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福建泉州新阳光医院是几甲医院福建省泉州市妇幼保健有四维彩超吗Zhao Dan (1915 ~1980)赵丹(1915 ~ 1980)Zhao Dan, born in Zhao Feng Chao in Nan Tong city, Jiangsu Province, whose ancestor hometown was in Feicheng, Shandong Province, was one of the most acclaimed and accomplished actors in Chinese film history.赵丹,原名赵凤朝,原籍山东肥城,出生于江苏南通,中国电影史上最卓越的男演员之一。He was fascinated with film and drama since childhood,which he spent in a theater that his father owned. In 1932,Li Pingqian, a famous director of Star Film Studio, took a fancy to him and made him act a rich playboy in silent film The Spring Dream of the Lute. Since then he became a basic actor in Star and starred in over 20 films like Twenty-Four Hours in Shanghai, Three Sisters, Go to Northwest, Nation#39;s Soul, Crossroad, Street Angel, etc. Since 1933, of which Crossroad and Street Angel Zhao played in 1936 and 1937, were two pieces that early revealed his talent. At the same time, he starred in world famous dramas such as Nala, Big Thunderstorm and Romeo and Juliet. His artistic talent in film and drama made him soon become an attractive drama actor and film star.赵丹自幼着迷影剧,童年在父亲开的剧院里度过。1932年被明星影片公司著名导演李萍倩看中,在无声片《琵琶春怨》中扮演一执跨子弟,从此成为明星影片公司的基本演员。1933年起,他先后参加拍摄了《上海二十四小时》、《三》、《到西北去》、《热血忠魂》、《十字街头》、《马路天使》等20多部影片。其中,1936年和1937年他主演的《十字街头》与《马路天使》是最早表现出他才华的优秀作品。与此同时,他还在世界名剧《娜拉》、《大雷雨》、《罗密欧与朱丽叶》中饰演主角。在影、剧两个方面露出的艺术才华,使他很快成为一名引人注目的话剧演员和电影明星。After the war broke out, Zhao began a creative relationship with director Zheng Junli, with the 1948 anti-Kuomintang drama-comedy, Crows and Sparrows which was the symbol of his performing arts. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, his playing historical figures in biographical films made his performing arts reach its peak. The three figures of Nie Er, Lin Zexu and Li Shizhen have been the immortal artistic images in Chinese film gallery.战争爆发后,他于1948年在反国民党的戏剧喜剧《乌鸦与麻雀》中与导演郑君里合作,该片是他表演艺术成熟的标志。五、六十年代,他在《李时珍》、《林则徐》、《聂耳》这三部传记影片中塑造的历史人物形象,达到当时我国表演艺术的高峰。李时珍、林则徐,聂耳这三个人物都成为中国电影画廊中不朽的艺术形象。Zhao Dan was a successful performing artist with many outstanding achievements. In the several decades of his film career, he appeared in 35 films, portrayed a series of brilliant roles. In 1995#39;s centennial commemoration of the birth of world film and 90 years of Chinese film, Zhao Dan was posthumously awarded the “Centennial Award” as one of the best actors in Chinese film.赵丹是我国卓有成就的表演艺术家。在他几十年的艺术生涯中,一共拍摄了35部故事片,塑造了一系列光辉的艺术形象。1995年,赵丹获得为纪念世界电影诞生100周年和中国电影诞生90周年而特设的中国电影“世纪奖”最佳男演 员奖。 /201605/443522福建泉州新阳光 Her Majesty the Queen has never yielded to fashion’s whims. As royal designer Sir Norman Hartnell said rather sternly to The New York Times in 1953: “The Queen and the Queen Mother do not want to be fashion setters. That is left to other people with less important work to do.”女王陛下从未心血来潮追逐潮流。正如皇家设计师诺曼#8226;哈特奈尔(Norman Hartnell)在1953年同纽约时报坚决地说道:“女王和女王的母亲并不想成为时尚的引领者。那是无名之辈做的事情。”The Queen is, in other words, above fashion. Her signature style originated at the start of her reign, and she has steadfastly refused to deviate – so no regrettable ‘70s prints or ill-judged ‘80s frills and flounces. The Queen’s style is constant and intrinsic to her identity – and although it may look effortless, it subtly sends out all the required messages. It says: unwavering authority, tact and diplomacy, and when the occasion demands it, knock-out, opulent elegance. 