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Chinese investors have increased their focus on London’s property market, partly because of the fall in the pound and partly because there are signs of an end to China’s own property bubble.中国投资者加大了对伦敦房地产市场的关注,部分原因是英镑下跌,还有一部分原因是中国国内出现了楼市泡沫行将终结的迹象。Sales of homes in the capital’s most exclusive areas to Chinese buyers have risen since the Brexit vote, while investment into commercial property from China is on track to grow this year, even as other investors draw back.自英国退欧公投以来,中国买家在英国首都最高端地段买下的住宅有所增加,而中资今年对英国商业地产的投资也势必增长,即便其他地方的投资者开始退缩。The British currency is at a 30-year low; the Chinese housing market is at a 25-year high. 英镑处于30年低位;而中国房地产市场处于25年来最高点。Why look any further? said Terry Li, a project director for Beijing-based CY Infotech and owner of a home in Kensington, west London.还有什么可犹豫的?北京承永信息技术公司(CY Infotech)的一名项目总监、在伦敦西部肯辛顿区(Kensington)拥有一套住宅的Terry Li表示。Juwai.com, an online property portal, said it received a record number of inquiries from Chinese buyers about British properties in September. 海外房地产门户网站居外网(Juwai.com)称,9月份中国买家对英国房产的询盘数量创下纪录。Before that, in the third quarter, Chinese purchases of upmarket London homes rose to 2.6 per cent of home transactions from 1.8 per cent the previous quarter, reversing a period of decline, said estate agents Hamptons International.在那之前,地产代理汉普顿国际(Hamptons International)表示,第三季度伦敦高端房产交易中国买家的比例达到2.6%,高于前一个季度的1.8%,扭转了一段下降期。Charles McDowell, a high-end London estate agent, said Chinese homebuyers were out there and looking to spend big money#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;they are buying small residential units but also great big lumps.伦敦高端房地产代理查尔斯.麦克道尔(Charles McDowell)表示,中国购房者相当活跃,准备花大钱……他们在购买小型住宅单位,但也有大笔交易。He said he had sold a £160m Mayfair home to a Chinese buyer since the Brexit vote. 他说,退欧公投后,他向一个中国买家销售了梅菲尔区(Mayfair)一套1.6亿英镑的住宅。The weak pound has made a difference to them. 英镑疲弱对他们起到了推动作用。In fact, it has saved the London property market, he said.事实上,这拯救了伦敦的房地产市场,他说。The increase in the commercial property market was even more pronounced: 商业地产市场的增长更加明显。in the six months before the vote, Chinese buyers poured .7bn into London commercial property, a 75 per cent rise from a year earlier, said Knight Frank, a property consultancy.据房地产咨询公司莱坊(Knight Frank)介绍,在公投之前的六个月,中国买家向伦敦商业地产投资17亿美元,同比增长75%。David Ji, Knight Frank’s head of China research, said: Although overall investment into British commercial buildings declined this year, we saw Chinese investment alone go up. 莱坊中国研究主管纪言迅(David Ji)表示:虽然今年对英国商业建筑的整体投资有所下降,但我们看到中资的投资一枝独秀,呈现增长。We see no signs of tapering post-referendum.我们没有看到公投之后投资减少的迹象。Significant deals included the first London property purchase by Minsheng Bank, the £84.5m acquisition of an office building via a Hong Kong subsidiary.重大交易包括民生(Minsheng Bank)首次购买伦敦房地产,该行通过香港子公司斥资8450万英镑买下一栋办公楼。