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She was the first female kung fu star — name above title, said J. Hoberman, a longtime movie critic who now writes about for The New York Times. 她是第一位女性功夫明星——想当初,她可是相当大牌,资深影评人、目前在为《纽约时报》(The New York Times)撰写DVD影评的J#8226;霍伯曼(J. Hoberman)说。He has fond memories of seeing Ms Mao’s movies on triple bills at Times Square grindhouse theaters in the 1970s. 他还保留着上世纪70年代的美好记忆:他猫在时代广场(Times Square)的磨坊戏院里,观看三场连放的由茅瑛主演的影片。She basically had one act, which was going from an obedient character to a machine-like avenger, he added. 她基本上总是演这样的角色:从一个逆来顺受的人,变成冷酷无情的复仇者,他补充道。A lot of people saw her films as feminist statements the same way as Pam Grier films.很多人都觉得她的电影和帕姆#8226;格利尔(Pam Grier)的电影一样,是女性主义者的宣言。Ms Mao’s career coincided with the over-the-top, often impolitic exploitation era in film. 茅瑛的职业生涯恰好与电影史上那个毫无节制且常常不顾政治正确的剥削片时代重合。The narrator for an American trailer of her 1972 film Hapkido declares: Watch out for the pigtail that whips you up and wipes you out. 在她1972年主演的电影《合气道》的美国版预告片中,旁白宣称:小心那条大辫子,它会让你心荡神摇,也会把你彻底摧毁…… Lady Kung Fu: the unbreakable China Doll who gives you the licking of your life.…功夫女王:坚不可摧的‘中国娃娃’给你好看。She was born Mao Ching Ying in 1950 and grew up in Taiwan, the third of eight children, to a family of entertainers for the Peking Opera House. 茅瑛原名茅复静,1950年生人,在台湾长大,出身于京剧院的艺人家庭,在家中八个孩子中排行老三。Like her siblings, she started training for the opera at a young age, taking voice lessons when she was 5. 和兄弟们一样,她很小的时候就学起了京戏,从5岁开始吊嗓子。She also studied martial arts, specifically hapkido, rising to the level of black belt — a prowess that later distinguished her from other action stars, who merely choreographed their fight scenes.她还学习了武术,尤其是合气道,练到了黑带水平——这方面的造诣后来让她从众多动作明星中脱颖而出。其他人在打斗场景中通常只是耍耍花架子。In her 20s, she moved to Hong Kong, where a thriving film industry was based, but she was hardly romantic about it. 二十几岁的时候,她搬到了电影产业蓬勃发展的香港,但她对电影几乎没有任何浪漫幻想。To be honest, the money was just better in movies, she said. 说实话,拍电影收入更高一些,她说。I had to support my family. 我必须养家。Most of the money I made I gave to them. 我把大部分收入都给了家里。This is the Chinese tradition.这是中国人的传统。Leading female roles were rare in Hong Kong at the time. 想当年在香港,女性主角还很罕见。Mr Meyers, the fan who met with Ms Mao at Lincoln Center, is the author of Films of Fury, a comprehensive history of the kung fu movie genre. 在林肯中心见到了茅瑛本人的影迷迈尔斯,是《狂怒电影》(Films of Fury)一书的作者,该书全面记录了功夫类电影的发展史。Ms Mao, he said, was the first woman to star in her own action films without having to defer to a male star.他说,茅瑛是第一位身为动作片主演且在片中不必屈居男影星之后的女性。Men ran things, he explained. 男性曾掌管一切,他解释道。Hong Kong had lots of machismo then. 当时的香港盛行大男子主义。Women were considered ‘jade vases.’ They didn’t speak on screen. 女性被视为‘玉花瓶’。They were considered decoration.她们在电影里通常不出声,被当成摆设。When asked about this epithet, Ms Mao snapped, I was never anybody’s ‘jade vase.’ 当被问及对这个词的看法时,茅瑛厉声说道,我从来都不是任何人的‘玉花瓶’。She shifted in her seat. 她在座位里挪动了一下身子。Moments later, she dispatched her son to tend to a customer she noticed from the corner of her eye.片刻过后,她打发儿子去招呼她用眼角余光瞥见的一位客人。 /201611/479241新疆石油管理局职工总医院激光除皱多少钱The rules of attraction are complicated, and sometimes it#39;s hard to discern if someone is interested in you or just sending mixed signals. However, a recent study found that men are more likely than women to misinterpret signs of sexual interest from potential romantic partners, especially attractive ones. And the more attractive a woman is, the more men will overestimate her interest in them.魅力的法则十分复杂,有时候很难分辨别人是对你有兴趣还是只是发送了让你混淆的信号。然而,最近的一项研究发现男性比女性更容易误解潜在伴侣发出的感兴趣信号,尤其是来自魅力十足的美女/帅哥时。美女的魅力越大,男性就越是高估她们对自己的兴趣。According to research published online in Psychonomic Bulletin, men may be projecting their own sexual interest onto women. This leads them to believe: ;I#39;m interested in her so she may be interested in me,; rather than base a woman#39;s potential interest on the emotional cues she#39;s sending, Ozy reported.