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泉州新阳光医院安溪无痛人流需要多少钱BEIJING — Volkswagen is recalling 1,950 diesel vehicles in China to correct engine software that the automaker has admitted cheats on emissions tests.北京——大众公司将在中国召回1950辆柴油汽车,修改发动机软件。大众承认,这个软件被用于在尾气检测中作弊。The recall applies to 1,946 Tiguan sport utility vehicles and four Passat B6 sedans, all of them imported, the company said Monday. It said technical solutions are being developed and have yet to be submitted to Chinese authorities for approval.大众周一说,本次召回涉及1946辆途观SUV和四辆帕萨特B6轿车,都是进口车。大众说,公司正在制定技术解决方案,方案还需要提交中国政府批准。Volkswagen#39;s business in China, the largest auto market by number of vehicles sold, has suffered little impact from the global emissions scandal due to the lack of popularity of diesel cars among Chinese drivers. But foreign companies are closely watched by Chinese authorities, and state media publicize suggestions of misconduct.中国是按销量计算最大的汽车市场。因为柴油车在中国车主中间很不普及,所以大众在中国的业务没有因为它的尾气丑闻受到太多影响。但外国公司往往受到中国政府的严密监督,官方媒体也会对不当行为的说法进行广泛报道。Europe#39;s biggest automaker has acknowledged it installed software dubbed ;defeat devices; on diesel vehicles. They switch on pollution controls when cars undergo emissions tests, but switch off during driving to improve performance.这家欧洲最大的汽车制造商已经承认在柴油车上安装了所谓的“失效装置”,在尾气检测时,可以开启环保模式,但在正常驾驶时则关闭环保模式,以提高性能。 /201510/403303泉州新阳光妇产官方网站 SHENZHEN, China — In a grimy workshop, among boiling vats of chemicals, factory workers are busy turning stainless steel rods into slender tube casings, a crucial component of electronic cigarettes. Not long ago, Skorite Electronics was a tiny firm struggling to produce pen parts. Today, it is part of an enormous — and virtually unregulated — supply chain centered here that produces about 90 percent of the world’s e-cigarettes.中国深圳——肮脏的车间里满是装着沸腾的化学品的大桶,工人们正忙着将不锈钢棒制作成细长的套管,这是电子烟的关键组件。不久之前,斯可瑞特电子有限公司(Skorite Electronics)还是一个靠生产笔的零件苦苦挣扎的小公司。如今,公司已经成为以这里为中心的一个巨大的——几乎不受管制的——供应链的一部分,世界上90%的电子烟都产自这里。This year, Chinese manufacturers are expected to ship more than 300 million e-cigarettes to the ed States and Europe, where they will reach the shelves of Walmart, 7-Eleven stores, gas station outlets and so-called vaping shops.今年,中国的制造商将向美国和欧洲运送逾3亿电子烟,它们将出现在沃尔玛(Walmart)、7-11(7-Eleven)、加油站商店,以及所谓的电子烟商店的货架上。The devices have become increasingly popular, particularly among young adults, and yet hundreds of e-cigarette manufacturers in China operate with little oversight. Experts say flawed or sloppy manufacturing could account for some of the heavy metals, carcinogens and other dangerous compounds, such as lead, tin and zinc, that have been detected in some e-cigarettes.电子烟越来越受欢迎,特别是在青年人中间,然而在中国运营的数以百计的电子烟生产商几乎不受监管。专家表示,目前已经在一些电子烟中检测到的重金属、致癌物质和铅、锡、锌的危险化合物,可能与存在缺陷或疏忽的生产过程有关。One study found e-cigarette vapor that contained hazardous nickel and chromium at four times the level they appear in traditional cigarette smoke; another found that half the e-cigarettes sampled malfunctioned and some released vapor tainted with silicon fibers.一项研究发现,电子烟蒸汽中有害物质镍和铬的含量是传统香烟烟雾的四倍;另一项研究发现,取样的电子烟有一半存在故障,有一些电子烟会释放含有硅纤维的蒸汽。There have also been reports in the ed States of e-cigarettes that exploded after a lithium ion battery or electric charger overheated, causing burns.