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Spencer: I would love to see you in this outfit: a tank top and a miniskirt.斯宾塞:我喜欢看你穿这身行头:背心配迷你裙Lauren: No way! I wouldnt look anything like that mannequin. Im too shy and Id make a fool of myself wearing such revealing clothes.劳伦:绝不!我穿上它肯定不如模特儿好看我很害羞,而且穿上这么的暴露的衣会把自己弄得像个傻瓜Spencer: That where youre wrong. You would look great on the beach in that outfit with a bikini underneath.斯宾塞:那你可就错了在沙滩上穿上这一套,再搭配上比基尼,看起来棒极了Lauren: I havent worn a bikini in years. I always wear a one-piece now. In fact, Id feel more comtable in a T-shirt, cut-offs, and flip- flops.劳伦:我好几年没穿过比基尼了现在我一直穿连衣裙实际上,我感觉穿T恤,牛仔短裤和人字拖会更加舒一点Spencer: Why would you want to hide that figure? If you want to do that, why dont you just wear this Hawaiian shirt and these board-shorts. Then no one will know youre a woman!斯宾塞:为什么你想隐藏你的身材呢?如果你真想那样,为什么不干脆穿上夏威夷衬衫和滑板裤啊那样就没人知道你是女人了!Lauren: Dont get mad. Okay, you can pick out an outfit me and I promise to wear it you. Okay?劳伦:不要生气好吧,你可以为我挑选一套,我保会为你穿一次行吗?Spencer: Fine, but Im warning you: I want to see some skin!斯宾塞:那就好,但我现在警告你:我想看你暴露一点的样子原文译文属! 3。

  • 狄兰·托马斯(Dylan Thomas),二十世纪最具影响力的英语诗人之一虽然狄兰主要是位诗人,他也创作过电影剧本和短篇小说在他刚庆祝完39岁生日不久,死于醉酒狄兰·托马斯的诗歌围绕生、死、欲三大主题;诗风粗犷而热烈,音韵充满活力而不失严谨;其肆意设置的密集意象相互撞击、互相制约,表现自然的生长力和人性的律动狄兰·托马斯的诗歌掀开了英美诗歌史上的新的篇章Twenty-Four Years—Dylan Thomas二十四年——狄兰·托马斯Twenty-four years remind the tears of my eyes.回顾二十四年的岁月,我的眼里充满泪水Bury the dead fear that they walk to the grave in labour.埋葬死者以免他们在阵痛中步向坟地In the groin of the natural doorway I crouched like a tailor我曾蹲在天然门廊的腹沟里,Sewing a shroud a journey像个裁缝,By the light of the meat-eating sun.借用吞食一切的阳光,Dressed to die, the sensual strut begun,盛装就死,肉欲之徜徉已开始With my red veins full of money,我的红色血管里满是金钱,In the final direction of the elementary town朝着小市镇最后的方向I advance as long as ever is.我永久地前行 1。
  • We walked down the path to the well-house, attracted by the fragrance of the honeysucklewith which it was covered. Some one was drawing water and my teacher placed my hand underthe spout. As the cool stream gushed over one hand she spelled into the other the wordwater, first slowly, then rapidly. I stood still, my whole attention fixed upon the motions of herfingers. Suddenly I felt a misty consciousness as of something gotten-a thrill of returningthought; and somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me. I knew then that;w-a-t-e-r; meant the wonderful cool something that was flowing over my hand. That livingword awakened my soul, gave it light, hope, joy, set it free! There were barriers still, it is true,but barriers that could in time be swept away.我们走在通往大房子的路上,金银花的芬芳令人心旷神怡有人开始压水,我的老师则把我的手放在了水管边上当一股清冽的水流喷涌到我的一只手上时,她就在我的另一只手上拼写“water”这个词,起初是慢慢地,后来变得飞快蓦然间,我感觉到一种被遗忘了的朦胧意识—或者说,一种沉睡意识的回归和觉醒;神秘的语言世界展现在我面前于是我知道了“water”的意思是奇妙而凉爽的东西从我的手上流过这个具有生命力的词语唤醒了我的灵魂,它带给了我光明、希望、欢乐,将我置于一个无限自由的空间!虽然感官的藩篱依然存在,但是藩篱必将会被及时地清理干净 333。
  • Aging Populations人口老龄化What is making the world so much older?是什么让全世界的人口日益老龄化?There are two long-term causes and a temporary blip that will continue to show up in the figures the next few decades.这是由两个长期原因和一个暂时现象造成的,并且在未来的几十年里,这些因素还将继续存在下去The first of the big causes is that people everywhere are living far longer than they used to,and this trend started with the industrial revolution and has been slowly gathering pace.第一个主要原因是,与以前相比,现在人们的寿命长得多,这一趋势在工业革命时期就初现端倪,之后逐渐变得越来越明显In 1900 average life expectancy at birth the world as a whole was only around 30 years,and in rich countries under 50.1900年,世界人口的平均寿命大概只有30岁,而富国国民的平均寿命也不到50岁The figures now are 67 and 78 respectively, and still rising.如今,这两个数字已分别上升至67岁和78岁,而且还在一直上升 all the talk about the coming old-age crisis,that is surely something to be grateful -especially since older people these days also seem to remain healthy, fit and active much longer.尽管人们对即将到来的老龄化危机众说纷纭,但有些事情还是值得我们庆幸的—特别是看到现在的老年人寿命更长,并且健康自在A second, and bigger, cause of the ageing of societies is that people everywhere are having far fewer children,so the younger age groups are much too small to counterbalance the growing number of older people.第二个原因就是世界各地新生人口数量越来越少,结果导致年轻人群数量过少,无法和不断增长的老龄人数持平,这也是造成社会老龄化更主要的原因This trend emerged later than the one longer lives,first in developed countries and now in poor countries too.与人均寿命不断延长的趋势相比,这一趋势出现的时间相对较晚,而且首先出现在发达国家,现已蔓延到贫穷国家In the early 1970s women across the world were still,on average, having .3 children each.世纪70年代早期,全球妇女人均生育率仍为.3The current global average is .6,and in rich countries only 1.6.而现在这个数字已下降至.6,富裕国家妇女的人均生育率仅为1.6The UN predicts that by the global figure will have dropped to just two,so by mid-century the world population will begin to level out.联合国预计,到年,全球妇女的人均生育率将降至,到本世纪中叶,世界人口总数将开始呈现平稳状态The numbers in some developed countries have aly started shrinking.某些发达国家的人口数量已开始缩减Depending on your point of view,that may or may not be a good thing,but it will certainly turn the world into a different place.不管您认为这一现象是好是坏,它必定会给这个世界带来巨大变化The temporary blip that has magnified the effects of lower fertility and greater longevity is the baby-boom that arrived in most rich countries after the Second World War.暂时现象其实是指大多数富国在二战后迎来的婴儿潮,它进一步放大了低生育率和长寿对老龄化造成的影响The timing varied slightly from place to place,but in America-where the effect was strongest-it covered roughly the years from 195,a period when nearly 80 million Americans were born.婴儿潮出现的时间因地点的不同而略有差别,但在美国,始于195年的婴儿潮大约持续了年这一时期出生的人口数量接近8000万,对美国社会造成极大影响The first of them are now coming up to retirement.出生在婴儿潮早期的人们现已接近退休年龄, the next years those baby-boomers will be swelling the ranks of pensioners,which will lead to a rapid drop in the working population all over the rich world.而在接下来的年里,这一时期出生的人们将不断壮大领取养老金的队伍,这将导致所有富国同时面临劳动人口数量急剧下降的问题 1933。
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