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昆明附属医院激光去痣多少钱昆明妇幼保健医院去疤多少钱After the split, you#39;re left with an abandoned attic#39;s worth of stuff: on your phone and hard drive, in your inbox. It#39;s stuff that used to matter, and still does. It#39;s stuff that hurts. It#39;s stuff you loved. What do you do with it?分手后,你身边多了一堆几乎能丢弃到阁楼的东西:手机上、电脑上、邮箱里,到处都是它们的身影。它们曾经是对你而言很重要的东西,现在依旧是。它们是能勾起你眼泪的东西,也是你曾爱过的东西。你该拿它们怎么办?It#39;s impossible to plow through a committed relationship in an industrialized nation without piling up an abundant digital record. You#39;ll have chat transcripts, tagged photos on Facebook, beautiful photos from a DSLR, email letters, Skype call screenshots, texts—so, so many texts. Your first instinct will be to throw it all away。在这个发达的工业化国家,一段认真的感情结束后必然会留下大量的数字记录。你们的聊天记录、Facebook上标着名字的合影、数码相机里的美丽合照、邮件往来、Skype网络电话的截图、手机短信……大量的手机短信。你的第一想法肯定是把它们全扔光、删光吧。That#39;s not a reflex to be ashamed of—just like you wouldn#39;t want to stare at a framed photo of your ex while you#39;re hurting, you don#39;t want to look at hundreds of messages and JPEGs detailing that person either. We#39;re all hypersensitive when it happens, and we#39;re living in an age of hyper-info. There are more grains of salt to catch in your heart wound than ever before. This isn#39;t easy—but let#39;s try。有这种想法不必羞愧。当你正在伤心的时候,不想看到那个前任的照片;抑或是不想看到跟ta之间的数百条短信、各种亲密照一样,这些都可以理解。分手后我们都会变得极度敏感,尤其身处这个充斥着过度信息的时代。对于我们来讲,心上的伤口会被洒更多的盐巴。这不是件容易事儿。但是让我们来试着应对吧。Wait等待Wait a month. Wait longer. Wait until you can look at his or her Facebook profile without feeling something bad in your chest, or the urge to throw your laptop. No good decision, in this century or any other, has ever been made in the fresh wake of a breakup. Please, please don#39;t throw your laptop。等一个月,或更久。直到你可以坦然直视ta的Facebook主页而不会感到阵阵心痛,或有种直接想扔了笔记本的冲动。从古到今,没有什么正确的决定是在刚分手的时候做出的。请千万遏制住那种冲动,别扔了笔记本。Photos照片Don#39;t delete these. Really, don#39;t. You#39;ll regret it if you do. Not because maybe someday you#39;ll get back together and be so glad you kept it all. You probably won#39;t. But these pictures aren#39;t just small monuments to a failed romance, they#39;re high-resolution instants from your life, recorded forever, unfading. It#39;s not just your ex#39;s smile that you miss and wish you could have back, it#39;s the way you were at a particular moment a shutter snapped and a digital sensor touched light. It#39;s your dog, your apartment, your haircut, your vacation, your job, your old bike—everything that was you for that moment, regardless of who you were dating and who you loved. This is matter you#39;ll want years and decades from now—don#39;t be rash and trash it。别删了它们。真的别这样做,否则你会后悔的。并不是说以后你们还有复合的可能,到时候你就会庆幸没有删了它们,因为你们很可能不会复合了;而是因为这些照片不仅是一段失败恋情的纪念,同时也是你人生某些时刻的缩影和记录,它们是永久的不可磨灭的记忆。它们对你来讲,不仅仅装着你迷恋的前任恋人的微笑(你多么希望能让这笑容再次回到你身边),它是每一个快门声后对你人生的光影记录。