《心理学公报》(Psychonomic Bulletin)网站上发布的一项研究表明:男性可能会将自己对异性的兴趣投射到女性身上。这就使得他们相信:;我对她很感兴趣,所以她也可能对我有意思,;而不是基于女性发出的情感提示来做出美女是否对他们有潜在兴趣,Ozy报道。For the study, the team showed 220 male and 276 female college students 130 full-body photos of women and asked the volunteers to rate the pictured women#39;s sexual interest from ;extremely rejecting; to ;extremely sexually interested,; Ozy reported. Half of the students were instructed to focus on the women#39;s emotional cues such as their facial expressions and body language to gauge their levels of sexual interest, while the other half were given no instruction. Volunteers were also asked to note how much women#39;s attractiveness, clothing style, and emotional cues influenced their ratings on her sexual interest.在研究中,研究团队给220名男大学生和276名女大学生展示了130张女性的全身照,并让自愿者评估照片中的女性对他们的兴趣,评估等级从;极度排斥;到;极度感兴趣;不等,Ozy报道称。其中,一半的学生被指导去关注女性的情感提示,比如她们的面部表情和肢体语言来衡量她们对自己的兴趣,而另一半学生则没有被指导。志愿者同时还被要求去注意这些女性的魅力程度、穿衣风格和情感提示对他们最终评估的影响。Results showed that female students were more likely than males to rely on emotional cues when gauging a woman#39;s sexual interest, while male students were more likely than females to focus on a woman#39;s attractiveness. What#39;s more, results revealed students who had more ;pro-rape; beliefs, (attitudes toward rape that tend to minimize of justify the crime), were most likely to rely heavily on clothing style and overall attractiveness.结果表明:在衡量女性对他们是否有兴趣时,女同学比男同学更注重情感提示,而男同学比女同学更注重女性的魅力。此外,研究揭示:更;持强奸;观点的同学(他们对强奸的态度倾向于最大程度的减轻犯罪行为),他们最为注重穿衣风格和整体魅力。Although these results were found in a study, they may translate to a real-world setting. In this case, study authors suggest these types of attitudes may be easily changed. Although men were more likely than women to base sexual interest on appearance, and more so if they had ;pro-rape; ideologies, the participants who were instructed to focus on emotional cues were less likely to make judgements based on clothing or looks. 尽管这些结果只来源于一项研究,但可以将其转化到现实世界中。在这种情况下,该研究的作者建议这些态度可能会轻易转变。尽管男性比女性更注重对方的外表,如果他们;持强奸;的观点,更是如此,但被指导去注重情感提示的受试者却不太可能基于穿着或长相来做出判断。译文属 /201704/506527库尔勒治疗蒙古斑价格1) ;He Never Helps Around the House;1);家里的事他从不帮忙;In 2013, men spent almost 10 hours per week on chores, while women spent 18. Although that#39;s an improvement from the #39;60s when men devoted four hours to women#39;s 30-plus, the discrepancy is still annoying-and exhausting. The best way to ensure your husband pulls his weight is to be specific about what you want-kid cleanup, dinner prep-and let him do it his way. ;If you stand over him, telling him how to do everything, he#39;ll back off because it#39;ll seem like it#39;s easier to just let you handle it,; says Charles J. Orlando, a relationship expert. And remember, chores don#39;t need to be divided down the middle to be equal. If he excels at dinner prep but isn#39;t so great at getting the kids y in the a.m., it may be easier if you take on that project solo with the understanding that he#39;ll have food on the table after work.2013年,男性每周会做10个小时的家务活儿,而女性每周则做18个小时。虽然这相比六十年代已有所改善,当时男性每周只做4小时的家务活儿,而女性花在家务活儿上的时间则超过30小时,但这种不平等真的很令人恼火--而且还会让人筋疲力尽。确保丈夫出一份力的最好方法就是具体说清楚你想要他做什么--让孩子们干干净净、准备晚餐--并让他以自己的方式做好这些事。;如果你站在他旁边,告诉他每件事都该怎么做,他会甩手不干的,因为让你来做这些事好像会更容易,;情感专家查尔斯·J·奥兰多说道。切记:对分家务活儿不一定意味着平等。如果他擅长准备晚饭,但在早晨收拾孩子去上学方面有所欠缺,那么由你担起这份;重任;并想着下班后就能吃上热腾腾的食物岂不是更好。2) ;He Doesn#39;t Know Anything About the Kids;2);他对孩子一无所知;While studies have found that men interact with their children for at least three hours a day, lots of wives gripe that their guys simply don#39;t know the day-to day details of what#39;s going on in their kids#39; lives. That#39;s their way-men communicate to exchange information, while women use it to bond, says Orlando. Because of that, favorite movies, toys, or friends#39; names can sometimes be subconsciously dismissed as irrelevant information. After all, hearing an adorable explanation from his 2-year-old as to why Dora is her favorite won#39;t be something he#39;ll forget anytime soon.