换句话来说,女王是凌驾于时尚之上的。她的专属风格从她登位之时形成,至今都未曾改变——因此也就不存在什么令人懊悔的70年代印刷或缺乏考虑的装饰与荷边。女王的风格一直保持着其身份的本质性烙印——尽管看起来毫无特意,但女王的风格却着实微妙地将所有所需信息传播了出去。女王的风格代表着这样一些东西:不可动摇的权威,外交手腕,以及需要时的强势与奢华的优雅。In her book Luella’s Guide To English Style, Luella Bartley lists some tongue-in-cheek Upper Class Rules of dressing: “Nothing should look new; Impractical fashion victims will catch their death of cold; If you have to try you have lost; Tradition is all that matters; The country is where it’s at.” The Queen’s uniform represents these codes. It’s her look and she’s sticking with it – and it speaks volumes. 在卢埃拉#8226;巴特利(Luella Bartley)的书《英国风格指南》当中,她列举了一些带有开玩笑性质的上层社会的穿衣准则:“不要穿看起来是新的衣;追求不切实际的时尚只会把你冻死;如果你非要尝试这种时尚,那么你就会迷失自我;传统才是最重要的;国家要容得下才行。”女王的制代表了这些准则。她的形象一直坚守着这些准则——并且有着崇高的话语权。The Queen’s sartorial choices frequently set the tone. For the Obamas’ recent visit to Windsor Castle for her 90th birthday, for instance, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were filmed arriving to meet their guests in the grounds of the estate – with the Duke himself at the wheel of the Range Rover. The Queen sported a light blue skirt suit – with her trademark, no-nonsense headscarf, knotted pragmatically under the chin. The understated mood was set – informal, friendly, familiar.女王御用裁缝的选择往往是定基调的人。例如,奥巴马出席了在温莎城堡举行的女王90大寿庆典,女王和爱丁堡公爵在众人瞩目之下到达,会见各位宾客。公爵一人在路虎揽胜旁等候。女王身穿一件淡蓝色裙装——带着她独一无二的标签,下巴下面结着充满实用意味的头巾。潜在的心情基调已被定下——非正式、友好、熟悉的氛围。The headscarf says unflashy, weather-proof, countryside, practical - and it has been a royal signature look since the 1940s when a young Princess Elizabeth was photographed with her sister Princess Margaret at a royal horse show, both sporting floral scarves. The look has also been adopted by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, and even taken on as a catwalk look in recent years by designers such as Dolce amp; Gabbana. In it the Queen is not just the Queen but the traditional, no-nonsense English countrywoman and grandmother, with dogs at her feet and a copy of the Racing Post tucked under her arm. That there is a touch of the ‘Brenda’ (Private Eye’s working-class nickname for the monarch) about the look only adds to its charm.女王的头巾并不俗丽,适合任何天气,具有乡村风格,而且很实用——自从20世纪40年代当年轻的伊莎贝尔公主和她的玛格丽特公主在一次皇家马术演出上拍下照片后就成了皇家的形象标志,在那张照片中,伊莎贝尔和玛格丽特都戴着带花的围巾。这一形象也受到杰奎琳#8226;肯尼迪和奥黛丽#8226;赫本的喜爱。最近这些年也被诸如杜嘉班纳的设计品牌所青睐,将其采纳作为走秀的时尚元素。女王不仅仅只是代表她本身,她还代表着整个传统,她是代表着国家的女人,是一位德高望重的祖母。在形象上与Brenda(工人阶层中给女王取的绰号)的接近只会增添自身的魅力。‘Always appropriate’“总是得体的”At Balmoral, the Queen goes even more off-duty in her look. From the 1950s it has remained unchanged – a tweed jacket or knitted twin-set, and a pleated Balmoral-tartan skirt. The tartan, with its granite grey, black and red hues, is personal to the royals and was created by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert after they acquired the Scottish estate. This unchanging attire of the Queen’s sends a subliminal message, not just about her character but about her class – after all, in certain circles, change, newness, trends and ostentation are somehow rather gauche, indicators of a kind of arriviste mentality.