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一个新的政党在澳大利亚诞生了,并以“我们对性是认真的”为口号,那就是“SEX PARTY”。 约400万澳大利亚人接触色情内容,“性党”(Australian Sex Party )表示,他们有真正的机会去赢得州和联邦议会的席位。 该党的政治纲领包括全国的性教育课程、简化审查制度、废除政府对网络的过滤和持同性恋婚姻。 该党召集人Fiona Patten表示,网络过滤将在五年内使澳洲的性行业无生意可做。SEX sells, and the newly formed Australian Sex Party knows it.That's why, even with what seem to be sensible policies rooted in a desire to make sexuality and discussions about it less touchy subjects, the party has chosen a name that stands out from the traditional ballot paper line-up.The party, with the slogan "we're serious about sex", launches at Melbourne Sexpo on November 20th and party convenor Fiona Patten is confident it will gain the 500 members required to register and contest state Upper House and Senate seats.Ms Patten, who is also the chief executive of the Eros Association - representing the adult retail and entertainment industry, said she and others were concerned about the Government's proposed internet filter, which is being tested over summer on about 10,000 sites to block "unwanted content"."This really came out of 20 years of lobbying on sex and censorship and then... the latest being the compulsory internet filter, which will ... prohibit and blacklist adult material that is currently legal in magazines, books and film," she said."When we started talking about the Australian Sex Party, we realised that sex is a lot broader than just censorship and a lot of the policies are a lot broader."Also on the party's list of policies, to be announced at the launch, is a national sex education school curriculum."With the internet and the fear that children are being sexualised at an early age, the first key action on that will be sex education," Ms Patten said."Other countries such as the UK are introducing a national curriculum and we think we should follow that."The party would also look to overturn rules under which overseas aid was not given to health clinics that were pro-choice, she said.The party's provocative and potentially alienating name was a decision the group wrestled with, Ms Patten said."We felt that - sex in a crowded room - now we've got your attention. It's half the problem with politicians, because they still giggle when they say the word sex, and that's why we have such idiotic policies at state and federal levels," she said."Let's try and own that word on most government forms."Ms Patten said there had aly been a lot of interest from potential members."We'll probably have our 500 members by the time we launch on Thursday. But there's four million customers of adult shops in Australia."She also hoped the 1000 or so adult shops around the country would become Sex Party branches."Hopefully we'll get their attention with the word but then we may be able to help influence some reasonably sensible policies." /200811/56948Get a Job One day shortly after I had come home from college, my father was outside doing yard work. He found a baby bird under a tree and assumed it had fallen from its nest. Wanting to return the tiny creature to its home, my dad went to get a ladder . When he got back, he found another baby bird on the ground.   Suddenly he heard a loud chirping from above. Looking up, my father saw the mother bird giving a third baby the boot from its nest. With that, Dad walked into our house, took one look at me watching television and barked, "Get a job!" 找个工作  一天,我刚刚从大学回到家里,我父亲正在院子里面做活。他发现树下有一个雏鸟,猜想可能是从窝里掉下来的。父亲便去搬梯子,他想把这个小东西送回它的家。梯子搬来了,可父亲发现地上又多了一个雏鸟。  突然他听到树上有大声的唧唧声。父亲抬起头,看见母鸟正在把第三只雏鸟往巢外踢。  看到这些,父亲走进屋,看了一眼在看电视的我,大声叫道:“找个工作去!” /201107/143549

