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Dinosaur footprints have been spotted on an Australian beach by a woman who was collecting shells when she chanced upon the giant prints.在澳大利亚的一个沙滩上,一位女子在捡拾贝壳的时候,偶然间发现了巨大的恐龙脚印Bindi Lee Porth, 37, was at Cable beach, a popular tourist destination in the Western Australian town of Broome.今年37岁的宾迪·李·波思是在澳大利亚西部城镇布鲁姆的一个非常受欢迎的旅游景点--凯布尔海滩上发现的Broome is known a 0-million-year-old set of dinosaur footprints which were found along its coastline.布鲁姆因发现的许多恐龙脚印--这些脚印有1亿3000万年历史,沿着海岸线分布--而出名But fossilised footprints like this were not previously known to exist in the main tourist area of Cable beach.但是人们之前并不知道在凯布尔海滩的主要旅游区内存在这样的脚印化石Ms Porth says she did not believe the prints were real when she first saw them.波思女士表示,当她第一次看到这些脚印的时候,简直不敢相信这是真的;I thought no, they couldnt have been real because thered be signs or some sort of notification to let people know these prints are here,; she told A Australia.她在接受澳大利亚A电视台采访时表示:“我当时想不会吧,这些脚印不可能是真的,因为如果是真的,就应该会有一些标志或者公告什么的,告诉人们这附近有恐龙脚印”Ms Porth had been collecting sea shells and walking around a big pile of rocks when she said she felt an ;amazing sense of energy; coming from under her right foot.波思女士声称,自己当时正在拾取贝壳,围着一大堆岩石绕圈,然后她感觉到从她的右脚脚底板下面传来一种“惊人的能量的感觉”;I lifted my foot up and found a bit of an indent in the sand. I got my toes and swished around and it washed away to show a beautiful dinosaur footprint,; she told the B.她告知B:“我抬起脚,发现沙子里有一块凹进去的形状我用我的脚趾在沙地上面擦了擦,结果是一个漂亮的恐龙脚印”Ms Porth, who has been living in Broome two years, had previously walked the area more than a hundred times.波思女士已经在布鲁姆小镇定居两年了,她之前已经在这个地方散步超过0次She found six prints in total, with the prints believed to come from two different dinosaurs according to palaeontologists, says Ms Porth.据波思女士表示,她一共发现了6个恐龙脚印,古生物学家认为这些脚印来自两头恐龙;Ive been speaking non-stop to two palaeontologists since I found the prints and they say theyre very impressed because they definitely look like dinosaur footprints.;“自从我发现这些脚印之后,我就一直不停地在和两位古生物学家讲述,他们非常惊讶,因为这些脚印很明显绝对是恐龙留下的” 66

1. The train Chicago is on track 9. 开往芝加哥的列车停靠在第9站台. I have bought a ticket a sleeper. 我买了张卧铺票3. It's a stopping train, not an express. 这是一列慢车,不是快车. I want to ask about the train timetable. 我要查询一下火车行车时间表5. I have no choice but to take the first train. 没有办法,抓紧哦梦坐头班车6. You have to pay extra an express train. 你搭快车必须额外付钱7. Do you like to take a local train or an express? 你想坐普通车还是快车?8. Where can I catch an express Times Square? 请问我到哪里能坐快车去时报广场?9. I got a second-class ticket on the train to New York. 我弄到一张去纽约的二等舱火车票. I've got to leave a bit early, otherwise I'll miss the train. 我得早点儿去,不然就赶不上火车了重点讲解:stopping train: (在途中多次停站的) 慢车列车种类还有:ordinary passenger train 普通客运列车,fast rapid train快速列车,express train 特快列车,through train 直快列车,nonstop express 直达快速列车Times Square: 纽约时报广场时报广场得名于《纽约时报早期在此设立的总部大楼,是美国纽约市曼哈顿的一块街区,中心位于西街与百老汇大道交汇处,东西向分别至第六大道与第九大道,南北向分别至西39街与西5街,构成曼哈顿中城商业区的西部 3300

P: Hey,Yang Chen. Why are you playing ;Hail to the chief;? I thought we were a sports show - are we going political?Y: Not really. You see, Patrick, the presidential election is in its final stretch - the home stretch - the final lap - just like in长跑、赛马,进入最后冲刺阶段P: Oh, I get it. You are going to talk about sports terms used in politics.Y: Right. Arent you smart.你好聪明啊P: Well, Thanks the compliment. Somehow you dont sound very sincere.Y: Whoa! No need to throw me a curve ball!.P: That a good one. In the presidential election, we often hear candidates say things that the other candidate doesnt know the right answer to. They throw curve balls at each other.Y: Throw curve balls at each other.棒球里叫扔曲线球,对方不知道怎么接政治竞选里扔曲线球能让对方措手不及P: Another good example is ;to hit a home run.; I heard a candidate wife praising her husband, saying I hit a home run with him, meaning I found a perfect husband.Y I doubt it.P: Never doubt love, Yang Chen.Y: OK. OK. 每一个女孩子都希望有一天找到理想的丈夫hit a home run.P: Not everyone is so lucky.I have another good example. At a rally, I heard a supporter of one candidate urging the candidate to ;take off your gloves and go get him;.That also related with sports, like in boxing.Y:拳击里把手套拿掉以后会攻击对方,那一定打得更很Like this.p. Ouch. Yang Chen. You are so violent!Y. Am I? We are out of time. The election is really like a sports event.P: Very exciting.Y: In the end only my candidate is going to win.P How do you know?Y Well, you have a problem? Let me take off my gloves. 355

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