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Superheroes don’t always need to have six packs and cool demeanors. They can also have a chubby face, a beer belly and a warm smile like the white inflatable healthcare robot Baymax from Disney’s Oscar-winning 3-D animated film Big Hero 6.超级英雄不一定非要有六块腹肌,也不一定言谈举止炫酷有型。他们可以长着一张胖乎乎的脸,挺着大肚腩,笑容温馨又有爱——就像《超能陆战队》中的私人健康顾问大白。这部3D电影获得了第87届奥斯卡最佳动画长片奖。Based on a Marvel comic, the film centers on 14-year-old robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. After his older brother Tadashi, who is a university student delving into robotics loses his life in a fire, the boy reprograms Tadashi’s Baymax into a fighting robot and forms a superhero team to investigate the truth behind the tragic accident.《超能陆战队》改编自漫威漫画,故事围绕14岁的机器人设计奇才阿宏展开。他的哥哥阿正是一名钻研机器人技术的大学生,不幸的是一场火灾夺去了他的生命。为了调查火灾事故的真相,阿宏重新组装了哥哥留下的机器人大白,并将其改造成战斗型机器人,(和哥哥的好友一起)成立了超能陆战队。The biggest selling point of the movie is the super lovable and balloonish Baymax. Looking like a walking marshmallow and moving and speaking slowly, he is the movie’s star. Although he might not look like the professional nurse he is, Baymax serves as a reasonable and competent healthcare companion. In any case, Hiro’s health condition, physically and psychologically, is always Baymax’s first concern.超萌滚圆的大白是该片的最大卖点。这位影片主角说话做事都慢悠悠的,活像一块会动的棉花糖。也许,大白和专业的护士形象相去甚远,但他却是一个能耐心陪伴主人康复的得力健康顾问。无论何时,阿宏的身心健康都是他最关心的问题。When Hiro commands Baymax to fight, something it doesn’t understand, the cute medical care robot instead tilts his head and tenderly asks what would improve Hiro’s mood, melting the audience’s hearts.当阿宏命令大白开启战斗模式时,身为医护机器人的大白便会一脸茫然,歪着脑袋轻声问阿宏该如何改善他的情绪。看到这里,观众的心也随之融化了。Most Disney films start out with a feeling of impending doom. However, when trouble hits, our emotional investment in the characters only increases. We don’t want to see the innocent robot become an instrument of revenge.大部分迪士尼电影开篇总爱营造一种厄运将近的气氛,但是,当麻烦真正出现时,观众却早已对主人公有了感情。所以,我们谁也不想看到天真的大白成为复仇的工具。Robot movies are not new and have provoked profound thoughts for ages. In 2004 sci-fi film I, Robot, humanoid robots pose a fatal threat to humanity, and the 2009 animated film 9 opens with the near extinction of human beings at the hands of robots. But Big Hero 6 chooses to tell a simple but heartwarming story about the bond between humans and a robot.以机器人为的主题的电影并不新鲜,多年来,一直引人深思。2004年的科幻电影《我,机器人》讲述了人形机器人对人类的致命威胁;2009年的动画电影《机器人9号》一开篇就展示了人类在机器人手中几近灭绝的场面。而电影《超能陆战队》却与众不同,它讲述了机器人与人类之间一个简单而暖心的故事。The ending of the movie seems a bit predictable. When Hiro’s possessed with thoughts of revenge, it is clips of his brother that keep him from being swallowed by rage. Some might say this transformation comes too easily. But I’d rather believe family affection has this power. It’s love that inspires the young, indifferent genius to start to care about people around him and the world, changing Hiro into a true hero.电影的结局似乎在意料之中。最终,一心复仇的阿宏在看到哥哥留下的视频片段后放下了仇恨。有人也许觉得这种转变来得太快,但是我相信亲情确实有着这样的力量。正是爱,鼓舞了这个原本冷漠的少年天才,让他开始关心周围的人,关注这个世界,最终成为真正的英雄。 /201503/364167Dalian Wanda, the Chinese retail conglomerate aiming for a listing in Hong Kong this month, has added pig farming to its expansive list of business units, which includes such diverse things as Chinese property and the popcorn sold in its chain of US cinemas.中国零售综合企业大连万达(Dalian Wanda)开始进军养猪业。万达旗下业务繁多,既在中国开发房地产,也在美国其拥有的电影院线售卖爆米花,其地产子公司本月将在香港上市。