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China has dropped some of the world’s leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widesp Western cybersurveillance.中国的政府采购名单剔除了一些全球领先技术品牌,同时,数千种国产产品被纳入其中。有人认为,这是中国在西方的全面网络监控遭到披露后所采取的应对措斀?Others put the shift down to a protectionist impulse to shield China’s domestic technology industry from competition.也有人将此斥为保护主义,称其目的是防止国内科技行业受到竞争的冲击。Chief casualty is U.S. network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc CSCO -0.47% , which in 2012 counted 60 products on the Central Government Procurement Center’s (CGPC) list, but by late 2014 had none, a Reuters analysis of official data shows.损失最大的是美国网络设备制造商思科系统公司。路透社对官方数据的分析显示012年思科公司0种产品进入了《中央政府采购名录》(以下简称《名录》),到2014年底,这个数字变成了零。Smartphone and PC maker Apple Inc INTC -1.35% security software firm McAfee and network and server software firm Citrix Systems .智能手机和电脑制造商苹果公司、杀毒软件制造商迈克菲公司和网络及务器软件公司思杰系统也受到了影响。The number of products on the list, which covers regular spending by central ministries, jumped by more than 2,000 in two years to just under 5,000, but the increase is almost entirely due to local makers.《名录》覆盖了中央政府部门的常规出。它所包含的产品数量在两年内增加了2000多种,总数几乎达到5000种,但新增的差不多都是国产商品。The number of approved foreign tech brands fell by a third, while less than half of those with security-related products survived the cull.《名录》中的外国科技品牌总体减少了三分之一,而产品与信息安全有关的外国公司只剩下了一小半。An official at the procurement agency said there were many reasons why local makers might be preferred, including sheer weight of numbers and the fact that domestic security technology firms offered more product guarantees than overseas rivals.中央国家机关政府采购中心的一位官员表示,国内企业可能更受青睐的原因有很多,比如它们数量众多,而且国内信息安全技术公司在质保方面也超过了海外竞争对手。China’s change of tack coincided with leaks by former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden in mid-2013 that exposed several global surveillance program, many of them run by the NSA with the cooperation of telecom companies and European governments.2013年年中,美国国家安全局前承包商爱德华o斯诺登曝光了美国政府的一些全球监控项目,其中多个项目都由国安局负责,并得到了电信公司和欧洲各国政府的协助。中国政府的采购行为也恰好在这个时候发生了变化。“The Snowden incident, it’s become a real concern, especially for top leaders,said Tu Xinquan, Associate Director of the China Institute of WTO Studies at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. “In some sense the American government has some responsibility for that; (China’s) concerns have some legitimacy.”对外经济贸易大学中国世界贸易组织研究院执行院长屠新泉表示:“斯诺登事件确实让人担心,特别是对首脑人物来说。从某种意义上讲,美国政府对此负有一定责任;(中国的)顾虑则有一定的道理。”Cybersecurity has been a significant irritant in U.S.-China ties, with both sides accusing the other of abuses.网络安全一直是中美关系的一大隐患,两国都指责对方有不当行为。U.S. tech groups wrote last month to the Chinese administration complaining about some of its new cybersecurity regulations, some of which force technology vendors to Chinese banks to hand over secret source code and adopt Chinese encryption algorithms.上个月,美国科技行业团体致函中国政府部门,对后者的一些网络安全新规表达了不满。受部分新规定影响,为一些中国提供技术务的美国公司不得不提供属于公司机密的源代码并使用中国的加密算法。The CGPC list, which details products by brand and type, is approved by China’s Ministry of Finance, the CGPC official said. The list does not detail what quantity of a product has been purchased, and does not bind local government or state-owned enterprises, nor the military, which runs its own system of procurement approval.《名录》详细列出了各类产品的品牌和型号。上文中提到的中央国家机关政府采购中心官员称,这份目录由财政部负责审批。《名录》不提供已采购产品的详细数量,对地方政府、国企以及采购审批自成一体的军队没有约束力。The Ministry of Finance declined immediate comment.财政部方面拒绝立即就此发表。“We have previously acknowledged that geopolitical concerns have impacted our business in certain emerging markets,said a Cisco spokesman.