它里面记录了你的、你的公寓、你的发型、你的假期、你的工作、你的老单车——所有你在那一刻的模样,而无论你在和谁约会,又在爱着谁。这是你会想要去珍惜一辈子的东西,不要因为一时冲动而把它们都删掉。Instead, vault it. Copy everything that#39;s too much to look at onto an external hard drive or some remote backup system, and then delete it from your machine. Put that hard drive in a sock drawer or under your bed. Give it to a friend. Place it where it won#39;t distract and won#39;t harm, but, when you#39;re y, can provide a vivid reminder of who you used to be. That#39;s incredibly powerful! Don#39;t destroy it on a whim。把它珍藏起来。把那些不忍看的东西复制到外接硬盘或移动储存设备上,然后把电脑里的都删了。把硬盘锁进装袜子的抽屉,或是塞到床下。交给朋友保存也行。总之,把它放在一个不会让你分心和伤心的地方,然后等你恢复过来的时候,它便能重放过去那个栩栩如生的你。这可棒极了!千万别冲动之下毁掉它。Playlists播放列表Yeah, toss these. All leftover playlists will do is smear heartbreaking meaning and nostalgia over songs you#39;d otherwise enjoy. Remember, you made this playlist explicitly for your ex—you tailored songs you both love in an order you thought might make them smile and miss you. And all those memories could swamp you based on nothing but this otherwise innocuous list of MP3s. So get rid of the list. Keep the songs though。没错,扔了它们。所有那些你们曾经喜欢过的歌曲,都会在下一次播放的时候,提醒你那些心碎的过往并唤起你的追忆之心来。记住,这些歌曲列表是你为前任专门设置的,它们是你俩都喜欢的歌,你曾为了让ta开心和想念你而特意排列了顺序。这些回忆能让你凭空悲伤,所以把这些播放列表删掉吧,但歌可以保留。Emails邮件Emails can be as banal and brief as any text message, but there are plenty of exceptions: long ones penned while abroad, or traveling, mail with attachments, breakup letters, I Miss You letters. Rather than sift through everything, archive it all. Do a search for his or her email, select all, and pack it away into a folder. Remember: this email is part of your life history. It includes details you won#39;t remember by the time you#39;re long over the breakup, and you#39;ll be grateful for them。电子邮件有时候就跟手机短信一样乏味而简洁,不过也有例外:比如出国或旅游时写的长邮件、带附件的邮件、以及分手信和思念信。与其筛遍所有邮件,不如全部归档。然后把和ta有关的邮件找出来,全选并放到一个专属文件夹。记住:邮件也是你的生活记录。它们包含了那些你在分手很久以后会忘记的细节,而到时候你会庆幸自己保留了它们。Texts手机短信Delete—this is just an invitation to wallow and/or leap back into ill-advised contact. Both are bad for you。删了吧。这些短信只会让你沉溺于悲伤或诱使你去联系那个不该再联系的人。无论怎样都对你没好处。Facebook tagsFacebook的圈人标记Again, an opportunity to wallow, a web browser shortcut to melancholy. And who wants a future prospect to see a bunch of pictures with your ex?这个也是诱使你沉溺于往事的坏东西,而且还是个浏览器的捷径。任何希望有个光明未来的人都不会想看到一堆自己和ex的合影的!There should be a pattern emerging here. It#39;s difficult, but you need to discern what baggage is going to be useful even after all the heavy, horrible, hurtful emotions wear off. What are the bytes that#39;ll have significance on their own, without the love connection? What stuff will remind you about your life in some broader sense than a relationship that occupied some months or years of it? What#39;ll be that GIF or TXT you wish to hell you hadn#39;t erased, because who knows what it might#39;ve reminded you of about the way you used to be?