Yesterday the company announced a Rmb1bn (3m) investment in pork production in Guizhou, China’s poorest province. The investment is being billed as a charitable donation, although the pork will eventually be sold in the group’s retail chain or partner stores, according to a Dalian Wanda statement.万达昨日宣布,将向中国最贫穷省份贵州的猪肉生产领域投资10亿元人民币(合1.63亿美元)。万达在声明中将这笔投资宣传为扶贫捐助,但这些猪肉最终将在万达的零售连锁商店或合作商店销售。Would-be investo#173;rs in the likely bn-bn initial public offering of a property division will scrutinise the investment for what it says about the company – which is either a cleverly diversified financial titan or, to its critics, a random grab-bag of investments across two continents.大连万达商业地产(Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties)将赴港首次公开发行(IPO),可能融资30亿美元至40亿美元。其潜在的股票投资者将审视万达最新这笔养猪场投资——它将说明万达究竟是一家明智多元化、财力雄厚的巨擘,还是批评者眼中的随意投资的大杂烩公司。Wang Jianlin, Wanda’s billionaire founder, is China’s fourth-richest man, with a net worth of .2bn according to Forbes. He is upfront about the source of much of his wealth – cheap real estate sold by local governments anxious to attract developers.根据《福布斯》(Forbes)的数据,万达亿万富翁创始人王健林在中国富豪榜上排名第四,净资产为132亿美元。他对自己很大一部分财富的来源——也就是由急切吸引开发商的地方政府出售的廉价房地产——相当坦率。Among his business trophies are the 100 Wanda Plaza shopping centres, along with department stores, tourism businesses and chain of cinemas, in China, and AMC Entertainment, the second-largest cinema chain in the US, which he bought in 2012 for .6bn.他的企业王国包括在中国的100座万达广场购物中心,以及百货商店、旅游公司和电影院,还包括它在2012年以26亿美元收购的美国第二大电影院线AMC(AMC Entertainment)。Mr Wang plans to invest Rmb50bn to build an entertainment park in Qingdao, in eastern China, which will include a movie museum and 20 studios, scheduled for completion in 2017.王健林计划在中国东部城市青岛投资500亿元人民币建设一座产业园,其中包括一家电影物馆和20个摄影棚,计划2017年建成。Then there is the matter of the .2bn his company spent on a plot of land in Beverly Hills, which Mr Wang is developing into an office from which to clinch Hollywood deals. He told Bloomberg on Monday he was in talks to buy a stake in Lions Gate Entertainment, the Canadian-US entertainment company whose shows include the Emmy award-winning drama Mad Men, and that he aimed to control 20 per cent of the global film market by 2020.万达还投资了12亿美元在比弗利山购置地块。王健林正在这里设立一个办事处,用于处理万达在好莱坞的房地产交易。他周一还告诉彭社(Bloomberg),他正就购入加拿大-美国公司狮门(Lions Gate Entertainment Corp)部分股权进行谈判。狮门的作品包括获得艾美奖(Emmy)的电视剧《广告狂人》(Mad Men)。他还计划到2020年控制全球电影市场的20%。“Many people come knock at my door, but Wanda is only interested in the big players and we want control,” said Mr Wang.王健林表示:“很多人来敲我的门,但万达只对大企业感兴趣,我们希望获得控制权。”When shares in Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties go on sale, investors will be forgiven if they ask where pig farming fits in with the company’s existing assets. But back-to-basics farming is something that has uniquely fascinated many of China’s most successful companies.当大连万达商业地产的股票发售时,如果投资者问:养猪场与万达现有资产有什么关系?那也是是情有可原的。但中国很多最成功企业对于回归基本的养殖业特别感兴趣。William Ding, founder of NetEase, the Chinese gaming company that operates World of Warcraft in the territory, opened a pig farm in 2011 and began selling pork online in exchange for vouchers. In 2013 Legend Holdings, parent company of the computer maker Lenovo, surprised investors when it began selling blue#173;berries and kiwifruit.2011年,中国游戏公司网易(NetEase)创始人丁磊(William Ding)开设了一家养猪场,并开始在线销售猪肉,购买者可用兑换券付。网易是《魔兽世界》(World of Warcraft)在中国的运营商。2013年,电脑制造商联想(Lenovo)的母公司联想控股(Legend Holdings)开始销售蓝莓和猕猴桃,令投资者感到意外。