此前美国有过锂电池或充电器过热导致电子烟爆炸的报道,爆炸造成了烧伤。“We need to understand what e-cigarettes are made of,” says Avrum Spira, a lung specialist at the Boston University School of Medicine, “and the manufacturing process is a critical part of that understanding.”“我们需要了解电子烟是由什么制成的,”波士顿大学医学院(Boston University School of Medicine)肺病专家阿夫鲁·斯皮拉(Avrum Spira)说。“为了了解这一点,我们需要了解它的生产过程。”A review by The New York Times of manufacturing operations in Shenzhen found that many factories were legitimate and made efforts at quality control, but that some were lower-end operations that either had no safety testing equipment or specialized in counterfeiting established brands, often with cheaper parts. The Times visited several such workshops in Shenzhen, including a counterfeiting shop set up in a garage and another that displayed a knockoff of an e-cigarette brand called “Russian 91%,” which the factory boss said was destined for the ed States.《纽约时报》有关深圳地区电子烟生产经营的调查显示,很多工厂都是合法生产,都在努力加强质量管控,但一些工厂属于低端经营,它们有的没有安全检测设备,有的专门伪造名牌产品,通常采用廉价零件。《纽约时报》走访了深圳的几家工厂,其中包括一家设在车库里的仿冒品车间,另一家工厂则展示了仿造电子烟品牌“Russian 91%”的产品,工厂老板表示,这些产品将销往美国。The e-cigarette industry in China has developed differently from other industries, like toys, apparel and smartphones, where global brands outsource their manufacturing here but monitor and enforce quality control standards. Chinese companies were the first to develop e-cigarettes, and that happened in a regulatory void. In the ed States, the Food and Drug Administration has just begun to move toward regulating e-cigarettes, working on rules that would force global producers, in China and elsewhere, to provide the agency with a list of ingredients and details about the manufacturing process.中国电子烟产业的发展道路与玩具、装及智能手机等产业不同。在那些产业中,国际品牌将生产任务外包给中国,但会监督、实施质量管控标准。中国公司最先研发了电子烟,并且是在监管缺失的情况下进行的。在美国,美国食品药品监督(Food and Drug Administration,简称FDA)刚刚开始准备对电子烟进行管控,制定规定,迫使中国及其他地方的生产商提供成分列表,以及生产过程的细节。But analysts say setting those rules and new manufacturing guidelines could take years. In the meantime, Chinese factories are quickening the pace, hoping to build profits and market share before regulatory scrutiny arrives and most likely forces many e-cigarette makers to close.但分析人士表示,制定规定及新的生产指南需要几年的时间。与此同时,中国工厂正在加快步伐,希望在受到监管者关注前盈利,占据市场份额,监管举措可能会迫使很多电子烟制造商关门。“This is really a chaotic industry,” says Jackie Zhuang, deputy general manager of Huabao International, a Chinese tobacco flavoring company in Shanghai and an expert on China’s e-cigarette market. “I hope it will soon be well regulated.”“这是一个非常混乱的产业,”上海烟草香料公司华宝国际公司副总经理、中国电子烟市场专家庄志强(音)说。“我希望,这个产业很快能得到有效管控。”In a five-square-mile area in the northwestern part of Shenzhen called Bao’an, in a district packed with industrial parks, there are believed to be more than 600 e-cigarette producers, and many more component suppliers selling bulk orders of tube casings, integrated circuit boards, heating coils and lithium ion batteries, the essential components of the e-cigarette. If you are a manufacturer in Shenzhen and need 50,000 baked-metal casings, a local manufacturer can supply them for about ,000 and have them delivered within hours.深圳西北部的宝安区到处都是工业园区,在其中一块5平方英里(约合13平方公里)的区域,据称有600多家电子烟生产商,套管、集成电路板、加热线圈和锂电子电池等电子烟基本元件的批发商就更多了。