但要懂得区分。尽管这很难,但你需要分辨出那些在你消化掉沉重、恐惧和心碎感后,仍能带来作用的东西。哪些是抹去爱情痕迹后依旧意义重大的照片?哪些是能体现你生命印记而非仅仅记录你爱情长跑的照片?哪些是你删除以后必定会后悔的东西?无论是gif还是txt格式的东西,它们之中总有些能唤醒你对过去的记忆。Those things deserve backup. The rest was just noise all along。这些东西值得备份。其他的都只是浮云。 /201507/386175昆明韩辰绣眉手术多少钱 Asian buyers snapped up Impressionist paintings at Sotheby’s spring auction in New York, buying three of the sale’s top five lots, including a Vincent Van Gogh landscape, and making up about one-third of the 8.3m raised.亚洲买家在纽约的苏富比(Sotheby’s)春季拍卖会上抢购印象派绘画,买下五大顶级拍品中的三件,包括一幅梵高(Vincent Van Gogh)的风景画,并在3.683亿美元的拍卖总额中占到大约三分之一。Art collecting has soared in Asia in recent years, mainly led by a new breed of ultra-wealthy Chinese collecting both classical and contemporary pieces and building private galleries in China.近年艺术收藏在亚洲一下子风靡起来,主要受到新一代中国超富裕收藏家的拉动,他们收集古典和现代作品,并在中国建立私人画廊。According to a report by the European Fine Art Foundation, China was the world’s joint second largest art market in 2014 with a 22 per cent share of sales, alongside the UK.根据欧洲艺术基金会(European Fine Art Foundation)的一份报告,中国和英国并列2014年全球第二大艺术品市场,各占22%的销售份额。Sotheby’s sale, which kicked off the spring auctions, saw 69 lots go under the gavel. An unidentified Asian collector paid .3m for Van Gogh’s “L’Allée des Alyscamps” (pictured), a rich-hued depiction of an autumnal scene painted in 1888 shortly before the Dutch artist sliced off his ear.苏富比的这场拍卖会揭开了春季拍卖的序幕,共有69件拍品。一位不愿透露姓名的亚洲收藏家付6630万美元买下梵高的《阿里斯康的小路》(L’Allée des Alyscamps,见上图),这幅色调丰富的秋季景象画于1888年。画作完成之后不久,这名荷兰艺术家割下了自己的耳朵。The auction, which included five works by Claude Monet, achieved the second-highest result in Sotheby’s history for any auction of impressionist and modern art. The November 2014 New York sale brought in 2.1m.本次拍卖包括莫奈(Claude Monet)的五件作品,拍卖总额在苏富比历届印象派和现代艺术拍卖会上排名第二。2014年11月举行的纽约拍卖会达到4.221亿美元的拍卖总额。The Van Gogh achieved the highest price at auction for a work by the painter since 1998.上述梵高作品的拍价是这位画家的作品自1998年以来在拍卖会上拍出的最高价。Chinese buyers — like the Japanese before in the late 1980s — are proving big fans of the Dutch painter.中国买家——就像上世纪80年代末的日本买家那样——正明自己是这位荷兰画家的忠实粉丝。Last November Wang Zhongjun, a Chinese film producer, bought Van Gogh’s “Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies”, for .8m, more than its m-to-m estimate.去年11月中国电影制片人王中军以6180万美元买下梵高的《静物,插满雏菊和罂粟花的花瓶》(Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies),远远超出3000万至5000万美元的估价。“L’Allée des Alyscamps” last sold for .8m in 2003. It was first owned by the proprietors of the café where Van Gogh lodged in the city of Arles and was later held in a private collection in Japan.《阿里斯康的小路》上一次出售是在2003年,成交价为1180万美元。这幅画作最初的主人是梵高在法国南部阿尔勒市(Arles)寄宿的咖啡馆的业主,后来被日本的一个私人收藏家买下。