts塑简介Among the Chinese folk arts, the painted clay crafts are unique in their style. They are beautifully shaped, vivid, lively and lovely. They have become an art that is appealing to both the elite and the unsophisticated. The history of the painted clay crafts goes bock to the Ming Dynasty, more than 600 years ago. Popular themes include mystical and historical figures,animals as well as fruits. The process of making such clay crafts is not very complicated. The artisan will first make a model,then make roughcast afterthe model by using a mixture of clay and pulp, which are to be sun - dried, powdered, painted and finally varnished.在中国的民间艺术中,绘泥塑工艺品的风格是独一无二的。它们造型优美,生动,活泼,可爱。它们已经成为一门艺术,精美和质朴无华。绘泥塑工艺品的历史可以追溯到600多年前的明代。热门主题包括神秘的和历史性的人物,动物以及水果。这种绘泥塑工艺品的制作过程也不是很复杂。工匠会先制作一个模型,然后用粘土和纸浆的混合物将它们做成毛坯模型后在太阳下自然干,涂粉,描画,最后上漆。 /201610/470203

  What Are Some Bizarre Cultural Traditions of Ancient Egypt?古埃及有哪些奇葩的文化传统?The ancient Egyptians had the bizarre habit of drawing and painting themselves like dark-skinned Africans.古埃及人有一个奇葩的习惯,就是把他们自己画得像黑皮肤的非洲人。Sacrificing beautiful girls by throwing them into the Nile.将漂亮的女孩子投入尼罗河来进行献祭。The living shared food with the dead.活人与死人共享食物。An Egyptian tradition that is carried on until.this day is that of ;Sham sl Nassim; or the first day of Spring.Egyptian families go and have a picnic by the Nile where they eat clouded hard boiled eggs in b and dried fish, often Nile perch.一项埃及传统发展至今,那就是春天的第一天。埃及家庭出外在尼罗河畔进行野炊,通常他们吃黑乎乎的夹着煮老的鸡蛋的面包以及鱼干,通常是尼罗河的鲈鱼。Both men and women kept their hair shaved, and wore wigs on their bald heads.男人和女人都把头发剃光,然后戴上假发。Masturbating into the Nile river.在尼罗河里进行XXXX。This was both a cultural and religious practice.这是一项文化和宗教活动。Ancient Egyptians considered masturbation to be extremely important and many of them thought that when a God masturbates, it is some kind of…magic? Some even thought that the Nile river was created that way.古埃及人认为XXXX是极其重要的,并且他们当中许多人都认为一位神的XXXX可以算是一项奇迹。甚至有些人还认为尼罗河就是由XXXX创造而成。(英语君表示三观已飞) /201704/502855

