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Good evening! It is a great honor for me to share this stage with the Lord Mayor, chief executive of Hannover, with Mr. Yang, and in a few minutes with Chancellor Kohl.各位晚上好!非常荣幸能够与汉诺威市市长、Yang 先生共同出席今晚的会议,非常荣幸能与科尔总理共同度过这个美好的夜晚。I have been looking forward to this evening for a long time, because I have known for many years how important CeBIT is to the global Information Technology industry. 我一直在盼望今晚的到来,因为很多年以前我就知道 CeBIT 对全球信息技术产业有多么重要。So before I go any further I want to thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this important forum.因此在演讲之前我首先要对你们邀请我参加这个重要的会议表示衷心的感谢。Now I have given a lot of thought as to what I would say to you this evening. On the one hand, I am here as a representative of the Information Technology industry on the event that is bigger by orders of magnitude than any other technology exhibit. 对于今晚要说的内容我想过很多。一方面,我是作为信息技术产业界的代表出席这次比其它任何技术展览会的规模都大的会议的。That is quite a statement in a industry that is good at many things, especially celebrating its own creations. 我们的工业是一个对很多事情都很拿手的工业,尤其善于庆祝其自己的创造发明。On the other hand, like most of you, I have spent most of my professional life as a customer of this industry. 另一方面,和你们大多数人一样,我的绝大部分职业生涯也是作为这个产业的消费者渡过的。So I know that after the splash and promises comes the harsh light of morning and often the customer is left standing alone wondering what happened, or as the head of one of our most important German customers put it, ;Yours is an industry that is very good at weddings and not so good at marriages.; 因此,我知道一通承诺之后必将是黎明眩目的阳光。消费者常常被撇在一边,琢磨着发生了什么事,或者象我们一个非常重要的德国客户的首脑所说的那样,“你们的产业好象对结婚典礼非常在行,但对婚姻却不太懂。”201312/267407Empathy is at the heart of the actors art. And in high school, another form of acting took hold of me. I wanted to learn how to be appealing. So I studied the character I imagined I wanted to be that of the generically pretty high school girl and I researched her deeply, that is to say shallowly, in Vogue, in Seventeen, and in Mademoiselle Magazines. I tried to imitate her hair, her lipstick, her lashes, the clothes of the lithesome, beautiful and generically appealing high school girls that I saw in those pages. I ate an apple a day, period. I peroxided my hair, ironed it straight. I demanded brand name clothes, my mother shut me down on that one. But I did. I worked harder on this characterization really than anyone I think Ive ever done since. I worked on my giggle. I lightened it. Because I like it when it went, kind of ;ehuh; and the end ;eheeh;, ;ehaeaahaha;. Because I thought it sounded child-like, and cute. This was all about appealing to boys and at the same time being accepted by the girls, a very tricky negotiation. Often success in one area precludes succeeding in the other.移情是表演艺术的核心。高中的时候,我对另外一种表演很着迷:我想学习如何让自己有吸引力。所以,我想象出一个受欢迎的校园美女,深入地研究她,简单地说,就是模仿《时尚》、《十七岁》或者《女王杂志》中那样的女孩。我模仿杂志页上那些温柔的漂亮、而有魅力的校园美女。模仿她们的发型、唇膏、睫毛、装。我有段时间一天只吃一个苹果,我染了头发,拉直了它。我要买名牌装,但是我妈妈不同意,事实上我还是买了。我付出比以前任何时候都多的努力来实践这个角色。我还在笑声上下功夫,轻声地咯咯笑,我喜欢这样是因为笑声快消逝的时候,有“嗯哼”或者“嗯哼哼”这样的声音,显得很孩子气,而且很可爱。这一切都是为了吸引男生,同时被其他女生接纳,事实上,这是棘手的事情。通常在一个领域取得成功就会失去在其他领域取得成功的机会。201403/278965Well, its almost 2016 and I want to begin by wishing everybody in Britain a very happy New Year. For the Green Party, were looking forward with optimism, confidence and determination. 2015 was a huge year for us. We saw our membership more than triple. We saw 1.1 million votes in the General Election, more than four times more votes than weve ever won before. We saw the return of Caroline Lucas as our brilliant Green MP. So 2016 – this is the year in which we need to turn the Green surge into Green votes and thats what were determined to do. What we need to do is, up and down the country, provide people with the real alternative. And that is what we are doing. Because so many people, up and down the country, when we look at the local council elections that are coming up, are facing local government thats totally, or almost, a one-party state. They are