思科发言人称:“我们之前已经承认,地缘政治方面的顾虑已经对我们在某些新兴市场的业务产生了影响。”An Intel spokesman said the company had frequent conversations at various levels of the U.S. and Chinese governments, but did not provide further details.英特尔发言人指出,该公司频繁和中美各级政府进行对话,但未进一步说明详情。Apple declined to comment, and Citrix was not immediately available to comment.苹果公司拒绝发表。笔者尚未与思杰系统取得联系。Industry insiders also see in the changing profile of the CGPC list a wider strategic goal to help Chinese tech firms get a bigger slice of China’s information and communications technology market, which is tipped to grow 11.4 percent to 5.6 billion in 2015, according to tech research firm IDC.业内人士还认为,《名录》内容的变化还体现了一个更大的战略目标,那就是帮助中国科技企业在国内IT市场获得更多份额。科技行业研究机构IDC预计015年,这个市场的规模将增长11.4%,达656亿美元。“There’s no doubt that the SOE segment of the market has been favoring the local indigenous content,said an executive at a Western technology firm who declined to be identified.一位拒绝提及其姓名的西方科技公司高管称:“毫无疑问,这个市场中的国企用户一直都很青睐本土产品。”The executive said the post-Snowden security concerns were a pretext. The real objective was to nurture China’s domestic tech industry and subsequently support its expansion overseas.该高管指出,斯诺登事件带来的安全顾虑只是一个借口。中国政府的真正目的在于培育国内科技行业,以及随后持该行业进行海外扩张。China also wants to move to a more consumption-based economy, which would be helped by Chinese authorities and companies buying local technology, the executive said.该高管还认为,中国希望向消费型经济靠拢,而政府和企业购买本土技术对此应有所帮助。Policy measures supporting the broader strategy include making foreign companies form domestic partnerships, participate in technology transfers and hand over intellectual property in the name of information security.为这个大战略务的政策措施包括要求外国公司和国内企业结为合作伙伴,参与技术转让,并以信息安全为由转让知识产权。Wang Zhihai, president and CEO of Beijing Wondersoft, which provides information security products to government, state banks and private companies, said the market in China was fair, especially compared with the U.S., where China’s Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest networking and telecoms equipment maker, was unable to do business due to U.S. security concerns.北京明朝万达科技有限公司为政府、国有和私营企业提供信息安全产品。该公司总裁王志海指出,中国的市场很公平,特别是和美国市场相比。作为全球最大的网络和通信设备制造商,华为无法在美国开展业务,原因是美国政府担心安全问题。Local companies were also bound by the same cybersecurity laws that U.S. companies were objecting to, he added.他还说,中国国内企业也受到网络安全法规的约束,与美国公司别无二致。The danger for China, say experts, is that it could leave itself dependent on domestic technology, which remains inferior to foreign market leaders and more vulnerable to cyber attack.专家认为,危险在于这样做可能让中国依赖于国内技术,而后者和国外市场龙头的技术相比仍有差距,而且更容易受到网络攻击。Some of those benefiting from policies encouraging domestic procurement accept that Chinese companies trail foreign competitors in the security sphere.国内采购鼓励政策的部分受益者也认为,在安全领域,中国公司落后于外国竞争对手。“In China, information security compared to international levels is still very far behind; the entire understanding of it is behind,said Wondersoft’s Wang.王志海说:“中国的信息安全程度仍远低于国际水平;对信息安全的理解也全面落后。”But Wang, like China, is taking the long view.但和中国政府一样,王志海目光长远。“In 10 or more years, that’s when we should be there.”0年或更长时间以后,我们就应该能够赶上国际水平了。 /201502/361265