Mei Jie, chair of Zhejiang Kailongjia Investment Management, which manages property funds in the southern tech capital of Shenzhen, said: 浙江凯隆嘉投资管理公司(Zhejiang Kailongjia Investment Management)在华南科技重镇深圳管理房地产基金。The underlying property market has not, and will not, change. 该公司董事长梅杰表示:基础房地产市场没有也不会改变。But investors are more interested because of the currency rate.但因为汇率关系,眼下投资者更感兴趣。Despite the economic uncertainty of Brexit, Chinese buyers see the British currency and property markets as stable in the long term. 尽管英国退欧带来经济不确定性,但中国买家认为英镑和英国房地产市场长期而言将是稳定的。In a survey of Chinese people with assets of more than .5m, the Hurun Institute found that 60 per cent planned to buy property overseas in the next three years.胡润研究所(Hurun Institute)对资产超过150万美元的中国人的一项调研发现,60%的人计划在未来三年内购买境外房产。Brexit is just an opportunity: now they are pouncing while the currency is low, said Mr Li.英国退欧是一个机会:现在他们趁着英镑较低正在出手,来自北京的Terry Li说道。 /201611/476900About 13 percent of China#39;s mobile payment users suffered from fraud while nearly 90 percent among these couldn#39;t get back the money they lost, according to a report by China Union Pay, the country#39;s biggest bankcard association.根据中国最大的卡联合组织—中国银联表示,中国移动付用户中有13%经历过诈骗,而其中近90%的人没有追回损失。China Union Pay asked its 95 members to conduct the three-month survey under the guidance of China#39;s public security departments. It collected more than 100,000 valid responses.在中国公安部门的监管下,中国银联展发动95名员工,展开对移动付用户的付情况的问卷调查。收到了10万份有效回复。The online payment fraud rate in 2015 increased by 6 percent compared to that of last year as the new payment method showed strong momentum. Over 80 percent completed payment via their cellphones.随着越来越多新颖的付手段的兴起,2015年在线付比去年增长了6%。有超过80%的付通过手机完成。Yuan Xiaohan, general manager of the China Union Pay risk control department, said fraud occurred by cheating social-media accounts, credit card spending and consumer refunds.中国银联风险管理部总经理袁霄汉表示,付诈骗行为大多通过社交账号诈骗、信用卡提额、消费退款等手段而发生。Yuan said mobile payment security has become the main priority in user experience.袁经理说,手机移动付已经成为用户遭受欺诈的主要方式。According to the survey, nearly 90 percent of customers exposed to deception did not get compensation due to complicated processing, with the successful recovery rate at 4 percent.根据调查,由于操作步骤繁琐,近90%用户遭受过欺诈而没有索回损失,只有4%用户追回了损失。Meanwhile, consumer safety awareness is growing in terms of online transactions. About 87 percent of respondents think customer identity and transaction verification are necessary; while another 13 percent of consumers would prefer to adopt fingerprint recognition.与此同时,消费者在线付的安全意识在逐渐加强。87%的受访者表示消费者身份验和交易验是必需的,另外13%的消费者更喜欢指纹识别验。;If your smart phone caught a virus, you#39;d better turn to professionals and let them reinstall its system instead of restarting it yourself,; Yuan suggested.“如果你的手机中毒了,你最好找专业人员来重装系统,不要自己重启手机,”袁经理建议。In addition, purchasing fund-guarantee insurance is another method to recover online fraud losses, it was added.此外,购买资金保障险是追回网上交易欺诈损失的另一种方法。 /201512/419065The 1970s is achingly cool once again. In the world of fashion, Saint Laurent and Gucci are riding the crest of the 70s-inspired look.