如果你是深圳的一个制造商,需要5万个金属壳套管,当地的厂家可以2.5万美元(约合15万元人民币)的价格提供货物,而且会在数小时内送货。Unlike the counterfeiters’ shops, the largest Shenzhen e-cigarette manufacturing operations are relatively clean, with rows of workers seated on plastic stools along a fast-moving assembly line.与仿造作坊不同,深圳最大的电子烟生产工厂相对比较干净,成排的工人坐在塑料凳上,旁边是快速运转的流水作业线。In 2004, a Chinese pharmacist named Han Li helped develop the e-cigarette, which was then sold through his company, Beijing Ruyan. Other manufacturers soon followed, and by 2009, as e-cigarettes became more popular in the ed States and Europe, more factories opened.2004年,中医师韩力参与研发了电子烟,后来通过自己的公司北京如烟公司进行销售。其他生产商紧随其后,到2009年,随着电子烟在美国和欧洲日益受欢迎,越来越多的电子烟工厂应运而生。The boom has made China the breeding ground for a new, and some would say innovative, product. And yet the Chinese government has played no role in the development of the industry or in regulating it. As in the West, China’s tobacco authority — which acts as both regulator and dominant, state-controlled producer of cigarettes and tobacco products — has been caught off guard by a product that is neither a food nor a drug and perhaps not necessarily even a tobacco product.这股热潮使得中国成为一种新产品——一些人会说是创新产品——的发源地。但中国政府在该产业的发展中没有起到作用,也没有进行监管。就像在西方一样,中国的烟草主管部门——既是监管者,又是居主导地位的国有香烟及烟制品生产商——被这种既不属于食品、也不属于药品,甚至未必算是烟草制品的产品打了个措手不及。Some Chinese companies, however, are trying to get ahead of the anticipated F.D.A. rules. First Union is one of the biggest, operating several manufacturing complexes here in Shenzhen with about 6,000 employees. Its plants have glass-enclosed, dust-free rooms that the company says are as clean and sophisticated as pharmaceutical labs.但一些中国公司正设法赶在FDA出台规定前赢得利润。合元集团是最大的电子烟公司之一,在深圳有几个工厂,拥有大约6000名员工。该公司的工厂设有无尘玻璃屋,该公司称这些无尘玻璃屋像制药实验室一样清洁、精密。First Union and Kimree, a rival based in nearby Huizhou, say they manufacture for many of the best-selling e-cigarette brands. Neither Chinese company, however, has a long history. The founders of Kimree, which recently filed for an initial public stock offering in the ed States, got their start making consumer electronics, like cordless telephones. And before turning to e-cigarettes in 2006, the founders of First Union made silica gel brassieres and weight loss belts. Company executives say they can deliver high-quality goods.合元集团及位于附近惠州地区的竞争对手吉瑞公司表示,他们为很多畅销的电子烟品牌生产产品。但这些中国公司的历史都不长。吉瑞公司最初是生产无线电话等消费类电子产品的,最近在美国申请进行首次公开募股。合成集团于2006年进军电子烟产业,在此之前主要生产硅胶胸罩和减肥腰带。公司高管表示,它们能够提供优质产品。“We have the same quality-control standards as medical device makers,” said Sunny Xu, the chairman at First Union.合成集团总裁徐中立说,“我们的质量管控采用的是医疗设备生产商的标准。”Global tobacco giants that have entered the e-cigarette market are also manufacturing in China, and they insist they are doing so with stringent controls.已经进入电子烟市场的国际烟草巨头也在中国生产产品,它们坚称在生产过程中进行了严格的管控。Altria, formerly known as Philip Morris, sells the e-cigarette brand MarkTen. In a statement, Altria said: “MarkTen is manufactured in China for Nu Mark” — Altria’s e-cigarette subsidiary — “by an established manufacturer of e-cigarettes, which is following Nu Mark’s design specifications and quality control requirements” with “detailed quality-control measures.”奥驰亚集团(Altria)原名菲利普莫里斯(Philip Morris),销售MarkTen品牌的电子烟。