U.S. senators welcomed an overhaul of Americas visa waiver program contained in a massive federal spending bill expected to pass both legislative houses in the coming days.美国参议员欢迎对免签项目进行全面审 这一计划包含在预计未来数天内将获得通过的大规模联邦开法案中。Once approved, the measures would constitute the full Congress first concrete steps to boost domestic security following the terrorist attacks in Paris and California.一旦获得通过,这些举措将使得美国国会首次可以采取切实步骤来加强国内安全。此前,在法国巴黎和美国加州接连发生了恐怖袭击。Under the overhaul, most nationals from more than three dozen countries would retain the ability to travel to the ed States without a visa. They would be excluded from the program, however, if they have traveled to Syria, Iraq, Iran or Sudan in the last five years.按照这项全面审查计划,来0多个国家的绝大多数公民将保持免签前往美国的能力。但是如果他们在过去5年中曾经前往叙利亚、伊拉克、伊朗或者苏丹,他们会被排除在这个项目之外。The legislation also aims to strengthen information-sharing among governments, and empowers the Department of Homeland Security to terminate a countrys participation in the visa waiver program if its data sharing is deemed inadequate.这项立法还旨在加强各国政府之间的信息情报共享,授权美国国土安全部在数据分享缺乏的情况下,中止某个国家免签的资格。The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the changes last week. Attaching them to a massive yearlong spending bill will help speed them to President Barack Obamas desk to be signed into law.美国国会众议院上周以压倒性多数批准了这些调整变动。把这个审查项目加入大规模的年度开法案之中,将有助于使之加速被奥巴马总统签署成为法律。来 /201512/416443

UNITED NATIONS President Obama, emboldened by the use of his executive powers to fight climate change at home, sought on Tuesday to marshal more than 100 world leaders behind a vast international effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and curb global warming.联合国——周二,由于受到在国内动用行政权力抗击气候变化的鼓舞,奥巴马总统试图带领世界各国100多位领导人,开展一项广泛的国际行动,以减少温室气体排放,遏制全球变暖。But Mr. Obama, in pledging that the ed States would set ambitious new targets to cut emissions in advance of critical global climate talks next year, will leave much of the hard work to his successor, or even the president after that. And in many countries, the mechanisms for achieving deep cuts in carbon emissions remain as politically and economically difficult as ever.奥巴马承诺,美国将在明年关键的全球气候会议举行之前,制定宏伟的减排新目标,但他此举将会把大量苦差事留给继任者,甚至是下下任总统。而且在许多国家,为大幅削减碳排放建立相应机制,在政治上和经济上都一如既往地困难;Yes, this is hard,; Mr. Obama said to the ed Nations General Assembly chamber, ;but there should be no question that the ed States of America is stepping up to the plate.;“是的,这件事不容易,”奥巴马在联合国大会(ed Nations General Assembly)的会议厅说,“但毋庸置疑,美国正在承担起责任。”Nonetheless, he warned that the efforts would fail without significant cooperation from countries around the world. ;We can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every nation, developed and developing alike,; the president said. ;Nobody gets a pass.;然而,他警告称,没有世界各国的通力合作,这些努力可能会失败。“只有所有国家,无论是发达国家还是发展中国家,都加入这一行动,我们才能在抗击气候变化这件事上取得成功,”奥巴马总统说。“谁都不能逃避。;Today, I call on all countries to join us, not next year or the year after that, because no nation can meet this global threat alone,; he said.“今天,我号召所有国家加入我们,而不是在明年或后年,因为没有哪个国家能独自面对这一全球威胁,”他说。The daylong climate summit meeting, organized by the ed Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, showcased how climate change has become a genuinely global preoccupation, but also reinforced the divides between developed and developing countries.这次气候峰会由联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)组织召开,为期一天。会议显示出气候变化怎样变成了一个真正全球化的重要议题,但也强化了发达国家和发展中国家之间的分歧。Mr. Obama promoted an executive action he announced this year that mandates cutting pollution from the nations power plants 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. He said the ed States would meet its previous pledge to reduce the nations overall carbon emissions 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.奥巴马对他今年公布的一项行政行动进行了宣传。该行动要求,在2030年之前将美国发电厂的污染,从2005年的水平上减0%。他表示,美国将兑现之前的承诺,020年前,让美国的总体碳排放从2005年的水平上减7%。