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Vitamin D supplements could spare more than three million people from colds or flu in the UK each year, researchers claim.研究人员声称,维生素D的额外摄入每年可预防英国超过三百万人患上感冒或流感。The sunshine vitamin is vital for healthy bones, but also has a role in the immune system.这种可以靠阳光补充的维生素对骨骼的健康发展有至关重要的作用,但同时也参与免疫系统的工作。The analysis, published in the British Medical Journal, argues food should be fortified with the vitamin.根据《英国医学杂志》的统计结果表明,食物中应该富含维生素。But Public Health England (PHE) says the infections data is not conclusive, although it does recommend supplements.虽然英国公共卫生局也承认营养补给的重要性,但他们认为传染病的统计数据并不能起决定性作用。These, it says, should be taken for improved bone and muscle health.该卫生局表示,人类需要补充这些营养来增强骨骼和肌肉的健康。The immune system uses vitamin D to make antimicrobial weapons that puncture holes in bacteria and viruses.免疫系统可以利用维生素D作为杀菌剂,用于杀死人体内的细菌和病毒。But as vitamin D is made in the skin while out in the sun, many people have low levels during winter.但是,当皮肤暴露在阳光下时,人体内会合成维生素D,许多人在冬天时体内维生素D的水平较低。Trials on using supplements to prevent infections have given mixed results, so the researchers pooled data on 11,321 people from 25 separate trials to try to get a definitive answer.尝试通过补充营养来预防传染病会产生各种各样的效果,因此研究人员在11321人身上做了25组独立试验,试图得出一个普遍而确定的结论。The team at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) looked at respiratory tract infections - which covers a wide range of illnesses from a sniffle to flu to pneumonia.伦敦玛丽女王大学的研究小组把目光投向呼吸道感染病,其中广泛地包括从普通感冒到肺炎等的疾病。Overall, the study said one person would be spared infection for every 33 taking vitamin D supplements.最终结果表明,在每33个补充维生素D的个体中,就有1个可以有效预防传染病。That is more effective than flu vaccination, which needs to treat 40 to prevent one case, although flu is far more serious than the common cold.这比打流感预防疫苗都有效,疫苗在每40个个体中才会有1个个体见效,即使流感比普通感冒要严重得多。There were greater benefits for those taking pills daily or weekly, rather than in monthly super-doses.相比较每月吃一次和过量摄入维生素D片的人来说,每天或每周吃一次维生素D片的人会获益更多。 /201702/494291Forget your morning coffee - spend 10 minutes walking up and down some stairs instead.忘记你的晨起咖啡,转而花十分钟时间上下走楼梯吧。It sounds like a nightmare. But according to new research, that little bout of exercise will do far more for your energy levels than if you were to take the elevator while slurping on a soda or a cappuccino - and saves you some money.这个建议听起来似乎像个噩梦,但是据最新研究显示,这样少量的锻炼比喝着苏打水或卡布奇诺坐电梯更有助于身体能量的提升,而且还省钱。The study aimed to simulate the hurdles faced in a typical office setting, where workers spend hours sitting and staring at computer screens and don#39;t have time for a longer bout of exercise during the day.这项研究的目的是模拟在传统办公室环境中遇到的障碍,在这里,员工们长时间坐着并盯着电脑屏幕,一天下来根本没有时间做长时间的锻炼。For the study, participants on separate days either ingested capsules containing caffeine or a placebo, or spent 10 minutes walking up and down stairs - about 30 floors total - at a low-intensity pace.在研究中,参与者在不同的日子里,要么用含咖啡因或安慰剂的胶囊,要么以较低的速度爬10分钟楼梯--总计大约30层。To test the effects of caffeine versus the exercise, each group took some verbal and computer-based tests to gauge how well they performed certain cognitive tasks.为了检测咖啡因和锻炼带来的影响有什么区别,每组参与者会做一些口头测试和电脑测试,来估测他们在一些特定的认知测试中的表现。Neither caffeine nor exercise caused large improvements in attention or memory, but stair walking was associated with a small increase in motivation for work.虽然咖啡因和锻炼都不会带来注意力和记忆上多大的提升,但是走楼梯会使工作积极性稍有提高。There is still much research to be done on the specific benefits of exercising on the stairs, especially for just 10 minutes. But even a brief bout of stair walking can enhance feelings of energy without reducing cognitive function.关于走楼梯、尤其是走十分钟楼梯带来的具体好处,我们还需要做更多的调查,但是即便是短时间的走楼梯,也能在不降认知能力的前提下提升你的精力。You may not have time to go for a swim, but you might have 10 minutes to walk up and down the stairs.你可能没时间去游泳,但是你可能会有十分钟的时间去爬楼梯。 /201705/507204Look mom, it#39;s twerking!妈妈快看呐,电臀舞(指女人臀部像被电后不住的颤抖)耶! /201612/483993