For over a third of the works it was the first time they had gone on sale in half a century. Others included one of Claude Monet’s water lilies series of paintings while his 1905 impressionist painting “Nymphéas” sold for m.超过三分之一的作品是半个世纪以来首次拍卖。其它作品包括莫奈的睡莲系列画作之一,他的1905年印象派绘画《睡莲》(Nymphéas)以5400万美元落槌。Pablo Picasso’s “Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil” went for .93m while Marc Chagall’s “Crépuscule ou la maison rouge” was sold for just over m.毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的《Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil》拍得2993万美元,而马克#8226;夏卡尔(Marc Chagall)的《Crépuscule ou la maison rouge》拍得500万美元多一点。Other artists whose works were included were Paul Klee, Edgar Degas, Wassily Kandinsky and René Magritte.其它画作出自保罗#8226;克利(Paul Klee)、埃德加#8226;德加(Edgar Degas)、瓦西里#8226;康定斯基(Wassily Kandinsky)和勒内#8226;马格利特(René Magritte)等艺术家之手。 /201505/373939昆明省中医院切眼袋手术多少钱

富民县脉冲光祛斑毛面假体麦格假体价格If you can’t remember your PIN number, try closing your eyes.如果你忘记了你的密码,试一下闭上你的眼睛。Experiments show that recall is boosted when we shut out the outside world.实验结果表明,当我们闭上眼睛不关注外面世界的时候,我们的会被提高。It is thought that blocking out distractions frees up the necessary brainpower to remember things. Psychologists from the University of Surrey put the theory to test by showing almost 200 men and women short films and asking them a series of questions about what they had seen.阻断干扰被认为可以释放必要的脑力去记忆事情。来自塞瑞大学的心理学家为明这个理论进行了如下实验:通过给大约200名男性和女性展示一些短片并问他们一系列关于他们看到了什么的问题。The first film clip was silent and showed an electrician stealing as he carried out jobs in a house.第一个短片是无声的,可以看到一名电工在一个住宅内工作时正在偷窃。The volunteers then answered a series of questions about what they had seen – and half of them did this with their eyes closed. Those whose eyes were open got just 48 per cent of the answers right on average – a score much lower than the 71 per cent achieved by those who had shut their eyes.然后参加实验的志愿者回答了一系列关于他们看到什么的问题——其中有一半人是闭着眼睛回忆的。那些睁开眼睛去回忆的志愿者只有48%的回答正确率,与那些闭着眼睛回忆的志愿者的71%的回答正确率相比,实在低了许多。Having built up a rapport with the questioner boosted scores further.和被提问者建立了融洽的关系后,回答正确分数将会进一步提高。The second film clip came from the B series Crimewatch and included sound as well as images.而第二个短片则来自英国广播公司系列犯罪影片,既由声音也有图像,同样实了结论。Closing eyes boosted recall of facts heard and seen.闭上眼睛的确加强了对所听到和所看到的事实的记忆。It had been argued that the technique improves memory by allowing people to build a detailed mental image of the thing they are trying to recall.一直在争论,这项技术通过让人们对他们所记忆的东西建立一个详细的幻想的来改善记忆。The finding that the trick also made it easier to remember auditory information shows this is not the only explanation.对这个诀窍也更容易让人记住听觉信息的发现显示这并不是唯一的解释。Researcher Robert Nash said it is likely that those who shut their eyes also benefit from blocking out distractions.研究员罗伯特·纳什说可能这是因为那些闭上眼睛的人受益于屏蔽干扰。警察一直鼓励人作时闭上眼睛试图记住犯罪的细节。He said that police forces have long been aware of the benefits of asking eyewitnesses to shut their eyes during interviews.