Wanda’s venture in Guizhou would create 10,000 jobs, the company said, and “combine short-term and long-term goals, merging industry with education in a way that will eventually increase per capita income and poverty alleviation as a whole”.万达表示,该公司在贵州的项目将创造1万个就业岗位,并将“长期与短期结合、产业与教育结合、提高人均收入与整体脱贫相结合”。The project will recruit students from local technical schools, many of whom will go on to work at Wanda, according to the company. In China the labour of technical school students normally costs less than fully employed workers.万达表示,该项目将从当地职业技术学校招聘学生,其中很多将在毕业后继续在万达工作。在中国,职业技术学校学生的劳动力成本要低于全职工人。Chinese companies nearing an IPO have a tendency to make the most of their regulator-imposed “silent periods” by issuing many public announcements and staging PR stunts. Alibaba, the ecommerce giant, perfected the art of the not-so-silent silent period when it bought stakes in more than a dozen companies in the lead-up to its bn September IPO. The nearly weekly deals offered headlines, accompanied by a polite “no comment – silent period” from Alibaba.即将启动IPO的中国企业往往会充分利用监管机构设定的“缄默期”,发布很多公开声明并上演公关噱头。电商巨擘阿里巴巴(Alibaba)深谙在缄默期不那么缄默的艺术,在今年9月的250亿美元IPO前夕,该公司购入了超过12家公司的股权,几乎每周都有交易登上新闻头条。而阿里巴巴的礼貌回应是“不做,在缄默期”。 /201412/346761

Zhang Heng and the Seismograph张衡和地动仪In the Exhibition Hall of the Museum of Chinese History in Beijing,there is a restored model of the first seismograph,which was called Houfeng Didong Yi(lit. an instrument for measuring the seasonal winds and the movements of the Earth).The inventor was Zhang Heng,a famous scientist in the Eastern Han Dynasty.在北京中国历史物馆的展览大厅里,陈列着世界上第一架地动仪的复原模型。这架地动仪的发明者是中国东汉时著名的科学家张衡。Zhang Heng was from Nanyang of Henan Province. He studied diligently,andwas especially fond of astronomy,calendar and mathematics.张衡,河南南阳人。他勤学好问,览群书,特别爱好天文、历法和数学,是一位学多才的科学家。During the Eastern Han period,earthquakes occurred frequently. Contrary to the popular belief at that time,Zhang Heng maintained that earthquakes were not signs of Heaven’s anger but natural disasters.东汉时期,地震很活跃。当时的人们不懂科学,以为地震是鬼神发怒。张衡认为地震是一种自然灾害,As a result of careful observations of earthquakes,he invented a seismograph in the then national capital of Luoyang in 132 AD,which was the world’s first instrument to identify and ascertain the direction of earthquakes.他根据自己对于地震现象的观测,于公元132年在京城洛阳制成了“候风地动仪”,这台仪器成为世界上第一台观测地震方向的仪器。The seismograph was made of fine copper, and was ingeniously constructed. Inside,there was a balanced post and eight rods.地动仪全部用精铜铸成,结构非常精细巧妙。仪器内部竖有一根铜柱,周围有8根杆子。Outside,it was cast with eight dragons on the surface(whose heads pointed in eight diredions-east,south,west, north,southeast, northeast,southwest,and northwest ),and each dragon had a copper ball in the mouth.仪器表面铸有八条垂直向下的龙,龙头分别对准东、南、西、北、东南、东北、西南、西北八个方向,每条龙的嘴里都含着一个铜球。On the ground below the dragons there were eight copper toads raising their heads and opening their mouths oppo-site the dragons’ mouths. When an earthquake occurred,the balanced post would.tilt in the direction of the quake and push a rod.在对着龙嘴的地上,蹲着八个仰着头、张着嘴的铜蟾赊。当某个方向发生地震时,柱子就倒向那个方向,触动杆子,仪器上对着那个方向的龙嘴就会张开,The dragon facing that direction would open its mouth,and the ball would fall into the mouth of the toad below, automatically indicating the direction of the earthquake.One day in 138 AD,the dragon in the west expelled its ball.铜球就会掉进铜蟾蛛的嘴里,自动报告发生地震的方向。公元138年的一天,地动仪西边的龙嘴吐出了铜球。