奥驰亚在声明中称:“MarkTen是在中国为Nu Mark制造的产品”(Nu Mark是奥驰亚制造电子烟的子公司),其制造者是一个经验丰富的电子烟厂家,遵循Nu Mark的设计规范和质量控制要求,实施了“详细的质量控制措施”。Troubled Manufacturing问题丛生的生产过程Smaller manufacturers, though, are more representative of the ethos here. Tiny start-up factories buy components from suppliers, set up assembly lines and hire low-skilled migrant workers to snap, stamp, glue and solder the e-cigarette components together.不过,规模较小的制造商更能代表这个产业的特色。微小的初创公司从供应商处购买组件,设立组装线,并雇佣低技能的外来务工人员,双手上下翻飞,把电子香烟的组件粘合、焊接在一起。“In the e-cigarette market, you don’t need big capital — that’s why there are now so many manufacturers here,” said Qiu Weihua, the founder of Joyetech, a large Chinese firm that is trying to distinguish itself as a high-quality producer of e-cigarettes. The firm, for example, employs testers who vape and check for flaws. “The big challenge is how to make a quality product.”“在电子烟市场,你并不需要太大的资本——这就是现在这里有这么多制造商的原因,”中国大型公司卓尔悦(Joyetech)的创始人邱伟华说。这家公司试图与其他公司区别开来,树立一个高品质电子香烟制造商的形象。例如,公司还聘请了专门的测试者试吸,看是否存在问题,“最大的挑战是如何制造优质产品。”The e-cigarette makers, many run by young entrepreneurs, have found markets overseas, using online platforms like Alibaba.com. But occasionally, an American businessman like Yaniv Nahon simply shows up at the factory gate. In 2010, Mr. Nahon, then 29, grew tired of selling e-cigarettes at a mall kiosk in South Florida and decided to produce his own line called Vapor 123.许多电子烟工厂都是由年轻的创业者开设的,它们通过Alibaba.com等网络平台在海外找到了市场。但是,像亚尼维·纳翁(Yaniv Nahon)这样的美国商人偶尔也会出现在工厂门口。2010年,时年29岁的纳翁因为厌倦了在南佛罗里达州一个商场内的小摊销售电子烟,决定生产自己的产品,他的产品叫做Vapor 123。“A lot of our products come in smaller orders using express mail service, no questions asked,” Mr. Nahon said in an interview at a factory called Jomo in Shenzhen. “Importing this into the U.S. isn’t difficult.”“我们的很多产品都会通过特快专递,被小批量地送到这里,没人会问任何问题,”纳翁在深圳一家叫做九的工厂里接受采访时说。“把这个引进美国并不困难。”That simplicity has made it easy for counterfeiting operations. Legitimate Shenzhen factory bosses complain about the fakes sold to wholesalers and online traders, who then mix fakes in with bulk orders of the authentic brands. Among the concerns is that some smaller manufacturers use poor-quality insulation paint on the heating coils, paint that could prove dangerous if it leached into the e-liquids.这种简易性使造假变得非常容易。合法深圳厂家的老板经常抱怨有人卖假货给批发商和网络交易者,这些人之后会在大宗真货订单中掺杂假货。有人担心,一些规模较小的制造商会在加热线圈上使用质量很差的绝缘涂料,倘若这种涂料渗入电子烟液,可能会很危险。“I worry about overseas consumers,” says Danny Zhu, who runs KangerTech, a large Shenzhen e-cigarette maker. “There are lots of small workshops here, with 10 or 20 people, and they have no quality control or safety certifications for the material they use. Some of their products are covered with a layer of paint. It’s unhealthy.”“我很担心海外消费者,”深圳大型电子烟制造商康尔(KangerTech)的经营者丹尼·朱(Danny Zhu)说。“这里有很多小作坊,里面有一二十个工作人员,对于他们所使用的材料,既没有质量管控也没有安全认。他们的有些产品上涂着一层涂料。很不健康。”Scientific studies hint at a host of problems related to poor manufacturing standards. A study published last year in the open access online journal PLoS One found the presence of tin particles and other metals in e-cigarette vapors and said they appeared to come from the “solder joints” of e-cigarette devices.科学研究表明,很多的问题都和糟糕的生产标准有关。去年发布在公开网络杂志《公共科学图书馆·综合》(PLoS One)上的一份研究报告称在电子烟的蒸汽中发现了锡颗粒和其他金属,并表示它们似乎来自电子烟的“焊接接头”。