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国家地理:Planet Carnivore: Lions 动物星球: 狮On the southern edge of Ngorongoro Swamp, the lake cats have a new opportunity to make a big kill. Buffalo have poor vision. They are only 30 meters away, but in the dim morning light, they can't see the pride. While they don't see very well, buffalo can smell predators over 150 meters away. This time, luck is on the lions' side. They are downwind.The lake cats fail again. The other two buffalo take cover in the swamp. They'll simply wait for the pride to move on. The pride is still adjusting to hunting without Moj and now Kea has now become too slow to help in the chase. But hunger isn't their only problem now. There are enemies just outside their territory.Four powerful male lions lurk on the borders of Kea and Moran's home. Now that they are over three years old, these nomadic lions have been chased out of their own pride to the crater. Today they set their sights on a big prize- the lake cat lionesses. The nomads are now sexually mature, and they want to mate. But to win control of the pride, these young males would first have to get past Moran.pride: a group of lionsdownwind: in the direction that the wind is moving200709/17385

Arab Summit Closes Amid Sharp Divisions阿拉伯联盟半数国家的峰会结束A controversial and partly boycotted Arab League summit has ended in the Syrian capital, Damascus, with no progress on the Lebanese political crisis and a summit declaration that Iraq refused to endorse. Despite the obviously sharp divisions among the delegates, Syrian officials have portrayed the meeting as a success. 备受争议、而且受到部分抵制的阿拉伯联盟首脑会议在叙利亚首都大马士革落下帷幕。这次会议没有在黎巴嫩的政治危机问题上取得任何进展。而且伊拉克也拒绝持这次峰会的会议宣言。虽然与会代表们之间存在明显的严重分歧,但是叙利亚官员仍然把这次会议描述为一个成功的会议。The Arab summit broke no new ground on the most critical regional issues, in the absence of nearly half of the leaders of Arab League states.  阿拉伯联盟首脑会议没有在最关键的地区性问题上取得突破。将近有一半的阿拉伯联盟国家的领导人没有参加这次会议。Leaders say they had frank talks about the economy and other matters, but there was little in the way of progress on the issues that have most divided the Arab world and prompted a partial boycott of the meeting, including the Palestinian factional divide and the political crisis in Lebanon. 领导人们说,他们开诚布公地讨论了经济以及其他方面的问题,但是,在阿拉伯世界里分歧最严重的问题上,他们没有取得太大进展。这些问题促使一些国家部分抵制这次会议。这些问题包括巴勒斯坦内部派系的分裂以及黎巴嫩的政治危机。Lebanon boycotted the summit, accusing host Syria of blocking the election of a new Lebanese president, charges Syria denies. In solidarity with Lebanon, three other key Western-allied countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, sent only low-level representatives to Damascus. 黎巴嫩抵制这次峰会,指责会议的主办国叙利亚阻止黎巴嫩新总统的选举,叙利亚对此予以否认。为了显示同黎巴嫩的团结,作为西方盟友的另外三个国家--埃及、沙特阿拉伯和约旦,只派遣了低级别的官员代表到大马士革参加这次会议。The summit's host, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, acknowledged that there were sharp divisions among the delegates, but he argued that those differences strengthened the summit rather than weakening it.  叙利亚总统阿萨德主持了这次峰会。他承认与会代表间存在着严重分歧,但是他说,这些分歧没有削弱峰会的力量,反而使峰会变得更加有力度了。He said the closed-door session Saturday was "outstanding" and "free of flattery." He said everyone spoke frankly and respected the discussion, despite their many differences. 他说,在星期六举行的闭门会议是非常好的,而且没有夹杂任何的谄媚言辞。他说,尽管存在许多分歧,但是每个人都坦率地发言,并且尊重大家的讨论。In the earlier opening session, that frankness and difference of opinion was on public display in the remarks by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, who excoriated his fellow leaders for their disunity and inability to act together. The sharp divides among Arab states were evident even in the summit's declaration, which the Iraqi delegation refused to endorse. 阿拉伯国家之间的严重分歧非常明显,甚至是在会议宣言中都能体现出来。伊拉克代表拒绝持这份宣言。At the final session, Iraqi Vice President Adil Abdul-Mehdi said Iraq was formally expressing its reservations about the text. He indicated that it was not what they had agreed to during the closed session. 伊拉克副总统迈赫迪在最后的会议中说,伊拉克正式地表达了它对该宣言所作的保留。他指出,该宣言的内容不是他们在闭门会议中所同意的内容。