As expelled,an earthquake had oc-curred that day in Longxi(present-day Western Gansu Prov-ince ) a thousand kil-ometers away. It was the first time that mankind had used an instrument to detect an earthquake. It was over 1,700 years later that a similar in-strument was invented in Europe.果然,远在千里之外的陇西(今甘肃西部一带)在这一天发生了地震。这是人类第一次用仪器测报地震。在欧洲,直到1700多年后,才发明了同类的仪器。Unfortunately,the seismograph has not been handed down.It may have been lost after the Yongjia Turbulence in Western Jin Dynasty(307一312).Its origi-nal shape can only be inferred from documents like Eastern Han Dynasty Records and History of East Han Dynasty.遗憾的是,地动仪未能流传下来,可能是在西晋永嘉之乱(307一312 )之后失落的,现在只能从《后汉记》、《后汉书》等文献中推测它的原貌。Zhang Heng was also a mechanical engineer. He ever made a flying “wood-en eagle” and a“mileage-counting drum-cart”.张衡还是一位机械工程师,制造过能飞的“木雕”和能计算里程的“计里鼓车”。People highly esteem Zhang Heng,a great scientist living more than 1,800 years ago,and they often hold commemorative activities to show respect for him.A ring of hills on the moon was named after him.人们非常敬重张衡这位1800多年前的大科学家,经常举行纪念活动,表示对他的敬意。月球上有一座环形山是以他的名字命名的。 /201511/409368

There might be a ninth planet in the solar system after all, and it is not Pluto.太阳系或许还是拥有第九颗行星,不是冥王星。Two astronomers reported on Wednesday that they had compelling signs of something bigger and farther away — something that would satisfy the current definition of a planet, where Pluto falls short.两名天文学家于周三通报,他们发现了令人信的迹象,表明存在一颗更大、更遥远的天体——该星体将满足目前对行星的定义,而冥王星则不符合。“We are pretty sure there’s one out there,” said Michael E. Brown, a professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.“我们相当确定有那么一颗行星,”加州理工学院(California Institute of Technology)的行星天文学教授迈克尔·E·布朗(Michael E. Brown)说。What Dr. Brown and a fellow Caltech professor, Konstantin Batygin, have not done is actually find that planet, so it would be premature to start revising mnemonics of the planets.布朗士和他的同事康斯坦丁·巴蒂金(Konstantin Batygin)尚未真正找到那颗行星,所以现在修改行星名单还为时过早。In a paper published in The Astronomical Journal, Dr. Brown and Dr. Batygin lay out a detailed circumstantial argument for the planet’s existence in what astronomers have observed — a half-dozen small bodies in distant elliptical orbits.布朗和巴蒂金在《天文学杂志》(The Astronomical Journal)上联合发表了一篇论文,提出详细的旁,认为天文学家们观测到的现象——在遥远的椭圆轨道上运行的六个小天体——明了这颗行星的存在。What is striking, the scientists said, is that the orbits of all six loop outward in the same quadrant of the solar system and are tilted at about the same angle. The odds of that happening by chance are about 1 in 14,000, Dr. Batygin said.这两位科学家称,一个突出的现象是,这六个天体的轨道全部位于太阳系的同一象限内,并且倾斜角度大致一样。巴蒂金表示,这种情况纯属巧合的概率大约是1.4万分之一。A ninth planet could be gravitationally herding them into these orbits.可能有第九颗行星通过引力将这些天体拉入这样的轨道。For the calculations to work, the planet would be at least an equal to Earth, and most likely much bigger — perhaps a mini-Neptune with a mass about 10 times that of Earth. That would be 4,500 times the mass of Pluto.要想理论成立,这颗行星至少要和地球尺寸相当,很可能要大得多——大概相当于一颗小海王星,质量是地球的10倍、冥王星的4500倍。Pluto, at its most distant, is 4.6 billion miles from the sun. The potential ninth planet, at its closest, would be about 20 billion miles away; at its farthest, it could be 100 billion miles away. One trip around the sun would take 10,000 to 20,000 years.冥王星运行到远日点时,距离太阳46亿英里。这颗有望成为第九大行星的天体距离太阳最近时是200亿英里,最远时可能是1000亿英里。绕行太阳一周需要1万到2万年。“We have pretty good constraints on its orbit,” Dr. Brown said. “What we don’t know is where it is in its orbit, which is too bad.”“我们对它的轨道参数有了不少了解,”布朗说。“我们尚不知道的是它在轨道上的位置,这太糟糕了。”