上世纪70年代的流行风格再度成为时尚宠儿,圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)与古驰(Gucci)是这股复古之风的引领者。And the world of jewellery is cashing in on the trend for nostalgia, albeit nostalgia only a few decades old.尽管只是怀旧几十年前的流行时尚,但珠宝首饰界却乘势利用这股复古之风大获其利。In 2007, Daphne Lingon, senior vice-president of jewellery at Christie’s New York, identified what would be the next big thing in the market. She won a surprisingly hard-fought bidding battle for a pair of 1970s David Webb gold and white enamel ear pendants for an unidentified high-profile client for the world of fashion.早在2007年,纽约佳士得(Christie)首饰拍卖部副总裁达芙妮霠Ⅷ(Daphne Lingon)就已经对未来的珠宝潮流未卜先知。她曾代表一位未透露姓名的时尚名流,在一场惊心动魄的竞标大战中,出人意料地拍到了大卫韦伯(David Webb)上世纪70年代用黄金与白珐琅打造的一对耳坠。Today, her instinct has proved accurate as the market for 1970s jewellery flourishes. Yet despite this, according to Ms Lingon: “We don’t have enough [1970s] pieces for demand.”今天,随着上世纪70年代的首饰行情火爆,明她当初的直觉完全正确。然而尽管如此,林贡说:“我们目前的‘存货’供不应求。”Prices are climbing, more pieces are on the market and estimates are being smashed. A simple Bulgari gold chain necklace went for ,000 — five times its estimate — at a sale in April held at Sotheby’s New York.这些上世纪70年代的首饰售价正不断攀升,而更多类似物件正源源不断进入交易市场,先前的预估价不断被刷新。在今年四月举行的纽约苏富比(Sotheby)拍卖会上,一件造型简单的宝格丽金项链最终以2.5万美元成交——比预估价足足高出了4倍。Frank Everett, sales director of jewellery at Sotheby’s New York, says: “People collecting jewellery in the 1970s are now in their 80s and 90s and are selling now. And there are more estates with 1970s pieces.”纽约苏富比首饰拍卖主管弗兰克埃弗雷特(Frank Everett)说:“上世纪70年代首饰的那些收藏者如今已届耄耋之年,他们开始出手这些藏品;更多人家里还收藏有上世纪70年代的物件。”He cites two big private collections in the company’s forthcoming December sale as an example, including an 18-carat gold and carved jade David Webb necklace with detachable pendant estimated at ,000-0,000.他以纽约苏富比12月拍卖会上竞拍的两件私人收藏的精品为例加以说明,其中之一就是由大卫韦伯打造的一款镶嵌18克拉黄金与玉雕件、搭配可卸式挂件的项链,预估价为8-10万美元。Fashion has shown jewellery the way. Hedi Slimane, creative director of Saint Laurent (which made its name in the 1970s) has doubled the brand’s sales revenue from 353m in 2011 to 707m in 2014, thanks to his sellout 1970s rock ’n’ roll collections.时尚界已为珠宝首饰指明了未来发展方向。正是由于圣罗兰(上世纪70年代创建品牌)创意总监艾迪斯理曼(Hedi Slimane)设计的上世纪70年代摇滚风格的首饰系列一款难求,公司销售额从2011年的3.53亿欧元飚升至2014年的7.07亿欧元。And now there is Gucci’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele, who has overhauled the company — and influenced the industry — with his heavily 1970s-inspired debut collections, which have helped reinvigorate the brand. In July, Gucci announced a 4.6 per cent jump in second-quarter sales, after a 7.9 per cent drop in first-quarter sales.另一紧跟这股潮流的代表人物是古驰新任创意总监亚历桑德罗猠歇尔(Alessandro Michele),他让古驰风格发生了脱胎换骨的变化,正是他深受上世纪70年代时尚风格启发而推出的首场时装系列让古驰品牌重现辉煌,进而深刻影响了整个时尚界。今年七月,古驰宣布第二季增收4.6%,从而与首季营收减少7.9%形成了鲜明对比。