Another study of nearly two dozen e-cigarettes bought in the ed States found large amounts of nickel and chromium, which probably came from the heating element, another suggestion that poorly manufactured e-cigarettes may allow the metals to enter into the e-liquids.另一项研究在购自美国的将近20多电子烟中发现了大量的镍和铬,这些物质可能来自加热元件,这再次表明,劣质的电子烟可能会使这些金属物质进入电子烟液。“We’ve found on the order of 25 or 26 different elements, including metals, in the e-cigarette aerosols,” says Prue Talbot, a professor of cell biology at the University of California, Riverside, and co-author of several of the studies. “Some of the metal particles are less than 100 nanometers in diameter, and those are a concern because they can penetrate deep into the lungs.”“我们已经在电子烟的气雾剂里发现了大约二十五六种不同元素,其中包括金属,”加州大学河滨分校(University of California, Riverside)的细胞生物学教授、几篇相关论文的合著者普吕·塔尔特(Prue Talbot)说。“有些金属颗粒的直径还不到100纳米,这些东西之所以令人担心,是因为它们能够深入肺部。”Health advocates say they are troubled by a history of food and drug safety scandals in China, such as when manufacturers substituted diethylene glycol, an industrial solvent, for the sweetener glycerin when making toothpastes and cough medicine. That led to reports of more than 350 deaths in Panama, China and other countries in 2006 alone.健康倡导者表示,中国食品和药物安全丑闻的历史让他们深感担忧。比如,制造商在制造牙膏和止咳药的时候,会用工业溶剂二甘醇代替甜味剂甘油。报道称,仅2006年,这种做法就在巴拿马、中国和其他国家造成了超过350例死亡事件。The risk of diethylene glycol showing up in e-cigarettes is real. In 2009, the F.D.A. issued a warning about the potential health risks associated with e-cigarettes, saying laboratory studies of some samples had found the presence of toxic chemicals, including diethylene glycol, which is used in antifreeze.电子烟中出现二甘醇的风险是真实存在的。2009年,FDA发布了一条与电子烟相关的潜在健康风险警告称,在对一些样本进行实验室研究后发现,里面存在二甘醇等有毒化学物质,而这些东西是用于防冻剂的。Pressure on Regulators管理者的压力Eventually, analysts say, the F.D.A. could be compelled to certify e-cigarette factories and the manufacturing standards. But that could be months if not years away. The agency, however, is under pressure from public health advocates and medical experts.分析人士称,FDA最终将被迫对电子烟工厂和制造标准进行资质认。但是,这个过程可能需要几个月甚至几年。然而,FDA还面临着来自公共健康倡导者和医疗专家的压力。“What if someone in China buys nicotine, solvents and flavorings, but the source of these ingredients is unknown and they’re manufactured with impurities?” says Maciej Goniewicz, a toxicologist at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. “That could put consumers at risk.”“如果中国有人购买了尼古丁,溶剂和调味品,但这些材料来源未知,而且在制造时还含有杂质怎么办?”布法罗罗斯威尔·帕克癌症研究所(Roswell Park Cancer Institute)的毒理学家马切伊·戈尼威茨(Maciej Goniewicz)说。“这可能会使消费者陷入危险。”Keenly aware that tighter regulations are on the horizon, Shenzhen e-cigarette makers are beginning to establish overseas branches to make e-liquids — the substance that is heated, then turned into vapor and inhaled. The F.D.A. does not yet have standards for e-liquids, but many of the Chinese companies say they make them in labs in the ed States that have passed F.D.A. quality-control standards.由于清楚地意识到官方将实施更严格的管制,深圳电子烟制造商都开始建立海外分机构来制造电子烟液——这些电子烟液经过加热,会变成蒸汽,然后被人吸入。FDA目前还没有关于电子烟液的标准,但许多中国企业都声称,他们是在美国的一些达到FDA质量控制标准的实验室制造这些液体的。“I can tell you that all of our e-liquid is manufactured, bottled and filled here in the ed States,” the chief executive at Mistic e-cigarettes, John J. Wiesehan Jr., said in an email. “Our liquid never leaves the U.S. We get no e-liquid from China.”