He said it failed to pledge support for the Iraqi government in its efforts toward national reconciliation or to condemn terrorism and violence. 他说,这份宣言没有保说,要为伊拉克政府在全国性和解或谴责恐怖主义和暴力方面所做的努力提供持。Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said the Iraqi objections would be noted in the record, but his foreign minister later said the document itself would not be amended. 叙利亚总统阿萨德说,他们会在记录中提到伊拉克的反对观点,但是叙利亚外长随后说,这份宣言文件本身不会被修改。The conference declaration called for Iraq to disband all militias and work to speed up the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the country.  这份会议宣言呼吁伊拉克解散所有的民兵部队,努力加速撤走所有驻伊拉克的外国军队。The summit made no breakthrough on the Lebanese political crisis, the main issue that prompted so many countries to scale back their representation at the meeting. But delegates emphasized their support for efforts by Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa to mediate a solution. 这次峰会没有在黎巴嫩的政治危机问题上取得任何突破。黎巴嫩的政治危机促使许多国家缩减了参加会议的代表人员。但是,与会代表强调说,他们持阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨对解决方案进行调解所做出的努力。Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moallem rejected the allegation that the summit's success hinged on making progress on Lebanon. 叙利亚外交部长穆阿里姆否认峰会的成功取决于黎巴嫩问题的进展之说。He said "The issue of Lebanon was raised during the closed session, but the leaders decided it was not appropriate to discuss Lebanon during its absence." 穆阿里姆说,“他们在闭门会议中提出了黎巴嫩的问题,但是领导人们决定说,在黎巴嫩不在场的情况下讨论黎巴嫩内问题是不适当的。”Delegates at the summit also renewed their support for the Arab peace initiative aimed at ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But they also said that the offer will not remain on the table indefinitely, and indicated they could review their strategies on peace with Israel, depending on Israel's response. 与会代表们还表示要继续持阿拉伯和平倡议,该倡议致力于结束以色列人和巴勒斯坦人之间的冲突。但是,他们还说,他们不会无限期的持这项倡议,他们会根据以色列的回应,和以色列一起审议他们的和平策略。The initiative was first proposed in 2002 and re-launched last year. It offers Israel normal relations with all Arab states in exchange for Israeli withdrawal to its borders before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. 阿拉伯和平倡议最初在2002年提出,并在去年重新启动。该倡议允许以色列与所有阿拉伯国家建立正常关系,作为交换,以色列人要撤回到1967年阿以战争爆发前的以色列边境地区。200803/32853

'State of the Planet' Summit Concludes Climate Change Causes Poverty气候变化对发展中国家特有风险? International concern is mounting that global warming could put millions of people at risk through drought, floods and other extreme weather. A group of economists, scientists, and international leaders met in New York recently to discuss how climate change poses a particular risk to developing countries, and what solutions can be taken by rich and poor countries alike.  国际社会越来越担心,全球气候变暖可能会引起干旱、洪水和其他极端天气,从而威胁到数以百万计的人。最近,一些经济学家、科学家和国际领导人在纽约召开会议,讨论气候变化对发展中国家造成的特有风险以及所有国家可以采取的解决办法。Rich and poor countries generally agree that climate change must be addressed, but often differ on how to go about it. Developed nations, including the ed States, Britain and Japan, have focused on curbing their own greenhouse gas emissions, caused mainly from burning fossil fuels for energy. Poor countries are calling for assistance in dealing with climate-related impacts, like food shortages and drought, while also meeting energy needs to spur economic growth. 富裕和贫穷国家一般都认为,气候变化的问题必须要加以解决,但是,他们往往在如何解决的问题上意见分歧。包括美国、英国和日本在内的发达国家关注的焦点在于如何限制他们自己的温室气体排放量。这些温室气体的排放主要是由于燃烧化石燃料来获得能源所造成的;贫穷国家则呼吁国际社会帮助它们在满足经济发展所需能源的同时也能够解决食品短缺和干旱等因气候变化所产生的影响。A summit on "the State of the Planet" hosted by Columbia University examined the link between poverty and climate change, and called for a new, global plan of action to deal with the two issues. 美国哥伦比亚大学主办的地球现状高峰会探讨了贫困与气候变化之间的联系,并且呼吁有关各方针对这两个问题采取新的全球性的行动计划。Conference participants argued that poor countries remain especially at risk to the effects of global warming. They say if left unchecked, global warming could spur conflict and puts millions of people at risk drought, mudslides, food shortages and illness. 与会人士认为,贫穷国家特别容易受到全球气候变暖后果的影响。他们表示,如果不加以控制,全球气候变暖会引发冲突,会引起干旱、泥石流、食品短缺和疾病等问题,威胁到数以百万计的人。