“Everyone loves the 1970s and the idea of being so cool yet so laid back,” says Justin O’Shea, buying director for luxury e-retailer Mytheresa.com. “The 1970s spirit is unbridled and it provides a feeling of pure happiness, which resonates with the end consumer, whether fashion or high jewellery.”“大家都喜欢上世纪70年代的时尚风格,它显得既新潮又休闲。”奢侈品线上零售网Mytheresa.com采购总监贾斯汀攠谢(Justin O’Shea)说。“上世纪70年代崇尚天马行空的时尚风格,它提供的是纯粹的快乐感,不管是时装还是高档首饰,都深受终端消费者的青睐。”While 1970s jewellery by Bulgari, David Webb, Van Cleef amp; Arpels and other big names make the highest prices, the market for independent 1970s designers such as Andrew Grima and John Donald is growing, too.虽说宝格丽(Bulgari)、大卫韦伯以及梵克雅宝(Van Cleef amp; Arpels)等知名品牌推出的上世纪70年代时尚风格的首饰市场售价最高,但安德鲁格里马(Andrew Grima)以及约翰唐纳德(John Donald)等上世纪70年代独立设计师同样越来越受到市场追捧。Indeed, according to Daniel Struyf, Bonhams’ new international jewellery director, there was more craftsmanship in 1970s jewellery than in today’s pieces. Little wonder a Grima grey-blue sapphire and diamond square-cut ring in Bonhams’ fine jewellery sale in London next month is estimated at 500,000- 700,000.没错,在邦瀚斯拍卖行(Bonhams)新任国际珠宝总监丹尼尔斯特鲁伊夫(Daniel Struyf)看来,相比如今的珠宝首饰,上世纪70年代的物件多由手工打造。由格里马打造的一款镶嵌蓝宝石与钻石、方形切割而成的蓝灰色戒指在下月的邦瀚斯伦敦名贵首饰拍卖会上预估价高达50万-70万英镑也就不足为奇了。London gallerist Louisa Guinness, who launched LG Treasures in May focusing on rare 1970s (and 1960s) jewels, says these pieces have widened the pool of traditional jewellery collectors. “The designs are mini artworks so they appeal to collectors who like design rather than rocks or gold,” she says.伦敦画廊经营者路易莎吉尼斯(Louisa Guinness)于今年五月举办了LG Treasures,专门展出上世纪70年代(以及60年代)的珍稀款首饰。她说这些展品拓宽了传统首饰藏家的收藏范围。“这些精品犹如微型艺术珍品,深受痴迷设计风格而非宝石或黄金本身藏家之青睐。”她说。More women in their 30s to 50s are purchasing these pieces, too — to wear as well as invest. Catherine McKenna, co-founder of fine antique and period jewellers McKenna amp; Co, says: “They want an exclusive piece like a Kutchinsky instead of the same Rolex as everyone else.”更多30岁至50岁之间的女性也开始买入这类首饰,既是投资工具,也作穿戴之用。凯瑟琳麦肯纳(Catherine McKenna)是老款珠宝首饰名品公司McKenna amp; Co的联合创始人,她说:“藏家希望拥有一款限量版的辜青斯基首饰(Kutchinsky,一个源自波兰的古老珠宝品牌,距今已有一个多世纪的历史,设计极为精美,以工艺繁复著称),而不是大同小异的劳力士腕表。”According to Jon King, senior vice-president of product and store design at Tiffany amp; Co, the yellow gold that characterises 1970s jewellery makes it today’s canny investment, thanks to a better understanding of assets and investments. Tiffany has recently plundered its design archive for the first time, using its 1970s Blue Book catalogue for an eight-piece capsule collection with Dover Street Market including diamond and tsavorite gold earrings adapted from a 1973 cufflinks and stud set. “The 1970s broadens our international appeal,” says Mr King.蒂芙尼负责产品与门店设计的执行副总裁乔恩金(Jon King)说,用金银铜合金材料打造的上世纪70年代首饰如今成了投资宠儿,这都归功于对资产以及投资理念的深刻理解。蒂芙尼最近首次大规模逆袭留存的设计档案——它从上世纪70年代的Blue Book高级珠宝目录中汲取灵感,与时尚概念店丹佛街集市(Dover Street Market)合作推出了八件套的混搭系列首饰(capsule collection),其中就包括一款镶嵌钻石与沙弗来石的金耳环,它改自1973年的一套袖扣与纽扣。“上世纪70年代风格的首饰提升了我们品牌的国际知名度。”乔恩金说。