Alessandro Morbidelli of the d’Azur Observatory in France, an expert in dynamics of the solar system, said he was convinced. “I think the chase is now on to find this planet,” he said.法国蔚蓝海岸天文台( d’Azur Observatory)的太阳系动力学专家亚历山德罗·莫比德利(Alessandro Morbidelli)觉得可信。“我认为现在的目标是找到这颗行星,”他说。This would be the second time that Dr. Brown has upended the map of the solar system. In January 2005, he discovered a Pluto-size object, now known as Eris, in the Kuiper belt, the ring of icy debris beyond Neptune.如若实,这将是布朗第二次颠覆太阳系的图谱。2005年1月,他发现了一颗大小相当于冥王星的天体,位于海王星以外的充满冰结碎块的柯伊伯带(Kuiper Belt)。它如今命名为阋神星(Eris)。The next year, the International Astronomical Union placed Pluto in a new category, “dwarf planet,” because in its view, a full-fledged planet must be the gravitational bully of its orbit, and Pluto was not.第二年,国际天文学联合会(International Astronomical Union)就把冥王星归入名为“矮行星”的一个新类别,因为在该学会看来,一颗名副其实的行星必须能够清空轨道上的其他天体,而冥王星做不到这一点。The first indication of a hidden planet beyond Pluto had come a couple of years earlier. The Kuiper belt extends outward from Neptune’s orbit, about 2.8 billion miles from the sun, to a bit less than twice Neptune’s orbit, about five billion miles.在此之前两年,科学家就首次发现了冥王星以外可能存在隐藏行星的迹象。柯伊伯带从海王星的轨道向外延伸,一直到接近海王星轨道两倍的地方,也就是分布在距离太阳约28亿英里到50亿英里处。Astronomers expected that beyond lay mostly empty space.天文学家认为,那以外应当几乎空无一物。Thus they were surprised when Dr. Brown and two colleagues spotted a 600-mile-wide icy world at a distance of eight billion miles that remained well outside the Kuiper belt even at the closest point in its orbit.所以,当布朗和他的两名同事在80亿英里远的地方发现了一片直径600英里的冰雪世界时,科学家们颇为意外。就连该天体运行轨道的近日点也在柯伊伯带以外。No one could convincingly explain how the object, which Dr. Brown named Sedna, got there, and the hope was that the discovery of more Sedna-like worlds would provide enlightening clues.布朗把它命名为赛德娜(Sedna)。没有人能够对这颗天体为何出现在那里作出令人信的解释。科学家希望,将来发现更多的类似天体,从而提供能带来启发的线索。Instead, astronomers looked and found nothing, deepening the mystery.但事与愿违,天文学家的搜寻一无所获,让此事变得更加扑朔迷离。Finally, in 2014, Chadwick Trujillo, who had worked with Dr. Brown on the Sedna discovery, and Scott S. Sheppard, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, reported a smaller object in a Sedna-like orbit, always remaining beyond the Kuiper belt.最后,2014年,曾和布朗共同发现赛德娜的查德威克·特鲁希略(Chadwick Trujillo)与位于华盛顿的卡内基科学研究所(Carnegie Institution for Science)的天文学家斯科特·S·谢泼德(Scott S. Sheppard)通报,发现了一颗较小的天体有着与赛德娜类似的轨道,一直运行在柯伊伯带以外。Dr. Trujillo and Dr. Sheppard noted that several Kuiper belt objects had similar orbital characteristics, and they laid out the possibility of a planet disturbing the orbits of these objects. “It was the best explanation we could come up with,” Dr. Trujillo said.特鲁希略和谢泼德注意到,柯伊伯带的几个天体有类似的轨道特征。他们提出了一种假设:有可能存在一颗行星,正是它影响了这些天体的轨道。“这是我们能想到的最佳解释了,”特鲁希略士说。But the particulars of their proposed planet did not explain what was in the sky, Dr. Brown said.不过,布朗称,他们提出的这颗行星的参数却无法解释太空中的现象。“The theorists didn’t really take it seriously,” he said. “They figured it was all some observational effect. The observers didn’t take it seriously, because they figured it was all some theoretical thing they couldn’t understand.”“理论领域的学者没当回事,”他说。“他们认为这都是某种观测效应。观测领域的学者也没当回事,因为他们认为这都是他们无法理解的某种理论。”Still, the peculiarities of the orbits appeared genuine.然而,它们轨道的特殊性看来是真实的。Dr. Brown said he and Dr. Batygin “sat down and beat our heads against the wall for the last two years.”布朗表示,他和巴蒂金“过去两年坐在那里,想破了脑袋。”