Former ed Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said climate change is exacerbating the problems faced by poor nations. 前联合国秘书长安南说,气候变化加剧了贫穷国家所面临的问题。"The international community must work to arrest this downward spiral," said Kofi Annan. "Developed countries carry the greatest responsibility for climate change yet the least developed suffer its impact the most. Developed countries must accept their responsibility to help poor countries deal with these changes, and must do so as a matter of urgency." 他说:“国际社会必须努力阻止这个旋涡的下滑。发达国家对气候变化负有最大的责任,而最不发达国家受到的影响最大。发达国家必须接受自己的责任,帮助贫穷国家对付这些变化,必须把履行这份责任看作是当务之急。”Economists at the conference focused on what steps could be taken to lessen the impact of climate change as the population expands and energy needs rise around the world. 与会的经济学家关注的焦点是,在目前世界各地人口持续增长、能源需求不断扩大的情况下能够采取哪些措施才能够减少气候变化所带来的影响。Topping the list of recommendations was the promotion of clean energy technology, including solar, wind and hydrogen power.  在他们提出的一系列建议中,首要的就是推广太阳能、风能和水力发电等清洁能源技术。Jill Shankleman, a consultant to the World Bank's political risk insurance arm, says global hunger for oil and gas will not decrease in the near future. She said eradicating poverty and addressing conflict in developing countries requires new energy initiatives and a new approach to managing resources. 世界政治风险保险部门的顾问尚克曼女士说,全球对石油和天然气的饥渴在近期内不会减弱。她说,消除贫困和解决发展中国家的冲突需要新的能源倡议以及新的管理资源的途径。"Although the awareness of climate change is expanding, for the next few decades we are also going to see the expansion of the oil and gas industry in many, many new places," said Jill Shankleman. "This will happen until the emerging, developing countries secure access to the oil and energy they need. So what's to be done? We need a new paradigm that explicitly links resource extraction with development." 她说:“尽管对气候变化的认知在不断扩大,但是在今后几十年的时间里,我们也会在许许多多新的地方看到石油和天然气工业不断发展。这个发展过程将一直持续到新兴的发展中国家能够确保获得他们所需要的石油和能源。应该采取那些行动呢?我们需要建立一个把资源开采和经济发展这两个方面清晰地联系起来的新模式。”Economist Jeffrey Sachs said addressing climate change requires a firm commitment by rich countries to also address extreme poverty and the growing global population. 经济学家杰弗里.萨克斯说,对付气候变化问题需要富裕国家做出坚定承诺,解决极端贫困和世界人口不断增加的问题。He said current benchmarks set by rich countries for cutting greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient. He also argues the international community is unprepared for the changes that are taking place in the world, like soaring energy and food prices.  他说,富裕国家目前为削减温室气体排放所设定的目标是不够的。他还表示,国际社会还没有做好应对正在世界各地发生的变化的准备,比如能源和食品价格的快速上涨。He says economic systems need to be revamped and more money and attention should go toward pursuing sustainable, renewable energy sources. 他说,我们需要改进现有的经济体系,应当把更多的资金和注意力放在寻找可持续的和可再生的能源资源上。"But, the science only takes us part of the way," said Jeffrey Sachs. "Linking the science to all of the rest that has to happen involves government, business, international organizations, civil society and each of us in our own communities and our own households. That's an extraordinarily complex challenge." 他说:“科学只能帮我们解决部分问题。要把科学和其它所有要发生的事情联系起来就需要政府、企业、国际组织、公民社会以及我们社区和我们家庭中的每一个人的参与。这是一个极其复杂的挑战。”On Wednesday, leaders from Japan and the European Union called for an ambitious and binding new international agreement on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. They say the pact should replace the Kyoto Protocol, which is set to expire in 2012. But, the proposal did not set specific targets for emissions reductions.  星期三,日本和欧盟领导人呼吁在限制温室气体排放上达成一个大胆且具约束力的新的国际协议。他们表示,这个协议将取代在2012年到期的京都议定书。但是,这个提议没有规定具体的减排目标。200804/36562