“Nineteen seventies jewellery is still relatively inexpensive compared to other popular periods such as Art Deco or Georgian,” says Sam Loxton, manager of Lucas Rarities, a London-based jeweller specialising in the 1910s to the 1970s, who spoke on 1970s jewellery at September’s Lapada art and antiques fair. “Prices [for 1970s pieces] tend to be under 50,000, while I sold a Cartier Art Deco diamond sautoir for 125,000 at Art Antiques London in June and a pair of Georgian diamond drop earrings for 145,000 in July,” he says.“与阿泰科风格(Art Deco)以及英王乔治时代风格(Georgian)其它知名时期相比,上世纪70年代的珠宝首饰价位仍然较低。”Lucas Rarities经理山姆洛克斯顿(Sam Loxton)说,该店是伦敦专营20世纪初至70年代风格的珠宝零售店。在今年九月举行的Lapada艺术与古玩览会上,他这样评价上世纪70年代的珠宝首饰。“这个时代的首饰售价往往不到5万英镑,而在今年6月与7月举办的伦敦艺术古董展(Art Antiques London)上,卡地亚(Cartier)一款阿泰科风格的钻石项饰以及乔治王时期风格的一副钻石耳坠分别卖了12.5万英镑与14.5万英镑的高价。”他说。Cristina Miller, North American head of dealer relations at online marketplace 1stdibs, says the high visibility of 1970s jewellery online is fuelling the market — whether on its website or the auction house e-catalogue.奢侈品购物网1stdibs北美地区经销商主管克里斯蒂娜猠勒(Cristina Miller)说:不管是在自家网站、还是在拍卖行的电子目录上亮相,上世纪70年代风格首饰的高曝光率让珠宝首饰的行情更加火爆。“The big, bold designs and unmissable yellow gold are easier to see online than say the intricate Art Deco looks which are harder to see even with a zoom,” she says.“在网店上,设计大胆的大物件首饰以及消费者不应错过的金银铜合金材质首饰在网店上比比皆是,而做工精巧的阿泰科风格首饰即便出高价也是难觅踪迹。”她说。The deep-pocketed big brands are also driving the market as they buy back their archive to showcase in retrospectives and bolster their collections.财大气粗的知名首饰品牌通过回购自己以前推出的老款式举办回顾展以提升自己品牌知名度,从而再助首饰火爆行情以一臂之力。Van Cleef amp; Arpels is hoovering up its 1970s pieces as “if I wait I won’t find anything on the second-hand market”, says Catherine Cariou, the company’s heritage director. And Bulgari is showcasing its first coin collections, multi-gem sautoirs and other 1970s pieces in its Art of Bulgari show at the Tokyo National Museum.梵克雅宝大量回购自己上世纪70年代推出的首饰款式,给人的感觉是:“自己在二手市场不果断出手,就会一无所获”。其传承典藏总监凯瑟琳愠里乌(Catherine Cariou)说。宝格丽在东京国立物馆(Tokyo National Museum)举办了“宝格丽的艺术展”(Art of Bulgari show),展出了自己推出的首个纪念币系列、镶嵌多颗宝石的项饰以及其它上世纪70年代的各款首饰。“Everywhere we expose the brand, we show these [1970s] pieces to bring desirability to the brand and to convince clients to go for a high jewellery piece, particularly those clients from China and south east Asia” says Vincent Reynes, Bulgari’s UK managing director.“不管在哪儿举办展会,我们都会展示这些上世纪70年代的首饰,以增加品牌满意度,并且成功说消费者购置高档首饰,尤其是那些来自中国以及东南亚的客户。“宝格丽英国区总经理文森特雷恩斯(Vincent Reynes)说。With the 1970s look still vibrating across the spring/summer 2016 catwalks, boho jewels look set for a glittering future.上世纪70年代风格的首饰仍在各大时装品牌2016年春夏季展中大放异,波希米亚风格的首饰前景注定是一片光明。 /201512/416508HONG KONG — The World Health Organization said Tuesday that 92 percent of people breathe what it classifies as unhealthy air, in another sign that atmospheric pollution is a significant threat to global public health.香港——世界卫生组织(World Health Organization,简称WHO)周二称,根据其标准,世界上92%的人呼吸着不健康的空气。这再度表明,大气污染对全球公众健康构成了重大威胁。