他说,警察早就意识到这个的诀窍,并在面谈时要求目击者闭上他们的眼睛。His study, published in the journal Legal and Criminological Psychology, suggests that police will glean even more information if they build up a rapport with the interviewee.他的研究发表在《法律与犯罪学的心理学》 ,建议如果警方与受访者建立融洽的关系,将收集更多的信息。Dr Nash believes that a simple closing of the eyes will also be of benefit in everyday situations, such as recalling pin numbers and remembering shopping lists.纳什士认为,闭上眼睛这一简单的行为在日常生活中也将受益,如回忆密码和记住购物清单。And while his experiment involved quizzing people shortly after they’d watched a film, other studies suggest that closing eyes can boost recall of events that date back several years.虽然他的实验只涉及了志愿者看了短片不久后就向他们提问,但其他的研究表明,闭上眼睛可以增强对几年前的事情的回忆。 /201501/355271昆明那个整形医院好 保山市妇幼保健院激光除皱多少钱

解放军昆明总医院打瘦腿针多少钱 As a concierge at the elegant Pavillon de la Reine hotel in Paris, Arnaud Ilisca dresses in tails. His manner is elegant yet personable; his advice comes in flawless English with just enough of a French accent to lend legitimacy. On any given day, he can arrange a private cruise on the Seine or land a difficult reservation at a three-star Michelin restaurant. In other words, he is the kind of person I never run into in my frugal travels.阿诺·伊利斯卡(Arnaud Ilisca)是高雅的巴黎皇后亭酒店(Pavillon de la Reine)的礼宾员。他身穿燕尾,举止优雅,风度翩翩,以无可挑剔的英语向客人提供建议,只带有一点可资明权威性的法语口音。随便哪一天,他都能给你安排塞纳河上的私人游览,或者在米其林三星餐厅搞到难得的预订。换句话说,他是我在穷游旅行中永远遇不到的那种人。But there we sat, on a recent Thursday afternoon, in the Pavillon’s bar in a building off the Place des Vosges that was once a royal residence. Mr. Ilisca was formulating a perfect Paris day for a fictional well-heeled guest. Cost: about 1,000 euros (or a little more than ,100). I was sipping espresso, taking notes for the task ahead — creating the most similar day I could for one-tenth of the price.但是前不久的一个周四的下午,我们坐在皇后亭酒店的酒吧里。该酒店位于孚日广场(Place des Vosges)的一座建筑之中,那里曾是皇家宅邸。伊利斯卡在为一位想象中的富有宾客设计完美的巴黎一日游。费用约为1000欧元(约合1100多美元)。我一边喝着特浓咖啡,一边为自己的任务做笔记——我的任务是以十分之一的费用,设计出与他的规划最接近的版本。I commenced a deep dive into the online rabbit hole of Paris blogs and personal advice from Paris-based friends and colleagues (including Seth Sherwood and Pamela Druckerman, contributors to The New York Times, and Meg Zimbeck, the founder of the blog Paris by Mouth). I made one tweak to Mr. Ilisca’s itinerary: He had suggested an à la carte lunch and prix fixe dinner; I flipped those, since prix fixe lunch can be an excellent deal in Paris. And then I was off.然后我开始深入研究网上数不胜数的巴黎客,以及我在巴黎的朋友和同事们(包括《纽约时报》的撰稿人塞思·舍伍德[Seth Sherwood]和帕梅拉·德鲁克曼[Pamela Druckerman]以及客Paris by Mouth的创立者梅格·泽姆贝克[Meg Zimbeck])的私人建议。我对伊利斯卡设计的行程做了一点修改:他的建议是午餐按菜单点菜,晚餐选择固定价格套餐。我反了过来,因为在巴黎,午餐时选择固定价格套餐可能会很实惠。然后我就出发了。Breakfast早餐High富游The prix fixe petit déjeuner at Carette, a fancy patisserie with tables nestled beneath the arches that skirt the Place des Vosges, is 18.50 euros, or .64 at .12 to the euro.