  Black garlic黑大蒜Black food tends to have negative connotations, though there is an emerging trend for black versions – from rice or pasta to burger buns – white garlic that’s been naturally fermented –Black garlic was developed in Korea. It’s lower in allicin than fresh garlic (good for heart health and fighting infections) but is a much better source of tumor-busting antioxidants and contains more calcium and protein. It’s also sweeter and less pungent and is wonderful roasted. Buy online.虽然黑色食物往往都有负面影响,但韩国现在却逐渐研发黑大蒜——从大米或意大利面到汉堡面包——会自然发酵白大蒜。黑大蒜的大蒜素低于新鲜大蒜(有益于心脏健康和抵抗感染),但却是抗癌、抗氧化剂的更好来源,而且还含有更多的钙元素和蛋白质。黑大蒜更甜、没那么辣,烤的甚是好吃。可在线购买哦!Jackfruit菠萝蜜One of Google Trends’ rising stars in 2016, jackfruit is a large, cumbersome, bumpy-skinned fruit. Grown mainly in Asia, it’s notorious for its noxious smell but contains tasty yellow-orange lobes that are high in Vitamin C and seeds rich in calcium, iron, potassium and protein. Thanks to its nutritional content and high yield it’s now hailed as a superfruit to feed the hungry and it#39;s versatile, too, being used in everything from curries to ice cream. Find in Asian supermarkets.菠萝蜜是2016年谷歌热词中冉冉升起的明星之一,是一种大而笨重、外皮粗糙的水果。菠萝蜜主要生长于亚洲,味道很臭,但黄橙色的果肉十分美味,且富含维他命C,其种子富含钙元素、铁元素、钾元素和蛋白质。由于菠萝蜜营养丰富、产量高,因此被誉为超级水果,可抵御饥饿,用途繁多,从咖喱到冰激凌,都可搭配菠萝蜜食用。可在亚洲超市购买。Dragon fruit火龙果With ‘scaled’ pink and green skin and pink-rimmed white flesh with tiny black seeds, dragon fruit is one of the most stunning fruits available. It’s ubiquitous in Asia though less common elsewhere, although Asian and larger supermarkets sell it. Though the flesh is mild it’s an excellent source of Vitamin C, while the seeds are rich in essential fatty acids – specifically oleic acid, which regulates cholesterol levels. Eat fresh, add to fruit salads or juice for a refreshing drink.火龙果呈“鳞片状”,表皮有粉绿两色,其果肉呈白色,边缘呈粉色,布满了黑色的小籽,是最有营养的水果之一。火龙果在亚洲十分普遍,在其他地方却很少见,但是亚洲超市或大型超市都有售卖。尽管其果肉味道不浓,但却是维他命C的极佳来源,黑籽则富含必要脂肪酸——尤其是可调节胆固醇水平的油酸。可直接吃,也可搭配水果沙拉、或是榨出新鲜果汁。Jujube枣Not to be confused with an American candy by the same name (also called jujyfruits, the candy used to contain jujube juice) jujubes – or Chinese red dates – are much vaunted for their nutritional value, being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, and for their sleep-inducing properties (there’s a jujube tea for evening consumption). These large-olive-sized fruits also encourage digestion and relieve constipation. Buy online and add to cakes and oatmeal, or make into juice or jam.千万别和同名美国糖果jujubes(也叫做jujyfruits,这款糖果曾含枣汁)搞混了——也叫做中国大红枣——它们的营养价值(富含维他命C和抗氧化剂)有利于促进睡眠(晚上可饮一杯枣茶)。这个和橄榄差不多大的水果也能促消化、缓解便秘。可在线购买,也可在蛋糕和燕麦片中加入大枣,还可自制大枣汁或大枣果酱。Kimchi泡菜Synonymous with Korean cuisine, kimchi is a fermented cabbage dish with garlic, chilies, fish sauce and salt that’s lauded for its probiotic properties (good for digestion and the immune system). Most Korean meals come with a side dish of kimchi, and it can also be eaten alongside other Asian dishes or simply with rice, in pancakes or omelets, or on top of hot dogs. Buy online or at Asian supermarkets.也就是韩国的那道菜,泡菜是用大白菜、大蒜、辣椒、鱼酱和盐发酵而成的,因其益生菌属性而备受称赞(有益于消化、促进免疫系统)。很多韩国菜都配有泡菜,可与其它亚洲菜配着吃,也可直接配着大米、煎饼或煎蛋卷吃或是放在热上。可在线购买或在亚洲超市购买。译文属 /201612/484695。

  Nearly half of millennials fear their addiction to social media is having a negative effect on their mental and physical health.将近一半的千禧一代为他们因沉迷于社交媒体对身心健康产生的消极影响感到忧虑。A new survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) found about 90 per cent of people aged 18-29 were using social media, up from just 12 per cent in 2005.美国心理学协会的最新研究表明,在18到29岁年龄段中有90%的人使用社交软件,在2005年仅有12%。The APA report said: “Technology has improved life for many Americans, and nearly half of this country’s adults say they can’t imagine life without their smartphones.美国心理学协会报道:“科技提高了很多美国人的生活质量,有将近一半的城市成年人称他们无法想象没有智能手机的生活。”“The survey showed, nearly all adults (99 per cent) own at least one electronic device (including a television). Almost nine in 10 (86 per cent) own a computer, 74 per cent own an internet-connected smartphone and 55 per cent own a tablet.“研究表明,几乎所有成年人(99%)拥有至少一个电子设备(包括电视)。将近十分之九的人(86%)拥有电脑,74%的人拥有可网络连接的智能手机,55%的人拥有平板电脑。”“At the same time, numerous studies have described consequences of technology use, including negative impacts on physical and mental health.”“同时,许多研究论述了使用高科技后的影响,包括对身心健康的消极影响。”Of the social media platforms, Facebook was the most frequently visited with 79 per cent on adults using it last year.脸书是人们最常使用的社交媒体平台,去年有79%的成年人在使用。In second place was Instagram with 32 per cent, then Pinterest and LinkedIn, both on 29 per cent, and Twitter with 24 per cent.其次是Ins,有32%人使用,再有29%的人使用Pinterest和LinkedIn,有24%的人使用推特。Many millennials, defined as those aged between 18 and 37, were concerned about how much time they were spending on social media.许多千禧一代,指年龄在18至37岁的人,十分关心他们花了多少时间在社交媒体上。“Almost half (48 per cent) worry about the negative effects of social media on their physical and mental health,; the report said.“将近一半(48%)的人担心社交媒体对他们身心健康造成的消极影响。”报道说。The researchers also identified a group of people so attached to their gadgets that they were constantly or often checking their emails, texts or social media accounts.研究人员还发现了一部分人十分依赖他们的工具,他们经常检查他们的邮箱、记事本或者社交媒体账户。APA said: “More than a decade after the emergence of smartphones, Facebook and Twitter, a profile is emerging of the #39;constant checker#39;. Such avid technology and social media use has paved the way for the #39;constant checker#39;, those who constantly check their emails, texts or social media accounts.”美国心理协会说:“智能手机、脸书和推特兴起后十多年,‘持续检查者’也开始兴起。这样狂热的科技和社交媒体流行风潮为那些经常检查邮箱、记事本和社交媒体账户的‘持续检查者’铺平了道路。”These ‘constant checkers’ reported higher stress levels than their less-connected peers.据报道,这些“持续检查者”的压力系数高于那些不太依赖社交媒体的人们。On a 10-point scale, with one being little or no stress and 10 being a great deal of stress, this group reported overall stress levels of 5.3 compared to an average of 4.4.在十分制评估模型里,1代表很少或者没有压力,10代表压力很大。这一类人的压力系数是5.3,高于平均数值4.4。译文属 /201703/500204