在睡前的一段时间里你吃喝了什么对你的睡眠质量有着很大的影响。   1. Eating too much or too little can disrupt sleep. A light snack at bedtime can promote sleep, but too much food can cause digestive discomfort that leads to wakefulness.  吃太多或者吃太少都会扰乱睡眠。睡前吃一点小点心可以促进睡眠,但是吃太多就会引起消化不良导致失眠。   2. Alcohol is a double edged sword. Small amounts of alcohol can help you to fall asleep. But as the body metabolises the alcohol, sleep may become fragmented. Alcohol can dehydrate you, leaving you tired the next day.   饮酒是双刃剑。少量的酒精可以帮助你入睡。但是当身体开始新陈代谢酒精时,睡眠就会开始断断续续的。酒精会让你身体脱水,第二天就会变的很疲惫。 3. Caffeine can disturb sleep. For some people, any food or beverage with caffeine in it can disturb sleep. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid it in the afternoon and evening.   咖啡因会打扰睡眠。对一些人来说,任何带有咖啡因的食物都可能打扰到睡眠。如果你对咖啡因敏感的话,在中午和晚上就避免饮用。   4. Cut the fat. If you have a high-fat meal in the evening or eat foods that cause you indigestion and heartburn, your sleep can be disturbed.   减少脂肪摄入。如果你在晚上吃了太多肉会引起你消化不良内脏不舒的话,你的睡眠质量会很差。 5. Do not eat late at night. Sufferers from heartburn or acid reflux should avoid late, heavy meals that delay the emptying of the stomach.   不要在深夜吃东西。想要避免内脏不舒胃酸上涌等症状久应该避免在深夜还吃很多难以消化的食物。  6..Drinking fluids too close to bedtime can cause problems. Avoid fluids after dinner to reduce the need to go to the bathroom during the night.   睡前喝太多东西也会出问题。避免晚饭后喝太多东西可以降低晚上起夜上厕所的困扰。 /201008/111841

1. Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robins.   关于理财的书籍,重点推荐这一本,你应该读一下。它了解大多数人的理财观念,并用简单有效的新方法改造你的生活。我的理财经就是从这本书习得的。  2. Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey.  这本书的核心思想就是“活在当下”,其实是2500年前佛家就已经提出来的哲学。不过,这本书从心理学的角度探讨了这一哲学观念,阐释了我们的思想产生情绪的过程,以及该如何在躁乱之中保持震惊、将压力降到最低、做好父母角色、改善人际关系等等方面的指导内容。  3. Simplify Your Life, by Elaine St. James.  这本书是影响zenhabits哲学思想的书籍之一。十年前我开始读这本书起,我就开始了简化生活的尝试。虽然十年来经历起伏跌宕,我仍然对这本书充满热爱。好书易读,有很多值得学习的地方。  4. The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama.  不知道Dalai Lama本人是否真的这样,但这本书的文字确实能让人感受到仁慈和幸福的力量。虽然整本书并没与更深层次的内容,我仍然将这本书视为对我们人生的一种提醒:慈悲地活着,我们的生命会更有意义。  5. Getting Things Done, by David Allen.  这本关于产出率的经典着作适合每个想更加高效有序工作的人去研读。GTD教会了我很多重要的技能:清空收件箱、在纸上写下要做的事情、一次只用心去处理一件事,等等等等。  6. The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss.  这本书影响了许许多多人的生活,教我们将一切简化,将重心放在对我们生活和事业最重要的地方。不管你是名总裁,是名员工,还是家庭主妇、客写手,它的理念都能够应用到你的生活中去。你也许并不能适应每周四小时的工作时间,但是你能学会尝试用新的、聪明的方法去处理你的事务。  7. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.  对任何从事写作或创意工作的人来说,创作过程如同一场战斗。有时,甚至每天,我们都要强迫自己专心工作、想出创意、避免陷入拖沓和分心的深渊。这本书教你怎样以一个专业工作者的姿态战胜这些,非常值得一读。  8. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson.  Carlson是Slowing Down to the Speed of Life的合着者,不过他更有名的着作是这一本。这本书是“别为小事担忧”系列的第一本。和副标题连在一起,你能读出更多意味:《别为小事担忧——所有的都是小事》。这本书教你透视所有事情,免除焦虑困扰。它也告诉你,要以欣赏的眼光看待周围事物,尤其是我们身边的人。  9. Running to Win, by George Sheehan.  这本书并非关于工作哲学,实际上是关于生活哲学的书。这本书探讨了关于将生活充实化的任何方法。Sheehan的文笔优美而激动人心,着有一系列不错的作品。这本书完成于他得了末期癌症时。  10. Upgrade Your Life, by Gina Trapani.  这本书教你把时常让你分心、把你俘虏的现代科技转换为你高效工作的工具。  11. The Essential Gandhi, by Louis Fischer.  