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Ten light years from Earth, the star Epsilon Eridani天苑四恒星距离地球10光年Spectacular rings of dust and ice它有由尘埃和冰构成的壮观圆环And somewhere in there, planets forming out of debris在圆环里的某些地方,有碎片形成的行星being born before our eyes.就在我们眼前诞生Asteroids and comets everywhere到处都是小行星和彗星We could almost be looking at our own solar system我们几乎就是看到了数十亿年前的billions of years ago.我们太阳系的样子With comets delivering the building blocks of life彗星把生命材料带到to these young planets.这些年轻的行星上At the center of all the action, a star smaller than our sun主导这些行为的是一个比我们太阳小一些的恒星still in its infancy.这颗恒星还处于幼年Any life in this solar system would be primitive at best这个太阳系的生命应该还很原始There must be more mature solar systems out here这里应该还有更成熟更进化的太阳系But finding them is like looking for a needle in a cosmic haystack但是找到它们却像在宇宙海洋里捞针Twenty light years from Earth.距离地球20光年Star Gliese 581红矮星格雷司 581Its about the same age as our sun.它大概和我们的太阳同龄This planet is just the right distance from its sun这颗行星距离它的太阳距离刚刚好Any closer and water would boil away, any further and it would freeze再近一点水会蒸发,再远一点则会结成冰Ideal conditions for life to emerge一个生命演化的理想环境And if a comet has struck, delivering water and organic materials如果彗星的撞击给它带去水和有机原料then life, complex beings like us, even civilizations like our own那么生命、像我们一样的复杂生物,甚至像我们一样的文明could be down there right now现在就可能在这里存在They could be tuning into our TV signals他们可能正调到我们的电视信号watching shows from 20 years ago.观看我们20年前的电视节目But until we devise a way of communicating但是在我们找到跨越这么远距离的over these vast distances, all we can do is speculate通讯方法之前,我们只能猜测Us and them, living parallel lives我们和他们各自的生存着unaware of each others existence.彼此都不知道对方的存在Unless life has come and gone除非这里曾有过生命和灭绝201507/383500

;Commodore; Cornelius Vanderbilt grew up poor,贫穷出身的;船长;科尼利厄斯·范德比尔特but has created a railroad empire,但建立起了一个铁路帝国making him the richest man in the country.这也让他成为了国内最富有的人At 72, hes thirty years past the average life expectancy,72岁那年 他已超过平均预期寿命30岁and his competitors see him as weak.竞争者们都以为他变弱了Its a mistake theyll come to regret.但这是一个他们可能会后悔的错误Locked in a battle for control of the rail lines east of the Mississippi,密西西比河以东铁路线控制权的战役开启之后the Commodore is holding nothing back.船长毫无保留I want you to close the Albany Bridge.我希望你关闭奥尔巴尼桥Were gonna watch them bleed.我们将看着他们流血Vanderbilt controls the only bridge into New York City,范德比尔特控制着唯一一座进入纽约市的桥梁Americas busiest port.美国最繁忙的港口Seizing an opportunity, he sets up a blockade.找准机会后 他建立起了封锁This train will not be going any farther!这辆火车无法继续前行Shutting the bridge leaves millions of pounds of cargo封锁桥梁让数以百万磅计的货物unable to reach the rest of the country,无法送达国内其它地方and slowly bleeds his competitors dry.这让竞争对手慢慢流干了血Before their stock is worthless,在股票变得不值钱之前the presidents of the rival railroad竞争对手的主席们try to sell all their shares.努力抛售了手头所有的股份Word quickly reaches Wall Street,华尔街很快得到消息triggering a massive sell-off.股价大幅下跌Come on, put some money in that. Come on.来 加点钱在那上面New York Central shares are dropping fast.纽约中央铁路公司股价正在飞速下跌How low?低至多少 a share.20美元一股Buy everything you can.买下所有的股票Vanderbilt was buying all of that stock范德比尔特以最低价that suddenly flooded the market at rock-bottom prices.买下了股市上疯狂抛售的所有股票Three aces.三个AOoh, thats good.喔 太棒了In just days,几天时间内Vanderbilt takes control of the rival railroad,范德比尔特就控制了对手的铁路公司creating the largest single rail company in America.在美国建立起了独霸统治的铁路公司201602/427796

Russia is denying claims by U.S. officials that one of its jets recently intercepted a U.S recon plane in an ;unsafe and unprofessional manner.; 美国官员声称最近俄罗斯一架战机以“不安全和不专业的方式”拦截其侦察机,俄罗斯对此予以否认。On Sunday, Russias Ministry of Defense said the jets flight strictly followed ;international rules of the airspace usage; and said claims that the jet did a barrel roll arent true. 周日,俄罗斯国防部称其战机的飞行严格遵循“领空使用的国际规则”,并声称战机做桶滚动作是不真实的。According to U.S. European Command, the area in the Baltic Sea where the dispute took place isnt in Russian territory. 据美国欧洲司令部,争端发生的波罗的海地区并不在俄罗斯的领土。This most recent encounter comes after the U.S. Navy said the USS Donald Cook ;encountered multiple, aggressive flight maneuvers; when Russian jets flew past on April 11 and 12. 最近的冲突是继美国海军称俄罗斯战机于4月11日和12日飞过时,唐纳德·库克号驱逐舰“遭遇多次的,侵略性的飞行动作”。Russia said jets were performing training flights in both of those instances. 俄罗斯表示两种情况下,战机正在进行训练飞行。But the White House has aly said otherwise. 但白宫已经表示并不然。There have been repeated incidents over the last year where the Russian military, including Russian military aircraft, have come close enough to each other or have come close enough to other air and sea traffic to raise serious safety concerns. 过去一年出现了多次事件,俄罗斯军方,包括俄罗斯军用飞机已经足够接近对方,或者足够接近对方空中和海上交通,引发严重安全隐患。译文属。201604/438177

Professor Sahakian found the drug had萨哈金教授发现这种药物also boosted levels of chemical messengers in healthy brains,也可以提高健康大脑内化学递质的水平increasing their concentration levels too.进而也提高他们的专注性We were a bit surprised that我们有一些惊讶于in healthy people you could boost cognition.它也可以提高健康人的认知能力It reveals ADHD is not a black and white disorder.这表明 注意力不集中症状并不绝对Its a spectrum, a spectrum we are all on.它只是个范围 人人都可能有点Some people are very impulsive,有些人很冲动other people are not impulsive at all.有些人却一点也不I think we all know friends of我想我们都认识这样一些朋友ours who might do something that we wouldnt do他们会做出我们不会做的事情and then its a question of if we go只要我们将范围扩大further up that spectrum, that we may start to find somebody我们就会开始发现who is actually not functioning very well有些人并不是很健康because their impulsive behaviour or their lack of attention因为他们的行为冲动或缺乏注意力is very bad and therefore they do actually need a treatment.是不好的表现 他们亟需治疗This potential to make us all cleverer这种使人变聪明的潜在可能性opens an ethical minefield.引发一场道德上的争论201501/357278


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