A new report, the W.H.O.’s most comprehensive analysis so far of outdoor air quality worldwide, also said about three million deaths a year — mostly from cardiovascular, pulmonary and other noncommunicable diseases — were linked to outdoor air pollution. Nearly two-thirds of those deaths are in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region, compared with 333,000 in Europe and the Americas, the report said.WHO新发布的一份研究报告还说,每年约有300万例死亡——死因多为心血管病、肺病以及其他非传染性疾病——与室外空气污染有关。WHO在报告中对世界各地的空气质量做了迄今为止最全面的分析。报告称,相关死亡案例有将近三分之二发生在东南亚和西太平洋地区,相比之下,欧洲和美洲共发生33.3万例。“When you look out through the windows in your house or apartment, you don’t see the tiny little particles that are suspended in the air, so the usual perception is that the air is clean,” Rajasekhar Balasubramanian, an air quality expert at the National University of Singapore who was not involved in the study, said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.“透过自家房子或公寓的窗户往外望,你看不见空气中悬浮的微小颗粒,所以常常以为空气很干净,”与该报告无关的新加坡国立大学空气质量专家拉贾塞卡#8226;巴拉苏布拉马尼安(Rajasekhar Balasubramanian)周二接受电话采访时说。“But the W.H.O. report is a clear indication that even in the absence of air pollution episodes, the concentrations of particles suspended in the air do exceed what’s considered to be acceptable from a health viewpoint,” he said.“但WHO的报告清楚地表明,即便是在没发生空气污染事件的情况下,从健康角度看,空气中悬浮颗粒的浓度也的确超出了被认为是可接受的程度,”他说。In previous studies, the W.H.O. estimated that more than eight in 10 people in urban areas that monitored air pollution were breathing unhealthy air and that about seven million deaths a year were linked to indoor and outdoor pollution.WHO以前的报告曾估计,在空气污染受到监测的城市地区,每十个人里有八个呼吸着不健康的空气;此外,每年约有700万例死亡与室内外污染有关。The new study reduced the second estimate to 6.5 million deaths. But María P. Neira, director of the W.H.O.’s Department of Public Health and Environment, said in a telephone interview that “the trends are still going in the wrong direction.”在这份新报告中,第二个数字被减少为650万例。但WHO公共卫生与环境司司长玛丽亚#8226;P#8226;内拉(María P. Neira)接受电话采访时说,情况“还在朝着错误的方向发展”。“Somebody has to pay for those health systems to sustain the treatment and the care for those chronic patients, and this is something that countries need to balance when they make decisions about the sources of energy they are selecting or the choices they make in terms of public transport,” Dr. Neira said. “These economic costs of health have to be part of the equation.”“得有人为那些医疗卫生系统买单,以便让那些慢性病人得到治疗和护理。这是各个国家进行能源选择方面的决策,或者做出公共交通方面的抉择时,需要综合考量的因素之一,”内拉说。“这些与公共卫生有关的经济成本,必须成为方程式的一个因子。”The W.H.O. study was conducted by dozens of scientists over 18 months and was based on data collected from satellites, air-transport models and ground monitors in more than 3,000 urban and rural locations, agency officials said Tuesday.WHO官员周二称,这项研究是由数十名科学家花费逾18个月的时间完成的,所依据的数据源自卫星测量,大气输送模型以及覆盖3000多个城乡地点的地面监测器。The agency defined unhealthy air as having concentrations of fine particulate matter, known as PM 2.5, above 10 micrograms per cubic meter, or 35.3 cubic feet, but it did not measure concentrations of ozone, nitrous oxide or other harmful pollutants.WHO将不健康的空气定义为:空气中的细颗粒物,即PM2.5的浓度在每立方米(或每35.3立方英尺)10毫克以上。