高档法式糕点店Carette的固定价格早餐套餐是18.50欧元,按照1欧元兑换1.12美元的价格计算,约合20.64美元。这家蛋糕店位于孚日广场边缘的拱门下,店里有餐桌。Low穷游I traded in the regal Place des Vosges for a sidewalk table across from the leafy Square Trousseau, the perfect spot to watch the 12th Arrondissement awaken. I was at Blé Sucré, a patisserie with a deceptively everyday look; it is run by Fabrice Le Bourdat, the former pastry chef at Le Bristol, the three-star Michelin restaurant that is now called Epicure. Along with my espresso, I had a kouign-amann, a caramelized cross between a palmier and a croissant that comes from Bretagne and has been positively compared with the Cronut. Blé Sucré’s decadent version costs just 1.76 euros.我把堂皇的孚日广场换成了绿树成荫的特鲁索广场(Square Trousseau)。这里是观看第12区苏醒的绝佳地点。广场对面的Blé Sucré糕点店其貌不扬,店主却是米其林三星餐厅Le Bristol(现名Epicure)的前任糕点大厨法布里斯·勒·布尔达(Fabrice Le Bourdat)。除了特浓咖啡,我还点了焦糖味的kouign-amann,它来自布列塔尼,像是蝴蝶酥和羊角面包的结合,经常被与羊角甜甜圈(Cronut)相提并论。Blé Sucré糕点店的这个低级版本的售价仅为1.76欧元。With an espresso, my breakfast was 3.26 euros, but I did miss the glass of fresh juice I knew was in the Carette prix fixe. Luckily, an elegantly dressed older woman eating alone at another table had been humoring my rusty French and directed me to the nearby Aligre Market, where the gorgeous produce made me wish for a kitchen. (I settled for an Instagram post.) A juicy orange was 65 cents.加上特浓咖啡,我的早餐总价为3.26欧元,不过我的确很想来一杯Carette糕点店固定价格套餐菜单上的鲜榨果汁(我知道它家的菜单上有这个)。幸运的是,在另一张桌子上单独就餐的一位穿着优雅的老妇人顾念我法语生疏,把我引到了附近的Aligre市场(Aligre Market),那里超棒的农产品让我有下厨的冲动(我在Instagram上发了张照片聊以慰藉)。我在那里花65分买了一个多汁的橙子。Shopping购物High富游Mr. Ilisca sends guests to the haute couture shops of the famed Golden Triangle: Champs-#201;lysées, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V. Let’s grant our fictional fat cat 300 euros for something modest from Gucci or Prada.伊利斯卡建议宾客们去著名的金三角(Golden Triangle)的高档装店购物:香榭丽舍大街、蒙田大道和乔治五世大道。让我们假定我们想象中的富翁花了300欧元从古驰(Gucci)或普拉达(Prada)买了一件普通的衣。Low穷游My first thought was the gargantuan Les Puces flea market at faraway Porte de Clignancourt, but a great web page directed me to smaller, more occasional markets by arrondissement. (Find the list at bit.ly/ParisFlea.) In fact, my shopping started after I finished my Aligre Market orange, at the flea market adjacent to the produce stands. For 1 euro, I bought a yellowed 1951 issue of Temps Modernes, the journal edited by Jean-Paul Sartre. (It listed a piece called “Is God Photogenic?,” and I had to know. It turned out that the article was actually about the state of religious films at the time; the headline was clearly a clever ploy aimed at American tourists 64 years in the future.) Three markets later, at Village St.-Paul, I’d fall for a small, lovely powder-blue wall-mounted coat rack. I bargained it down to 22 euros from 28 by claiming to be a “pauvre Américain.” (They didn’t believe me, but it got the conversation started.)