“我可以告诉你,我们所有的电子烟液都是在美国制造、装瓶和填充的,”Mistic电子烟的首席执行官小约翰·J·维森汉(John J. Wiesehan Jr.)在一封电子邮件中说。“我们的液体从未离开美国。我们没有任何来自中国的电子烟液。”Big e-cigarette makers in the ed States have begun to move manufacturing to the ed States or Europe. Global tobacco companies are doing likewise. And some Chinese manufacturers, including Joyetech, are also moving their production facilities to the West.美国的大型电子烟制造商开始把制造过程转移到美国或欧洲。国际性的烟草公司也在这样做。包括卓尔悦在内的一些中国制造商也开始把他们的生产设施搬到西方。“A lot of people don’t trust the air or water in China,” says Mr. Qiu, the boss at Joyetech e-cigarettes, “so why would they trust our e-liquid?”“很多人都不信任中国的空气或水源,”卓尔悦电子烟的老板邱伟华说,“那么他们为什么要信任我们的电子烟液?” /201412/348812泉州重度宫颈糜烂治疗需要多少钱

福建医科大学第二医院地址哪里?T-shirts, coin purses and posters that show President Barack Obama portrayed as Chairman Mao are normally available for sale at the Great Wall. But on Sunday, when First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Chinese tourist spot with her daughters, the so-called #39;Obamao#39; souvenirs were no where to be found.在长城上,游客们通常会看到印有打扮成毛主席的美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)图案的T恤、钱包和海报,但在周日,当美国第一夫人米歇尔#12539;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)携两个女儿到长城游览时,这种“奥巴毛”(Obamao)纪念品不见了。#39;We don#39;t have them anymore,#39; said one peddler, a woman who declined to give her name. #39;But if you come back next time, you might find them. You could come tomorrow,#39; the woman said.一名小贩说,他们手里没有这些东西了。这名小贩不愿透露自己的姓名,她说,如果你下次来,或许还能找到;你可以明天再来。China Real Time managed to find, hiding in the back of many others, one army-green-colored shirt that displayed an Andy Warhol-like picture of Mr. Obama wearing Mao Zedong#39;s cap. Under it were the words #39;Serve the People#39; written in traditional Chinese script. The vendor who owned it declined to sell it, saying they weren#39;t for sale Sunday. She was willing to sell other T-shirts, such as #39;I climbed the Great Wall#39; for 180 yuan, about .不过“中国实时报”栏目的记者还是找到了这样一件T恤,这件军绿色T恤衫隐藏在很多件T恤衫的后面,上面的图案是戴着一顶毛式帽子、安迪#12539;沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)风格的奥巴马,图案下面是用繁体字写的“为人民务”。卖T恤衫的小贩不同意卖这件T恤衫,说这件衣周日不能卖。不过她很乐意卖其他样式的T恤衫,比如售价180元的印着“我登上了长城”的T恤衫。It#39;s unclear who issued the verdict for the cleanup. Street vendors declined to comment. Such sweeps are common during high-profile visits in China. Vendors at well-known markets for pirated goods in Beijing are sometimes made to put away the name-brand knockoffs during high-level trade talks with the U.S. or European Union. Souvenir vendors also tucked away #39;Obamao#39; shirts in 2009, during Mr. Obama#39;s visit to China.暂不清楚是谁下达了清理这些“奥巴毛”纪念品的命令,街头小贩拒绝对此发表。在有重要人物访华时,官方常常会进行这类突击清理行动。在中国与美国或欧盟举行高级别贸易谈判时,北京一些知名市场贩卖假货的摊主有时候会被要求把那些假冒的名牌产品收起来。2009年奥巴马访华期间,纪念品摊贩也曾把“奥巴毛”T恤藏起来。Mrs. Obama is on a weeklong trip to China, during which she met with her Chinese counterpart Peng Liyuan and pitched the value of overseas studies to area schools and universities. On Sunday, Mrs. Obama and her daughters traveled to the Great Wall, climbing the Mutianyu section, which is farther from central Beijing than the well-traveled part of the wall President Obama went to in 2009.