finding that theyre not having the tough questions asked. The local council isnt getting the scrutiny it needs. So, sure, local councils are suffering enormously under the governments hideous program of austerity, but we should always be asking: Can they do better? Can they look after particularly the more vulnerable in their community better? Can they do a better job with their local environment? So, in the Council elections, were looking to really grow our number of Green councillors across England and Wales. And then weve got the assembly elections in Wales and in London. And these are the chance where we can significantly grow our representation, win our first assembly members in Wales in what are fair proportional elections, in which people can be sure that their vote counts. If you vote for what you believe in, you can get it. And of course, our sister party up in Scotland is looking forward with real confidence and enthusiasm to the Scottish Parliament elections there. What we want, one of the things we need to be getting out of 2016, is the same kind of elections, fair proportional elections all around the county, particularly to Westminster and of course getting rid of our un-elected House of Lords. It was in 1918 when women got the vote. That was the last time we saw significant reform in the Westminster Parliament. Now, it really is time for us to think again, look again, plan again, and get real change in our democracy. To get to a situation where people know that their vote counts, they dont have to make complicated calculations about what other people are going to vote, they can simply vote for what they want and get it. Thats what I would urge everyone to make a resolution for 2016. To do your bit towards electoral reform. It is, after all, our human right to have a fair democracy that reflects our political will. And of course, in 2016, were also going to have to be defending our human rights. Human Rights Act is under attack from our government and we need to stand up and defend it. So a new year, new possibilities. Weve got a government that doesnt have a mandate for the hideous austerity that its imposing, for the disastrous environmental policies, for its threats to our human rights. This government only won the support of 24% of eligible voters. Thats no kind of mandate. Lets pledge in 2016 to ensure that we make real progress toward the real change we need, a political system that works for the common good, not just for the few of the richest and a political system that delivers a society where were living within our environmental limits. And after all, at the end of the day, thats not politics, its physics. We have to do it. We have to have real change in Britain.201601/421566

Theres only one little entrance to the entire building,整座大楼只有一个小小的入口,and the 3,000 residents come in and out through that single door.3000居民从这里通过这一个门进出。Together, the inhabitants created public spaces and designed them to feel more like a home and less like an unfinished tower.居住者合力建立了公共空间 并设计德使这里多一点家的感觉少一点烂尾楼的感觉。In the lobby, they painted the walls and planted trees.在大堂,他们粉刷了墙面,种植了树。They also made a basketball court.他们还建了一个篮球场。But when you look up closely,但是当你近距离观察时,you see massive holes where elevators and services would have run through.可以看到很多的洞,这是当初设计给电梯和其它的务设施。Within the tower, people have come up with all sorts of solutions in response to the various needs which arise from living in an unfinished tower.在大楼里,人们想出了各种解决方案以应对不同的需求,由于居住在这个烂尾楼里。With no elevators,由于没有电梯,the tower is like a 45-story walkup.大楼像个45层的步行高楼。Designed in very specific ways by this group of people who havent had any education in architecture or design.这群没有受过任何建筑和设计培训的居民以一种独特的方式设计了大楼的使用。And with each inhabitant finding their own unique way of coming by,而当每个居住者发现他们自己独特的生活居住方式时,this tower becomes like a living city,这座大楼好像变成了一座居住的城市,a place which is alive with micro-economies and small businesses.一个伴随着微观的经济和小商户的地方。