我的第一个念头是去偏远、庞大的科里尼安古尔门(Porte de Clignancourt)跳蚤市场(Les Puces),但是一个很棒的网页按区列出了那些更小、更随意的市场(你可以在bit.ly/ParisFlea找到这个列表)。实际上,我吃完在Aligre市场买的橙子就开始在旁边的跳蚤市场购物了。我花一欧元买了1951年的一期泛黄的《新时代》(Temps Modernes)杂志(这期上有篇文章题为“上帝上相吗?”我很想知道这个问题的。结果发现,那篇文章实际上是谈论当时的宗教电影状况;那个标题显然是个聪明的计策,足以吸引64年后的美国游客),编辑是让-保罗·萨特(Jean-Paul Sartre)。逛完三个市场后,在圣保罗村(Village St.-Paul),我看上了一个可爱的粉蓝色小壁挂式衣帽架。我自称“贫穷的美国人”(卖家不相信,不过这么说算是起了个头),把价钱从28欧元砍到了22欧元。Lunch午餐High富游L’Arpège has three Michelin stars and a No. 25 spot on Restaurant magazine’s world rankings. Its chef, Alain Passard, is famous for his farm-to-obsessed-chef-to-table ingredients, especially vegetables. Tasting (remember, this was supposed to be dinner): 340 euros.L’Arpège是米其林三星餐厅,在《餐厅》杂志(Restaurant)的世界餐厅排行榜上排名第25位。它的大厨阿兰·帕萨尔(Alain Passard)以选用“从农场到痴迷大厨到餐桌”的食材而闻名,尤其是蔬菜。主厨精选菜单(注意,这个菜单本来是为晚餐准备的)的价格是340欧元。Low穷游I tried, really I did, to find a reasonably priced prix fixe at a contemporary, cool and vegetarian-friendly spot. No luck — vegetarians, beware. But a blog post about farm-to-table spots I had found during a search for L’Arpège also raved about Le Timbre, where Charles Danet’s three-course lunch fit the bill, literally, for 26 euros. That’s in part because everyone eats the exact same thing in this pleasantly cramped space the size of a postage stamp, which is what “timbre” means.我努力(我真的努力了)在一个现代时髦、适合素食者的餐厅寻找一个合理的固定价格套餐菜单。可惜我没找到。素食主义者,要当心哦。不过,我在搜索L’Arpège餐厅时找到了一个关于“从农场到餐桌”的餐厅的客帖子,它对Le Timbre餐厅也是赞美有加。该餐厅大厨查尔斯·达内(Charles Danet)的三道主菜午餐售价为26欧元,刚好符合条件。其中一个原因是这里的食客吃的东西是一模一样的。这个温馨的餐厅像邮票一样小巧,timbre就是邮票的意思。Seth joined me, and as the last lunch guests to arrive, we got a step-by-step preview of our meal from those seated (very) nearby. It turned out to be false advertising — the kitchen ran out of both the starter (hake) and the main course (duck filet). “On a mal compté le canard,” our very apologetic server said. But we enjoyed the cod starter substitute (as if I could tell the flaky, white difference), served with puréed celery root and lovage, and were impressed at how crunchy pine nuts and spicy bits of chorizo took to a moist cut of guinea fowl. When everyone started getting gorgeous dollops of chocolate mousse around us, I impishly asked, “On a mal compté le chocolat?” They had not. It was delicious. My share of the bill: 29 euros.塞思和我一起去那里用午餐。我们是午间的最后一批食客。我们一道菜一道菜地看了邻座(真的跟我们紧挨着坐)的午餐,相当于预览了自己的午餐。结果呢,看也是白看。开胃菜(鳕鱼)和主菜(鸭肉片)都卖光了。“我们算错了鸭肉的量,”务员满怀歉意地说。不过,我们很喜欢替换的开胃菜(好像我能辨别出这两种薄薄的白鱼片的区别似的),它配有芹菜根泥和拉维纪草。主菜换成了柔软多汁的珍珠鸡块,它配上松脆的松仁和西班牙辣香肠块,效果令人惊喜。当旁边的顾客纷纷开始享用诱人的巧克力慕斯时,我顽皮地用法语问道,“巧克力没算错吧?”没算错。很好吃。我们均分账单,我那部分是29欧元。Afternoon Stroll下午漫步High富游Mr. Ilisca’s guests often request a personal tour of the cobblestone streets of the shopping and art-packed Marais. Cost: 240 euros.