米歇尔正在中国进行为期一周的访问,期间她与中国第一夫人彭丽媛会面,在中学和大学发表了演讲,鼓励学生到海外留学。周日,米歇尔和她的两个女儿游览了慕田峪长城,与游客更多的八达岭长城相比,慕田峪长城离北京市中心更远。2009年奥巴马访华时,游览的就是八达岭长城。The T-shirts, which portray Mr. Obama dressed in a Communist Party army green cap with a red star on it, have become common tourist trinkets at the Wall during Mr. Obama#39;s time in office.“奥巴毛”T恤衫上的图案是奥巴马头戴绿色军帽、上面还有一颗红五星,奥巴马执政期间这种游客纪念衫在长城随处可见。Prices of the Obamao shirt vary based on haggling capabilities of the buyer.至于“奥巴毛”T恤的售价,则主要看买家讨价还价的本事。 /201403/281827泉州一八零医院 The health authority in Anhui province has issued China#39;s first provincial guide-line for cesarean sections, aimed at bringing down the excessively high level of such procedures in the province.安徽省卫生局发布了国内首个关于剖腹产的省级指导方针,旨在降低本省过高的剖宫产率。The guideline listed 14 types of medical requirements for a C-section, such as fetal distress (for lack of oxygen, for example) or abnormality of the birth canal.此项方针列出了14种医学需要的剖宫产手术,如胎儿窘迫(比如缺氧)或者产道异常。The guideline was issued to all medical institutions in the province in July, according to Wang Hai, chief of maternal health at the Anhui provincial Bureau of Health and Family Planning.据安徽省卫生计生委妇幼保健处处长王海称,这项方针在七月份便已经下发给全省所有医疗机构。;Doctors are duty-bound to refuse to perform a C-section without the presence of a clear need,; Wang said at a news conference on Monday.“若无明确的剖宫产需求,医生是有责任拒绝的,”王海在周一的新闻发布会上如是说。Doctors can perform a C-section when there is no medical requirement if the pregnant woman or her family demands it, and only after receiving signatures from both the pregnant woman and her doctor in charge, Wang said.王海称,若无医学需要,但妇及其家人要求剖宫产时,只有在妇和其主治医生都签名后,医生才能进行手术。The guideline is expected to reduce the rate of C-sections in the province, which was about 40 percent last year, to 30 percent in the next three to five years, the provincial family planning bureau said.省计生局称,去年本省的剖宫产率达到了40%左右,而此项方针意在未来三到五年之内,将这一比率降低到30%。Forty-six percent of women in China deliver by C-section, one of the highest rates in the world, according to the World Health Organization. The organization recommends a rate of no higher than 15 percent.世界卫生组织称,我国剖宫产率位居世界第一,46%的妇女通过剖宫产分娩。而世界卫生组织建议的剖宫产比率是不要超过15%。Cesarean sections are necessary in emergency cases, but excessive use of unnecessary surgeries, such as for giving birth on a lucky day, poses serious health risks to mothers and babies, according to the Anhui health authority.安徽省卫生局称,对于一些急症病例,剖宫产十分必要,但非必要手术的滥用,比如为了让孩子在幸运日出生而进行手术,则会为母婴带来严重的健康风险。Cai Wenzhi, deputy dean of the School of Nursing at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, said that in practice many hospitals are trying to reduce C-sections, but government intervention will be more effective.广州南方医科大学护理学院的副院长蔡文智说,实际上许多医院都在设法减少剖宫产手术,但政府干预更为有效。;The move by Anhui#39;s health commission is a good start for other areas in China,; she said. With the guideline, doctors in Anhui province will find it easier to refuse unreasonable requests for C-sections from their patients.“对中国其他地区来说,安徽省卫生委员会的此项举措是个良好的开端,”她说。在此项方针的指导下,安徽省的医生们将会发现,拒绝病人不合理的剖腹产要求会更容易些。;Hospitals charge much more for C-sections than for natural birth,; she said. ;C-sections are also faster, while midwives may have to keep waiting for more than 20 hours for a natural delivery.;“医院对于剖宫产的收费比自然分娩要高,”她说。“剖宫产也更快些,自然分娩的话,助产士有时候可能要等上20多个小时。” /201508/395988泉州哪个医院最好