Reciting record-setting temperatures and a litany of natural disasters, from hurricanes and wildfires to droughts and floods, Mr. Obama tried to raise the sense of urgency surrounding climate change at a ed Nations meeting dominated by fears of terrorism.奥巴马罗列了创纪录的温度,以及从飓风和野火,再到干旱和洪水的一连串自然灾害,试图在这场恐怖主义威胁成为主要担忧的联合国会议上,提升气候变化议题的紧迫感;We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it,; Mr. Obama said.“我们是感受到气候变化影响的第一代人,也是能对此采取行动的最后一代人,”奥巴马说。Much of the attention at this summit meeting has focused on China, the worlds largest carbon emitter. President Xi Jinping chose not to attend the meeting. Instead, he sent Zhang Gaoli, his vice premier, who presented his own figures to make the case that China was doing its part.在这次峰会上,大量注意力都集中在世界最大的碳排放国中国身上。中国国家主席习近平选择不出席该会议,而是派出了副总理张高一?张高丽展示了自己的数据,以明中国正在尽自己的责任。Chinas carbon intensity, Mr. Zhang said, is down 28 percent this year from 2005 levels; renewable energy accounts for 24 percent of Chinas installed capacity; and the nation is on track to meet its goal of reducing emissions 40 percent to 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.张高丽说,中国今年的碳排放强度与2005年的水平相比降低8%,可再生能源占中国装机容量的24%,而且中国很有希望完成020年,将碳排放强度005年的水平上降0%5%的目标;As a responsible major developing country, China will make an even greater effort to address climate change and take on international responsibilities that are commensurate with our national conditions,; Mr. Zhang said.张高丽说,作为一个负责任的发展中大国,“今后中国将以更大力度和更好效果应对气候变化,主动承担与自身国情、发展阶段和实际能力相符的国际义务。”As a political display, the parade of speeches was part of the largest gathering of world leaders ever devoted to climate change. It followed a march of more than 400,000 people in New York on Sunday, the largest political demonstration on climate change.这一系列演讲作为一场政治表演,是迄今为止涉及气候变化的最大规模的全球领导人峰会中的一部分。会议召开前,周日有超0万人在纽约举行了一次游行,这也是关于气候变化的规模最大的一次政治示威活动;We need to take action now to limit global temperature rise,; said Mr. Ban, the ed Nations secretary general, in opening the session. ;We need all hands on deck to ride out this storm.;“我们现在必须采取行动来遏制全球气温上升,”联合国秘书长潘基文在大会的开幕致辞中说。“我们需要齐心协力地安全渡过这场灾难。”But neither marches nor speeches yield policy. And now, in world capitals, the hard work of translating rhetoric into government action will get underway or, in some cases, will not.不过,游行和演讲都不等同于政策。现在,世界各国政府都会开展艰难的工作,把政治表态转变为政府行动——然而有时并不能做到。Experts say that in the coming months, the clearest indication of how serious governments are about following through on this weeks lofty pledges will be whether they quickly harness teams of economists, energy experts and data analysts to draft aggressive new energy plans and then work to build political support for such plans.未来数月,各国政府对于遵守本周冠冕堂皇的承诺,究竟有多认真?专家称,一个最明确的指标就是,他们是否能迅速召集经济学家、能源专家和数据分析师,来制定一些强有力的新能源计划,然后努力为这些计划凝聚政治持。The aim of this weeks talks is to start efforts to broker a deal next year in Paris that will bind the worlds largest carbon polluters the ed States, Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, and others to enacting laws to cap their use of the coal that supplies billions of people with cheap electricity, and the oil and gasoline that fuel the planets cars and trucks.本周会谈的目的是,开始为明年在巴黎达成协议做准备。该协议将团结世界上最大的碳污染源——美囀?巴西、中囀?欧盟、印度、日本、俄罗斯等国家——来颁布法律限制它们对煤炭、石油、汽油的使用。煤炭为数十亿人提供了廉价的电力,燃油则为全世界的轿车和卡车提供动力。That means enacting politically controversial policies such as taxing carbon pollution, creating market-based ;cap and trade; programs, or setting new regulations.这意味着要实施充满政治争议的政策,比如对碳污染征税、创造基于市场的“总量控制和交易cap-and-trade)项目,或者实施新规定。Climate-change experts generally expressed enthusiasm about Mr. Obamas speech, noting that it was the first time the ed States had addressed such a gathering after instituting sweeping measures of its own.