The inventive inhabitants, for instance,比如,这些有创造力的居住者,find opportunities in the most unexpected cases,在最不可思议的情况下发现机遇,like the adjacent parking garage,比如毗邻的停车场,which has been reclaimed as a taxi route to shuttle the inhabitants up through the ramps in order to shorten the hike up to the apartments.被重新规划为一条出租车的路线搭载居民通过坡道以缩短到公寓的爬坡的距离。A walk through the tower reveals how residents have figured out how to create walls, how to make an air flow,穿过大楼的一路上展现了居民是如何想出怎么搭建墙体,怎么让空气流通,how to create transparency,怎么让大楼更加透亮,circulation throughout the tower,大楼的循环系统,essentially creating a home thats completely adapted to the conditions of the site.尤其是创造一个完全适应于周围环境的家园。201601/422584

I was one of the lucky ones, who got to shake his hand.我是和他握手的幸运者之一。Carter saw Baldwin County on my name tag that day and stopped to speak with me.卡特看见在我的名字标签上写着鲍德温县,于是停下来和我说话。He wanted to know how people were doing after the rash of storms that struck Alabama that year.他想知道人们在阿拉巴马州的风暴袭击后怎样了。Carter was kind and compassionate; he held the most powerful job in the world but he had not sacrificed any of his humanity.卡特善良,有同情心,他拥有世界上最有权势的工作,但他具有人道主义精神。I felt proud that he was president. And I felt proud that he was from the South.我为他是总统而感到自豪。更为他来自南方而感到自豪。In the space of a week, I had come face to face with two men who guaranteed themselves a place in history.在一个星期内,我已经与两个在历史上有着举足轻重地位的人打了照面。They came from the same region. They were from the same political party.他们来自同一个地区。他们来自同一个政党。They were both governors of adjoining states. But they looked at the world in very different ways.他们都是毗邻州的州长。但是他们用非常不同的方式看世界。It was clear to me, that one was right, and one was wrong.我很清楚,哪一个是正确的,哪一个是错误的。Wallace had built his political career by exploiting divisions between us.华莱士通过制造我们之间的分歧来建造他的政治生涯。Carters message on the other hand, was that we are all bound together, every one of us.另一方面,卡特主张是人们都是联系在一起的,包括我们中的每一个人。Each had made a journey that led them to the values that they lived by, but it wasnt just about their experiences or their circumstances, it had to come from within.每一个人都进行了一次旅程,引导他们找到他们生活的价值,但它不仅仅源自于他们的经历或生存环境,它必须来自内部。My own journey in life was just beginning. I hadnt even applied for college yet at that point.在生活中,我自己的旅程才刚刚开始。在那时我还没申请大学。For you graduates, the process of discovering yourself, of inventing yourself, of reinventing yourself is about to begin in earnest.对于你们毕业生而言,发现自己,开发自己,改造自己的进程正急不可待。Its about finding your values and committing to live by them.它关乎于找到你生活的价值观并去奉行。You have to find your North Star. And that means choices. Some are easy. Some are hard. And some will make you question everything.你必须找到你的北极星。这意味着选择。有些容易。有些困难。有些会让你质疑一切。Twenty years after my visit to Washington, I met someone who made me question everything.我访问华盛顿的20年后,我遇到了一位让我质疑一切的人。201512/414803

So actually there is a Big Brother. But hes not a malevolent fiction, hes actually all of us and he lives in our search engines. So no matter how many times I do the calculations, I come up with a social job, the positives bounce the negatives, the axis equal the wise, and our hopes weigh as much as our fears, but I hesitated on that last one because fear, good lord, fear is a powerful physiological force in 2011.所以事实上还是有“老大哥”。但是他不是恶毒的、虚幻的,他就是我们大家,而且他就在我们的搜索引擎里。所以,世界空间是变好还是变坏,不管我怎么算,都是它们打成平手。正面和负面的发展彼此抵消、蠢人和聪明人一样多、希望与恐惧两者并存。但是我对后者有些犹豫,因为恐惧,天啊,恐惧是2011年一股非常强大的生理力量。We here, up in the stands and surrounding your graduation class, look to you as we do every year, hoping you will now somehow, through your labors, free us from what we have come to fear, and we have come to fear many things. Fear has become the commodity that sells as certainly as sex. Fear is cheap. Fear is easy. Fear gets attention. Fear is sp as fast as gossip and is just as glamorous, juicy and profitable. Fear twists facts into fictions that become indistinguishable from ignorance. Fear is a profit-churning go-to with a whole market--being your whole family.我们站在这里的演讲台上,周围是即将毕业的你们,像每年一样,期待你们会通过你们的努力,让我们不再恐惧,而我们已对许多事情充满恐惧。恐惧成了很好卖的商品,跟性一样。恐惧很廉价,很容易制造,又引人注意。它传播快速、八卦耸动,而且有利可图。它把事实与虚构搅和在一起,让人由于无知而无法辨别。恐惧就是利润的搅拌器,有广泛的市场,也可以进入你的家里。Youre sitting in the house, one day, watching a game on TV not long ago along came a preamble for the local nightly news, ;Are our schools poisoning our children?;某一天,当你在家里看电视的球赛转播,看到了一则当地夜间新闻的预告:“学校是否在毒害我们的小孩?”That story in summer is hot bikinis at night eleven. In that I had school-age kids, at the time I feared, they were, in fact, being poisoned at school, and summer was a few weeks away. So, I turned in to get to school.夏天晚上11点时听到那个故事简直让人眼前一亮。因为家里有小孩在上学,我担心孩子们正在学校里受到毒害,而且马上就是夏天了,我特地在当晚收看。201406/306723