在条纹呢制衬裙方面,女王显得更加随意。从上世纪五十年代开始,女王在这方面就没什么变化——一件花呢外套或者女式两件套毛衣,以及一条起褶格子呢裙。花岗灰、红色与黑色的格子呢对于皇家来说具有个人意义,这是由维多利亚女王和艾伯特王子在获得苏格兰领土后创造的样式。这一永恒不变的女王饰传达了一个潜在的讯息,不仅仅是有关女王的性格,还有关于其所在的阶层——毕竟,在某些圈子里,改变、新潮、趋势以及卖弄都是一种暴发户心理的笨拙表现。The subtle code of #39;U and Non-U#39; explored by Nancy Mitford in the 1950s points to the many complex indicators in English society that separate the upper and the non-upper classes. Although most of these codes now feel outdated and snobby, the notion that flashiness is not quite ‘the thing’ persists in aristocratic circles. The pitch-perfect, on-message countryside dress code is a big part of the monarch’s sartorial story.南希#8226;米特福德(Nancy Mitford)在20世纪50年代探究的有关“上与不上”的微妙准则时,指出了英国社会众多复杂的用以区分上层与下层社会阶级的标志。尽管这些准则中的大多数都已过时并显得势利,但是夺人眼球不可取这一准则仍流行于上层社会圈。完美的并能传达信息的乡村饰准则在很大程度上只是属于君王裁缝的故事。“The Queen is always appropriate. What appeals is the Englishness of it, a kind of classic, timeless elegance,” says Caroline de Guitaut, curator of the UK exhibition Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from the Queen’s Wardrobe. “The exhibition is about memories,” de Guitaut tells B Culture. “The outfits shown span the majority of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, with many of the big occasions that were part of the Queen’s life and our lives.” “女王总是得体的。其吸引力在于其所展现的英国气质,那是一种古典的、永恒的优雅,”英国“时尚与统治”展览的策展人卡罗琳#8226;德吉托(Caroline de Guitaut)说。这一展览囊括了女王90年生涯中所涉及的饰风格。“这一展览有关记忆,”德吉托表示,“展出装的所在时间涵括了20世纪的绝大部分时期一直到21世纪,包括了女王生命中以及我们生命中的很多重大时刻。” /201606/450862Sometimes he forgets you#39;re a girl and doesn#39;t maintain hygiene standards when you#39;re around.  有时候他会忘记你是个女孩子,然后当你在他身边的时候,他并不保持卫生标准。  Seriously, farting is never funny and body odour is not cute.  说真的,放屁绝不会有趣,汗臭味也不会讨人喜欢。  You don#39;t have to worry about not getting a text back.  你不必担心不会收到短信回复。  Because you don#39;t fancy him, so it doesn#39;t matter if he takes two hours to reply back. Plus you can continuously text him until he replies and it#39;s not crazy.  因为你不会迷恋他,所以他两个小时之后回复你也无所谓。此外,你可以不断给他发短信直到他回复你,而这并不疯狂。  You know that you would be lost without him.  你知道没有他你会不知所措。  Because he is not just your best friend, he is your resident dating expert, your honest critic, and your bodyguard.  因为对你而言,他不仅仅是最好的朋友,也是固有的约会专家、坦率的家以及保镖。  Pure unadulterated friendship.  纯粹的友谊。 /201604/436040洛江区妇幼保健医院男科专家

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南安市中医院人流套餐 Johnson amp; Johnson, AbbVie and other large pharmaceutical companies on Sunday unveiled research showing that their drugs can improve the prospects of patients suffering from the deadliest forms of cancer, generating excitement at the world’s largest meeting of oncologists. 上周日,强生(Johnson amp; Johnson)、艾伯维(AbbVie)等大型制药公司披露的研究结果显示,它们研制的药品能改善患某些最致命形式癌症的人的存活前景,这件事在全球最大的肿瘤学家会议上引起了轰动。About 35,000 doctors and scientists gathered in Chicago at the weekend for the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Asco), where the results of more than 5,000 clinical trials were published.上周末,约3.5万名医生和科学家齐聚芝加哥,出席美国临床肿瘤学会(American Society of Clinical Oncology)年度会议。这次会议上发表了逾5000个临床试验的结果。