气候变化专家普遍对奥巴马的演讲给予了热情评价,他们指出这是美国首次在自行采取大规模举措后,在这种会议上发言;You have to act domestically to have any credibility with international partners on this issue,; said Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate and energy program at the World Resources Institute.世界资源研究所(World Resources Institute)气候与能源项目的负责人珍妮弗·Jennifer Morgan)说,“关于这个问题,你必须先在国内采取一些行动,才能让国际上的合作伙伴信。”来 /201410/331693U.S. President Barack Obama played golf Wednesday with a new and distinguished playing partner - Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.美国总统奥巴马星期三与一位名人成为高尔夫新球友,他就是马来西亚总理拉扎克。Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Najib are vacationing in the U.S. Pacific state of Hawaii, the U.S. presidents birthplace.奥巴马和拉扎克都在地处太平洋的夏威夷度假。夏威夷是奥巴马的出生地。The two leaders played a round of Christmas Eve golf at the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Bay along with two of Mr. Obamas aides.圣诞前夕,在卡内奥赫湾美国海军陆战队基地,奥巴马、拉扎克以及奥巴马的两名助手打了一轮高尔夫。The White House released a statement saying the duo ;took the opportunity to discuss the growing and warming relationship between the ed States and Malaysia,; and that the president looked forward to working with Mr. Najib next year, when Malaysia takes over the chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.白宫发表声明说,奥巴马和拉扎克利用这次机会讨论了美国和马来西亚之间不断发展的友好关系,并表示奥巴马期待明年与拉扎克总理合作,届时马来西亚将接任东盟轮值主席。President Obama visited Malaysia earlier this year, the first sitting U.S. president to visit the country in nearly 50 years.奥巴马今年初曾访问马来西亚。这是近50年来首位美国在任总统访问这个国家。来 /201412/350620

North and South Korea have held high-level talks for the first time in nearly two years, with both sides expressing a desire to improve long-strained ties.朝鲜和韩国举行了近两年来的首次高层会谈,双方都表示愿意改善长期以来的紧张关系。The vice ministerial-level meeting was held Friday at the Kaesong industrial complex, just north of the tense demilitarized zone separating the two countries.这次副部长级会谈于星期五在开城工业园区举行。开城工业园区位于朝鲜半岛非军事区的北方一侧。South Korean Vice Unification Minister Hwang Boo-gi and his North Korean counterpart, Jon Jong Su, struck an optimistic tone as they shook hands at the beginning of the dialogue.韩国统一部副部长黃富起和朝鲜和平统一委员会书记局副局长田钟秀在会谈开始时握手,显示了乐观的态度。There is no official agenda for the talks, and no significant breakthroughs are expected, though each side is thought to have clear goals.这次会谈没有正式议事日程,外界也不期待会谈将取得重大突破,不过据信双方都有各自明确的目的。Pyongyang is expected to push for the resumption of South Korean tours to its scenic Mount Kumgang resort. The South canceled the tours in 2008 after a South Korean was killed there.预计平壤将敦促首尔恢复韩国人对朝鲜旅游胜地金刚山的观光活动008年一名韩国人在金刚山被杀后,首尔取消了前往该地区的观光。Seoul wants the North to agree to more frequent reunions between North and South Koreans separated by the two countries 1950s conflict. The last such meeting was held in October.首尔希望平壤同意更经常地安排韩战离散家庭团聚活动。上次团聚活动是10月举行的。来 /201512/415500The top Republican lawmaker on trade has called for US president Barack Obama to work even harder to build support among Democrats for a crucial trade bill on the eve of what are expected to be divisive votes in Congress.分管贸易政策的共和党头号人物呼吁美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)加倍努力,争取更多民主党议员持一项关键贸易法案。预计美国国会即将举行的投票将出现势不两立的局面。“We’ve still got a lot of raindrops to run through here without getting splashed,Senator Orrin Hatch, chairman of the powerful Senate finance committee, told the Financial Times.“我们还需要跑过很多雨滴并保不被雨水溅着,”掌握实权的参议院财政委员会(Senate Finance Committee)的主席奥#8226;哈奇(Orrin Hatch)对英囀?金融时报》表示。The Utah Republican is one of the sponsors of a bill unveiled last month that would grant Mr Obama the “fast-trackauthority he needs to wrap up the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim economies.