不论你是否崇敬甘地本人,他的文字确实是非常深邃而影响广泛的。每次读这本书,我都会深受启发。  12. Manufacturing Consent, by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.  如果你还没有读过乔姆斯基的书,从这本开始吧。十年前我开始读的这本书,教给了我很多关于政治与舆论的东西。我也因为读这本书而对信息筛选更加严格。总之,我大力推荐大家读一些乔姆斯基的书,它们能使你从一个新的角度去看待事物。他是我们时代最着名的持不同政见者之一。  13. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.  对想提高工作效率的人来说,这本是必读书籍。7个习惯包括操之在我、以终为始、要事第一、利人利己、知彼解己、集思广益、均衡发展。  14. Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu. 《道德经》  1500年前道家经典基础着作。它将教给你基本的东方哲学思想,以及人生一二。  15. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig.  现代经典着作。Pirsig同他的儿子、朋友一起游走乡间,探索禅意精要。  16. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma.  这是本能引发你对人生的思考的寓言故事。关于你的人生、你的目标、你的梦想,以及为了实现梦想你需要培养的日常习惯,这本书都会对你有所启发。不是说任何问题都能在这本书中找到,Sharma探索了很多有趣的主意,我相信每个人都会找到一些值得尝试的东西。  17. The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White.  英语写作者不可或缺的经典之作。这本书也不光适用于作家,对客写手以及任何需要写报告、邮件和其他网络文章的人都适用。简而言之,每个人都应该读它。18年前我刚开始记者生涯的时候第一次读了这本书,现在我每年都要读上一遍。它教你精确地运用语言,避免常见错误,使你的文字更加清晰有力。  18. Fever Pitch, by Nick Hornby.  与其他列表上的书籍有些不同,但我非常喜欢这本书,所以仍旧加了近来。这本书以自传的形式描写了作者对足球一生的狂热。这些散文各自描写某一赛事,引人入胜,非常有趣。  19. A People’s History of the ed States, by Howard Zinn.  这本书改变了很多人从课本上学来的历史观。Zinn讲述美国历史的角度极为特别,他描述的不是美国的富有与强大,而是生活在这片土地上无权无力的那群人。他讲述了黑人、女性、中国铁路劳工、穷人、工人等一切被权势压迫的群体的故事。他们是这个社会的少数力量,默默无言地生活着。  20. The Power of Less, by Leo Babauta.  这本书教你把注意力集中在最重要的事情上,有序、简洁地处理生活事物,从而提高工作效率。 /200910/86331Once, if your bra size was deeper into the alphabet than 'C,' you couldn't expect much style in your bra. Busty women were presented with sturdy 'grandma'-looking contraptions.以前,如果你的文胸罩杯尺寸大于“C”,那么你就不能指望自己的文胸有很多的款式,胸部丰满的女性只能买得到那种结实耐用的“老奶奶”型文胸。Now, more retailers are looking to offer attractive bras in all sizes. The name of a year-old shop in Los Angeles's hip Silverlake neighborhood says it all: 'Jenette's Bras: The Alphabet Starts at D.'如今,越来越多的文胸商店开始供应全尺寸的式样迷人的文胸。洛杉矶(Los Angeles)时尚社区银湖区(Silverlake)有一家开张一年的店铺,店名非常地一目了然:“珍妮特文胸:D罩杯以上”(Jenette's Bras: The Alphabet Starts at D)。 /201005/104354

英文名字对于E时代的新新人类已经不算稀奇的事情了.那么取怎么样的名字才能符合自己的个性呢?看看这里吧!白羊座男性:Charles、Mark、Bill、Vincent、William、Joseph、 James、Henry、Gary、 Martin、女性:Malcolm 、Joan、Niki、Betty、Linda、Whitney、Lily金牛座男性:Fred、Gary、William、Charles、Michael、Karl女性:Barbara、Elizabeth、Helen、Katharine、Lee、Ann、Diana、Fiona双子座男性:Bob、John、Thomas、Dean、Paul、Jack、Brooke女性:Judy、Doris、Rudy、Amanda、Shirley、Joan、Tracy巨蟹座男性:Kevin、Louis、John、George、Henry、Benjamin女性:Melody、Helen、Debbie、Lisa、Yvonne狮子座男性:Robert、Carl、Scott、Tom、Eddy、Kris、Peter女性:Shelly、Mary、Dolly、Nancy、Jane、Barbara处女座男性:Johnson、Bruce、Robert、Peter、Bill、Joseph、John女性:Shirley、Emily、Sophia、Vivian、Lillian、Joy /201104/133639The brain can store a vast number of memories, so why can't we find these memories when we need to? A new study provides insights into this question.By Edward K. Vogel and Trafton DrewOur brains are crammed with a massive amount of memories that we have formed over a lifetime of experiences. These memories range from the profound (who am I and how did I get here?) to the most trivial (the license plate of the car at a stoplight). Furthermore, our memories also vary considerably in their precision. Parents, for instance, often know the perils of a fuzzy memory when shopping for a birthday gift for their child: remembering that their son wanted the G.I. Joe with Kung Fu Grip rather