The data from some studies fuelled hopes that drugmakers are on the cusp of a breakthrough in treating patients who have run out of options. 某些研究给出的数据给人们以这样的希望:在治疗那些已用尽现有疗法的患者方面,制药企业正处在取得突破的边缘。A large clinical trial of Darzalex, a drug being co-developed by Jamp;J, showed the medicine improved outcomes dramatically for patients suffering from multiple myeloma, an incurable bone marrow cancer that kills half its victims within five years. Darzalex是强生参与研制的一款药品。对Darzalex展开的一项大型临床试验显示,此药大幅改善了多发性骨髓瘤患者的治疗效果。多发性骨髓瘤是一种不可治愈的骨髓癌症,患者患病五年内的死亡率为50%。Combining the Jamp;J drug with another two medicines commonly given to multiple myeloma patients reduced the risk of a patient’s cancer becoming worse by about 70 per cent, according to a trial of almost 500 participants. 一项参与者将近500人的临床试验显示,将强生的这款药与另两款多发性骨髓瘤患者的常用药结合使用,会将患者癌症恶化的风险降低约70%。A fifth of patients on the Darzalex cocktail experienced a “complete response”, which means their cancer disappeared entirely, while a further 60 per cent had substantial tumour shrinkage. The combination was about twice as effective as the other two medicines alone.接受这种Darzalex鸡尾酒疗法的患者,有五分之一的人病情“完全缓解”——也就是说他们的癌完全消失了——还有60%的人肿瘤显著减小。这种组合的有效性约为只使用另两款药的两倍。“These results are unprecedented in this cancer,” said Dr Antonio Palumbo, an oncologist at the University of Torino in Italy, who led the study. The Darzalex combination would soon become the most common medicine given to multiple myeloma sufferers, he predicted. 领导这项研究的是意大利都灵大学(University of Torino)肿瘤学家安东尼奥#8226;帕伦士(Dr Antonio Palumbo)。他说:“对于这类癌症来说,这些结果是史无前例的。”他预计,Darzalex组合疗法很快就会成为多发性骨髓瘤患者最常用的治疗方案。A smaller trial of an experimental drug recently acquired by AbbVie was also shown to improve the chances of people suffering from another of the deadliest cancers, small-cell lung cancer, which tends to affect smokers.而对艾伯维最近收购的一款试验药品展开的一项较小型的临床试验,也显示出提高了患有另一类最致命癌症的人的存活几率。这种癌症就是小细胞肺癌,患这种癌的往往是吸烟者。This type of lung cancer sps throughout the body quickly, rarely responds to treatment, and claims the lives of more than 250,000 people a year. Just 3 per cent of patients survive for at least five years following diagnosis.这种肺癌在全身扩散很快,治疗也罕有效果,每年会夺去逾25万人的生命。确诊后的五年存活率只有3%。The drug, known as Rova-T, halted tumour growth in almost 90 per cent of patients with high levels of a specific protein, and shrank tumours in 39 per cent of sufferers, according to the study of about 71 participants, all of whom had failed to respond to other treatments.一项参与者约71人的研究显示,这款名为Rova-T的药物令几乎90%的、体内某种蛋白质水平较高的患者的肿瘤停止了生长,还令39%的患者肿瘤缩小。这71人此前尝试过其他疗法,但毫无效果。However, these patients on average survived for about six months after starting therapy, just one month longer that doctors would typically expect. 不过,这些患者在开始接受这项治疗后平均存活时间约为六个月,只比医生们通常预期的存活时间长一个月。Rova-T adopts a novel approach whereby a toxic agent is delivered directly into the tumour cell so it can kill the cancer without destroying healthy tissues as well. The method allows patients to be given larger doses of toxins than they would otherwise be able to tolerate.Rova-T采用了一种创新的方案:毒剂被直接送入肿瘤细胞,从而能在不破坏健康组织的情况下除掉癌变。这种方案使得患者能够接受超过他们原本耐受水平的毒素剂量。 /201606/448265泉州治疗急性化脓性乳腺炎多少钱福建泉州新阳光妇产医院做人流要多少钱



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