Your Excellency Mr. Fran#231;ois Hollande, President of France, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Your Excellency Mr. Laurent Fabius, President of COP21, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,You are here today to write the script for a new future, a future of hope and promise, of increased prosperity, security and dignity for all.In September, at the ed Nations, you adopted an inspiring, new sustainable development agenda with 17 sustainable development goals, endorsed by all the people of the world.You showed your commitment to act for the common good.It is now time to do so again.More than 150 world leaders have come to Paris and are here together in one place, at the same time, with one purpose.We have never faced such a test. A political moment like this may not come again.But neither have we encountered such a great opportunity at this time.You have the power to secure the well-being of this and succeeding generations.I urge you, distinguished leaders, to instruct your ministers and negotiators to choose the path of compromise and consensus and if necessary, flexibility. Bold climate action is in the national interest of every single country represented at this conference.The time for brinksmanship is over.Let us build a durable climate regime with a clear rule of the roads that all countries can agree to follow.Paris must mark a decisively turning point.We need the world to know that we are headed to a low-emissions, climate-resilient future, and that there is no going back.The national climate plans submitted by more than 180 countries as ours today, cover close to 100 percent of global emissions.This is a very good start. But we need to go much faster, much farther if we are to limit the global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius.The science has made it plainly clear.Even a 2-degree Celsius rise will have serious consequences for food and water security, economic stability and international peace and security.That is why we need a universal, meaningful and robust agreement here in Paris.I see four criteria for success.201512/416913

Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This nation is asking for action, and action now.但是,复兴不仅仅只要改变伦理观念。这个国家要求行动起来,现在就行动起来。Our greatest primary task is to put people to work. This is no unsolvable problem if we take it wisely and courageously. It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the government itself, treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our great natural resources.我们最大、最基本的任务是让人民投入工作。只要我信行之以智慧和勇气,这个问题就可以解决。这可以部分由政府直接征募完成,就象对待临战的紧要关头一样,但同时,在有了人手的情况下,我们还急需能刺激并重组巨大自然资源的工程。Hand in hand with that, we must frankly recognize the overbalance of population in our industrial centers and by engaging on a national scale in a redistribution in an effort to provide better use of the land for those best fitted for the land.我们齐心协力,但必须坦白地承认工业中心的人口失衡,我们必须在全国范围内重新分配,使土地在最适合的人手中发表挥更大作用。Yes,the task can be helped by definite efforts to raise the value of the agricultural product and with this the power to purchase the output of our cities. It can be helped by preventing realistically, the tragedy of the growing losses through fore closures of our small homes and our farms.是的,明确地为提高农产品价值并以此购买城市产品所做的努力,会有助于任务的完成。避免许多小家庭业、农场业被取消赎取抵押品的权利的悲剧也有助于任务的完成。 /201305/238814

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