First, they focused on the six objects in stable orbits and disregarded others that had been recently flung out by Neptune.他们开始把重点放在处于稳定轨道的六个小型星体上,不再考虑近期被海王星抛出的其他天体。That made the picture clearer.局面豁然开朗。“They all point into the same overall direction,” Dr. Batygin said. “This is in stark contrast with the rest of the Kuiper belt.”“他们都指向大致一样的方向,”巴蒂金说。“这和柯伊伯带的其他天体截然不同。”Besides the long odds of this alignment being coincidental, Dr. Batygin said, this pattern would disperse over time.且不说这种一致性纯属巧合的几率有多小,巴蒂金表示,这样的运行模式也本应随时间的流逝而消散。That argued for the force of some unseen body guiding Sedna and the others.他们认为,这是未曾发现的星体在吸引赛德娜和其他天体。Dr. Batygin, a theorist, tried placing a planet among them, which scattered some Kuiper belt objects, but the orbits were not sufficiently eccentric.作为理论天文学家,巴蒂金试图将一颗行星安放其中。这打散了柯伊伯带中的不少天体,但形成的椭圆轨道的离心率依然不够大。Then he examined what would happen if a ninth planet were looping outward in the opposite direction. That, Dr. Batygin said, gave “a beautiful match to the real data.”随后,他假设有第九大行星在相反方向向外绕行。巴蒂金表示,结果呈现出“与真实数据完美的匹配”。The computer simulations showed that the planet swept up the Kuiper belt objects and placed them only temporarily in the elliptical orbits. Come back in half a billion years, Dr. Brown said, and Sedna will be back in the Kuiper belt, while other Kuiper belt objects will have been pushed into elliptical orbits.计算机模拟显示,该行星将柯伊伯带的天体全部重新洗牌,只是暂时被安置在椭圆形轨道中。巴蒂金表示,五亿年后赛德娜会回到柯伊伯带,而其他天体也会被推入椭圆形轨道中。Another strange result in the simulations: A few Kuiper belt objects were knocked into orbits perpendicular to those of the planets. Dr. Brown remembered that five objects had been found in perpendicular orbits.模拟中另一奇怪的结果是:小部分柯伊伯带天体被撞向了与其他行星相垂直的轨道。根据巴蒂金回忆,在垂直轨道中发现了五个天体。“They’re exactly where we predicted them to be,” he said. “That’s when my jaw hit my floor. I think this is actually right.”“它们完全处在我们预测的位置上,”他称,“我惊得下巴都掉地了。我认为这应该是对的。”Dr. Morbidelli said a possible ninth planet could be the core of a gas giant that started forming during the infancy of the solar system; a close pass to Jupiter could have ejected it. Back then, the sun resided in a dense cluster of stars, and the gravitational jostling could have prevented the planet from escaping to interstellar space.莫比德利表示,可能存在的第九大行星,也许是一个气态巨行星的核心,自太阳系初期就开始形成;可能当它经过木星时被引力抛远了。当时的太阳处在密集的恒星群中,而引力的推挤可能阻止了这颗行星逃到星际空间。“I think they’re onto something real,” he said. “I would bet money. I would bet 10,000 bucks.”“我觉得他们这样下去有戏,”他说,“我敢打赌。我赌一万块。”Dr. Brown said he began searching for the planet a year ago, and he thought he would be able to find it within five years. Other astronomers will most likely also scan that swath of the night sky.巴蒂金称,他早在一年前就开始寻找这颗行星,他认为自己可以在五年内找到它。其他天文学家很有可能也会去搜索那一片夜空。If the planet exists, it would easily meet the definition of planet, Dr. Brown said.他说如果这颗行星真的存在,它应该能轻易吻合对行星的定义。“There are some truly dominant bodies in the solar system and they are pushing around everything else,” Dr. Brown said. “This is what we mean when we say planet.”“在太阳系有一些格外显要的星体,它们会肆意摆布其他一切天体,”巴蒂金说,“这就是我们说的‘行星’的意思。” /201601/424080