泉州市新阳光妇科医院做人流可以吗 Property tycoon Wang Jianlin from the Chinese mainland overtook Hong Kong#39;s Li Ka-shing as the richest man in China, with a personal fortune of about .6 billion, a new ranking said on Wednesday.根据周三最新财富排行榜,中国大陆房地产大亨王健林以426亿美元的家产超越李嘉诚,夺得“华人首富”的宝座。According to the latest data from Hurun Research Institute, billionaires from the Chinese mainland accounted for about 79.5 percent of the Hurun Global Chinese Rich List 2015, followed by 6.3 percent from Hong Kong and 4.9 percent form Taiwan.根据胡润研究院最新数据显示,中国大陆富豪占据2015年胡润全球华人富豪排行榜的79.5%,香港占据6.3%,台湾占4.9%。Sp across more than 18 countries and regions, Hurun#39;s research said there were 1,577 individuals with personal wealth in excess of 2 billion yuan (2.6 million), and of this 302 were from outside the Chinese mainland.根据胡润研究院调查数据显示,跨越18个国家和地区中,1577个人财富超越20亿人民币(3.126亿美金),其中只有302人不在中国大陆境内。Total wealth of these individuals comes to a staggering .1 trillion, which is equivalent to the GDP of Russia, or 1.5 times that of South Korea.所有这些个人财富总和为2.1万亿美金,这和俄罗斯国内生产总值(GDP)是持恒的,相当于南韩国内生产总值的1.5倍。Rupert Hoogewerf, chairman and chief researcher of the Hurun Report, said: ;A decade ago, the most successful Chinese were those outside the Chinese mainland. Today that has changed completely, with entrepreneurs like Wang Jianlin of Wanda charting a new path.;胡润研究院主席研究员Rupert Hoogewerf 说道,“十年前,中国富豪大多不在中国大陆,今天情况完全改变了,比如万达集团董事长王健林就开辟了一条新路。”Ben Cavender, principal at China Market Research Group, said: ;Chinese entrepreneurs have become more successful over the years and many of their businesses have got high valuations after they expanded abroad.中国市场调查组组长 Ben Cavender 说道,“近些年,中国企业家通过海外扩张,企业市值大大提高,企业家变得更加成功了。”;The new wave of Chinese billionaires are very clever and business savvy. They will change their management ideas and growth strategies quickly,; he said.“新的一波中国富豪们非常善于经商,他们善于改变管理理念和企业成长策略,”The recent listings of Wanda#39;s real estate and cinema businesses have helped drive Wang#39;s wealth, according to Hurun#39;s research.根据胡润研究院调查数据,王健林的财产主要得益于万达房地产和电影行业。Hong Kong real estate mogul Li Ka-shing, 87, came in second with personal fortune of .8 billion. Li has also invested heavily in the ed Kingdom.香港房地产大亨李嘉诚,87岁,以328亿美金的身价跃居财富榜第二名。李嘉诚在英国投入大笔资产。Alibaba Group Holding Ltd#39;s Jack Ma, 51, was third-richest man with a wealth of billion.阿里巴巴集团老总马云,51岁,以270亿美金的个人财产位居第三位。The Chinese mainland had 1,254 billionaires with total wealth of .4 trillion. Beijing has the highest concentration of billionaires-181, followed by Shenzhen with 111.中国大陆共有1254位亿万富豪,总资产达到1.4万亿美金。北京是富豪云集最多的城市,有181位,深圳位居第二,有111位。All the billionaires on the Chinese mainland are self-made while the ratio is only 67 percent in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.所有大陆的富豪都是创业者,而在香港,台湾和只占67%。About half the non-mainland Chinese on the list have their origins in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Billionaires with origins on the Chinese mainland are dominated by those from Zhejiang province.非大陆的榜上富豪大约有一半人的祖籍在大陆广东和福建省。而大陆富豪大多为浙江人。 /201508/394432泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院好吗泉州新阳光医院好吗



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