than the regular G.I. Joe could make an enormous difference in how well the gift is received. Thus, the “fuzziness” of our memory can often be just as important in our daily lives as being able to remember lots and lots of information in the first place.Different Levels of Detail for Different Types of Memory?In the past several decades, cognitive psychologists have determined that there are two primary memory systems in the human mind: a short-term, or “working,” memory that temporarily holds information about just a few things that we are currently thinking about; and a long-lasting memory that can hold massive amounts of information gained through a lifetime of thoughts and experiences. These two memory systems are also thought to differ in the level of detail they provide: working memory provides sharp detail about the few things we are presently thinking about, whereas long-term memory provides a much fuzzier picture about lots of different things we have seen or experienced. That is, although we can hold lots of things in long-term memory, the details of the memory aren’t always crystal-clear and are often limited to just the gist of what we saw or what happened.A recently published study by Timothy F. Brady, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and colleagues suggests that these long-term memories may not be nearly as fuzzy as once thought, however. In their work, the researchers asked subjects to try to remember 3,000 pictures of common objects—including items such as backpacks, remote controls and toasters—that were presented one at a time for just a few seconds each. At the end of this viewing phase, the researchers tested subjects’ memory for each object by showing them two objects and asking which one they had seen before. Not surprisingly, subjects were exceptionally good (more than 90 percent correct) even though there were thousands of objects to remember. This high success rate attests to the massive storage ability of long-term memory. What was most surprising, however, was the amazing level of detail that the subjects had for all of these memories. The subjects were just as good at telling the difference between two pictures of the same object even when the objects differed in an extremely subtle manner, such as a pair of toasters with slightly different slices of b.If It’s Not Fuzzy, Why Do We Still Forget Things?This new work provides compelling evidence that the enormous amount of information we hold in long-term memory is not so uncertain after all. It seems that we actually hold representations of things we’ve seen in a fairly detailed and precise form.Of course, this finding raises the obvious question: if our memories aren’t all that fuzzy, then why do we often forget the details of things we want to remember? One explanation is that, although the brain contains detailed representations of lots of different events and objects, we can’t always find that information when we want it. As this study reveals, if we’re shown an object, we can often be very accurate and precise at being able to say whether we’ve seen it before. If we’re in a toy store and trying to remember what it was that our son wanted for his birthday, however, we need to be able to voluntarily search our memory for the right answer—without being prompted by a visual reminder. It seems that it is this voluntary searching mechanism that’s prone to interference and forgetfulness. At least that’s our story when we come home without the Kung Fu Grip G.I. Joe.Are you a scientist? Have you recently a peer-reviewed paper that you want to write about? Then contact Mind Matters editor Jonah Lehrer, the science writer behind the blog The Frontal Cortex and the book Proust Was a Neuroscientist. 