但它并未衡量臭氧、一氧化二氮以及其他有害污染物的浓度。The study said that major drivers of global air pollution included inefficient energy use and transportation but that nonhuman factors, such as dust storms, also played a role.报告称,导致全球空气污染的主要因素包括效率低下的能源使用和交通运输方式,但一些非人为因素,比如沙尘暴,也发挥了作用。Professor Balasubramanian said it was an open question whether countries in Southeast Asia, a region that has densely packed cities and struggles to combat cross-border pollution, would choose to improve urban air quality by switching to cleaner fuels in their power plants, as Western European countries did several decades ago.有着高密度城市的东南亚地区,目前正竭力对抗跨境污染。巴拉苏布拉马尼安教授称,东南亚国家是否会选择像数十年前的西欧国家那样,为了改善城市空气质量,转而使用清洁燃料发电,还是一个悬而未决的问题。Prolonging the decisions will probably increase the health risk from air pollution, he said, because the region’s population is rising and demanding more energy.他说,拖延做决定的时间很可能让源于空气污染的健康风险升高,因为该地区的人口正在增长,对能源的需求也与日俱增。 /201609/468929

Mario Draghi’s latest bid to revive the eurozone economy by extending unprecedented monetary easing yesterday failed to impress markets that had bet on even more.马里奥德拉吉(Mario Draghi)通过延长空前的货币宽松来重振欧元区经济的最新努力,昨日未能打动此前押注更大政策力度的市场。The European Central Bank pledged to continue its 60bn-a-month bond buying programme for another six months until March 2017 “or beyond”. Policymakers also cut a key interest rate to a historic low of minus 0.3 per cent and agreed to buy more assets with the proceeds of its existing bond purchases.欧洲央行(ECB)承诺将延长每月600亿欧元的债券购买计划6个月,至2017年3月“或者更久”。政策制定者还将关键利率降至-0.3%的历史低点,并同意将现有债券购买的收益用来买入更多资产。But these measures — supported by a decision to buy municipal bonds in addition to standard government debt — disappointed investors who had hoped for deeper rate cuts and more monthly bond purchases.但这些措施——得到购买市政债券(而不只是标准的政府债务)的决定的持——让投资者失望,后者曾希望欧洲央行进行更大幅度的降息,并扩大每月债券购买规模。The announcement prompted a sell-off in equity and bond markets and the euro climbed to a one-month high against the US dollar.这一消息在股票和债券市场引发抛售,欧元兑美元汇率升至一个月以来最高位。“The ECB delivered at the very low end of expectations,” said Andrew Balls, chief officer for fixed income at Pimco. “There wasn’t much to get excited about... were expecting an increase in the monthly purchase size.”“欧洲央行宣布的措施处于外界预期区间的最低端,”太平洋投资管理公司(Pimco)固定收益产品首席投资官安德鲁贠尔斯(Andrew Balls)表示。“没有太多让人振奋的内容……之前市场预计每月购买规模会增加。”Some analysts were less critical. “The decisions reflect the desire to keep some powder dry in case more stimulus is needed down the road,” said Marco Valli, economist at UniCredit. “Keeping the big bazooka for another day may not be a bad strategy. It just needed better communication. ”还有一些分析师的批评没有这么尖锐。“这些决定反映了欧洲央行希望保留一些弹药,以备下一阶段需要更多刺激措施,”意大利联合信贷(UniCredit)经济学家马可瓦利(Marco Valli)表示。“把火箭筒留到来日可能不是糟糕战略。欧洲央行只是需要更好的沟通。” /201512/414578

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