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遵义微整容医院遵义眉粉眉半永久多少钱英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 一杯牛奶中的父爱 -- :36: 来源: 一杯牛奶中的父爱 这天是开学的第一天,我很早便起来整理暑假作业爸爸给我端了一杯牛奶,我一口喝下烫得不行我对爸爸很是生气谁知爸爸又端来一杯,他帮我把牛奶从一个杯子倒到另一个杯子让牛奶慢慢地冷却,那一刻,我的心特别温暖.  Today is the first day of the new term. I got up early and checked mysummer vacation homework bee going to sclool.  While I was busy clearing up the books, Father came in with a glass of milk in his hand, Drink it up, boy .Father said to me gently.  I was in such a hurry that Ipaid no attention whether the milk was hot or not. I drank a mouthful and cried with the sound of the broken glass. What’s the matter.? Father asked anxiously. You didn’t tell me the milk was so hot. I got a blister through being scalded. Oh, it’s my fault. Are you Ok? Father turned to the kitchen after he was certain there was nothing serious with me, There is some more in the kitchen. I’ll bring it you. Wait me. I’II be back soon.  I was so angry with Father that I said No. I won’t be scalded again. Then I put all I wanted into my bag and wanted to go to school without breakfast. But I was astonished at what I saw when I turned around. Father was cooling the milk by pouring it from one glass to the other again and again. Don’t worry. It’ll be Ok soon. It’s bad your health without breakfast. Father said with a smile of apology. Tears came into my eyes. How rude I was just now! How regretful I was! I took the glass from my father’s hand and drank it up without a stop.  What a good father I have! 一杯牛奶中的父爱遵义隆鼻最高价格 -- :36:5 来源:译题二:另类健身 空中小睡遵义整形开眼角医院

遵义非手术隆鼻手术价格  1. When he catches a glimpse of a potential antagonist, his instinct is to win him over with charm and humor.遵义皮肤美容费用 写作中常见的3个错误 -- :5: 来源: 写作中一些错误屡见不鲜,一些考生只顾及到怎样用经典句加分,却忘了打好基础,在用句不能保正确的情况下,返璞归真来的更实际,就算少了一些华丽的辞藻,也不至于因为作文中多处诟病而被扣分,写作中谨记打好基础是大前提,之后再考虑修饰问题1.结构不平行 例:I was able to raise my TOEFL score by studying hard and I lots of books. 当使用连词将一系列的单词联接起来的时候,应当使用词性相同或同一类型的短语.不知所云 例:Many companies began using computers mouth.3.段落过长,不分段,主语与动词一致问题 She are a good friend of mine that I has known a long time. 主语和动词在数方面不一致.句子别扭 We heated the soup in the microwave too long and the shape of the container changed. 措辞过长或不清换言之,句子显得滑稽可笑5.不要使用缩写 在正式的写作中不要使用缩写形式(can"t,don"t,it"s,we"ll,they"ve等等) ,而应当使用单词的完整形式 (cannot,do not,it is,we will,they have等等)6.关联词语重复 Since I want to go to a good school,theree I am trying to raise my test scores. 不能在该句的主要主语和主要动词前使用连词7.句子不完整 Many students have a hard time passing all the tests to get into college. example, my friend in high school. 句子没有主要主语或主要动词,因为其实它应是一个从句这是一个非常常见的错误,修改的方法是将两个句子连接起来8.不要使用get When I got home, I got tired, so I got a book and got into bed. Get太不正式,意思也过于含糊,不适合用在正式的场合应将get改为一个更加具体的单词,如become, receive, find, achieve, 等等9.书写难以辨认,信息不正确 I would like to study in America because all modern technology originated there. 传的信息不正确,或者让人听起来觉得可能不正确(如果确实是正确的,应当解释为什么这样,因为读者不认为是正确的)上述例句中,all的意思是百分之百;我们不能绝对地说每一件新东西都是从美国诞生的为保险起见,应当使用many或most.非英语单词Computers are very helpful and advantageable. 尽管看起来象个单词,其实不是,至少不是个英文单词使用这个单词的另一种形式.介词多余 I would like to discuss about something important that you mentioned about to me during yesterday. We went to downtown yesterday to buy a watch. When I first came to the US, I did not have a lot of friends in here. In class, my classmate never mentioned about her husband. 在表示这种意思时此单词不能与介词连用这种情况常见于downtown,home,there,here等词这些词语在英语中是副词而非名词,因而不能在它们前面添加介词.跑题或不相关 There are many reasons to buy a car, preferably a nice car. 这个意思与文章的主题无关.陈词滥调 It is okay children to fail sometimes. 所表达的意思很普通 大多数人都已经知道到了,因而就没有必要再说出来.标点问题 I love animals. And I like to help them. Because they are helpless. So I want to become a vet. 这是一个非常普遍的问题!许多学生在句子中使用了太多的句号,尤其是当他们用手写的时候.重复冗余 Personally, I believe what the newspaper prints. 一种意思的表述不止一次,或者某个词语不必要.单数复数 Many year ago, dinosaur roamed the Earths. 单词需要从单数变为复数,或者由复数变成单数 单数可数名词 单数可数名词不能单独使用,应该将其变为复数形式或者加上限定词(a, the, my, his, her, Gary"s, no, any, 1, 3, 50, most,等等).拼写错误,主语、动词或宾语有问题 I want to buy something my mother that she will like it. There was a terrible accident happen yesterday. 句子的基本结构有问题,缺少主语、动词或宾语,或者这些成分重复.语气与文章不符 I was kind of mad at the guy who vociferated angry words at me. I have heard many wonderful things about such cosmopolitan cities as Paris, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong and I would love to visit these cities to check them out. 语气与文章其他部分不相符, 可能是过于正式或者太不正式18.代词指代不明 If people do not speak the same language, it has a greater chance of miscommunication. I intend to complete my studies in the ed States because they have good programs there. 代词所指代的指示词(介词所代替的名词)不清楚19.过于笼统 We should use our resources on Earth because the Earth is getting worse. 句子或它所表达的意思过于笼统,不能提供多少信息.动词时态错误 Yesterday I will go to the store because tomorrow I needed some food. 动词时态不正确 检查一下是应该用现在时、过去时、将来时还是完成时等等1.选词不恰当 I was late getting home because I lost my way. 在这种情况下不应该使用该词 可选择更好的词语或者所使用的词语与文章的总体语气不符.单词形式不当 I want to creation a great web site so that I can becoming wealth. 所使用的单词的形式不正确 检查一下应该使用该词的名词、形容词或副词形式的哪一种3.用词错误 Even I don‘t speak Spanish, I was able to find a bathroom in the department store. I gained a lot of pounds during vacation. 用词错误或在此种情况下该词不是最佳用词以上就是写作中经常出现的问题,一篇优秀的英语作文在内容和语言两方面应是一个统一体,任何一方面的欠缺都会直接影响到作文的质量以上语句中的出现的常见错误,希望考生能够避免为了文章的华丽偏用一些另类语句会出,但是若写作中有问题,可是得不偿失 写作 常见遵义乳头整形多少钱

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