大脑能够储存巨大数量的记忆,那么为什么在需要的时候我们会回忆不起来呢? 一项新的研究为这一问题提供了见解。作者Edward K. Vogel and Trafton Drew我们的大脑里填满了在我们整个人生经历中形成的大量记忆。 这些记忆可以很深奥(我是谁还有我怎么来到这的?)也可以是最琐碎的(红灯停车时看到的某辆车的牌照)。 此外,我们记忆的准确度在相当程度上也存在着分别。 打个比方,父母们大多都明白在给他们的孩子买一份生日礼物时,如果记忆不清楚会有什么不良后果。 记得他们的孩子更想要的是耍功夫把式的G.I. Joe(眼镜蛇部队),而非普通的G.I. Joe,会显著影响孩子接受礼物的乐意程度。 因此,在日常生活的大多数情况下,我们记忆的“模糊性”与一开始就能够记住很多很多信息是同等重要的。不同类型的记忆有不同的细节水平?过去的几十年中,认知心理学家们已经确定,在人类大脑中主要存在着两种记忆系统。 一种短期的,或者“工作”的记忆短暂地储存了我们正在想着的少数事情的信息;另一种长期的记忆能够储存通过一生思考和经历得到的海量信息。 在提供细节的水平上,这两种记忆也被认为是不同的。 工作记忆给出的是有关我们当前正在思考的少数事情的清晰细节,而长期记忆给出的则是有关我们曾经见过或经历过的大量事情的,更加模糊的图像。 这就是说,虽然我们在长期记忆中储存了很多东西,但其记忆细节并不总是清晰透彻,而是经常只限于我们所见或已发生事情的要点梗概。然而,在最近发表的一项研究中,麻省理工学院认知神经学家蒂莫西·布莱迪及其同事们提出,这些长期记忆并非如之前所认为的那么模糊。 研究中,研究人员要求实验者们尝试记住3000幅普通物件的图片——包括如背包、遥控器和烤面包片机等物品——一张每次就看几秒钟。 观看环节结束时,研究人员考察了实验者的记忆:向他们展示了两个物品,并问哪一个是之前见过的。 毫无意外,实验者们的表现格外优秀(超过90%正确),尽管要记住的有数千件物品。 如此高的成功率应了长期记忆的巨大存储能力。 然而,最出乎意料的是,实验者们的这些记忆中表现出来的令人惊异的细节水平。 实验者们在区分两张同种物品的图片之间的差别上做的相当不错,即便这种区别极其细微,例如两个只在所放面包薄片上差别微小的烤面包片机。如果并不模糊,为什么我们仍然忘记事情?我们在长期记忆中储存的大量信息归根到底并不是那么不确定的,这项新研究为此提供了引人注目的据。 看起来,我们对曾见过事情的再现实际上是相当详细和精确的。当然,这项发现也提出了显而易见的问题。 如果我们的记忆并非都那么模糊,那为什么我们老是忘记我们所要记住事物的细节呢? 一个解释是,尽管大脑保存了大量不同事件和物品的细节表象,但我们并不是总能在需要的时候把那信息找出来。 就如这次研究所显示的,如果给我们看一个物品,我们大多能够非常精确、准确无误地说出我们之前是否见过它。 然而如果当我们身在玩具店,试着记起儿子想要的生日礼物是什么样的时候,我们就需要能够自动地在记忆中搜索正确——而不是受到视觉上能提醒你的物品的推动。 看来,似乎是这个自动的搜索机制使我们易于受到干扰和健忘。 至少这也是我们没有带着耍功夫的眼镜蛇部队回家的一个借口。 /200811/55456

英国:大风刮跑“钻戒气球”破坏浪漫求婚英国一名男子求婚时别出心裁,将一枚价值约6000英镑的钻戒放在一只气球内,打算让不知情的女友戳破气球的瞬间向其求婚。不料遭遇罕见狂风,钻戒随气球一同被狂风吹走。It is the one moment every man wants to get right -- and which London floor-fitter Lefkos Hajji could hardly have got more wrong. The luckless 28 year-old's dreams of giving his sweetheart, Leanne, 26, the ultimate proposal have literally vanished into thin air.Hajji, of Hackney, east London, had concealed a 6,000-pound engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The idea was that she would pop the balloon as he popped the question.But as he left the shop, a gust of wind pulled the balloon from his hand and he watched the ring -- and quite possibly the affections of his girlfriend -- sailing away over the rooftops."I couldn't believe it," he told The Sun newspaper."I just watched as it went further and further into the air."I felt like such a plonker. It cost a fortune and I knew my girlfriend would kill me."Hajji spent two hours in his car trying to chase and find the balloon, without success."I thought I would give Leanne a pin so I could literally pop the question," he said."But I had to tell her the story -- she went absolutely mad. Now she is refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring."He is hoping the ring will still turn up."It would be amazing if someone found it," he added.(Agencies)Vocabulary:floor-fitter: 地板安装工人plonker:笨蛋,傻瓜 /200803/31596

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