这名犹他州共和党参议员上月与人联合发起一项法案,该法案将授予奥巴马“快车道”权限,使其能够与日本和另外10个太平洋周边经济体达成《跨太平洋伙伴关系》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)。If successfully concluded, the TPP, which covers 40 per cent of the global economy, would be the biggest trade deal sealed in the world in two decades.覆盖全球经济40%的TPP若成功达成,将是20年来世界达成的最大贸易协定。The bill to grant the president what is formally known as “trade promotion authorityis expected to come to a Senate vote as soon as this week and to be presented in the lower House of Representatives before the end of May.授予总统“贸易促进权”的法案,预计最早将在本周提交参议院表决,并月底之前提交众议院。It faces stiff opposition from many Democrats who are coming under intense pressure from labour unions to resist Mr Obama’s trade agenda. But Republicans, who control both houses of Congress, insist they need Democratic support to offset defections by some Tea Party Republicans opposed to giving the president anything at all.该法案面临着许多民主党人的强烈反对,他们承受着来自工会的强大压力,要求其抵制奥巴马的贸易议程。但是,控制着国会两院的共和党方面坚称,他们需要民主党议员的持,才能抵消某些茶党派系共和党人的叛变,这些人反对在任何事项上配合奥巴马。Mr Hatch said he and fellow Republican Paul Ryan, chairman of the House ways and means committee, were having some success convincing some Tea Party Republicans. He also praised Mr Obama for taking on his critics in the Democratic party more forcefully in recent weeks.哈奇表示,他和同为共和党人的众议院筹款委员会(House Ways and Means Committee)主席保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)在说某些茶党派系共和党议员方面取得了一些进展。他还称赞奥巴马在最近几周更有力地回应党内的批评者。But the president and his Republican allies on the issue still faced a tough fight, Mr Hatch said.但哈奇表示,总统和他的共和党盟友仍然面临一场艰苦的较量。“This is one thing where the president is right and you would think Democrats would help him to have this big victory,the senator said. “It would be the most important victory for the president in his whole eight years.”“这是总统做得对的一件事,你会认为民主党议员会帮助他取得这个大胜利,”这名共和党参议员表示。“这将是他在整整八年总统任期中最重要的胜利。”Democratic opponents “are going to throw bombs in the Senate when we bring it up he said. “[The president has] got to work to get more Democrats on board.”“当我们拿出这项法案时,(民主党对手)将在参议院里扔炸弹,”他表示。“(总统)必须花点功夫,争取更多民主党人持该法案。”Fast-track authority commits Congress to holding simple up-or-down votes on trade agreements rather than seeking to renegotiate them via amendments. It has been held out as a precondition by Japan, New Zealand and other TPP countries to concluding the deal.“快车道”授权要求美国国会就贸易协定举行简单的批准或是否决投票,而不是寻求通过修改来重启谈判。它已被日本、新西兰等国家列为完成TPP谈判的先决条件。The Obama administration wants to wrap up the TPP negotiations before the summer and bring the 12-country agreement itself back to Congress for ratification before the end of the year and the ramping up of 2016 presidential election politics. Mr Obama has been lobbying Democrats more heavily in recent weeks, in public and private. On Thursday he met with almost 30 pro-business Democrats from the House for what one representative called an “advanced graduate student seminar on trade and the politics of trade奥巴马政府希望在夏天之前完成TPP谈判,并在今年底之前(以016年总统大选的政治角力升温之前)将这份12国之间的贸易协定本身提交国会批准。奥巴马最近几周在公开和私下场合都加大了游说民主党人的力度。上周四,他和近30名亲商的民主党众议员汇聚一堂,举行了其中一名众议员所称的“有关贸易和贸易政治的高年级研究生研讨会”。At best, however, there are only 50 to 60 Democrats in the 435-member House who might support granting the president fast-track authority, said Gerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat.不过,弗吉尼亚州民主党众议员格里#8226;康诺Gerry Connolly)表示,在最好的情况下,435个席位的众议院里也只会有500名民主党众议员可能持给予总统快车道授权。来 /201505/373174

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