伊利斯卡的客人们通常要求在充满商店和艺术画廊的玛莱区(Marais)的鹅卵石街道上来个私人向导游览。费用:240欧元。Low穷游There are reasonably priced walking tours of the Marais, but I opted out of being part of a group clogging its aly tourist-packed streets. Instead, I simply downloaded a very helpful self-guided version at Paris48.com, and ended up at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, a gorgeously bright space where I got absorbed in the dreamily textured works of the Spanish painter Miquel Barceló. Free.玛莱区有一些价格合理的步行旅游团,但我决定不参团。那里的街道本来就挤满了游客,那些旅游团更是添堵。我在Paris48.com上下载了一个很有用的自助旅游向导。最后来到华丽明亮的Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac画廊,那里正在展出西班牙画家米克尔·巴尔塞洛(Miquel Barceló)的作品,我被它们梦幻般的质地迷住了。全部免费。Dinner晚餐High富游Mr. Ilisca recommended a meal of veal sweetbs (52 euros) from Allard, a classic bistro owned by Alain Ducasse. Full meal, about 100 euros.伊利斯卡推荐的是Allard餐馆的牛羊杂碎(52欧元)。Allard是一家典型的法式小餐馆,店主是阿兰·迪卡斯(Alain Ducasse)。一顿丰盛的晚餐总共约需100欧元。Low穷游Seth may not wear tails, but he was right on in taking me to Le Bistrot du Peintre, near his home in the Bastille. If it hadn’t been around since 1902, I’d say the Art Nouveau décor was overdone. Everything is dreamily wavy, from the massive wood mirrors to the vines painted along the tops of the walls, even the precariously twisting stairs that lead to the kitchen. For dinner, we split a 17-euro bottle of fruity 2013 Gamay from the Loire Valley, and a very generous bone-marrow starter. To make up for my duck-less lunch, I had the duck breast, seared in an oil-free pan, baked and served with raspberry sauce; Seth had a tender braised paleron of beef, loaded with tomatoes and olives, Mediterranean style. My half of the bill was 32.50 euros.塞思也许不穿燕尾,但他的建议不逊于伊利斯卡。他把我带到巴士底他家附近的Le Bistrot du Peintre餐馆。要不是这家餐馆始创于1902年,我会觉得这里的新艺术装潢太多了。所有的东西都充满梦幻般的曲线,从巨大的木镜子到墙顶绘制的葡萄藤,甚至包括通往厨房的扭曲摇晃的楼梯。我们分享了一瓶来自卢瓦尔河谷的2013年果味佳美葡萄酒(Gamay,17欧元)以及一份份量很大的骨髓开胃菜。为了弥补中午没吃上鸭肉的遗憾,我点了一份鸭胸肉,它是在没抹油的煎锅上煎出来的,配有树莓酱。塞思点的是地中海风味的嫩炖牛排,里面有很多番茄和橄榄。我那一半账单的费用是32.50欧元。Nightcap睡前小酒High富游Where else would a concierge send a classy guy like our stand-in jet-setter but the H#244;tel Costes, the ultrachic hotel lounge where a cocktail runs you north of 15 euros.豪华酒店的礼宾员在给我们想象中的富豪推荐睡前小酒时,肯定会推荐H#244;tel Costes。在这个超级时髦的酒店雅座酒吧里,一杯鸡尾酒的价格在15欧元以上。Low穷游Hotel + bar cheap? In travel-writer math class, that’s what we call a false equation. So why does the lively young crowd at H#244;tel du Nord pay just 5 euros to drink a glass of Bordeaux along the Canal St.-Martin? Answer: Because it’s not actually a hotel, but a restaurant named after a 1938 film. Did I mention the 5-euro wine?酒店+酒吧便宜?在旅游作家的数学课上,这样的等式是错误的。那么,为什么北方旅馆(H#244;tel du Nord)活跃的年轻人们花五欧元就能在圣马丁运河(Canal St.-Martin)边上喝一杯波尔多葡萄酒?是:因为北方旅馆不是酒店,而是以1938年的一部电影命名的餐馆。我刚才说了吗?那里的一杯葡萄酒售价仅为五欧元。 /201506/378899石林寻甸禄劝去胎记多少钱昆明第二附属医院激光去斑多少钱



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