Clay Figure Modeling泥塑代表Clay figure modelling varies with localities in technology, styles and subject matter. For example,the longstanding painted clay work from Fengxiang, Shanxi has to go through over ten steps in the whole process. They include moulding the clay, turning over the base,gluing into the designed shape, polishing, painting, outlining, coloring, glossing, and so on. As a result, painted clay figures made in Fengxiang are very much loved for their bright color,vivid shape,dramatic composition and bold style. The main clay work includes tigers,five poisonous creatures (scorpion, viper, centipede, house lizard and toad), crouching cow, zodiac animals (the twelve symbolic animals used to denote the year of one#39;s birth),toys,legendary figures like the eight immortals,and characters in the Three Kingdoms and Pilgrimage to the West. The famed clay figures produced in Wuxi fall into two types:the coarse,and the refined. The former is characterized by unsophisticated composition out of moulded shape,and bright color from hand painting with the theme of good fortune and happiness. The latter is made by kneading the clay with hands into sophisticated figures based on the wonderful scenes in Beijing opera or Kun opera. With each being a wonder,the refined clay figures are unique works of art created with painstaking effort. Other influential clay figure producers are Gaomi of Shandong,Beigou of Hebei,and Xunxian of Henan.绘泥塑人物造型随着地方不同在技术,风格和题材上也不同。例如,凤翔和陕西的长期绘泥塑作品,在整个过程要经过超过十个步骤。它们包括制作模,翻转底座,粘合设计形状,抛光,涂漆,描绘轮廓,着色,上光,等等。事实上,凤翔的绘泥塑人物都非常受欢迎因为它们的色泽鲜艳,造型生动,戏剧性的成分和大胆的风格。主要的粘土艺术品包括老虎,五毒生物(蝎子,毒蛇,蜈蚣,壁虎和蟾蜍),蹲牛,十二生肖(用来表示一个人的出生年份的十二个象征性的动物),玩具,传说中的人物像八仙,三国演绎和西游记中的人物。在无锡生产的著名的陶俑分为两类:粗的和精致的。前者的特点是单纯的成型造型,没有亮丽的色和手画,只有吉祥与幸福的主题。后者是通过双手揉捏成型,以京剧或昆曲复杂的精场面的为基础粘制成。每次奇迹的诞生,精制泥人苦心孤诣创造的独一无二的艺术品。其他有影响力的泥人产地是山东的高密,河北的北沟,河南和浚县。 /201610/470204

Demolishing half a packet of biscuits while staying up trying to finish an assignment, swapping fruit for a chocolate bar for your snack at work after an early start or longing for a croissant upon landing from a long-haul flight, there could now be a reason why you reach for the bad food after a bad night#39;s sleep.在熬夜办公时,你是否会轻而易举地消灭半包饼干?早起之后,你是否会把工作间餐的水果换成巧克力?或者是乘坐长途飞机后特别想要吃牛角面包?对于为什么晚上睡眠不好、白天就会想吃垃圾食品这个问题,这里可能会给你一种解释。Researchers at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Chicago recently presented their results of a study looking into the effects of sleep deprivation upon high-calorific food consumption at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society#39;s annual meeting in San Francisco, reports Science News.最近,在洛杉矶的认知神经科学学会年度会议上,来自西北大学费恩伯格医学院的研究者们发表了关于缺乏睡眠对高热量食物摄入的影响的研究报告。Participants were allocated different amounts of sleep, eight hours or four hours, and then their reaction to smells of high-calorific foods were tested.这次试验中,参与者睡眠的时间各不相同,可能是8小时或4个小时,随后测试他们对于高卡路里食物的味道的反应。Participants slept for both lengths of time, separated by a week of normal sleep.每一位参与者都要参与这两种不同时长的睡眠实验,两次试验间隔一周的正常作息。On the day after they either had full or partial sleep, participants rated the pleasantness and intensity of sweet and savoury high-calorific food smells such as crisps and cinnamon rolls. They were then asked to rate the smell of non-foods like fir trees.在他们参加睡眠实验的第二天,参与者们被要求对包括薯片和肉桂卷这样的高糖、高盐、高卡路里食物打分,研究这些食物是否吸引人,能否让人感到愉悦。随后,参与者被要求给松木等非食品的气味打分。Researchers found that those who were sleep-deprived had ;specifically enhanced; brain activity to the food smells compared to when they had a good night#39;s sleep.研究人员发现,相较于睡眠充足的人,缺乏睡眠的人对于食物的气味有“强烈的”脑部活动。The experiment supports the long-held association between sleep deprivation and excessive eating and weight gain.这项实验论了人们长久以来相信的缺乏睡眠和暴饮暴食、体重增加之间的关系。So, if you want to stop reaching for the chocolate every day, perhaps a few extra hours sleep is all you need.所以,如果你想要戒掉每天必吃的巧克力,你可能只需要额外几个小时的睡眠就可以了。 /201704/503456

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