Inside the sleek body of the latest iPhone is one of two chips made by different manufacturers.最新款的苹果手机光滑的机身里,内置有由不同厂家生产的两种芯片之一。After conducting tests, a number of iPhone users have claimed the battery life differs on the iPhone 6s depending on which chip is inside.经过测试,许多苹果用户称,iPhone 6s的电池寿命的长短因其内部使用的芯片而有所不同。But Apple has said these tests are #39;not representative of real-world usage,#39; claiming the battery life of 6s handsets varies within just two and three per cent.但苹果公司称,这些测试并不能“代表真实环境下的使用状态”,并声称苹果iPhone 6s的电池寿命差异仅有2-3%。Commentators have branded the issue #39;chipgate#39;.人士将这一事件称为“芯片门”。It has long been rumoured that the A9 chips inside the popular new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets are made by two manufacturers - TSMC and Samsung - and teardowns recently confirmed this.大受欢迎的iPhone 6s和6s Plus手机中内置的A9芯片由两家不同制造商(TSMC公司和三星公司)生产的传言由来已久,近期的拆机实了这一传言非虚。A number of benchmark tests claim to show a theoretical difference in battery life depending on which A9 chip was tested, with one claiming a 50 minute difference between manufacturers.许多基准测试显示,根据测试的是哪一种A9芯片,电池寿命理论上存在差异,其中一个测试声称,两家不同制造商生产的芯片导致的电池寿命差别有50分钟。Tests first posted on MyDrivers showed that TSMC#39;s chip out-performed Samsung#39;s according to reports on BGR.com.根据BGR网站的报道,最先发布在MyDrivers公上的测试显示,TSMC公司生产的芯片表现优于三星公司生产的芯片。YouTubers Austin Evans and Jonathan Morrison then both claimed to show that TSMC#39;s chip is slightly more efficient.YouTube用户奥斯汀·埃文斯(Austin Evans)和乔纳森·莫里森(Jonathan Morrison)均认为TSMC公司的芯片略优。Mr Morrison said that Samsung#39;s processor #39;runs hotter and yields less battery life...there#39;s definitely a difference of battery life between these two chips#39;.莫里森表示,三星处理器“运行时更容易发热,电池寿命更短……这两种不同芯片的电池寿命差异相当明显”。Apple told MailOnline that its own testing, as well as data gathered from its customers since the handset launched, shows the battery life of the handsets varies between two and three per cent.苹果公司告诉《每日邮报在线》(MailOnline),其内部测试以及手机发布后收集自客户的数据均显示,手机电池寿命的差异仅有2-3%。This is regardless of the chips inside them.无论手机内置的是哪种芯片。The information from customers is collected automatically if they opted in when they set up their phones.如果顾客在设置手机时勾选允许,那么客户信息将会自动被收集。The firm said: #39;With the Apple-designed A9 chip in your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you are getting the most advanced smartphone chip in the world.苹果公司称:“iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的内置芯片均为苹果自主设计的A9芯片,这是全世界最先进的智能手机芯片。”#39;Every chip we ship meets Apple#39;s highest standards for providing incredible performance and deliver great battery life, regardless of iPhone 6s capacity, color, or model.“我们出货的每块芯片都符合苹果公司的最高标准,不论是哪种容量、颜色或款式的iPhone 6s,都能够实现卓越的性能和可观的电池寿命。”#39;Certain manufactured lab tests which run the processors with a continuous heavy workload until the battery depletes are not representative of real-world usage, since they spend an unrealistic amount of time at the highest CPU performance state.“某些捏造的实验室测试令处理器持续高负荷地运转,直至电池耗空。由于他们令CPU在最高性能状态运行的时间是不切实际的,这些测试并不能代表芯片在真实环境下的使用状态。”#39;It#39;s a misleading way to measure real-world battery life.“这绝非测量真实环境下电池寿命的正确方法。”#39;Our testing and customer data show the actual battery life of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, even taking into account variable component differences, vary within just 2-3 per cent of each other.#39;“即使把一些可变因素考虑在内,我们的测试以及用户数据显示,iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的电池寿命的实际差异仅为2%-3%。”Currently there is no way to tell which chip your iPhone uses.目前还没有办法知晓你手里的iPhone使用的是哪种芯片。TechCrunch has noted that the two to three percent difference in battery performance is within the manufacturing tolerances for any device.TechCrunch提示,对于任何设备而言,2%-3%的电池寿命差异都在加工误差的允许范围内。 /201510/402987

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