  Chinchillas are, without a doubt, one the cutest animal species ever. With their bushy tails, tiny ears, long whiskers, and adorably fluffy fur, the little creatures can truly make you say ;awww;. In fact, it is said that their fur is the softest out of all land mammals!南美栗鼠(龙猫)无疑是最萌的动物之一。毛茸茸的尾巴,小耳朵长胡须,蓬松的皮毛惹人爱。这一小生灵真的可以让你“哇”一声惊叹。事实上,据说其皮毛是所有陆地动物里最柔软的。So, to celebrate the beauty of these little rodents, a list of cute baby chinchillas has been put together. Beware - it#39;s a cuteness overload waiting to happen!所以,为庆贺这小小啮齿动物之美,把一溜列可爱的栗鼠宝宝集中在了一起。小心,眼前会超乎想象萌化你。 /201701/487929



  Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma said last Tuesday the Internet should be a utility available to the whole world, putting his weight behind a U.N. call for e-commerce to boost developing economies and help fight poverty.阿里巴巴总裁马云于上周二表示,互联网应该成为全世界所用的实用工具,并持联合国所呼吁的通过电子商务促进发展中国家的经济增长及解决贫困问题。Ma, who advises the ed Nations trade and development agency UNCTAD on small business and young entrepreneurs, was the star attraction at a conference on e-commerce for development.作为联合国贸易和发展会议青年创业和小企业特别顾问,在一个有关电子商务平台发展的会议上,马云展现了明星般的吸引力。;The Internet should be treated as a utility and should be treated also as the infrastructure of global development,; he said. ;Everything will be online and everything online will have data. And data will be the energy for innovation.;马云说道:“互联网是一种公共设施,我们应该利用互联网促进全球发展。在将来,所有事情都会在网上进行,每件事都会有相关的数据,而数据就是创新的能源。”UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi said he and Ma would meet in Kigali in July with 10 African presidents and young entrepreneurs, aiming to persuade the politicians of their responsibility to help their young populations realize their potential.联合国贸易和发展会议秘书长穆希萨·基图伊表示,他和马云将在7月份前往基加利,与10位非洲总统和年轻企业家会晤,以使政治家们担起发掘年轻人潜力的责任。Ma said his first trip to Africa would focus on e-commerce payment to support inclusive and sustainable development, as well as education and environmental protection.在第一次非洲之旅中,马云的工作重点将会是在非洲推广电子付,以促进非洲国家的包容性和可持续发展,以及发展教育和环境保护。Ma, a Chinese citizen, said he would bring a big group of Chinese business leaders looking for business opportunities and partnership in Africa.作为一个中国人,马云表示,他将会带领一大群中国的商业领袖在非洲寻找生意和合作机会。He said Alibaba Group Holding Ltd had created 33 million jobs in China because each small business online could create at least three jobs. He met U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in January and said the firm would create a million U.S. jobs.他表示,阿里巴巴集团为中国创造了3300万份就业,因为每一家网商至少会解决三个人的就业。一月份,马云与美国总统唐纳德·特朗普见面时曾承诺将在美国创造100万份就业。 /201705/507489


  What Types Of Food Do Western People Eat That Chinese Find Disgusting?有哪些老外的美食让中国人恶心?Blue-mold cheese:蓝纹奶酪Maggot cheese:意大利蛆虫乳酪Goat Milk Cheese (because of the strong smell):羊奶酪(气味强烈)Eel pie (we are not against pie nor eel, it’s just the eel could use more chopping):英国鳗鱼派(我们不是讨厌吃派或者是鳗鱼,就是麻烦切切好吗?)Stargazy pie (I’m sure the taste is just fine. The issue is the fish-buried-alive look):仰望星空派(我想说其实味道还不错,但问题是感觉鱼像是被活埋的。)Steak Tartare鞑靼牛排Most French cuisine, even dishes other westerners find unacceptable like snails, frogs, rabbits (even their heads), cow tongues, we Chinese are generally okay with them.大部分法国料理,对于除法国以外的西方人也是觉得难以下口的,比如蜗牛、青蛙、兔子(甚至包括兔头)、牛舌,但是在我们大天朝看来都不在话下。 /201702/491510

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