Dr. Carole Lieberman is the author of Bad Boys -- Why we love them, How to live with them and When to leave them. Dr.Lieberman, good to see you. Is it the case of smart women making foolish choices or is it really an addiction?You actually can say that it's an addiction because most women dabble or experiment with bad boys just like people experiment with drugs. But there are a lot of women and an increasing number of women who actually become addicted to the high, to the pursuit, the high drama pursuit of the boy , of the man. And also the high of a feeling even though it maybe for fleeting moments ,that bad man who nobody else could get ,you know, he's been a trouble-maker for lots of other people , and you have managed to capture his heart at least for a few moments , and then there is the crash, you know, just like with drugs. the craving, the high and the crash. And...It sounds these women who just crave drama in their lives, in other words , they get easily bored so they want kind of ro, an emotional roller-coaster?That's part of it, but it actually goes deeper. Um, I call these women "hooked on heartbreak" and that reflects the fact that what they are doing is , they have a repetition compulsion , they have the compulsion to repeat a family drama. When little girls um, are between the ages of 2 to 7 approximately, they try to get their father(s) away from their mother(s). And in most cases, you know, this is a normal phase and it works out with the father actually makes the little girl feels as though she still is attractive, lovable, and it's just obviously he is not attainable. But for fathers who are absent, um, who are too seductive with the girl, who are abusive . There are all different kinds of fathers who can have disfunctional relationships with their daughter(s). And in those cases the little girls grow up to be women who want to keep repeating this pattern , but making it come out with a happier ending.So, how do you figure out what are the warning signs, cos bad boys just aren't, you know, riding Harley Davidsons and even necessarily having bad habits they could just be creepy narcissist , right?Yes, that's one type. In fact, a lot of, all bad boys to some degree have that sense of," it's about me". That's what women don't get. They have all these fun nerve temporarily , have all these fun, winning the pursuit and temporary high but really what they don't get they see the wounded little boy inside.And they have these rescue fantasies.And they have rescue fantasies and what they don't get is really the man knows to get out sooner than the woman. The woman will hang in there until she's really brokenhearted. And the man would either leave or he will do behaviors that will make the woman push him away. So, he protects himself, he protects his heart a lot better than the woman do, who just go inner to the end and it's because of this repetition compulsion, because in the sense you can never keep repeating the same behavior and have it come out with a different ending.Can these people be fixed, the man?Yes. The man can be fixed and women could do this.And not by women necessarily.(Well)They have to be fixed by themselves, don't they?Well, what has to happen is both of these people men are wounded by their mothers just like little girls are...women are wounded by their fathers. And what has to happen is that they each have to realize what they are doing is trying to avoid intimacy. And they need to approach each other and recognize what the behaviors are the...the purpose of these behaviors is to push the other person away. And they have to recognize that and work together to resolve that if that's what they want to do, if they want to really have a relationship.Working a lot less drama. Find a woman who has a healthy relationship with her father(Yes)and a man who has a healthy relationship with his mother.That's it. That's it.All right, now we have settled that. Thanks so much for coming. Bye. 200809/47576

