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  • Beautiful. You sound great.Sound great. Thank you.Alright.太棒了 听起来棒极了 很好听 谢谢 好了Nick is hosting ;The Kids Choice Awards; Coming up soon.尼克不久后要主持儿童选择奖颁奖典礼Are you prepared to get slimed?你准备好被泼泥了吗Im prepared and I have couples of surprises of my slim too,and cancel the slime.准备好了 关于泼泥和避免被泼 我也做了些准备Oh really. So you keep protecting yourself from the slime.真的吗 你不能采取措施防止被泼Thats the whole thing.You are gonna get slimed.就是这样 你一定被泼No, no. I am fully prepared.Im gonna slime in the prom.不不不 我完全准备好了 我在毕业舞会上被泼过一次了Right in my ear. So just earplugs this time.还进了我的耳朵 所以这次我准备好耳塞了All right, alright, yeah.It will be fun. Theyre always fun.好的 明白了 这会很有趣的 一直都很有趣Weve never done it before but Nick had a great good idea.We said, ;Okay, sure.;尼克出了一个很棒的主意 虽然我们从没这样做过 我们说 ;好啊 没问题;He wanted to give each and everyone of you tickets to go see ;The Kids Choice Awards.;他想送给现场的观众每人一张 儿童选择奖颁奖典礼的门票For every audience you will get a copy of this as well.Well be back.每位观众还会得到一张尼克的新专辑 我们一会回来 /201510/402647。
  • Weve all been hearing a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric recently. Everything from banning all Muslims from the country to halting the flow of Syrian refugees.This week, Karen Korematsu has been in Michigan sharing her fathers story from a similar time of fear and confusion.During World War II, Fred Korematsu refused to comply with the order that put about 120,000 Japanese-Americans in internment camps. He has become a symbol of resistance to what is now seen as a shameful time in America.Karen Korematsu wants Michigan to be among the states to officially commemorate January 30 as Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution.According to Korematsu, her father thought of himself first as an American citizen. ;He couldnt believe that American citizens would be ordered to be imprisoned without any due process of law,; she says.;He just wanted to get on with his life. He had done nothing wrong, so why should he be incarcerated just because he looked like the enemy?;Korematsus father was eventually arrested in the San Francisco Bay area. She tells us that his case was taken up by executive director of the ACLU of Northern California Ernest Besig, who had been looking for a test case ;because he thought it was unconstitutional since everyones due process had been violated.;The process took several years before eventually being heard by the Supreme Court on December 18, 1944.Korematsu tells us her father ;truly believed; that by the time his case got to the high court, they would see that the internment of Japanese-Americans was unconstitutional. He was ;disheartened; and ;disgusted; when the court ruled six to three against him.;But it wasnt unanimous,; Korematsu says, ;and thats the important point. In fact, Justice Murphy of Michigan was one of the dissenting positions.;Her father went on to challenge his conviction and that ruling in the 1980s. Though she wasnt fully aware of it growing up, her fathers federal prison record had worked against him when finding employment and housing. ;My father had never given up hope that someday he could reopen his Supreme Court case because he clearly felt that the government was wrong and that he was right in what he had done.;Korematsus father was eventually able to challenge the ruling in the 80s thanks to a piece of evidence turned up by University of California, San Diego professor Peter Irons while researching the World War II Supreme Court cases.;He was looking through some files and found, actually in the Immigration and Alien Department, a box that hadnt been opened in 40 years. And right on the top of this box, that was dusty, was this file … about the Department of Justice, that proved there was no military necessity for the Japanese-Americans to be forcibly removed from their homes; that at the time of my fathers Supreme Court case, the Department of Justice had withheld evidence, had destroyed evidence and had altered evidence. So on that basis, they were able to reopen my fathers Supreme Court case.;In 1998, President Bill Clinton awarded Fred Korematsu the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor. Korematsu died in 2005.Several states have agreed to commemorate January 30 as Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution or are on their way to doing so in some capacity.California was the first, Korematsu tells us, beginning in 2011, followed by Hawaii and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Georgia and Pennsylvania have submitted resolutions honoring the day, while Florida and South Carolina have submitted bills to their respective legislatures.Korematsu visited with legislators this week in an effort to persuade Michigan to officially commemorate Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution each year on January 30. She tells us they were ;very receptive; to the idea. 201602/424883。
  • Tried by a Kangaroo court Otto Warmbier, the 21 year old University of Virginia student who was visiting the isolated communist nation of North Korea and detained in January in Pyongyang, 由袋鼠法庭审判,21岁的弗吉尼亚大学学生奥托·瓦姆比尔在参观孤立的共产主义国家朝鲜间,于一月在平壤被拘留,was sentenced to 15 years hard labor on Wednesday before a “kangaroo court”. 周三,在“袋鼠法庭”前被判处15年劳教。Warmbier was accused of stealing a propaganda sign from a staff-only area of the hotel he was staying. 瓦姆比尔被指控从住处一个禁止客人进入的地方偷取标语。Pyongyang regularly accuses the US of sending operatives to North Korea for the purpose of overthrowing the hostile regime.平壤经常指责美国派遣特工到朝鲜,以推翻敌对政权。译文属。201603/432233。
  • This week, violence and race have hit us in a way many of us have never seen.Violence and race, though, are not new. The Detroit Journalism Cooperative has been looking at the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Some of the core issues then are some of the issues were still struggling with today.Youve got to understand the history to really understand whats happened this week.One of the experts weve talked to over the past several months is Joe T. Darden. He researches urban social geography, residential segregation, immigration and socioeconomic neighborhood inequality in multi-racial societies.Today, Statesides Lester Graham asked him about the 1968 Kerner Report, which was issued by a presidential commission.President Lyndon Johnson asked the commission to determine why there had been so many racial uprisings and riots in 1967. It looked at grievances of black America and suggested remedies which went far beyond the Great Society programs Johnson launched.The report was largely ignored. Darden said thats evident today.Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.You can see all of our Detroit Journalism Cooperative coverage here.201607/453772。
  • To begin with, the concentration camps were under the control of the Nazi Stormtroopers.起初,集中营由纳粹冲锋队控制。Here they are parading in triumph through Berlin.他们趾高气扬穿过柏林大街。But their ordered marching hid a chaotic and violent reality.但工整的游行背后暗藏混乱暴力。Everyone is arresting everyone else and avoiding the prescribed official channels.人人都通过非官方渠道逮捕其他人。Everyone is threatening everyone else with protective custody.人人都以保护式拘留而威胁别人。Everyone is threatening everyone else with Dachau.人人都以达豪集中营来威胁别人。These concentration camps were not yet places of mass killing,but they were brutal in the extreme.这些集中营,此时还未进行大屠杀,但已残忍至极。A number of prisoners were murdered, and torture,often psychological torture, was commonplace.谋杀囚犯,酷刑折磨,包括心理折磨,都是家常便饭。I was thrown into the bunker and kept in chains.我被扔到床上,戴着铁链。We only got something to eat every fourth day.我们4天才能吃到一点东西。Other than that, there was just a jug of water and b.除此之外,只有水和面包。After four days, he said, Youre getting out tomorrow,but he was just messing around with me.4天后他说,你们明天就能出去,其实是耍弄我们而已。They kept saying, ;Youll be getting out...Nothing.他们不断说,你们马上能走...只是空话。Throughout Germany, the reality was obvious,Hitler led a movement of violent revolutionaries and was brutally suppressing any opposition.整个德国的现实日趋明朗希特勒领导了一场暴力革命,残酷镇压所有反对派。 译文属201512/414248。
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