虽然研究已发现男性每天与孩子的互动时间在三小时以上,但很多主妇还是抱怨她们的老公对自己孩子的日常生活细节一无所知。这就是他们的方式--男性交流是为了交换信息,而女性则是通过交流增强感情,奥兰多说道。正因如此,孩子们最爱的电影、玩具和朋友的名字可能会被潜意识地过滤为不相关信息。毕竟,听两岁的女儿萌萌地解释Dora是她最爱的电影人物并不是他很快就会忘掉的事情。3) ;He#39;s Always Playing Video Games;3);他总是玩;Whether it#39;s games, fantasy football, or just social media, tech can absolutely get in the middle of a marriage. In fact, studies have found that games in particular can cause problems-but only if they affect everyday routines. Have a conversation about screen time and establish some guidelines-maybe it#39;s no phones until after the kids are in bed, or promising to put all tech away a half hour before your own bedtime routine. That way, you both have time to give into your guilty tech pleasures in a way that doesn#39;t harm your marriage.不管是、梦幻足球还是社交媒体,科技真的会影响婚姻。事实上,研究已发现尤其会造成问题--但只有在影响日常生活的情况下才会造成问题。好好聊一聊应该在电视、手机上花多少时间,并制定一些原则--这些原则可以是只有当孩子们上床睡觉后才可以玩手机、也可以是保在你们睡觉的半小时前将一切电子产品放在一边。这样既能享受科技带给你们的内疚快乐感,又不会对婚姻造成影响。译文属 /201703/499808博乐市抽脂多少钱

新疆开双眼皮哪里好哈密微创丰胸的价格新疆医科大学附属肿瘤医院激光祛太田痣多少钱Your arms want you to eat carbs你的胳膊想要你吃碳水化合物Even though there#39;s a constant back-and-forth debate over eating or not eating carbs for losing weight, there#39;s no question that they#39;re essential for building muscle—especially if you want lean arms, says fitness and nutrition coach Adam Rosante. Of course, it#39;s best to limit your starchy carbs (pasta, rice, and potatoes), but you shouldn#39;t toss them altogether. ;Your brain needs carbohydrates to function properly,; says Rosante. ;Cut them completely and you#39;ll be a hot mess in no time.;尽管减肥人士该不该摄入碳水化合物一直是个争论点,但对于碳水化合物能强壮肌肉这一点大家都毫无疑问——尤其是当你想要瘦胳膊的时候,健身营养教练亚当#8226;罗桑特说道。当然,最好限制淀粉类碳水化合物的摄入(意大利面、大米和土豆),但也不该一棍子打死。“你的大脑需要碳水化合物才能正常运作,”罗桑特说道。“完全不摄入碳水化合物?不久你就会一团糟。”Working out too much can mess with your period锻炼过量会导致经期紊乱By now you know that exercise can help alleviate your biggest PMS issues. While that#39;s still true, experts now say that overdoing it on the tmill can actually do the opposite and lead to hormonal imbalances, irregular bleeding, and excessive spotting. Now, this doesn#39;t mean you get to write off your period as an excuse to skip the gym, says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai. Instead, she says to aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, and get plenty of rest in between.至今为止你所知道的是锻炼能缓解经期紊乱现象。虽说这是真的,但专家说在跑步机上的运动量过多则会有相反的效果,导致内分泌失调、不规则出血和过多的斑点。现在并不是说你可以以经期为借口不去锻炼,西奈山的临床副教授阿丽莎#8226;德威克说道。她建议每天中度锻炼30分钟,并且在15分钟的时候停下来多休息一会儿。You store a lot of your stress in your pelvic floor你的骨盆底贮藏了太多压力It#39;s not something that#39;s widely discussed—well, at least it wasn#39;t until Gwyneth Paltrow made it cool—but the truth is good pelvic health is crucial to curing urinary incontinence, and it can help you let go of tension and unwanted stress. Even if you seem to be showing no signs of problems down there, maintaining a strong pelvic floor can help alleviate lower back pain, says Amy Stein, an NYC-based physical therapist.这不是人们广泛讨论的问题,直到格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛让人们意识到谈论这个问题是很正常的——但事实是盆腔健康是治疗尿失禁的关键,同时还能让你释放紧张和不必要的压力。即使你的骨盆底没有问题迹象,保持强壮的骨盆底也能减轻你的背痛,纽约物理治疗师艾米#8226;斯坦说道。Your gut can help you cure a cold你的内脏能帮你治愈感冒Or at least prevent you from getting another case of the sniffles. While things like rest and vitamin C also make you less prone to getting sick, experts say good bacteria in your gut can make your immune system way stronger. You might want to consider upping your probiotic intake during the upcoming cold and flu season with fermented foods, like sauerkraut.或者至少能让你不再流鼻涕。虽然足够多的休息和维他命C也能让你不易生病,但专家说内脏里的有益菌也能增强你的免疫系统。在流感来临之际,也许你应该增加益生菌和发酵食品(如泡菜)的摄入。译文属 /201611/479639乌市沙依巴克区激光去痘印多少钱

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