McCain Visits Iraq, Clinton Promises to End War麦凯恩访伊不忘批民主党竞选对手Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain is visiting Iraq, as part of a trip to the Middle East and Europe that highlights his foreign policy and national security experience. In Washington, Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton has given a major speech on the Iraq war, criticizing both McCain and her Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama.  美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩参议员目前正在伊拉克访问,这是他这次中东和欧洲之行的组成部分,出访的目的是展示他的外交政策以及在国家安全领域的经验。在华盛顿,争取民主党总统候选人提名的希拉里.克林顿参议员针对伊拉克战争问题发表了一次重要演讲,批评麦凯恩和她的民主党对手奥巴马参议员。Just days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Senator McCain is in Baghdad to meet with Iraqi leaders and senior U.S. military officials. He has stressed that he is on a fact-finding mission for the Senate Armed Services Committee, and says he is not there for a photo opportunity for his campaign.  在美国发动对伊战争5周年的几天之前,麦凯恩参议员将在巴格达会晤伊拉克领导人和美国高级军官。他强调,这次访问的使命是为参议院军事委员会了解真实情况,并表示他访问伊拉克并不是为了给自己的竞选造势。McCain has aly clinched the Republican presidential nomination, while his two Democratic rivals remain locked in an extended battle to be their party's candidate for the White House in November. 麦凯恩已经获得共和党总统候选人提名,而他的两个民主党对手在竞争本党总统候选人提名的长期选战中仍然处于胶着状态。Senator McCain strongly supported sending additional troops to Iraq last year to improve the security situation so that the Iraqi government would have breathing room for political reconciliation. Speaking to A news while in Iraq, he again defended the so-called "surge" of U.S. troops and the Iraqi government, while criticizing Clinton and Obama.  麦凯恩参议员去年坚决持增兵伊拉克以便扭转那里的安全局势,为伊拉克政府赢得争取政治和解的喘息之机。他在伊拉克对美国广播公司新闻节目发表谈话时再次为增兵行动和伊拉克政府辩护,并批评克林顿和奥巴马。"Senator Obama and Senator Clinton said the surge would never work, it has worked," he said. "Now they say that they [the Iraqi government] can not function politically. They are functioning politically - very poorly, two steps forward and one step back.  麦凯恩说:“奥巴马参议员和克林顿参议员曾经说过,增兵绝对是无效的,但现在增兵已经产生了效果。现在他们又说,伊拉克政府在政治上不能发挥效能。伊拉克政府正在发挥政治效能,但状况很差,进两步退一步。”Earlier in the presidential campaign, McCain was asked how long U.S. troops would need to remain in Iraq, and he said its possible they could remain for 100 years, if necessary. He tried to explain that comment from Iraq. 在竞选早期,麦凯恩曾被问到美国军队还需要在伊拉克留驻多少时间。他回答说,如果有必要,美军可能在那里再待100年。在伊拉克,麦凯恩试图对这一立场加以解释说:"When I said 100 years, it was obviously after the war is over," he said. "After wars are over, we most of the time have a military presence there." “我说过100年,这显然指的是战争结束之后。战争结束后,我们在多数情况下都要在当地保留军事力量。”Senator Clinton gave a major speech outlining her Iraq policy. She said McCain would stubbornly continue what she termed President Bush's failed Iraq policy. 克林顿参议员发表了一次重要演讲,阐述自己的伊拉克政策。她说,麦凯恩固执地坚持她所说的“布什总统失败的伊拉克政策”。"Senator McCain will gladly accept the torch and stay the course, keeping troops in Iraq for up to 100 years if necessary," she said. "They both want to keep us tied to another country's civil war, a war we cannot win. And that, in a nutshell, is the Bush-McCain Iraq policy - 'Do not learn from your mistakes, repeat them.'" 希拉里.克林顿说:“麦凯恩参议员将愉快地接过火炬,继续走这条路,如果必要,就让军队在伊拉克再待100年。他们都要把我们束缚在另一个国家的内战上,而这是一场我们不能打赢的战争。很简单,这就是布什和麦凯恩的伊拉克政策,也就是‘不从错误中吸取教训,而是重复错误。’”Clinton outlined her policy to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 60 days if she becomes president, saying she would redeploy one to two brigades per month. She accused Senator Obama of merely giving speeches and making promises on the war, and said he had failed to take action in the Senate until he began running for president.  克林顿阐述了自己的政策。她说,她如果当选总统,首先就要在60天之内开始从伊拉克撤军,每个月撤出一两个旅。克林顿指责奥巴马参议员只是发表演讲,对战争问题作出许诺,并说奥巴马在开始竞选总统之前一直都没有在参议院采取任何行动。Speaking on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania Monday, Obama denied that he has been inconsistent on the Iraq war, saying he had opposed it during a speech in 2002 and ever since. 奥巴马星期一在宾夕法尼亚州进行竞选活动时发表讲话,否认他在伊拉克战争问题上的立场不一致,表示他早在2002年发表演讲时就反对这场战争,而且立场一直没有改变。"I opposed this war in 2002, I opposed it in 2003, '04, '05, '06 and '07," he said.  他说:“我在2002年反对这场战争,而且我在2003年、04年、05年、06年和07年都反对这场战争。”He said Senator Clinton has still not taken responsibility for her vote to authorize President Bush to invade Iraq five years ago. 奥巴马说,克林顿参议员5年前投票持授权布什总统出兵伊拉克,而至今都不肯对此承担责任。200803/31233

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